Caught in the "crime scene "

Brandon returned home to one in the morning. He was absolutely calm. He did not have no restrictions: his parents were in Las Vegas - his father was summoned to work and her mother went with him. Opening the door, he tried not to make noise, but was confident that both his sister, Ellen fifteen and fourteen-year-Christie were asleep. Brandon was the oldest in his 18. Brandon pulled out of the fridge Coca-Cola and flopping down on the couch, I turned on the TV. He wanted to know how to play his favorite team.
- "Damn, again lost - assholes, " he thought. Brandon switched to another channel, which showed the Jerry Springer show. The topic was the show, "Guess why I'm a stripper?" Brandon saw a beautiful woman to take off her clothes under the gaze of his friends. He felt a stirring in his pants. "Release it out, man, " Brandon thought to himself. Brandon sat back and began to masturbate cock through shorts. "God, she's beautiful". Even though the image of women's breasts was unclear, Brandon can present them in a normal way.
Finally, Brandon took off his shorts with his left hand and began to masturbate right. Sitting on the couch, he moved back and forth, like fucking a woman on the screen. Gritting his dick, he imagined that woman with the screen sucks him. He increased the tempo. He could feel his balls beat his own thigh. Brandon was close to orgasm. He felt his balls swelled. His hand moved faster and faster. Already in the third minute of his masturbation, Brandon rooted stream of hot semen on his own belly. "ooh", Brandon gasped, feeling subsides voltage from the entire body. Now Brandon was ready to go to sleep.
Morning came, and Brandon went to the bathroom. Opening the door, he heard the sound of water.
- "Heck, " he thought, "Who is there?"
- "This is - I, Brandon." He knew that it was Ellen.
- "Well, hurry up, " He shouted Brandon. Then Ellen came out of the shower. He looked at his sister's figure. Many times he had heard from others that his sister developed body. Brandon knew that his sister was quite attractive. He looked at her firmer breasts. Not wanting to look like a pervert, Brandon Ellen gave her a towel.
- "Thank you, what time did you come back last night?" she asked.
- "I think for an hour or so".
- "Yes, I heard you were back, " Ellen said with a grin.
- "What do you mean?" Brandon asked.
- "Nothing".
- "Hurry up, I also want to take a shower, " he asked impatiently. He had a reason for that. Looking at the size of the breast Ellen poured apple, Brandon felt some excitement, and he did not want her to see his hard dick, acting under the shorts. But it was too late, Ellen noticed his protruding member.
- "Of course, I'll hurry, so you do what you have to do, " Ellen said, wrapped in a towel and went out the door. Brandon stood stunned second and climbed into the shower.
- "God, she had good breasts, and this ass ..." he thought to himself. His cock stood up again. He should have been relieved. He lathered soap hand and began to masturbate again. This time, he was not thinking about television women, and his sister. Brandon imagined how fucks her right there in the shower. He did not hear the door open and entered Christie.
- "Brandon?"
Brandon stood in the shower, like a deer blinded by headlights.
- "What?"
- "Are you okay?" I asked Christie.
- "WHAT?"
- "You feel bad? Painfully? Why are you screaming?"
- "Get out, I release a shower in a minute, " Brandon felt a rush of blood. His cock was half nervous, and his sister had just caught him masturbating occupation. After graduating, he went out of the shower and went to his room to put on shorts and a T-shirt. "Damn! What the hell, this will be followed? At first, my sister sees me excited, then my younger sister heard how I masturbate ..." As soon as Brandon came down the stairs - he knew immediately what will happen next.
- "Holy shit! What are you watching? Where did you get it?" Brandon threw a bullet to the TV. Ellen and Kristy watched him masturbate last night on video! Brandon went to the video recorder and turned it off. Ellen and Kristy laughed, sitting on the couch.
- "Finish laugh, who recorded it on tape?" Brandon asked.
Ellen said, "This we took. Every night you go home and masturbate. We would like you to write on the tape. " They laughed even more.
- "Have you ever recorded on film before me?"
- "No, this is - for the first time, but we do not mind to stay in you again, " Christie's said.
- "Wait a minute, you've seen me before?" Brandon asked.
- "Yes, we see. Every night this week, when you come home, you masturbate, while we watched. You do not even know?"
