He climbed on a visit to the house

I - a man with considerable sexual experience. And all I can competently say that most real feeling can be obtained only during extreme sex.
It is for this reason that I at one time separated from his first girlfriend, who, in fact, deprived me of virginity even in some distant school years. She ceased to satisfy me with its simple classic after 2 - 3 contacts (already very wanted something hotter). Since a long time I have not seen her, and already learning on the 1st or 2nd degree was surprised to find her charming photos on one of the pornographic sites. To mix it even with someone was not possible due to the charming scar on one intimate place (just like in the famous song)!
Then followed the revelation that did not allow me to call your name, but we must not shock them, in fact is not a fact that this is all true! :
It is the first year at college. I would return that night drunk with someone's birthday. I was pretty drunk, and, as is often the case with tipsy people wanted something big and unusual, but then, it was difficult to articulate!
I was walking through some private sector and noticed one of the windows in the light of this fact I have reason immediately interested. I stood in the middle of the road and stared at the window!
And then there appeared a graceful female figure (somewhere deep down, maybe I did and waited, but now I can not say anything for sure). This girl, despite the late hour) with someone talking on the phone, and due to the fact that her window was ajar, and outside was absolute silence, I heard it was a great conversation.
And I am quite brazenly stood under her window and listened to what she's chirping, as I understand, with his girlfriend, who lives nearby. The most informative aspect of this phone conversation was the fact that the parent was not home and she barker girlfriend to spend the night to her, but she politely declined.
This fact was the last straw in my motivation to action. After losing the last drop of sanity I climbed through the lattice fence separating the house and the pedestrian part of the street. Perhaps making this "feat" I made a lot of noise, because I remember that even with all this managed to whistle something from Tsoi, but fortunately at this moment somewhere out of the room!
When the fence was over, I went up to the terrace on the first floor, continuing to stare at the second floor in the open window. Girls did not have room. Then I probably continuing to create a specific noise managed to climb onto the roof of the veranda (a big plus in all this was the fact that the doors and windows throughout the house are plastic, so they are perfectly isolated any noise!). From the roof of the veranda, I moved to the narrow ledge, passing directly below the search box and easily opened the window and jumped into the room!
This room was a small bedroom, a girl in it was not. What I will do next I do not know. I looked out of the room, went out the door to the stairs below came the sound of water. She took a shower! This fact I was happy, I decided to make a surprise for her and lay down under the bed! After 10 minutes, the door opened and a girl wrapped in a towel went to bed (I could see only her feet), and a minute later she moved away from the bed completely naked !!! If you've seen it! She was the epitome of perfection! Long slender legs, firm buttocks rounded, tanned skin and long black hair wet! Chest, I did not see the stomach and face, as she stood back to me and rummaged in the closet. Having found there some silk nightgown she quickly threw her and went to the mirror, pulling out of a locker hair dryer! More I could not wait for my pants literally bursting with excitement!
I unashamedly crawled out from under the bed, stood up to his full height, and immediately pushed the sash window, slamming him so that subsequent reaction of the girls did not wake the whole neighborhood!
When he saw me in the reflection of the mirror, she jumped so much that I even he flinched!
Then, trembling, she turned to me and asked quietly:
- Who are you?
This is a question I put a few into a dead end, and I answered honestly: "I, like your ass is very pleased! You do not want hard sex?"
She stood in front of me 15 seconds to digest what I she blurted.
-Get out of here, drunk bastard!
-I see sex will be very hard! - I said, taking a step toward her.
Immediately I grabbed her hands, turned her back to the bed and pushed back. She tried to jump up immediately, but I pushed her back onto the bed, unbuttoning his pants with a second jumped out my handsome! She tried to reach for his foot, so to hit him, but, to my happiness, missed! This fact angered me, I jumped to her turned her on the bed from the back to the stomach (it was very easy) and highly twisted her arm, bending over her ear, I quickly told her:
-If you ssuchka, you will not listen to me and do not lend me all my holes, I mutilated you so that later in the year, the hospital will roll! Believe me, I'm not kidding!
-Let go! Let go! You are welcome! - I am almost moaned it!
I let her go, she immediately curled up on the bed, holding the patient's hand as unhealthy puppy!
I stood in front of the bed in a pose of a superhero, my handsome still stood like a stone.
The girl was crying quietly, seemingly she was 17 years old and his whole appearance, it makes me sorry, but I could not do anything with their hormones, although alcohol began to slowly move away!
-Arise cancer! Hear! To say!
Instead of answering, the girl started to cry even longer. I made a very terrible face and said:
-I'll count to three - times!
Feeling despair she dutifully held up the ass right in front hu¸m!
Before you try this beauty in fact, I asked:
-Have you ever done it?
She nodded her head positively, continuing to sob. I harbored some hope that I was dealing with a virgin, but they did not materialize.
I pulled back the lower part of her nightie on the back and front of my eyes appeared a beautiful plump ass! I put my hands on her buttocks, pulling them on your body, I felt the bliss that always punched me during anal sex, and when such an ass and this little girl, it's just the top of all the buzz! I was pushing deeper and deeper, and he was about to finish half way, but most tried to restrain myself, my girl trembling already very difficult to breathe and sometimes moaning after my tremors. And finally, my stomach touched her buttocks!
I was totally into it. She was already shaking very specific, but I'm in no hurry to put out. A moment later I had finished, stuck his exhausted end. From its opening in full flowed sperm, and she no longer stood in a pose, and lay on the bed, breathing heavily, I think some pleasure she also delivered.
Few come to himself, I commanded her:
-Take ... nightgown, ssuchka!
My team, like, flew past her ear! The second time I snapped a lot stronger, threatening corporal punishment. She raised her eyes to me, they were once again full of tears. I'm making out her face realized that I was dealing just with some fabulous fairy, and I felt sorry for her again, but again I could not help myself.
A second nightie lying on the floor, torn me because she refused to obey! And I just froze for a moment, staring at her breasts, not that it was very large, inogoda there are a lot more, but that its average size so harmoniously count the neck, belly and ass, I saw for the first time (I guess she was a model) ! Noticing that I was literally standing admiring her, she stopped crying and just a little bit away from me! At this time, my handsome again increased in size and was standing like a stone!
-You know what you have to do, so I went away and I did not see you anymore? - I asked her
-What? - She muttered without turning around.
-You just have to lie down and spread her legs wide
-No - he whirled and she cried!
-You want everything to be in a bad way - I said, slowly approaching her, she shrank back into the corner of the bed and began to cry.
I abruptly grabbed her legs and pulled over. She tried to shrug, but I pushed his hand into her forehead and she fell on the bed, no longer resisted. I climbed up to his knees on the bed, he sat down between her legs. She was panting and crying!
And then I drew their attention to her vagina. I carefully brought his finger into it. She was a virgin! At this point, I was excited to the limit! I took her ass and lifted to the level of his cock her vagina, she did not resist!
I gently spread her labia, trying to squeeze his big cock in between. She frantically pushed his hand and arched his back:
-Painfully! - She cried, but I was not angered her cries, probably alcohol already quite faded away, the brain was sick only one desire in it!
-Do not compress, so it will be even worse - I replied.
I'm getting stronger and stronger rotated backwards, trying to break it prevent me to enter it an obstacle, she squeezed her buttocks and hands are no longer paying attention to her protests. I almost did not finish at this point. And so I broke! God is good! I do not even have time to take out a member of her vagina. And he just finished and finished!
-It hurts! Painfully! - Screamed the girl.
-Do not cry - I laughed, wiping his handsome sheet - now it will take place, you are now a full-fledged woman, give me a buzz nezabyvemy!
After these words she began to sob again, it could be said that the fact that I brought her into hysterics, but I at that time was vprinttsepi on all shit! I came out of her room down the stairs and passing through the porch, went outside, where he continued his way home.
More from this wonderful woman I had never met, besides, I could not even remember the next day, where her house was located!


