My first love

My name is Sergey, I was 18 years young, cheerful, nice, a lot of girls gazed at me, but I liked it then a young 15-year-old girl her name is Annie, pretty face than it is like the girl from the east, a figure that is necessary, an increase of about 170, funny, cheerful life.

I met her two years in addition to many kisses we have had nothing but kisses it because no one is bozhestvenno.No is not about that. She assured me that she has no one to not, well, I thought I will not be in a hurry.

Koneno were rumors that she had slept with many guys and my back still and even for expensive gifts (telefony.zolotye pobrekushki), but I did not take it all in his head, then many of us would like to separate, and I thought that all that they do by envy, I could not believe no one's lips. But one evening razdaetsya me Up phone rang, my classmate, and tells an interesting novost- that he found on a dating site love of my Annie, so I primyakom to it, and indeed it was her profile, well, everything would be or anything like one stroka- offer sex for money.

Long did not think I wrote the data, put the photo well, friend and everything, but on a technical matter, the answer comes, phone number, well appointed in general meeting at which the apartment later learned that she had taken off her for the job. I Come to this address, I call on the door and I vizhu- his sweet, beautiful Anyutka sexually belishko on high heels, she certainly surprised my visit, she told me she could not say anything.

I did not know what to do next, in me was seething anger I pounced on her, tore her beautiful underwear. Her breasts were firm beautiful, she even did not resist me. She opened me their views, but in the head milknula ideya- I'll fuck her there, where she had dozens of men and boys. I put on reziku put her cancer and put her in the ass, she at first did not understand what it is, but as I began to move, she began to scream, scream, yell, I experienced such an orgasm ...

Sow the day did not get so much pleasure, I am now married and everything not as I have not poluchaetsya persuading your favorite anal sex. Since that day, I am more of Anyutka and not seen. Here is a real story has been with me.