His letter-¸¸

Hello my sweetheart naughty! Hello my Leff!
You're going to write such a letter to me every day. For that I was terribly excited. Yes, I'll write you such a letter, but only when considered necessary (perhaps several times a day), and you'll be waiting for them. For what would you yourself zhelela THEN you has got me so. I need something about what you write, you have no idea how! Can not imagine, but I need the most insane! I want to suffer from the sweet excitement, anticipation and expectations of Lion passion.
And here the fun begins
... Oh, how I wanted to hug her, kissing her hard, passionately zharko.Kak I miss your hugs and kisses. I left out in front of her, kissing her zhivotik.Da, I see you, hold your hand tightly her hips, so she did not move, so that did not escape. Get the thin fabric of her trusikov.O-on is such a crazy thing, panties, this is the only obstacle ostavschihsya that a veil that hides zhzhelannoe place. I want to break them, but they emphasize the hip line, they are so gentle that you still enjoy the second piece of fabric on the coveted body. Kiss her mound, leaving wet kisses on translucent fabric. Biting the advancing mad passion of its hump, otodvinu this barrier. Oh my god that's ona.Nakonets something you got to it. This wet and hot. I mmedlenno gently, barely touching it, spend it on the tongue. God, I'm a failure, be lost in the abyss of what I feel. All my receptors are there to feel every movement of your yazychka.M ... so sweet ... I can no longer stand it. I am deeply kiss her, pushing her tongue halves. I'll suck it klitorochik quickly schikocha his tongue. Yes, but I'll get into it, deeply deeply. Licking and drinking its juice. She is so juicy segodnya.Ya put her on her back, make, raise legs and knees pressed to his chest. It offers full access to my sentimental schelke.Ona yours, do whatever you want .. She likes everything you want .. I'm so excited that decency forgotten. I'm a beast, I Leff. ADORE!!! I kiss her again, lick, but rough, enjoying every kiss, every touch of his tongue in her hot lips. Paltz I will go into it and then lick the hot juice that awaits what is more inside. Yes, she is already faint from thirst for something more, more, sweet, opening the gates of heaven for Ne¸.Net more strength. I need togozhe itself. I want to feel it rotik.Ya pull out my impatient, burning with lust chlen.Kak I miss him (much more than anything else), as I want to say hello to him - you just can not imagine .. What would you with him now did, I would have been gentle, so affectionate, so playful ... She with mad eyes from pleasure, slowly immerse it in your mouth. About as prekrasno.Ona not afraid to hurt me. But it is pleasant. She is deeply swallowing my cock, then quickly moves it into the inside of your mouth, then with passion, open, sucks his head. I am ready to come, but vedya not moved to the very glavnomu.Ya zastovlyaet stop it. You it will be incredibly difficult to do, I nehochu away from him. I am moving around between wanting to do it with him, and to do it for him alone .. Giving it back and enter vnee ... Yes. I want you!!!

Blog bastard

This morning I looked to Alice. "Zhorzhik hello: I love you all morning waiting" - She sang immediately throwing off from itself short robe. I silently throw off his jacket, take off his shoulders tightening. Alice is hesitating. "And what are you looking at me like? Come suck quickly, little slut" - I snapped irritably. Obediently, she kneels down, unzips his pants and makes a great blowjob. It is certainly nice, but to humiliate the little whore to order more pleasant. "Do something you, bitch, do not know how!" - Has kindly I say. Then I take Alice's ears and just fuck in the mouth. She is trying hard to help me, and tongue, and lips. I throw ¸y in his mouth all that has accumulated over the week of abstinence. "Thank you, honey! Very, very tasty" - She says. I have to slap on the ass send her to cook me some coffee. "And quickly" - I throw her go.
Five minutes later I drink strong coffee, and she stands beside and looks enthusiastically. "So what stared back?" - I'm talking about - "You know well what to do". It again makes a blow job even better than the first time. I was already much better, and not below the belt presses and head gradually beginning to boil. "All right, bitch. Enough with you today. Flog, so I will not be: do not want to, you know?" - I summarize. "Zhorzhichek, cute, stay please take me:" - Umolyayushe she looks at me. And I do not say anything and I go to the kitchen. Who would have something cold, from the coffee too hot blow job stalo.A it creeps me on all fours along the way grabbing my legs, for hanging suspenders, I do not pay vnimaeiya. Under ALISIN tearful requests to stay take the bottle of cola, open, do a couple of sips: sweet much hell. Without hesitation oprokidvayu bottle standing on all fours Alice. She turns away, only zazhmurivaet eyes. Now it's all sweet and sticky. "Do not touch my pants" - Strictly speaking I told her. She looked forward to me. Now she's ready so I doused her everything would just stay and raped. "lick" - I reach out to her neck of the bottle. She strongly slobbering him probably realized that I had in mind. I abruptly thrust her ass bottle neck. I turn her on her back, and she spreads legs in different directions. "Zhorzhik, I beg you:" chokes Alice, and she has fucking his ass bottle. Dreaming, fool. I sit down on a chair stretch booted foot (I never Razuvaev Alice) to her wet lips of her vagina and begin to gently move them sole. Now she, too, had started to rub on my shoes. Meanwhile, I took out a shirt and light a cigar. She twitches still three minutes and ends violently. Alice leshit everything well with a bottle of the pope. "Thank you, George, dear, it was very sweet" - She lovingly looks at me.
"Enough for today" - I say, throwing a cigarette butt on the floor. Alice pulls out a bottle, fast licks Golyshko and crawls to the cigar stub. This time I've left her. She eagerly grabs the butt lips and starts to chew. "bon appetit, bitch" - I say gently and stroked Alice on her matted hair from the cola. I looked at my watch - eleven soon. Not a word about speaking wipe ALISIN robe stained cola hand, pounced on the shoulders lift, grab a jacket and leave slamming the door, and without saying goodbye.
The matter is in the evening, and I'm moving in the direction strongly needed or desirous of sex apartments, which we sidekick to remove any "Cumulative" Affairs. I opened the door with his key. "fucking Baston" - Involuntarily pulled me unprintable phrase. Again he then mass promenade. "Valera, fucking asshole!" - I shout. From somewhere smokescreen falls buhuschaya mug my sidekick. "George, what the hell:" - It does not finish uspevat - I had already tossed aside. At the table (and not only, but also to, and beneath it) is a motley company: the dregs of society like us Valerka, daubed obscene scantily clad lyarvy, zachuhannoy drugs (well of homeless people here are not dragged) in a corner are pretty beve guy woman - he she explains something. "Vecherika, over, gentlemen" - In all throat I shout. Hear a few. Two friends take kids in his arms on the girl cleaned with robust design matyugami. The remaining guests about one or two, I still push out. Well, finally Haza cleared of this fucking scum. my action Valera did not understand and went with someone from the so-called guest
For bed puffing, I just could not see a young girl sitting in the far corner on a small pillow. How is the creation of this company wormed only God knows. She hugged her knees and sat quietly crying. I sat next to, but he did it as a console or something to ask, but simply offered coffee. She lifted her tear-stained face looked at me and nodded no mention of any word. Opening the kitchen door (we deliberately made it very thick soundproof, because Valera loves partying, and I love to just relax in a peaceful atmosphere. And the kitchen just prednazanachen for me.) I saw a disgusting picture. On my couch sucks a fag in the other. And the one that the free mouth even had the audacity to say to me: "then staring? Get out from here". So I was angry then. I take out the baton Cop (left in memory of the work in the secret police) of the jacket. And with all this sucker punched urine melon on top. Then on the second eye. He first fell to the floor, and the second was writhing on the couch. I raised first by the collar, leaned against the wall a couple of times and charged baton to the groin, then cut down his blow to the neck so sure. The second has a started coming. I take him by the collar and throw into the room. And there is a little girl calmed down coffee sits waiting. She looks indifferently on the kitchen taking off the body.

