As I grew sissiboy

Welcome visitors. Reading your stories wanted to lay out his.
Subject disguise I was interested to 10-11 years, sexual attraction to her, or the opposite sex were not available, and there was only a passion for stockings mother, which had been stored in a box, I know of a place! I wore them for themselves, they were great, but pulled a few pieces on each leg, then tie up the parent zone for stockings (enough for 1.5 times around the waist, the mother is sufficiently dense woman). And fantasize, whom I just was not in his fantasies and pilot and astronaut, and a lot of someone who had uniforms and stockings acted as like overalls!

At the age of 13 I have tried to masturbate, but it turned out as a blurred, in general not interested in only one thing like that before ejaculation (then and did not know this word) would like very much as though the toilet on a small, but so nice like ... .
Then there were the joint masturbation with a friend he was 2 years older, he was already somewhere were imported condoms (90 years, the Soviet Union still existed), and we tried to give at each other in the mouth, and sometimes tried to butt each other "pogomosechit" (As we called it then to each other). As it so happened that I was pleased to accept the affection, than to be used to meet her mouth and ass each other. I decided to bring in the fun element of his dreams, and asked a friend to try me dressed in women's stockings without a condom in her mouth, a friend of course agreed. The feeling for me was incredible, I was so struck by the softness of the skin and taste of his penis. Experience was not, one just handed in my mouth, and then began to work with his hands while sitting on my chest, her mouth I have opened, it was a little ashamed before the other, but the teeth are not opened, only a sponge and a friend had finished my lips, the truth has got more and eyes and hair, and even in the nose! Later again, on my initiative, I proposed to end my ass dressed in tights and we realized that, too.

Then I wanted to try the taste of semen, but not to other, (while he was finishing my mouth full, and I spit out all of good faith), went to the sink with sweets in his mouth as he walked swallowed it, and washbasin otplevalsya stringy saliva , not to be ashamed in front of a friend, I drank it! Then there were other attempts to fuck me in the ass full, but do not know whether the passage was too narrow and unprepared, Toli other desire is not very strong to this, we did not work properly. It's time to graduation, admission to college, the parents changed their place of residence, and we parted with a friend forever.
The passion for dressing did not pass, but just more matured, I also realized that the pope required training and those engaged himself with various objects shaped like a phallus. First time on the really feel man turned only on the day of its 23 th anniversary, but it will be a different story!