The case of the country

Hello. This is my first story, do not judge strictly.


About me my name is Lena me now 30 years old, and when proizoshol case which will be discussed I was 22 years old. My external growth of the weight of 52 164 third the size of the chest and elastic ass, brown hair on lapatki and green eyes.


And so the story start with the fact that I had just got married. It took a couple of months and my husband and friends were invited to the country, summer is well on Friday after work came to friends in the evening. We were met, the company was already fun, were about fifteen of them have five devchenok with me, who was all the talk will not describe just about characters faces and husband. Sveta wife my friend Dima, blond with short hair slightly in the body but without the ugly fat you can eat what he wants to say but the waist on the spot. Denis mutual friend bachelor cheerful brunette with a body pumped up (and then I found a quite impressive economy), one of Dennis Sasha blond with a pump over a body, if the muscles were Disy moderately nakachany then Sasha was all just pumped. And the last participant neighbor cottages Andrew if we were all rovestnikami that Andrew was older than he was then 29 years old. And so all I have described well, then move on to the story.


My Dima did not drink too much, but as it enumerates felled immediately, and it happened in the evening, we walked the streets, and it was carried into the house sleep it off. I like all the others talked fun and drank not much. Then Light said that he wanted to write and ask to go with her, but it was dark and scary. We went reeling into the darkness, neither she nor I particularly did not know where the toilet. Moving away Light said he could endure no more and pulls the pants, skirt on nai was Mike and my husband, I'm not thinking too decided to sit down. And as soon as we primastilis hear a voice from behind, and it's here you are doing said Andrei (we still did not know) Well, Sveta and burklula what to write, and I have the soul left heel. I fast motion natenyalu shorts and stood as the count afraid to turn around. On the shoulder, I felt hands and uspakaevayuschy voice, I do not your neighbor Andrew volnuitel you went to me, at this time she asks finished writing stands up and says, I light it up Lenka izveniti not find the toilet. Here Andrew rasmeyalsya says that there is also zovot into her gazebo, he says that a couple of your guys with him, we agreed and went to the gazebo, and there sat Denis and Sanya (apparently Sanya in finite gash wife and she piled it had still that bitch ). We got us a pologaetsya poured, and speak and where your Kovaler, I say that my disconnected and Svetkin could not come running. And then Dan says that means all svodobny and no one especially not on the waiting goes on here, we Svetka pereglenulis and agreed. Then about an hour we drank saying and just fooling around, but then all is well in his head hit iposhli vulgar talk, Dan raskazyval of his adventures, we Svetka only blushed and then Andrew suggested to remember his childhood and play a game of strip cards, but immediately said only to his underwear, I do uspakoilo I was wearing a swimsuit under shorts and top. And the game has started, but soon all were in underwear and playing sense was not, then Andrew offered again to drink and continue to play has different rules, the one who wins the make a wish loser, and all agreed, first, the desire to have simplified the pokukarekat run round jump on one leg, but gogda won Andrew and Sveta lost, he suddenly put forth her kiss me passionately at least 30 seconds, I was taken aback, but she asks has pissed me off so quickly clung to my mouth that I did not resist and I I liked it so much that even in the lower abdomen that is zashivililos. Topom was we drank again and break all ran in different places to write, that is, we Svetka, and the boys separated from us. Moving away from them she asks suddenly again me kisses and govoritchto she liked it so much that it can no longer tolerate and me too it was nice, we have five minutes kissing while we're not prirval Andrew, he pretended not to have noticed what we were doing and govit that all just waiting for you, we came and drank again. Here Dan says that even colder and invites everyone in the house (the house we Svetka were not yet), I started ogladyvatsya and then Dan offered to show me the house, and we went to the second floor there was only one room with a large bed, Dan walked behind and I just went to bed and nagnusal touch soft if it he had me wrapped prepodnyal sticking to his chest and prosheptamnauho that long ago I wanted and pocheloval in the ear, down my whole body went trembling, then he gave me razvarichivaet to and kisses, I do not resist, I am pleased he bistro removes bra me and bites me in the chest, I bury paltsemi in his hair and pressed his head to his chest his hand penetrates tusiki and fingers dipped in menyaon raises his head and again kisses me on the bed on my bed I burn his fingers skillfully move in me, we kiss, I put your hand to his cock, and I understand that it is just a huge but it scares me I do not stop and when I want his dick to pussy podtenut he prekrashaet kiss me and govoritne hurry. Dennis starts kissing my neck and down to his chest kissing below already navel, and now he was in my womb his tongue caress my clitoris gets back, I have also almost no peak of bliss and then it stops and govoritpoydem, 'and then all miss, not dressing us bare go down, ahead of Denis is leading me by the hand and we go down the stairs and then I picture appears Sveta stoitna fours behind Andrew fucks her gently, and before Svetka Xian and she makes him a blowjob. Denis says nothing podvoiti me to this triitsy and places them so that my head was between his legs Amy and I vyzhu how it penetrates Andrew himself Denis plenty in my own huge ogregat and I first feel the pain but after a couple tolchkovvseprohodit and I I start to have fun, which is a minute Andrew pulls a member of the light and pushes her ass so that her pussy is in front of my mouth and I nichinayu her caress, Andrew bkudato out and in its place stands Denis, but without raising his ass light from my mouth he spends on her pussy and directs his dick in the ass, Light not only resists vskriklula and continues moaning. And then I felt that I have someone enters, makes a couple of movements and then goes pripodnimaetmoy pelvis and effort gimlet my anus, over 20 seconds of my anus gives up and misses a member Andrew. I was sick for about a minute, well then even became pleasant. Here light stands and it lay on his back and Sasha took a seat on her and penetrated in the ass, I'm Andrew puts himself on the cock and presses my lips to his gubambi strastnotseluet at this moment Denis is part of my ass and I feel two terms in themselves as they are rub between the thin walls and get prostikalasalnoe pleasure, lasted about five minutes and then to my ear bends Denis and says that if he can finish in the ass I nod, he Kanchan and stands, Andrew perevarichivaet me on my back for a minute and cums on my stomach I I am lying out of my priests flowing sperm ass sore and aching pussy and I are disabled. In the morning, waking up and going to the toilet I met Sasha, something else because it was piennes, or by the fact that it was a shame that I was naked, I do not know for what, I told him not to resist when he hugged me and initial caress and deploying put in CIMS I'm all flowed on, but it did not last long and all in the same position, then he abruptly turned nadovil my shoulders, I turned out to be a person close to a member and he came to me straight face said thank you and kissed mokushku and left.

P. S. With Sasha we no longer have sex, but Andrew and Dennis still had a couple of interesting times, but more on that in the next story.