My wife was a prostitute. A little bit

I am not the author of this piece in the full sense of the word.
Read, could not resist, I have added something.
How is it to you to judge.
Hey. I am 30 years old, called Arkady.
I live in the northern capital.
A normal kid.
The last ten years working in the same brigade.
I have half a dozen under the "bulls"And over his head - the chief and several of his deputies.
Kryshuem couple of markets on Okhta, warehouses, businesses ...
In short, with all the normal attendants.
Hatu bought Vasileostrovsky, villa under Sestroretsk ..
Two cars, Mears and Cruiser.
Five years ago, I married a classroom t¸lke. Irkoy call. She was then twenty.
Legs, Ass - everything as it should be, on the level. Model eshkin cat!
Lucky in bed - just a plague!
Kinder, however, has not yet acquired.
Ira says, they say, it's me, and it is supposedly healthy.
Well, to hell with them.
I do not want to rush this. A bad thing - not tricky, always have time to which our years!
But at Irki - except me no worries.
Devour cook, wash well and fuck - she is mistress!
But I did not indulge, keep in severity as the guys.
Mother to her at every opportunity. Especially - in bed.
Irke, strange to say, it is like.
I do not know that I torknulo, but recently I decided to Irkoy try group sex. On the side, of course, that I have long been satisfied, and there's a native wife wanted to ...
She first ohuel simply refused, but I know how to talk to her! Like, no later graters, markets will not be the full responsibility for the consequences to me. Ash tree stump, it is not!
In short, she agreed, but on condition that the third I will choose myself, but that it was a normal male. No belly, mustache and cockroaches in my head. I thought and thought and talked of Sanya - Young.
He's only nineteen and he was in the team the first year.
CCM boxing, not a chatterbox, normal kid, in short, is well suited for this business.
Once he told me drunk said that if Ira was not my wife, he would have raped her with pleasure. Like, like she did.
Shit, I almost decided to do it then!
But he, like, respectfully say so about Irku. Because not died.
In short, I chose the young. He hinted. At first he did not believe it.
Irku to fuck - me alone? Yeah, I say, Well, it do you like? Well!
In short, Young agreed, without any problems.
Irke said, get ready, it's in the ointment!
So, this weekend, in the evening we went to Sasha.
Apparently he liked Irke. And then! Under two meters tall, oblique seven feet at the shoulders, the muscles properly. Well, Ira, too, tried - look superseksualnuyu! Short black dress - just below the ass, bend - panties visible. High heels, pantyhose -setochka ... Her legs are long, appetizing - round riveting look of cleavage breasts stick out ... Hair Ira somehow -singularities clocked, this lush hair turned out. Sasha already prihuel little - this was stealing it cooked!
In order to start somewhere, we decided to drink wine and play cards on the strip.
We all lost by one.
The clothes piled in a chair. Soon already there and lay Irkin dress and our pants ... And even tights Irkin already there lay ...
We stayed with Sasha in his shorts, and his wife had worn specially for this occasion, translucent white, lacy panties and bra. Handsomely. Shit, these women know how to pack yourself!
Next con Ira lost and we offered her decide what to shoot. Ira stood silently in front of us, and Me-e-Slow so took off her panties.
And then I threw them carelessly into a chair ...
We Sasha slightly ofigeli!
Clearly, in women there is not a damn sticks, and my too, that there is something to consider as well - curly hairs and all the fun.
But the important fact - the woman without panties in front of the eyes of two men!
I looked at Sasha, and saw that he was such a picture for the soul, and its end is trying to escape from the pants.
He specifically wanted to fuck my wife! They began to play again.
Again Ira lost, removed her bra, and we saw her beautiful breasts with already hardened and stuck out like little bumps, nipples ...
Then I suggested that they say play it was no longer on that, it is necessary to bet ... oral sex. If I lose or
Sasha - we lizhem her if Ira lose - it sucks us.
Ira and Sasha agreed.
Soon Ira ... I lost.
Do not hesitate to Sasha, I asked my wife to sit in front of me on my knees and suck as long until I am done ...
Young looked at us admiring glance!
Still would! Ira sucks cool! Sucking and fingering hand - at the same time.
And with his other hand stroking the eggs ...
In short, I soon finished it in her mouth ...
She got up, wiped her mouth with a napkin, smiled at me ..
I winked at her, they say, come on, honey, and fulfilled all of our dreams!
So we continued to play and lost to Sasha Ira.
Ira looked at me, like, what to do?
"Suck, say, lost, girl!"
She got up from his chair, walked over to Sasha and stands like a tree.
Sasha does not know how to behave ... Bzdit me, of course.
Well, I left the room, such as not to disturb them, and waited.
With half an hour probably I waited three had cigarette smoke.
Waited ... I heard the creaking leather on the couch ...
I entered the room and saw a picture ... my wife lying on her back with her legs spread, and Sasha - is near and kisses and caresses her between the legs.
And his dick was in her mouth Irki!
I just blew off the tower on a picture! Member immediately stood up!
I wanted Irku!
I lay down on the sofa head to her feet.
Parted legs wider wife, Young pushed and began to lick pussy Irke.
Ira took my hand ... and dick dick Sasha and began to suck on the line.
And we in turn penetrates mouth to her wet and hot pussy ...
After a while I suggested Young move on to more decisive action and fuck Irku.
He asked...
"Similarly, the commander?"
"Come on, I say, brother, Be of good cheer, fuck this whore to your health!"
Sasha got up, took a long Irina legs, spread them wide and planted it on his end of the most eggs. Ira moaned and almost immediately began his podmahivat.
I sat next to them and watching how this jerk fuck my wife.
In all seriousness! He drives the dick in her gut!
Shit, my wife and against this totally does not mind!
Her fuck a strange man, living near her husband, and she would even dick, podmahivaet!
The sight I was very excited, and sent Irke dick in her mouth.
"Suck, bitch!"
She smacked with great pleasure.
Sasha began to finish soon.
His shakin ... he squeezed his legs .... Irkin lifted his head up ...
I do not know why, but I was wildly pleasant to look like someone else's guy cums in my wife!
Ira also finished with him ...
When she caught her breath a little, I asked Sasha approach.
When Sasha crawled, she took his dick in his mouth and licked.
And dick and balls!
I was blown away by this action whores! I had never licked it, after I finished it! Here is a prostitute!
We're a little smoke break, drank a little wine each, and soon continued.
I lay on my back.
Ira sat on my dick in a pose rider and took the dick in your mouth Sasha.
It is placed on my dick and suck Young.
In some inches from my eyes, my wife with delight sucking, licking, kissing another man dick. Unbelievable! At other times, I would have killed any freak who would just touch his wife, and now ...
Now everything that happens to me ... damn it, loved it!
I thought, because that's what piece - gangbang, it is capable of a husband and wife - the family - into a male and a female ...
After some time, Sasha suddenly said in her mouth and pussy he already fuck my wife and " Ira ... want to try in the ass"
I thought that he breaks off, but Ira suddenly easy for me to agree, saying that he had long wanted to try to ...
And that the two dick at the same time in the pussy and ass, like in the porn - she also wants to try!
And he gave Sasha cream with bedside table ...
"But first be nicer, more gently, without coarseness, Sasha, will you?" - She asked ¸barya ...
"That is because the damn! And in the ass gives! To whom I'm married ?!" - I thought ...
Ira arched his back and waited for Sasha enters into it ...
My dick was all this time in her pussy ...
Sasha fell in behind her and began to stroke her wide ass ...
He even kissed my wife between the buttocks ...
I saw Irke is nice and a little sorry that he did not think so at least sometimes to caress her ...
Sasha, meanwhile, there was trying with might and main ...
In my opinion, he inserted her finger into the anus ... And maybe, just two!
He looked at me and smiled!
Still would!
He poke a finger in the ass of a married woman in front of her husband!
Ira same, bitch, just lustfully ass twisted and whined as the March cat ...
"Yeah, yeah-ah! Plug back, Sasha, Plug! It is already possible!"- Suddenly that way humbly asked Ira ...
Sasha winked at me, stood up ... froze .... Took his own two hands drin ... straining ...
His face was distorted, as if he thrust the bar ... Shit, I thought, because this asshole is now inserts to my wife in the ass dick ...
And then Sasha leaned on Irku said "Phew!"...
And Irku as a shock struck.
She wailed yelled ... ...
Sasha put her! In the ass, where I, the lawful wife, the wife of five years of marriage, never gave! And this ¸baryu
- I gave! That's the case!
And suddenly I felt Sashka's dick on his dick through the thin partition inside Irina ... This solid ... strong ...
Surprisingly, it was very nice!
It seems as if the two of us with Sasha - simultaneously - "visitor" Irkin in the pussy!
And then Sasha moved by a dick inside ... And more! And further!
Shit! It seemed to me that some woman I masturbate me dick!
(In recent years, when we are with the team filmed whores for full rasslabona in the sauna, I was so lazy that women have not fucked, preferred not to move, just lie on a bench or on the pool table, and a woman forced me to suck and wank ... Cool!)
I did not even stir, but from Sashka's movements was close to orgasm ...
He seemed to fuck us with two Irkoy Simultaneous!
Ira is literally zatselovyvat me, clasped my face in my hands and all purred as it good as it's great we eb¸m two holes! And all slavering and slobbering me ...
I already broke down and asked ...
"Well, my mother, now you want to give someone, anyone? Though in pussy ass though?"
He paused a little and whispered in my ear, so that would not be heard Sasha ...
"But you want it?"
Damn, here I thought ... I want it or not, my wife would become a genuine slut, that is, would give to anyone who wants to fuck her?
For a moment I imagine the picture ... in the sauna, where we go with the guys in the middle of the pair is bent my Ira and guys
- all at a time! - Fuck it, we usually fuck whores ...
Do I want this ... that's one of the guys, grasping the ass, will stick in her pussy ... and smile at me, her husband ... Perhaps even podmign¸t me, they say, what is your whore pussy delicious!
And the rest, six or seven - to look at what is happening on the greedy lust of the eyes, to comment on what is happening out loud, hoping to get more tense member there ... in a close, wet, sweet pussy!
And Ira will simply grow stupid from the scope of its animal passion -and increasingly planted as deep as possible in the dick ... it does not matter whose!
And the next day I, her husband, brothers will speak any word about -Different is what my wife zaebalistaya -blyad ... and asking when we will go back with her to the sauna ...
I remembered once Dimych led to the sauna young girl, Oksana, said it was his bride, podpoit her and started fucking right in front of us.
And then he said that, well, who wants to join.
Shit, and at this Oksanka such a body - ohuet! She was, as it turned out, had just turned eighteen. Breasts are tiddly, hard ... like apples ...
Well, we fell upon all virgins ... Kogalym
Fucked this Oksanochka on - black! I did it in the ass twice finished ...
Later, however, it turned out that it is not any bride and common whore, which took Dimych for this business for a hundred bucks. Like a joke ...
But we p¸rli when it did not know it. In full confidence were - bride drugana eb¸m! Because probably excitement was unusually strong!
And the case was.
We walked once from Gray in the hut. Because women only mistress was. One.
Gray quickly once the beer and vodka are mixed, bran is not a child, and his ballads Natasha danced and hung on
Pasha-cage ...
Paschke first she just stroked ass, then pulled up the dress, the legs in shorts launched, Natasha - zero, dancing on how it should be. Dress boiled, shorts out - such white, beautiful, dark tights ... We stared at her ass ... Paschke envy, but it did not stop. His head even understands.
Well, Pasha and realized, not the head, pravda- head, and dragged him into the bedroom ... Natasha
Section where it placed the married woman to the marital bed and fucked.
He came out and said, they say, lies in the bedroom naked woman, much dissatisfaction, and who wants it - let him go. The trick is that there, in the bedroom, on the same bed Grey snoring! Well, whether from the fig?
Martyn went ... Then I ... Then the whole team. One by one, the truth.
Like, a humble guy and the wife of another collective did not take.
Natasha bitch, no one refused. friend's wife ... Well, what of it?
And if one is out of bounds, and his wife - davalka, and it is absolutely on dick fuck with anyone ...?
I also once fucked Svetka, L¸shkinu wife as he drove off to Germany for a week ... At home with them, and fucked ... She just Maltz released to the street, so as not loomed ...
And now it's my turn something came -Irku peasants to give?
Will they stand around naked Irki herd, waiting for their turn, and I - from the side will look at this thing? How they fuck her ...
And each of them descend into my wife a portion of sperm ...
A Irke is on the drum, who it goes to, just to dick was ...
As Natasha then ...
And suck it from the lads will be mandatory!
And in her ass poimeyut - for sure!
Somehow, from the pictures shown my dick just numb!
From the root to the tip!
He even slightly moved within Irene ... only on my imagination!
Ira, oddly enough, it felt ...
Shit, how can they feel these women - by a pussy?
The wife laughed.
"I do not believe, do you want to do this, however, Arkady?"
"And you?" - I asked.
Here Ira grabbed his lips in my ear and whispered ...
"I love sex, my dear!"
I, too, opening.
"Fuck you love pussy with your ears, not sex!"
"Yes Yes!" - Moaned - "I love to fuck!"
Fool, I say, if my team of know about it, you have the same herd to fuck all will! Crowd! At every opportunity!
"Oh, how wonderful! All the men - my will! Want!"
Yes ... do ... Well, my wife! Available ... To put it mildly ...
A Young, meanwhile, still fuck her and fuck!
Ira fucked from this very ohuel!
Growls already hoarse and so requires ...
"Come on, come on! Call the guys! Let them come! Right now! Let vyebut me!"
I grabbed her head and shouted in his face ...
"Take it easy, cheap! You want to be a slut ?! Prostitute?"
"Yes!" - Wheezing, "Yes-ah-ah-ah! Want!"
And I screamed!
"Oo-oo-oo-oo! Oh-oh-oh-oh!"
Concha ...
And Sanya is still no ...
Fuck ...
Jirka fell ... Lying to me, crying natural passion ...
Sasha, supports her ass and - sticks, sticks!
Shit ... His dick slides on my dick, slides ...
I could no longer hold back more and - gulp finished in Irku!
Here and Young arrived with the same ...
Growled ...
Irku pressed to his ...
At last...
Breathing restores ...
And he asks me ...
"What are the problems, the commander? What she screamed something?"
"He wants to fuck!" I say.
"So what are the problems? Right now I will rest and do another set, if you do not mind!"
"Yes fuck her all night, I'm purple! For you and I called. She had asked the men! Two of her little!"
"No dick yourself in your spouse, Arkady!"
Wait, I say, it comes a little talk with her, even sober to say what she wants ...
In short, as Ira oklemalas it from all otbrehalas.
Like, she told about it so lightly, for me, they say, tried, and no "other" men "yet" it is not necessary. Enough, they say me and the young.
I'm a little relieved from the heart.
In general, if my wife was a prostitute, and then so little ... A little.
Soon she, by the way, birthday, 25 years old.
I want to make a gift to her.
You understand what - fuck the soul. Not alone, of course.
What else can give a whore?
If everything goes smoothly, I'll write here.


