Vacations in California. Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Just nine black jaguar Larry drove to the fork in the road near the red bungalow. Lily had already headed for the car. He opened the door and she sat in the front seat beside him.
- You know, I even a little afraid of this meeting, after all that has happened, - he said.
- You would have thought better than to send us somewhere Jeannette on this night.
- I thought that it again will not be at home all day. She's probably a continuation of the picnic. She did not ask you any questions with regard to last night?
- It would have been useless. She'll never know what you brought me home. I did not have to explain to her.
- Well, - he said - by the way, and she accepted the fact that you do not come home in his car?
Lily had to quickly be turned out. - I said that I had to go into town to fill the car and arrange a meeting with Rodklifom. He offered to drive me back.
Larry nodded and stepped on the accelerator. 'Jaguar' lunged forward and was soon rolled along the northern road through the hills. An hour later, they left the wide road, and soon arrived at the manor house, surrounded by a massive iron grate. Among the pines, in the deep, burning neon sign - "Bamba- Club".
An elegant gentleman in a blue uniform, opened the gate and ran the car into the yard, a flashlight illuminating the driver.
- Oh, it's you, Mr. Richards! Wait a minute, now I miss you.
Asphalt road swirled between the pines. Over the last turn, because of the forest seemed sparkling with lights building, bearing down on them like a ship. The portal was brightly lit, and the light came through the window with blind curtains. When they got closer, she saw Lily special proschadku to stop the machine, all cluttered "Cadillacs". The night air was floating gently rhythmic dance music.
- Now you will see what there is crowd - Larry said as they walked up the wide steps. For a moment they stopped, hence the well could see the ocean. Lunar glare slid over the hills and the broad outlines of trees and branches, further emphasized the silence of the night. A light breeze was blowing in from the ocean, it was cool.
- What a delightful night. For love - Gently Larry said. When they entered, Mate Grieg spoke with some blonde in the black evening dress. He affably waved his hand and went to meet them.
- Glad to see you, Larry! And this charming lady, the one about which you have told me? Miss ... E ... Koldren! Is not it? - He took Lily's hand in his and shook it gently.
Meita Grieg was a tall, powerfully built man of fifty years. His close-cropped silver hair gray. He had a thin mustache and delicate pale blue eyes on his tanned face.
- As far as I know, you have to paint, Miss Koldren? I think you are not here by chance and spend the evening boring, with new friends Larry a good eye. Something he looks at you like a hungry wolf.
- He laughed and winked.
- That's right, - said Larry - I thought so. I'm afraid I'm not as calm as it - both downright devoured her with his eyes.
Lily had a strange feeling that Mate Grieg looked at her, and video cases through it mentally undressed her.
- Lately, a lot of the audience was on Crist-Steydzhe. Jan Cerny shows its new super-girlfriend. I talked a lot about it. They say he cheated on his wife, a few; for him, this is probably too much. He named a price for the film, shot them, and probably will break the jackpot of seven million. Explain to me how he manages to get out, and shoot, year after year?
Mate turned and looked around the room - it really is like a ball - he chuckled.
Some fair-haired gentleman waved Lily, like an old friend. Around a long table, standing in the hall, housed well-known producers, actors, stars and the stars; laughter, jokes and conversations. Some gentleman grabbed the table a bottle of champagne and made her a strong drink, and then splashed on the reddish maiden at the table. She screamed and jumped to the side, and her skirt rode up, revealing her charms. The girl muffled giggle.
- Come on, come here - Czerny cackled, sitting down at the table and holding her breasts - go here! Your dad wants you to say something.
The girl giggled again, threw her arms around him, brushed his hair, kissed him, his face painted with lipstick. He is obviously had in mind. Czerny maiden patted on the back and pinched his chest.
- Ugly, ugly ... - she giggled and shrieked again, he pinched her thigh. The next minute, he whispered something in her ear, and she had finished laughing, wrapped around him like an eel.
Bottle of champagne appeared before the producer, they drank a glass, and vanished into the crowd.
