My wife Olga

It was her most strange desire. The desire was born, suddenly and intensified with each passing day, raising awareness, and the flesh. She wanted to be in the role of a prostitute surrounded by three - four men who have taken it as they wish throughout the night. Technically, it was just to do, the men on the Internet is always more than enough, the most important thing was not to pick up any infection from partners and value for partners to enjoy not turned into a rape. I resolutely did not want such a scenario, but a strange excitement every time covered me when I imagined her in the hands of strange men. And I agreed, on the condition that it will be the first and last time.
Of the many candidates that are so rich web were selected three high-grade male, married, Tightened physically with members of at least 20 centimeters. Preliminary contract on Friday night, I booked a deluxe room with a large French bed in a small hotel in northern Moscow.
Around seven in the evening we stumbled with Olga in the room and putting numerous bags of groceries, meticulously studied the bed, on which two hours were to happen the most important act of debauchery. The bed was great, room also did not disappoint.
Olga, throwing off his clothes, settled in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she flew out. As she changed, apparently in the head he has developed a script, from which the degree of excitement reached its climax, and it was enough to touch the small of her clitoris nalivshemusya to an explosion and discharging. But I'm not in a hurry to handle her crack, rightly decided not to run in front of the wagon. Judging by the way the time went forward to meeting you had less minutes, Olga changed for the second pad on the shorts.
Fifteen minutes before the hour X, she threw a striped men's shirt and looked at me.
- You still want to do this? - I asked her.
She shook her head affirmatively. Retreat on her part was not. I put her on the bed and put on her eye glasses (for sleeping while traveling), for a more sensual sex. Nothing should detract from the action.
They came at the same time, as agreed in the half of the ninth. As they threw off robe, I brought the hand with Olga corridor.
Against this background, she looked an angel.
First up she touched Pasha. He put his hand on her head, and softly pressed down. Olga immediately understood everything, and knelt down. Pasha unzipped his jeans and out sprang a huge, blue-veined dick, already on alert.
I began the process of dating.
Olga licked the head and literally planted his mouth on Pashin unit. A member is not completely got into a small and elegant mouth, and apparently delivered some inconvenience for its size. But Olga was diligent and persistent. When Pasha was close to running out, but the discharge is not in a hurry, he stopped the translational movement of Olga's head with his hand and turned to face Olga crotch Volodya.
Volodi member was not smaller, but much thicker in diameter and several tmnovaty from a large number of capillaries. After his visit to the Alex.
His graceful holny member went into Holguin mouth almost completely, and after a short stimulation of the tongue shot seed charge. Sperm was so much that Olechka handled it just in three steps. Licking the head clean, she licked carnivorous sponge.
Alex lifted his wife from his knees, and bit his lips to her lips, the guys at this time climbed under her shirt and probed from all sides naked body. Pasha paw chest and Volodya climbed into her panties. Inspection satisfied all three guys and they gave me a hand in the hand of the couple, huddled in the tub to take a shower.
We washed them pretty quickly, so that it is literally twenty minutes later the trio was in the room, dressed as Adam's.
Alex went to Olga and unbuttoned his shirt, Pasha took it, and Volodia pulled the thong. When the stripping process has been completed, the guys put his wife on the back and legs parted to the side. Olga's holes were great! Vagina flowed juice sphincter popochki waited, and her mouth was slightly open with passion.
Pasha held by slits in the hand and brought his hand to Holguin moknuvshuyu lips.
Olga was pleased to discover this cocktail.
- Nothing girl! - Volodya said, - Come on, show us a little better - and put his hands on his wife's lips sex.
Olga pulled his hands apart and before the trio opened a picture worthy of the master of the pen. Apparently voltage Olga was so great that the wife of the urethra, flew fountain.
- You see Volodya, - said Alex - here a lot of work !!! Who will be the pioneer?
- Let's Paschke, you were the first in the hallway, and you are open.
Pasha did not have to beg, and raising his legs Olga almost straight up, he swung and entered her womb. He worked as a steam hammer, the pace increased with each passing second, Olga had finished as a machine gun, and the Pasha seemed to be discharged is about, but to slow down, it is completely out of Olga and lay on his back. Capturing Olga hands, he planted it on top of itself and gestured Alexei log in Olga behind.
Alex parted buttocks wife, and entered the second member into the vagina. Olga stopped in surprise, not every day you are just two members, and not the smallest sizes. Poterevshis member of Pasha, Lesch pulled his brilliant grease stick and, apart ass even wider, introduced the term in the ass wife.
Olga turned planted by just two members, it seemed to her that now it will tear into two parts, but the pain went away quickly, and a wave of pleasure rolls sea surf more and more frequently, with each succeeding was more powerful than the previous one. She almost cried with delight when approached Volodya gagged her with his cock.