The working day ended more than two hours ago. I stayed in his office to play at cards on the Internet, when a knock at my office door.
- Sign - I said, wincing, I won and was not going to be distracted.
View visitor dramatically changed my mood. Short, slim girl with a folder under his arm, smiling at me apologetically because of the half-open door.
- I'm sorry it's late, give me a few minutes? - She asked.
- Give me five minutes, I am now the split with their partners in preference - I asked.
- Yes, yes of course - she said - I'll wait in the hallway.
- no, no, come on - I quickly stopped her - come and sit down to the coffee table.
She entered the room, carefully closing the door behind him. Not very confident going to the coffee table sat in a chair for visitors. I followed closely the proceedings. I immediately realized that she drunk but trying to hide it. She was dressed in a light green suit with a rather short skirt, high-heeled shoes. The top button was unbuttoned white blouse, well could see the curve of the collarbone, and stood out clearly on the skin freckles. As well, and at a pretty visitor's nose. Short hair, big green eyes, big earrings in the form of green rings, slender tanned legs and narrow ankles, and I immediately noticed a very beautiful hands.
Turning to the monitor, I continued. I did five minutes later took the last trick in the game. But all of these five minutes I thought only of her. I just felt her presence physically. Of course, I must admit, I feel a weakness in relation to the weaker sex, but there was something else. I'm a dark person in relation to the mental body, as well as in relation to the astral, too, but at that moment I remembered about them. I think all faced with such a feeling in my life. I have always met with the girls that I have provided to the magnetic effect, but I have always been this magnetism paralyzed, I was embarrassed to admit it, even frightened of it, and they went out of my life, and every time I cursed himself for indecision. Similar feelings overcame me now.
Getting up from the computer, I went over to his guest.
- Tea coffee? Maybe brandy?
- coffee, I have a girlfriend in your town, so we had a meeting already noted - she smiled shyly - my name is Dana, I have been instructed to find an office in your city for our company, you can help me?
- Maxim - I introduced myself and added - of course I can, whatever the woman - pleasing to God. She smiled at me. I went to prepare us coffee.
- although you know, a little brandy perhaps drink if me company - she added.
- with pleasure - I replied.
With coffee and brandy, I approached her. I put the tray on the coffee table and sat down on a chair in front of her.
She smiled, opened a folder and took out a sheet of paper.
- here's a letter in it all stated - she handed me a list, folder slid off her lap and fell to the floor. We both leaned over her. I turned quickly, we almost collided heads. I almost swerved aside and pressed his cheek against her shoulder. I just plunged into the fragrance that came from it. An unfamiliar smell of expensive perfume, a light smell of alcohol mixed with just a smell of sweat. For me, a wave of excitement, I felt a swelling member.
Oh, excuse me - she laughed, leaning his arm on the floor and his head bowed down. I instinctively looked behind her blouse. And still, for the collar unbuttoned her blouse I saw the correct scope of the chest, a large dark nipple rested in a white cloth. She lifted her head. Our eyes met, and I felt myself blushing. In her view, I realized that she understands the nature of my sudden blush. She took the proffered me a folder and leaned back in his chair. Smiling looked me in the eye, look was attentive calm, and I felt that the tone in her eyes, I fell under the power of magnetism which came from it. Hardly look away, I grabbed the bottle and began to carefully pour the brandy into glasses.
- Good dishes - she said.
I took a wine glass in hand, warming brandy, stroked his pot-bellied sides. I do not remember what we talked about, some chatter about summer, about the heat. Toasted for acquaintance. Still holding a wine glass from his hand, I continued to stroke his side and told her what a story. I noticed that she often glances at my hands stroking wine glass and not very closely follows the plot of my story.
- hot, I'll take off his jacket - prognuv back, she said.
I obligingly jumped up, took her coat and hung it in the wardrobe. I turned and looked around her figure in the chair. Blouse was quite transparent, could be seen clearly under her swollen dark nipples of her breasts, a narrow waist is a smooth curve of the hips - very exciting picture.
- And where you have a toilet? - She asked.
- At the end of the corridor, I'll see - I replied.
- just finish my brandy - she said - very good brandy.
- Thanks, I'll really like brandy and this is my favorite.
Taking a slice of lemon she bit into her plunging juice, then she finished her small sips of brandy, put the wine glass on the table, sniffed the air and breathed, opening his mouth, licked her lips,
- very good brandy - she repeated, put a slice of lemon in his mouth and closed her eyes - I was drunk. Come on, Max, already have to hurry - she laughed.
- you are somewhere in a hurry? - I asked.
- I hurry to the toilet - she laughed in response.
She gave me her hand. I helped her to her feet. She stood up, gasped, swayed slightly, and laughed.
- Yes, I have just obscenely drunk
- and you do it very much goes - said, smiling self.
I led her down the empty corridor. We are almost there, when suddenly the lights went out. I went to the window, there was no light and in the neighboring houses.
- I do not see anything - she whispered, and after a pause - where are you?
- Then I now include - I reassured her.
- as far to the toilet? - All just a whisper she asked.
- it is at the end of the corridor - just a whisper of fun, I replied.
- Come, hesitates is lost - she whispered.
I stepped forward and held out his hand, found her standing by the wall, I took her hand and led down the hall. Letting go of the wall, she immediately swayed and gasped. In the dark, drunk made itself know more. She just hung on me. I hugged her, put his hand on her waist, felt the hot bend of her body under the blouse. So we got to the toilet. Darkness was pitch.
I groped in the dark, the door handle in the ladies' room, walk forward, I said, pushing her inside, she hesitantly went to the doorway the door, still holding my hand.
- I do not see anything - she whispered.
... I squeezed past her forward, as if by chance his hand over her breast. I felt like she was a little startled when I touched her nipple. Putting his hands on her hips, I pulled her to the side to go forward, while again "accidentally" He puts his ass to his swollen member. She breathed her scent, the smell of her hair. I was swept over the excitation wave, total darkness, it is at a distance from me breath, I feel her body, her breath, the smell of drinking alcohol, light and perfume of her body. However, it is close and silent, and I'm ready to jump on it.
Feeling in the dark pen near the cabin, I opened it and pulled her hand inside. I was excited to the limit, a member of the rose as a stone, in the legs shaking, and I could only speak in a whisper. I just saw it today zader¸t his short skirt, pulled off her panties and just have heard the sound of a jet in the toilet. All these images procession raced in my mind. When she took a step towards booth, I closed my eyes and squeezed it dry, hot hand.
- mmm, strong hand - she whispered, and stepped into the cabin, clung to me hip, straight to my risen member. Moving away from me, she stopped next, I heard her ragged breathing. A couple of seconds thinking, she turned to me, and I felt the touch of her hand to my cock. I shuddered with pleasure. Clasping his fingers through his pants, she squeezed his fingers slipped on the head.
- big and hard - whisper diagnosed it - it is very dark, you do not help me pee? - She asked, and leaning on me, pushed me into the booth and closed the door behind him, turning my back to the door, I began to unbutton my belt. I groped for the latch on the door and closed it from inside. Quickly unbuttoned my pants, she tore them down, then pulled off my pants member, having escaped, heavily swayed in the dark touching her face. She grabbed it with one hand, and the other began pulling off her panties, he heard the noise of broken tissue.
- I want to write to tears - she whispered, and sat on the toilet, spray rang: she took my cock in her mouth. Member dipped into the wet hot depths of her mouth, slid down the barrel teeth, put her head in his throat and slid further squeezed in tight depth. Lips and nose she rested in my stomach several times moved his head, nasazhivayas on my cock. Sounded muffled some guttural sound, her body shuddered with a spasm. She moved her head back, repeatedly stroked the language head around and slid back up to the limit of its depth. It has adapted to my penis. Swallow it, she slowly worn on him, a member moved deep into her throat. She shifted back, sucked the air nose with her tongue circular motion caressed my head, and again swallowing him whole. The hand she caressed my balls and a member of the foundation. Blow job was just fabulous, I was getting a great pleasure. At the same time all the time she was writing, I leaned over and slid his hand between her legs divorced in hand ran hot moisture. She moaned and released my cock from his mouth and his head thrown back, moaning loudly. I stroked open the lips of her vagina, they were swollen hot and slippery. He plunged two fingers into the wet hot depth, grabbed her rough bump on the front wall inside, and pulled by pushing down. She moaned and somehow hunched. I began to fuck her fingers. She pushes her hips, nasazhivayas on my hand, while I began to masturbate member, opening the crown and strongly pulling the skin to the abdomen. With the other hand she frantically unbuttoned blouse. Unbuttoned the last button, she opened her blouse and grabbed my free hand, put it on his chest. In my hand as home lay a small, firm breasts, rested in the palm of a large nipple, I felt her delicate skin. I moaned with pleasure, I caressed her breasts in turn. Her large nipples stuck out, and I fumbled it between his fingers. Every time I squeezed her nipple or breast she moaned. However, she, moving her hips, sit down on my fingers. All hand I had a hot, wet and slippery. Throwing back her head, she often breathed. I kissed her lips, they have kept my scent. Her tongue immediately slid into my mouth and began to move there, playing with my. I knelt down in front of her grabbed her by the ass and moved to his face. From it came a magical heady smell of an excited woman. I just dipped into her tongue, sucked it into his mouth a little salty swollen lips. I just saw her, I took down the tower with pleasure. I do not care it was that we in the toilet, although I must say that cleanliness was perfect, we have this strictly. She moaned and podmahivala my hips.
- everything is done as it should, because I want to - she whispered.
Her movements became jerky. I caressed her clitoris tongue and licking his lips, and then I began to grasp the language of a large area and began to dwell on the ass. She was obviously happy about and grateful moaning. Wet your finger into her vagina, I began gently stroking her ass, while I cleaned the language from her clitoris. I began to climb gently to her finger in the ass.
- Yes, well, just gently - she whispered.
Encouraged by the support I slowly and cautiously began to climb further. Slowly inside slowly outward, licking a finger and again in the ass already deeply and slowly outward. Soon finger easily slid into her ass. Her movements became more convulsive, faster and shorter.
- deeper in the ass - she asked - and faster, I'll finish.
I became more intense fuck her in the ass and slid a finger over her clit faster and easier. She moaned and writhed in my hands. Ass convulsively squeezed my finger, with a roar moved the lid on the tank of the toilet, she had not heard, she frantically shuddered all over, screaming silently. Gradually, she calmed down. I gently pulled his finger out of her ass, still, almost touching, caressing her clitoris language.
- just fucking - she whispered, barely moving his tongue - I just all the stars in the sky lit - she added in a whisper, and laughed softly - you're a very gifted young man.
I sat on the floor and leaned back against the door to the cabin. His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I saw her quite clearly sitting on the toilet, spread his legs apart. The skirt was Zadran up, flat stomach was naked, stood out vividly dark pubic triangle, one breast nipple sticking out. She got up and slipped easily to me on the floor. Knelt between my legs and divorced, bent, he picked up in the mouth of my cock. This girl was definitely intended by nature for sex, I felt a sense of magic, her mouth was just playing on my penis. Leaning forward, I began to stroke her elastic half protruding ass. He slid his hand between, in the wet, covered with soft sh¸rstkoy, bosom. Slid his fingers over the wet parted lips, she moaned, she released a member of his mouth and turned to me ass, laid his cheek on the crossed hands on the floor, spreading her knees a little wider on the floor caved in and offered me a wet sch¸lku. I bent down, inhaled the scent of her, passed his tongue over his lips salty, tongue dove into her ass. Then he knelt behind her and sank slowly into her cock, she moaned softly. I looked at it from above, narrow waist diverged quite wide compared to her hips. She podmahivala me nasazhivayas on cock moaning quietly move in it. I stroked her thighs, his back, his hands slid over her skin. One hand slipped between her thighs and began to fondle my balls, licking the fingers of the other hand, she began to stroke himself ass, plunging into the depths of the average. I could hear only our breath and measuring moans. Her movements became faster ... it deeper sit down on my cock, a finger in the ass she put her completely and apply pressure through the thin wall of my cock, pressing it. Her moan interrupted only breath.
- Over, over now, everything, everything, everything, oh - and she huddled on my cock, screaming silently.
- oh as well - she whispered incessantly softly glide over the penis. Knelt hugged me back and laughed softly. He plunged his hand to my cock,
- Steadfast Soldier - she said Moved forward, removing it from the vagina, stroking the wet slippery trunk, added,
- I have for him continued.
Caved in. She put a wet head in the ass and began to sit down on my ass dick, little rotating hips. Member began to slip into her ass, he was closely in the hole, it slipped slowly but easy. The head ducked in the ass, she pulled back and the head popped back. She spat into the palm, soak my penis again and put his head butt, and so several times. Member of the stiffened and was ready to explode cum. She took me by the hips and slowly bearing down on my cock to its full depth. I felt dizzy with pleasure. She moaned,
- that's what she wanted - she whispered - your dick in my ass.
She sat on my penis, rotating her hips, shaking my dick ass, moaning softly. Then he began quietly moving up and down, rising higher and higher. Member slipped in the ass like clockwork when she sat fully on the penis head rested in the womb and we ran a wave of pleasure, we quietly moaned. She leaned forward, even wider spread her knees on the floor, so that ass goes right in front of my penis, put his hand between her legs, took me by the balls.
- Fuck me in the ass - clearly she whispered.
I took her by the hips and the entire length of the penis was the stick her ass. Quiet squishing sounds punctuated by our groans. We did not have a minute, ending, she moaned? Surrendering arms chest, shook her. With one hand she grabbed the edge of the bowl and became deeply as she could sit down on my cock. He just blew up, became a long strong jerks throw in her ass cum in my eyes darkened.
I opened my eyes I found myself on the floor beside her.
She sat beside him and, smiling, looked at me.
- out how you are able to swear, it turns out, Maxim, and not even assume. Such a modest, well-mannered young man.
Her eyes just sparkled with fun
- Maxim you are married? - Somehow she asked seriously
- No - I said,
- Well this we fix that - she said, smiling.
And the lights in a building.

