First experience with a girl

Many of my readers are interested in: if I had sex with girls? My answer: yes, there was. Although I am not lesbian or bi. But when ordered to, I can have sex with a girl. On her first lesbian experience, I'll tell the story.
However, before moving on to the story, I want to appeal to those who wrote, wrote and wanted me to write: Guys! Do not write banal letters. Question "and so are you sleeping with my brother," asked me five hundred times already; "Why I do not want to change their lives," almost everyone is interested. I would also like to ask everyone to leave their recommendations on how to live and what to do with them. And if I do not answer, do not send five letters with a question: "Why are you silent?" Silent, then your letter is not interested in and have a more interesting conversationalist. Thank you for understanding! And now the story itself.
Outside it was a hot summer. There were summer vacation. My life has turned into a solid sex. I fucked all the time, I always feel the taste of semen on her lips. Guys were insatiable. When the evening came home parents, I was taken to the street, and in what - a secluded place given in his mouth. Since I have now been working both holes, it increased the number of guys I served.
When the parents left for the weekend with an overnight stay at the cottage, we spent the night at home someone from friends brother and me up to four hours in the morning fucked together.
One day, during a routine morning blowjob brother lapaya my ass and pussy, asked: if I had the experience of a woman? I said no.
- So will - and pushing my head with his hand said, - do not be distracted suck.
Next weekend dad flew a business trip, and my mother stayed at home. Brother begged permission from the mother to spend a weekend in the country with me and friends. She did not mind. I knew I except sperm and members in the mouth does not keep anything else happen. The brother said that I was in for a surprise in the country.
- How many guys?
- You'll see.
My brother took me to the cottage by car. Although the distance can be done in 30 minutes, we drove for about two hours during which time a member of his brother never left my mouth. Several times he stopped the car and swerved onto the shoulder to come.
When we arrived at the cottage, I walked into the house and saw only four boys. Next to them, I saw her and immediately remembered the question his brother about lesbian experience.
- That's a surprise. Guys, can present us a heifer?
- My name is Marina, 12 years old. Virgin. We are still waiting for you only Raziq stuck in her mouth.
I looked around the girl: on the face were traces of tears and sperm.
- Where did you get the idea - the brother asked.
- In the local brothel, she's new. Total last night led her there, like today, to the customer to carry it, but we bought out. With it, you can do whatever you want. Though in her pussy, at least in the ass.
I heard the sobs of Marina and then she got a slap in the face:
- Shut up, bitch.
The boys tore off her clothes. Despite its age, it was a good idea formed. Chest was a cup of tea. And there was pleasant to the taste and touch, as I was convinced. On the abdomen, just above the navel sported a tattoo whore. Below the navel were written price for its services: blowjob, classic, anal. Figures I can not remember. I felt sorry for the girl.
Guys, drawing attention to her tattoo, she said:
- Last night it branded. There they all prostitutes with such tattoos go.
I, meanwhile, was ordered to undress, I quickly fulfilled.
We are absolutely naked, laid on the floor in position 69. I was under the Marina. We were ordered to lick each other until we both did not finish. To me it was a novelty. Putting his hands on her ass, I spread her buttocks and licked her tongue labia. She shuddered. Whether by surprise, whether my touch caused in her a pleasant shiver. I licked her clit and stuck her tongue between sexual sponges. Suddenly, he ran into some obstacle, and I could not penetrate into the depths of her body. At first I was surprised, but then she remembered that she was virgin.
Not knowing how to lick the girl, I tried as best she could. My reed flitted over her clitoris, labia, and sometimes I licked ass. The clitoris is trying to hurt Earring, vdet in language. Assuming that cold metal will give more thrills. Lisa, I girlfriend for about 40 minutes. Finally she came. All this time I confidently led her to orgasm, felt her lips and tongue on her pussy. However, no trace of the orgasm I have not experienced.
And no wonder: just 4 blowjob of his life. It's been an hour since, as we were ordered to lick each other. But I did not think to stop. Guys showed anger and shouted at the girl, that she is a whore, a better work out the money that paid for it to the owner. The girl, crying, lick my pussy. Finally one guy broke down and grabbed the belt, began to beat on the ass girlfriend. The girl screamed hysterically and tried to stand up with me, but it gripped and held up as long as she was beaten. Having struck 15 times fellow calmed down and grabbed by the hair, poked his lips to my pussy with the words: Lick it, bitch. The girl through her tears and mourning, I began to lick. I felt sorry for her even more. After waiting five minutes, I simulated a rapid orgasm. Guys neighing.
One of them said:
- You see, it is necessary to flog this prostitute. Then the case would be.
Marina and looked blankly at me. I winked at her. The guys did not notice anything.
For the fact that Marina brought me to orgasm, she was supposed to encourage - to make a blow to my brother. He was one of the guys who did not take it into his mouth. Brother collapsed in a chair. Marina went to her brother, fell to her knees and began timidly to lick his penis. My brother did not like it. Striking a couple of times in the face, he shouted:
- Suck bitch, suck, not to lick! Lick my sister will.
The tighter second whistle in the air belt and dropped to the back of the poor girl. She was sobbing, she grabbed cock in her mouth almost the most eggs and began to try to suck my brother. He picked up her breasts and began kneading, pinching the nipples. After some time, the sperm covered the girl's face.
I was told Lisa her. What I immediately complied. As a result, sperm from her face turned to my face. We licked each other's cum.
In the meantime, while we are with Marina Lisa, I learned her story. As I thought, she did not voluntarily become a prostitute. It is sold to a brothel her boyfriend to cover what is their debts to the host institution. It absolutely did not care how the girl would do. What we were like her. Almost powerless sex slave.
We were ordered to go to position 69 again. Marina was on top.
- Well, that Dasha - slyly asked one of the guys - ready to drink blood?
- That is - I did not understand.
- Who will deny Marina hymen. lick my balls, that you will hang over the face.
I was ordered to lick pussy and Marina suck cock that will bring down her hymen. After he had appointed head of the penis to the entrance of her hole and abruptly pierced girlfriend. The house was filled with her crying and screaming. At the same moment it jumped one of the guys hit in the face and called out to her, bitch, shut up, drove it into his mouth member to the base. I felt her saliva began to drip on my pussy. Meanwhile, Marina lost her hymen and a torn hole of blood came to me. I was told to swallow it. I served as far as possible. The guy fucked Marina, unable to hold back a long time, and taking dick cumshot my face. The guy fucks her in the mouth, he pulled on Marinino face. We have put together and forcing Lisa began to take pictures. The photo display two bloody, covered with sperm girlish face.
We fucked the marina throughout the day. In different poses, finishing on a person's chest. On the same day her fucked in the ass. Oral it is so heart-rending that she is putting her on her back, tearing the ass, one of the guys beat her with a belt on the chest and abdomen, causing ... so shut up. I looked at this young girl zaebanuyu and knew of her to do the same obedient nipple and davalku like me.