Bottomless pit

Look, one look. Total second, and life has lost all meaning. Life without these eyes, without this person. And fate, insidious, she decides everything for us. Could I have imagined that the person with whom we met in the university views the corridor, so deep in my heart zapadet. We understand each other without words. It just seems like when you say - here comes love, and how do I know that this is it and will pass by and not notice it, but not sure you will understand, and he too will understand. These deep, bottomless eyes, they, like the sea, you can drown, go to the bottom, but still not otorvesh not otvedesh look. All day I recall the image of the heart beating at a frequency of maximum radio, and my heart was unusually free and easy. And the next day I went for the second time in the third year after the academy, the new group. There was a lecture, which gathered the entire flow. I, of course, still no one knew. All communicated, they shared their impressions of the winter holidays, and now, at the last moment before the audience went to the teacher, the door opened, and showed the same boy. He sat on the front row for his friends. I sat on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The audience was in the form of an amphitheater, on top of everything was well seen and heard, including the first row. Prof read what that crap about resistors, capacitors, circuits and signals, but I did not care, I looked and glared at every movement, every gesture, already dear to me man, and tried to tune into its rhythm, to feel him ego.Nashe familiarity was somehow by itself, just one day began to shake. I learned that his name was Vanya learns it in the parallel group. I tried not to miss a single class, where our group together. And worst of all I liked this guy every day more and more. Vysprashivaya, those who are already acquainted with, other classmates, including interest, as if by accident, and about him. A little bird. A lot of what's new I learned about unfamiliar people, but I was interested in only one. As it turned out, this graceful brunette with delicate features, and bottomless blue eyes studied dancing, and earned one of the nightclubs of the city. Of course, this man was different from all the others, he was always dressed stylishly, well combed, well-groomed and confident. And according to rumors, he was a real gay, but the rumors - rumors, and in the behavior of his was read just that. And to me, that's it, and such like. From the talk of any guys or girls do not perceive it. Against gays, most people pokazushnyh say much, loud and bad, just did not understand, and perhaps understanding, but in fact as possible - stereotypes. So my good relationship with him, probably, many seemed suspicious, but in addition we do not shake hands tied. And I wanted longed to inhale its aroma, endlessly drowning in the blue of his eyes, talk and talk with him. In my fantasies, I approached him, hug, embrace with all the tenderness and was buried in his hot kiss. My fingers tangled in his hair, the heart jump out of my chest, and my whole being to boil in a fit of passion. But all this is just a picture of the imagination, nayavu- only two sms-ki, with sent me an answer I did not wait. How many people can hide your feelings? Sooner or later, everything was open, but the result was unpredictable. Loving, and not knowing the feelings of another person, to inspire myself that you care about him, and fear of rejection and make the first step. But life goes, and probably no more silly spent days than in anticipation, fear and ignorance. The denouement came by itself. One weekend, a nightclub, Vanya on stage, an immense amount of alcohol in my body, a taxi. We rode in the back seat of the Volga city at night, silently looking at each - other's eyes, holding hands, and everyone is probably thinking about her, and it seemed that there is around the corner - end of the world. So I wanted to die, with tears in his eyes and in his head a chain reaction. No, it's not paradise, probably, this is the usual earthly life. Life in which there is no tomorrow, it was not yesterday, but only a moment of happiness. It does not matter, I will give everything for that moment of silence, the noise of the motor and the rustling of tires. For this man, and more emptiness. The night flew by. Gentle kisses, from which dizzy and wanted to run, to run away from this crazy world in the wild jungle. The aroma of love, causing every nerve in the brain to dull the feeling and feel like rushing electrical discharges through the body. We have merged into a single unit, and the first time I was involved in love, not sex. I entered it and felt like it takes me, as our pulses beating at the same frequency as our bodies, just get to know each other at the touch of a fever, and we dissolved. Lips covered with gentle kisses every cell in nude youthful body, and that there was no more beautiful words whispered in his ear. Warm breath forced shivers run all over the body, and we were in a light fever. I loved him. He loved me. Just one moment. And it does not come tomorrow.

Christmas morning

This story took place in the early New Year's morning. I was sitting in chat and communicate with friends. And suddenly I wanted something not normal. I vzashla in a chat nickname "Maiden Custom" and I met with the guys, and it is one of them invited me to a violent party. I gave him my home phone number and was waiting for his call. When he called, we agreed that he and his friends would meet me at the station Chukhlinka from the Kursk railway station. I got off the train and onto the surrounding smotreal and uvieda on the bridge were three guys who then began to descend. When they came to meet me, I already knew it was them. I went to meet them. One guy was 180 cm tall, with kashtannovymi hair and a very attractive smile and a figure. Second and third time so I did not consider. The one that I most liked and found thus that I met in a chat room. His name is Michael, he just younger than me, but looks older. She is a student at the school. but right now mine is not the point. We went to their house, where they was a party. The apartment was 2 small rooms and a large oblong. In a large room sat the guys 6. When I realized this is the thought that vlipla, but there was no where to retreat. All the guys were friends and celebrated the new year very rough company.
I sat on the couch and started a conversation with them. Valera offered me a drink. And we had a drink with him. Then Valerie and Mike called in the very small room there were two single beds.
I sat down on one while they are on the other. Then he stood up, I got up too .. Misha began to embrace me, and Valery shoot kovtochku and trousers. When he took my kovtochku, he took up bra. At this time I kissed Misha.
I started to fly rastegivat Misha and howl zapuskats pen into his jeans.
At that moment I had no bra and my breasts were exposed. Valera pressed to become plural eszadi knead with your hands my chest. He kissed me back and pressed his cock to me ... I was so excited that I got from a member of Misha's jeans and started sucking it. What I did not try a member I was not raised. All skazyyvalos that they were drunk, and alcohol is known to rapidly affect this case. I stayed in one room and entered Durga guy. What I will describe in daneyshem like group sex. He pulled out his penis and I started to suck. Gently touching the tongue of his head, I sucked it so gently and kindly, he moaned. I wanted to get all of it. I began to take his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. He began to squirm and when h flax grown to the point that it is ready to fulfill the duties he took Shobi prizirvativ and wearing a put me on the bed and went into my vagina.
I experienced a lot of fun. I moaned, the guys began to look into the room that we have going on. I was already indifferent, I was thinking about that guy who fucks me. When I felt that he had finished, he got dressed and left. Behind him Blvd. other guy. The same thing I had done with him. First, he licked and sucked his dick. Then he dressed and began prizervativ trazat me. Most of all members, I liked a guy named Sasha member. He was so big that when I patted him, he could not have me completely pometsitsya mouth. It is so much excited that he could not for a long time to finish, and fucked and fucked me so exhausted. Finally he finished and after him came another. Tom, I allowed myself to fuck in the ass. For him it was the first time and he enjoyed it very much, he could not stop. I do not remember that behind what followed, it was half a year ago. I remember three guys have been in the room. I caressed a member of Sasha, a member of which I liked the most, I could not escape ... he sat leaning back against the wall and I'm in a pose cancer was squatting and sucking his dick. On the other bed I sat Misha watching this picture. Suddenly I noticed that the back started to get a job Vanya. He launched his cock in my ass and started a small movement. I became more and more passionate laskta his cock, I shouted, moaning. Misha came to our orgy closer and began to gently knead my breasts mo ... I was already a little bit tired, but I was still nice. Finally I said, chtoya very tired and everything came apart Vani. Vanya begged me to let him to fuck me. I told him that govoorila very tired, and asked him to lick my pussy. When he began to lick her in me emerged as not from strength, and I began to sigh and moan. I felt that I would be right now soar in the clouds. I felt like I came to a huge delight. And so I came, I lay all get exhausted. n I understand it and walked away. A little bit rested, I got up, got dressed and otpraivlas in the common room. After all that is happening, I was a little embarrassed. Soon I was poly provazhat Misha and Vanya. After seeing me, they skzalai that imnado go to clean the apartment and that parents should beat soon to come. I h moknula their jaws. And then they were gone. I bought a ticket and went to his home. After what happened to me right now, a little ashamed. Misha me then in a month as the top ozvonil November already said that I have a boyfriend and I love him, and more of these adventures I did not need. I hope that readers will not treat me like a whore. After all, if you find yourself in my place you would do would not be able to stand before so many guys wanting you.

Confessions of a womanizer

Province, from the mouth of the city dweller almost sounds like a curse and insult but not all of the city are able to recognize that their past is directly related with the word work at least the first 18 years.
But I do not intend to go into the discussion of the philosophy of the sexual revolution in the countryside, just want to remind that all the characters are real and still alive, what they want.
Denis arrived from Vladivostok to Moscow in the full confidence that there toist in Moscow waiting for him, a lot of money, women, and luxurious life.
And all this he rassschityval get only because of its appearance, it must be said that the nature of it does not hurt it, he realized in the 7th grade.
There was then a beautiful seaside day and Den with your friends swam to "trolling" toist naked guys did not pay attention to that the coastal stones resting after after a hard night shift girls, and the girls were taken aback when they moved to the place where their odezhda.Devochki laughed cheered out of the water and to keep them company. From the water head sticking nothing uncomprehending boys Den quite cold and decided to get out of the water first. He sat down slowly began to crawl strongly than amused "girls" but when he came out of the water completely stopped laughing and they ochemto began talking quietly, quickly wearing shorts Dan gave the rest of the clothes from the dressing rebyatam.Zakonchiv Den sat a meter away "devchenok" He is risen and become them. While wine foreign cigarettes could afford not every inhabitant of the country councils.
-What are you sidish come to us,
He stood up and podoshol in his hand put a glass of wine and offered a drink. He gulped down trying prietom Casati adults and seasoned in such delah.Druzya those times already dressed and about to leave, and zasobiralis "girls" Dan got up but one of the "girls" to stop him
-Stay, sit still.
Den hit in the head wine, he did not drink, did not smoke, and in sports and was the favorite in the team, he nodded and sat down on the sand.
"girls" left and Dan stayed at Eden with Irina.
She carried all the small stuff, nezabyvaya adopt postures that Dan could prividitsya only in dreams. Deng suffered and feared he would move his penis tucked between his legs, Irina was not going to dwell on the change of position of the body, and began to shoot a swimsuit. Dan was sitting hugging legs arms trying not to look at it but the head is automatically rotated.
She moved closer and began stroking Dan leg slowly moving to the top.
-Lie down
He obediently fell on the sand.
Irina slowly chelovala his feet and moved above then pulled his plivki prinyalyas and caress it MEMBER who by then was ready vzorvatsya any minute ...

