Ekaterina Pavlovna and boy

Ekaterina Pavlovna, slender and attractive brunette thirty-eight years (although it gave no more than thirty) was, as they say, a prosperous "Business lady". Great work, great income, a lot of subordinates. Divorced ten years ago, my husband hindered his career. For these were ten years and admirers and lovers and "dates" people. In general, Delhi went up the hill at full speed.
However, ... more than a year ago, it happened for the first time ... How would mildly? . . attack. Catherine herself called it obsession "female hysteria"Although exactly know and tricky title this disease and the reasons for its cause, but it is preferred that name.
Once a half or two months, on Friday night, she took an old friend a used "six", Called Bor about the apartment and go on "hunting".
The essence of this operation is as follows: "filling out" on the face causing a little makeup and dressed on sexuality, Katherine chose any supermarket (if only away from home), bought it cheap eatables. Load a bunch of packages and bags Katya started "shoot the eyes" around in search of young people, sometimes even two. Then I asked for help to bring it all to the car and then drive it home to again drag food to the apartment. She rarely refused. And then ... then everything was "business technology". They indulged in mad sex. Every time Catherine thought became more sophisticated and bawdy, until, finally, she did not understand what she wanted.
And today she was looking at the crowd not slender young boy, namely hlyupkogo snotty kid. Soon, this was found: a lean, lanky, seventeen years old, face acne. Kate even shuddered in disgust.
In its request for assistance from the first boy wonder hatched eyes devouring the stately figure of a strange woman, and then nervously began to gather packages.
To persuade him to ride "to hut" it was easy. That's flat. Catherine gently invites guests to enter the room. He embarrassed and twitching from the strain flops into a chair.
- Beer? -sprashivaet it is not waiting for an answer opens a bottle standing on the coffee table, click the remote control Vidic and excused flutters in the kitchen -razobrat packages.
He sits and smokes, listening to the quiet sobs and moans coming from the room. She knows that Vidic is fierce porn and smiling face is bewildered pimply boy. After waiting five minutes, Catherine returned briefly before he noticed the boy instantly throws his legs, trying to hide an erection. She clasps her hands in amazement and off the VCR. He mumbles an apology and, as if to make amends, offer a drink of brandy.
The guy is so stunned that had happened, that volley pours a full glass. Katerina pours more and, again apologizing, goes to the bathroom.
So! Down suit, get your bra and panties! Body only belt and stockings. All! Down Ekaterina Pavlovna! Now she Katya -Katerina: slut and whore frank ... Taking off the shelf gley Katerina grease lubricated good crack and its rear opening.
They respond to all its "exit" -chut little differently. This, for example, jumped from his chair, rolled his eyes and blushed so that ugly pimples on his face turned into a purple lanterns.
After a few steps, Catherine paused slightly and slowly began to sink to his knees, while undoing the button and zipper on his filthy jeans.
Jerk prispustila jeans with shorts, she smell it!
My God! This guy probably did not wash for a week! -shevelnulos in her soul pious "I".
"Excellent! I retorted she herself - the greater will be your humiliation ... "
The boy woke up and tried to pull away. Kate held him, and parted his lips began to approach his hard dick.
"Not very big and not very thick ... -melknulo slight disappointment. -But Clear virgin!"
Free hand, she tilted adhering to the stomach member. Quietly, as if afraid to frighten off, he licked the skin of a hidden head. Then slowly she ran her tongue along the barrel. At the same time her hand slid down pulling the skin. The smell of unwashed bodies became even stronger.
Ekaterina Pavlovna had many men: washed clean and not very good, frankly dirty and sweaty, but it seemed to all of their members were almost the same taste. But the boys! Boys smelled completely different ...
No longer able to contain himself, Kate swallowed bared head. The tongue promptly ran through the rim. Again and again.
Kate raised her head looked at his partner. She liked to watch how the expression of these boys. Confusion gives way to amazement, surprise gives way to the realization of what is happening, and the pleasure comes soon.
Katya tried with might and main: swallowing a member almost entirely retreated to the head, licked it and make a new entry. Her rhythm began to speed up. Another approach, again, finally in her mouth literally flooded with a warm liquid.
How she loved that moment! Opened his mouth, so as not to choke Katka swallowed and swallowed this wonderful nectar, her left hand and walked along the trunk squeezing every last drop.
Sensing that this last portion, slag did not swallow and, imitating the porn actresses, tongue forced a seed to your lips. Cum slowly ran down his chin.
Spacey from the incident guy flopped into a chair, and Katka continued performance. Leaning on his left hand, it is widely spread her knees and leaned back. The right hand began to wander around on a shiny pussy lubrication.