Hedgehog dusk, in the clinic is almost nobody left, and I was going to go home. Suddenly the door opened. When I turned around, I saw our chief physician. He entered and closed the door with a key.
- What are you doing?
He did not answer, she came to me and took my hand.
- I've been watching you. Since you moved up in our clinic. I really like you. Day and night I think only of you. I know that we can not be with each other, but at least Give me this time.
With one hand he put his arm around my waist and the other hand stroked my cheek. I wanted to protest, but the surprise of what is happening, I could not find the words. Taking advantage of my confusion, he bent down and kissed me on the lips. Something trembled in me. I was already married and realized the absurdity of the situation, but not prevented. Vyacheslav Anatolievich I know only from the good side. He was a good family man and very responsible. In the women's team to all our peasants wash up bones, but did not say anything about it such. In spite of his high-ranking position, between us, we all called him glory. He was 28 years old.
He put his hand under my hair, took her neck and began to gently massage. For me a pleasant ride the waves of pleasure. Apparently I rolled my eyes from the pleasure and glory of this notice. He pressed his lips to me. He had a soft, moist lips. It was a feeling that his lips were completely absorbed my. Tip of the tongue he touched my lips. His right hand, he put me on the buttocks. Through the thin material of his robe, I felt what his hot hands. I've already missed the time and now she could not stop. All my insides burned with fire, and told only one thing - take me, I'm yours. He unbuttoned my coat out of which he has opened my lacy outfit.
- You are adorable! - He said, and touched my breasts.
My nipples are already standing even more tense. Not undoing her bra he freed my breasts that he immediately embraced his hands. It was so nice. Poslyunyavil thumb and index finger of his right hand he took my nipple. I can not describe the bliss that came over me. He tugged at it, twisting, delayed not stop kissing me on the neck. I began podkashivatsya legs when he was biting my neck, sending shivers all over my body. He turned me over his back and put it on a high couch. I did not know what it can be to wait, I have never had anal sex and so I was scared. But he knelt and kissed my cheeks, holding my hands. Then he pulled my wet thong aside, without removing them, and douse my pussy hot breath. Because I broke groan. His hot breath makes me hitherto unprecedented bliss. Pridvinuvshis, close to my pussy, he began to drive his tongue up and down, licking her with all, what my soaked panties. Pushing hands widened my buttocks, he began to involve itself in my lips and played with them plunging his tongue. I were tears of happiness. I have not held back from me rend scream.
Then he switched to my clit and did the same. I could no longer say anything, and just lying lips and clenched teeth. his language did all sorts of shapes around my clitoris causing shivers in me. He had a large hooked nose, and when he caressed my clitoris lips, his nose with his breath tickled my lips. It was delicious. I could not hold back any longer and sticking his ass in a hint of glory for the continuation. But it was not there. He slowly began to introduce his fingers into the vagina to me. First one, then just three. I found all of my G-spot and began to massage her all the more pressing to the pubic bone. I oozed like a fountain with its chaotic movements of the fingers inside me. Accompanying all this smacking sounds made by my vagina, I was brought to the madness. Then Slava began cranking out their fingers inside me. I took a breath and involuntarily began to push. My vagina and decreased by an even greater friction ...
The explosion that I experienced is impossible to describe in words. Daylights, dizziness and lack of air in the lungs. Well, I was lying on the couch. Juices, istorgshiesya of me seemed pushed Slavin hand from me. Finally, I catch my breath and turned over on his back. I would like to thank this person for, for all this. His pants could not hide what lay behind them. I knelt down and rubbed his groin. His beat shiver. Unbuttoned his pants tight swimming trunks broke OH. It was a handsome fifteen centimeters tall unspoiled circumcision. Vienna around his trunk convulsively twitching in rhythm with him. It was a fascinating spectacle. I gently put her arms around his hand and began to draw off the skin from the head. It was revealed slowly, as if reluctantly, exposing my eyes my head all covered with the released grease. I gently licked the tip of the head so as to lick a drop of jam from the corner of his mouth. Glory groaned. Then I folded bow lips and pulled it as tight-fitting underwear on the head of his penis. I felt a twitch veins in my mouth. Hand I took up the very foundation member, and began to produce his mouth in parts, not though. On the head, I stopped and began to play language. I drove them in a clockwise and counter-clockwise. Tickle the small hole in the head. Hand I took his balls and toyed with their rolling without forgetting traversed tongue along the barrel. Then I felt like it fell on the eve of the eruption of the scrotum. I grabbed the penis and began to make the longitudinal motion of substituting his mouth under his head. Substituting bridle under the tongue as if I made a bridge on which will drain the sperm. But what happened was far from my idea. The first flow of sperm hit me right in the throat, the second hit me on the cheek, the third eye, and then she ran down the language to me. It was hot and tastes tart, but pleasant. I licked and sucked all of the head, and then with itself.
His cock began to fall and twitch from the blood flow. Glory does not stand on his feet, he leaned on the couch. The absence of his sighs with all this could be explained only by the fact that he had filched breath. From all this, I started up again and finally took off his shirt. Now I clung to his chest and began to nibble his nipples. He could not speak with emotion. He took my hair in his hands and tugged them. I, meanwhile, went down lower and lower to the groin where I was in for a surprise in the form of rising handsome to me to a meeting. Again he was ready to fight. But now the glory did not give him to play. He got up from the couch and put me on the stomach. I was waiting for the continuation of sticking out the ass. He gently parted the buttocks and began to strike his handsome to me. The heat emanating from it stirred up my whole body. Finally, his head came in contact with my lips and began to slowly enter me. The feeling that I came through and fills it was indescribable. His head is pulled right up to the neck and stopped there. He began flowing movements back and forth, and I began to moan. All this he reinforced the fact that with one hand took me by the chest and the other reached for the pubic area. And all this he caressed. I had a feeling that he's around me and within me. He quickened his pace so that his cock flew and flew out of me like a piston in a cylinder at high revs. So that his cock was beating me in the neck. I screamed.
He stopped and brought out my dick, with smacking sound, and flipped me on my back. Now I could see with my own eyes. He sent his cock hand to me in the vagina because it is too high up on the ... Bullies voltage. When introduced, the member began to rub against the pubic bone from the inside, you enter me into unconsciousness. Glory took my feet in his hands and pulled his groin, so that when it moves his testicles began to beat on me. I have not held back and screaming in what was urine. And then he gave me all the things that held so far. Our moan merged into one. He collapsed panting on me. Remembering that time, I still run shivers with excitement.