Continued on the application to my e-meil

Tale of Pushkin

Pushkin, as is known, was shorter Natalie almost on his head, no joke. And how was he in bed? But four children! Czadi, side, bottom does not get, do not get it was Alexander, not to kiss ... As he sat on the top and just another thing: the difference in growth is gone. He in the letter bluntly calls her mare ... So that's kicking his Madonna-smirennitsa happened jealous hooves applied handle tyazhelenkoy ... Time waits Natalia husband, undressed, she took off her corset, resting after the ball, and the room is dark, the candles saved , lived a wealthy life of Pushkin in debt, and it is also short-sighted. Alexander often delayed in his office. From Katherine Goncharova Dantes learned about this and took advantage of the situation: pre-crept into the bedroom and hid admiring wasp waist, luxurious bust ... Waiting Natalie husband, waiting, and its still no. Dantes And right there, in full vestments Cavalry, even breastplate is not removed, in one leap straddled Natalie leaned his hands on a magnificent torso.
- Oh, Pushkin, as you now have to wait long! She does not get used, and Dantes marvels her strength, jumping on it with all his might, still saying: - spur you something, my horse?
- I see you today at the Alexander military career ... But what are you calling, my rider?
- Lieutenant. - Oh, how in the arena ... And what do you cavalry?
- Heavy, my dear.
- Heavy? Oh, yes, much, much ... Continue, my lieutenant!


"Fizruk - bitch" - With this thought began that day for one (or maybe more) of the Russian schoolgirls. Nastya - so her name was - had this morning to come to school and pass some guidelines for physical education, or threatened her teacher slapped her three rubles a year - quite a severe punishment, when all your classmates are five. "The whole year was silent, seemingly not paying attention, I did not go to his lessons, and then on to you! It is better to immediately warned ..." In addition, it was Saturday, and instead of an early rise Nastya would be much nicer to sleep until noon.
But there was nothing, and an hour later Nastia was already in the gym waiting fizruka. He did not come alone, but with a couple of men, which Nastya had never seen. She thought it was some familiar teacher, so their appearance it is not alarmed.
After passing the necessary regulations, Nastia was about to say goodbye, when the two men quickly approached her and grabbed his hand. She tried to escape, but the man held her tightly, leaving no chance to escape. Soon he arrived and fizruk himself with a bunch of ropes in his hand. Nastya dragged to the bar, she rested and screaming, but the school was empty, so no one could hear, she was alone with the three rapists. Her arms lifted and pinned his wrists to a bar, gym teacher began to tie their ropes. Finally, Nastia was released, but now she could not free - her hands were tightly tied to a horizontal bar.
For a moment the girl just stared at the wall in front of you unable to believe what had happened, she came to life only when she took off with sneakers and socks. Then someone's hands began to rise slowly on her feet crossed on his stomach, then through the thin fabric of his shirt the man began to knead and squeeze her breasts. Nastya tried to move away, to move away from these touches, but the maniac held her to him.
The next number in the mouth Nastia stuck her socks, then wrapped with something so that she could not spit out the gag.
After playing with the girls breasts, a man walked up to her front and began to unbutton his shirt. A few minutes later, when a torn shirt lying on the floor, Anastasia became exposed to new "weasel"Already by the second man. This clearly acted decisively predecessor: he sharply pinched her nipples, pulling and twisting them, causing the girl pain. Then one of his hands penetrated Nastya in his pants and began to stroke her pubis.
Fizruk meanwhile, I began to unbutton her pants, then pulled them, leaving Nastya in shorts, which, however, will also soon be lifted. All three of them had already barely restrained their lust.
The first went to Nastya fizruk. He stood in front of her, put his hands on her waist and pulled her mouth to his chest. Nastya twitched a couple of times, apparently forgetting that he is bound. Then fizruk downright he stared at her nipple, making her moan in pain.
Then he got down to business: unbuttoned his pants and put his penis into the vagina Nasty. Anastasia shouted in pain - she was a virgin, her vagina is still nothing was not so deep. Fizruk shoved his penis to her on the eggs and began to fuck the poor girl. From eye Nasty tears flowed. And he continued to rape her harder and harder.
This went on for about half an hour, then the gym teacher had finished and walked away. He was replaced by one of his friends. He inserted his penis into the vagina Nastya, but he did not move. he hands parted her buttocks, and then became the second man to insert his penis in the ass Nastya. It was really painful - was a member of at least 4 cm in diameter, and Nastya's anus was not developed. She began to twitch, trying to prevent this painful invasion, but maniacs as we know, it's just more exciting. Finally, a member plunged into her ass, the pain receded slightly.
Then the two men began to move, fucking Nasty "two trunk". Slim schoolgirl body is jerked, jumped up under the pressure of their members. Nastia was already somewhat excited, involuntarily, of course. She began to moan in pain and pleasure with each thrust her moans grew louder, almost reaching cry.
After an hour of rape (men succeeded each other) Nastya could not stand on my feet, it does not fall only because that was tied. Then she lost consciousness:
It is not known how much and how it has been raped, but when she woke up, the clock on the wall showing 12-30. Now she was lying on his stomach on a horse, arms and legs, of course, were tied to his legs with the same ropes. Noticing that the girl woke up, the trio sitting on the front bench, rejuvenated.
The next moment Nastia felt a strange "fullness" the pope. These bastards put her to stick broom to the anus all the time remained "opened". Nastya attempted to push a foreign object, but came up against a mop into something on the floor, and she did not succeed.
It did not matter, she was approached by one of the men and pulled out the broom. Nastya felt two things: a strong burning sensation and that can not squeeze the anus. Immediately place swab taken someone's dick and pushed her very swab into the vagina. To her face and placed a cock, then forced to suck.
It started again, only now it is fucked in the mouth instead of the vagina. She no longer felt pain, she felt almost nothing, though her body was numb.
During this day Nastya raped, probably a hundred different ways, and one and three, she was forced to thrust himself into the anus different objects fucked mops, and then get them out of her priests and thrust into her mouth, forced her to walk and run with something the pope or the vagina: in general, it was awful for the girl and for maniacs - unforgettable.

Nastya Released only in the evening, threatening reprisals in case of disclosure of the incident. So no one knew about it, but the parents were asked what happened, and she replied to them that feels bad:

Have a smoke

My girlfriend just
She said to me: - A Nuka get off,
Off-ka ass on the sofa,
After all, not a single gram of bread in the house ...

Well, I went to look at the shop ...
Sitting girl smokes weed,
The figure of the just-x-y-e-r-s,
Well, dick Vostan, your hedgehog copper!

I sat down next to her and say:
- Dai chick, also a smoke!
She answered: - Are you for it
I admit to a blow job,
Then lick my pussy,
Like a cat licks the bowl,
Then you will insert me your number
And it will be a complete rock and roll!

And I look - ebna mother!
She has become a maiden!
She was thirteen years old, on a dick
In such an ass I climb ?!

I said: - Do not be so,
I smoke and I neshtyak,
And if I'm vperdolit,
I can lose the free will!

She answered: - I am thirty years old
(Such is, damn, kardibalet!)
After all, there is the world wonders! -
So I opened his eyes!
Then we scored jamb,
And then it was all nishtyak!

When available penalty (based on real events)

Lena from childhood dreamed to be flogged. As a child, when sexuality has not yet found its way to realization, but you want something forbidden, frightening, and this, as ashamed to admit it excited raskazy and scenes from movies where it was about flogging. Even watching a documentary about Lenin, which showed the situation in the office of the leader, she imagined herself lying on the couch with a bare ass. Her parents were strict, scolded her for two and bad behavior, threatened to flog, but then screams and threats is not reached.
In the future, with age, Lena did not get rid of this desire.
After watching a lot of movies and read a few books on the subject, she realized that it is not alone in his desire. Fantasia drew her each time, as the mother takes a hand strap, makes her take off her panties and smacks on the bare ass to tears, bruising. Especially excited imagination as obtained after deuce she had herself off her panties, to come to her mother with a belt and utter the phrase "Mom, uplift me please"
She mastrubirovala uttering this phrase.
Spanking has become obsessive fantasy, haunting her. I want to try spanking on her, but she did not dare suggest it to their friends.
Lena lived alone for a long time, and from time to time having fun and mastrubiruya, she beat her belt by the pope, in electric wire, and sometimes even bring the rod. But the pain was not so strong for the pleasure. When you hit herself at the last moment the hand unconsciously slows down, weakening the impact, so transcendent pain, where I want to shout to get hard.
One fantasy was - a machine for whipping (Lena once saw on TV the Japanese development for the punishment of pupils and it is vpyachatlilo). She tried to make a child very like. The device turned out quite primitive when Lena had to go under the belt, pleasant state seized it. A mixture of excitement reaching the fear and excitement. Lena stood naked in his imrovizirovannogo place of punishment, and listened as the heart beats furiously. It was an unfamiliar feeling but sweet. But his shot is weak and that was it.
Several years later, Lena again remembered the machine. At the beginning nothing worked markups, but then ..
It was the resurrection of vosemnadtsatogo of July. Driven by the desire to obscure, Lena began to collect from scrap materials something like a machine. It is fastened to the sports trenazhorov stick that rotates around its center. One end of the stick was attached to long underwear rubber, on the other was the rod. Thus if you rotate around the axis of the stick, and then let go, rubber stick returns to its original position and rogza should strike. Not once but she got something, but his shot was weak and did not want to spoil the fun. Upon reflection, she replaced the stick longer, increasing range of motion. And he struck the strong and loud. The rod through the air with a whistle to beat the power of the arm of the sofa. The sound arose chill in the abdomen it was excitement, fear and excitement.
Rifling, rods, Lena loaded the machine, then stripped down to goals and become the corner for half an hour waiting for flogging. When standing in the corner, she spoke aloud the phrase "Mom needs me to flog" it is exciting on one hand and on the other hand there is a new unknown state - waiting for the inevitable punishment mixture of fear and shame. After a half-hour Lena came out of the corner and smeared ass cream lyagla under the whip. She leaned over the arm of the sofa, so that her ass was the highest point. Deciding for yourself that will receive the rod 30, it launched the machine. Strokes went on her ass, bringing pain. Maybe the pain was not as strong as we would like, but definitely much stronger than anything that she received punishing herself as to reduce the force of impact there was no one. After several particularly painful blows she even cried. After 30 rods, she added myself another 10, then another 10. Maybe it was not so much the punishment for this, but it still was SPANKING! After whipping Lena slid onto the couch and buried in the pillow, sobbing. Fifteen minutes later she got up and looked in the mirror at his ass. Red stripes and in some places blue smudges. When she smacked herself before she thick electrical wire by twisting it as a rope and throwing punches with both hands, ass at times looked more impressive. But now there was something else: fear of flogging. The fact that you can not weaken the impact and get to the pope as much, making unconsciously feel defenseless before the rod.
Then she went into the shower. Under running water it, caressing the tips of the nipples and looking in the mirror bruises on the pope, uttered aloud "My mother whipped me" "I stripped down to goals and gave 50 rods". Over the next few days, she constantly uttered "I was flogged"I am feeling at the same time these words have a special meaning and a particular truth. Pleasant bliss every time she came over. With each phrase, such a state of buzz, Lena enjoyed, which had long dreamed of. There was a sense of freedom, as bud got rid of a long illness. Something happened inside her. She ate the forbidden fruit under the charming name for it "Flogging" and now I realized that little is full of them. Now it is not so madly want to be whipped, it's a bit liberated from this obsessive desire, though, and decided to repeat the spanking next Saturday.
A week Lena slightly improved its machine. Replaced clothesline rubber on rubber band. Rotating stick made of two components, it has something akin to joint hands. The rod is cut up in advance and put to soak in a tub. On Friday evening, she found herself thinking that does not find a place of anxiety in anticipation of punishment. She saw the film "A story about"Where the main character repeatedly flogged with rods. Before this film it excites now the excitement was much smaller, perhaps it was still a little sorry for the heroine, knowing the hard way on pain of punishment, or distracting thoughts about tomorrow's flogging.
Waking up in Ut Saturday, Lena noticed that trying to think of a reason to delay or cancel the penalty. Yesterday morning she was going to do the final cleaning of the apartment, and then get a spanking. Today, she decided to get out of the Start, then go to the market, and then another ... Lena apartment vacuumed, washed the floors. Then she told herself to collect machine for whipping. All its state resisted the assembly machine. Rather pleasant excited and eager curiosity like last Sunday, there was another state - the desire by all means get out of punishment, fear and anxiety. If she had not reached agreement on the eve with herself and with her friend on the punishment, she would now be persuaded to abandon her friend conceived. But this fear added excitement. Lena wanted to bite off another bite of the forbidden fruit, which would then Untouchables him ever.
She stripped down to goals. Lubricate the ass cream this time did not, on the contrary, use water to increase the pain. Then Lena loaded up the machine and almost forcibly put himself on the arm of the sofa. She was about to give myself 50 rods. After the third shock was so hurt that Lena had decided to cancel the punishment, but told herself to lie down and stand up to the end of the spanking. Strikes were not very frequent with an interval of 5 - 10 seconds, but a strong, stronger than the last time. From each strike getting dark in the eyes .... Lena moaned in pain and loud and deep swallowed air. Tears stream flowed from his eyes. If I was flogged with the same force but more often, she thought, I would have screamed. Spanking seemed endless. At the thirty-fifth, one stroke broke the rod, the forty-second second. Lena was decided that everything. But then I remembered that in the bathroom stayed another thick birch rod. Lena charge it and got the rest of the sentence. The final blow delivered especially severe pain that does not subside within a minute. After whipping, it hardly stood up and looked at her ass in the mirror. Red stripes and huge bruises on each buttock in those places, which were the top points at the time of flogging. Lena took a shower, oiled ass medicated creams and brought himself up. At this time, such a strong buzz of sensations received flogging have debts. The desire to continue these games, if not lost altogether, it became much smaller. Whipping it no longer seemed so erotic pastime.