Letters Men -

Almost a novel in letters.
Only no meetings did not take place. Only the imagination.
This is his letter. And then my.
Oksana Hello ..... how are you ???? To be honest I want to have you as zhenshinu .... Want zhenshinu find someone you like and we'll be alone with her to fuck you ..... give me her number, I pozvanil and it will lead you to BR .... and I'll fuck you like an innocent girlfriend ..... your ass on my cock is excited ...... I want to fuck you .... I wish you happiness and a good man with a big dick .... I have a great desire to fuck .... tebya.popu fused sperm in her mouth .... I want to have you as zhenshinu ... I want you to lick my balls and the gap moyey females ..... I fuck thee at this time so that you oboldeesh ... and forget about your husband ... dignity .... you will feel only zhenschinoy..trahannoy into all the cracks after .. The messages to stop being mnoy..ty a man and I'll call you a woman's name .. but only you and I will know that you found zhenschinaty zhenshinu for joint sex ???? who she is .... and this picture and its f ... her ....
Hi Oksana!!!! how are you?????? what's new with you ??? Since the Gold forward a letter from you ..... but you do not write (((((((((((((((I'm bored .... wait for the day when you will wear for women outfits .... and bent all the way ..... so so that you no longer kama not want otdatsya ...... put you on your knees and give in your mouth ..... fuck your mouth for a long time .... and you will swallow spermui I toshitsya from it ..... I asked you to picture ... why not send ?????? somnevatsya can not my kind of decency .... I do not Hoca that someone knew that I fuck man ..... my .... Oksanochka before my arrival to find another zhenshinu I ..in front of her fucking her eyes ... you like Maleny slut .... and that you lick it .... ... I vseravno who she is .... young or staraya.no nemolonaya aunt, a woman with a thick zadom..blondinka or brunette ...... best to let it be your wife ..... I fuck her so that and you oboldeesh ..... I want both of you to suck my dick ..... then she will give you lick her shel ...... I fuck you .... every hole and cum in your mouth and you it .... let her see that you're not the man you i..trahaet and dresses up like zhenschinunu until ..... write more .... wait .... I kiss you tenderly and my srrastno .... Oksana ....
Hi!!!! how are you my sweet ..... ???? that you have a new ???? I nazavu you .... Oksana I like this name .... and I'll fuck you like Oksana in all holes .... .so that the more you do not someone nezahochesh ..... I hotelby fuck not just you ... and your wife or girlfriend you to see how they will boldet from my cock ..... and you'll lick us ... ..and I cum in your mouth ..... and of course I will take care ..... I'll put you stockings and bikini ..... .... nesnimaya will natyagovat you ..... so on panties nothing left .... :)))))) I'm going to fuck in the ass and mouth until the last drop of sperm .... so ... write for longer
Hi!!!! how are you???? I hotelby IMET you ....
dear rustem.Ty not write mne.chto you pushed? So much for this time I have a new proizoshlo.U zhena.Ya and did not think that she could see in me something special, I did not give a reason. But she felt the sensitivity of my priests gradually began to penetrate in nee.Teper every week she fucks me several times, ordering pre-wash himself. and on Saturday a little smacks belt, so I listened, and then enters the defenseless ass. This is done by a member of a self-made belt member completely natural form. Its dimensions -25 x 6.5 cm.
Rustem expensive, you probably realized. that I was particularly attracted to and excites the imagination of how-to forcibly turning into a woman, feminization. Let a few hours. None of this violence, but so that I could feel a weak girl and submit a strong partner. I was very excited imagination, that I, as it were forced to make a woman. wife while only has me in the ass, right to rest for several hours a day. But she does not dress up as a girl and I do not treat me like a woman. And I'd like to. I need you to man's will and showed nestoychivost in learning and seduction menya.Predstavlyayu as I come to you. My ass is ready now wife sprained her well. But I'm afraid my heart trembles. But you seduce me, you say you want me as a compre zhenschinu.My watch porn or porn magazine and you show how to pull women and say that you'll have me takzhe.I almost forced to dress in women's clothes your task sexually podchiinit me to do so that I trust and he wanted it. You make me obey, kneeling down and enters cock in her mouth. I'm ashamed, very ashamed, but have nowhere to go, I'm embarrassed and sdydom suck. transformation into a woman is always a shame. By the way, I wash underwear to his wife. I would like to see it made me wear them under trousers worn panties and dress up as a woman at home. I myself prefer the old-fashioned trousers up to the knees with fleece. But I do not dare talk about it. She will not like it. But I'd like to see it manifested more fully his will. If it required submission, put in a corner, more often and with pleasure flogged not much, but symbolically, to subdue me yourself sexually. Every day I kiss her before going to bed legs and ass. But I want to be in this was more podchineniya.Mne really need you like a man. Please make me your woman, make your "wife". you can do it even in letters. I so want this - to feel that you - a man have the right to have me as you wish. this is very embarrassing, but it's so nice. I want you to be pulled on me the first time, and then you will be my duty to care because I'm not a man, and all the sperm you will merge only in me. answer. Write me I need an element of sexual subordination and humiliation seksualnogo bit to feel the full plenitude of women's role. Do not hesitate to be a man. when my wife fucks me a toy I can not resist not to whine or cry, I'm sorry for me, I promise that I will listen to her. I perceive intercourse in the ass as a shameful and humiliating, even though such a pleasant nakazanie.zhenya keeps me cancer, tells bend and spread her legs wider. My ass completely defenseless. She fucks me and sometimes I slap on the buttocks, presses the artificial penis to his pubis, it is very exciting. I cry and beg you to forgive me, I say that I will obey my ass belongs to her and crying. Sometimes she gets up, removing a member from my poor priests to inflict several blows belt by the pope - Will you listen to me, will remember who hozyain.iskustvenny member has already done a lot for my education and to create a peaceful situation between us, but I can not even imagine as it may be a good thing if the wife is not to quarrel with me and smack me ... put in a corner and have me in the ass on the belt member. But if it is with me even dressed up as a woman and made to behave like a woman !! Do it you. YOU help this and that representing your words that describe the letters, you have me, our relationship with his wife will be much better. It is difficult to quarrel with his wife if you fuck a man and puts you as a wife zhenschinu.moey bude easier to subdue me, if you make me your zhenoy.ty can be my tutor, and when you fuck me, you can expect me to listen to his wife , washed her underwear, licking her ass, she substituted a popu.DOrogoy Rustem, I'm actually a nice, decent person and you will be pleased with me. My ass is now well stretched. Every day I wear for some time in the ass ugrushki wife fuck me for hours. Tebu would be nice to fuck me and make me a good girl. Please, make me docile devochku.hochu that you enjoyed the feeling of sexual power over me. If we could live somewhere at least a couple of days. Imagine - you ottahal me into all the cracks and told to dress up in all women, because you made me a woman. and take me as long as you want, you fill me with his sperm. Maybe you want to make me your concubine or sex seksrabyney and put me osheynik.Dlya you fuck a man - means to subdue him and sexually humiliate, you wear on me a dog collar and leash, a dog chain m.b.s I dressed as a maid, I do not dare to raise his eyes. You're putting me on my knees, again you want, you fuck me in the mouth and goes down the flow of sperm. Attire maid and dog collar, dog chain -Headgears sexual humiliation and podchineni.Vyebav me in the mouth, you ordered me to lick your balls and lick your ass and then mb I help you even in my mouth that I knew my place. When you want me in the ass, you can sit on me vsaviv dick in the ass, and put his feet on my head and holding my thighs - I'm completely at your toboy.Ya obedient, poor girl. Look at fotografiyu- like? Imagine that it's me, and in my mouth, and the pope your sperm. I think you'll like my humility and my mouth you sdelaaesh bitter night for sebya.Posmotri two women, see how humble one of them, she was confused, I is the same. Do you like it? Every time I'm excited, I have to imagine how you fuck me, or remember what you said you want to have me, please write.
Rustem dear, please become my mentor, and I will sing Atelier hotyayuy absentia, you thereby save our family, my wife received a good obedient husband, and you - the secret obedient wife. I want you to cum flooded me, so fuck. as if ashamed to fuck whore, say that I'm not a man, I would deflection. you should require that I felt and recognized by your subordinates, whom you decided to make a little girl. to show the strength and perseverance, so I complied. I believe that if a sexual relationship a man is ready to become a liability, it must fuck like a little one of the women to fuck, became a woman - so it needs to do it. Sex between muzhchiinami to each his own - the asset should be to fuck liability and liability, to bend, to suck and be given. it should always be remembered. that being a woman ashamed, but this should make it sag and obediently swallow cum, liability shall be humbled sexy kiss the feet of her man, mmuzhchina that made him nemuzhchinoy, plant them in the member - becomes his master, and he his sex slave. in his clothes all simvolichno- he must wear female handkerchief as a sign that his fuck in the mouth, a bra on it says that he swallows sperm, the collar - that his fuck in the mouth and openly in the ass, stockings it say he put on his knees, a belt for stockings - that his fuck in the ass, and pants with a hole in ass - that master of fuck when it zahochkt and that liability could not say no, dress it and makeup- say that he is treated like a woman, and that it may even host pomochitsya.Passiv should be ashamed of his sexual position and it should be fun active muzhchine.ty will treat me well when they met that I would forget chtoya muzhchina.proshu you write such a letter, describe, how will you treat me and have me write so. I have to burn the ears of sweet shame, humiliate me. I must burn with shame, thinking about tebe.ya so want me recognize one of your women, and that she also wrote mne.hochu that you raised me as a woman, and showed pornozhurnal films and said that I too learned to be woman, and I am now one of those who really want to fuck muzhchiny.ya feel like a woman, but that I should forget that I'm a man, you have to make me obey, to plead a weak and subordinate, are so weak that he needed a patron - you fuck me and said; -You need a patron. I'm your patron, but for that I'll fuck you like a zahochu.Ya want to learn to do deep blowjob, taking into gorlo.ya want chuvtvovat himself small and weak. and you -Strong and reliable host, patron. I'd love to sometimes feel a little weak and the EA to become a girl for men kotoorye will natyagivat.vse me what you wanted, but hesitated to do with women, you'll be able to do with mnoy.ty can have me as you want. you uvidesh Cho your penis can do wonders. I want to cry and groan beneath you.
Dear Rustem, I hope you agree that initially, sex was associated in nature with the fact that a woman looking for a patron and was podchintsya the one who decided to choose her. Woman being weak and had to look for a patron and protector, and the man behind it was entitled to have her. the strongest males received the most beautiful females. they can take care of them and to have them as it should be - in the vagina, but the strongest samtsav were the strongest insatiable members and they were taken into the harem and the most beautiful women who became seksrabynyami and fuck in the mouth and in the ass, so that they know own place. But the harem could fall and the men who were willing to become weak and submissive. They become slaves and masters and slaves, and deprived of all the rights of men and fuck them in the mouth and ass, they dressed like women - slaves, but they could fuck them more openly and besstydno.Hozyain could fuck them in all their wives and fuck even together with his friends, and he licked the slit all the women, and it could urinate, he wore only a dress.
Dear Rust, we are far away, but please write that you are sure, no matter how much time has passed will make me a woman. I've heard that when a man otsnoshayut all the holes it is called - that his "lowered".tak, Please promise "lower" me sooner or later. Tell me what it is I want to wait neizbezhno.ya etogo.Opisyvay sweet as this happens, please. every day I wear an anal plug in the ass - expander. And now I'm going to the store with her. I would be pleased, if you know what I have in the ass wife. My turn-ons, I think - it is preparing my ass ... without knowing it, for your chlena.ranshe or later you're going to make me your woman, and I need to prepare for it. please write me orders, tell me how to prepare for it, what to do. We need to prepare for it, and morally, I have to learn obedience sseksualnomu in female roli.ya really want you to thoroughly dolt my ass, so he became like a whore cunt. Say what you want etogo.A even so, how would you like to dress me. MB would you like me to wear on the wedding day in the national clothes azerbadzhanki? Write that when I'm with you, you'll pull me in the mouth and in the ass as you please and you make me wear lingerie and naryady.Podchinyay me
Dear Rustem, I do not like men and do not trust them. Only you and I want doveritsya.Proshu you, I really want to be a girl sometimes accustom me to be a woman, a girl, a girl. Contact so that I was ashamed that I remembered that when I write this and I want this, then I'm not the man for you, and you will have me in all holes. to make uzhchiny a woman, you need to bend it into submission, to make plead subordinates, weak, weak-willed and obedient, you need to fuck him so that he remembered that he had not muzhchina.Ya not so brave as you think. just when I Masturbates. I'm excited and fantasize. Liabilities should be kept in a sexually humiliated to think and dare not about himself as a man. If he decided to give another man, then it becomes seksrabom. None of the active one woman man can not sex but to dominate, to dominate over both the man who became passivom.Ya imagine myself sometimes a little boy whose mother dresses up as a girl sometimes. And suddenly an adult uncle found out about it and offered to suck his huge dick, if the boy is not hochkt. uzali to all that his house dressed up as a girl. And boy dressed up as a girl starts every day fuck the man and the little boy nowhere devatsya.dyadenka sometimes takes it with him to the country and for days of violence in all dyry.No boy at home women accustomed to submission Jemuel begins more like position available , obedient girl. He gets a woman's name, is obliged to wear a dress with her man and gratify all his desires, to treat him as a master. Master Artist submission of a boy and as a reward the boy gets the rights and title of the girls, seksrabyni. in reward Herr makes his mouth with his urinal and urinate in his mouth, and very frankly fuck him in the mouth and in the ass. The boy obeyed and Mr sees that he likes, as a reward for obedience, he gives the boy to lick his balls, licking the ass, to lord it is important to achieve complete obedience, but boy it excites no less. The boy is completely omitted, and when they are together pokoren.Gospodin urinates only in his mouth. A punishment gets too molchik Cho and reward - it's just very much fuck. The boy likes his position submissive sex rabyni.on completely conquered gospodinu.potom, aunt, which brings up the boy learns that his fuck. They get acquainted with the man, and begin to live vmeste.malchik get the right slave and fuck every day, and Mr. and vospitatelnitsa.kogda boy grew up, he decided to take for himself a mature lady. Everyone knew in what capacity. At the wedding . After the registrar's office disguised in his bride, at a party were the only ones who knew the secret. AND "bride" otsnoshali turns Shore and all men. now his wife knew what had obedient muzha.sostoyatelnoy, sleek, powerful woman wanted a submissive husband - rabynya.s the first days of the boy waited for female attire and the position of housekeeper at a wealthy wife - Mrs. Women like to look, how to fuck his boy. boy, call him Olya, dressed as a maid - servant. My wife picked him two active men with huge members. every day they are on the front of his wife Olga fuck in all the cracks. House Olga is only stockings with a belt and pants under yubkoy.V while. she dutifully drait floors, standing with cancer, his wife lounging on the couch watching television, and in her hands the belt or pletka.Vot such fantasies. But fantazii.pozhaluysta, fuck me in absentia, naspuskay my mouth sperm pismah.Ya came up with this design breasts that heavy chest to the navel will be rocking to the beat of your movements when you're me whether you imet.hochesh sexually humiliate me and be my lord? Write to me as lord and master. orders, write like his slave. Write as you will have me.
Please, sir, could you give me another woman's name Oksana I do not like.
I want it as a shame even to think, sometimes I want to become your slave, that you raped me the code you want, often and often dolgu.hochu feel one of your wives gareme.ne give up on me. Only I can give you such pleasure, and only if you want soshat me, so do their seksrabyney I bolzhen'll call you on you and respectful, MB -dyadya Rustem, and you to me - zheskie name.I want you in moments of sweet ozbuzhdeniya sexually humiliated me, demanded sexual subordination and obedience. sometimes I want you to fuck roughly on farming in my mouth, led by a member of the LCC, I pulled my ass and hollowed so that I might weep for you, and LN enjoyed how stunned I was beneath you. I want to be under you, or a good girl, a broken-down baba with huge siskami.kak I want to be your wife. If we lived in the same city. Would you have been my secret husband, I would have come to you to meet once or twice a week, and you would have raped me and he wanted me all merged in spermu.ya want, what would you have taught me to constant intercourse in the ass, and taught me so suck your cock so that you can have in my mouth the whole length of the penis, fucking me glotku.ty already told me to be your girl otkazyvaysya.ya not really want to be with you a little, obedient girl Promise me that you will be with me so otnositsya.ya really like porn, I want you to make me porn movies, magazines and masturbate at home and represent yourself in the place of women, which snoshayut.hochu be with you weak, defenseless girl. Please, do it! I want you to rather showed how to deal with those. who wears women's underwear and wants to be a girl! tell me how you're going to have menya.obeschayu listen to you and be a good girl. pounizhay menya.tvoy boy Alex, ready for your command to become a girl Oksana, do you remember my address [email protected]