Caught in the "crime scene "

Brandon returned home to one in the morning. He was absolutely calm. He did not have no restrictions: his parents were in Las Vegas - his father was summoned to work and her mother went with him. Opening the door, he tried not to make noise, but was confident that both his sister, Ellen fifteen and fourteen-year-Christie were asleep. Brandon was the oldest in his 18. Brandon pulled out of the fridge Coca-Cola and flopping down on the couch, I turned on the TV. He wanted to know how to play his favorite team.
- "Damn, again lost - assholes, " he thought. Brandon switched to another channel, which showed the Jerry Springer show. The topic was the show, "Guess why I'm a stripper?" Brandon saw a beautiful woman to take off her clothes under the gaze of his friends. He felt a stirring in his pants. "Release it out, man, " Brandon thought to himself. Brandon sat back and began to masturbate cock through shorts. "God, she's beautiful". Even though the image of women's breasts was unclear, Brandon can present them in a normal way.
Finally, Brandon took off his shorts with his left hand and began to masturbate right. Sitting on the couch, he moved back and forth, like fucking a woman on the screen. Gritting his dick, he imagined that woman with the screen sucks him. He increased the tempo. He could feel his balls beat his own thigh. Brandon was close to orgasm. He felt his balls swelled. His hand moved faster and faster. Already in the third minute of his masturbation, Brandon rooted stream of hot semen on his own belly. "ooh", Brandon gasped, feeling subsides voltage from the entire body. Now Brandon was ready to go to sleep.
Morning came, and Brandon went to the bathroom. Opening the door, he heard the sound of water.
- "Heck, " he thought, "Who is there?"
- "This is - I, Brandon." He knew that it was Ellen.
- "Well, hurry up, " He shouted Brandon. Then Ellen came out of the shower. He looked at his sister's figure. Many times he had heard from others that his sister developed body. Brandon knew that his sister was quite attractive. He looked at her firmer breasts. Not wanting to look like a pervert, Brandon Ellen gave her a towel.
- "Thank you, what time did you come back last night?" she asked.
- "I think for an hour or so".
- "Yes, I heard you were back, " Ellen said with a grin.
- "What do you mean?" Brandon asked.
- "Nothing".
- "Hurry up, I also want to take a shower, " he asked impatiently. He had a reason for that. Looking at the size of the breast Ellen poured apple, Brandon felt some excitement, and he did not want her to see his hard dick, acting under the shorts. But it was too late, Ellen noticed his protruding member.
- "Of course, I'll hurry, so you do what you have to do, " Ellen said, wrapped in a towel and went out the door. Brandon stood stunned second and climbed into the shower.
- "God, she had good breasts, and this ass ..." he thought to himself. His cock stood up again. He should have been relieved. He lathered soap hand and began to masturbate again. This time, he was not thinking about television women, and his sister. Brandon imagined how fucks her right there in the shower. He did not hear the door open and entered Christie.
- "Brandon?"
Brandon stood in the shower, like a deer blinded by headlights.
- "What?"
- "Are you okay?" I asked Christie.
- "WHAT?"
- "You feel bad? Painfully? Why are you screaming?"
- "Get out, I release a shower in a minute, " Brandon felt a rush of blood. His cock was half nervous, and his sister had just caught him masturbating occupation. After graduating, he went out of the shower and went to his room to put on shorts and a T-shirt. "Damn! What the hell, this will be followed? At first, my sister sees me excited, then my younger sister heard how I masturbate ..." As soon as Brandon came down the stairs - he knew immediately what will happen next.
- "Holy shit! What are you watching? Where did you get it?" Brandon threw a bullet to the TV. Ellen and Kristy watched him masturbate last night on video! Brandon went to the video recorder and turned it off. Ellen and Kristy laughed, sitting on the couch.
- "Finish laugh, who recorded it on tape?" Brandon asked.
Ellen said, "This we took. Every night you go home and masturbate. We would like you to write on the tape. " They laughed even more.
- "Have you ever recorded on film before me?"
- "No, this is - for the first time, but we do not mind to stay in you again, " Christie's said.
- "Wait a minute, you've seen me before?" Brandon asked.
- "Yes, we see. Every night this week, when you come home, you masturbate, while we watched. You do not even know?"
