The fate of a slave

When I were married, I really did not want to constantly cried and begged his father not to give me in marriage, but every time he just smacked my tears ... In the wedding night, when I painfully lost her virginity, her husband tied me to the bed and began to izdevatsya- Ssali it in my mouth, he hit me with his by a dick in the face, he mral my mouth, and humiliate me. He pulled my nipples and pussy lips, he fucked me so rudely, as a tyrant, and not as a loving husband. The next day, I, my father and my husband came in the room.
The father said he transmits his treasure - that is me - he was, and what he wants, so he would not let me get out of hand. He said that now I'm his thing, and that he could do with me what he wants. When I started to cry - because I dreamed about my prince - he showed techniques vosptaniya and my husband went to work right away - he raped me at my father, then tore me skipping rope, then a belt, and then gave his father, who naproschanie tore me belt as the goat cider - belt buckle was, and I was screaming after each time. The father said that my husband should teach me wits and patience.
Thus began my married life. My husband was a tall, handsome, thin young man of twenty-three years, and in the end I fell in love forgetful svokgo tormentor. Today, he came home from work an hour early and was angry at me because I did not cook dinner. I said I did not know that it would come so soon, but he snapped:
- Do not make excuses and do not talk in that tone with her husband !!! And it hits me in the face. After dinner, he smacked me for a long time.