No, she was not going to excite yourself, it sufficed for this very situation, just the experience of Katka already knew that such boys missing only a few minutes to their weapon again gained momentum.
And so it happened. While punk looked chin poured semen on the open pussy and back again, his dick again took a fighting stance.
Miss this chance was a sin, and Katya, sliznuv remnants of sperm from his chin, tossed in turn their luxurious legs on the chair, planted with delight on the insurgent member.
Now to the brat came the fact that he's not just jerking my dick, huddled under a blanket, and fuck a real woman! He suddenly rudely and painfully grabbed her breasts and tried to "take the initiative in their own hands".
Katya did not resist. She stopped and only podmahivat clenched and unclenched muscle. A lad tried in all! His pimply face just did glowed with pride! To play along with him Katerina moaned and began to wheeze:
- Come on! More more! Yes-ah. . Well, well ... Fuck me well! Fuck ...
To her surprise, the boy suddenly arched, rolled his eyes, and with such force squeezed her breasts, she screamed in pain. But the jerk did not pay any attention and continued to carry it on, as if trying to drive it not only a member, but the eggs into the bargain! Unable to endure the pain she was about to punch on the face of the arrogant, when man himself pushed her and Catherine fell on her back, she hits her head. In the eyes darkened. The pain and surprise she did not realize that this morel says something to her. Finally she realized:
- Come here, bitch! Suck me Looks like he was proud of himself to the impossibility.
He wants her humiliation? Well! She herself wanted the same! Katya, crawled to him.
It has not yet begun to fall was a brilliant member of its secretions and semen. Ingratiating looking into the eyes of the boy, as if embarrassed by Katerina timidly licked sticky trunk once, twice, but then, no longer able to deal with the surging desire dug into the head, sucking the sperm.
Now she's really turned into a lustful bitch. Her tongue ... and greedy mouth full head and treated, and has not become soft shaft of the penis. Right hand itself plunged into a sticky semen on the crotch.
The boy squirmed and moaned, but she knew, still far from the next ejaculation. Even young body needs time to recover. But the flesh of the woman has demanded satisfaction. At Catherine, as they say, Nakata. She did not want to just fuck and hard and violent rape. Let this pimply Whipper, who are unlikely to pay attention to peers, will carry out all their dirty and low desire. And if you will not guess about anything, she tells herself.
"Today will be a real orgasm!" -one is felt.
Catherine resorted to the tried method. Looking up from the carefully sucked member, she turned to him "cancer", Laid her head on the edge of the sofa and spread her arms wide buttocks, so that both of her holes are opened in a silent request.
In his first adventure she still wondered which of them would choose her rapist, but now almost no doubt in the outcome. Ninety-nine percent of them are thrust into her ass. At first, she did not always given in the ass -beregla. But once she took of two youths and those so Otmolotili her ass that week to shit could not. Now her anus no longer resembled a circle, rather elongated slot surrounded by purple scars ...
"Yes! They are particularly fond of: first, in the ass, then in the mouth ... " -Think Katerina.
Adjusting itself to the first, though not such a powerful, yet an orgasm, it is still widely spread your ass. The boy jumped up from his chair. He closed his eyes in anticipation of a new portion of humiliation, Katya felt his fingers, timidly at first, then more insistently penetrate her pussy languish. Two, three, and then the whole brush plunged into expiring pussy juice. She jerked and moaned as reckless nails scratched the uterus.
Catherine, if introduced by an event; -ma it, which is called "iron lady", Is a cancer and allows some pimply youngster poking around in your pussy! If at least one of his colleagues saw this picture, it certainly would be enough heart attack!
Meanwhile, the young man, quite unceremoniously, continued study of her vagina. Katka, panting with desire rises almost shouted:
- Yes, fuck me well! I can not do it any longer...
Offended, as if taken away a favorite toy, the boy pulled his hand out of pussy, and, as she thought, was the push through his cock in her ass. As always, he did it crudely, relying only on their strength. Catherine, in spite of the pain, tried to relax.
"A not so small for his ass dick!"
Finally, his head broke the resistance of the sphincter and rushed into the rectum.
As if to show their worth and male power over this bitch, jerk pulled Katka hips and thrust it "the most eggs"!
Catherine moaned. O Lord! What a humiliation! But how nice!
As if hurrying to one he could see the finish line, the boy earned his buttocks on "all cylinders". Normal woman a sex would bring only suffering, but Catherine Pavlovna "dragged" quite another.
Her hand slipped between her thighs and felt the wet swollen bump clitoris. Katherine prided "wren"; in the excited state, it is not less than one and a half centimeters.
Soon after the first wave of sweet cramped her muscles. The boy froze for a second, but soon it "stone" piston came back in her ass, overcoming the resistance of the muscles.