This incident happened to me 16 years ago and still pops up in my mind as one of the most vivid sexual experiences of my life. Maybe because it happened the first time with the young emerging organism within which it was except that the dream of a woman's body and masturbate in the evening before bedtime. I was brought up, as they say, in the Puritan environment. My parents forbade me to watch movies with erotic content, not to mention the porn, which by that time had never seen. Women's nature was somehow forbidden for me. At school, classmates brought pictures with naked girls. It usually were playing cards sold in trains "deaf". That's basically all the joys which I could use in his solitude. Yes, the film is viewed one - "New Amazon". After him, I still have a week erection was, although in the film that you know - little and nothing, but for the time and for a teenager who did not see almost nothing, it was th-th time I was about 15 years old when my mother! He took me with him to his home for the reunion. We stayed at her school friend's aunt Wali. She lived without a husband, with his daughter Julia, who by that time was already 22 years old. We arrived in the evening on the intercity bus tired and a little hungry. Hearty welcome aunt Wali brought us to life. After a bath and a delicious dinner Mom had a long talk with his school friend, recalling the case of bygone days, when discussing this or that classmate. At that time I was drinking tea with a cake and quietly looked at Julia, who was sitting in a chair with folded legs and flipping a women's magazine. It seemed to me, it was beautiful enough that would attract my attention. Long painted in red color hair curly tresses fell over her pretty face. Sometimes it seemed to me that she playfully looks at me from under his hair sly green eyes. Maybe it just seemed to me. What glances at me? I am not so handsome was, but still no match for her over the years. So confident Sway appearance I was not. : Julia put down the magazine and wished all "good night" I went to her room to rest. I spent a long moment it evaluate its slim figure fitted by jeans. Time was already late. It is time all go to bed. It was a bed in the same room with her mother and Aunt Val was in a room with Yuley.Na morning after breakfast, our mothers brought myself up and went to the restaurant to meet classmates, leaving us odnih.- Look, what would not miss our guest and collect the advance on the road! - Said Auntie Valya Yule.- Do not worry mom I switched Julia Vidic putting some action movie that I had not missed, and went into the bathroom!. Rustled water: What - that I was not an action movie. Julia was all the same sexy girl and aroused in me the appropriate interest. I crept on tiptoe to the bathroom and began to seek out all along the perimeter of the door even a little crack, through which could be seen at least part of her beautiful body. But unfortunately I did not succeed. With unsatisfied sexual curiosity, I went to inspect the film, which has already lost all interest. Soon the water ceased to make noise. The door opened and Julia, a little flushed from the shower with wet hair in a short robe and walked into the room where I byl.- Well, I wonder? Look, could you help me in one small fact - I can, but you need to do - I'm leaving tomorrow at sea and would like to bring beauty. I want proepilirovat legs, and very like that boyazno.- What to do - Proepilirovat. Women sometimes shave their legs, only after that the hair grow rapidly, and here there is one new tool, I friend brought him to Poland, liquid wax. It must be warm, and then, and then I'll show you. Ok? It hurt a bit, so I want to ask you. With your help, I think, would be less painless. The main thing here sharply d¸rnut.Ne quite knowing what to do, I happily agreed, because communication with it gave me pleasure. She went into the kitchen and after a while came back with a jar and paper (special) wipes. She was still in a robe under which guessed panties. Top bra was not as if her every step of the breast nipples stick out and trembled. She sat in kreslo.- See. It is a warm wax. I smear it on the leg with a thin layer, and then impose this napkin here, and you jerk d¸rgaesh it up. Moreover, all the hair with wax pulls. I got it? Of course I understood. Although honestly I did not know that the women shave themselves nogi.- Sit back and poprobuem.Ya sat on the floor at her feet and prepared when it smear their nozhku.- Done! Come on, just dramatically! - Julia said, closing his eyes Taking the tip of the napkin, I have the strength that pulled up!. Julia only oyknula.- Excellent! See how you chudnenko poluchilos.Mesto where we were proepilirovali Gorny. Although the hair on her legs was quite small. I tore a napkin for a napkin, and every jerk I did it better and better. The main thing to do it abruptly. And after a short little jerk of her robe floors went in different directions, and seemed little white translucent panties, through which lurks a dark stripe. Not to show it, I continued to practice its proposed exercise, which began to like me more and more after I opened the picture. Julia seems to not pay attention to it and enthusiastically finished the job. The case came to an end. I'm sitting on the floor close range looked between her legs, trying to drill a look thin strip of translucent fabric, it hides the female prelesti.- And you have ?, girl suddenly asked ona.Otorvavshis of attractive pictures, said that net.- A that -? Oh nothing. Just wondering. You're a grown man. It's time used and girls druzhit.- Yes I in general is on friendly terms. - Hesitantly replied ya.Yulya leaned back in his chair, took a cigarette from the coffee table and inhaled deeply. One leg is put on sidushku little rejecting it in the right, the second remained on the floor. I remained sitting in the same place looking at the white translucent panties. She began to ask me about my town, about the school than uvlekayus.- And why do women shave their legs? - How why? - She laughed. - What it would have been nice. What would please men. Or do not you like? Do you like women with hairy legs? - She laughed? - And I did you pretty - Well, yes - I said uncertainly - very even. Very krasiva.Ona laughed even more and playfully flicked my finger polbu.- Hey, help me bring the full beauty - What else? What is beauty? - I. That did not understand what you were doing, only in a different place. I'm going to the sea, and I want to be attractive, always and everywhere. You know - Net.- Women restoring order, not only on the feet, but there ... that under the panties. Do you understand? I was taken aback. How is it there? She offers me that I had proepiliroval (I already knew what it was called) her pussy? Can not be! Wow. I swallowed slyunu.- Ponimayu.- What are you so confused? You're an adult, the more you learn to do it well. And I was hardly hurt to part with their hairs. There's really a little bit more, and requires special care. You're the woman even saw a naked? You're already an adult. Well nothing. You just do not worry. It's not scary. It is terrible to me. After all, it is still unpleasant. So, are you ready - ready! Trying to give the toughness and confidence in his voice, even the unbelievers what is now must proizoyti.Yulya extinguished cigarette, got up from his chair, untied the belt on the robe and took off to the floor, staying in shorts. Baring beautiful breasts with dark nipples small bewitch my eyes and did not allow to take him. What will happen next, I could not even imagine. It is without a shadow of embarrassment or even with a smile on his face looked at me and started to pull her panties. Slow. As if being played and mocking virgin, hungry, devouring her eyes. It seemed a dark triangle with short hairs. Then I saw two folds her pisichki. Pants fell to the floor. She walked over to a chair and sat down in his face to the room. Ordeal was sitting on the floor and zhdal.- Are you ready? Hurry until the wax is still warm. With these words, she planted the ass to the edge sidushki and widely spread nogi.To that appeared before me just paralyzed me. I watched almost point-blank at this lovely bud covered with short hairs and a slightly-open jaws, between which stood out pink petals. Just below the brown, a little wrinkled, neat ring of her priests, surrounded by rare curling volosikami.- That's what I would like to remove - said Julia spent her palm on priests to his pubis. - I want that there was not a single hair. Ok? To the right? Yes you relax! Kusaetsya.Vzyav She herself made the first smear a special spatula and struck a narrow striped wax on the pubis, away from its recording. Slamming, I twitched the edge of the cloth and successfully releasing from the pubic hair. Julia bit her lip barely restrained a cry. The pants I have long asked all at Rouge. Member stood for about an hour and was not going to take a starting position. Another smear fell on one side of her female krasoty.- And here is accurate. Only very rapidly and stick to his lip, and then tear off more! -poshutila ona.Pristroivshis back, face almost 10 inches from the fragrant flower, I finger pressed the bottom edge of the lips and abruptly pulled glued tissue in storonu.Yulya vskriknula.- What hurt - And how! You'd like that. Nothing pereterplyu. Beauty requires sacrifice. Almost all women do it. Men like when there is no hair. Their is even more exciting. And you, like so - Very !, I do like the whole process. I'm really this is not observed, and the more you are so beautiful! I'm happy to help tebe.Ya was happy with what is happening! I not only could watch endlessly looking at her beautiful bud, but also touch the hairs gradually freed from the charm! I never had such a dream, even in their erotic fantasies: Still want to further explore her pussy expand those lovely lips and explore everything in the minutest detail. Whenever possible, apply liquid wax for another untouched centimeters my work, I intended no matter how lightly sponge vznachay pull aside to consider all the details of an unprecedented spectacle, and how you can look deeper. Sometimes this is laid bare flesh pink, petals and buds bared her entrance into the cave. The sight could lose consciousness. Blood throbbed throughout the body, giving assertive tides to the protruding member. I was ready to do it all day. Interestingly, and where the clitoris, which is about the boys said ?. It was said that if you touch him, then the girl will give themselves. During my enthusiastic classes I would sneak to consider everything and see it. But where is he? Where to find it? I'm almost finished. It has been all Gorny, from the pubic area and more than half of recording. Remained crotch and ass, which was just a little bit hairs. "Why should there be removed? There are in fact still no one sees" - Thought I. Well, whatever the procedure? Not tired - No, you! - Then I plucked up courage and decided. - Yuille, you can question? And what is the clitoris and where is it located? Julia raised her eyebrows in surprise to the upside and ulybnulas.- Yes, I see you're still not quite clever. I thought for a long time already know everything about your age these things, and therefore ask you to help me. - I'm confused. - And you try, find. Learn a woman. You it will polezno.- So, you can look for yourself - Seek. - And for some reason she loudly rassmeyalas.Yulya took a cigarette from the table and lit a cigarette. I breathlessly using its permissiveness, he took hold of the two jaws and spread wider. I was looking pale pink and moist flesh lightly cloaked petals (small lips). Neatly parted and I was staring right at the entrance of the vagina! "That would get there!" - Passionately I wished I was not asking permission holding two fingers unfolded the beauty slowly inserted a finger inside. Julia after my unexpected audacity loudly sighed and closed her in, holding down your finger there. They felt a pleasant warmth and gentle gliding. Slipping his finger as far as possible, I have studied all of her inner space, surprised at its depth. Sticking a finger wet and slippery, I slipped them into the most up between two petals and a soft felt a small bump, hiding in kapyushonchike small wrinkles. Julia suddenly shuddered all over. I removed palets.- Well, found? - It cheered ona.- he -? Of course! This is the magic point on the woman's body. With it, you can get the most unforgettable experience. Men need to manipulate it. I especially like it when they kiss and caress yazykom.- ???? Kiss - Well, yes. When having sex. A man caresses a woman that pea, and a woman makes a man a blowjob. This is called oral seks.- What makes? Julia laughed loudly. - In the mouth takes his dick noodle Frankly, I did not know that it is possible to do!. I thought I put the woman - that's you and the whole seks.- Want to know how to do it? Do you want me to kiss my bubochka and please me? I was taken aback. This I did not expect. She saw my rasteryannost.- Well, get up from his knees. I want to thank you for the work done. If not for you, then I myself could not used it myself. - Julia lowered her feet to the floor and took a natural position. I stood up, shielding released his shirt sticking out member. - Do not be scared. Bad I'll not do it .... I think you'll stay satisfied. - And she undid the buttons on the protruding rubashki.Glyanuv sportivki Julia smiled and pulled them down along with the cowards. Member jumped out. I reflexively tried to hide behind his hand, but Julia kept my zhest.- I see you're ready for battle !, a little boy pretending to be! I told you that you're an adult. Well, the first lesson? - And with that, she pulled the foreskin of my craving, but more embarrassing members. After a few movements back and forth, at his face, she sent him right in the mouth! I experienced a sudden new pleasant sensations. Her lips and tongue gently caressing my excited flesh, while looking through the smile on me. This went on for minutes 5.- Well? Liked? We continue? Now you do not want to taste a woman? - With these words, Julia leaned back in the chair legs spread apart, taking the previous postion lost all fear of embarrassment or agility. I wanted it! Often hotelos.bestE¸ flushed pink flesh and beckoned. I knelt down and bowed his head to me, waited bud. Feeling the particular flavor of this beautiful rose, I began to work the tongue passing them deployed across its recording surface. Here Julia suddenly began to breathe loudly and often. I realized that I had found the language of the magic point, about which she govorila.- More! Yet! Yes, still, do not stop! I did not even think to stop. Oh, what a thrill! This is super! From my woman baldeet! Am I already a man Suddenly she groaned, breathed loudly, bent his whole body trembled and froze: I opeshil.Cherez moment Julia came to her senses and zaulybalas.- Congratulations! Congratulations to the first orgasm of your life, which you give to the woman I was in seventh heaven -! Well did you learn the lesson! Well, thank you for this little joy you brought me? Do you want to enter into me? As an adult! Lesson vtoroy.Ona again leaned back in the chair and spread her legs. Her freshly shaven pussy was ruddy, and color different from the color of the body. Julia opened her arms to the side his lips, exposing all his treasure with tender inviting me to cave. "Really!" I thought. "Am I able to fuck this shameless, but a hell of a pretty girl?"And with these thoughts, I entered the hot Yulin womb. Up¸rshis hands on the arms of the chair, I furiously began to have what only yesterday seemed to me inaccessible and even nerealnym.Minut 15 I was already wet, and Julia all the nozzles, sighing and moaning beneath me. I do not know if I'm all right delayu.- Let's change the posture. I'm on my knees, and thou shalt be with Zadie. Okay? He turned his back to me, I saw even more attractive image. But what we have not yet finished hair removal! Beside her wonderful holes and on the perineum, it was a little hairs. My dick was full of strength and energy, and I do not want to stop. I entered into it immediately and sharply. This position I liked. Firstly convenient, and secondly I can watch her wonderful ass. : .Yulya Moaned louder. I have a factory more and more, I could not help it. Stormy wave rolls reached the end, and I vividly finished right in it! ...- Congratulations! Congratulations, you've become a man! Not everyone manages to be a man in 14 years! - You like it - of course! Everything was super! - Julia, and yet we have not zakonchili.- What more do you want - No, we still do not plucked your ass! - Ah! Go to the bathroom and at the same time the wax razogreyu.Cherez 10 minutes Julia was already in a chair on his knees exposing my ass with his charming recordkeeping - to bulge and spread apart the halves apart, exposing at the same moist pink flesh .... successfully mastered this method of hair removal I quickly finished with the remnants of rare hairs. Delete All to a man I was happy with my rabotoy.- Everything! Purely! Beauty is induced completely - Thank you! - Julia got up, went to the mirror and looked at herself from every angle. - Super I was still naked and with a member of Yulka again started to come into the firing sostoyanie.- What more you want? Okay, let me help. - With these words, she sat down on my knees and started to do blowjob. I could not stand a few minutes, and breathing loudly, violently ended. The first jet of sperm hit right in the mouth, the rest splashed on the face, eyes, nose and forehead. Forces no longer had to stand and I sat down. Julia wiping his hand went to the bathroom."Gosha! Wow! Kid tell not believe" - I thought admiringly .... Late in the afternoon came our mothers. They were cheerful and in good nastroenii.- Well, our guest is not bored? - Asked Aunt Valya.- I think not! - I said, winking Yulya.Na next morning when I woke up Julia was not there. She soon went to sea in a car with her friends. The more I've never seen her ...


