The prison probation. Part 3

Through the efforts of Zack, I was sent from our urban clinics in prison medotdel for further passage to exchange my medical internship. In the city the third week was languishing heat and once granted a free moment, I ran into the shower to rinse for personala.Tak's standing in the relaxing jets of cool water, I began to slowly stroking his dick and got so carried away process, which is not noticed in the shower included two - Deputy. chief of security of our Negro unit with his partner Tim haired Italian Antonio. They are not thinking too began to masturbate. I beckoned the younger ones - a handsome Italian, but they approached the two and I had no choice but to suck in turn their beautiful oak limbs. The boys are exhausted almost simultaneously. First, he groaned and began to finish Tim vystrelivaya viscous stream of his long black hose. A small interval another thick stream of hot cum filled my mouth wide open and immediately followed her ... I barely had time to swallow everything - it's nimble fat cock hairy Italian Antonio erupted servings of flavored seed, overflowing my rot.Rebyata offered to continue to move in locker room and we settled down between the rows of metal cabinets for clothes, moving for a couple of benches and convenience to lay their polotentsami.Polozhiv me on the back, a black man stuck in my mouth a black dick, caressing her hot mouth my standing count, and hairy Italian Antonio wasted no time perched behind Tim and I just ohuel from the spectacular sight of a thick planting of 18 cm x dick in stretched to the breaking point pink hairless ass Negro. Heavy hairy eggs Italian rhythmically banging down my face. With all this exciting craziness I was not slow to finish in the hot mouth smacked Tim, and a second later he received a powerful portion of its sweetish thick sperm that gladly swallowed. Hairy Italian continued to flourish swing his mighty thick piston in a loud sucking ass nigger. My whole face was covered with sweat dripping from the two pairs of loud shlpayuschih each of the other eggs, huge hairy Antonio and the second slightly smaller and almost hairless belonging to Tim. A few minutes later, growl, the Italian drove all the way to the mangled black ass and his unit for a long time, strongly quivering filled her with his hot thick seed. When his cock with a loud "FER" Tim left the long-suffering ass, out of it poured a thick stream of hot cum in my mouth wide open. At the climax of the locker room we went two cleaners - haired tall mulatto Andy blond and skinny Irishman George, both of the number of prisoners. The Italian told them to shut the door on the latch and join us, the guys Quick did, throwing off his orange robe. The mulatto was gorgeous, glistening with sweat, muscular, almost hairless, a member of medium-sized and rather pendulous balls. The Irishman had a very thin long legs, but had much raskachennyh arms, chest and abdominal muscles with cubic relief. But just fucking sizes between his legs swayed poluvozbuzhdennaya bit - I even thought, what she will be in a state of combat readiness. Ebony tears with me and began to rummage in the cupboard, took out a bottle of clear smazki.Mulat Andy sat down and offered her mouth for an Irish member who grew with each nipple before our eyes, and has only half placed in the substituted wet mouth. Italian Antonio of the seen spectacle too excited. Heavy scrotum with two big hairy eggs dropped down, causing the rocking member, which in turn is bared and over 18-cm column of gleaming head of the penis. Negro at the time liberally smeared his anus stretched and began to play with my ass, thrusting and pulling her long fingers, dipping them in a jar of grease. Wasting no time, he fell in behind me and introduced his long thin piston began to pump my stumpage. The Irishman, who was watching us, went to Tim back, slightly bent his neck and, slowly, he planted his monster. Negro just slightly groaned and just tightened my thighs with his hands. It was a real show idea! Irishman Tim boldly sit down on his unit followed and I received a strong slap on the thigh of his ass, literally felt pierced through ... At this time, an Italian lay on his back, lifted higher long beautiful hairy legs and parted them framed throbbing anus outlet energetic hot tongue mulatto Andy, who has been actively ream rough tongue tightly compressed bud. Anus Antonio began to shrink involuntarily uttering sounds like smacking that Andy was the signal, and he introduced two fingers began to knead and stretch Loni groaning Italian in different directions. Stretching his anus, he thought well enough mulatto strongly pressed his knees to his chest and plunged into the damp, prepared by Antonio ass poor man best eggplant ... but he only moaned in satisfaction in return. Powerful shaking several times, Andy realized that the Italian ends, by how tightly he gripped his cock his hairy anus. When the iron grip of the anus slightly weakened Latinos pulled his dick wet and slippery, and immediately plunged it into my time the substituted at him with wide-open mouth. I managed to nap him only a couple of times as he filled my mouth with the eyeballs powerful jets of his thick young sperm, which he swallowed. At the same time I felt inside convulsive movement furiously scurrying member Negro in me, injecting their juices deep into me. With a groan, he took out his fallen member, violating the synchronicity of movements in his ass healthy Irish member. Irishman George with the sour face learned his instrument from mangled, shiny purple-ass nigger, and sat down on the bench, motioned me to her. I decided not to miss the chance to try out such a cool dick and adding lubricant, fell down on his cock. When a member of the Irish appeared at the very root put into my ass, George could not resist, and with primitive fury began to move in him, hugging me from behind and put his hand on my chest, pulling her nipples. His face pressed against my back. So, growl, he finished powerfully in my raskurochennye ass. Conchal George for a long time, a few minutes, and then just hold me, do not give to get off the penis. After that, my dick excitement was like a wood, and I lay back on the floor, and the Irish seem determined to give me and probably a pair of happy moments, sat down on my cock her tight hot ass and started like a crazy ride on it. A few minutes later, George, which is again pretty excited, finished on my chest. During the eruption, the muscles in his anus began to shrink, to enhance sperm output, and this stimulated my cock, which zafantaniroval in Irish ass. George got off my penis and said: - I liked this poebka if I'm at your service rebyata.Vse laughed and ran into the shower to quickly return to work.
To be continued...
Continued: The prison probation. Part 2