- So where we get better? - Larry asked.
- If you want to first eat, then go to a restaurant - Meit Grieg stopped - when I go, come on the show - he nodded to them.
- Tinker, when the mood?
- What did you tell Lily? !
- I laugh, - she smiled.
Mate Greer whistled through his teeth - I'm glad to hear it, but we shall meet again.
She climbed to the second floor. At the entrance to the waitress it. How many people in your company? - Only two. - Do you want a separate table, or would like to join us ..?
- I would like to Larry in a large company. There will be more fun.
Larry nodded - I agree. - Come with me, - she said, and turned and walked down the corridor.
Lily squeezed Larry's hand. The dress was not the waitress back. She was completely naked from behind, from shoulder to toe. Larry felt his cock shuddered when he saw before him the wide hips. At the end of the corridor, the girl handed him a silver key with the room number.
- When you get bored in the room, you can relax in your room, - she said, smiling, if you need a special service, you will find a button next to the bed - she threw a connoisseur appraising look at the width of the trouser Larry.
The door opened before them, and they appeared small, lighted by candles, is located to the intimacy of the hall, with a dozen tables in the foreground and a large stage, in the depths. The long curtains of green velvet hanging from the walls. When my eyes adjusted to the prevailing gloom in the room, they saw a group of men and women who sat a few chairs, a table and talking to each other in low voices. On the chairs were striped drapery, zebra.
Before them there was another girl who dressed very provocatively, perhaps even more than the one that met them in the hallway. At this time, Lily is no longer surprised, looking at her bare thighs and back. But she saw what appraising glance gave Larry the thigh and gently slapped his hand on him. They joined six, sitting near the stage .... One of the men sitting next to Lily, and she recognized him that hour. It was Rex Rhine, artist protagonist in the film 'too late fall', in which she starred for three weeks in the crowd. Of course, he did not remember, and Lily could not even hint to him to this fact. Rex Rhine, apparently headed the company, sat, surrounded by bottles of champagne. Around it are like a fairy maid, blonde, plump painted lips and big innocent eyes, perhaps, not a wife. To the left of the Rhine was sitting tight, dark-haired man, looking like an accountant. It was the impresario of the Rhine, named Sparre. His lady was tall, red-haired and busty. Seated next to them a couple dressed in bright leopard skirt and yellow jacket and red scarf, the ends of which were tied behind. Somewhere poured quiet music, soft and caressing. It floated around the room, creating a sense of a vague and pleasant languor. Maid in its original evening dress, arranging on the table SILVER devices. Larry leaned toward Lily - keep at ease - he whispered.
- With this...
- What do you mean?
- Mate spoke of his new film 'The party against doping. " About the film say that there will be a lot of strawberries. Of course, there are fears that he'll do anything, but still need to talk with him, depend on him a lot - and it showed a nod to the red-haired man, whose mouth stuck a cigarette. - It's Mate manager who completely in his hands. Lily felt hungry. She reached for a decanter filled with liquor, to which no one touched. All around stood on the tables with silver trays of glasses and filled with refreshments. Each poured himself what he wanted and how he wanted. snacks, which she had placed on their table, had never seen and never tried: indescribable, fish dishes, decorated with oriental fruits and vegetables, meat pieces that are unique to this season, and intended for the most refined taste ...
Long before they had finished dinner, Lily felt her body softened poured fire, if she sits near the blazing hearth. Lily felt the room suddenly filled with the smell of jasmine and took it as something apparent. However, the rest of the audience felt the same. Unbuttoning clothes, Lily collapsed in a chair. Hand Reina hugged the blonde with big eyes and lay down on her chest, stroking seductive projections. Sluggish, sickly manager looked at his neighbor, clearly expressed a similar desire. At the other end of the table, Mr. and Mrs. seemed detached themselves from everything, for contemplation of naked thighs, bent over at the next table, a waitress. Some leaned back, sipping wine, talking with a neighbor in a low voice, while others sat in thought, as if waiting for something ...