- "NO, I would not have done it if I knew that you are looking at, " Brandon was very angry and nervous.
Ellen said Brandon, "Listen to Brandon, do not be shy. We also both masturbate. Just think, I care. We just thought it would be fun to write you on film. Frankly, I do not know how Christie, but I went and masturbated right after recording. Almost a year ago, Kristi Masturbates caught me and I taught her how to masturbate. What is this?" Brandon was in shock.
- "Brandon, nothing terrible has happened, in addition, one way or another, we know that you were in the shower a minute ago, and jerked his cock, " Christy added. At that time, Ellen got up and went back to a VCR.
- "Brandon, we like it. So you do not get angry, I have something to show you. " Ellen turned to the TV and began to take off her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were totally excited. She stood next to the TV, watching Brandon Fingering. She stroked his chest, squeezing the nipples starting to moan. Kristy and Brandon watched her carefully.
- "You see, Brandon, there is nothing wrong to be excited and to strive to lose the excitement. So?" All that Brandon could say was "Wow!" His eyes were glued to the nipples sister, she continued to massage. She bent down and took off her shorts and panties, showing her gorgeous ass and vagina protruding mound. She sank to the floor, kneeling, still looking like Brandon ends up on TV. She stuck her finger in the vagina and began to moan when Brandon jet spewed his sperm on TV.
- "Oh - yes, it's so nice". Ellen turned to Christie.
- "Are you going to join me?" Christie leaned forward, no one has yet seen, she was rubbing her clit through pants.
- ..."Oh yeah!" Kristi tore her blouse and shorts and joined Ellen on the floor. Both girls were completely naked, masturbating right in front of Brandon. His cock stiffened so much that he was even hurt.
Both of his beautiful sister masturbate herself in front of him. Both girls are now groaning, introducing his fingers deep into her vagina.
- "About Brandon, join us, please, " Ellen said, looking at him.
- "Yes, Brandon, come here and join us".
Brandon was in shock. But he was not going to miss this event. Brandon stood up and started shooting shorts. Christie hurried him. She crawled on her knees to standing in front of her Brandon. Ellen fascinated watching them. Christy lowered his shorts and took in his mouth a member of Brandon.
- "Oh my God, " said Brandon. "Like this. Suck his dick, as I taught you, " Ellen said, hysterically breathing, moving your fingers in in his crotch. Christie eagerly completely sucked dick like a pro Brandon. Brandon was holding her head and sit down it on his penis deeper and deeper. Ellen crawled over to his sister and ran a finger into the vagina Christie. Christie joined the rhythm drochaschih fingers of his sister. Brandon watched with pleasure as the two beautiful girls doing it. Christie was close to orgasm. She pulled out of his mouth a member of Brandon with the sound of that, probably, the neighbors would hear.
- "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Christie yelled. Ellen cup hand, deeper I insert it into the vagina Christie.
- "Aaah!" Christie finished. Ellen looked at Brandon. "Would you like to insert his big cock in me?" she asked. Brandon could only nod in response. "Lie down on the floor". Brandon flopped onto his back. Ellen sat down on top of her back to him. "My vagina is the same wet, like your big cock, " Ellen smiled as he said it. She sank her dripping vagina to a member of Brandon. She spread her labia of the vagina to a member of the Brandon went into it more deeply.
- "Oh yeah, " Brandon and Ellen are both gasped as his cock penetrated deep through the lips of her vagina. She pressed harder. At first slowly, absorbing his cock to its full length. Brandon grabbed her hips and helped her move up and down. Ellen right hand began to masturbate her clit.
- "Give me, " Christie's said. Ellen smiled. Christie began to lick and suck the clitoris like Ellen expert. Ellen threw her head back. Brandon moved at a breakneck pace. Christie caressed his balls. His balls began to swell. Clitoris Ellen began to pulsate. They both were close to orgasm. He took out his penis, and Christy took it into his mouth. Hips Ellen was still twitching from the orgasm, while Christie merged in the mouth cum Brandon. Christie Ellen kissed, so she, too, could try cum Brandon.
There was an awkward pause, broken by Brandon. "Well, well, parents will not be home until tomorrow. Tonight should be fun". They all laughed.


