A friend of my mother

Catching snowflakes softly sinking cap with a gray-blue sky, and extruding snow boots, I was heading to my mother's friend. The sun hardly pierced its rays unevenly distributed across clusters of clouds and falls to the ground created a dull lighting in the street. I was depressed mood, so faint twilight me completely satisfied and did not interfere with the internal reflections. Crunch seconds counting steps away to the house rising above the corner. And standing in front of the door with paint peeling off, I took two fingers on the cold iron bolt pyrnuv picked it up and went into the courtyard gate.
Who would know how I did not like is now knocking on the door to answer the hostess on her idiotic inquiries and maintain a conversation with her about her family, as is usually the case in thirty women to meet the sons of her friends, but if the moon sleep yet started drumming his knuckles on tree. He heard quiet steps of bare feet on the floor. Clicking the lock and opened the creaking of bolts and fired warm air irruptive smoky fog from home. White translucent nightie and transmitting light in the places where the contours of the face began to plot a slender figure, opened the young full-blown round shape body.
I saw the owner of the house. She was uninhibited, and it is not confused by the fact that before it was a capable man, having been with the naked covered with only a veil. Moreover hidden under a thin cloth over his chest bumps strongly bulged, and just below the belly adhering nightie let a drop of the white leg, which rolled shining on the cold floor. Everything pointed to the fact that she was excited. Looking at me for about fifteen seconds, obviously coming to his senses, she put on her coat on the body flushed.
- You are the son of Nastasya Petrovna? - She looked at me a little bit at the sight of opuskavshimisyasya corners of his eyes.
- He's - I said, smiling widely.
- This package cords for video recorder?
- Yes.
- Well then let me please them, and yet.
"But how can that be - I thought to myself - always as what some blurred woman, she will torment you an hour and then got prepared pretty female and she did not even let into the threshold, so that I admired her a little nudity. However, there is another little idea.
- And you will be able to install them then?
For a moment she thought, but then obviously displeased the layouts Come muttered. Leaving me in the doorway, where the orderly was women's shoes and clothes hanging the different characters she moved into the house by removing the coat and showing little white legs turning into big rounded hips under the nightgown clinging to him. Quickly releasing the leg and took off the jacket, I pushed open the door and found the body in a mansion girlfriend. Five paces turning his head to the right to see the mistress, who looked at me wide-eyed and furious with her hands under the table, that there kept. Pretending to be dropped his keys, he lowered his head and sat down on a stool saw widely spaced legs between which nothing was seen naked black silk hair, and in the wet fingers are tends to excite the bosom purple falominator. She was very indignant at such borzost and issuing a first then a scream, she got up quickly and ran to the room where the TV and once again she was gone.
The TV was a new type of so I do not stood taking out the two cords to plug them in color shtekiry. After finishing his work netrudomkoyu I called the hostess that only through thirty seconds appeared in the doorway. Walked, she decided to check the economy created things me and once I bent rear to push the power button. Between the two hemispheres of the priests clearly narisovyvaetsya two perpendicularly arranged swollen and reddened lips sex.
Taking flushed body, sharp and decisive movements of lifting Region nightgown and wrapped around soft and warm thighs hips ostervenevshy I introduced the term in the gap, which hlyupnuv easily missed foreign body. Feeling profusion lubricant released from the crotch without passing revolutions began rhythmically pounding pelvis by uttering a soft ass spanking and blowing on her wavelength. Mistress angry, but after failing to overcome a fierce desire to leave me alone moaning spread her legs wide and stopped enjoying sex. I grabbed sweaty fingers became like two cherries nipples began twisting them, and touched his lips to kiss her back through the wet cloth. At the same time connecting elastic abdomen with soft circular movements pubis member head massage the muscle wall of the vagina, which with each passing second everything with great pressure acting on the hard penis.
Unleashing thimbles burgundy with his hand on a hot, blood clitoris rubbed the skin and after resuming the tempo, pounding his hips with greater amplitude at the hostess, vtalkivaya the entire length of the sexual organ. Girl uttering loud bursts of groans, thin handle sticking out his palm tried to hold my revolting body works. But nerves are located on the head of the penis, impulsiruemye hot abundantly soaked vaginal wall, sent the blessed electric shock level that produced in me adrenaline and concentrated sperm in my testicles making me immune.
Feeling the flow is matched to the base member, I drove deeper hugging a wooden post with his hands crossed in belly hostess let the stream of viscous hot liquid into the fold. Holding tightly trepechuschuesya body stranger, he kept half-minute gap in napolennoy vyadshy member. Pulling out and disconnecting from the finished grip departed mistress. She depicting evil grimace slapped a hand over my face.
- And if I tell your mother? A? What then? Well, that's that - she said, calming down - since it began dovedsh me through to orgasm. I got it?
- I got it.
Then she fell to her knees bent and plunging member of the target scarlet lips with one hand on the palm holding the testicles and the other clutched at the base of the penis and dipping it in your mouth start podrachivat. I sat down on the sofa, his hand gently took away the hair from her forehead. The warmth and comfort provoke the mouth organ, and he tryas head of the palate and cheek started to get up. From the vagina at this time white viscous droplets oozing nevpitavshayasya uterus sperm, falling to the floor, creating a small puddle. Looking at me from under his brows and smacking hostess freed penis and tongue rising in my stomach closed my my lips with his. Legs apart and picking up the penis, cleaned up and planted himself on it. I felt the swamp of mixed juices, which are creating space for the penis, I broke up. Crotch pohlyupyvaya and sometimes throwing himself from a liquid all the same start to narrow. Grabbing the owner's shoulders and lifted her, I made a long deep frictions party, after which and without giving me finish hostess narrowing and squeezing thigh muscles jumped.
-Well, that is - to reproach I said.
Stranger is down on the carpet and sat down on all fours with his legs wide apart Potro purred his ass and tap his right hand on the lips sex called me. I am a member of the pierced Having closed the gap, resumed the pace sotresaya body skin on the thighs and abdomen. The girl came to orgasm, because the vagina penetrated liquid that occurs in females during konchaniya. Without asking the landlady, pulling the wet dick I pressed his hands on the soft velvety white hemisphere, introduced into the anus penis. make a loud "Oh" mistress yet obeyed and panting chuvtvuya the pope ogno start to catch it and swallow became a wooden, sexual organ. Once again, piercing the dense muscle, I realized that he had come to the climax and exhaling heavily squeezed out of the penis in the ass sperm leftovers. When finished, we got up, a kiss passionately parted.