Three days of pleasure. Part 1

With Andryukha we met at school. Then he studied together in college and then at the Institute. We can say that we were friends at all times. But lately I have not seen him, because we lived too far from each other. Each has its own life, its own problems. But now Andrew called me on the phone and disturbing voice asked me to come to his city, which is located away from me in two days' journey by train. The question - "what happened?". He replied as follows:
- Sergei, brother needs help. Looking for Grandma and much ...
- Of course, I'll help. How much do you need? - I asked.
- Carry that is, and then calculated.

My name, as you already understood, Sergei. I am 30 years old. Not married. Andryukha - my coeval.
I rode the train and thought that this could happen to him. Such a depressed voice, all this is very strange. I arrived at the station early in the morning with a small bag. Prior to his apartment to get a taxi.
- Hey, brother, come. As we have not seen! - Happily greeted me each.
- Hey Ya. How are you, then? - I asked from the doorway.
- Oh, come tell - not particularly in the mood spoke Andrey, - yes, here to meet you, my wife Alina.

I saw a young and slender girl, 25-27 years old. Growth of 1, 75, red, medium length hair that is nicely decorated in a hairpin. She was wearing a pretty dress, which emphasizes small but resilient chest. She looked fascinating. I'm a little shy.
- Alina, very pleased - said the wife of Andrew.
- Sergei, a friend's ... this ... um ... just a friend, - I replied stiffly and tried to smile.

We went into the hall.
- Sun - turned to Andrew wife - do we eat, and we still talk.
- Yes, of course - said the wife and ran to the kitchen.
- Look, here is the deal. In short, they put me on the counter. Explain very long, but desperately need grandmother. 20 pieces of green. You know, I just never would have asked you, but there is such a thing. My wife has threatened in broad daylight. Time expired. loans Banks do not give too much ... How much can you - give, bail out, brother.

I was with him the equivalent of something around 12 thousand - my small savings, and the rest - on the card.
- In the case, - I said - yes, of course, but I have only half there. I can give right now - I fidgeted in search of the bag.
- Yes, wait a minute now eat, drink, have time, - said Andrei, but I continued to search.

Alina Came and began to set the table. I sat on the couch, she walked beside me and her shapely legs touched my feet. I was in short shorts and felt the pleasant warmth of her body. In the nose hit the delicate fragrance of perfume. Alina put tea, a little bent, and her dress a little lifted. I was looking for in a bag of money, and his eyes involuntarily looked at the picture, but that there is a dress saw. Alina abruptly got up and went into the kitchen. I blushed a little. "Hopefully, Andrei did not notice." If you say that I liked Alina, it does not say anything. I have in my head at once climbed vulgar thought, at that moment, I dive head under her dress and inhale its fragrance, considering its charms.
- ... Seryoga, wake up, - interrupted my fantasy Andrew.
- Here you go, - I gave him the envelope, which was all in cash, which I took with me.
- Thank you, my friend, - happily thanked me Andryukha.

We had dinner, drank, remembered youth and it's time to go to bed.
- Aline, guest bed, - asked for far longer sober Andryuha.
- Yes, dear, - Alina dutifully got up and went into the bedroom.
- Alternatively, you rescued me specifically, it ... uh ... I do not forget - hiccuping on the hop said Andrew - what to ask, organize ... and so on ... - "Very drunk," - thought I. Though, I admit, and he was quite drunk.

I went to my room, where I cooked Alina bed.
- I am just finishing - murmured the wife of Andrew, - come in, understand and do not be shy.
- Thanks, Alina - I put the bag next to the bed, opened it and began to get things. Alina finished quilt cover and refill periodically shook the blanket to fix it. After one such movement, suddenly, her dress rose and bared one thigh and part of her ass so that I could see her underwear - it was red panties. Alina did not even notice. But the interesting thing was that the dress is not dropped and badly formed above. I stood behind his friend's wife, and a few feet from me, his wife twisted her ass, showing me his underwear. She leaned over to fix the blanket, and I watched the movement of her panties under the pubes. Her buns. Moreover, I noticed dark hairs that are sticking out through her panties. I started to get up.

Given that I have a decent drink, it was my desire to come up behind her, threw her on the bed, pull the red cloth and tongue begin to lick everything underneath. The dress slid back and the painting "The wife's best friend shows me the ass" acquired traits upright again.

I took the clothes and thanked Alina.
- Contact - she said, and slow gait out of the room.

Lying on the bed in my head thoughts were not problems Andriukha and about Aline. I started to masturbate, but then it dawned on me that I still visiting and activity has been postponed.