Of course, I was not quite indifferent to what it looks like, but first of all I was interested in his penis. I imagined it in all sorts of angles, standing and still not ready to fight when he lies peacefully on hefty eggs. Really soon I'll suck someone's farm? I have almost the first time in my life my knees trembled and thought ran with excitement and nerves, when I was riding the subway on our first meeting. At the last moment some negotiations on the internet, I was afraid and wanted to give up the game, but Alex insisted, saying: "Come now, and then have sperm in eggs stagnant". The thought that soon it spilled sperm in me, probably in my mouth, I immediately agreed.
Learning that again, Alex humanely suggested to me such a relationship, that maybe I'm too hurry and how far I am ready to go, I reassured him by saying that sex would expect. He caught the car and here we are sitting in a small bar baths known for its interesting direction.
My partner 33 years old and eleven years older than me. He took over a beer, but I do not to alcohol, I was still shaking and everything seems unreal. We are sitting in one of the towels loincloths. Twilight, there are almost no people. Suddenly, his hand penetrates under the towel and touches my penis. I'm still not excited and Alex says that going to the sauna yet. I hesitate to touch and feel the response readiness hand Leschi. Terrific. Gently touch his stick to its roots, a little touch of the testicles. Alex says: "Now let's go". I have the same standing on end.
We go into a small room with a single light bulb and a large wooden shelf. Warm, but not stuffy. Suddenly Alex attracts me and kisses on the lips. This is so unexpected! I answer. I do not think that men kiss is not worse than the female. Towels are flying to the floor, and then, finally, I can see the object of my dreams in all its glory. I kneel and begin to kiss him, then take in the mouth. "You will prompt me how?"- I ask. "more". I suck his cock, trying to swallow it deeper, sometimes take out, lick the head, bridle, start licking his balls.
Alex called me on the shelf. We lie very close to touching the bodies, I feel his hot breath, he gently caresses me. One of his hands touching my ass. Spreading Her massirauet and anus. My cock is ready to burst from the strain. How nice. I understand that my lover will not be enough just oral sex, but I do not care. He turns me back to him and continued to caress. His finger has got me in the ass and vengeance are operating there. Suddenly, Alex rolls over and starts licking my anus. Oh how good and how embarrassing! But then he turned again. I found his lips and kissed it. I feel that he put my ass your dick. "Relax". He is persistent. It hurts. "Oh, Mama!". "Relax your muscles and do as you want in the long" He does not move. I try to follow his advice, but still ass off. Again move. On how much he has already entered? Another push. Now through. A feeling of fullness. From the thoughts in which I'm excited to the limit position. Yes, I am ready to suffer. Sam begin to sit down on his dick. It hurts, but it captures. He touched my penis and began to masturbate while shoving in my own. Just do it. For a long time I could not hold back. Ass is also beginning to decline, I twitch and moan. While I have not yet recovered, Alex turns my stomach, bend your knees asking. Protrude ass. He again gets into me. It hurts. But he was not paying attention to my moans and attempts to roll over. Bore down on me and begins to literally fuck the piston some machines. The pain is unbearable! Suddenly he accelerated again. "Ahh .." I feel that it ends. Cum in me! How good, but it hurts! Hurry, he already left.
After that, our meetings have become regular. We will examine one after the other sauna. I was embarrassed, because pay for everything Alex. In the evening he catches the car and takes me to fuck and happy towards the house.
I remember one time when we came to the next sauna and we were met by a woman of 45. "Relax, boys." That only she had not seen. On the sheet was issued to us, we go and start looking around. Three rooms, big living room, a swimming pool and a private sauna. Undressing. Very soon, our dicks are. Alex takes my cock in hand and rubs it on his own. Handsomely. We are beautiful. I feel it is a man, despite the fact that the stele in front Leshoy like a whore. We go to the sauna. I take the cross, as the metal starts to heat up and lose it. I kneel down and climb up his head under the bench. Where it rolled? Ops. My Lord wastes no time and begins to wet my hole. It is not to search. It is part of me and starts dryuchit. Virtue booty. This time Alex did not hurry to finish. His cock kneads my insides. Yes, it's hot and narrow. For two weeks he did not dolt my anus. Usually it is limited to a maximum of two of the trachea for the evening. I would have survived longer. That accelerated his movements and he affectionately calls me by my name. Hand satisfying themselves. We end almost at the same time - I'm a little earlier. Alex goes back to my worn out. I'm lowering my eyes and see a cross. Found!
We had a long chat about the meaning of life, he tells me stories and dedicates me to the point of view of the reality around us. Sometimes he bore, something that it annoys me, but a lot of his words is instructive and interesting.
I also remember the case when he took me to a meeting with a friend from Moscow, guy years 28mi. With him he had not had sex (at least so said Alex me) and they were talking mostly about business. The conversation began in a small restaurant in the city center. I felt, and was, as it were, a woman Leschi. I do not interfere in the conversation, only occasionally making little comments. I ogle his friend and waited. That evening Mr. Lesch has fucked me and I really wanted. Alex offered to go to the public bath, and a certain sense all three of us went there. There, we pomstilis to start in the pool, but did Mr. Leschine familiar succumbed to our mild pranks. He shirked from the dance, and soon embrace us Leshoy was not up to it. We got out of the pool and went to the shower. There is on the one hand is not fenced and our intercourse was seen in all its glory. I bent under the jets of warm water, and my master took me standing. I am particularly excited familiar presence Leschi. I would gladly substituted his hole and his cock, but alas, I was disappointed. That evening, we parted with him.
The Secret Life of a pretty painful, I dreamed up while at home all sorts of reasons to go - then I go to the other, then the girl. It was May, we walked through the streets, it was an adventure and it is coming to an end.
In addition to sex, my lover taught me to be a breakdown of life and self-centered. However, this knowledge I tried on himself. I thought it was an interesting experience and compulsory, but still have me and attracted to girls, and my first man gave me all he could. In many ways it did not suit me. He was married and had a son, but he wanted to meet with me on a daily basis. Many of my imagination, he could not meet, for example, he never finished in my mouth, as oral sex, he said, it is practically not enjoy.
Two years passed. I have a wife that I love, a daughter recently. But sometimes there are ulterior motives of the men want to meet, to carry out their wildest fantasies and bring them pleasure. The main thing for me now is the health of my family, I myself am absolutely healthy, and what you want.
I will be glad ... the letters of men from St. Petersburg.