All this threw Lily a sweet, drowsy state, causing a feeling of intimacy of what is happening: a welcome change - she thought - No worries ...
She did not know exactly what has created such a pleasant mood. Everything seemed in order veschei and looked fine.
Suddenly, a blue light lit up the stage in the center of the room. Everyone else took their seats around her, placing her in a semicircle striped armchairs. On the stage, lit light bulb, illuminating the scenery, painted blue paint. Emerald curtains covering the stage from all sides, parted in the hall rushed a crowd of children. Lily laughed out loud: the children reminded her of Jeannette. At that moment, just announced that the children want to entertain guests with songs and something else. Lily leaned toward Larry and asked him about what happened to Mate. Larry laughed - they show something new.
The audience began to move the chairs, the kids climbed under the table. Lily more surprised Gee ...
Three little boys and a girl, which is not more than six or seven years old, came up to their table, smiling. Without saying a word, they crawled under the table, as if going to play hide and seek. If Lily had not seen it, she would have thought that under the table empty. They sat quietly under the table and not moving.
Suddenly, something changed in the room: the music stopped and the blue beam illuminated the white chair in the center of the stage. We had to wait for long. Because there was a curtain, like a statue, nude female figure, with black flowing hair. Transparent veil enveloped her naked body like a cloud. She swam in the clear light, slowly twisting and shifting their feet, and sank into a white chair. Through the transparent curtain, it was clearly visible, large roundness grudey- pink color, with dark nipples and hair spot, between his legs. She reached out, as if waking from a dream. As if in response to this signal, there were two other girls, who are not stressed to the materiality of unearthly creatures. They wore black stockings, aprons, and tiny little white caps. Slowly, cradling motion, they shook their body bronze brunette. She lay down, stretched out full length on the couch, her legs began to slowly bend her white palm, smooth movements, caressed the thighs and abdomen, pressing against his groin. Sharply distinguished between the legs of the slit was clearly visible. Long thin fingers slid along it, and it became noticeably tense, and lifted her up, dark nipples breasts. One of the girls, standing beside her on his knees, took a bottle of rubbing and poured the contents of his arms. Then, she began to rub the body of the brunette. Blue light dyed her body in silver, emphasized its shape, and it seemed as if she is excited by the movement of friction of her hands. When grinding was over, in the ghostly light appeared a male figure, resembling a lily, a statue of the Greek god. And he was really descended god who was supposed to bring happiness, lying in front of him the girl. His strong, muscular body, head, black, with short curly hair and chiseled features, evoked general admiration. He approached the girl ... Lily was convinced that never before have not seen, so filled with passion, man's face. Short throw, he fell down at her between the legs, and two girls digging into her chest. Lily saw a member of the men: the strained and sticking out, and a great shuddering, at least 25 cm.
Suddenly Lily felt like someone's a little warm knob relates to her feet. She pulled back and looked down in surprise when he saw one of the boys, climbed under the table. He tried to gently push her legs. Aghast, Lily looked at the neighbors, sitting at a table. The first thing that struck her - was tense face Larry. He seemed frozen, his eyes half closed. His chest was heaving and wheezing through his teeth pulled out. It is of interest to Lily. Lift the edge of the tablecloth, she saw that Larry pants unbuttoned, and his huge, the strained member walks in his hand a girl who leads on it up and down. It is clear that Larry was hard to hide the sensation of pleasure. Lily immediately noticed that Rex Raine pulled the cloth on his knees, and knees blonde sitting next to him. As if hypnotized, Lily did not realize the reality of what is happening. A little smile, Lily opened her legs, and a small, agile little hand deftly climbed under her skirt.
On the stage, one of the girls, rubbed on the couch polosatoi female body. Movements of her arms, continuous and measured, seemed to caress him. Another girl started to massage the man. His cock stood like a mast, flagpole, with a solid fluff at the bottom. In the spotlight, brunette played the final scene. It was close to the final act. The girl massaging her suddenly ceased massage and pounced on her body, began to lick, covering him with kisses ... without neglecting any one place. Having done all this, very much alive, she thrust her face between brunettes legs and clung to her slit. The body brunette arched, it responded to the gentle movement of every muscle. Her thin, flexible hands clenched and unclenched, the fingers stretched to the soft hills between the legs. One of her hips rose, and began to move among the girls thighs, continue to work the language.