It was already really hurt and Katka shrank even more, overcoming the natural desire of the body.
The youth, not understanding what is happening, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled the force.
- Do not wait ... -neproizvolno Katerina moaned.
But punk, already in the wild desire to finish in power at any cost, suddenly grabbed her by the hair and yelled:
- Come on ... come on ... a bitch ...
Startled, Catherine relaxed and member slid out. It was such a relief that she shivered with ecstasy. Under the pressure of her muscles to hell with the poor man squelch she jumped out of her anus.
Panting Katherine felt a shuddering reduced its point, trying to squeeze out of the gut is what was no longer there.
But the respite was short-lived. After a few seconds, growling with lust, kid again thrust his knob into her overworked insides.
However, this respite Katherine enough to relax. Two orgasm behind. Usually it is at this stop, but today! Today she wanted to super orgasm! And it was necessary to try to do so.
Katerina tried. And under pressure from a partner, she encouraged his breathy moans:
- Yes ... my lord! Yes! Tear my ass! So ... Oh, oh, oh!
The youngster tried another five minutes, then suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulling her to her twitching.
Tired and sweaty, he leaned back on the couch. Katherine waited a few seconds and gently leaned his crimson member.
She did something from which in normal times would have caused an attack of vomiting: sucking cock, just pulling out of her ass. Yes! Today she wanted to drink the bitter cup of humiliation to their bottoms!
Opening his eyes, the guy pushed her disgust and grunted:
- Bring a drink ...
- Yes my Lord!
Tightly clutching buttocks, Catherine brought him a full glass of cognac and a lemon wedge.
The guy drank, grimaced and bit.
She obediently stood in front of him on his knees.
- Sir ... Can ... can I lick your ass ... -zaikayas like fear, said Katya.
"Mr." osolovevshie opened his eyes and drunkenly laughed:
- His vylezhu, blyadische ...
- As you wish ...
Katherine took from him an empty wine glass, set him under his ass wide apart and knees relaxed. From her insides with crushed in a low squelch flowed. Another convulsion, more ... What a relief ...
Slowly, carefully studying his reaction "tormentor" she raised her wine glass to her face. Dull yellow jelly-like fluid filled it by almost a third. Also slow She raised a wine glass to his lips and his head thrown back a little sip by sip, drink has become bitter and viscous substance.
Finally it came to a milksop. He jumped to his feet and shouted, choking on saliva:
- Stinking bitch!
Katka was expecting a similar reaction and sprawled at the Palacio managed to seize with both hands the boy's right shin.
- Mr ... I'm sorry ... I'm howling slave ... I just sang your order ... -bormotala she kissed his foot.
"Mr." fastidiously shook his leg trying to get rid of the burden, and then dragged her toward his clothes.
Hard pile synthetic carpet like sandpaper burned her swollen nipples, belly.
Gasping in pain Catherine wailed:
- I'm sorry, sir ... do not go ... I've never ... been ... such a strong man ...
Flattery has done its job: man stopped. Realizing that the threat has passed, Katherine lifted her head and humiliated voice faltered:
- If I offended you, sir, can you punish me ...
- Fuck you ...
"All melted ... "-Think Katka and releasing the foot a little boy on his knees crawled to the chair next to which lay in advance stockpiled twisted leather whip. Genuine Leather. Five ribbons were tightly braided in pigtails and only near the end tied in a knot, diverged five separate ribbons.
It is like a dog, brought in his mouth and the whip, all also humbly looked at her future executioner from the bottom to the top.
His eyes burned with the desire and the milksop he took a whip.
Immediately Katherine lowered her head to the carpet and lifted her higher ... seductive ass.
The first blow only slightly burned her right buttock, but Katherine pretended to gasp, wider spread her legs and tried to bully ass even higher. But the second blow was not stronger. Katya moaned:
- Punish me, sir! Hurt me!
Lash fell exactly between the buttocks, and the assembly and led them to five "snake" burned her stomach.
- Yes! -stonala victim.
Blows rained down, one by one, penetrating her body acute pain. Katherine knew livid scars remain on the skin after such attacks and they will be held no earlier than one week.
"Spit... " -edva before she could think about how the brain burst bright flash of pain hit her knot exactly in the clitoris.
Catherine wailed and collapsed on the carpet rolled up, holding hands "causal" a place. As soon as the pain began to subside through a veil of tears she looked up at his tormentor.
He stood at the table, holding in his left hand a bottle of brandy, and the right -pletku.
- What whore, got her?
Stubbornly shook his head at Katherine shaking limbs again got cancer and a broken voice whispered:
- No, sir ... punish me more ...
Twice more she, like a wounded beast rolled on the floor, but rising again gritted his teeth in frustration. Member milksop stubbornly did not want to borrow "battle position".
