Do not get angry drivers

Before it all bowed. It was hard to call it a true beauty. Bright appearance, tall blonde, the figure is not quite perfect, but many men glances tried to get under her skirt. It was all about the unprecedented strength of character and in a cool, appraising glance gray-green eyes. But inexplicably all we are trying to win her approval, as if it could help them with something in life. The family was proud of her, subordinates feared and respected, valued friends, and men ... With men evolved a complex relationship. Most of her feared. Yes, showing interest, immediately tried to drag in the bed, but then quickly evaporated. In the words of one of her friends, I want much but get burned terribly. Lovers have changed several times a month. Over time, the habit of looking at men as material suitable for a particular purpose.
Irina, so call our heroine, eventually learned to lord it over those who are directly dependent on it. The hardest part is probably necessary drivers. Not only that, they took her to all the business meetings because they still had to wait for her until she had a good time in restaurants and clubs. Often, they had to report it to the apartment on his hands, since she was dead drunk.
However, one of the two drivers, Sergey, somehow it fell. Somewhere in six months I decided to confess his love to her, apparently hoping for a miracle. And of course he was ridiculed and dismissed.
It took about two years.
One day she decided to Irina sit behind the wheel. She loved to drive. I went very aggressively. Machinery shied away from the rush of the huge Mercedes.
On this day, she decided to call her sister, who lived on the outskirts of Moscow. She often raided and her little niece.
In the evening, coming out of the house, she noticed that one of the car had a flat tire. Being confident in your own abilities, Ira opened the trunk of the car and climbed inside, to control the pump.
At that moment she felt a blow back on his feet. His knees buckled, and someone threw an opaque plastic bag on his head. Then someone picked up her hands and dragged somewhere. From the lack of air for a while she lost consciousness.
Recovering, Ira tried to jerk, but realized that the wrists tied behind his back and ankle tightly strapped by her own belt. In the mouth who then shoved her panties and top shook his stocking. From clothes to her left alone stockings, skirt raised waist and bra from cups that someone already got e chest.
She was sitting in the backseat of the car, sandwiched on both sides by men dressed in black.
Not knowing what was happening, she was for a while trying to free his hands, mumbling through the muzzle, demanding her release. Men are only published muffled giggles. Then, realizing that the only painful rope cut into his hands, and from the convulsive movements she weakens, she stopped twitching and villages, raising his head up.
- You see, this bitch does hold a Queen of England. He said all right. Maybe we should knock her pride a little bit? Make Serega a gift? - Man on the left began to ask the driver and the one who sat on the right.
- I do not know, maybe it would be nicer to the first uncork it. Although you can use it by a pussy and mouth, and it's enough assholes, he's a fan of us - said the man on the right.
- Listen, you do something good, you make out like it should be, but I only see tits in the mirror. Let's make a halt - his voice driver.
The car slid off the road and after a while stopped.
-Well, here we are no one will see.
The man opened the door and came out, one of them immediately bent down, picked up Irene's hair and literally dragged her out of the car, thrown to the ground. She felt the skin dig dry twigs and small pebbles. Ira immediately sat down, tucked his knees to his chest and hating eyes staring at the thieves.
- Just look, not a shadow of fear! Hey, baby, but you know what we're going to do with you? Maybe we'll fuck you now here, we cut into pieces and bury you, eh? Is not that scary? - Mockingly I asked her one.
Ira felt a cold trickle of sweat ran down between his shoulder blades and head hammer hammered panic. But then, after a few deep breaths nose, Ira forced myself to calm down and stared at the men.
-That woman! Nerves can only envy! But okay, let's see, there she is.
The two came up to her, took her armpits and hauled to his feet. Since knees buckled Ira, they had to stand side by side, holding her upright. The driver slowly approached, looked up and down and grinned. Pulling a knife from his pocket, he moved back to back, held the edge on the cheek, throat, dropping the blade down slowly. At some point, the blade was delayed on the nipple, and then came down again. This was followed by a sharp wave, Irina blinked, but just felt like cracked fabric bra. One flick of cutting the membrane between the cups, the driver put the knife and opened her chest.
Irina stood, or rather hung by the hands of the kidnappers, biting her lip. At this time, the driver abruptly grabbed her nipples with both hands and squeezed them hard, pulling down at the same time. She howl in pain and tried to jerk, but keep the men shook her like a sack of potatoes, from which it became only more painful.
-Sensitive bitch, you should check its holes - the driver muttered and reached his hand between her legs. Ira felt his fingers tightened on her first sex lips, and then just two climbed inside. Particularly painful was not, but the humiliation she was ready to sink into the ground.