The next day we met in the morning in the kitchen.
- Sergei, I chase the deal, wait for me - Andryukha said.

We had breakfast and I went to read the book in the room. Andrew immediately got dressed and ran to deal with the problem. Reading the book, I thought of Andrew's wife. How lucky he is. "Such a lovely angelic face, gorgeous red hair, and some ass ... mmmm." My thoughts are interrupted herself Alina.
- Sergey, and you're going to have dinner? I called Andrew, he said that the delayed - Alina came into the room wearing a blue tank top and white shorts.
- Yes, I will, of course - I dropped the book and followed Alina. She walked ahead of me, and her half ass beckoned me all the more.

In the kitchen, I sat down at the table. Alina spread ground to eat me and myself and sat down across from him.
- Something serious had happened to Andrew? He somehow not really revealed details - I began the conversation. She waved her hand:
- He got in touch with some providers - early story of Andrei's wife, - and there, or something went wrong with them, then there is something my husband is not paid in addition, I like it, too, does not tell the whole truth. As a result, they began to threaten us. At first her husband, but the other day, and me.
- And the police? - I asked Alina.
- Andrew does not want to say there's not very clean, it was evading taxes, something - Alina told.
- Alina, I forgot to tell you that you're so beautiful - suddenly fired me. Alina looked at me in surprise and tried to smile, - I mean, Andrew was very lucky with you - I tried to somehow get out.
- Thank you, Sergey, - Alina zaskromnichala and looked down at the plate, she blushed a little, - let's give supplements?
- Come on - I said, and also blushed like a tomato.

Alina got up and went to pour the additive, and I admired her waist and buttocks, legs and neck. She turned and put the plate on the table.
- Sergey, I did not sleep well at night, I'll sleep for an hour, okay? - Alina asked.
- Yes, of course, I understand, I will not make a noise, - with a smile, I replied, and continued there.

Alina went out and I heard the door slam their bedroom with Andryukha. I finished eating, washed the plate and went into the hall. Turn on the TV, I looked a little bit, and after 10 minutes decided to take the book. My room was opposite the bedroom of Andrew and Alina. The bedroom door was wooden, and inside the glass with a pattern. The glass was thick and pattern such that to see something that was hard, but the overall silhouette was visible. Alina lay on her back. I stood for three minutes and during that time she did not move. I very quietly took up the pen and opened the door. "What am I doing?!". I do not know why I do it, but I was shaking with excitement.
I'm quite a bit opened the door and peered into the little slot. Alina lay in a free position on his back with his eyes closed and breathing as if fast asleep. It was covered with a blanket, and on top - beige silk nightgown. I quickened breathing and thought - what to do next. "I Was not was" - I decided, and opened the door wider. Alina lay motionless. I went into the bedroom and closed the door to the TV sounds are not heard in the room. Quietly he approached on tiptoe to the bed.

Alina gently pushed his head to the side and moved his feet. My heart leapt. I froze, but a minute later went back on the attack. I carefully took the easy blanket and began to take off, even after a couple of minutes blanket lay side by side, and in front of me opened her legs and inviting the hem of her nightgown. I could not resist and picked it up and "Oh ... yeah." Black translucent panties. Through them shine through her vagina, her hairs ... I wanted so much to touch her, but I knew that she immediately wakes up and what will happen next, I also understand.

I bent over to inhale the fragrance of her body in such a beautiful black triangle. Divine fragrance. I got up and looked at her beautiful face. My cock stood like a pillar, and I felt that now he will shoot. I got it, so as not to stain your clothes and offered his hand, but did not calculate the time and one volley flew straight at his wife, Andrew. Cum hit her on the leg and on the panties. The rest was safely in my hand. When I walked away from an orgasm, then she noticed that her panties well stained white liquid. "Shit, what have I done?". Wipe it was not possible, she would soon wake up. I grimaced, looked again at the beautiful Alina, covered her with a blanket and left.

Reading the book in the room, I heard the door to the bedroom opened and Alina went out again in the topic and in shorts. "I wonder if she noticed anything?". Alina went out and looked at me.
- Hello - half asleep she said - and Andrew are no?
- Not, yet was not - I replied.
"A black panties still on you ?!" - I thought and remembered the scent of her body. Alina yawned and went to the kitchen. Then I heard the sound of keys. Came Andryuha.