Lily was able to quite extraordinary excitement. Under the table, nimble fingers tickled her clitoris. She leaned toward the hips to open myself more. Instinctively, she wanted to stir up her boy without hands and mouth. Next to it, Larry, bending down under the table, sucking on the breast of the girl, and then pulled up her apron, pulling her close, between his legs.
- Hell! Look here - he raised his apron and Lily saw quite thick lips and wide slit.
- If I was not - a lady, I would probably jealous of you for this little witch! You are, after all, you can insert it ...
- And that ... for her age, she probably will do it well. God ..! Look there ... - They turned to the stage.
The man standing over a girl that he rubbed his hands playing with her hair. All of a sudden, unexpected movement, he pulled her head to his, as if spitted on his protruding count. His mouth grinned as he began to move his head back and forth virgins. The muscles of his thighs, played, and he thrusts his tool deeper and deeper. Her white cap fell to the floor, apron rode up to the waist, revealing a black hair brush, between the legs. first, it did not show much enthusiasm for this act, but then, her arms wound around his feet and she became excited with him. And the kind of girls, vigorously sucking male member, Lily stepped excitement.
Fingers boy playing with her clitoris, aroused her spasms of pleasure. Because it's about had something to escape. Her skirt rode up to the waist, it is widely spread her legs, that nothing prevented the movements of a small hand. Glancing down, she could see how to slide his fingers. Her silk pants were pushed to one side, he stood out the moisture through the fabric and oozing on the seat. Lifting the tablecloth, she moved by the desire, looked under the table. A boy with an excited face, trying to hide what he was doing with his other hand he held between his legs. Lily reached out and caught a small, nervous wand. She began to play with her. The boy obviously wanted it, then both his hands dug into her body. Thin fingers, soaked in juice, penetrated ever deeper into it, while Lily excited his firm tiny protruding from the excitation wand.
brunette body swayed back and forth, his hands pressed against his head between the legs of the girls. Passionate sounds escaped from her breast. Long legs tensed in the ecstasy of pleasure. The boy, too, strained all his muscles. his powerful figure, seemed about to be shaken in a paroxysm of passion. The girl also was beside himself at his feet. Her hips moved each time, as a member of the youth was a member of her mouth. It seemed that she was trying to take possession of it completely and suffocate from this pleasure. Her head rocked back and forth more and more frequently. One of her hands grabbed the bag between his legs and played with him. You would have thought that she was trying to squeeze out as much sperm as possible. Suddenly, the young man's head snapped back, his eyes rolled back so that the proteins were visible. It was obvious that he felt an orgasm and wanted to strengthen it even more. He pulled out a member of his mouth and the girls rushed to the brunette, pushing aside girl who licked her slit. He, at full length, stabbed in her slit his huge, gleaming saliva member. brunette body arched in a paroxysm of passion, and her waist was doing vigorous movement toward youth: One ... Two ... Three ... Four. .. - The light faded slowly and the whole stage was plunged into darkness.
- Oh my gosh ... - Larry groaned. Lily took his hand from the boy's legs and squeezed. The boys quickly jumped out from under the table and ran into the same door from which came. She felt something sticky on his fingers and looked at them. They were covered with something sticky mucus like whitish. Wiping his hands on a napkin, she mentally wondered: Is it possible to have a seven-year boy had an orgasm?
All that has happened here has excited her, but not be satisfied until the end. Her slit burned and longed for, but she had to wait at least the agony of waiting - it's not the worst thing in life. To do this, they still have the whole night ahead.