Small fish

It was already quite late, at least when I was about to cut bait and go home, the sun touched its lower end timber tops. The fact that someone walks in my direction, I heard from far away. True, I thought that some young couple decided to retire to the bush, and so when they came, I was somewhat taken aback. Well, if a man a stretch could still be counted among the young, here is a woman certainly does. He was somewhere in the sorokovnik face not disfigured by intellect, and judging by the color of the face is also a lover of drink, but her exact age seventy, a thin little old lady. What they were the same as it is in a state of sobriety, both at least umat. They walked or carried each other, it was quite difficult to understand. The only thing that I can only say that a man with one hand embracing the lady's waist, the other heavily squeezed right through her dress grud.Vstreche with me, at least a man exactly, they are glad to have been. The old woman immediately began to wonder what I caught, but as I catch. She asked me to hold a fishing rod. The man sat down next to her and began something to whisper in her ear. He pulled off her shoulder straps of her sundress, and although my site is not to be seen, but it seems, began to squeeze her breasts hard. What he said, and she did not hear, I told him, but the reaction he was quite violent. "Well, fuck you fucking bitch"- And he pushed it from the shore into the water, kicked my bucket of fish and ushel.Mne had no choice but to rush to help the old lady. And although there was no deep, somewhere along the belt, but given the degree of intoxication, I had to suffer before I could pull her to shore. About how to get to the shore, even conversation was not conducted, for some reason she did not want to be hard, but just sit on your ass. At least the water was teplaya.Ne quite knowing what to do next, and just to take a breath, I sat down next to her. One strap of her sundress was torn, and the second was hanging on the edge of the shoulder. Now I can not even understand how I then decided. But then I calmly pulled a second strap, making it possible to move out sundress down. Now I would not call it a breast and then. Just so small leather pouch hanging down. I lifted one from the beginning, just played it, then the other. It is very closely followed my every move, however, more than any of his movement is not expressing neither agreement nor displeasure. As soon as I left her alone, she looked at me, and without saying a word, began vstavat.Ya helped her up, and she tried to climb to the top. But the beach at this location was quite steep and it did not work. However, during all these attempts it, the hem of her sundress up lost, stuck to the ass and opening her legs. Do not resist, I hug her back. She again just looked at me and said nothing. Emboldened, I DELAY sundress even higher, and ran his hand under the elastic of her panties. Butt she was very soft and saggy. Just playing, I wanted to get between her legs, but prevented her panties. And then I sat down next to her and pulled her panties down. True, I had the power to lift one of her leg to finally pull them off her, and throw on bereg.Teper I do not hurt, and I ran his hand between her legs. My fingers immediately ran into a thicket, covering her bosom. As if waking up, she tried not to let me further penetration, bringing together the legs, and when she did not work and my fingers touched her lips, she simply sat in vodu.Togda it was my turn to undress. I took off his wet shirt and sweat pants, and then the panties. My risen member was right in front of her face. Holding its base, I gently hit head on her cheek and nose. She turned away, and tried to push me away. Just sat down, I had a head on her shoulder, slid on his chest and then lifted his cock her sagging breasts. Stand bent was quite uncomfortable, and so my cock was again in front of her face. I began to poke them in the face of an old woman, she tried to turn away and protect your hands. That I somehow suddenly infuriated, and grabbed her by the hair, I pulled her to his groin. She tried to look away, and then I gave her a slap in the face. It swept away the wave number of its fervor. And then I brought it to a member of her lips and tried to shove it into her mouth. She pursed her lips and did not miss me. Then I closed the second hand to her nose. She again tried to turn away his face, but I held it firmly enough, and she had to open his mouth to breathe. At the same moment I stuck my dick in her mouth and pushed it to its full length in her glotku.I here there was something I least expected. She began to vomit, I just had time to jump. It lasted perhaps five minutes. Although vomit immediately carried away by the river, but the desire to shove it in my mouth disappeared abruptly and member opustilsya.Kogda it ceased to vomit, I doused her face with water, washing away the remnants. Then I made her get up, he got to the shore, and have top hands pulled her. She wanted to get up there and then, but the maximum that it could, it is to kneel and crustaceans. As soon as she tried on, immediately padala.Melkanie her ass entertained me and factories and so I DELAY hem of her back and as soon as she tried to get pushed her, making it difficult to climb. Gradually, my penis has gained strength again. She tried to crawl on his knees. Then I just grabbed her leg and pulled her to him. I again ran his hands between her thighs, and though she tried to keep his legs together, my fingers got into her womb. Not much ado, I started with the beginning of one finger, then another. I was amazed at how easily they penetrated there, and then I started the third finger. Just then I felt her bosom squeezes them. Tolerate it was impossible and parted her legs to the side, I put a member. She tried to push me away, and that it does not bother me, I just grabbed her by the neck and pinned to the ground. As soon as she began to resist, I gently squeezed her throat, cutting off oxygen. After several attempts, she calmed down. I made a few bumps and realized that with the same success I could wave my dick in the air. Razebannaya Her pussy was created explicitly to the size of my penis. I tried this way and that, and rub on the walls and a circular motion, but other than the champ and squelch nothing poluchalos.I then I remembered about her second hole. I turned her on her stomach. I spread her buttocks and felt her anus. I just pushed a little finger he got inside. Then I made her kneel down. I myself fell in behind and put his head in her rectum, tried to enter the penis. But it was not so easy. And then I began to alternately dip a cock in her pussy, then try to penetrate into the anus. Probably, with the fifth attempt to head slipped inside. Grasping her hips, I began leisurely light impulses to push his cock deeper. When I was able to penetrate the entire length, I began to gradually increase the tempo of their movements. In the night were heard postanyvaniya her, and slamming my balls on her ass in conjunction with its siskami.Vozbuzhdenie grew. To somehow diversify their movement, I grabbed her tits and began to terrorize them. I dragged them apart, pinching the nipples, and just clutched in his fist. But gradually the desire grasped me and just wanting to experience this moment as much as possible, I grasped that there are forces beyond her breast and began to pull her body itself. And only when completely emptied all the sperm, I realized that the old lady almost howls from boli.Otpustiv her chest ... and removing the member, I fell down on the ground, to catch your breath a little. The old woman was lying beside him and whined softly. I flipped her onto her back and took the hand that she was trying to cover her breasts. On both breasts stood out clearly bruises and bruises. Yeah, it looks like I dressed myself perestaralsya.Ya. Then the old lady pulled on shorts and possibly corrected her sundress. I tried to help her up, but she just whined and backed away from menya.Plyunuv at her, I gathered my rod and went home.

Familiar brother

It happened when I was 16 years old. Of course, I already had by this time peting with girls, and even several times touched their pussies, but what with luchilos that night it was in the first. More precisely, it was my first time. I lived with my mom dad and brother, the apartment we had 4 bedrooms each with its own very large. I forgot to introduce myself my name is Eugene and Igor's brother. He was then 25 years old and since I can remember constantly Igor house arranged spree when the parents left the cottage. I long to be at parties was not necessary because Igor sent me to sleep, but 15 years have allowed me to sit in the morning and listen to the guys talk about who is who and how. Once there was a funny incident. Igor Vanka each night Masha went to my room, they sat down on the chair she started kissing all the time, telling him that he removed his hand from the back of the back, so as not to climb under the blouse. She even told him that this is what they are doing and the error is not what has happened to stop, and in general she loves another. In short, they then just sat chatting and went to rest. And in the morning when the guys gathered in the kitchen so interesting Vanka told what Masha cool and where he fucked her and she got up. It was very funny.
Well get to the point.
On the same evening parents left Igor called again the crowd of friends and girlfriends. At that time, Igor was a very beautiful girl Julia good and generally I really liked, and as a girl and as a man who would marry her and be done with it. Well here it is not the point. We started again partying spree, in what is an important occasion but they are generally always found an excuse.
At about 11, I was sent to bed, and I strongly did not want them to sit tired already. I came to his room turned on the telly, and lay watching. I managed to watch Die Hard on TV and have watched half of the movie on TV, when suddenly the door opened into the room and quietly went to Karina and my Igor. Karina girl was very prominent and beautiful I've always liked to look her in the large cut neckline or try something uglyadet are under skirt length is not different when it is not. As talked about her friend Igor uboltat that her hell for sex, but if she wants sex is fucking stop. I they do not notice and do not turn off the TV, which by the way I just was at hand. It all began, they quickly leaned to the table Igor, pulled the straps of her dress revealing her very beautiful breasts. Karina unbuttoned his pants, soon releasing his already standing member, she sat down a couple of times and it is completely swallowed. Igor pulled out his trowels condom and handed Karine.
- Dress.
Karina fast enough to print it out and put them on. Igor lifted her back turned to him a little kiss neck, and hands kneaded her breasts cool. Karina hands lowered her panties on slender legs, lifted the bottom of her dress, thus focusing all dress only talie. She hand helped him to enter a member, while leaning on the table. Igor let go of her chest and grabbed her ass, he did some pushing-pihatelnyh movements, well, it lasted 10-15 seconds. Then the brother went limp pulled member prezik removed and put on my desk. Karina turned to face him, and while he was recovering from them there was such a dialogue.
- Karinochka you're just lovely, it was so cool.
- You are also a man for a long time no matter where I did not finish.
- They all go to sleep longer you can stay here
- Well just let me have a cigarette with matches.
- That's it, and thanks again for a great sex.
- This thank you is my macho. - And she stood with her dress on talie, and with a deflated panties. Igor recovered and left.
Karina bent wear panties saying only closed the door behind Igor.
- Never fucking freak ever fucked properly and only started finished and ran away. More and everyone will tell as I'm here obkonchalas. Already I decided to change his Julia so at least would have done everything humanly. Ugh. Karina fully brought himself in the original appearance and lit a cigarette. He smoked it thoughtfully. Once extinguished the cigarette she headed for the door, but stopped waved, and went to the side of my bed.
- Opachki so I'm not here alone. Zhenya is you or what?
- I...
- And I just now you said. And you all the time did not sleep?
- I ... well .. - I generally like a swallowed tongue, I did not know what I should do.
- Wow, what do you see here then, and you do not even noticeable. - Karina turned her head toward the table. - And did you see it?
- Well ... I ... do not ... I ... it's .... - I felt like a fool, I did not even know what to say.
- C'mon it's not not that terrible, I hope you do not mind if I sleep with you because all the beds are already occupied?
- Yes ... it is ... no
- So that's great. - It is a movement free from dresses and shorts fell to me. I'm lying on my back and she lay down sideways, and her breasts slipped over me, as it was great. These women larger breasts.
- See how your brother's not in shape. And by the way you probably also a virgin? And I'm here this sprawling aunt with you?
- There is no longer I have a girl and we are with her and kiss and undress, and ... - I wanted to invent more but stopped.
- Come in the same there is not something wrong, I want you even help with the case. - And her hand crept over my body to the heat. She took my cock in his hand through melting it no longer stood but did not fall completely. - Wow, I did not expect. What she did not expect I do not know I have it and it's not where large 17-18 cm, and it was then ...
- Well I do not know
- Let's help each other. You finish what his brother did not finish and I'll make you a man, okay?
- Good. - From one thought that I would be a man and tell all your friends tomorrow, I agreed.
Karina hand slipped under my gum and gently heats held in the balls and penis. She has two hands freed me from the laundry.
- Do not hesitate to touch it I pat his chest, and in general all over my body.
I gently touched his chest. Then he squeezed a little harder. What is it in her classroom and how hard nipples.
- Do your girls big breasts?
- Yes, but the buds are not as large and solid. - I spoke more confidently, and in general I felt like something lighter. And Tanya my chest was really big but beautiful nipples were small and hard.
- And how old is she?
- 15.5
- Well, she still yet to come, still formed the body and everything will be ok.
Karinochka took my hand and on the rules currently in panties. He lifted his leg and bent at the knees so that I can freely get to the promised place. I felt the hairs hard stubby hairs on her pussy on the skin was soft hairs ended, and here's my hand ended up in something hot wet and soft - it was a real lady's pussy.
- Feel free to pat it ... do not be afraid to pat you want, let me take off her panties to you it was more convenient.
Karina took off her panties, and more convenient to spread their legs, as it was cool, I was already very excited. Hand I took the top down is Karinochka softly moaning, I could not resist and bit his lips to her nipples.
- I want you inside me ...
Karina turned to me his back, legs bent and sent his ass just to my already finished fighter. Her hand gently grabbed my cock and plunged into itself. Oh, how wonderful it was, a member of the once breathed such fervor.
- Come on ... let's move
I first began to fuck his girlfriend. But I did not last long or rather is not possible to tell and lasted just finished it.
- Izvini.- I mumbled apologetically.
- What do you mean you're sorry for it was cool the first stage is over, because it is the first attempt. - Very gently and soothing Karina said.
- Well, all the same.
- Better to let the towel.
I said where it is Karina wiped all that flowed from it, and his and mine, and lay down again.
- This is the first time and I will do so to today tried as much as possible and most importantly become a man.
- And now, perhaps .. - I started to say that I am referring to the same kind of already fucked all I am not a virgin.
- Well, now it is only a small step. I was deprived of virginity in the 10th grade. I then had a friend to him for 32 years. We met almost half a year, we certainly was not a big peting, but it's not. And that's how we are with the class had to go hiking for three days. I begged from my mother and told the school that I was not allowed, in short all rolled up still can not understand. But she had these three days came to her boyfriend. That's where we are, and we came off three days vypazili out of bed and over the three days tried everything but not all but a lot. After that I was much better with their peers. From him I learned how to do blowjob. About your girlfriend and you certainly did not make a blowjob?
- No
- Well, we'll fix that.
Karina First I make the first blow in life. And my limp dick in a minute was already ready again. She only felt its hardness as the once sat on top of me again plunging a member and began to gallop. I stayed much longer but it does not see enough again, I poured it inside his sperm. But she did not stop and rode until the member does not fallen out of it. But that did not stop her. Karinochka sat on the other side of the bed, legs spread wide and pulled my head to her pussy.
- Lick lick Genia, please. - With one hand my teacher spread his jaws and the second sent to my face.
- But how? . - I would like it a little less so.
- How do you want as the ice creams like candy as you want, I beg you.
And I began to lick just beginning then suck in her lips and clitoris. I have entered into a rage, and sucked and licked each of her cell. And her body tensed she moaned and went limp.
- Now you've become a man. After all, man is not the one who can stick or even a woman who can satisfy.
After about five minutes of chatter, Karinochka again decided to make me a blowjob, the result was the same a minute later, as a member of the standing count.
- Now I'll show you in a better position to deprive the girl of innocence.
Carina got cancer just pursed her knees and invited me to enter into it. I went in and started fucking the third time was already at least as it is turbulent. And to finish, I did not want and was a member of.
- Girth of my ass and stronger. Move fast as you want it to get to beat. Karina caressed her hand. I moved like a porn movie Fast and Furious is a member of the strained limp.
- I'll show you another treasured hole. - Karina summed up my cock to his anus. - Let's just by quietly.
- But...
- Do not be afraid not to get me the same before boyalas.- as though reading my thoughts said Karina. - Just do not end there.
Of course, I could not resist and not follow when I finish and finished it in the ass but Karinochka not upset because I realized she again finished. We fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up when Karinochka was already in a dress, she came and kissed me and said something like that could happen again. I was ashamed to horror. When blanketed bed, I found her panties, and she left them specifically or just forgot no one knows. And I felt a real man. When drinking tea and brother with friends sipping beer, listening as the brother told how he deftly slammed Karinochka she moaned as it made him a blowjob, and how she came 4 times I'm sure when he told his friends, too, who did not miss the moments that quickly finished that shy. A week later, I stripped my virginity Tanya, we then 5 years together, and the sex we had a lot of different.