-Pussy good, not quite razdolbany. Let's take a look at your ass. - I ordered the driver.
Ira dragged to the hood of the car and laid down his stomach.
- Arrange her legs, and it can not see anything - again, his voice driver. One of the trio took the belt from the ankles and feet spread shoulder-width apart, and the second at this time kept her head pressed against the hood.
Ira introduced, how it looks, lying on the hood, gagged, his hands behind his back, a skirt at the waist and one stocking. The kidnappers also liked this kind, and the driver took out his phone and began to photograph it from different angles.
- Well, in the summer it gets dark later - the driver chuckled.
- Let me reconnoiter her buttocks, and you shove her fingers in the pussy and ass, take a photo and send Serega. Let it suffereth salivating in anticipation of a gift! - Said the man who untied her legs.
Ira felt by male hands buttocks parted to the side, and on the hole ran a cool breeze. Instinctively, she stiffened, causing the ring sphincter and pussy lips playfully before his eyes twitched already excited men.
- Come on, check your ass. It seems there has been no one, judging by the size.
The driver abruptly, without preparation slipped her middle finger into the anus, causing Ira jerked again, bumping teeth on metal hood. It should be noted that the anal sex she had only once in five years, up to this point.
-The car did not see pokaryabay something, and then I will beat the owner - driver muttered fearfully.
Here Ira knew about what Sergei was before it. It also dismissed her driver as she was being taken to him as a birthday present. Here that she was afraid of this. She moaned again, twitched, but she quickly calmed down, squeezing his throat. The driver, who could not draw the finger of priests, at the time, and put his index buzymyanny vagina.
- Oh there as well - he muttered, photographing spread-eagled on the hood ass with fingers in all holes - Now I have not only fingers pooruduyu. Do you love the members, baby?
- And let's untie her mouth? Anyway, here no one can hear, and it can even suck us if we ask her properly. Otsosesh after all, baby doll? - I asked ... hold on to the hair.
The other two agreed that you can try.
Stocking tied around her mouth were not able to remove, so it had to be cut with a knife. Then pulled her panties. Ira tried to lick his lips, causing delight attack the kidnappers.
- Look, she has licked! Surely he loves to suck!
- Listen, baby, - said the driver - we'll fuck in all holes anyway. Only you have two options. If you're going to fight, then we'll make it. But you will be very painful. To fuck will be dry, and break something can, so as not to interfere. If you voluntarily will do what the say, use petroleum jelly, and we will not be beat, you understand? What do you choose?
- And what will you do with me then? - Irina said, trying to speak as calmly as possible.
- Then we will present to you my friend, he has long been dreaming about how to fuck you in every hole and all that comes handy. And then probably let go.
Ira felt the helplessness in her eyes filled with tears. Asking them about something useless to threaten even more dangerous. Help nowhere to wait.
- Okay, I'll do what you say - it is squeezed out of himself, stroking the driver, who was apparently the main thing in my eyes.
-Here umnichka good whore - quite whinnied driver - she probably likes to please the peasants, but were afraid to ask her about it.
-It is possible to produce pals at will! My now trousers tear!
Men quickly unbuttoned his pants, pulling erection. They untied the hands of Ira and helped up from the hood.
-Kneel down and play with the nipples - ordered the driver.
Ira made it requested.
She got to her knees, fingers pulled herself over her nipples and began to roll them gently pressing. The nipples instantly hardened, causing the peasants a little sigh. The driver immediately went to her, took her hair and pulled her head to his penis.
-Suck bitch! Show me how you know how to work the mouth! And Tits do not leave - he demanded.
Ira opened her lips, and a member immediately slipped into the mouth, it is completely filled. She shook her head several times, releasing it again and taking in her mouth. A man apparently already thoroughly perevozbudilsya since he did not wait until she makes herself. He took her by the ears, and, fixing his head was just to fuck her in the mouth. Ira hardly had time to breathe between the air shocks. A member was large enough in diameter and length. With each push it harder and harder rested against her throat. Widely open mouth was cramp. At this time, another man, younger, squatting behind her, his fingers began to pull at her clitoris, the other hand stroking his penis. The third stood in front of her, waiting their turn. Ira closed her eyes, but then he heard a shout:
- Look at me bitch!
The driver apparently unable to cope with his lust, and have started more calmly and with pleasure to use mouth Ira. He pulled out a member, held it to her face, her lips, and then drives the it into his mouth.
-You know how to swallow it? I want it you drove directly into the throat.
