A diary. Summer 2008 Part 1

It happened in the summer of 2008. Every summer I go to the country with his parents and sister, t. To my sister graduated from high school in 2008, she had to go to university, and thereby miss a month of summer. This fact was not very pleased t. To sestoroy we very friendly and let her older than me for 2 years I do not feel the difference.
My parents, this is a 40 year old people with a good job and his zabotalmi, we sestoroy life is just paragraphs (1 marriage, 2 children ...) in a word, they love us, but we spend a little time. I, Sasha, razdolbalka, not that I skip school, I just nihilists. And the summer of 2008, I would like to take place in Turkey. But parents otpraveli me to the cottage in the Novgorod of blasts in the village "Gorki"In the country is home to my grandmother who has 2 cats and the only thing that it cares) And so the summer of 2008. . . (my diary)
8:00 I was sitting in the bus with rotten ancestors and look out the window, go to the village for 3 hours and during a trip to the bathroom wildly, mashenist bus stops and people go out on the dirty gas station not far from Staraya Russa, I run to the bathroom and of course there is no toilet paper. . we're on our way in a few minutes on the bus to my village left an hour away, I mentally curse the lazy father who did not want to go by car!
11:20 we arrived at the cottage, of course if the trip was by car, we would get a lot before, but ...
So, t. To ride was long, I decided to sleep outside in a hammock, before I go to sleep, like some predurok started something cut and I woke up. To be honest, I was in the country last time somewhere in the 10-11 years old, and everyone in this village I have something to do not know, I have not even seen. So I was confident that di sdes to boring and there are no people with whom you can poobschatsya. I got out of the hammock and decided to go to the store for cigarettes.
And so I'm going for some street near the church and noticed that I was staring wildly, not only guys but also with envy in the eyes TEENS. I knew immediately that I can not find a girlfriend, and now I'm near a store to buy cigarettes kent 4, and leaving light a joy. By the way, I forgot to say that the cottage is a village with a population of over the years people and there is only one school XD so that all envious glances devchenok justified by the fact that I'm tanned, slender and long-haired brown-haired woman with green eyes and fucking breasts, and of course comely mardashkoy) All the girls in the village (I am sure) still virgins or whores for a long time. So I go in denim shorts, white socks on Kalenkov and high heels basanozhek. On my white T-shirt transparent floor and 2 sizes bigger than me under it shines red bathing suit and everyone was looking at me. Village same girls are three volosiny on his head and a rare fringe eotoraya slowly rolls over into a high ponytail dull hair, lips cheap lip gloss for 14 rubles, on his feet jeans flared with high seating, and short little tops sticking out of them small tits no more tomato. Jealous that their guys are looking at me. Yes guys are not so ugly even has a couple of nice.
So I sat on the bench and light a second cigarette. Comes up to me man 17 years old with dark hair, tanned and strange, but he was well dressed in sweat pants are not as many of the village, and even in very tight pants, not the ones that chmorey or likeness of them. and straight pants without a pattern and white jersey as Dima Bilan on Eurovision XD only this guy is not a fag. It turned out that his name was Yuri, and it's true 17 years, he is not from here, and from Moscow. Here he lives grandmother and he came here with his 15 year old sister Katya, what can I hide this guy I immediately liked and he has a sister city. So I had a girlfriend)
All day Jura wandered with my friends here, and Katya and I just sat in my house at the same second on the bed and watched telly, well and accordingly chatted. Already 23:00 Kate stayed the night with me. She called her mother and asked for leave. We were lucky with each other. She, too, was not alone among these people, and she told me that when she came here, she met with the local Masha "beauty"and she took Kate to his company, but after the machine was the guy uhlstyvat Katya Katya and she obmaterila potsapalas with her in front of everyone, though her disgrace. Naturally I immediately did not like it Masha, when the next day we went for a walk with Kate and sat down on the bench. Masha passed before us and bitchiness looked at me. And then I saw an ad on the board. What's a disco held in the house of culture. Katya and I were confident that would be cool to come back and just to light with all the guys.
22:00 disco began, and then came to life like the village of nowhere got out cute guys and a couple of normal girls. Perhaps this is the city I thought. DJ included the song Benny Benassi - Who Is Your Daddy, and here we are with Kate did not panic and ran into the middle of all rastolknuv. We have started to anneal and I deliberately began to caress her body hands that led all the guys excited. The song ended, and included a ballad, Kate went to a nice guy 18 years old, and they began to dance. And I was alone with a bottle of beer and danced in splendid isolation. So I danced 15 seconds and suddenly someone grabbed me by the waist, from which I was frightened and wildly beer bottle fell on my leg and shrapnel hit the bottle directly into the finger. Anyone who so wildly frightened me, took me in his arms and dragged him into the street to help with a splinter in his finger. It turned out to be the benefactor of Jura. He just wanted to invite me to dance, but it turned out differently.
23:24 I'm sitting on a bench near the village club, next to the Jura me, my feet in his lap and he gently moistened hands vodka pulled out a small fragment of the bottle. It was terribly painful, but still ... And so we drank vodka remnants of Yura for a couple on a bench. And here we sit and chat with him like an hour already. And at that moment I had forgotten about Katya. I smoke 10 cigarette per day, along with Yuri, and all of a sudden we start kissing. And so passionately that we begin to undress each other without noticing it. Cigarettes already lying on the ground and sparks ignited the grass. I feel the smell of smoke and a small fire foot carcass. To be honest the alcohol wildly influenced us with Yuri and I was ready to fuck with him on this bench right now. if I had stopped her then smoke. I pulled myself together and went Jura to the column, after washing, we sobered up a bit and realize what we have done. But I did not stop the common sense and I glared at Yuri and his lips without noticing it fell on a par with him into the bushes. From the road we could not see and I decided to act. Never before so I was not excited guy. The feeling that someone might notice we only even more exciting to me.
I unbuttoned her jeans Jura and at the same time kissing him, I stroked the fabric hand underpants, knowing that nothing do not get turned on a guy like abstinence. I knew that if to prolong the very moment that it will be much cooler if you go straight to the point. So I take off from the lips of the Jura, and go down to his sherinke. I thrust a hand into his pants and pull out his penis. I chew over the head of the penis while masturbate his hand up and down the trunk lying tongue all sides and caress the penis itself bridle gently vsasvaya. Then Yura takes me around the waist and tear my clothes off in one fell swoop at the same time leaving me only in her bra and underwear. He pushes a strip of panties and begins to caress the clitoris, thus causing my wild groans. My pussy is already all wet and Jura realizing it puts a condom, it takes me and abruptly sit down on the trunk, and moan with pleasure, and we are moving in time with each other. I jump on it like crazy. And we at the same time we finish.
To be continued ... (write)