Sea foam

Used lines from the works of Mikhail Bulgakov, V. Butusov, MV Shcherbakov and Marina Tsvetaeva.

The car went on avtopiltote the empty, snow-covered streets at night, not interfering indulge in his thoughts. Thoughts were, at the same time, the darkest. All tired of so much that was too lazy to even drink. Holidays, in doing so, it seems, was covered as it was necessary to go shake down all the blockage that is poured into the banal result binge chief logistician. Chief logistician was a man of the old school ate the bitter and not often, but if you really started, then ate ee great detail. Builders making repairs flats, modestly downcast eyes, said that ... that ... the owner ... mulberries calculation is not counted. In short, the kitchen has five. We found a pancake, Bill Gates. Well at least not the hand of ass ... races to drive into it tightly reflexes are all made before the sluggish head emerged from the dark next rational move. In a post? Do not have time ... Peregaz, speed second, leap steering to the left, immediately before the failure ago. I Brake those in the snow! Gas! GAS!!! Yes skid, bitch, bumper is hit, go nuts !! Skid-and-vivo Recording !!! Slowly, like a bubble in glycerin, hard-fifth BMW, with all the perceived reluctance and resistance spine protivozanosnoy smart electronics, turned sideways, dropping speed. He still had time to see a white face and big eyes girl, which flashed a gleam of his headlights when the car hit the rear door and tossed in a snowdrift.
The body slowly departs from five rabid voltage seconds he spent on the belt, trying to snatch it from the meat already on the run trying to figure where to call ... The girl lay motionless, the left hand is unnaturally twisted. Tearing off his coat and covering it, he also poked a mobile phone button.
Ambulance?! Shot down man! The angle of the Kalinin and third lines. Hurry! Closing the mobile phone, at the same time he saw that he was smeared in blood and felt pain in his lower lip bitten.
Cops arrived first and, surprisingly, did not beat the face immediately. Perhaps to say what he was sober and properly dressed. First it appeared at the time of report. The doctor, an old red-haired fat man, indifferently oshupal injured neck and dohnuv thick fumes, said that she was still alive. Two paramedics loaded her onto a stretcher and brought to the medical body Rafiq.
- To her, the doctor?
- The third city ...
The picture is not evolved.
- You see, Lieutenant, I do not, it passed the road, angry at himself for not understanding the situation, and the whole world, because it occurred, he repeated. I have seven years in rally raced, I react to any movement before it starts. I looked forward, no one looked in the mirror, and again on the road, it is already there ... She ran up to the beginning of the transition, is not no time to be! But on the sidewalk, I have not seen her! From the sky fell down, or what?
Gloomy Lieutenant thoughtfully chewed a pen, looking at the ground.
- No sooner would you say ?? .. Well ka go, look.
- Thus here, Andrew S. ...
The lieutenant took out a pack "Belomor" and handed it to Andrew. He automatically took out a cigarette and lit it, immediately coughing. Now there was a picture plump, like a mosaic on the cement. On the occasion of the late hour and the snow on the sidewalk clearly imprinted rare footprints of late passers-by. One of them, with a clear picture soles of sneakers, started from a niche in the wall, where the snow was quite small.
- Krossovochki her, I noticed, quietly she continued to lieutenant. Time later, almost no cars, so there she stood for a long time, you see, there is almost no snow. And you are not its niche spotted. Then I saw you. And run ... Take a look at this.
Traces were farther apart than in normal walking and toe print was clearer.
Lieutenant, delayed and indifferently watched Andrew's face.
- We have attempted suicide, Andrei Sergeyevich.
- Now what? - Andrew asked stupidly. In the mouth, the taste was cheap shampoo. Xotelos drink.
- The protocol expertise, Durkee, then consideration - in its issue of interpreting it as indifferently replied the lieutenant. Breaks, probably, that's jumped. Breaking the thing is ...
- Tell me, suddenly I said to himself Andrew, and can arrange custom zoom?
The lieutenant stared him in the forehead.
- And less fuss, and - Andrew took out his pyatisotrublevuyu bill - and sponsorship on my part ...
The lieutenant chuckled.
- Careful need to go, comrade driver. Careful. Tomorrow you call the investigator.
He waddled off to Bobik.
- Lieutenant Andrew called him, not understanding what he needs himself, and where the third City?
The lieutenant looked at him with an unreadable expression.
- Fifteen minutes from here, at last, he said, directly on the Kalinin, right on Dolgoprudnaya and find.
He nodded and climbed into Bobby, who snorted, turned around, and has disappeared in the darkness. Snowfall intensified. Andrew slammed the door behind him, rubbed his chin, sat-five minutes, finally coming to himself, and exhaling "D-fool!"Slowly rolled forward.

A hospital emergency room joyfully greeted the smell of urine, vomit and medicines. The people were not that much, but the contingent selected appropriately. Dirty bomzhik with a bloody face slept quietly in a corner, three more vague lichostey talking quietly, sitting on a bench official-looking, somewhere nearby crying child. Behind the counter sat a nurse at once the white coat, peeking at the newcomer Andrew as something unfortunate, but inevitable, such as electricity bills.
- You just brought a girl with an accident, black-haired, young ...
- And you tell her who will be?
- Relative.
- Relative means ... Nurse rummaged in the papers.
- Right down the hall and to the left. Boxing Room 5.
Opening the door boxing, Andrei heard a soft cry. The girl lay on her back on a stretcher, standing on the floor, covered with a blanket in gray. The face is pale and distorted by pain. From tightly screwed-up eyes rolled tears. His entire workpiece somehow forgotten, and he moved closer to the confusion.
- Painfully?
The girl nodded several times, without opening his eyes. Healthy hand clutched the blanket, so that his knuckles turned white.
- SchA, wait ... Hold on, I instantly!
Will fly to the post, Andrew, ran to the nurse.
- There she is bad, doctors need to ...
Sister looked at him with former thinly disguised expression annoyance.
- The doctor with the patient. It has already been examined, nothing threatening, so it can wait. By the morning of plaster impose.
- By the morning? So even though the analgesic ?!
- How? Only the operations left, and then ...
- Yes, why are you all gone mad? Andrew felt ... that the accumulated irritation begins to toss and turn a dull somewhere in the abdomen. This is a hospital or a supermarket?
On yellowish face sister stood out distinct pleasure of coming quarrels. She put her hands on her hips, and has already opened his mouth for a decent answer, when the door opened and the orderlies pulled a stretcher with fixed body.
- Matveevna, brain, call me, let the operating prepare.
Sister with a distinct sound shut his mouth, turned and walked away.
Andrew stood for a moment in a stupor, then spat and pulled from his pocket a mobile phone.

