Games with his wife 3

Once his wife started a conversation about his girlfriend, with whom she works together. I saw her: Gorgeous blonde with nice breasts and a figure. So, it turns out, she moved to us from out of town, because there is one her friend found out about her secret and blabbed all. And the secret is this: it is the office party cool succumbed to my wife admitted that madly wants sex and can not, due to the fact that she, a woman Toli Toli muzhik.- As it is, - said ya.A like that, it turned out that she was a hermaphrodite, her good breast, but below the belt have the beginnings of the vagina, that is, the labia are, and the hole is not present, and above them a member of a small egg, and the worker, but since she considers herself a woman wants it man and normal not blue. And so slyly smiled and asked, saying, I do not want to help the poor girl, and, anticipating objections, he added quickly: - If you like, she will join us tretey.Mne wondered all the same it is not a man, though a member. I asked how she imagine it? She said that everything came up, and on Saturday she ustroit.Vot Saturday's wife prepared the table, I went for the alcohol bought three liters of whiskey, I still was scary, and I decided that I really let it all happen in a good drunk . Somewhere to the two it is a miracle in the miniskirt from under which looked through the top of stockings and a blouse with a cut that became evident that about any bra there is no question. They sat down at the table, took over familiarity, the bell rings, the wife spoke and said that the two of us will have to sit out a little bit, and she go and see a friend who was ill, she will buy drugs and come. I thought that my wife throws me under the tank, and she smyvaetsya.Ostalis the two of us, I was offered a drink Miracle (on I and I will call it a miracle), in general, quite a short time, we capitalized approximately half a liter, and I decided, and it's time to dance, including music and invited Miracle. Naturally, the dance almost immediately turned to kissing, I took off her blouse, her breasts were beautiful with big pink nipples. I stared at her lips, she began to moan, and I tried to remove her skirt, she did not give, babbling: - Now comes your zhena.Ya said have time, an ordinary man excited delirium. Eventually she gave up, but said that she would remove the rest. Turning back to me she took off her skirt, there really were stockings and lacy shorts, bending she took off and panties for the time I had to take everything, and stood with rearing member, seeing the naked delicious ass, I went up to her snuggled member , hands clasped chest and then she turned around! E-mine I forgot what kind of a miracle, I saw a woman with a member, and he was, like my own, and the size of my way, no less. Miracle grinned and asked: - What do not want to silence, one arm hugging, I kissed her, his other hand took a member and began to stroke it, it clearly began to shake, and she whispered: - I still never was nobody, you're the first, only toys from seksshopa.Ya took her in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, there, on the bed, slowly began to cover her body with kisses and then I got to the member. Miracle has constantly moaned, walking up to the trunk of his lips, I felt what it velvety and gentle, then I kissed testicles, slightly sucked on them, and lifting her legs, moved lower. God, there really was a vagina. Walking fingers on the lips, I tried to stick a finger inside, he went to a couple of centimeters, and everything on nothing but what is most surprising is the similarity of the vagina was wet. I put it in the language of the vagina and realized that the taste is the same as women, though something was missing. Language can reach the very bottom. Examining your tongue vagina, I returned to the member once again marveled at his size: he was nearly twenty centimeters long and six or seven wide, mine was a little longer, and about the same width, head of the penis was closed skin and I, clasping head lips mouth released her from prison and began to examine the language of every millimeter of its members. She moaned her hands and head randomly tossing on the bed, a member of the swollen so that he seemed to burst right now, taking the crown in the mouth, I began to suck her tongue licking at the same time, I sank lower and lower until the head rested in his throat. Having pressed a little harder head, I pushed a member of the deeper (do that after the strap was not too difficult) and rested his nose into her stomach and chin eggs. Lifting his head, so that there was only one head, I looked for a miracle, she was semi-conscious in his mouth. And I continued to do this blowjob beauty, moving his head, every time I pushed him in the throat and each time increased the tempo. Member suddenly began to shake, and my mouth hit the hot jet of sperm, every twitching member flew a new piece, I hardly had time to swallow. When it was over, I regret it, it was so nice to hold in the mouth member, when it ends, and then licked the remnants of sperm from him. Licking dick and sucked all remnants of sperm from it, I decided that her semen taste better than mine, which I nursed my wife. Turning her back, I walked back and tongue, firm buttocks apart, fixed his lips to ring her anus, pushing the tongue as far as possible it began to fuck her tongue. The miracle was again moaning. I put a finger in the ass, a little wiggled them there, pulled, added saliva and introduced two fingers, she began to lift up the ass, she nasazhivayas on my toes. Having developed a ring, I put his cock and slowly pushed it back. Miracle cried, and asked quietly, some quietly I had spilled the semen out of his ears, and I drove his weapon to its full length, her anus nice and tightly encircled my cock, I began to move, first slowly, then faster and faster. Miracle groaned and mumbled something unintelligible, I flipped her on her back, crossed his legs on his shoulders, and immediately drove his cock in her ass. Her own cock was standing like a stone, with my every thrust he jumped together with the breast, it was a fascinating spectacle. And then there was my wife's head, who was on his knees beside the bed, took a member of the Miracle in my mouth and began to suck him. Type wife sucking dick at Marvel, he initiated me to the limit, and I realized that will soon be over, accelerated the movement to the limit. Miraculously we finished with the same time: it is in the mouth my wife, I told her in the ass, we groan merged into one. I wonder only then realized who she is now doing a blowjob. His wife, licking the remnants of sperm, said that came at a time when I was carrying her into the bedroom and sitting room, watching us, not wanting to interfere, but broke down and joined us, we were not protiv.- Well well, then continue to the three - undressing, said zhena.Nemnogo pamper mutual caresses and kisses his wife asked Marvel if she does not want to fuck me, but then, they say, a lifetime dream to see how I will fuck the living member and not strap . And she, wearing a strap-on, at the same time will pass her in the ass. And now, putting me on my knees, two of them licked my ass and Miracle put his penis to me and my wife strapon her and rushed. Live member was better strap in a thousand times, the feeling was that I entered in the ass something hot, hard and at the same time very soft and gentle. Miracle fucks me mercilessly with a hammer, every time you hit me on the ass his pubis, the strikes were apparently double the wife follows her strap-on, in me grew hot com, which became more and more ... and that's a blast, it was a dream orgasm. As it turned out, we all finished almost simultaneously, a little rest, having washed and taking intoxicating we continued but that's another istoriya.Pishite reviews, I will be glad [email protected]