Circles of hell! Part 3

The sun beat down mercilessly, my skin is dry, my mouth went dry. It seemed that moved his tongue or mouth and all that crumble in the mouth dryness. Remembering what was happening, I rallied and wandered from this terrible coma. He trudged slowly by the fact that energy and enthusiasm after experiencing left. Brela probably forever but still the horizon were squeaks, the sun and the sand dunes. Bypassing the next dune, I saw in the sand dalike figure and ran to her, hope was born in the soul. But he ran closer, I realized it went back to the same place. Com still gnawing the old man, and became more. Again I wandered from this unfortunate place. The rate I realized that wherever I went, I always come back to this thing that raped me. I fell into despair in the sand but it was not even scream forces. from my throat came only a hoarse groans. The sun burned the back, hot air was not possible to breathe and drink very thirsty. Looking at the lump I knew that he probably is wet all the same sperm that he exuded but I have made no difference that the drink I crawled to him. He did not lay on the corpse is movable. He did not move and no longer throbbed as before. his whole face was the color of dried blood, touching his hand, I realized that all this slime on it froze solid transparent crust. And my hope is to give us something to quench their thirst was gone.

I sat in thought looking at the lump. suddenly on the transparent crust cracks crawled. Because it means is that it began to break it as a shell. I was a bit scrambled. watching everything from afar. Lump really someone broke out inside. Suddenly there was a large crack from which flowed some black tar liquid Following this there was one more crack and someone broke into two parts, and I heard a child's cry leaping. I jumped to clot in one of its halves saw a crying newborn baby. From my breast milk suddenly beginning to stand out it went abundant streams flowing down the muddy exhausted body. I picked up the child and held it to his chest. Feeling teat, he began to eat. Holding it in one hand a second, I held up the second breast trying to dial in the palm of milk and for themselves what would least a little bit relieve their suffering.

Satiate themselves and the child I carried him back into the shell and she fell asleep from exhaustion. How many slept I do not know but I woke up in a different place. I was lying on a stone altar, bound hand and foot. In a dark cave. The walls were covered with flames ran some shade. Suddenly, one of the shadows fell on me, I looked around but no one had been shapeless shadow and distinguish the silhouette was not possible, but she moved, I did not feel it but I could see clearly that she is moving on my body. Again fear. What is more is it? Suddenly a shadow appeared in female legs. She walked slowly to my altar with the enchanting smile. coming into a tight, I could see her gorgeous body with a protruding elastic breast. She was beautiful in everything I've seen it only on a belt. I tried to strike up a conversation, trying to learn something, ask for help and it is a charity and a smile stared at me. But after I have gone through I was glad to see the human eye! She silently walked around the altar, and I saw her lower part of the body where there was supposed to be a decent size pubis stuck male member.

She came to my bedside and quick movement jumped on the altar. so my head was between her legs. She was shaking her hips giving me the opportunity to see her crotch with surprise I discovered that under the massive member nebylo testicles in men and adorned labia. What is it I thought!?!?

She slowly sat down on my face so that her lips were on mime mouth and took me by the hair, my nose pressed the a. I realized that I have to do, and in this situation it is better to do as it wants. I began to suck her lips, tongue climbs the vagina in the anus. a member of the girls on my head dripping grease her vagina too abundantly it allocated so that I had to spit out her. that would not choke. And she quickly ёrzala plant all over my face. holding my hair and furiously pushing my face into itself so I like swimmer snatches managed to grab air. Suddenly I felt like she was enjoying twitched at me and her grip loosened. After lying motionless little she again got up and climbed down from the altar. Going into the legs she leaned over my pubis and began his polizvat looking me in the eye. I felt fear, but along with that I began to engulf pleasure. I wanted to feel it in the device itself. But she was in no hurry and just licking my crotch and I was trying to frame him so that it would hit my tongue on the clitoris. She straightened up and looked around the floor picked up a stick. I was scared and she oblivious to my reaction began to stroke her on my labia. It was solid but I was pleased, I began to move in rhythm that would get even more pleasure. Suddenly the girl abruptly plunged it into me.

I felt a wild sterpimuyu not hurt, but it was replaced by the same wild delight. She thrusts her into me slowly scrolling and I felt it from the abdomen rises above. But I was not sick I was pleasantly as if all my innards solid steel sheath. She pushed it forward, and I would like this because it was deeper in me the more I felt pleasure. I felt like she has been held under the breast and moves to the throat but I was indescribably good. In each stick rested throat cutting off my air but I did not care anymore I do not want to breathe I wanted to feel this stick a girl began thrusts to push through a stick so that she rested in my palate, and further it is not where it was moving but my palate has worked as a point ji and the stronger tremors were the more pleasure I felt. I felt like a peak rises up to me and moved to the meeting, unspeakable pleasure nahlestnuli wave at me.

Dizzy, my mind does not grasp by air dimmed dissolving a wave of pleasure and eclipsing everything that was around. Body pounded in sweet convulsions, and this sweetness completely paralyzed me. all my muscles cramped from the admiration of my urine stream broke, enveloping my legs and splashes bring even more enjoyment. My body and my mind were at the peak of voluptuous tension that gripped all around. I dissolved in it without the rest. The waves subside and everything calmed down and I was not in a cave on the altar and the endless dark emptiness hung immovable and weighty completely relaxed and exhausted and that did not stop me and I only emptiness. Tears welled up and rolled down by themselves and did not have no strength no desire to stop them, and they ran with them, took power and advancing peace.

Continued: Circles of Hell! Part 2