Of course, I was not quite indifferent to what it looks like, but first of all I was interested in his penis. I imagined it in all sorts of angles, standing and still not ready to fight when he lies peacefully on hefty eggs. Really soon I'll suck someone's farm? I have almost the first time in my life my knees trembled and thought ran with excitement and nerves, when I was riding the subway on our first meeting. At the last moment some negotiations on the internet, I was afraid and wanted to give up the game, but Alex insisted, saying: "Come now, and then have sperm in eggs stagnant". The thought that soon it spilled sperm in me, probably in my mouth, I immediately agreed.
Learning that again, Alex humanely suggested to me such a relationship, that maybe I'm too hurry and how far I am ready to go, I reassured him by saying that sex would expect. He caught the car and here we are sitting in a small bar baths known for its interesting direction.
My partner 33 years old and eleven years older than me. He took over a beer, but I do not to alcohol, I was still shaking and everything seems unreal. We are sitting in one of the towels loincloths. Twilight, there are almost no people. Suddenly, his hand penetrates under the towel and touches my penis. I'm still not excited and Alex says that going to the sauna yet. I hesitate to touch and feel the response readiness hand Leschi. Terrific. Gently touch his stick to its roots, a little touch of the testicles. Alex says: "Now let's go". I have the same standing on end.
We go into a small room with a single light bulb and a large wooden shelf. Warm, but not stuffy. Suddenly Alex attracts me and kisses on the lips. This is so unexpected! I answer. I do not think that men kiss is not worse than the female. Towels are flying to the floor, and then, finally, I can see the object of my dreams in all its glory. I kneel and begin to kiss him, then take in the mouth. "You will prompt me how?"- I ask. "more". I suck his cock, trying to swallow it deeper, sometimes take out, lick the head, bridle, start licking his balls.
Alex called me on the shelf. We lie very close to touching the bodies, I feel his hot breath, he gently caresses me. One of his hands touching my ass. Spreading Her massirauet and anus. My cock is ready to burst from the strain. How nice. I understand that my lover will not be enough just oral sex, but I do not care. He turns me back to him and continued to caress. His finger has got me in the ass and vengeance are operating there. Suddenly, Alex rolls over and starts licking my anus. Oh how good and how embarrassing! But then he turned again. I found his lips and kissed it. I feel that he put my ass your dick. "Relax". He is persistent. It hurts. "Oh, Mama!". "Relax your muscles and do as you want in the long" He does not move. I try to follow his advice, but still ass off. Again move. On how much he has already entered? Another push. Now through. A feeling of fullness. From the thoughts in which I'm excited to the limit position. Yes, I am ready to suffer. Sam begin to sit down on his dick. It hurts, but it captures. He touched my penis and began to masturbate while shoving in my own. Just do it. For a long time I could not hold back. Ass is also beginning to decline, I twitch and moan. While I have not yet recovered, Alex turns my stomach, bend your knees asking. Protrude ass. He again gets into me. It hurts. But he was not paying attention to my moans and attempts to roll over. Bore down on me and begins to literally fuck the piston some machines. The pain is unbearable! Suddenly he accelerated again. "Ahh .." I feel that it ends. Cum in me! How good, but it hurts! Hurry, he already left.
After that, our meetings have become regular. We will examine one after the other sauna. I was embarrassed, because pay for everything Alex. In the evening he catches the car and takes me to fuck and happy towards the house.
I remember one time when we came to the next sauna and we were met by a woman of 45. "Relax, boys." That only she had not seen. On the sheet was issued to us, we go and start looking around. Three rooms, big living room, a swimming pool and a private sauna. Undressing. Very soon, our dicks are. Alex takes my cock in hand and rubs it on his own. Handsomely. We are beautiful. I feel it is a man, despite the fact that the stele in front Leshoy like a whore. We go to the sauna. I take the cross, as the metal starts to heat up and lose it. I kneel down and climb up his head under the bench. Where it rolled? Ops. My Lord wastes no time and begins to wet my hole. It is not to search. It is part of me and starts dryuchit. Virtue booty. This time Alex did not hurry to finish. His cock kneads my insides. Yes, it's hot and narrow. For two weeks he did not dolt my anus. Usually it is limited to a maximum of two of the trachea for the evening. I would have survived longer. That accelerated his movements and he affectionately calls me by my name. Hand satisfying themselves. We end almost at the same time - I'm a little earlier. Alex goes back to my worn out. I'm lowering my eyes and see a cross. Found!
We had a long chat about the meaning of life, he tells me stories and dedicates me to the point of view of the reality around us. Sometimes he bore, something that it annoys me, but a lot of his words is instructive and interesting.
I also remember the case when he took me to a meeting with a friend from Moscow, guy years 28mi. With him he had not had sex (at least so said Alex me) and they were talking mostly about business. The conversation began in a small restaurant in the city center. I felt, and was, as it were, a woman Leschi. I do not interfere in the conversation, only occasionally making little comments. I ogle his friend and waited. That evening Mr. Lesch has fucked me and I really wanted. Alex offered to go to the public bath, and a certain sense all three of us went there. There, we pomstilis to start in the pool, but did Mr. Leschine familiar succumbed to our mild pranks. He shirked from the dance, and soon embrace us Leshoy was not up to it. We got out of the pool and went to the shower. There is on the one hand is not fenced and our intercourse was seen in all its glory. I bent under the jets of warm water, and my master took me standing. I am particularly excited familiar presence Leschi. I would gladly substituted his hole and his cock, but alas, I was disappointed. That evening, we parted with him.
The Secret Life of a pretty painful, I dreamed up while at home all sorts of reasons to go - then I go to the other, then the girl. It was May, we walked through the streets, it was an adventure and it is coming to an end.
In addition to sex, my lover taught me to be a breakdown of life and self-centered. However, this knowledge I tried on himself. I thought it was an interesting experience and compulsory, but still have me and attracted to girls, and my first man gave me all he could. In many ways it did not suit me. He was married and had a son, but he wanted to meet with me on a daily basis. Many of my imagination, he could not meet, for example, he never finished in my mouth, as oral sex, he said, it is practically not enjoy.
Two years passed. I have a wife that I love, a daughter recently. But sometimes there are ulterior motives of the men want to meet, to carry out their wildest fantasies and bring them pleasure. The main thing for me now is the health of my family, I myself am absolutely healthy, and what you want.
I will be glad ... the letters of men from St. Petersburg.