I was only 14 years old and I knew that's what it comes to sex. She, Natasha neighbor girl of about 6 -7 ... Why is that she did not have girlfriends and she always swam near us boys and we even asked to take it into their games. Of course, we often chased her, will not we play with every malyshn¸y our men's games .. The first time I called her that his eye in the summer, but do not remember why I wandered alone in the yard and of course she was there, I asked it is not whether it wants to play with me on that she immediately agreed, I immediately said that we play the adult game, I really wanted to see that remain in her panties ... And she agreed to play with me at all that only I want .. This course suited me at 100. not far from our yard has been building and we have moved back, and when logged in at some angle to us nobody saw her, I said that now we will play father and mother and will do children .She said, and from what we do we do? I said that this is the case for naroshke say and that she must first show me your pussy just before giving the floor that no one ever tell you about how we will deal with .. She nodded again, and immediately raised his platiytse showed what her rosy panties. .Because it prispustila them and I saw the plump folds of her child pisyushki ... it was nice to my kid, I certainly got up and quietly put it in a vertical position so that it was more convenient. I asked that she even took off her panties and sat down as if she wants to write, Natasha obediently done everything I asked and squatted herself looking at her to reveal pussy .. I too sat down next to her and said that now I will touch it .. . I touched a finger to the first one and then the other to the crease, then touched the clitoris peas and spent on the hole ... and then what do we do she asked, I said that she sat on the ass on the lying near the box and pushed the wider legs, then she took fingers of their little sponge and spread them apart and I admire ... and she again obediently did everything and I sat on his haunches in front of a finger and touched her pussy .. Oh how I wish, too, to get the kid here and masturbate in front of her but something a little shy the first time .. then I remembered that in my pocket is a ballpoint pen, and I took it and it became poslyunyaviv insert it in the hole ... Natasha looked curiously like a pen almost half entered its pisyushku, it was cool to look at it as more like a jerk, and I probably would have done so if not for some noise at the construction site spugnuvshy us and we quickly ran away from there almost Natasha managed to pull himself back panties .. I said that at other times will continue our game and picked up again with her word that she did not tell anyone anything ...
The next time we climbed it in the attic of our house, there was a smell of damp and hot but I was sure that no one we can not prevent, the door was locked from the inside .. In a corner lay a whole shock of hay on it any rags, so I quickly built something like cot and then said to Natasha completely undressed and lay legs apart ... She asked if I would again insert her pussy handle, and then spoke at home washing in the shower inserts his finger hole first and then went to bed when sleep took from the table a pen and also inserts it until near the end ... from these stories, my baby just got here and Natasha saw him and asked what it taoke sticks between my legs ..
I said that girls and boys holes pisyuny and that when the adults play pisyuny become large and then they tuck the girls in the hole .. Then I lowered his pants with shorts delivered her baby and showed it to Natasha .. She looked at his mouth agape, probably represented as a so thick stick is to get into her narrow pussy. I just said that it is still small and will grow when the hole and there will be more and now we're just going to play for naroshke ... to make it easier, I also removed the pants along with shorts, Natasha also continued to look at the standing member .. And you can touch it ? She asked, and I certainly allowed, but I and most like it that she touched his palm. It was a cool feeling when she touched it I showed how to do so I was pleased, it was a clever girl, and a minute later it all in my masturbate and I baldel pleasure .... I asked that she spread her legs a little wider and put her in his pussy finger, ear as it was cool, I wanted to do, and quickly ran out of course after a while I zastrekotal sperm of her entire palm .. Natasha at first frightened November said that she went on, and when the sperm stopped publishing explained to her that when the liquid gets into pussy women and the children receive, but it does grow on this course ... our game is over, but only until the next time ... The next time she came to my house, I was alone and he was going to have to do things you love, masturbate and then she came .. I spent in her room and said that she undressed, then put it on the bed and showed how to stroke her pussy so that was nice, but apparently her clitoris was not yet sensitive to watch but it was still cool like a girl fingering on your bed, I also pulled the pants and began to masturbate, then I lay down on it, and asked that she squeezed his legs, and now my baby rested in her pussy and I began to move it, it was fun, I felt that now I finish and at the last moment I got up again and Natasha parted legs, I Framed member into her hole and began to finish there ... Sperm were many, and not all of it together in her hole which then became part of the go between us, but still very There were many vnutri..I her as soon as I got up I saw a stream began to come out of its hole, Natasha, too, stood up looking like it flows and flows down her legs ass ... I quickly brought some rag and wiped her bed and ... this ended another game ... another time, we were playing in the yard and I saw Natasha ran to the corner where the bushes grow and where usually all ran to write, I called her and went after her, I said that I want to see she pees, she smiled and took off her panties sat down, I said that she spread her legs wider so that I could see better .. she started writing and I squatted watched beats trickle out of her pussy, my baby just got up and I immediately I took it began to masturbate right in front of Natasha, when she had finished she stood up took his palm and he went and I was a little bent out of her looked like a little pussy dripping, that's how I ended once again ...
Well, the last time we played with Natasha, and even I alone .. And it was already winter. He lived with me in the neighborhood kid, Sergei, a couple of years he was younger than me and we used to play chess with him when better to do it was not that, Well, I'm calling him and he does not open, I hear that the door who it is, well, Wait a moment think he will receive me after a while opens up all red, but look behind him Natasha marking and dress corrects for yourself, well, I think it is clear what you're playing here .. Okay, let's say the conspirators, I will also continue to participate .. . Seryoga zaotnekivalsya soon as Natasha dur¸ha delighted immediately platiytse off his pants and took off at the same time, left in a T-shirt ... Okay, let's say for a start in shahmatishki play but not in a simple but special .. They put us on board with chess themselves boarded floor but also put a chair next to him Natasha planted so that she Todzha legs on a chair set so spread out wider, so we played and admired ... and so it began, and then I came up with it when someone else will beat someone else figure that this figure Natasha should his pussy shove .. So did when I broke a pawn Seregin I gave it to Natasha and she was there ... it is stuck itself to the very foot, it was fun to look at this horse ... Even she grunting managed to cram themselves. .. then I got bored and I said let's get fucked, let's let Natasha nodded and S¸r¸ga hesitated again but I showed him the fist and it was a strong argument..Natashka lay down on the couch and spread her legs and we were faced with it, and I am the first and then looking at Seryoga me and dropped his pants. We stood and held their pisyuny .. I Seryoga member was almost half less than me and thinner, too, I said that even if he tries that should have ... He protested at first but I was again threatened, and he offered her baby to the hole Natasha , briefly move the booty he said that does not work, then I said, that must be well lubricated with saliva and spat on his hand smeared hole nats and Seryoga spat on his smeared his penis, exposing him again and a little pushing, I saw how he was come, first only the head and then more and more, it was something, in general, in a moment all his cock in her hiding in a hole. I asked Natasha, like you, is not sick? She shook her head and began to pull Seryoga and again insert his penis ... first time I watched as fuck, and it was something I even stopped to masturbate his penis until it was interesting .. After a while Seryoga wheezing and twitching ending in Natasha and then pulled out a member of embarrassed and ran into the other room, I admired both of Natashkiny holes flowed sperm and I also really wanted to try .. I approached her, put his dick in her pussy and then took her by the waist and began to try to insert it. . but inside her. Probably fucking with Sergey stretched her hole and the whole semen she was well oiled and the excitement I was not a member of the full, so that all these factors played into my hands but rather to a member ... So my dick is already fully inside, it does not compare with what masturbation, its narrow pisyushka tightly compresses it, and I'm starting to move them back and forth, and Snack Snack, heard only as squelching her pussy, I close my eyes in pleasure and cum in her Uhhh .... this is something I step back and see how the red of her pussy follows now my sperm ...
Here's a true story, after the times I no longer played with Natasha, and even when they met only nodded to her, I admit it was a little uncomfortable even probably felt guilty ...