The doctor, whom Andrew pulled out of a warm bed, was not in high spirits, but seeing the girlfriend, dryly nodded, inviting get out of the box. Andrew nezamedlil follow instructions, calmly took the opportunity to smoke on the porch and bring thoughts in order. He continued to fail to understand why he does what he does, and it's even more annoying. At the tenth cigarette doctor he appeared in the doorway.
- Well what can I say ... contusion of medium gravity, fracture of the radius and ulna, dislocation of the foot, bruises, bumps, scratches ... Happy is her God, in short, will live. More X-rays show nothing terrible. Dislocation I may, plaster cast. Yes, there's something else. I kokteylchik she quipped, she sleeps about five hours, but for now she was conscious ... the questions she did not answer, did not name names, slowed mental reactions. In depressed lady it seems.
- I understood it. What about marafetika?
The doctor looked at him a little closer.
- Truss no. Neither in her arms or legs. And the rest ... Do you want to analyze the whole spectrum?
- If I may. And thanks.
Andrew handed the doctor a packet of bills, which he took with ease.
- Now krovushku'll take a couple of days will tell.
- What about her next? ..
- Nothing special. Peace, Care, eating a little more, it would be nice to add 5 kilos. Gypsum through mesyatsok removed if everything is normal. Tomorrow in the evening can be home if, again, everything will be no change. No TV, read less, move too.
- I see ... Okay, thanks again.
- Not at all, my dear, not for that. The doctor nodded and went back to the hospital.
Returning to the emergency room, Andrew looked around and spotted a medic with residual signs of intelligence, beckoned him into a corner.
- Hey bro, it's there. Over there is a girl, you get accustomed to everything was fine, but if I zvyakni. Andrew stuck orderly in his robe pocket money several papers and mobile phones number. Only you really look closely, if you please ... He stared at his interlocutor's face.
- Let us, boss. Male nurse grinned. Do not worry, we'll be in chocolate.
Andrei few seconds posverlil his gaze, turned and walked out the door.

The day was quite troublesome, and although he has not forgotten about last Events completely pushed it somewhere on the border of consciousness. First he recalled the doctor there.
- Clean everything, darling. No opiates or stimulants or hallucinogens. Even the grass did not smoke. Liver enzymes normally so inhalers also excluded. Alcohol however, was present, but the amount is quite modest. At its weight corresponds to about 100 grams of strong drink for a couple of hours prior to analysis.
- Thank you Doctor.
- I am glad to help.
The second call was followed by the next morning.
- Hey, boss, there was a hangover voice medic, there is such a thing ...
At the hospital, he was half an hour later.
- I can not prescribe it on the street, the need for personal data rested manageress. Docs it does not, the age and name is not reported, it is necessary svayazatsya with the police on the subject ...
- So what do you I have not asked? - On the wave of inspiration suffered Andrew. This is my cousin, Valentina Egorova, live at ... 19 years old whose parents are away, I still look after her.
Manageress doubtfully pursed her lips.
- And it documents do you have?
- But what ?! Andrew held out his passport with an embedded 1000 ruble note.
- And, well, that's another matter ... Instantly mellowed manageress rewrote its data. Here are all-purpose, you can take.
The girl was sitting in a chair next to the bed in Dormitory room. It smelled pervasive smell of hospitals. Andrew thoughtfully surveyed hardened cockroach slowly remove a plinth and turned to devchonke. Only now he had the opportunity to consider it in the present. The young, almost a child. Thin,-skinned, graceful hands on visible bluish veins. Narrow hips, barely visible under a sweater chest. The thin, long fingers. Dressed in a worn sweater and jeans perepachkanye, legs cheap sneakers. The dark, close-cropped hair, huge brown enormous eyes, particularly standing out on his pale face with regular features. On the left arm in plaster. Indifferent facial expression and gaze stopped.
- Well, Val, went, or what! He casually winked and looked at the nurse accompanying him.
- The girl slowly turned to look at him, blinked impassively shrugged and stood up.
Put her in the front seat, Andrew thoughtfully drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.
- W-well ... let's get acquainted, the unfortunate victim. I'm Andrew, and what should I call you?
The girl did not answer, still staring silently ahead.
- Listen, something you should do? Come on, I'll take you home, though?
No reaction.
- Well, not the cops as you actually take?
The girl froze, her lips trembled, and she spoke quickly and quietly:
- Do not the police. My name is Marina, Marina Elentova. You will land me somewhere, even at the station. That's all. And I leave. You are welcome!
Her gaze was now directed to Andrew and expressed most despair plea.
- Go away? Yeah ... And where? Without money and documents?
She was silent for prezh looking at him imploringly. He pondered.
- Okay. Wait a while to go. Let's pohavat anything.
The restaurant was quiet and cozy. After placing the order, Andrew pulled out the phone and pretending to make a call, discreetly photographed his neighbor. Referring to the visit to the correct places, he winked to the waiter and eyes pointed to the girl and waiting for an understanding nod, walked into the lobby.
- Hello, Victor? Prosbishka there. Marina Elentova, the type of 17-19, the photo is now going to fold MMSkoy, struck at all. Just quietly. And call back. I owe you one.
Back in the hall, he noticed some movement in front of the entrance. The girl, seeded looking around ... was surrounded by guards, who, however, behaved quite well.
- Here, we would like to leave without paying, the waiter explained.
- Yes you?! It's my guest, indignant rumble Andrew discreetly tucking waiter in pocket money, how can ...
There was a scene of lengthy apology on the part of employees, what are, according to some indications, the girl in no way convinced. Oh, what-what, and she's a fool, it seems, it was not. But there was nothing to show, and she, with indifferent views, returned to the table.

Hmm ... And Lomonosov, naive, thought that the mass is maintained ... the amount of food that is absorbed this fragile fairy would be enough for the average size of an elephant. Where climbs something? .. Andrew watched this gastronomic orgy, sipping light beer and seizing his shrimp. The call sounded after fifty minutes.
- Andryukha? We have something. It is the same Elentova as you Napoleons. His name, however, did Marina. Vladilenskaya Marina, 17 years e ... father died eleven years ago, mother and roommate thumps, Hata - polubomzhatnik. It is three times out of the house merged, it caught on trains and sent home as a youngster. Hence, the face in the papers. Everything else is pure, in the sense there is no Krim.
- I got you. And what about, uh-uh ... - Andrew glanced at the girl. Marina ate with full involvement in the process. About myasopostavok? - He formulated.
- Drives not, in its district department is not registered, the wrestlers with debauchery not identified. On the other hand, once it is extracted money for tickets, and the protocol can fight back if a patrol to be more gentle, do not misunderstand. You do not have to fall for the time being.
- Yeah ... Okay, thank you. Write to me.
- His people were numbered.
The girl seems to have realized that another piece may lead to the fact that it is vulgar burst.
She leaned back in her chair and looked at Andrew with the same indifferent expression.
- Kofeechku? - Gallantly asked Andrew - a cigarette-lighter, ashtray? Piece of cake, perhaps?
She shook her head.
- Thank you, she said softly.
Andrei scratched his head.
W-well? As determined by a will? Home you that, if delivered, on Belotserkovskii? Ma There you will like to pry machines ... HEY!
Girls stabbed. Hands shot up, closing the chest, as do women who suddenly found themselves without the right of the toilet, plaster ridiculous was white against the dark sweater. Huge gray eyes on his face as the lime were poured so icy horror that a lot of things to see Andrew became uncomfortable, lips moving, saying only: "Do not, do not ..."But no sound came out. Slowly she pulled her legs to her stomach, and curled into a tight knot in his chair, frozen, except for the large neritmichoy shivering. Trying not to make any sudden movements, Andrew spoke monotonously and slowly, clearly enunciating the words:
- Marina, I'm joking. It is kirgudu, kapish? Jokes I have these stupid ... Haha. We're not going home. We did not go anywhere. We sit here, here, no one will touch you. It's safe ...
She did not respond, only bent his head to his knees, becoming like a large, hedgehog curled up into a ball. Continuing monotonically to say something about the security and peace of mind, Andrew slowly stood up and walked over to the girl.
- Come on, Marisha. We will not go home, we go in the car.
Touching her shoulder, he felt her body turned into a lump of twitching muscles. Turning cold, he looked into her face and saw only huge eyes with dilated pupils. W-hell !!! Jerked the phone, he jabbed the button.
- Doctor, her cataleptic shock! I've seen near Grozny in the 96 after the shelling ... Yes, where? There is anti-shock in the medicine cabinet was, and now something for nothing. Let me, I close !! Yes, even by helicopter, damn it !!!
Waving waiters and throwing money on the table, he grabbed the girl in his arms and rushed to the car. Akkuranto putting it into the back seat, Andrei jumped up in such a way that, despite the wet slush on the pavement, the tires squealed and began to smoke.
The doctor appeared ten minutes later after he shuganuv artisans, flew into the apartment, still holding the girl in his arms. Marina did not move, although the cramps, like, become less often. Dexterous to measure blood pressure and pulse and seeing the pupils, the doctor nodded and opened the suitcase.
- What would trigger an attack? - Picking up medication, he said.
- In the sense of?
- Well, not under attack you have got ... Bing, flash .. blow?
- No, I offered to drive home, and then ... - confusedly said Andrew.
The doctor frowned and glanced at the host introduced the needle into the vein. The girl's body began to relax.
- My friend, to bring on an attack of such intensity ... Let's just say, it should be I do not want to go home ... And that must be a reason. Leave us a minute long.
Andrew sat on the only stool in the kitchen and lit ruins. His head was empty, as the vacuum tube.
Sluggish thought that women did not have trouble, well, have bought, you know, a pig ...
The doctor came in and stood silently in the doorway. Looking at his face, Andrew felt that the news will not be good.
- He's sleeping. Avenue for several hours. I called the nurse, as a strong medicine, it will not wake up, if he wants to use the toilet.
- No problems. So that?..
- You see ... The doctor looked at the floor. I made a mistake. When I examined her in the hospital, I copied all the wounds in the accident, now I looked at it more closely, and ... the other point of view. The doctor raised his head and spoke stiffly and jerkily.
- Thin already podzhivaet cuts on the back and the side marked with a sharp instrument, probably with a razor. The groin bruising, characteristic of rape, although now there is no internal injuries, and ... - the doctor just stopped - almost imperceptible traces point burns, possibly cigarette. The same marks on the buttocks and around the anus. On the wrists signs recently healed abrasions, skin a little lighter ... palpable callus collarbone. Should I continue?
- No, enough. I understood.
Andrew stared fixedly at the wall. Then he slowly raised his head, and the doctor just did not flinch. He was looked blank, not to express personal killer eyes.
- So-oo ... Seventeen-to girl, so ... Yeah. Good. What can be done?
The doctor shrugged.
- You'll laugh, but the medication is almost nothing. We need long-term replacement therapy, but the attack is ... No worries, no stress. Silence, symmetry and weak tea in bed.
- Good. Thank you. Andrew handed the money.
- It's my pleasure. Listen - suddenly the doctor looked into his eyes, - you do not do anything stupid? Something I do not like your kind of ...
- ...How can you, doctor? - In the same flat voice said Andrew - we are law-abiding people ...

