Dreams Come True

Julia woke up with a pleasant feeling of bursting in the pope. for several months, she decides to buy a butt plug and finally felt all her charm. the evening before going to bed she plunged it into his anus and registered on a dating site, giving ad for housewives. She imagined how many times kneeling at the feet of Madame. and the fantasy that she was ordered to go with cork in the ass, cum repeatedly, caressing her clitoris is lascivious. Julia wanted full control by her ladies. without removing the cork, Julia opened the laptop and immediately saw the incoming messages. answering a few, Julia drew attention to one person, wrote her an order that, that Julia is not dressed today underwear and went to work with vaginal balls. Julia just chuckled and said, well, not knowing what will turn zhto word for it, because the site is laid out their photos. gathered to work, Julia drank a cup of coffee. looking critically at herself in the mirror she was satisfied. lion's mane of hair fell over her shoulders, feet snug sophisticated trousers, high heels, breasts emphasized blouse with a plunging neckline. "Krasavishna" -The Statement Julia smiled and clicked his out of the apartment. day passed quickly. coming home, Julia opened her laptop and began to read inbox. and again the message from the one osoby- "you're all done, slut?" asked the top. "Yes," Julia lied and went to pour coffee, light a cigarette. I went to the computer and almost fainted. She wrote ... "I dare you tell a lie, shit. You will be punished. T." -from these lines Julia was shocked. how did she know? Thoughts swirled in his head and Julia finally realized. m. in. - The initials of her boss. can not be. got .... her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. Julia came to visit often, pozhtomu she opened the door at once. dumped sharp slap her down. Julia fell to the floor and was pinned down to the floor of shoes. above it was her boss is the same .. ie. in. from the letter. the door was closed and the headmistress Julia allowed to stand. "Always will be, when you deigned to disobey me, shit. And now on my knees and take off my shoes. So very tired" y Yulka flew butterflies in the stomach. she realized it was not a game and looking at the boss's face, began to take off her shoes. "From now on will be my bitch" -proiznesla m. In., Holding Julia's chin. Julia was silent, not knowing what to say. and I have decided to confirm the decision kiss the feet of his mistress is now already. 'Clever' 'said top and took Julia's hair in the room.