My name is Michael, somehow time at the age of 15 years old, I went to one city called Bolhrad to his grandmother. Well, decided to stay with my mother's friend's apartment, he said that he is now in razezdah and only stayed at the apartment of his daughter Tanya, and we can safely vselyatsa she is waiting for us. Well, we arrived at the Bolgrad climb into the apartment, knocking, opened the two-kopeck piece very beautiful, it was a friend's daughter (Tanya) and her friend neighbor (Lera). Well, we have with these girls good friends and they took me to a disco on the weekend, well, we were there a little vipili, danced, and of girls say that we went to you a house show. So I went. Come home mom was not at home. And here is nachilos happen. They nachili me oboe tselovt, undress, fondle my penis. We seamlessly moved to the couch, during this time they have already managed to undress. And here I first saw the vagina, they were beautiful and they both began to passionately lizt, lick. Then one wanted me to povstavlyat her, so I did so. Well, the second at this time continued to gently nibble on her clit. And they both passionately moaned. Well, after such a sex, we met again and again, again, again, again.