Early morning. He's sleeping

Here it is, Blue Angel 22 years old, swept his golden curls on my pillow and lying like a child in a sweet dream, carefree and trustingly open in a warm bed! Yesterday, finally breaking the barriers of conventionality he first called me to congratulate St. Valentine and warned that he wanted to meet, and that this should happen precisely this evening.
I admit, a lot of work and energy has been spent by me, to somehow to attract his attention, his favor and finally reciprocity. Reciprocity of feelings, it overflowed last night and inexorably pushed the longing in my arms.
Yes, now he does not have to pretend, do not hide behind a wall of meaningless giggles and smiles.
Tonight he as a trusting kitten caressed me and bathed in my response weasel! Oh, the charm of its gentle and flexible mill obvivshegosya around me like a young shoot vines on a branch of an old tree! His wonderful golden curls fell on my chest when he curled up next to me, put me his marvelous head on my shoulder.
Oh, those bottomless blue eyes! Delicate pink petals of his mouth, his face ruddy skin, covered with more youthful fluff, like a ripe peach in the sun! I have every cell feel the touch of his youthful and slender body down on his long, tanned legs since summer, sweet intimacy "ripe bunches"Concerning my thigh.
Today we did not have to hide their feelings and again I was as young as OH - my gentle angel descended from heaven as a gift to me over the years of loneliness. Yes - it was a feast of emotions, joy of reciprocity, reciprocal caresses and long-awaited meeting.
Sleep, my young angel!
In spite of everything, I will not "impale you" its pin, like a moth, and will not you decorate a dusty collection time of their victories. No, my blue butterfly - you wake up and flying in the infinite expanse of blue-blue sky in bright spring sunshine! - Because you have yet to spring feeling and passion in front of the hot summer!
And I am far off from thee the wall of time, stay in their anticipation of the fall in the humidity and poor pogody.No I have no right to change anything in your life - you have a long flight ahead. And I only hope that your love is the first to leave a trace in your youthful childish yet pure soul!
He's asleep ... I will not disturb him, because soon he will wake up and uporhnet, forgetting our fleeting encounter.