Julia - 2 House in the village

Although there was April, the street was still cold, and in the woods, and even more so. Father to heat the hut, but the old, rotten logs do not retain heat.
All the days that we spent in the village, I did not sleep well. Aching body, I could not get warm. But the main reason is that I was afraid. He did not touch him and almost did not talk anymore. He even almost did not drink - slept a lot, walked through the forest, engaged in some petty cases. But I knew it was only a reprieve, felt that the sentence has already been passed. He just waited. I do not know why: the right moment, mood, or when the drag on my wounds. A healed me like a dog. I do not know whether to good ...
That day he did not go long. Lying in the dark, I could not sleep, and listened to all the sounds in the house. My intuition climbed again and whispered: "Today! Today!". Strange, but I almost did not feel fear. On the contrary, I wanted to make it quickly ended. I finished off the unknown darkness. I could not more so.
He entered the room with a candle. I think it would be superfluous to say what he seemed exhausted, broken girl, expecting violence. He approached slowly, steadily, savoring every step. Right before bed, she stopped, lit a candle on the dresser, and he sat down and began to stroke my head:
- You became very beautiful, Yulia. Just like mom. You're not listening to me, really strayed from the hands. You must be educated in severity, so that you did not become some ....
His hand moved lower, first on the neck, then to his collarbone, then the chest. The old calico shirt bad hid my small breasts. He went on to say:
- You must respect your father. To love and honor. In all obey him, do whatever he tells you. You understood? - He asked, while strongly pressing my chest. The pain and surprise, I just gasped. And he immediately slapped me close up:
- Answer me when I ask!
- Yes - I was finally able to answer. And he continued to stroke, slowly, carefully. He was on his stomach, but did not take off the shirt and stroked through it. Moved on the thigh, then just below the bottom of the shirt and felt pulled up just as slowly. I closed my eyes, not to see his expression. It seemed to me terrible. heard:
- Raise your hands. I raised. He took off his shirt and threw it somewhere in the darkness. He rummaged around in me:
- You're already quite large. No matter how many years. It is necessary to look at the body.
Chest hair. You're already quite large. You can have .... I can already. I listened to him as if spellbound, until he felt that his legs somewhat confused. Lowered his eyes - he was pulling off my panties, and another moment they in the same place and shirt - in the darkness beyond my existence. And his hands were all over her body - chest, abdomen, tighten the buttocks, climb between her legs. I knew it was bad. Better beat. There all is clear, and here is bad, it is terrible. I got sick. He climbed on me, pinned to the bed. I am no longer anything to see or feel but him. Everywhere he his hands. He breathed into my neck. He began to make movements back and forth, something depended somewhere near the hip. Breathing became deeper, hands down below between the legs, began to breed them. I felt something between our bodies. And then the pressure - something to get into me. I'm mad, began to break out, I wanted to cry - she could not make a sound. Finally, at least a wheeze. Hand Put-las, covered half of his face:
- Shut up. Whisper directly to the ear. Pressure stronger. He began to enter. And then the pain, pain, pain. He moved back and forth, back and forth, but no longer on me and in me. Long, long, it's been so long, I could not, I closed my eyes ...
It came to the fact that cold. I opened my eyes - it was already morning.
The whole day passed as usual, although there is - better than usual. He did not touch me, do not scold. And if they looked at me, eyes appeared very very unusual caress. Dinner, he warmed himself, and when I finished washing the dishes, my father came up and stroked my head and said:
- Go lie down, I will soon.
Like this. I'm certainly not flattered themselves with the hope that that night will not be repeated, but the heart is still pounding, and coming right back nausea.
He came very soon. Immediately towards me. He began to kiss, to feel the body. He pushed me to the bed. I lay down and watched as it removes the clothes. First shirt - powerful bared breasts all covered with curly hair. They were stiff and prickly to the touch - I knew it. Hair tapered towards the bottom. Father undid his pants and the first time I saw a naked man in full readiness. My eyes widened in alarm - he was great, it is not surprising that yesterday I was so hurt. Father chuckled:
- What do you like me?
- Yes. - I said, even though she was not sure of this. But I've realized it is necessary to be a good executive and maybe then it will not hurt so much.
Meanwhile, he approached me, climbed. Hand pulled my panties and touched his crotch.
- What are you dry? - Displeasure, he said. I still cringed, expecting a blow. But he just spat on his hand and rubbed between my legs. - Like this. - He kept repeating.
Once this was done, he went and put me in one motion. I waited for the pain, and they came, but not like yesterday. I'm wildly happy, and probably smiled, because she heard:
- Oh, you little bitch, but you train like when you tear up. He would know, he planted before. My smile faded. He apparently waited for a response. I wanted to tell the truth, it hurt me, disgusting, terrible. And I smile because on the verge of hysteria. Instead, I said: - Yes, Daddy.
He began to move. Soon I felt his throbbing arm of me and then something poured a stream there, right inside - he finished. He kissed me passionately, scooped up in his arms and turned to one side fell asleep ...
We spent with him in the village for almost 2 weeks. He said that it is to heal bruises. But I felt like it here - I'm always there, no one can do anything you want. Of course, fucking his own daughter in the eleven-year semi-abandoned house in the woods handier than in the city. Although I already knew, that the change of place of residence will not save me.
I have these two weeks, I discovered sex. Although it is, of course, an exaggeration. It always happened almost the same, monotonous and certainly without any caresses from him. I experienced pain almost constantly, as has never been done. But he did not care, he did not try to please me, it had a value of only his own lust for him. I was his maid and a sex toy in one. Do not say anything - well settled.
Someone may be interested in, I resisted. If interested, you imagine yourself a small, fragile girl and eleven burglar with his hands like a shovel, which is at the same time her only parent, breadwinner and protector, in short, everything in her little world. What could I? I felt that this is bad and shameful, but to fight - I even thought this did not occur. He was my father, my master. And if he Hoth elk do it with me, except I had a right to argue with?
To be continued.
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