Jeannette Unem returned home earlier than she had expected, but not too early. Lily called her to the school and said that Larry would not want to make any false steps along the way to the scene. At the time when it was said, they were still in the restaurant. After all that has happened, Jeannette, some regret about the agreement between her and Lily, and the more she thought, the lower the interest felt for the novel, which is read in the school library, where she went in the afternoon. She yawned and put the book down. It was a warm evening. At heart she was calm. However, her thoughts returned to last night, something exciting was born in it. She decided to go on shore to scatter.
- Maybe it would be better if not for Lily, and it took Larry to the club? And when this thought occurred to her, she was seized, some violent resentment. Throwing a warm jacket, she left and went to the beach. A light breeze was playing in waves, throwing them on the wet sand. Rustling waves, and kind of quiet, vast distances, awakened in Nei memories of how she went ashore malenkoi girl.
Her parents usually went every year, removing a house on the shore for the summer. She remained there for two or three months. Jeannette spent her childhood with Sheiloy that served as her parents. Jeannette often thought about the good times, when she was with Sheila, running barefoot on the beach, something sculpted from sand, or just yelling from sheer pleasure. Jeannette was then about ten, and Sheila, which seemed to her very old, something around twenty. It was a short, plump girl with dark hair curls and bright white teeth, sparkling like diamonds, when she throws her head and laughed. Jeannette madly in love Sheila. She remembered well the three days that preceded this beautiful night with Lily.
Sheila came with a large Turkish towel and decided to wash it. Jeanette grabbed one end and began to interfere with her. She did not know how it happened, but Sheila caught her and kissed on the lips. Jeannette escaped, but she liked it because left a pleasant feeling. Kiss Sheily differed on how to kiss her mother and father, and she began again to tease the girl until she blushed, not rushed at her. Jeannette continued to tease the maiden, and something happened that she will never forget: Sheila touched her hand between her legs, and kissing her, began to play it with your fingers, tickling her, and it was so pleasant tickling that Jeanette screamed with pleasure. At some point she had a feeling she had never experienced.
Later, in bed, she often thought about it, and waited for this feeling, trying to understand how it is achieved. When, for the first time, she got it fun, she was ten years old.
As always, the following year she came back to the country. She hoped and dreamed the whole year, that their pleasure with Sheila again, and she wanted it more than anything. But then she noticed that Sheila changed. Continuing nice to Janet, she would have apologized and avoided her. One day, Jeannette learned the cause of the Sheila met the man. He was a little older Sheily ... and lived in the village kruglyi year. Upon learning this, Jeannette decided to be hindered to Sheila walked alone with her, she learned how they had met on the beach, they walked together, hand in hand, chatting and smiling and whispering to each other pleasant phrases, and Jeannette gripping jealousy. She hated him jealous child, unaccountable hatred. Burns with jealousy, she watched as he hugs her and Sheila gives him kisses. For Jeanette, it was torture. She felt sorry for Sheila.
One day, after lunch, Jeanette watched as they came to his home, a small white mansion, located in the side of the road and surrounded by tall shrubs. She crept to the door and the house began to listen to what they say. All she heard - were random words, but the excitement did not leave her, and clear the fun in the house, only spurred. Trembling with fear, she made her way through the bushes to the window and settled down on the corner of the basement. She looked out the window.
Sheila naked, lying on the floor. She moaned and rolled over him, holding his hands over his stomach that something happened to her ... Maybe she was sick? Maybe she was ill? .. What did it this man? ... To survive, she had to get away from it ..! - And then she saw him hunched in a corner of the room. He laughed at Sheyloi. Jeannette, was ready to rush to her rescue, when she saw that the man went to Sheila. Pants him in front, were undone - And what is this thing sticking out between his legs .. It looks like a thick white stick, he stroked her hand and says something, grinning, Sheila?. Here he kneels in front of her and smiling, stroking her body. She spreads her legs wide and Jeannette sees big red slot and bush of black hair. She sees herself Sheila, her hands pushing the edge of the gap, showing it to him. He kneels between her legs, and she lifts his legs so that his thick stick knob rests in its slot. - Does he want to kill her so that ?! But why, then, she was glad that, even smiling? ..