He returned towards morning, when the nurse thanked for the work already left.
The girl was sitting on the couch, cross-legged and looked warily at him with her enormous eyes. About yesterday's attack resembled only bluish shadows under through the eyes. Andrew sat on the chair, away from the couch, lit a cigarette and looked expectantly at the Marina.
- Thank you, 'she said quietly. Yesterday I probably became ill. I almost do not remember anything. I tell you the car is not ... is not soiled?
- No, God is merciful - he smiled as possible ease.
She relaxed a little.
- I ... This is probably because I ate too much. I did not eat for a long time ... Well ...
- Yes, I noticed yesterday. You have won the contest "Come on, mug, louder burst"...
She burst out laughing. Her face is so much prettier smile that Andrew almost weighed jaw, in the most literal sense of the word.
- That's what, Marina, we would need to talk. But I would not like to see you again ... became ill from overeating.
Her smile faded and she looked back at him with suspicion cornered animal.
- Come this way, we'll just sit and talk. You can not answer or disconnect calls in the place where you want. Progress?
She nodded cautiously.
- Tell me, what happened to you? Just tell us in the form in which you want and only what you want.
She paused.
- What for? - A barely audible voice she asked
- And I'm curious.
Again she smiled faintly. Then she lifted her head and looked at him.
- And what's next?
Andrew thought.
- And then we drink wine and think about what to do next.
She paused. Andrew stood up slowly and walked to the window and, devoid of emotion empty voice, said:
- When you were eight you father died ...
She recoiled as if struck. Andrew already fumbling in his pocket-prepared syringe, cursing himself last words when she suddenly sank as pierced balloon, and said softly ...

The mother began to drink almost immediately after the funeral. In nine days, forty, two months ... She went down pretty fast, in the house appeared and disappeared some men, marina nobody not particularly interested. Mum's current roommate came when she was about ten years old.
- Fat such lysevaty ... Eyes small. All about Tolstoy I was saying ...
And then it all started. He became, allegedly by accident, unclosable enter the bath when it bathed Marina, and with a hasty, went out; He looked at the door, when she was changing; Nars, he put her on his lap and rummage sweaty palms over her body, and she, being quite sane child, felt under it is the strained body. Then he began to hold her in the hallway and in the kitchen, whispering already quite frank obscenity, trying to kiss her slavering lips and breathing fumes. She tried to complain about his mother, but she did not believe, and if she was drunk, then screamed that she still mokroschelka necha and think about men. And then, when the mother was not at home ...
- Then, suddenly I heard Andrew his own deep voice, which he with great difficulty pushing through the ice ball, which took the place of all the viscera, - then he came back to your room when you teach lessons. He was drunk and he smelled of sweat and unwashed bodies. At first he said that he loves you very much and asked to please him to prove that you love him, too. You pushed it, you did not like, then it hit you a backhand, and shouted to you bitch, do not vydryuchivalas.
You tried to run out of the room, but he grabbed you by the hair and struck again. Then he unbuttoned his dirty pants, and pulled out a huge ...
Andrew heard the soft sound of crying, but he could not stop. He was not here, and the lump in my stomach flooded the whole body, the blood freezes, freezing the soul and fill the head.
- He said that if you bite him, he'll povybivaet teeth. From him unbearable stink, you had difficulty breathing, gray hair on the scrotum climbed to you in the face, on the lowered to the knees shorts stood brown stripe. You gasped and cried, you were very scared and disgusted, and he groaned and nozzles. Then he jerked and zadvinuvshis your throat, finished. You immediately threw up, and he shouted to all of you immediately removed.
Then, when you're standing in the bathroom and the fifteenth time brushing her teeth, trying to get rid of this taste, he stumbled and began humbly to moan and lament that he did not want, it's all your fault, you go there in shorts and a T-shirt that you anything to anyone, and that he ... well, for example, will kill you myself and my mother. And you said nothing ... A couple of weeks he had tried to keep out of your eye, and then the same thing happened. Over time, he became more inventive. For example, I tie your hands and feet to the bed and nasilyval, razor cut, burned with cigarettes. Perhaps he photographed. You are screaming in pain and terror, and he was sweating and nozzles and the angle of the mouth he drooled ... He was smart enough to leave the traces were not so traumatic that it was necessary to consult a doctor. Only once did he ... got carried away and broke your collarbone. The injury, he said that you fell in the street. Usually three to five days, all podzhivaet, and he came back ... You began to sleep badly, waking up several times in a wet bed, for what you scold her mother, calling zassyhoy, you become a bad study. Then you start to run away, and you were caught and returned ...
The head is broken. Andrew emerged from the cold and dark in the pool to the surface, gasping for air. Before his eyes swam red spots. With shaking hands, pulling a cigarette from the pack, he gradually realized that he was no longer a boy of six years, hidden in the dark bedroom, waiting for the steps in the corridor and greedy fingers rummaging under a blanket ... He shook his head, dispelling the dope. He jumped up, hissing in fury on itself, but suddenly realized that Marina does not lie curled up in a ball of fear and suffering, and sits on the couch and looking at him with her enormous eyes tearful incredible. They were silent. Suddenly she smiled sadly.
- It looks like I'm not the only one?
Andrew sat down slowly.
- Sorry, for God's sake. This I overeaten.
Marina smiled a little less sad.
- What? .. I guess? ...
She shrugged her shoulders shivering.
- Eighty percent. Even about the pictures ... How do you ...?
Andrew pursed his lips in a nasty grin.
- You see, Marisha, to a certain age, the boys look different on the girls one minor detail. This difference, however, can be advantageously neglected. It would be a desire. And there is all almost the same scenario. Only I have both parents were receiving. And - Andrew hesitated - she took an active part ... A ... I tried to complain to her friend ...
They were silent again.
- How ... How did you ... then you have lived?
- Come on, I'm older than you, then only eleven years old. Come on you too. Yes, and he lived. At fifteen I ran away from them completely. To St. Petersburg. They arrive at the academy. They claimed written, but I'm the head of the school came naplel something he otmazatsya. After school, the army, Chechnya ... Then he left the army and began to spin. That's not an oligarch, no mate, but not a disaster.
- And ... - Marina obviously varied - and you have problems ... Well ... there was no problem ...
- With girls?
Marina, swallowed, then nodded.
- Since the first was. It is feared that now I am not a man, after ... after all. But something happened.
Marina stared at the floor.
- And I can not watch the men. On March 8 in the school classmate approached, I brought flowers. He'd stare at me. Brought says congratulations, went to the movies after school. And I look at him and think about to go to the movies, then he wants to kiss ... I can not. I'm all dirty like ... I'm not the only .... When I used to run away, I caught the train conductor. And he said, or ... come on, or the police offered ... And then still passed. And all that I see in front of you. So do not go. At the graduation dance could not. I was a boy puts his hands on her waist, and I remember all those legs ... and I can not. She said she did not know how to dance. I tried once with a girlfriend ... no. Better than him ... but still nothing. A couple of weeks ago, he again reached. Mother drunk, as always. I pulled away and ran. I wanted to jump down from the roof. Very scary, I could not. But where to go, then? Returned, he was asleep. The day before yesterday again. I grabbed the knife, the roar ... I say, do not come, slaughter, and he laughs and goes. I threw a knife, the handle hit in the face. As he blinked, he ran away. All, I think that's enough. Twenty rubles in my pocket lying around, bought some vodka in a stall. I swallowed, for courage ... I went to the corner, and I think my third car. Well...
Bing crashed windows made of both jump. Andrew was surprised to look at the glass shards in his hand and dripping blood.
- He broke the glass, as the chocolate in his hand ... Damn, thought.
- Sit down, I am now.
She jumped off the couch and ran to the kitchen.
- Do you have a napkin? Here though Mamai passed ...
- Where do you ride, club ?! You have a concussion! Lie down and lie!
- But you have the same blood!
- Lay, who speak! Do not die, you'll never get ...
He bandaged his hand and poured Marina and myself a little wine. She climbed back to his feet on the couch and stared at him.
- Painfully?
Andrew frowned.
- It's unpleasant, but it will heal before the wedding.
They were silent again, but the silence was much more comfortable for both.
- Hey, where are you about me ... well, I learned all? Address ... A-ah ... That's what I think you're holding the phone so strange in a restaurant. Photographed by the camera in your phone, and then call on mobile from someone familiar with the police and dropped the picture ...
Andrew chuckled.
- Fast...
- And what said about me?
- What a glutton.
She giggled again. Then he sobered.
- And what now? It is again a cart to roll ... I'll be back there no more. Better in the loop.
- The loop is never too late ...
Andrew drummed his fingers on the table.
- And what plans do you have?
Marina shrugged.
- Once I wanted to come to college, but ... There should be getting ready, and then ... And no matter what. Secretary will try some where else to settle down, but we'll see.
Andrew thought for a moment.
- So. Okay. Having lived until then. I promise to behave like a gentleman. You know the difference between a gentleman from the innate gentleman? The gentleman went into the room to not fully dressed lady exclaims: "Sorry, madam" and deleted. Congenital gentleman exclaim: "Excuse me, sir!"
Marina laughed loudly. Andrew could not help admiring her slim figure and thought that if she could still laugh at a joke moldy, the loop is exactly early. In hindsight, he praised himself for a higher clock. Given the recent attack, triggered by the words, her reaction to "Gentleman to the entrance to the room is not quite dressed lady" It could be another crappy ... Psychologist!
- A bid? - Asked the girl otsmeyavshis?
- Poreshat, - said Andrei, some other voice. In short, here are the room - your, couch is available, there is still a bed linen in the drawer. There is also a ...
- The wire is a brand new, neon light in tone ...- he suddenly continued Marina.
Andrew stared at the girl.
- Wow ... This is who else is now "Monday" is reading?
- Yes, we're so buns frolic - demurely downcast eyes dale, she said.
Shook his head in disbelief, Andrew had a brief tour of the apartment.
- Your task is to lie down and sleep. Occasionally get up and eat. Fridge in the corridor ... Not bursting.
Marina smiled again, quite nonchalantly.
- TV did not watch, read doc ordered smaller, but the book in the room, on a shelf. Music here Computer on a table, but do not get carried away. This is your bath, only gypsum any polietilenkoy Wrap, bathrobe here, get. Hmm ... Do not short kolchuzhku something?
Bathrobe Marina could wrap twice, like a piece of sausage.
I'm in the room. Tomorrow morning, I will leave, I will be in the evening. That number is mobile, if that - call. Yes, hard workers will come tomorrow, the kitchen do not pay attention.
The girl stood, holding a coat, and stared at him.
- Why? - Softly she said at last - I have nothing ... I have nothing ...
- I sentementalny - whiny face tailor Andrew barked - and in general, I only mean terrible, and the soul of my fragile and vulnerable, as the edelweiss ...
She smiled slightly.
- A edelweiss vulnerable?
- And hell knows, madam ...