Her three holes fucked three males, we took a long time, with feeling and poured out almost simultaneously. The first finished Volodya came squish it Olga cope with the next portion of sperm, then stopped and the last Lesch groaned Pasha. Olga was completely filled with the sperm of these men. White viscous liquid is poured out of the two holes, and the wife herself lying on the bed in utter exhaustion.
She sat up and said.
- Let me go to the toilet?
- Honey - Paul said - on this night you are in full our submission, and you will do just what we'll solve. You understood?
Olga shook her head affirmatively.
- You want to be washed away or pee? - Again I asked Pasha.
- Pee - Olga said softly.
- Well, the guys spend a lady.
Two took Olga in her arms, and Pasha got a digital camera. Olga poised in the bath, they put it into the enamelled trough her legs spread wide apart and lips sex. Pasha aim the camera.
Olga was terribly embarrassing, but it was irresistible desire to write, and the first one shy ... and her and the other pouverennee stream poured from her womb. Pasha clicked continuously and as soon as Olga finished, he washed her crotch.
In the same manner it was moved back to the bed.
- These holes must not stagnate, - said Alexei, and with these words pulled out of the bag dildo.
Endowment stunned me, it was about 50 centimeters long and 10 centimeters in diameter.
- To begin, we will develop a pussy and then ass - the officer said.
Olga put the cancer and was ordered to dissolve the buttocks hands in different directions.
The vagina member went completely left outside no more than 10 centimeters. Leaving his wife in this position, the trio joined me.
We drank whiskey and looked at Olga, who received an unforgettable experience of humiliation, which worked with her at the moment.
After 10 minutes, Vladimir went to Olga and standing abruptly pulled the dildo cancer. The size of the hole struck me to the core. Such I have never seen.
Pulling out of the bag a lubricant for anal sex, Volodya liberally smeared penis and anus, and examples dramatically from once drove it into a neat latex monster Olga's hole. Olga moaned, but a sharp pain suddenly gave way to a feeling of bliss. First, not abruptly, slowly, Volodya began to make reciprocating motion vibrator in the ass Olga, will drive deeper and deeper into the member Olga. When he began to slide almost without hindrance, he abruptly pulled him back. The size of the anus was struck even more than the size of the vagina. The hole was just right.
Volodya lay on his back, and planted in the member Olga developed back to her anus, she approached Alex came to the same as a member. Olga took while two males in a small hole, which by the way, and I do not always allowed, and here. And, judging by the moans, it's definitely like it.
Pasha was busily engaged in mouth wife, Olga took his head and trying to drive his instrument as far as possible. When he finished, then probably so deeply he drove a member, Olga began to cough, and part of the seed fell on Volodya.
Alex and Volodya had finished almost simultaneously, Pasha brought his glass to the pope and collected semen drained. Then, Olga took his head, he brought his glass to her lips and saw to it that at the bottom there was not a drop.
After all this execution Olga gave some respite. The guys were foaming and tired, but Olga wanted more. One of them picked up the phone and went to the bathroom. After 5 minutes he returned with a conspiratorial view.
For an hour they were almost completely recovered, and everything continued with the same pace. Olga drove, empty bottle of champagne, taken at the same time in the ass and vagina, finishing in the mouth and always forced to suck cock.
A call to the number rang unexpectedly.
Volodya rushed to open. The room went a man of about forty. Seeing naked Olga, he went to the table and poured himself a drink and motioned to take Olga.
The boys took her by the hand and led to a stranger. He dropped her to her knees, just like Pasha and pulled out a member. That was something. I have never seen such a size. He was not less than sixty centimeters in diameter and a bank from under the sprats.
Olga herself did not understand what it is. When she saw and felt the fear ran down her face. IT does not fit in her mouth !!! She could only lick it from all sides. Stranger is soon bored, and he picked up on their feet Olga, overturned on the table and abruptly went into the girl. Judging because Olga began to growl and groan from the first seconds, I realized that he took immediately to the uterus.
If only he was not in the ass - but I thought, as my worst suspicions were confirmed. He turned over on his stomach, Olga, and entered into the anus directly to the full depth. Olga cried, but her cry was plugged member Alexei.
The stranger fucked Olga almost fifteen minutes, and izlivshis, pulled not reduced in size dick. It points to the fact that he drove it very deep, small pieces of feces. He again put Olga on her knees and forced to lick his gun.
During the night, Olga took four men, almost without interruption. She came, shook the body spasm, but she liked it. Inside was an ocean of sperm, sperm from her smell, it seemed that it was not the men, and semen production factory.
Only at eight o'clock in the morning, the men laid fuck wife on the bed, and when he had finished on time in her mouth, left the room, leaving full of sweet memories of the night and a bunch of pictures in the digital camera for me.
The more we do not do it, although it is possible that if you arrive an interesting proposal with no less interesting scenario, we are not likely to give up.
So it continued around the corner ...