Tainted Love

The story I will tell you now happened to me at an early age. I was only 13 years old and I still can not think about it without sodraganiya. Now, as I write these verses, my tormented heart starts beating furiously, and drove to his throat tight, with bitter aftertaste inexhaustible pain.
That year was hot and beautiful summer my family and I went to the cottage. Two weeks later, we came to my aunt with her 10-year-old little daughter. All day we splashed in the cold river and sunbathe on the grass. We returned home late in the afternoon. They returned tired, Mom began to prepare us dinner once. And I ran to the bathroom - image of my aunt in a trendy bathing suit did not come out of my head. I sat on the toilet and was ready to get to work as Ira, my aunt's daughter, Natasha began to bang the door and said she really wants to use the toilet. So what to do, I had a quick pull pants and get out. I was very excited, I have not given to finish, so I got angry and went to her bedroom. Mother of all called to the table, but I cried with my bedroom that I do not hunt to eat and stayed there.
When it came time to go to bed, we found that the beds is clearly not enough. And since I slept on the large sofa bed, it was decided that my aunt would sleep on it with me. Mom and Dad went to bed to his bed, and Irku laid on the bed in the room.
And all went to bed. I was eating dinner in the kitchen, because it does not sat down to dinner together with all the reasons stated above, and the day I am very hungry. When I went back to her bedroom and lay down it to his great surprise discovered that my aunt is without a bra! That made me very embarrassed, but at the same time terribly excited. I must admit, and so restless sleep, before falling asleep in bed toss and turn a lot, but here ... In general, I could not find peace, I turned over from one side to the other and suddenly soft hand landed on my stomach, and I pochuvstval warm breath on my ear. I decided to turn aside Natasha, it was interesting to look at her in that moment, she should be asleep. And sleeping without a bra! I slowly began to turn, her hand slipped from me. When I turned around completely, her face was in some inches from me, while my eyes appeared a luxurious chest 36-year-old woman. Here I wanted to touch this miracle of nature. And my desire was so strong that my hand against my fear of the forbidden and the natural confusion slowly but surely beginning to creep toward the forbidden fruit. When my hand touched the miracle, it took my breath away, ran over the body heat in the face hit the blood, so I think that at that moment I was red as a tomato, in the literal sense of the word. I drew back his hand, passed only one miserable minute, but it seemed an eternity before I was able to hand off this otd¸rnut elastic smooth chest. Natasha went to bed as if nothing had happened and it prompted me to new exploits. I have boldly reached out and touched the nipple, which instantly became harder. Then I decided to hug her aunt's shoulders and pretend like I'm dreaming, that if she suddenly woke up, or what would have guessed. That's exactly what I did. I was so pleased that I did not notice how sleep. I woke up on what someone caressing my cock. I moved a little, but weasels do not stop, then I got up a little over the bed, but the hand of Natasha n e allowed me to get up, put me back. Then she closed her hand over my mouth and whispered, "shh", With a sly smile.
- Do you like my breasts ?, - Natasha suddenly asked. I'm just numb from the shock.
- Come on, stop the build of a good little boy, - she said - I wanted to Nadur adult aunt, right? I did not sleep all the time, and for lice test you did not pass!
From these words, I felt so ashamed that I could not utter a word.
Noticing this, aunt smiled and said:
- Since you're so indifferent to my body, you can try to make her aunt pleasant?
My sex drive in that instant struggled violently with shame and I faintly said:
- How?
Then she quietly took my hand and placed it unceremoniously on the pussy. I felt the delicate skin of the coveted town of every man. It was clean-shaven, on it there was not a hair. Then she lay on her back and pressed me to her, at this time I purely on reflex level kissed and licked her magic breasts. Then she hands began pulling my head lower and lower, my lips have walked on her tummy, and finally caught up with the target. Her pussy by this time had already been covered in the juice into the nose hit a strange, slightly sweet and quite sickly, but very alluring smell. I began to lick this natural wonder, my movement language with each second were becoming bolder and bolder. I plunged my tongue into her vagina almost completely. Then she pulled me over to him and kissed her passionately. She was very excited, so that her movements became more aggressive. Lay me down on my back, it fell on me all over, I felt like it soft to lie on my chest, as our stomachs spilling touch our bodies glow. Then she made a sudden movement the pelvis and my baby boldly entered her pleasure gates. I was excited to the limit and I thought that I finish almost immediately, and so would have happened if she had not squeezed while the muscles of his vlashalischa with force squeezing the head of my penis. Then the rhythmic movements continued. And when I again and again was ready to cum she does the same. And when I was on the verge of insanity, she let me cum in her womb. It is a wonderful feeling I will not forget until his death. I'm not going to describe it in detail, as is still impossible to describe on paper the pen.
We had sex for over an hour, and then another half caressed each other, and so zasnli arms.
The next day I woke up late hours in two days. Aunt Natasha was not with her daughter. My mother met me cold and menacing stare, so I was afraid to ask her about anything. All day she was strict with me and did not talk much, but I was afraid to ask, knowing what the reason.
Since that night I have not seen more Natasha until her departure for America. And on that day, we saw a glimpse, there were many cases. So she went and we did not even obsuili what happened between us.
Two years later, come down to us the news that Aunt Natasha broke in avtokatasrofe. I do not like to think about it. I do not remember how I managed to survive it. I remember that I almost did not cry, only a huge ball, which rolled up to my throat choking me and continued to stifle many years later.
I have not met with the girls, into himself and became very dark young man. The second sexual experience was with me only 21 years old. Since then, I've had quite a lot of women, but none could compare with my beloved and dear Aunt Natasha.