He came out of the house, when Marina was still asleep. After standing a little on the frosty air, Andrew looked at his bandaged hand, thinking about something, then I pulled out the phone and dialed the number slowly.
- Givi Aleksandrovich? - His voice was dry and colorless.
- Andryushenka? - Obesednik said with a slight Caucasian accent, but words are not mangled - glad to hear, son. How are you? Why do not You go, do not visit the old man?
- Thanks Givi Aleksandrovich .... Mutually pleased. All things, the works ... Givi Aleksandrovich, I have a request.
- Of course expensive.
- Could I borrow a few of hours Ravil and Isaac.
long silence occurred in the tube.
- You thought well, son? - Finally came the voice Givi
- Yes - exactly said Andrei
- I got the impression that such a decision if it is necessary, you ... have incarnated himself ...
- Your impression is correct, Givi Aleksandrovich. If I, God forbid, will require radical measures ... I'll take care of itself. But this is not necessary for me.
- Then why uh-uh ... they?
- I need people who are addicted to ... no, under certain circumstances.
- And you yourself?
Andrei's face contorted.
- And I am afraid that he is drawn away ... Oh, I got carried away ...
- I understand you, my son. Well ... The time, the place?
- Thanks again. And Givi A. ... We are in full calculation.
- Oh well. These fellows are not cheap, but too full?
- Namely, Givi Aleksandrovich. Full.

Two dressed in a light dark clothes young people got out of the car drove for half a minute before the deadline. They were the same height, with nothing to express, nezapominayuschimesya persons. Andrew greeted them with a nod of restraint. They stepped aside, and he briefly, without going into detail, described the situation. Their faces at prezh to be seen absolutely no emotion.
- A task? - Briefly said Israeli
- I do not need a dead man, even after some time, if the liver, for example, will pass. And do not need permanent external damage. Simply put, in a week or two, he must go on svoix legs, two eyes, hands and ears. Everything else ... in the circumstances. In addition, this nit - the elderly, do not know that he has a heart, here Korglikon if the fins begin to glue. After the impact, I need to talk to him, that is, firstly, the membrane not be beat, and secondly ... Stay close. Ravil, if you see ... In general, hold your me, if that. And the last. Do not start, until I see the picture. Everything in the world is ...
They called short call. After a while, the door came the coughing, shuffling steps and husky voice: "Hto there?"
- Telegram from Marina Vladilenskoy.
The lock clicked and the door opened. Do not wait until it opens completely, Andrew vmazat on her leg and flew into the apartment. Before him stood a fat, slovenly, bald man wearing a dirty T-shirt and sweatpants with blisters on his knees. Small reddish eyes darted from one visitor to another, his face was covered with many days of grayish beard. From the man smelled strongly of garlic and stale, and the hand with mourning nails, he thoughtfully scratched his voluminous belly. From the depths of the apartment screamed polyp from his Tyrpyrov "Zaikov" and pulled sour. Andrew felt that the head becomes empty, and the body becomes light as a cloud ... All thoughts have disappeared, with only bloated face in the crosshairs, and he looked at him with blank eyes sniper. The man backed away.
- What to ...
Andrew briefly and sharply hit him on the leg. The man collapsed and gasped in pain, his eyes were white. Andrei closed the door, leaned in, grabbed him by the remnants of fat, unwashed hair and whispered in his ear hairy:
- Photos where?
- Hahie ... fooafii?
Andrew nodded Ravil. That made the elusive, dancing movement, the man grunted, and settled without movement. Feel the pulse in the neck and fastidiously wiped his fingers, Andrew quickly went into the next room. Have a cut Wallpaper, garbage, empty bottles ... on the bed covered with a dirty mattress lay a long, lean and wiry woman in a dirty robe. She was asleep, his mouth open next to the bed was unfinished bottle of cheap vodka and a saucer with some leftovers. On the upper lip woman crawled for some new fly in the winter. Also present in the room the bed chest of drawers and a dim light without a lampshade hanging from the ceiling on a wire.
- With Kuznetsovsky porcelain trapeznichayut, decadent - Andrew thought grimly and stepped to the chest.
A quick search did not returned, there was no time rattling the walls. He thought about it. Once in the hallway, Andrew turned to WC. Trying to breathe through the mouth, he knelt down and looked under the bath. It was dark, could be seen clearly only cobwebs and some rubbish at the very edge. Grabbing miraculously surviving mop he began to poke under the bathroom, trying to catch everything that was there. Rags, Bank of dried paint, conservative shoes, metallic box ... Ta Max. The box was locked. He stepped into the hallway and silently handed Isaac box. A man lay moaning softly, holding his neck. Yitzhak carefully examined the lock, took a thin knife, something clicked and cap sat ... Photos ... From the old, black and white, to the new, non-ferrous ... The state of lightness replaced the familiar icy clod. Marina More ... baby ... Distorted scream in face ... Kom grew, the air hissing out of the light, before my eyes got red mist. The box fell out of the cramped fingers, and Andrew walked slowly toward lying, staring with horror at it man ...
A sharp pain in the forearm forced to stop, he slowly floated back to reality. Ravil right arm kept him in captivity, Isaac stood in front of him. His face looked a little somewhat dark mask, which is still blackened empty eyes.
- The bullet, can you hear me? Bullet retreat, wake up!
Andrew heavy breath.
- I'll go smoke...
Ravil released his hand.
- Come on. Fifteen minutes.
Isaac looked at the image of lying up photography and in his eyes the first time something flashed.
- No - calmly and smoothly, he said, gently pulling on gloves - come for half an hour ...
Andrew leaned over and carefully collected all fotorgrafii back into the box, trying to put them face down.
- I want the negatives - not looking at them, he said,
- Ravil nodded.

Four cigarette, he climbed back into the apartment. When browsing on the fact that it lay on the floor a little muddied, despite all his experience. He quickly glanced at Isaac. He shook his head.
- Either he wakes up in thirty minutes, or you can speed up the smelling salts. Go, see, hear, will; urinate - with difficulty. Spicy, sour, greasy, solid, tasty - alas. We have it, by the way, consider alcoholism cured. Pechenochka no longer cope. The empty stare Isaac again something moved. Well, what about the kids fuck, for that matter, and someone else will ... live memories.
Ravil silently handed a small package.
- Negatives.
Andrew nodded and uttered: "bring him to his senses", ... Took place in the last room. This is, without doubt, there was room to Marina. He quickly looked around. It was much cleaner, though not less miserable. A narrow bed with a thin mattress, bookshelf, desk, wardrobe ... On a shelf he noticed the photo. A man in a summer suit on the background of the old fortress. The similarity was not very clearly defined, but still unmistakable. He peered at the face on the photo for a few minutes, then resolutely opened the bring-your-trunk and began to gently lay it all straight out of the closet, drawers and shelves. Things lingerie, books, notebooks, some rags and stuff, plush doll without eyes ... he put the top picture of a man and a box of negatives, and other content. Then he thought, and took out a box, put it in the side pocket. All together took no more than ten minutes.
Coming from the Baule in the corridor, he found that the customer in mind. He could not move, yell, too, due to laryngeal edema. But breathing vigorously, albeit with a whistle. In what remains of the two faces are bulging, bloodshot eyes. Andrew frowned, but then I remembered the picture and the girl huddled in a lump of ice in the restaurant. He walked over to the body, sat down, slowly took his Adam's apple (Ravil quietly walked over and stood behind his right shoulder Israelite nepodvino stood a few feet behind.) And even said:
- Sema ... Can you hear me, Slug? Blink twice if you hear ... I told blink - he gently squeezed her fingers. Semen uterine grunted and blinked twice. From it clearly smelled of feces.
- Sam, you have to spend is not the most pleasant couple of weeks, but then you get up and you know what you do? You, Sam, gather their belongings and leave. And, you know, Sam, our city, of course, great, but, all the same, small, like a frying pan. I am here and I am everywhere, purely by chance, you come across on ... Well, suddenly you carrion, the museum-apartment Kollontay arguing, and I was there revolutionary attitude to love ... I work up, Sam, I can not stand ... If I come here in sixteen days and find you here again I can not stand this joy. If you clap old, ever again remember the name of Marina, say, said at the loss of write or terpily Terminated supposedly beaten by unknown persons in the apartment, but I definitely will be told that you did such a stupid thing ... You see, Sam - Andrew looked back at him with empty eyes arrow golost it was colorless and shershav, like sandpaper, - if you take a razor - he paused - yes, a razor ... and then make cuts here, here and here, then take slightly rotten meat ... Anaerobic gangrene - this is a very bad death, Sema. The more that a month I'm on antibiotics feeble promise ... Do you understand me or hit you? - Nasal voice Ratslayer asked Andrew.
Shaking Jelly something wheezed and blinked twice.
- That's nice, tram-pam-pam.
Andrew got up and went into the bedroom.
Mug of cold water poured on his head have had their effect. The woman opened her bleary eyes and sat up in bed.
- How did you sleep? - Andrew asked politely. Koshmariki not tortured? Elena, I have to trust you to deal ...
- This ...- she hiccupped, - who are you?
- I, you see, your distant cousin.
The woman stared blankly at him
- Which relative?
- Yes, in general, no longer. Elena, Do not get us into the kitchen to talk peace?
- I have a smoke?
- And then ... Andrew took out a pack of cigarettes.
The kitchen was even worse than in the bedroom. Glancing at a filthy table and stool, Andrew remained standing.
- Elena, your daughter, Marina, has sent me to you with greetings and best wishes, and also asked me to give you two thousand rubles.
He took four pyatisotrublevye bills. The woman stared at them like a ghost. Then he reached out slowly.
- One small detail.
Andrew reached into his pocket and unfolded the paper.
- It requires your autograph.
- And Che is - suspiciously woman croaked.
- Suffer the read ... Ahem. I, Elena Vladilenskaya, residing at ..., passport number issued ... ... do not mind living my minor daughter Marina Alexandrovna Vladilenskoy, passport number ... ... issued in the apartment of Andrei Sergeyevich Brankovic address. .. Date, signature.
The woman was silent.
- And where is she now?
- And there she is. Want to chat?
The woman nodded. Andrew thought.
-Well, I'll ask her to call you. And yet ...
He handed her the paper. The woman obviously varied.
- I have two copies. One you. Here is your passport to the address compare, if necessary - will find. And by the way, I seem to have forgotten. She asked me to give not two thousand and three.
The woman thought, grabbed the money, brought a trembling hand signature.
- Perfectly. We've got a chance and a grand piano in the bushes ...
Andrew ottisnul on his copy of the notary stamp (very true, by the way).
- Well, I wish you good health. Drink a walk. Oh, I almost forgot. There Semen Lvovich you in the hallway fell badly. Leave, shouting, I go away ... The village, in the wilderness, in Saratov. And then - bam! Still about leaving something mutters.
The woman continued to dull to look at Andrew. It smelled of rot and sorted. Andrew shook his head, went into the hall, picked up a trunk, two black figures nodded and stood in the doorway, looked at jelly. He breathed with a smaller whistle.
- Two weeks, Sema. On the third, I look in here.

