About me. Part 4

About me. Part 4.
At last it came to this part ... I think that by reading my stories, many already think: "had he never played with his hole?". Of course, yes :) Somewhere in the years from 13, and as I do this periodically. It anal masturbation is exercise, which I probably spent the most time among my "hobbies". Here, of course, I can describe only a fraction of all cases, when I was playing with his anus, it will be, we can say only the beginning :)
It all started with the fact that I, like, probably, any boy who is experiencing a surge of hormones, became very interested in his body. I already wrote that I was excited to be naked, to present themselves to the side. But that's not all, I've always wanted to try something new, I wanted new experiences and discoveries. And it is quite natural that this erogenous zone is the anus, I could not stop my attention.
First, I took a small zerakalo, undressed, lay down on her back, spreads her legs and through the mirror examining his ass. I was, of course, excited, so I always masturbated ... I parted the buttocks hands, it is better to see, but not touch the anus: this caused my association with uncleanness, but not exciting as I thrust into her mouth panties and repulsive. At the same time, I wanted something to thrust himself back.
First, it was the subject of a simple ballpoint pen. Personal Lubricant I did not know and did not even think, so was the stuff just like that, "dry". Pen, less than a centimeter in diameter, would not enter into me: firstly, due to lack of lubrication, secondly, my hole has not yet been developed. It was painful, but I continued, I really wanted to discover the sensation of penetration from behind. With one hand I pushed the handle, the other holding a mirror and looked. The anus does not want to give in, but after 10 minutes of pain and fidgeting on the bed in different positions, I still managed to shove it! My ass hurt, but even after a few minutes I was used to new sensations. I can not say that I was pleased first times still prevailing psychological arousal on my ass doing something. But then I began to enjoy herself back pain, a feeling of fullness sphincter ...
The first times I used the pen odanko ever (I do not know why) did not finish with it: first I pulled it, and then went on masturbation. Still, without lubrication was hurt, so very soon I began to take a little bit of food oil. Now included is much easier to handle, but the anus still let her not once, but gradually.
But the pen, it's still a very small thing, and I wanted something more. I lay on the metal packaging cigars santimatra half, probably in diameter. Now it seems to me very little, but then - imagine what a half centimeters ass for the 13 year old boy ... The first time I wanted her to thrust himself back I simply did not work: the anus wildly ill and one millimeter did not let the new "toy".
So I picked up a pen and decided to stretch their first hole it. Lying on my back, I have not introduced the handle jiggled a few minutes, and then pulled out easily. Behind all this, I watched through the mirror. Then again, I took the metal box of cigars, put to the anus and began to apply pressure. Anyway, nothing came of it: it is a little input, but then seemed rested in something ... I dropped the mirror, and became liberated hand to push the buttocks, but it did not help. Then I changed my posture: knelt down on his elbows and again began to write, "a toy" He is slipping in the hand, because it was covered in oil, as well as my ass, and I could not push it.
It's been 20 minutes of such attempts, I went to the side, then back, lifted his knees to his chest, she spreads her legs, became "cancer"... But, finally I succumbed to my anus (or I'm used to pain), and "a toy" plunged by 5 centimeters in me. That was something! My ass so bursting like never before ... I thought me something huge, that it would break me up inside ... sphincter tightly encircled my "toy"So I did not have to hold it ... I took the mirror and looked: it was very unusual at the time: the anus was something plugged, so sexy, as if it were a plug inserted into the bottle. I turned the booty up and down, feeling all lit from the inside of each movement. It was awesome!
Now I began to occasionally play with them: my anus take this box of cigars for at least a couple of times a week, I masturbated with her inside, slid her fuck yourself ... But every time she came to me very tight: that's what it means young and undeveloped ass! I loved this little thing to thrust itself on the entire length (10 centimeters, probably), so that it almost disappeared in the anus. And sometimes I do thrust it entirely, and my anus closed, hiding the metallic finish inside of me ... Then I puffed and end slowly, reluctantly parted the sphincter from the inside, and I looked at her half-open hole, watched as she slowly moved apart as pushed it "a toy" from her.
Yes, now I remember, it was great when you are depriving yourself of the anal virginity ... When you're 13, and you think in the morning on how you will develop your anus, he will take larger and larger objects, think quickly and masturbate because the excitement can not hold back ... and you fuck myself in different poses, each time getting a new experience from these invasions ...
Oh, I did not write half of what was going :) But I have to go, so you need to check out ...
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