Demons are telling the truth

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Dean, even when pressed against the chin to the hood of the Impala own, carefully do not believe in what was then - at the cemetery, trying to shit finally - the yellow-eyed telling the truth. Because demons always lie, is not it, Sammy? Whatever it was, if it believed the murderer of their mother? What if listened, wondered, doubted? I hesitated, started to look closely before, hesitated, started to notice that at first seemed postadovym syndrome, your mother? The kid even five minutes ago roasted in the company of those who sent to the neighboring bunk, he told himself. It will be held, I thought sullenly watching the vain attempts to pull the younger flash piano right from under the nose hanging around at the crossroads of the ladies. It will take, you just have to give it time.
A pair of girls, a couple of cases of beer, a couple of kilos of salt, a dozen or sent back to immigrants, and all the way through, it is hoped, simultaneously burning through the remaining months. Away from the most eager to communicate those with expired visas fuck this light is already sent to the home, with a sulfur smell and taste of lava, hearth and home.
Impala-Babe it's time to take on the service and the documents in the name of Dan Hermansen burned More in Illinois; and do not forget about the red-haired to a fourth the size of a diner Sunflower, scribbled pencil fragment numbered two and a half days hanging out somewhere in the lining of the jacket. The thought occurred to climb in the order of disorder, and Dean frowns, snorting, kicking his feet, trying to catch the fraternal dignity - and fuck, there will be nephews, he is to survive can - clenches his jaw in pain in professional zalomannoy hand, regularly wipe the dust burning cheek with it seems to be heated up to the melting point of iron. Yelling, "What the hell, Sam ?!" worth when he was confused in all possible ways, with glaring demon bitch. Now, izvorachivayas - is at least trying to - inhaling the aromas of the mud, ash and chips with vinegar, eaten Sam during lunch, Dean just grins at least modest possibilities resisting and pulling, mowing right eye on the skewed face wrestler with -zlom-to-it:
- I know that is irresistible, Sammy, but we need to keep yourself in their hands. We film for family viewing.
Under unbearably hot sun, in the ditch on the N52, Iowa, Nebraska, Dean Winchester is covered with cold sweat, feeling hot tongue on his brother's neck. Sam licks your skin almost like a dog, except that the slow movements. And wide, the maximum width of the language, nasty wet saliva from someone else's trail seems too strong dissonance with the usual surrounding reality. Not so, however, detract from the urgent attempts to kick cornstalk standing behind, and after a few minutes, Dean boasts yet untouched virgin ear, selective abuse attorney future - God willing - and strapped a belt just above the knees down.
- Come on, Sam - he puffs under his weight, almost completely paralyzed - we can always find you a woman or two for razvlekuhi, we should not rush into extremes. What? You do not want a woman? Will you man, I bet! Two is, Sam, if you're me, fuck, let go, finally!
And in between lengthy reflections on the weather, politics, eroticism, the cute girls from the site in favorites Sammy, Dean vows to himself that will continue to only wear overalls. Those with at least twenty small stubborn buttons per square centimeter; You can even hook and, in principle, to sew ... A foppish denim, which is the main calling time next fall at the feet of a pretty waitress or bartender, go to rags to wipe the sides of the glittering metal native and the only crumbs. The one snarling engine under two assholes who have decided to take a sudden extreme sex in five meters from the largest route between the two states.
- Forbidden Zone, Sammy, Forbidden! - Dean was nervous, tugging, twisting ass insidiously slips clothes.
Nimble long fingers pull together a strong ass jeans with boxers, and Sam, with superhuman strength crushing brother with one hand to the hood, kneels. He bites his teeth, biting, growling louder squeeze 180 miles Impala, sucks the skin in the mouth with the blood of the tread. And the sucking, licking tongue bite, roughly fingering Dean never for a moment forgetting to keep it stationary.
I'm on the beach, is Dean at the nudist beach, right fourth dimension, the third on the left, but what ass; goes brunette, waist, such that some people in Hollywood would faint with envy. And the red-haired and blond, though not in its taste, but how much sex and grace, and beach volleyball, without in any way. At age 17, during the impending storm on Connecticut when Sam ran for the first time, it helped. Rushing in search of his brother in what was - semi-wet with sweat after sportivki push-ups, but ragged black T-shirt was still without a title favorite band on the chest - Dean presented himself gde-nibud in Egypt, and it was so hot that any, even the smallest breeze as one - 150 miles per hour - seemed pleasant.
Physiology. And burn the lungs, the heated air to the heat of Sam's boiling point. And nonsense in my head, and screwed-up eyes and convulsively clenched buttocks, and only pride that prevents succumb hips forward, into his arms quite girly soft nemozolistyh fingers. Dean does not blame himself that excited, he would have worried more if desired after prolonged stimulation of the body did not show any interest in what happens. Again, everything can be explained by thinking about girls. About a girl whose delicate, full breasts so nice to hold in your hands, and our common mother, Sam, you're a dick doing ?! Panic and feel similar to the red-hot poker, retracted in the ass. Not that Dean before experienced on myself something like that, but what else can compare the feeling, which in the eyes becomes cloudy, veins clearly appear on the neck, and comes to the throat nausea?
- Ubyuyuyuyuyuyu - hisses through his teeth, Dean and Sam hammering, moaning with pleasure by releasing the cocked her brother's arm, paralyzed by pain.
Sam Dean Eggs slap on the buttocks with each thrust, hands crumple all sides with the same incredible strength, and Dean yells in the voice growled, biting her own brush. With disgusting serene smile on her face became quite a stranger - a mad gleam in the red eyes from burst blood vessels - Sam ends. Falls by the wayside, lazily fastens his pants and took out a Colt, waiting patiently until Dean trembling hands frees his feet from the belt, he pulls on his clothes and breathing levels.
- The car - a dull, not Semovym voice tells Sam, the charge of the head of his weapons, and silently sits in the back seat.
Dean runs a T-shirt in his belt, squinting, looking at the sign "Welcome to Lincoln," and collecting all his courage to shame does not fall from weakness, climbs into the driver's seat. While he was at least a chance, he will believe that Sammy instill evil, does not respond to the holy water, the mention of Christ and quietly walk around under the giant devil's trap. While he stayed at least one chance to save his brother and stop this crazy ride through the United States, he will not believe that demons are telling the truth.