House was quiet, the employees have already left, and Andrei noted with satisfaction that the work is still somehow moving.
- However, the propaganda team came - he shouted cheerfully, - Hey, you there died from overeating, an hour?
Silence. Listening, he heard the rustle of the soul. Throwing the trunk, he came to the locked bathroom door, listened and knocked.
- Hey, clean this body ... pure spirit. How are you feeling?
There was no answer, only the sound of running water. Shrugging, Andrew went into the room and sat down at the computer. After reading and answering e-mail, which took about twenty minutes, he raised his head and listened. As before, it was quiet and poured a shower. He stood up and going to the bathroom, knocked again.
- You're not there washed away to nothing? Get out - he thought - devour anything thread.
Silence. He knocked loudly. There was no answer. So-oo. He tried the door. Locked. He knocked again. Grab the handle, I ran into a joint, focused and repeatedly pulled hard. It has long been demanded replacement of the lock could not stand it, and the door swung open. The bathroom was filled with steam. The curtain drawn, guessed her vague silhouette of a girl sitting under the jets of water on the bottom of the tub.
- Marina - trying to remain calm called Andrew, - Marina, are you okay?
She ... did not answer. Andrew, not jerking the curtain, he reached over and turned off the water. It became quiet.
- Marina...
She cried quietly, whispering something. Andrew grabbed the gown, threw the curtain, not put on a robe looking at her, picked her up and carried on the couch. Tycho sat down and listened. Her eyes were closed and she was barely audible sob.
- I'm a dirty, dirty, dirty ... Well, why did not she washed ?! Dirty ...
He gently shook her shoulder.
- Hello, Darling. Enjoy Your Bath.
She stopped crying and opened his eyes, stared at Andrew.
- Get dressed, I've brought your shmotochki.
- My?!!
- No not my same ..
He pulled her trunk. Marina intensely stared at the bag.
- What about you...
- You asked to call his mother.
She snapped.
- A...
He just took out a paper and handed it to her. As you read her face relaxed a little. She lifted her head.
- ... He's alive?
- Simon L. something? Alive, smoking room. But, you see, a little unwell, - said Andrei - and decided to blame the local climate. A couple of weeks he needs bed rest, and then he expressed a desire to leave our city. In the south, probably will yield ... I said that here it is no longer the rider. Never.
Marina stared at him.
- And ... That's something.
Andrew got up and went into the corridor. From the back room, he got old galvanized bucket, and from the drawer pulled out a bottle of gasoline for Zippo. Returning with all this room, he put the bucket in front of ottoman and slowly realizing that the risks, took a box from his pocket. Marina froze. Looking into her huge enormous eyes, Andrew opened the box, and one began to put in a bucket of photos, making sure that they lay face-down. When finished, he turned and parcel unwound film negatives thrown in a bucket. Carefully watering pile of paper with gasoline, he silently handed a box of matches and Marina went to the window.
- If the dirt is not washed off, it burns - a barely audible voice, he said.
Marina sat in silence.
- You ... you've seen?
- No, - quiet lied Andrew.
She sat motionless. Then he slowly picked up the box, struck a match and looked at the fire.
- Dirt burns ... - she said, and dropped the match into the bucket.
They stared at the flame, not paying attention to the smoke and soot, which, however was not too much, wait until it is completely extinguished. Andrew poured the ashes with water and poured the remains down the toilet. Boll was sent to the garbage disposal on the stairs. Andrew came back into the room and stood at the window. Marina was sitting in the same position, but her face that something has changed. Suddenly she got up and went to the music center. Looking at the wheel, she chose one, put and pressed the play.
The room sounded cold and clear voice Shcherbakov:

Under the banner of Fortune, to pain, to shiver,
I tuned the strings, forgive me, O God!

Her lips moved, repeating the words.

Having love-betrayal from edge to edge,
I found the whole price. The price is small.

It is a song to listen to the end and hit the stop.
- I previously could not listen to it, - she said quietly.
- Why?
- He has a song ... They are cold and clean. Sometimes a little warmer, but still clean. Like ... like a diamond on a black cushion. And sometimes, like a diamond on her finger. And I...
- And now? - He interrupted.
She thought.
- And now I can - a little surprise replied Marina.
She slowly walked over to Andrew and stood there, looking at him. Then she raised her good hand and lightly touched his cheek. Andrew stood like a stone pillar. The hand jerked away. Marina bit her lip and repeated movement. She spent a cool palm on his face, touched the nose, lips, temple ...
- Not a ghost? - Asked Andrey
She did not answer and continued to slowly drive his hand over his forehead, hair ... Andrei slowly and carefully, as if the column dealt with cigarette ash, took her hand in his hands, he turned and touched his lips to the delicate skin of the wrist. She shuddered. He immediately let go.
- Sorry ...
She suddenly blushed.
- I ... I wanted to ...
- Why do not we, madam, do not dine vkusnyuchego kebab? - With exaggerated vivacity she exclaimed Andrew - Wishing proposed kharcho, red wine and khachapuri. - He looked at the girl, - Uh-uh ... double portion.
Marina giggled.
- Oh you ... I that cadaver?
- Do not, do not like. Such beautiful cadavers does not happen.
Marina blushed again and turned away.
- In short, I am for komputerom, changed clothes and went.

They returned quite late. Again, it was snowing. Marina was sitting in the front seat with his face buried in a bouquet of lilies, which Andrew acquired from the subway. It looks like it is slightly worn out as she drank three glasses of Spanish wine is quite good, and only ate ... Remembering the amount of food, Andrew looked at her incredulously. In the metabolism of a person! Forty-five kilograms of live weight, not more ... And you're here in the gym each bun fulfills. There is no truth on earth ...
They went up to the apartment.
- I do not know how anyone, and I take a shower and sleep. Tomorrow rise, you know ...
- I also...
- And in this, ma'am, manifested petty-bourgeois advantage of two bathrooms.
Stepping out of the shower with wet hair, he went into the kitchen and lit a cigarette. Marina came in and stared at him with an unreadable expression.
- Prekrastno dreams. Hello Morpheus ...
- Andrew - the first time she called him by name.
He paused expectantly.
- And ... as you said ... I really ...
She took a deep breath and blurted out.
- And I really ... beautiful?
Andrew looked at her and said quietly:
- She is tall and thin as a stick, long-legged, long-armed, long-necked. Huge brown enormous eyes, a straight nose, dark hair. A small chest, narrow hips. She moved slowly, but at the same time quickly and gracefully. Thin fingers, long, narrow palm, music smallish voice .... The white translucent skin through which the translucent veins ...
Marina listened to him, looking at the floor. Then she suddenly approached and, still looking down, she whispered.
- Could you ... could kiss me? As then?
Andrew slowly took her good hand and gently touched his lips to the wrist. She shivered again. He kissed the cool palm, each finger, back of the hand, over the wrist, forearm, wrist again, as if putting invisible, gentle press. She no longer trembled, but stood quietly, as though not even breathe. Very slowly Andrey arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead, temple, nose, in the closed eyes, touching her lips, cheeks, earlobes, eye again ... Suddenly she clung to him and froze, whispering something so quietly, that the words could be distinguished even closer ear close. He continued to kiss her neck, chin and lips, feeling the waves of warm tenderness, Grooving from somewhere inside. She again began to shudder with each kiss, eyes closed, arms around his neck. Her lips continued to move almost silently.
Me-e-Slow-n-nooo ... collarbone pit between the clavicle and neck, neck, earlobe, neck ... She suddenly began to settle on his hands, he grabbed her by the knees and moved to the couch. She did not move. Lips, cheeks, neck ... Gently bite the earlobe ... She abruptly vzohnula and slightly bent ... again. Sigh, shiver ... Other ear. Kiss ... collarbone slowly along the tongue to hold the pit ... vzoh sharp, like a moan ... Once again ... A hand slowly stroking the face, down below. Kissing elongate, accelerated, slowed down again. Carefully open the robe. The small beautiful breasts. Kiss. Tremors ... More ... More ... Below ... It shrinks. Gently touch the language of the knee, lower leg, toes, more, more ... Back up, back down ... Hands stroking belly, knee ... A shudder, moan ... More, more, more ... Here ... Gently kissing, removed her hand. Almost without touching kiss the tender skin, warming her breath ... Do not lose your head from the smell! .. Another kiss, below ... Just lift her hips. Kiss, more, more, more ... Noisy breathing, hand crumple sheet ... Cautious circular movements of the tongue, more, more ... A little faster, a little more slowly, again faster ... Thin groan, the body bends and falls down again . Do not lose your head! Sink lower, more ... fingers find the right place, while yazyh penetrates slowly in wet secrets. Faster, more ... Girl beats and shouts, then bends almost to the bridge and falls down exhausted. Move aside. Neat, neat ... more carefully. Me-e-Slow-n-but-oh-oh. Tenderer. Another lovely ... God, how hot ... Her body frantically fed forward. Faster, slower, faster ... stronger, more ... more ... weak ... a familiar shiver rolls. Stop. Click on the golden point. And what do we have to supply? With the supply, I ask that? And now the vile weather. Shivers lost. Slower, faster, more ... Her knees flew up, a low moan, the body twists and trembles, he feels wavelike spasms ... Faster, more ... slowly ... A little to the side, to another ... strong .. . More ... Her upturned face glistens with sweat, convulsions, screaming, sharp movements towards. Stronger, more ... all from the beginning ...... More ... Stone, waves ... my girl ... fun ... girl ... girl ... my girl ... my .. . my ... my ...
DE-E-IN-oh-oh-BAP-AA-A !!!!