From next blow fell Katerina dip right on the carpet. Swollen and wounded Mandu "lit" even more. Thoughts were confused, pain, lust, desire to go down to the bottom of her burning brain is not worse than the whip's body, but she has already felt the approach of orgasm itself -More ...
Her tormentor too felt something ... something great and inexplicably exciting! He felt the full power of this otebanoy, flogged and humiliated MI woman. The head quickly flashed onanist dreams, snatches of porn, resentment toward peers, neglecting them, such a great fucker!
- Ha-ha! -hriplo he wheezed, happy feeling warmed blood alcohol hot wave spreads throughout the body. -You All women are whores! Yes? Say, say it!
He pushed a foot in her face, still not daring to strike, but felt such a desire.
- Yes ... she whispered, listening to his new sensations.
- Volume up, bitch! -one has more kicked her in the face, once in the chin.
Ekaterina Pavlovna did not expect this and strongly held her tongue. Warm blood began to fill his mouth. More orgasms began to subside. It frightened her.
"No! No! -zavereschala her lustful nature. You're after so long waiting for this! Stoop to the end, let him do what he wants! Do not miss your chance!"
"Really! THIS SECTION Ekaterina Pavlovna began to retreat. -Sygraem To the end, it's worth it!"
She swallowed the blood and fell on his stomach hugged hit her leg.
- Yes! -toroplivo she faltered. We're whores, bitches! We want to have fucked! Always ... Everywhere ... in your mouth ... in the pussy ... ass ... Break me!
Excitation again engulfed her whole, murky haze obscured the mind. She really wanted to, he ripped her mortal flesh, made her excruciatingly painful. After all, it is this: through a lot of pain and comes more orgasms!
Drunk jerks neighing, shaking off this bitch with his limp legs. He was not even embarrassed bloody froth on her lips. He reveled in his power! Slightly swollen member was so that seemed about to burst, but ... Um. Pull out this bitch he always has time ... He is so much like another try ...
On his orders, Catherine lay on her back and covering himself with one hand under her knees lifted her legs, the other began to crawl along the swollen pussy.
- Now shove his hand in pussy. Deeper, deeper! -komandoval it.
Catherine already badly understood what he said, because a suppressed all human and reasonable, all that could prevent more orgasms. Now it is no longer a woman, but a lump of lust. She was indifferent to all human standards of morality and natural disgust. Make it now lick zassany and zasrany floor in a public toilet, she would do it no doubt a second.
In reality, Catherine furiously licked pissed her carpet swollen tongue and languishing from grace pain stretched beer bottle pussy. The neck of the bottle, led by the ruthless hand of a teenager pressed and stomps her uterus. He was trying to piss in her mouth, but prevented the riser.
What happened to her next half hour Ekaterina Pavlovna could not explain to anyone. Her words: "It must feel very, words will not help ... ".
One thing I knew for sure: she got her big orgasm!
Emerging from the depths only to her slave pleasure, she found herself sucking the purple, but flaccid cock boy. He drunkenly grinning and muttering something. The last wave of pleasure began to decline and Catherine spitting dick began to rise.
Punk began to be indignant, but Catherine Pavlovna did not even turn her head. He it was no longer interesting.
On shaky legs from the experience she staggered he went to the bathroom, listening to your body. Ached and ached every cell of her body, burned skin, stomach "attracted"But worst of all was in the groin. It seemed that both holes she stuck on the hot rod. Each step of the spoke of a new explosion of pain.
She instinctively glanced at the clock in the hallway. It took fifteen minutes longer than planned.
Close the bathroom she began to pull the tights. At the bottom of the abdomen something hlyupnulo and pants came out something hot, searing swollen flesh.
Catherine smiled wryly: "So you, damn, right! Will you go all in the shit!".
She did not even have thought to be washed away, but instead chose jeans skirt, to not spoil the car seat.
Catherine looked in the mirror. No person -morda! Mascara smeared on his cheeks and lips dry up mucus and something brown. Judging by the taste Shit ... And stank of it!
- True podzabornaya damn! -prohripela it his reflection. -Pridetsya Two days to rest up!
Quietly the front door slam. Catherine did not have to even guess who's here. It was Boris, a two-meter athlete, handsome, the dream of many women. He had only one drawback: the women did not interest him. Boris interested in boys. And now it has come to its "shares".
Ekaterina Pavlovna sat down on the edge of the tub. Hot mass broke "defense" cowards and rivulets ran down his thighs.
The room began to play music. Catherine smiled and walked toward the exit. She knew what was coming in the room.
No! Boris never raped nobody! God forbid! But I would like to see what the daredevil, who managed to abandon his proposals! So that kid would have to pay for the full enjoyment ...
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