- "NO, I would not have done it if I knew that you are looking at, " Brandon was very angry and nervous.
Ellen said Brandon, "Listen to Brandon, do not be shy. We also both masturbate. Just think, I care. We just thought it would be fun to write you on film. Frankly, I do not know how Christie, but I went and masturbated right after recording. Almost a year ago, Kristi Masturbates caught me and I taught her how to masturbate. What is this?" Brandon was in shock.
- "Brandon, nothing terrible has happened, in addition, one way or another, we know that you were in the shower a minute ago, and jerked his cock, " Christy added. At that time, Ellen got up and went back to a VCR.
- "Brandon, we like it. So you do not get angry, I have something to show you. " Ellen turned to the TV and began to take off her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were totally excited. She stood next to the TV, watching Brandon Fingering. She stroked his chest, squeezing the nipples starting to moan. Kristy and Brandon watched her carefully.
- "You see, Brandon, there is nothing wrong to be excited and to strive to lose the excitement. So?" All that Brandon could say was "Wow!" His eyes were glued to the nipples sister, she continued to massage. She bent down and took off her shorts and panties, showing her gorgeous ass and vagina protruding mound. She sank to the floor, kneeling, still looking like Brandon ends up on TV. She stuck her finger in the vagina and began to moan when Brandon jet spewed his sperm on TV.
- "Oh - yes, it's so nice". Ellen turned to Christie.
- "Are you going to join me?" Christie leaned forward, no one has yet seen, she was rubbing her clit through pants.
- ..."Oh yeah!" Kristi tore her blouse and shorts and joined Ellen on the floor. Both girls were completely naked, masturbating right in front of Brandon. His cock stiffened so much that he was even hurt.
Both of his beautiful sister masturbate herself in front of him. Both girls are now groaning, introducing his fingers deep into her vagina.
- "About Brandon, join us, please, " Ellen said, looking at him.
- "Yes, Brandon, come here and join us".
Brandon was in shock. But he was not going to miss this event. Brandon stood up and started shooting shorts. Christie hurried him. She crawled on her knees to standing in front of her Brandon. Ellen fascinated watching them. Christy lowered his shorts and took in his mouth a member of Brandon.
- "Oh my God, " said Brandon. "Like this. Suck his dick, as I taught you, " Ellen said, hysterically breathing, moving your fingers in in his crotch. Christie eagerly completely sucked dick like a pro Brandon. Brandon was holding her head and sit down it on his penis deeper and deeper. Ellen crawled over to his sister and ran a finger into the vagina Christie. Christie joined the rhythm drochaschih fingers of his sister. Brandon watched with pleasure as the two beautiful girls doing it. Christie was close to orgasm. She pulled out of his mouth a member of Brandon with the sound of that, probably, the neighbors would hear.
- "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Christie yelled. Ellen cup hand, deeper I insert it into the vagina Christie.
- "Aaah!" Christie finished. Ellen looked at Brandon. "Would you like to insert his big cock in me?" she asked. Brandon could only nod in response. "Lie down on the floor". Brandon flopped onto his back. Ellen sat down on top of her back to him. "My vagina is the same wet, like your big cock, " Ellen smiled as he said it. She sank her dripping vagina to a member of Brandon. She spread her labia of the vagina to a member of the Brandon went into it more deeply.
- "Oh yeah, " Brandon and Ellen are both gasped as his cock penetrated deep through the lips of her vagina. She pressed harder. At first slowly, absorbing his cock to its full length. Brandon grabbed her hips and helped her move up and down. Ellen right hand began to masturbate her clit.
- "Give me, " Christie's said. Ellen smiled. Christie began to lick and suck the clitoris like Ellen expert. Ellen threw her head back. Brandon moved at a breakneck pace. Christie caressed his balls. His balls began to swell. Clitoris Ellen began to pulsate. They both were close to orgasm. He took out his penis, and Christy took it into his mouth. Hips Ellen was still twitching from the orgasm, while Christie merged in the mouth cum Brandon. Christie Ellen kissed, so she, too, could try cum Brandon.
There was an awkward pause, broken by Brandon. "Well, well, parents will not be home until tomorrow. Tonight should be fun". They all laughed.