Now I - slave

The day started badly. My foster family finally - still put me out of the house.

And here I am, at eight in the morning, I was on the street. Without things without money. Having nothing to do, I went to the old, vechnopustynnuyu embankment. There I was, looking at a flock of ducks pottering about on the rocks.

- Wow, what a chick! - I heard behind.

- Yes, the teen's it! - I said to someone else, and my face fell a rag soaked with a muck. From the smell of it, I hung up.

I woke up not known where. My hands were handcuffed, they were fastened to the battery.

We came into the room the two men talked on the waterfront. One of them silently unbuckled and pulled me into the bathroom. There he stripped me, and, while the other held me, undressed myself.

While 2 also undressed, first, let's call it Dima, bent me in half, substituting in my mouth hard cock. I recoiled. Then force Dima put to me by the throat, and I almost felt bad. With grief in half I sucked his penis, and he groaned.

Then both of them put me on the floor. Second, let Misha pulled from - the mug Essmarha. Inserting me up, guys let water. I screamed.

A few minutes later it was all over. I'm hoarse, it went through a major, and the game continued.

I inserted in the ass penis, pain, I lost consciousness.

Then Dima came into my pussy, breaking the hymen. She gushed blood.

Put me in the bath, Misha and Dima washed out of me the blood, and, dazed, continued to fuck. Misha was fucking my ass, Oleg engaged in a hole.

Soon they finished. Dragged me into the room, they are gone and they locked the door. Approaching the mirror, I saw a dirty slut, all the blood and semen.

This "fucking" continued for a week. Gradually, I came to the track, when all the pain was on the drum. I became a slave, limp doll in the hands of talented marionetochnikov.