The story of my girl

This story will be completely printed my girlfriend Lika. She will tell you my true story.

So, hello to everyone !!!! I Lika, a girl Andrew and I will tell you a story.

Then we have met with Andrew. I was popular among the guys, I'm tall, slim with brown hair blue eyes. A lot of guys like me and of course without many views did not do my breast size 3 and a half and my firm buttocks. In general, already 10 years, I looked at the 13 and 13 and do all 20. 2 Breast size I was already 12, but I was always stroynyashkoy. Despite the fact that I was in demand by the guys, I never thought that I would become popular among girls. Menstruation I started early, at 9 years old, and I lost my virginity in the 12.

Let us turn to the story. This happened a year ago, I was 21. I have a year as the two went to school. I do not know what to call them, but there we did all sorts of exercises, we were put on the string. Our teacher was about three years older than me. Her body was taut and elastic. Beautiful figure, slender legs. She was tall as five centimeters shorter than me. (My height is 179 cm). Our room was always the machine, but we used it is not always, but just when to do the splits, sit tight against the wall and the machine to hold hands. I'm not very well sit on the cross.

Once I came to class, and then, when it was over, I decided to ask Lena (name of teacher) to teach me to sit on the splits. I went to Lena.

I: Linen, and you can put me on the string?

Lena now?

Me: yeah

Lena: Well, stay away from the machine and do the splits, as best you can and do come to you.

Me: Um, okay.

I went to the machine and tried to do as best I can. Lena came. She sat back and hugged my waist predvigat start to the wall.

Lena: Well! It's almost happened!

She seemed strangely put his hand on my Lyashko and began to press. And now I'm sitting on the splits.

Lena: Wow !!! Well done!!! But now you need to rest.

I slipped with twine and calmly sat down in a corner. Lena came to me again and said, what I done. Then she removed her hand gently my hair and kissed his neck. Her kiss was sweet, but she smelled my favorite perfume is not. I did not resist. Then she sweetly kissed my lips and I felt her tongue in his mouth. And I, too, slid his tongue down her throat. I felt her hand under my T-shirt. Lena took off my bra, T-shirt and then gently touched her nipples.

Lena: mmm, how swollen!

I stared at her hands. Then she put her little hand in my pants and smiled.

Lena: Okay, let's not here. The following week, on Sunday. At seven o'clock at my house.

Lena dictated the address. Then I went for a long time thinking about this situation.

To be continued...