Svetkin variety of h 1

When the car stopped, and the driver seat belt unbuckled, I thought for a moment that everything is not right, and you just need to pay money to take his wife and go. But when I was ready to turn to the driver, I accidentally caught sight Svetka. She looked at me and smiled, smiled only one eye, as she was able, she must have realized what I was thinking, because almost imperceptibly shook her head. - Well, you do not change your mind yet? - The driver asked, turning to me. - No - I said the wife for me, at this rate, I'm even a little taken aback. - Well, that's good - and he lowered his jeans and had begun his nadrachivat already started to rise a member. Light looked at me, blew a kiss out of the front passenger seat back turned to the driver, she leaned forward, and his whole body hung over a member of the driver, who had by then risen to the full. I sat behind the passenger seat of his wife, to see better. Light turned her head slightly and looked into the eyes of intense excitement taxi driver leaned closer and gently held the tongue on the head of the penis. My head hit the bell, I could not believe that I'm going to watch my wife will suck from a complete stranger. I blushed and stiffened, and my cock began to slowly fill. Meanwhile, light head down on the driver member, scarlet ring of her full lips girth purple head, and began to move further down the penis, then back up. Slowly at first then faster. I have seen because it overhangs bangs furtive glances at me then, that the driver and at the same time seems to be smiling. It then slowed down, then accelerated the pace, his right hand stroking the eggs taxi driver who had appeared on the seventh heaven, she sometimes pulled his penis out of his mouth to lick or completely tongue play with a bridle, while glancing at me. I did not understand who she would tease me or cage. A member of my was ready to break out of his pants. I put on my knees Svetkin jacket underneath unzipped his trousers and began lightly podrachivat. My wife understood it, she took out a member of his mouth "Nope" - sarcastically, as a child she told me and showed language - from what I wound up even more. The taxi driver shamelessly paw my wife's chest, half fell out of the blouse. I noticed Amy's hand crept under her skirt. "As there's probably wet Now I thought" - masturbate openly. The driver began to finish, he shrank back in his chair, grabbed his head with his hands and Amy pulled it all the way on his penis, to my surprise, his wife did not even make a sound, and humbly accept it. The taxi driver a couple just moved her hips, will drive his cock in my wife's throat and dropped her head. Light gently, slightly open mouth, has released a member of a taxi driver. From his head to his wife's lips stretched a long white thread of semen mixed with saliva. The index finger of his right hand, my missus took off this thread to the head, and sent it into his mouth. - Thank you - forced a driver is not who quit on such an adventure. - Thank you, - said the World - So in fact, Kohl? Say thank you! - Thank you very much - I muttered wiping his sperm jacket wife. - Not at all, please, if that - he held out his card Svetka - Always said his wife - buttoning her blouse and adjusting her skirt.

Home we walked in silence - World pleased, and I continued to digest what happened recently. My wife sucked unknown taxi driver in front of me, more than that allowed him to cum in her mouth, although she said that I did not love. Before the entrance of Light stopped.

- Liked?

- Yes - I admitted honestly. Light came to me and started stroking my penis through his pants - he immediately accepted the alert. My wife smiled and kissed me. I felt her lips and tongue taste the salty sperm.


- That's great, - said Sveta otho from me - I think now we're so often we will have fun.