Lustful Sister Part 1


It was summer, I was 16 and my sister 14. We were in the country, parents left for the weekend on business. My sister and I were talking as friends, and not about what sex the speech was not. My sister was a beauty, always went in and pulls her breast size was 2, and blue eyes.

Our parents left early in the morning. We had a large wooden house, I slept in the largest room, and my sister was asleep, but the entrance to the room it was through my room. In the morning I woke up and drank juice climbed to iPhone read the news, I was sleeping in his underwear. Sister I thought not yet risen. I finished reading the news went to the kitchen. Nachel impose breakfast and hear my sister was also in the kitchen. She comes into the kitchen in white panties and bra. I was still early morning risers. Sister took the flakes came and sat down to eat, I followed her, too, I sat down to eat. Sister accidentally knocked over cereal she was all wet and milk. Pants were thin and translucent. I said go pomoysya.


- (It is) - I can and so like all exactly no one but us there, you can do whatever you want.


- (I) - Yes (with these Slovan I got milk and doused himself)


- (I) - Is that better?


- (It) - Yes, the best brother!


She went into the hall, and I followed her, and lay down in a chair, lowered his head and looks at the ceiling eyes closed. I due to milk translucent panties like a sister and member of the standing still. She sat on the couch and watched TV. My sister came over and knelt down and leaned his hands to the feet. And I jumped up sharply.


- (I) - Little Sister what are you really ?!


- (It) - Sit down brother let you make nice.


I took the hand she pulled the underpants, took them off and threw away. Milk flowed to the penis as he stood. Sister licked my stomach and his hand took hold of the penis and masturbate sat down and licked with my milk. I sat in a chair and enjoy. Then sister excused myself and went to milk and milk poured member. He threw a glass and started to suck cock. I do not know her but I was very pleased I saddles and moaned. Then I stood up took his sister by the hair and planted her cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then I finished it on his chest, and she was completely relaxed. I put her on the sofa and took off her bra. Nachel suck her nipples and kissing his chest. She moaned. then I nachel over her panties stroking CIMS. At first she started but then she moaned. I went into the kitchen. My sister was lying obediently she was very relaxed. I took the cream in the kitchen and moved into the room. Sister just lying. I poured the cream on her breasts, I head and kissed her with the language, our kiss was not long but very passionate. Then I licked the cream off her chest she stood upright chest. Then I took her in his arms and carried her into the kitchen and put on the table, she kissed me for it. I took off her panties and turned over on his stomach. Before me was her gorgeous ass. I slapped her on the ass. (Our table was on a level with my cock and it was convenient) My sister said to me, Go already! I poured her ass milk and teased her leading member of the Website articles but abruptly entered in the ass, it was very narrow but I went completely and sister screamed and even shed a few tears Then I nachel have a sister, she was crying, but I was on this passage roofing to deeper and I was excited more and more. Then I pushed the sister and deeply entered and finished first she screamed then moaned, I turned it over and kissed very passionately. Then he carried her into my bedroom and lay down beside her hugging. We slept well and woke up the night.


That was the night I will tell in the second part.