Jeannette has not been able to understand and analyze it. Now, remembering everything that happened, she felt strange and reckless, vengeful sense of justice offenses. She was shivering under a light sweater - oh, this torture men, certainly liked Sheila, anything else it seems, did not want to. If only this way, she was tortured and tormented. That is why it is so spread her knees and lifted her legs, opening the way for him to himself, in order to further inflame it ... She quickened her steps and went toward the top of the road home. The moon, which appeared from behind the clouds, shone brightly, casting a pale reflections on the trees. She was immersed in his thoughts. Suddenly, she stopped when he heard the noise of the car behind. She stepped back to let him, but poravnyav- shis with her car squeaked brakes and stopped. The powerful figure of a man leaned out of the car. He looked at her - please forgive me - He said, - I would be very grateful if you would tell me which way I can get in West Hollywood ...
- Five miles ahead and to the right, - she said curtly.
- Thank you. I'm a day behind the wheel, and rather tired. Can you share with me your company? In those five miles, if you are on the way ...
- Thanks, I immediately close. I'll make it perfectly on foot.
- Listen ... - Again, the man said wait one more minute. I did not look like a bandit, but quite the contrary ...
Surprised, Jeanette looked at him closely. Just then she saw it form a policeman and she was embarrassed.
- I'm sorry - try to justify it - I thought ...
- Clearly, - he said the policeman smiling And as a pleasant event happened, and you caught me on the road, let them take advantage of me. I'm afraid to sleep in the way and release the steering wheel, and only you, you probably will not let me sleep ...
- Well, - I smiled at Jeannette. She opened the car door and sat down to him. Looking at his corner of her eye, she saw a broad smile on his face.
- Ya Dick Solberg - he introduced himself, starting a conversation.
- You what, catch the mountain roads of girls? Mr. Solberg ...
- Only the pretty, - he said, laughing. He was a big, broad-shouldered man, somewhat a bit fat, which is fully consistent with the presentation of Jeannette police. By the light of a small bulb, illuminating his face, she could see a large, wide-set eyes. Perhaps they were the most notable in his face. Along the way, he now and then bowed his head, and his face was not visible, however, in his quick, oblique views Jeannette realized that he was watching her. Continuing the conversation, she always tried to remember where and when she saw the man.
- I live with my brother in Verbonike. He has a small gas installation. It is not too much, but enough to five times a year, to go to relax and catch a fish. He - zayadlyi fisherman. He fashioned himself a yacht and ready to spend the day and night on it. Sometimes, he even lives there. What is this life? .. I do not want to smoke?
- He handed her a pack of cigarettes.
Jeannette immediately guessed about his condition to see how it shakes hand with large, thick fingers. Yes ... He has the same hands, the same mouth, the same profile as that of the man with whom was Sheila ...
She quickly pulled out a cigarette, and was pleased to see himself as he deftly flicked the lighter and held her fire - you never lived in these places?
- I? You laugh? I'm from Northern California, and in Hollywood I could not find himself.
- Maybe you came here on vacation?
- Also no. When the light bulb Jeannette regarded his face. How strange ... It seemed familiar to her, as if she knew this man for a long time. In her mind she flashed a crazy idea that it could be only one. He has the same type of big man's face was cast blue, shaven cheeks, giving that person courage, that is exactly what the loved Sheila. Before she finished his cigarette, he had a plan in her head - to detain him under the pretext.
- Vaughn, red bungalow, where I have to go, she said.
- Damn it, already? - His words could guess regret.
The car stopped. He got out and opened her door. She paused, - you will rest at night in the city?
- If I do not fall asleep on the way, and not embedding into something ...
- Maybe a cup of coffee will help you out in this case?
- Lady, you're just saving me! - Well, all right then. Head over? - She smiled. In her doors, as if by accident, she dropped her purse, and made so that it is delayed. She turned on the light and turned to face him, to see him immediately. Before he could say anything to figure out she wrapped his neck and kissed him.
- I badly want you - she said through clenched teeth.
