We loved. Part 7

Part 7.
I jumped up immediately, carefully selected from Serezhkin embrace. Mother beckoned me to follow.
- Where is Dad? - I asked.
Mama wearily held his hand over his face.
- He's operation. In the morning they brought a couple. The boys broke into a motorcycle.
I dropped his hands.
- Strong?
- The girl - not so. And the guy ... I hope that will survive, but there is a very complicated case.
- Mom!
I hugged her and pressed her to his shoulder. Mom patted me on the head.
- I'll take a shower, - she said. - But you still wake him. I need to talk to you.
I nodded.
Seryozhka have not slept. He looked at me questioningly.
- I've heard - he said.
I nodded sadly.
- What will your mother say? - he asked.
I shrugged.
- The fastest way of physiology.
He raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
- When every day you face death, everything else seem so small, - I said, and added. - It's Dad says.
- Besides love - my mother said, entering the room. - Okay, let's talk right now.
Seryozhka instantly jumped odrnul clothes.
- Sit down, Alina M., - he said.
Mom smiled and sat down on the sofa.
- As I understand it, between you all happen - my mother said. - I'm interested in two things. whether sex was safe? And what the hell are you dressed and slept sitting?
I snorted. Seryozhka looked at me and laughed, too. My mother burst into with us. I have a cool mom. With my parents I was lucky. But the first question was quite serious. I looked at the earrings.
- We can say that there is, - he said. - Interrupted Act.
My mother looked at him, then at me. On the face she had written everything she thinks about us.
- My brothers - my mother said. - Understand one thing. Youth - a wonderful thing. And it is quite short. Spend it on procreation - a crime. Now you are free and carefree, do not create problems themselves. And we at the same time. Enjoy. Only reasonable.
Mom got up. The conversation was over.
When in the bathroom rustled water Seryozhka decided.
- Paul, and everything ?!
I nodded.
- And your father is going to say?
- I suppose so.
- And he did not forbid us to meet?
I sighed.
- Serge, you were already considered. Evaluate measured and found fit. In truth, they hinted to me that my sex life - this is my personal business. That's just about safe sex, they also hinted. And I forgot.
He hugged me.
- Do not worry, nothing will happen. I have everything turned out, I could.
- Thank you - I said. - Come on, I'll make breakfast.
Seryozhka held my hand, pulled her to him and kissed her. It was very nice.
Parents discussed and solved the problem of my upbringing as a very long time. I remember my grandmother all strolled about this, but did not intervene ever. I allowed a lot, but if you say "no", then it is not subject to discussion. Bans were few, but they were iron. For example, I was not allowed to go somewhere without calling and without warning. Not allowed to skip school, eat cold food and smoking.
Once we with Natasha have tried in our bathroom. Mom immediately smelled when she came home from work. What happened! They brought me along and turns. They harassed me jokes and direct notations. Worst of all were the lectures with slideshow titled "Slow death by nicotine." Hell was a week. Since I'm totally indifferent to cigarettes. And Natasha's smokes. In my opinion, out of a sense of contradiction. Her hysterical mother every day shmonali her things and room for all sorts of forbidden things. As for us in the house this subject no one else raises. We talked - and that's enough. If you do not understand something very stupid.
Seryozhka sat with his feet on a stool, as perch and watched as I cook. I have now all turned out. The shell does not fall into an omelette, salt does not wake up by, the milk was not curled. Even the toaster spat and politely vyschelknul finished bread. Under the outset, I dragged out of the refrigerator and put the cake in the center.
- Milk or juice? - I asked Earrings.
- Same as you, - he responded.
I poured him a glass of juice and sat down to wait for my mother.
When we had breakfast and my mother was terrified of whipped cream on the cake and we Earrings guffaws of laughter, called Mariana. It asked whether the costumes are ready, and whether the ball will come my parents. My mother was part of the parents' committee, and its presence was important for Mariana. I gave my mother the phone, and she listened for some time, promised that will come.
- And your mom come? - She asked Earrings.
- No, - he said. - First of all, she now begins a great week visit. Well, maybe, you heard us and came to Argentina prezidentsha with her large entourage of politicians and businessmen? And secondly, because I'll still not an artist. Mariana and I even did not touch, when the roles distributed.
