After party

I met Vika accident. In the night club. She was not very sober, I especially. We were not very romantic, almost immediately went to me. I have a one bedroom apartment. As I have already said, we were not very sober.
But we have gone, Vick said he knew what came to me. But this does not mean that I will get what I want. She said she would be interested in sex, as she wants.
-Undress, -prikazala it.
I was completely naked. She examined me and said:
-I want to be mistress today, memorable! My pussy you call pisya, a member of his dick. Mess, punish!
I like an obedient puppy agreed.
She ordered to lie down on his back and began to me. Vic parted lips, and ordered to lick the clitoris. I like to lick it became sumasschedschy. Vick, dragged more and more, and finally ordered a drink that will flow all. I did so, Vic told me that always write when ends, and always wanted to be that the boy took. We spent 3 days, Vick made me what I wanted. I sucked on her fingers, legs, pussy, ass. I was handcuffed. I had to obey. She came to my mouth and I licked her pussy. But it was not enough and she invited her friend.
I was confined to bed by handcuffs, and Vic said that I would lick her and her friend. Naturally I agreed. Then began an orgy. Girls fucked me as I wanted to lick them, they end up in my mouth. In the end I stood with cancer and licking pussy Vika and her friend ebala my ass dildo. Then she told me to lick her dildo. To do this, she took my cock and brought to the floor:
-Lie down - she ordered.
To be continued...