- Damn, girl ...
- Not a word! Kiss me - she reached out and pressed so that his legs were between her thighs. He immediately responded to the call, and his hands, steel pliers tightened her body, and her fingers tightened on his chest.
- No, no ... not so - she was trying to escape.
- But as? ... She grabbed his hand, watching as ottopyrivayutsya his pants, and then, in some strange voice, said, - I like it when he's a great man ...
He freed his hands and she allowed them to examine your body for a few minutes, then pulled away.
- Look, we'd better get undressed in the bedroom - she ran through the dining room, on the move throwing off her shoes and pulling the sweater over her head.
He pounced on her, but she shoved him as he sat on the bed.
- Wait, I want you to undress herself - she undid the gate of his shirt and tugged at the sleeves. The shirt was stuck, and she saw to remove it interfere handcuffs worn on the arm. Suddenly she quickly took his hands behind his back, and it snapped handcuffs. He was chained to a bedpost.
- Heck, this is for what? - He tried to free his hands. Without saying a word, Jeanette continued to undress him. When he had finished undressing, she got up and looked at his instrument.
- So, Mr. Solberg, - she said sarcastically - what's the deal? Do not you want to play with me in love? - She laughed when she saw his cock began to rise over the hairy legs. His face turned red as a tomato.
- You dirty ... Devil! Set me free!
- Do not hurry, dear, I want to show something special for you. I think that you do not want to leave after that. She bent down and, lifting her skirt began to take off her slowly detected alive with his slim hips. Dick Solberg stopped his attempts to free himself and stared at her. Eyes half closed, with faltering breath, she slowly unbuttoned the hook for the hook and pulling of lightning opened the dress and took it off. She stood facing him as a statue. His eyes bored into her body. She slowly bent, so that you could see all the details of her body. Her hands glided over her shoulders and chest, and then down the body to the hips, began to play with a black belt. She turns her body in front of him, revealing its charms. She began to unbutton his belt bulging crotch forward and folds between the legs, even the hidden Therefore ka silk panties. Solberg spun on the bed, his eyes flared.
- Hell! - He whispered admiringly. By Jeannette body shiver with excitement. The smile froze on her lips, she could not look away from the member. He had his large head, which caused her to tremble grown enough and visible. It is even closer to him, almost touching his face with his body. Then she tore off her belt and tossed it to the floor. Seconds later flew back and bra. Her fingers stroked and caressed the hard chest, his head thrown back. She touched her nipples strained, then held his hand over his hips and finished his round massage stroking thighs. Solberg swore and tried to pull his hands, but steel rings stuck into his body, causing severe pain. Jeannette folded her hands the letter 'Y', and pressed them between his legs, pushing the opening folds. The tip of her tongue popped out and drove, teasing, according to wet his lips. Putting on her slit the middle finger of his left hand, she began to enter it, and inserting a whole, they began to move, pushing aside the silk panties. When she pulled the finger, he was brilliant against moisture and its pungent, spicy scent mixed with the smell of perfume. Jeanette put her finger to his mouth - lick it! - She ordered imperiously. He obeyed. Long, shiny drops began to drain out of the holes on the head of his penis, and fall to whitish, curly hair, cover with a tight, compact pouch. Thrusting two thumbs under the elastic band of cowards, Jeannette slow motion pulled them down to his knees, opening the brush curly pubic hair. She dropped the pants legs, then spread her legs wide, started gently caressing fingers abdomen. Solberg spun on the bed, silently cursing. He begged her to release him, swore that he would do whatever she wants, as long as she freed his hands. Janet shook her head - I know you want the same as me. I know you know how to do it. You take his hand and start masturbating - Whew ... She turned thumbs tube and made some movement in the air.
- Damn! You dovedesh me mad! I would gladly smashed your head off!
- But, because you love it ... - She smiled and sat down side to it so that he could better see the circular profile of her hips. In front was visible hair brush.