Ira shook her head. From rapid breathing she had felt dizzy.
At the same time she felt like the second man is already full fuck her vagina with two fingers.
-She's just a little excited - the driver asked the second. - Nope, dry. It may take the Vaseline? Is there in your car?
The third man came up to the car, rummaged in the glove compartment and came back with a jar.
- Come on, smazh currently both holes properly.
Ira tried to get up, but the men brought her to the hood.
- Lie down on his stomach on the hood, push the leg itself, with one hand stretch the ass and another smear themselves.
Ira hand scooped more lubrication and head arm behind his back began to lubricate the vagina itself.
- Come on, with two fingers, you are free to enter - the men cheered.
Then, scooping up the middle finger as much as possible, she slowly began to shove it up your ass, trying to keep all the grease was inside. The driver again grabbed the phone and started taking pictures.
-Turn your face to me, I want to make it clear that this is you stand and finger fuck yourself in the ass.
After she smeared herself, put her back on her knees. The driver said that he would try to push dick down her throat, and then they will be to fuck her a few times.
-Come on baby, Now open your mouth, raise your head closer, and I'll try to stick it to you deeply. Lick it, it is then easier to pass.
Ira licked stone member, opened her mouth, ready. She felt as a member of the once gently nudged her throat, and then came out almost completely, so that the mouth was only a head, broke again, once in the throat to its full length. The man paused, holding his head to her stomach, Irina, and admiring the view. Ira could not breathe and froze feeling the nose and lips pubic hair rapist. A few seconds later a man came to his senses and pulled out a member of his mouth. Ira immediately coughed, greedily gasping for air.
- And it will be possible to learn to swallow it - approvingly patted her cheek driver. - Let's you we are now's fuck.
She put on all fours, the driver came back, tried out the holes with your fingers and venture immediately drove her to a member of the vagina. Ira jerked, but he held her firmly by the buttocks. At this time, three men came up to her face and said he also wants her poebat in the mouth. Ira opened her mouth and he immediately stuck to a member. It was not long, but 5 centimeters in diameter.
-Do not worry, your throat I will not be checked. You clench his jaws tighter and do not forget to work the tongue.
So they were digging in her mouth and pussy for five minutes, then trying to move in the same rhythm, then straying from it. Then they forced her to turn around, the driver again took his place near the mouth, and the other from the pussy.
- And in the ass to fuck her will? A man younger already got exhausted impatience.
- No, we'll leave your ass Sergei, but there is something poke.
Meanwhile, the driver several times could shove her cock in his throat and could not resist, had finished. Ira felt the jet of sperm shot into her mouth, felt the taste that she could not tolerate. She tried to pull away, but he held her, continuing to fuck her fall off a pulsating member. The man behind, too, was ready to come, but apparently wanting to prolong the pleasure, began to move it slowly.
The driver finally pulled out a member of the Irina's mouth, and then she tried to spit out the sperm. Part of it has flowed down her chin.
- Oh, you bitch, you should swallow it, and not spit! - The driver slapped her across the face so that his head snapped, and sperm droplets from his chin flew in all directions.
-Yes, let me have it, then you will learn - prayed to the one that is younger. He jumps one jumped to her face and poked his penis into her mouth. - But I want you to suck my own, okay?
Ira nodded and began to lips and tongue to caress the hot cock, feeling the back of her vagina stretched by a thick cock.
This time it did not last long. A man from behind, making a few jerks, pulled out a member and finished her buttocks. Seeing this, the one who fucked her in her mouth, too, had finished, the Gulf sperm her face.
The men moved aside, and Ira fell to the ground, feeling used and dirty.
The men smoked, and after a while Ira also asked a cigarette. She was allowed to wipe the sperm from her face. She lit a cigarette, leaning against the wheel of the car.
- And imagine how she does it on their own! We had to pour her a drink.
- Nothing else all weekend ahead.
- And now we have to prepare it for delivery Serega - the driver said.
He went to the trunk of the car and took out a collar and leash, a red gag and a small anal plug, red shoes and new socks. Then he threw Ira makeup, ordering her to tidy her hair and make-up ....
When she was a little brought myself up, she was ordered to wear stockings and shoes. Then she dressed herself collar and put the plug in the ass. Then the driver put a gag in her mouth, securing straps.
After that, open trunk of the car and said that all the gifts to carry in the trunk. She lay in the trunk and in the trunk of her handcuffs, having got his hands behind his back.
- All right, let's go congratulate the birthday boy - said the men, buttoning his pants.
To be continued