Wicked game

My name is Alice, when I turned 14, my parents decided to move from the city to the suburbs, where we bought a two-story house and I went to a new school. Friends, I have found plenty. Very quickly flew month, as I have already found a boyfriend. His name was Tema and he was older than me for a year.
Once on my fifteenth Tema I decided to make me a surprise and make a party at home. So me and my friend Vic standing near the front door Temin home. After 2 seconds, the door opens Tema and behind him is his friend Dima. We went to the kitchen, there drank wine, champagne and beer. Then he offered to play Tema and all agreed. We thought and decided that the play in word or deed.
Tema first time Vick asked the question,
- Are you a virgin?
Vick said nothing and then blushing said that this question does not want to answer.
All the rules of the game in unison said Vick, what to say, and certainly the truth.
Then Wick said that she is a virgin.
Then Wick said Dima - word or deed?
On what Dima said - it
Then Vic laughed and said in 5 seconds - Tёmu kiss passionately
The guys started to translate the theme, but then I reminded Vick rules and then, Dima got up from the couch and sat down next to Tyoma whispered something in his ear and then they merged lips. We laughed with Vika. And to our surprise the guys, too.
Then Dima decided to take revenge Vick and asked her the same question, word or deed?
- Case ... mumbled Wick
- Show us your pussy.
Vic turned pale, she first made a reservation for a long time, but then took off her skirt and panties. Dima ran to the crotch and inhaled the smell Vicki slits.
Vick wore shorts and a cracked knuckle Dima. Vick asked the question-word or deed Tyoma.
- Word said Tema.
You fucked with Alice?
- No
Vic smiled.
Alice word or deed? - A business
(In my mind, he now says Tipo-let's have sex, or why do not you do me a blowjob)
- Send to a garage, where Alice's case.
We went to the garage, there were all sorts of tools and a lot of junk. Tema went to the hose and gave it to me. I bugged my eyes and asked me what to do with it? Tema went to Dima and they began to laugh.
- Sui his ass and well, and we water included.
For me, it was a shame, I stuck the hose itself in the ass, then slammed the guys cock and my anus filled cold water. Then guys took out the hose and started fooling around - splashing. And I stood there and suffered because I knew what effect it will enema. Then I could not resist and perdanula valilos my ass shit with water. I fell pain in the ass right in the shit and the guys were laughing at me for a long time and even Vick passed out from alcohol.