Thrusting his arm bent at the hip, it introduced the index finger into their slot and began to make rotational movements there. He tried to close his eyes, however, to break away from this spectacle, was beyond him, and he sat mesmerized by the movements of the girl. Her body gleamed pink, and the skin was covered with sweat. Her movements became more rhythmic hand, the muscles in her thighs and backside tightened, as this incitement and trembling betrayed the pleasure it gave her affection. And the hot, excited machine trembled before her eyes dripping with juice. She stared at her, and eagerly watched the signs of growing excitement. And the difference between them that she could meet with itself, and he - no, gave everything that happens is something very exciting both of them. A wave of pleasure rise each time in her when she saw how he wriggled, trying to rub his cock, at least on the bed folds. But she again turned his body so that he was unable to do so. Jeannette went into ecstasy. Her finger is increasingly moving. She helped himself spinning backwards more and more, more and more often. She felt that she would soon be over. It was close to her. And now, a wave of pleasure ran through the entire body. At the last second, she turned her hips in front of him that he had seen the finale, and deployed lips of the vagina. Its exclusively-developed clitoris, appeared before his eyes. Jeannette quickly rubbed it, and leading up to orgasm, when the first spasm gripped her, she saw Solberg writhing in convulsions and trembling of its member hlyschet sperm. These convulsions, this agony of passion took possession of all his body. Belly and thighs, he was in a semiconscious state, and fell on the bed, next to him Jeannette, excitedly watched his shuddering member.
- Well ... - he gasped breathlessly - as never before in my life ...
Jeannette continued their antics. She got up and prepared for further torture. She was pleased that brought him to orgasm, she wanted to replay the game. But how to act on it again? She squeezed her thighs. Little bead clitoris jumped out of her mouth. She bent down and tickled the button with your finger, then moved towards him and took his penis in his hands. She pressed the head of the clitoris. She felt what it's hot and sticky. He again became tense and she has not been able to move away from him.
- That's better, - she said.
- Not so bad. .. But really, if got the pleasure, so that pestering me again?
- Lovely man, you would have raped me?
- No. Fair! You would not have had me anything to reproach. But then, you did to me ...
Jeannette again put her hand on the clitoris, and, as if by chance, it tickled.
- What I have not done? - She asked. - And I can ignite and satisfy you. We could do this every day. You would not want to spend the whole night?
- My God, these women ... They need only be that it was good.
- ...Are not you interested in this love premiere? - Jeannette asked, her eyes flashed, do not you indulge, to himself! Himself? .. I'm not used to such tricks. It you prefer?
- I would like to know your desire, - she said - as far as you can control yourself. We sometimes impersonate cry.
- And so you wanted to know? Jeannette looked at him, I know all I want to know about men. But I would like to know your thoughts about it. You understand?
- Oh well. I will try to enlighten you in this - he said, watching as it introduces a finger into the vagina, pushing it and opening your big clit.
- Do you think I'm satisfied? - She asked simply. He wanted to answer, he thinks that way, but, staring at her throbbing button, with which she played, said something quite different - I've never seen a girl as it turns out - he was referring to her self-stimulation - try yet? Just let me go. I will do everything so that you do not get tired.
She looked at him, he looked, in general, not so good. She wanted to experience it as a man, his manhood, it is a male, like an animal.
- Hand of man has never touched me, she said defiantly, and I have not experienced this desire.
- Then, to hell with it? - He frowned, because the guy has to give the girl to feel what real pleasure. Come to me, let me prove it to you.
- If I return to you freedom that you do?
- Of course I satisfy your passion, if you really want it.
She watched him closely, - But I do not want, and if you try to do it, I'll scream out loud: "raped!".
- Well, well, well, do not worry, take it easy, he said. Reassured, she said, - If you allow, I would like to think, and she looked at poluopustivshiysya member.
- Well - he grunted, stretched out on the bed, - You're free, and I do not make an attempt to rape.
- This is a firm commitment?
- Solid. The key in the left pocket of his pants. She found him, and, beating the bed, undid the handcuffs.
Continuation of: Vacations in California. Chapter 4