I know why it does not hit the Mariana. She literally gets lost from his manner to communicate with teachers - politely, but independently. It only turns matematini put him in his place, Mariana each time screeching breaks on. Last time he brought it himself from the statement that Dostoevsky could not stand, and it despises the heroes. It was clear that the "Idiot", which was discussed, and he read any criticism on it too. Mariana rushed to defend Prince Myshkin. But broadcast wasted. Seryozhka spoke again sunk into his looking glass. A class does not understand what the problem was.
- A call home you do not want? - Mom asked.
- I've called, - said Seryozhka. - So I know about argentosov.
When we came to school, Mariana dragged practicing artists. Remaining carried us envious glances. First there were the short scenes, which involved a pair, and then Marian took for us and for the group, which represented a piece from the play about the war. It turned out that I do not remember the text, and Mariana yelled at me. Then Vaska Igoshin depicting General, said that the phone will be on stage smoking for real, and Mariana ran valokordin drink.
We sat down in the auditorium and waited, what all of this will end. I repeated the words, holding Maryanin collection of Chekhov's plays.
- You look good, - Eugene told me.
Mechanically I thanked. And then I went to a book on chocolate bar. I looked up. They all looked at me.
- Help yourself - casually said Eugene.
I said I do not want to, and held out the tile girls. Sveta slowly turned away, and Natasha happily began to knead chocolate. Of the five of us, it only does not nervous.
- Come after the ball to visit me - told me, Eugene.
I laughed and shook her head. And then he suddenly rushed to explain that there is nothing that reception arrange his parents. There will be a whole class, teachers and members of the board of trustees.
- And Gray - Eugene said. - I called him. He agreed.
Reply I do not have time, because rushed Mariana accompanied by the headmaster, and it all started over again. I met and this time did not forget anything, but Mariana still remained dissatisfied and said that I was even talking about love as about the weather, indifferent and expressionless. Yevhen it, on the contrary, praised and allowed us to have to make their small affairs.
We rode with Natasha to the toilet, and Eugene, Sveta and Artem went to the back room, of enclosed between male and female toilets, and closed there.
- Where did he get the key? - I asked.
- Bought at the moment technicals - Natasha snorted. - You remember, Sveta today we have parted with the anal virginity.
I shuddered. Poor Sveta.
- Are they the same for a couple it will plow? - I asked.
Natasha laughed.
- Well, your mouth something to her than it is necessary to plug, so as not screaming .... Why not Temkin member?
- If only she had bitten off! - I muttered.
Natasha went stupid neighing. She closed the cabin door, and I saw how she shoves a vibrator between her legs and pulls the top briefs.
- Are you mad or something gone? - I asked.
- You are about rubber? - She chuckled. - In the morning I had planted, and the moms took my bag to shake up. Nowhere to be hidden. Would you?
- You're a fool! - I was angry.
- I do not like it - do not eat! - Natasha cheered.
From the back room donssya pleading whisper and scream.
- Well, - Natasha said. - Our friend upgraded hole.
Five minutes later, pale Sveta went to the bathroom and closed in the booth.
- Well, how did it go? - Said Natasha.
- Passed, - muttered Sveta. - Go, you are waiting for.
Natasha skipped away.
- Light - I said. - Why did you?
I did not understand why, but I it was a pity to death.
- Yes, shut up! - Suddenly she fell. - Do you think that no one noticed what you have said today with Galitsyn ?!
I think she was crying.
- Two of the elves! - Sveta continued. - Eugene all the time staring at you! Even Mariana noticed!
- What she saw? - I did not understand.
- Nothing! - Muttered Sveta.
She went out and began to wash. Natasha has ridden.
- Baba! Kaif! - She said. - One in the mouth, one in the ass, and igrushechki front! Royal Orientation meeting! It came up with Eugene. However, zdorovski?
I covered her mouth and Rushed into the booth - poison. Natasha guffawed.
- Here, take your thing - she said Sveta. - How do you?
- It hurts all - Belianska complained.
- This is because it is clamped, - with knowledge of the matter said Natasha. - I'm focused on the nipple. When Eugene drove me drin, I just swallowed! And stick to the hole-ezhno not so ...
I vomited again.
- What can you do this ?! - With these words the toilet broke into Mariana.
- Why, - said Natasha. - Polka again rinses.
- Well, it's not normal, indeed! - Exclaimed Marian. - Girls, she accidentally pregnant?
From indignation at me then it all passed. I began to wash.
- Polinochka, - cautiously Mariana. - You do, of course, I'm sorry ...
- No! - I snapped. - Why do you think so?!
- Do not be rude, - appeasably said Mariana. - You do makes to think so. Your sickness. And this Galitsin ...