My history. Part one. Loss Camp

Start a story I would like to explain the words "blyadvo". "Blyadvo"- Is a male form of the word damn (so I called my girlfriend when I heard the following below).
At the end of tenth grade, my parents sent me to a summer camp. I went to camp with the intention of losing her virginity, because at my age of 16 years to be a virgin is already a shame. Everything went as well as possible: I was in the squad which had the best girls around the camp; counselors (both blonde) is great; competition was not strong; so it all depends on me. I decided that I had nothing to lose and started to operate.
The best moments were trips to the beach. On the beach walk twice a day, the beach camp was fenced with a symbolic fence, breaking that and passed about two hundred meters through the winding paths you can go to "wild" beach, so called nude beach in camp. But I went there during the quiet hours, when the two counselors, Lena and Lola, were closed in his room, and a detachment of playing cards, that's when I grabbed the camera down climbs through a hole in the fence and went to "wild" beach. They climbed on the rock I photographed girls expose their charms searing July sun. I selected only the best body for that would capture them in photos.
Most of all I liked to take pictures of a brunette who usually sunbathed Metakhim fifteen from my point of observation. She came to the beach in a white transparent shirt and bikini panties immediately bared, lay on the hot sand, and caused sunblock first on the chest, at the same time vigorously massaging the nipples, then to trim the tummy, descending lower and finally reaching shaved hollows it has launched two fingers pre-moistened with saliva into the heart of the cherished target, so it went on for five minutes, after which she stretched hands closed her eyes and lay motionless for at least half an hour. She was a girl, a dream for me. I'm almost every day, to close in the toilet or already lying in his bed, when everyone was asleep, imagining how to have sex with a girl's dream, while rubbing his hand sticking out member. When I finished, then rested for another five minutes, moving the breath asleep strong healthy sleep.
One warm evening, I'm instead of going with a group to the disco, washed away in the town taking with him a little money, a towel and swimming trunks.
The first stall I bought a pack of Chesterfield and a can of beer, and breathing the sea air and nicotine deeply went into the city. This evening in the city was Cocoa holiday, all the shops and cafes were occupied by noisy drunken companies and kissing couples. When he reached the beach, I was about to go into the booth and change, but all cabins were occupied, it was evident that they at least two persons, and from the stalls occasionally muffled moans and sobs. Coming closer to the sea, I sat down on the sand, and took out a cigarette lit. Not far from me, the company is located girls who looked about seventeen, they were playing cards, laughing loudly and constantly about something whispered. Swim in shorts is not an option, -Think I; I will change clothes right here. I generally like to shock people, the adrenaline rush, the feeling one experiences when prelyudno undress, or you go through the city center in torn jeans and bandanna while on the go with raspivaya throat dorogushchee wine - the same "Russian" extreme, sometimes me, it is quite exciting. I got up from the sand, took off his T-shirt, shorts, briefs and then standing in the buff, I once again looked at the beach, I like to wear swimming trunks, but then behind his back I heard a woman's voice:
- The young man let light.
I turned around in front of me stood a girl of sixteen, long black hair, big blue eyes, full red lips, a little girl's breasts, tender smooth, flawless skin was dark-blue bikini on the girl. I held the lighter to the cigarette, she podkurila looked me in the eye, she said: "What is your name?"I must say, I was shocked, "Alex :, Alex" - I muttered. She looked me in the eyes, then slowly looked at my groin. At this time, my dick began the treacherous climb under her gaze. Not knowing what to do, I instinctively pulled her hand and closed his fighter.
"You know, I just lost the desire card. Do not help me to carry it out?" - She said, and made a plaintive face, in front of which could not resist probably not one man.
"Watching how the desire" - I said, knowing that now I'll do anything.
"Well, actually, I owe you a massage while you cum in my palm"- She said, with an embarrassed face clearly.
" I mean jerk? Right here?"
" Well, here:"
" Good:" - I knew that this could end badly, but he could not refuse this.
I lay down on the warm sand, spread his legs, I was overwhelmed with feelings, a sense of impending pleasure, in the end I felt that I finish before it starts me "massage". My cock was sticking defiantly, and on the head already stood out brilliant drop of grease. Stranger for some reason went to the water and when she came back, sat down next to me, she grabbed my erect penis, wrapped it in her palm, she looked at me. At first, perhaps because of the strong field, I did not understand what was happening, and then I felt cold chills me, from a member of the whole body ...
"It will cool you, you do not want to end too quickly?" - She whispered.
From my mouth I escaped a muffled scream, and then I heard laughter. I completely forgot about her friends, who all the while keeping his eyes were watching.
"Do not pay attention to them. There is only you, me, and your steadfast member!" - She said, stroking my dick rising again.
"Well, I'll start, if you do not mind" - The stranger said, and without waiting for an answer began to slowly drive his smooth "velvet" hand over the entire length of my fighter.
It was noticeable that she wanker at first he was not very diligent. But then, apparently, went into a rage, she started the stronger squeeze my cock, on the contrary barely touched him, with the accelerating pace of caresses, then slowing down. His little eyes darted sparks of lust, everything in it and cried: I WANT !!!. She eagerly looked at how my dick peeking out of her fist, while she constantly licked his dry lips. When I began to feel that the ending is near, she released my dick from her hands, looked at me, saw my face on the request for continuation, smile touched her lips.
"Now, patience:" - She whispered, and take up his palm to face a number of movements of the tongue lapped up all the grease from his hands. Then again she licked her lips, and then in one motion pulled off her bikini top revealing a maiden, but a fully formed breasts. Then he took my hand and put it under him, and said:
"Massage and you me, I also want to caress !?"
My fingers began to wander between her slender legs and finally found the entrance to the crotch, pulled inward.
"Not so fast! You do not want to hurt me"
I eased the pace and easily entered one finger deep inside.
"That is so good! Go on!" - She moaned.
She began to rise and fall on my finger, then I remembered ... about my cock again started stroking it.
"I'll lick it if you want:"
"Yes-aa, I want this-oo:"
She bent over my protruding member, and releasing the tongue licked the head. Then she took my penis at the base and plunged it into her mouth half, pulled, licked her entire head, held a tongue from the base to the tip, and swallowed it entirely. As long as my dick was in her mouth my insatiable stranger, she spent her tongue around him, as if trying to shove it deeper in the throat. I continued to wander finger into her vagina, from which she was constantly moaning.
Three minutes later of this action, I felt that I can no longer contain sperm-confidence, and now I'm finished. It is, judging by how writhing on my hand, too, I was close to orgasm. With his free hand, I tried to pull out his penis that would not finish in her mouth, she released his mouth, looked at me and said:
"Cum in my mouth, please, I want to try sperm"
She closed her eyes and took my head in his mouth, making a few movements of the tongue, she received ample portion of sperm, then a second, then she released a member of his mouth, and a third jet of sperm hit on her lips and cheek. Rang out the cries and opladismenty her girlfriends she looked at them, smiled, and flashed a drop of sperm on the lips of my stranger.
She reluctantly got out of my hand, grabbed the top of her bikini and ran to the water. I lit a cigarette. This is the first blow in my life, finally at least some of my dreams come true.
At this time, the girl-stranger came up to me:
"Come meet?"
I reluctantly got up, and walked her to the company of her girlfriends.
"My name is Vika. It Anya (blond short stature, but with a curvy shape), this is Julia (the highest of the girls with brown eyes and small breasts) is Sasha (girl with childlike eyes and a short haircut), and this Kira, my younger sister (she really it looked like the youngest, but Kira had long slender legs and curvy ass)!".
"Well, you give a virtuoso, a show staged, sorry your mom did not see it" - She exclaimed with a grin Anya.
"Well, even that was not enough, and you see little sister, blab, kill!" - Said Wick.
"Vic, but you really lost cards? Or this:"
"The truth is lost, but I do not regret it. I hope you liked it?"
"Still I did not like!" - I said with a smile.
"Are you in any way from the camp?" - Asked Cyrus.
"Well, while they were at the disco, I decided to take a swim"
"Come with us for a walk, and then in the company of female bored" - I proposed to Cyrus.
"Not the girls I camp, I was already there looking for!"
"Well, then, tomorrow, we are always here in the evening, nigh"
And I'm inspired new dreams and desires, quick step, smoking cigarettes one by one, went to the camp. But my adventures were not over for today.
Approaching the camp, I saw that the house where he lived our unit, the light was only counselors room. I climbed over the fence, slowly walked to the porch, the door was not locked. Entering the house, I walked down the hall, counselors room was between the rooms of boys and girls. The door was ajar vozhatskuyu in, I tried to keep quiet, that would not have heard passing by the open door, involuntarily I saw what was happening. First harsh light blinded me, but after a couple of seconds, I saw the picture, which recalled before going to bed for a long time.
Lola sat on the bed with his back against the wall, out of the clothes she was wearing only stockings. Her small breasts with pink nipples sticking out constantly rose and fell, it seemed that her heart was about to jump, slender, graceful her legs were wide apart. Next to the bed, knelt Lena on her differences from Lely were even and white lace panties, she, having put two fingers in Lelin bosom and occasionally massaging her lips swollen clit drove Lelia to orgasm, periodically publishing smacking sounds. With the other hand, Lena massaged her pussy right through her panties. From Lelina chest and then escaped muffled moans of pleasure.
My cock instantly rose, and, resting his pants, delivered painful. I could no longer endure, pulled his fighter out of captivity, I began to masturbate hard. Excitation was very strong, so do not see every day. Judging by the way shook Lelina body, it was obvious that she was close to orgasm, with one hand, she pressed harder Lena to her crotch and the other clutching his right chest. After a few seconds, Lel finished, her lips broke moan of pleasure, with a portion of its discharge was right on Lena's mouth, and some remained on her lips and cheek. Lola closed her eyes and held on dry lips tongue, and let go of Lena, had fallen to the side. Lena also continued vigorously massaged her pussy, while occasionally kissing the delicate skin girlfriend.
At this time, I was also close to bliss continuously masturbate his end, for the past seven minutes, I lost all caution. Cum in my palm, I groaned, which was enough, that would notice me.
Lola lying is not movable, he jumped on the bed and instinctively covered her glistening, saliva friends and their own excretions, perineum. Her face was frightened, but when she saw me standing on his haunches, with a member in one hand and his own sperm in the other, his face broke into a smile. Lena got up from the floor, licked his lips and commanded: "Come here, lousy masturbator!" - At the same time her face was angry. As under hypnosis, I got up from his knees and went into the room, closed the door behind him.
"First, where have you been? And secondly, Alex, you did not let me finish, okay? And if I do not finish when turned on, then later, I am very angry!"
"You may have to ask Lelia!"
I glanced at Lelia, she shook her head in response, and the smile never left her face.
I looked at Lena's eyes. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. He seemed ready to break me.
"N..nu, I went to the beach, and then walked past the door and saw:" - I mumbled in his defense.
"Well, what do we do with him? A Lel?" - Lena said for more than a soft voice.
"Well, let them finish what you started. I think it will be true:"
"And yet? But he saw us?"
"So what? After all, you do not tell anyone about what he saw?"
"No! Of course not, I know how to keep secrets." - I said I did not understand myself, what I say (as you can see I have kept secret for five years).
"Okay. Just let them bring me to orgasm" - Lena said, replacing anger with mercy.
"Wait. You cum in your hand? And I just did not notice?" - Lola said, and reached out to me.
"I can not assume that such a treasure be spilled!"
With these words, Lola got out of bed and stood in front of me on my knees, pulled my hand from the sperm to his greedy mouth. At first, she merged the thick, sticky, fragrant ... the liquid in the mouth, and then began to lick each finger. I stood there not knowing what was going on, trying to figure out a dream or not a dream, but even if it's a dream, I did not want to wake up. But my cock, knew what was happening and stood at attention.
From oblivion I brought the voice of Lena, she was angry and excited to the limit.
"So enough, first let me finish, and then what you want to do!"
She sat on the bed, placing his delicious, impressive size ass on the cover, slowly spread her legs, presenting my eyes shaved crotch, only lobochke was a small mound of blond hair. I pulled my fingers out of Lelin mouth, she let go of them with obvious displeasure, knelt beside the bed and wondered what to do next? I was confused, I did not know how to do it, I certainly saw as they do in porn, but never tried it. Meanwhile, Lena closed her eyes in anticipation of pleasure. I still stood motionless. After a few seconds of waiting Lena could not stand it.
"Come on, lick me. I want to come!"
"I do not know, I've never done this" - I tried to explain.
"Oh, hell, he still does not know how to lick!" - Shouted Lena, a woman's voice, which only need one to finish.
"Hush, Lena, children wake. Now I had to quickly learn" - Lely words to me were salutary.
Lola sat next to me, hugged and pressed his lips to my mouth. Her tongue reached into my mouth and started slowly there, faster and faster, circling around my tongue.
"Now you understand?" - I asked Lola and looked at me a look "I'm not averse to repeat", Massaged girlfriend's womb.
Lena She stroked his right hand and the left took my hand and pulled the crotch girlfriend. I began to immerse their fingers in hot moist crack, between the slender legs, the experience I already had.
"And now, lick it like an ice cream" - Whispered Lola removes his hand from the womb of friends, and traveling on their own.
I leaned to the flowing sap of young vagina and licked. The feeling was vague, not nasty, not to turn a pleasant, taste the vagina Lena was salty. Touch of my tongue made on the quivering flesh effect, as if I licked a fiery furnace in the bath. Lena arched, her nipples seemed about to burst.
"Now, do the same tongue, that I in your mouth:" - Lelia whispered that clearly overwhelmed by the excitement of what he saw.
I tried to restore the order of actions, but did not have time, because Lena grabbed my head with both hands and pulled her to the point of exhaustion pussy. I decided to do as it will. Parted lips, I put his tongue into the fold as deeply as possible. Lena moaned and removing his hands from the back of my neck began to stroke his chest and rubbing nipples. I began to randomly rotate the tongue inside her vagina, making her even more arched and moaned continuously.
"Still, give-aay yet! Stronger!"
I looked at her and finally got a taste of the game, then I slowed down action, forcing her to ask for more, then abruptly accelerated, from which she writhed all over, and her legs shiver.
"Now, find the hillock and squeeze his lips" - Lola said intermittent breathing.
Find the clitoris was not difficult, because I thoroughly studied every crease between the legs of the Lena. I found the clitoris Lena, and pulled his free hand to Lelina chest. Lola took my hand in down to her pussy, I straightened the finger and easily entered the insatiable wet vagina, her counselor, so she moaned. And the two women groaned, barely holding back, no matter what to scream with delight.
After a few seconds of my oral sex Lena shivered all over and squeezed her nipples of her breasts escaped a muffled groan, she had finished. Lola tore me from the vagina girlfriend and lay down on the floor legs outstretched. I knew what to do and not losing a second fell to its feverish flesh. As soon as I felt her clit, she convulsed and pushing me harder to vagina finished. I stood up, took out his penis and began to masturbate looking at the two naked and exhausted body. Lel finally opened her eyes and saw me said:
"Can I help you?" - While she licked her lips.
I was too excited, that would say something, I just stood silently and jerked his sticking member for twenty minutes. When I felt that I finish, I Framed hand, but the first stream will still hit the leg of Lely. She raised a finger and collecting the precious liquid with legs, sent it into his mouth. I was completely exhausted, and looked at how Lola licked his finger, I thought that now my dick rise again, but the strength in the fourth orgasm of the day I did not have.
Lena opened her eyes, too, but lay motionless and silent. Lel, meanwhile, dipped his finger in the palm of my hand, and enjoying as a kid jam, sent him there too much, and for the first time. I took a glass from the table and poured the remnants of his semen, then wiped his hand on a towel Lely. I gave her a glass and took out a cigarette, lit it.
"You do not have to tell anyone about what happened today, otherwise we and you are thrown out of the camp. Good?" - Lena said in a low voice gentle.
"I told you not to say. So, do not tell" - I said firmly.
"Well, that's good. Come was finishing, and go to sleep, and then it's too late" - Lena said gently.
Lola smiling, looking at the girlfriend, and absorbed the remnants of my sperm.
"Lelka I leave, I want to" - Lena protested.
Lel, not wanting to share, in one gulp drank the contents of the beaker.
"Well, that's it always Lelka all the sperm!"
"Well, I'm going to sleep" - I said, and got out of bed. Coming out of the room, I looked again at his counselors, Lely lips glistened with sperm, and Lena was still lying on the bed and stroking her breasts.
I quietly that no one would wake up, walked over to his bed, took off his shoes and lay down in his clothes. Just think, my usually so strict and cold counselors, were lustful bisexual. I wonder whether continued follow? By the end of the flow of another week, you can catch a lot of things: Thoughts about girls from my troop, disappeared by itself, is now the subject of my desires were my horny counselors.
So I spent about half an hour, and then I fell asleep.
I woke up as usual from the gentle voice Lely:
"Boys, rise! Come on, we have yet to charge should be"
The last thing I wanted to wake up, headache, ache in the groin, but nothing to do, have to get up.
The whole day I was worried about the pain in his groin. When it was time quiet hours, and all went to the room, I went to the toilet and thoroughly surveying his penis, found a small scratch on the trunk. I decided to pay a visit to the clinic in order to process your fighter, but the corridor was faced with Cherish.
"Where are you going? Quiet time is"
"Yes, in a clinic: there. Well, in general, have a headache"
"Come on, I can help you? My mother ... Doctor, I know something about this"
"Well, I have actually not a headache, a little below:"
"Let me see, let's go to my room"
Unable to find more words, I trudged for Cherish the room leaders. Lena not in the room.
"Lenka has just gone to the beach with Kate rehearse, act today"
"Well, where have you got hurt? Lead the"
"I scratch at:"
"Come on, show me, it is necessary to treat, but it is still inflamed" - With these words Lola shut the door of the castle.
Why should I agreed, and now no way back, will have to show her the scratch. I took off my shorts and stood in his shorts. Well now exactly nothing to do, and in one fell swoop pulled the panties. Lola in the meantime pulled out of iodine tables and wool and sat on the edge of the bed next to the window.
"Come here to the light"
I slowly approached, and when she saw me naked to the waist, her eyes flashed sparks of lust.
"Shows where you scratch here?" - While Lola licked her lips.
I took the term in his hand, lifted him up and showed her his injury. Lola took my penis and began to carefully examine the scratch. Her hand was warm and soft, her touch, I became excited, while she stared as my fighter is growing rapidly.
"Yeah, iodine will not help here, there should be other means:" - With these words, Lola put her tongue, and held them for a scratch.
"That's better?"
"Yes, a lot!"
"Then you need intensive care!" - I exclaimed Lola and half plunged my cock in his throat.
Then she took my penis at the base, and began his podrachivat while the immersing him completely in his voracious mouth, then, pulling out his tongue and playing. Therapy session lasted seven minutes, and then I groaned and literally plants a head counselor at his protruding count, finished her throat. She pulled me out of all that was possible. Then, I am releasing my fighter of the sweet captivity, and licked his lips and said:
"The wound is not serious, but I would recommend a few sessions of therapy, no matter what complications arose"
"Good doctor"- I played up, "As you wish!"
By the end of the stream every day I received intensive therapy session, and sometimes several a day, but all good things must come to an end.
The night before leaving Lena Cherish gave me a good-bye. "Saying goodbye" I finished eight times, and my lustful five counselors. However, this summer's surprises are not over yet.
Arriving home, I learned that still enrolled in college.

To be continued!