After party

I met Vika accident. In the night club. She was not very sober, I especially. We were not very romantic, almost immediately went to me. I have a one bedroom apartment. As I have already said, we were not very sober.
But we have gone, Vick said he knew what came to me. But this does not mean that I will get what I want. She said she would be interested in sex, as she wants.
-Undress, -prikazala it.
I was completely naked. She examined me and said:
-I want to be mistress today, memorable! My pussy you call pisya, a member of his dick. Mess, punish!
I like an obedient puppy agreed.
She ordered to lie down on his back and began to me. Vic parted lips, and ordered to lick the clitoris. I like to lick it became sumasschedschy. Vick, dragged more and more, and finally ordered a drink that will flow all. I did so, Vic told me that always write when ends, and always wanted to be that the boy took. We spent 3 days, Vick made me what I wanted. I sucked on her fingers, legs, pussy, ass. I was handcuffed. I had to obey. She came to my mouth and I licked her pussy. But it was not enough and she invited her friend.
I was confined to bed by handcuffs, and Vic said that I would lick her and her friend. Naturally I agreed. Then began an orgy. Girls fucked me as I wanted to lick them, they end up in my mouth. In the end I stood with cancer and licking pussy Vika and her friend ebala my ass dildo. Then she told me to lick her dildo. To do this, she took my cock and brought to the floor:
-Lie down - she ordered.
To be continued...

Foot fetish: the winner

10.05.2004 Mr.
ABOUT! ! Female legs, about you, beloved, I am ready to write endlessly Once upon a time two abnormal subject: I, at the age 20-21goda and she bit younger. Met. The pretty girl, not hand-written beautiful and ugly, German, now permanent residence in Germany. But then it was quite serious, even the wedding it was. The love-dislike, but the relationship was on full blast and somehow immediately switched from platonic to frank. No dominance I did not have it ever, it is, in my opinion, does not even know about my "cockroaches". Or maybe I guess, but keep quiet. But there was a girl one passion: adored her beautiful legs, right now I would say - a definite fetish. All scholarship went on stockings and shoes, miniskirts, creams and lotions. Well, when I was against it, only - for. Do you want to make a gift - get beautiful sandals and gave her. Sitting somehow almost night on the bench Mila, and she asks her feet to kiss. Herself! Well, that persuaded when I myself want. I get up on one knee, and went to the process. And then - already obtselovany legs at each "close" communication. Pedicure then considered not quite respectable luxury, so she painted nails, at first colorless, then silver, pearly or rosy varnish that is not much in the eyes brosalis.A then one of her relatives brought from abroad polish with glitter, then only -only he appeared in Europe, such zh¸ltovaty kisel¸k in vials well and densely zolotinki swim. Everyone wanted nakrasili everything possible. But I liked the smell of varnish and polish on the freshly painted claw - all cool. Then blushing posirenevee, and after that the whole colorful power. We make love, always waiting, whispering: - Honey, do not forget about the legs "Dear" is certainly not ungrateful pig - do not forget!. Then fate separated us, she went to Germany, I spun Institute. Then he met, she was already married. There, in Germany, but here is wound periodically. Pedicure - upper class, comparable to the one sharmovoy lady from Kiev. Our relations have remained close, friendly. I ask - how - Cool sex to-ceiling windows, but kissing feet shrink, and you know how I love how my plant became we had to keep the Council, thought, thought different options?!. Uehala.Proshlo two years, drew back, her husband privezla.- accustom says, kissing, regulyarno.Ya ask - what took .- And said - he was not the child's face until I receive that joy?. And fell in love with her husband, sdalsya.I last - she was here, now, in March, on a joint of both the anniversary of a mutual friend to us, I invited her to dance, ask about the "grave" life in a foreign land. She: - It is now mine, shoes, remove their shoes, feet kisses, wash at night, with the foot in the mouth ends, orders for pedicure makes for color and composition. Satisfied, he asks! And I also condition it stavlyu.Pozdravil her victory.

Who are the judges?