- What Galitsin ?! - I yelled.
- Well, of course the same - said Mariana. - Between you something to eat!
I began to shake again.
The toilet came matematinya.
- What's going on here?
Mariana void sumnyashesya beginning to spread her his speculation, if we with the girls here do not have.
- Dearest! - Valentine said with disgust, not letting her finish. - In your place I would poostereglas it is all to say aloud. The girl's parents may apply to the court. And they will be right ...
Mariana looked at her, swallowing air and then began to call names. Matematinya made us completely unambiguous sign - get out there! We have a bullet flew out of the closet. The girls laughed, and I was literally shaking. Near the door of the assembly hall I caught Seryozhka.
- What happened to you?
And then I started to cry. Seryozhka reached into his pocket for a handkerchief.
- Come on, - he said. - Full of people.
He grabbed me by the arm and dragged him under the protection of trees that we have in the lobby, live in a hefty tub. Here we are, and found my mom.
- I already know - she said shortly earrings. - Go. Everything will be OK.
She took from her purse our house means.
- Why are you so sensitive I - my mother muttered. - Well, now red eyes. Do not worry, Marina apologize. Are you with Sergei, kissing on the audience or what?
- You what ?! - I was indignant. - We just came in and we were immediately lit - me to a rehearsal, and he remained in the classroom.
My mother shrugged and squinted. Noticing this squint, I calmed down completely. Mariana now just nepozdorovitsya.
- Come on - my mother said. - Pope also came. He wanted to see you on stage. I'll help you change.
We sat in the audience, because our scene was in the second part. First performed Mariana nightingale poured, and what we are, it turns out, all talented, intelligent and beautiful. In the front row sat the officials from the Department of Education and members of the board of trustees. Mariana leaned toward him and asked to pay attention to the fact that the school should always be your theater. Then the stage rolled anarchists of "Optimistic Tragedy". They were not terrible, but when they began to speak, the audience simply toppled laughter. Then there was the monologue from Fonvizina about "me coach, coach," then a scene from "The Inspector General". Then during a break in the music included, and we went to change clothes.
When he saw me behind the scenes, Mariana immediately apologized in the presence of the girls and asked to make allowances for the fact that she is also very worried. I nodded. She asks with Natasha curiously looked at me. They worked hard on their dresses and now looked stunning. We had to open the office, we were prepared for the guys with the military staging and complete all were Romeo and Juliet. They just snatch, as usual, and throw candy wrappers from chocolates.
Before the second compartment is also one speaking, standing beneath the stage. We talked about the fact that the theater and really need that in our school, students must have a maximum capacity in order to identify talent. I looked out into the hall to look at the speaker, and froze. A woman who appeared to me to be seen in profile. But I would have known it, and from the back. She was Amazing colors on the hair - like flame, and she was dressed very strictly - in black, simple, impossibly elegant dress. Then she turned her head slightly, and we made eye contact. I read in her eyes the recognition. It was the cat, and she knew about me.
I do not remember what I was carried from the scene. I reigned such chaos in my head that buckled his legs. I focused on parents and somehow finished performance. Once I felt dizzy and I almost sbryakala right there in full view of the audience. Fortunately, the next was Eugene and deftly supported me, portraying that as intended. We even applauded, it seems.
Then, when the other guys were, I looked out into the hall. The cat was sitting in the front row. It is elegant as the protocol, straightened her back, she joined and slightly bent knees, and about something exchanged words with a neighbor, smiling corners of the lips. And then, when we all went to the bow, she looked only at me, still smiling regally. That's just her eyes did not smile, but were cold and studying.
The man, who was sitting beside her, turned out to be the father Yevhen. He also served on the board of trustees. When the evening ended, he proposed to move the celebration to their house and invited interested persons.
- Paul, come - asked Eugene.
- I can not - I said - do not feel well, I'm sorry.
And then I asked who this cat. Zhenya looked.
- And, - he said. - It Jensen Hope. She is chairman of the board of trustees.
- And who she is studying in our school? - I asked.
- Nobody - Eugene shrugged. - She have studied. Then he married a wealthy Herra, and he threw the hoof, and all she had left. She returned to Russia and is now involved in charity work.
It's nothing to explain. And why she kept looking at me - too.
I found my mother and said we're going home. With Dad, we met in the lobby. Dad was very tired, but congratulated me on my debut and told me that I done. When we drove away from the school, I saw the earrings. He jumped out of the school in his shirt and looked around.