After the arrival of Andrew, we sat down to eat all three of us.
- Sergei, ass, - he said.
- What? - I asked.
- 10 pieces really saved, but give another week ... if you do not give - they say poreshat - Andryukha said all this with a trembling voice. Healthy bull that in his youth, it seemed, was not afraid to bear even now looked very depressed and weak.
- Honey, do not worry, - said Alina - come may go away ?!
- Where? And my business? All the cast? - Andryukha said.
- Well, I do not know, let's temporarily to my aunt - his wife continued.
- I can not leave here your company, understand, - said Andrey and drank a glass of vodka. Alina looked at me with pity, and then back at her husband.
- Maybe Sergei something to tell me? - She again looked at me expectantly. Andryukha also glanced in my direction.
- Okay, do not worry, something out, - I replied. In fact I had the money on the card. But even just to give 10 pieces of green - it is almost everything that I had.
- Well, you see, dear, Sergei help us - with a smile in the face of his wife he said, and patted on the head Andryukha. And I sat and looked at the neckline Aline and imagined that she was still in those shorts.
- Can you help - ask for what you want! - Andrei suddenly said.
- Okay, let's sleep - I said, and went into the bedroom.

At night, I decided to read a few chapters of a detective and has already started to shut down, I heard the roar of a bear. "What's that?" - I was surprised. It was the roar of Andryukha. But it was easy to confuse! Then a light groan. It Alina. Andrew fucked his wife. The roar increased, and her husband moved into the final phase. Then everything calmed down sharply. A minute later the door opened in front of the bedroom and out of it someone came. I was heard the noise of the shower. "Hmm, fun. "- I thought, and went on reading, and after a few minutes - to sleep.


At night I dreamed of Alina, her dress, panties, her red hair, the figure ... I woke up in the morning with a furious erection. I jumped out of bed to go in a hurry to the bathroom and to lower voltage, but then I saw a picture that knocked me out. The door to the opposite bedroom was ajar and Alina was in the same light stockings. Leaning forward, she was looking for something out of the clothes in the chest. I could not resist, fell. I flew into the bedroom and grabbed the back of her hand. He began to stroke her on the pope through the stockings, and a second hand grabbed her breasts. She was so supple and pleasant to the touch.
Alina first fright tried to jump to the side, and then, when she saw me, screamed a little.
- What are you doing, Sergey, - she did not understand what was going on - stop.
- I wish you, from the first day, at a glance, - I said in the wild excitement.

Alina tried to free himself from my arms, but I was adamant. I piled it on the bed and began to greedily suck her breasts and the other hand was stroking ass. Then with his left hand he lifted her right leg and kissed lower and lower, until he came to the pubic area and began to drive his tongue over stockings, trying to "eat" her vagina. Alina was the hands to beat me on the back, but the strength she had enough to deal with my body, which wanted to fuck her right now. Then I got up and grabbed it with both hands. Our views converged in that moment I heard the jingle of keys ... "Probably came Andrew, that's the devil. " I let Alina, jumped out of bed, she went out of their rooms and went to her. Andrew went, washed his hands and went into the bedroom to his wife.

"Who will surrender, oh ... what to do, what to do," - scroll up with the idea. I waited for about 10 minutes, but nothing happened. Then someone came out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen. I decided and left the room. The kitchen Andryukha sat.
- Hi Sergei, well, that came up with something? - Andryukha asked me. I realized that Alina did not tell him anything.
- Yes there is little thought, - I replied.

At this point, the kitchen came the wife and when she saw me, looked down. She went to the kitchen table. My wife started messing around with the cooking, and I suggested to Andrew to talk after breakfast.

We ate, drank vodka and went to the gym. Andrew's wife remained in the kitchen.
- Well, that's where you came up with? - Seryoga said.
- You let another pour, - I said, and meanwhile, pondered for a hellish adventurism plan.
- Well, no problem - Seryoga poured with a cheerful smile still on the stack.

When I felt that the client is ripe, then immediately went on the offensive.
- You say you still have a week? - I began.
- Yes, somewhere so - I am sitting already tepid Andryuha.
- I can get the money within a few days, but ... - I stopped.
- What's there?

I looked into his eyes and knew that it could get for his words.
- I want to sleep with your wife - I said dryly.
- What? - Andryukha eyes widened.
- But that's not all - absolutely insolent and I went on - I want to be your wife for three days, - I said. Why I chose three days ?! One day is not enough to enjoy her body. And based on my calculations vulgar, I decided that three days will be enough.
- Are you oherel? - Outraged Andrey drunk - you're talking about? - He stood up and, for sure, I would like to call.
- Stop - I said - if you are against it, I just get around and immediately leave. The money I gave you, you can not return.

Andryukha Face flushed with anger.

To be continued...