In lyudyahne so ridiculous the qualities they possess, like the ones on which they pretenduyut.Fransua Rochefoucauld
A wholly-owned Mister -plamennym bortsams homosexuality -posvyaschaetsya
Behind my laugh:"Pidaras it! Cock!" -
tychutpaltsami my back"Mister hundred percent".
Anniversary and after the mat, as if ...
vinovatpered like them in some way I ...
Well, listen to me,
Sometimes if I want to love - about the blue! -you, "Mister", Gossip,
that in practice this means ...
Veddolzhny also be reasons to adult males -
not naive youths, without end its kontsyublazhayuschie ...
No, lads in the dawn of years! -Returns again vnovk etoyteme:
nelyubovk "homosexual-motherfuckers"declaring loudly, while the uncle and then narodeto homo-fobyat:
-prezritelno who laughs ...
who relish -gubami drochitslovo stupid"pituh"-
homo-fobyat uncle loud, contemptuous again and again ...
That such a dislike ...
And in fact?
Maybe homophobia MUZHELOZHATETI Uncle? ..
Interesnepoddelen! OBS * replaces the light in the window,
Anniversary and they, like gnats on maleyshiyogon¸k -
relish, and along the blue poper¸kosuzhdayut -obsuzhdayut their heat ...
And -from these razgovorovpotom come to uporav boring wife
... if the kid in the ass! .. And -What hotter homophobia, the zhelatelneevhodyat ...
Amusing picture! ..
Noskazhi him: "Mister, you - latentnyypederast!" -
onobiditsya ... and give that kind, in the neck -
and -neproydennoy dorogoyto kept dyadibredyat ...
Revered b luchsheFreyda! ..
You, comrade, the root behold:
And often the sisters etihodyat close ... we are not children, and - you have to understand:
povtoryatslovo stupid for no reason "cock"hardly budetkto something ...
uh, homophobia tykak relish ... but - it's not so straightforward as you think, asshole ...
some dislike ... Tacna is!
Maybe right, better to be bisexual than procrastinate and procrastinate?
Like someone you captive, and you all over again ...
...snovapro and me - about the blue! -neustanno say ...
"Pidaras!" -I stigma ...
and -in circle of friends-podrugne ceases your laughter ...
uh, condemned as "muschinanastoyaschy"...
noprichinyZigmund Freydd and MR revealed:
perverted gomofilty, comrade -
to behold root: lyubvitebe subconsciously want to ...
yes! That's why drudgery that love passes,
and -besnueshsya you visibly and -Tom tydushoy ...
and -with the word "blue"you start to worry:
the -prezritelno laugh ...
-to penetrate the details: condemning, discuss ...
Homophobia? To summarize:
! Perverted muzhelozha fu ... .. you homophobia aloud, think: you yourself -NOT pituh?
Dyadiknigi -dyadi do not read do not know -
dyadyamhochetsya sometimes love - about the blue! -pokalyakat-gossip ...
perverts, not otherwise.
(Winter 1995-96).

Do not train came

My name is Sergey, I'm 30 years old and I am married. Once I returned from the country to the city, we had to go to work at the weekend, his wife waited my return to our house, and I went to the station. It was the end of November, was bitter cold, and the train did not come as luck. I had to stand in the wind and wait for the next one. Except for me on the platform stood a woman about 50 years, pretty good-looking for his age. Tall, stately guessed under the sheepskin coat slim figure.
Before the train was 40 minutes and after a pause, she said:
- And today is not hot.
- Yeah. I replied.
Soon we were talking, before the arrival of the train we were able to discuss the latest news from the Ukraine, weather as well on the sea and much more. When, finally, let us train in the warm car we sat in one compartment, and continued the conversation.
And Balti Jaam, is already in the vestibule, where everything is gathered at the output it imperceptibly, reached out and touched my groin. And I broke through I suddenly unbearably wanted it, so that in the street, I certainly agreed to go to a cup of coffee with cognac, (you're so cold, young man, you need it). Tatiana lived, and her name was on the next street Shkapina, so that after 10 minutes we were in her apartment. As soon as we took off robe, went into the room, I was literally attacked her, began kissing her passionately, tearing clothes. She also dug his lips to mine, and after a few moments, I threw it on the sofa and without any foreplay, abruptly drove his penis into her vagina expiring juice. Our first sex was very passionate but short-lived, we were too excited for long games. Within 10 minutes we were in an embrace, and my hand slowly traveled down her body. Indulging caresses, we had a leisurely conversation, I learned that Lena is 55 years old, she is a widow. I must say that her body was just amazing, graceful, elegant, medium-sized breasts, but the ideal form with funky nipples. It turns out it is a hefty portion of their income spent on shaping and cosmetologists, so that nothing more under her velvet skin is not delayed. Not dressed, we went to the kitchen, drank brandy, and I soon realized that I want it again. I hugged Lena, and we began to kiss, our tongues played dance of passion in her mouth, my hands squeezed her magnificent ass. We were back on the couch, Lena lay on her back, and I began to massage her chest, stroking her stomach, thighs, my fingers got into her pussy. Lena was breathing hard, her nipples harden, finally, removing my hands, she put me on his back and leaned over my member. I felt her plump lips encircled my head and my cock sank into the moist heat of his mouth. After some time, the unearthly pleasure, she let go of him and sat down on top of me, I saw a delightful picture - a woman of unearthly beauty strung on my stone penis. I reached out and began to massage her nipples, stroking her ass crease. Soon she moaned, and at that moment my code sperm rough stream filled her she screamed, fell on me and I felt like she was shrinking, squeezing inside my shooting end.
- Wait that's not all.
She said, catching his breath, standing with me, she sat her pussy on my face and offered to lick her. I do not try this, but agreed, and I liked it, especially the unusual combination of taste it was grease and my sperm flowing out of the depths of her right on my tongue.
Finally we got up and went into the bath, where we took a shower together and vytershis were back in the kitchen. During the night we had sex three more times in the morning, squeezed like a lemon, I hurried to work. This night is not just passed and we occasionally meet, but do not believe it and have sex with his wife became more passionate and frequent. I am very grateful that no train had come for a meeting with Lena.

Boy from next door

Happiness mo¸seroglazo nonchalantly smokes ... "LM" and laughing excitedly, -
not talking about the mortal and eternal happiness in the lives next door.
Rubbish shall ... With friends besedkepo evenings sitting on the bench ...
and, although our meetings are not rare -Meetings random! - does not speak
heart emuobo me no syllable ... ... we meet razmin¸msya -
Again, I think about it - again and snovavoobrazhayu our love ...
Mentally vizhuvecher rainy ... pouring rain outside the window ...
I'll open the door, and he will say:"Hi..."And - smiles:"I am yours..."
Next he lives next door -to ...
th and again until the morning did not go to sleep ...
Well, why ... why do not we together? Well, why not? why?!