Marina slept. Andrew admired her slender body and softly kissed her lips. She mumbled something and rolled over on his stomach, a child buried in a pillow. He covered her with a blanket and lay down beside him. In my head flashed some disjointed fragments of thoughts which rolled sleep mixed with the reality. The latter was that it is unclear where she such big eyes? And his mother and his father, judging by the photos, the eyes were quite normal ... He awoke from a light touch of the cool fingers to the face. Marina was lying with his head on his chest and gently stroked his cheek. Seeing that Andrew woke up, she withdrew her hand and stared at him.
- It does not happen, - almost inaudibly she whispered after a moment.
- How does not happen?
- Princes do not happen. All the princes of white horses sold and bought jackets from Kenzo ... Or a box of vodka. They do not jump to distant lands they grow a belly and look "Window". Or are lit in Saint-Tropez, in which case they do not feel the lack of a princess. A Princess sleeps in a crystal coffin, she was in curlers and a tattered robe fry eggs for breakfast. And the prince of her drunk Tapping. To love stronger. And so, too, is good only in books on sexology. And I can not ... I can not because even the ...
- Well ... my horse is not white, and wet asphalt, besides three years old and slightly broken.
And Saint-Tropez, I'm afraid, I am not pull. In general, the Prince of me, to be honest, as the shell of guano.
She smiled.
- Metaphors you, Your Highness, of course convex ...
- Glad to be ... Would not you like to be your Lordship orange Socko? It helps.
- Yeah. Just wake up ... there are no forces.
- These are consequences of concussion - confidently said Andrei - but we Belokon princes, a glass of juice, but this moment!
Her hand was cool slowly stroked his chest and abdomen, head and all resting on his shoulder. It is about something thought for a moment, then slid down firmly. He gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back.
- Stop. Where to go?
She buried her face in his shoulder.
- Well ... I know ... I ... All the peasants like it.
- Where are they? - Andrew asked softly.
- Who!
- All Men?
- ???
He gently took her head in his hands and looked into her eyes.
- Getting easy educational program. Acceptable anything like both. Allow me to emphasize, on-bo-it! With regard to the specific situation, I absolutely do not care, they like or dislike "all the peasants"Because I do not see them here. But even if to admit that you're right, and, in this regard, I am one of "all the men"I somehow think that this is not like you ...
She lay quietly.

As I was the first time

Hello! I live in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. I'm only 14. I will learn in the 7th grade. One day me and a girl named Altynay left on duty. I really loved her. I decided to close the door while she scrubbed the floor. She bent down and I saw her very nice ass. I knew that the school security guard go up to 6 hours, and then close the door and go to watch TV while the other end of the school. At that time I looked at my watch and saw that it was 5:57. I saw that she left to get out quite a bit. I decided to distract her. I asked her various questions. Then she tells me finish washing floors. When she began to wash under the table where the teacher could not get the mop she bent down so that her beauty was looking at me. I could not stand it I got very much that I began to get sick member. I turned away and freed his penis out of his pants. Glancing at my watch, I noticed that already 6:14. I went to Altynay back and slapped her ass. She said leave me alone, but seeing my swollen member she froze, I decided to save time! no.
I lifted her skirt and took off her panties and rubbed his finger with saliva held at the back of the slot. I abruptly put her in the ass she cried out in pain, I fuck her in the ass, then the section is fully developed, it was rather for his age. I saw that her pussy all flows. I began to greedily lick her pussy, biting, and popping in her language.
Then she took the initiative in their hands she sat down on her knees and started to suck my dick. Suddenly he heard the creak of the door opening it entered my friend security guard. He called me and said something I would have persuaded Altynay on group sex. That's exactly what I did. She agreed. I sat down on it on my desk, I stuck it in her pussy and came across the hymen. I fucked her in her pussy while sitting on the desk, but her ass swiveled back and forth security guard immediately put back. Then he shoved us out of school. It was 2am we could not go home, and I offered to stay in school. She agreed. I knew that the English window is always open. We got into it because that he was on the floor of the pen. And so I fucked in all her holes all night. By the morning we went to sleep, we woke up from a call. I looked at the clock it was 7:30 in the teacher of English language was not learned. And we decided to try Oestrich. We started to fuck again, and then entered a teacher of English so very appetizing lady with a bust size 4.
She went and opened his mouth began to look the same, we do not even bare thinking to dress us otstraha it never occurred. Then she saw my tense penis and began to undress to our surprise. As she undressed, I immediately forgot about Altynay. But she gave her predpochitenie. Bending cancer she began to lick her juices and my sperm. I saw it back immediately on hand and plunul zmazav member aoshel saliva in it she let out a moan. I finished in her ass and ran out my sperm. She ordered Altynay lick it. And that was all over, but we had sex three of us often at home teacher of English. But as long as we do at her home together with Altynay, and she looks so-what awaits the child and the analysis shows that from me. Till.

Night Queen Gore

The fire went out long ago ... Only the eyes red embers, flickering in piercing the darkness, reminiscent of a long spiritual conversation. Sad night longed without two lovers .. and only a faint, cool breeze trying to get under the canopy tent, stretched at the foot of the top, on the shores of the glacial lakes. Bright sparks of stars, reflected in the mirror of the lake clean, are a reminder of the infinity of the universe. As silent observers are welcomed to watch lovers. And ancient snowy mountain peaks, the alert as fabulous warriors guarding them. Love! And be loved!
In the tent warm .. I have been alcohol lamp lit, and now the flame gently trembling silence of the night and the darkness disperses. We sit opposite each other, a little drunk from the crystal purity of mountain air .. and drunk on the eve of a martini ... Your knees between mine and I feel your warmth, excited breath. I hold your hand and look in his eyes .. and tone in them ... I am happy to madness! Your eyes.. . I want to sing! I see them reflected, or rather its appearance fool ... You smile gently and smartly ... Mischievous .. my dear! I unbutton your suit, in one smooth motion exposes the shoulders .. chest. Martini (or crystal air) strikes to the head, when I spend on the elastic with desire ... cant nipples and kiss .. first one .. then another ... Lips ... Oh, those lips! Gate to Heaven, Valhalla pleasures! Do not come off - a bowl of good wine!
Gently, but with the push tipping you, never taking his lips ... Again a whole, bite elastic nipples, while the rest of the rented costume. While your legs elevated, I take a moment and quick movement rented panties ... You're all in front of me! Burning with impatience, I take off your. ..and Confused in his pants, you laugh like a thousand ringing their bells laugh ... I understand the absurdity of the situation, stop and flutter also burst out laughing happy! Finally I get rid of the suit and fall beside you. We lay next to ... Your eyes are closed, but you know that I consider you greedy .. you know, I like it. Your body! Rounded shapes, filled with such femininity and the power of love! They shout - LOVE ME! Love all! Violently, uncontrollably! The element of fire! The fire of desire ...
I spend with your fingertips on your face .. neck .. chest. You almost shudder when touch the nipple. When I spend in the stomach, you cover yourself goosebumps, I stroked the skin hand ... .. Loboc curls of hair ... I feel the warmth of your womb. I put your hand in the crotch, and fingers feel for input. More .. dryly, but will not stop my shameless fingers. ... I penetrate inside the humid and hot! Are you bending of the small .. the pain and pleasure, when I start to rhythmically massaged inside. Use your thumb to gently press my clitoris and the rhythm of the whole palm crotch. You groan, and I close your lips with a kiss ... You're bending toward my hand, raising himself on his feet ... Whisper ..
- I Love! My darling! My happiness..
Lazcano lobes tongue. You trembling and mouthed pronouncing only ..
- ..Yes! Yes ... Take me ... Take it!
In the crotch by hand already abundant moisture. Lying on his side beside you, your leg and lifts the approaching their hero has long been solidified to the heart. Guiding hand .., carefully insert ... Your thigh pressed against my chest. The hand feel for the clitoris and rhythmically, gently massaging it. My cock slides easily inside you. The ball, rubbing the wall, adds pleasure. After some time, I feel the approach of ecstasy and reduces rates. No! So fast will not let you finish! Otpuskayu pressed against his leg and flip you on your stomach, without removing the hero. Now I'm almost on you, your knees wide apart. You dutifully sag and my cock fully in you! I come in and go out, sitting up on his knees. You only exhale sharply with the full input can not even moan clung bliss. At one point I got up and lifts the hips you, pulling back. And here you are standing on his knees caved in like a cat, head and chest in the sleeping bag. I'm back ... Because of my powerful shocks distributed claps when your buttocks beating on me. Now the work comes the ball. From sudden and strong movements, he stiff wave at the inlet and outlet touches the clitoris, causing bouts of raging mad bliss! For a while I feel the approach of ecstasy and almost cease to control themselves ... With difficulty reducing the amplitude of the aftershocks, I gradually take my them not, and holds your buttocks to her, holding gust to continue this madness. I feel your light puzzled .. Why stop there ... Well favorite! Today we's try it! However, as always, now that we're together ...
Pressing for you, I overturn back, stretching his legs. Now you're sitting on me. I turn the face, throwing your leg. You are to bend their knees. I look at you from the bottom .. so impatient to face! Exciting hands buttocks, cuddle and start to drive myself. Back .. .. forward slowly at first, but gradually increasing the tempo. After a few minutes the amplitude reaches a maximum value, when my cock almost pops out of thy womb, but easy to find the sweet hole .. helps abundant moisture is already flowing stream for me. I feel such pleasure, what bliss! I want to look at you, but I can not close my eyes ... .. Your body stiffens under my hands ... A little more ... More ... Now! YES! Daaaaaaa! Tight, hot jet, strongly erupts in you! You flex in ecstasy! With one hand, I'm still holding you to him with the force and the second grab his chest and squeezed her ... Everything! Here it is the top! Another conquered us! .................
You're exhausted cling to my chest ... I am your hot lips ... hold you much-much! Prior to moan ... We lie down for a while unable to say no, do not do anything ... Then I carefully removed and placed next to you ... your head on my shoulder ... I stroke your hair and .. whisper words of love. My asterisk .. .. my only sunshine ... You are my life, my heart and soul! You are silent .. and I do not have words, I know you're still there, in groves of paradise raging bliss ... We have a long lie embracing. I am afraid to disturb you and gently lifts the thinking that you are asleep, but you suddenly pulls me without giving rise ... Your hand slides over to me and grabs softened trunk ... And he suddenly begins to harden under your caresses ... The desire to re-cover me! My Insatiable! How I love you! LOVE YOU! I roll over and kiss you on the lips ... My hand she already feels the way to your wish, wet, not had time to cool down the kingdom of pleasure ... We start from the beginning of the game of love ...
The night will be a long time to coddle us her veil ... She alone is given to understand the two lovers. Quietly, without disturbing love, it lulls all around tsykaya rasshumevshihsya on crickets. ..and A cheerful mountain stream flowing into a glacial lake, a rambunctious postrelenysh does not want to hold their peace not for a moment ... It rings in the dark, illuminated only specks of distant and beautiful as the eyes of my beloved stars. Rolling the pebbles as the bells, he sings a serenade us with you love, tenderness .. plays a symphony of languor without each other's hearts! Before dawn is still far ahead ... a long, beautiful and magical night. A fabulous night Queen Gore ...