Confessions of a womanizer

Province, from the mouth of the city dweller almost sounds like a curse and insult but not all of the city are able to recognize that their past is directly related with the word work at least the first 18 years.
But I do not intend to go into the discussion of the philosophy of the sexual revolution in the countryside, just want to remind that all the characters are real and still alive, what they want.
Denis arrived from Vladivostok to Moscow in the full confidence that there toist in Moscow waiting for him, a lot of money, women, and luxurious life.
And all this he rassschityval get only because of its appearance, it must be said that the nature of it does not hurt it, he realized in the 7th grade.
There was then a beautiful seaside day and Den with your friends swam to "trolling" toist naked guys did not pay attention to that the coastal stones resting after after a hard night shift girls, and the girls were taken aback when they moved to the place where their odezhda.Devochki laughed cheered out of the water and to keep them company. From the water head sticking nothing uncomprehending boys Den quite cold and decided to get out of the water first. He sat down slowly began to crawl strongly than amused "girls" but when he came out of the water completely stopped laughing and they ochemto began talking quietly, quickly wearing shorts Dan gave the rest of the clothes from the dressing rebyatam.Zakonchiv Den sat a meter away "devchenok" He is risen and become them. While wine foreign cigarettes could afford not every inhabitant of the country councils.
-What are you sidish come to us,
He stood up and podoshol in his hand put a glass of wine and offered a drink. He gulped down trying prietom Casati adults and seasoned in such delah.Druzya those times already dressed and about to leave, and zasobiralis "girls" Dan got up but one of the "girls" to stop him
-Stay, sit still.
Den hit in the head wine, he did not drink, did not smoke, and in sports and was the favorite in the team, he nodded and sat down on the sand.
"girls" left and Dan stayed at Eden with Irina.
She carried all the small stuff, nezabyvaya adopt postures that Dan could prividitsya only in dreams. Deng suffered and feared he would move his penis tucked between his legs, Irina was not going to dwell on the change of position of the body, and began to shoot a swimsuit. Dan was sitting hugging legs arms trying not to look at it but the head is automatically rotated.
She moved closer and began stroking Dan leg slowly moving to the top.
-Lie down
He obediently fell on the sand.
Irina slowly chelovala his feet and moved above then pulled his plivki prinyalyas and caress it MEMBER who by then was ready vzorvatsya any minute ...

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