I want to tell you a real story that happened to me a little more than six months ago. My name is Lena, I'm pretty low brunette with shapely legs and small breasts, and I thought I had everything that you need at my age: a good husband, a daughter, "supernaculum" in the house, not a bad job, lots of friends and acquaintances. It all started with being my best friend got a job as director of the Marina in the office, whose head is in Moscow, and is opened in our city. When you call me in the evening, and stunned by the news, she invited me for an interview for the post of head of the department, saying that the opinions of defining, but I want to see two people who are here and opened this office. I can not say that we were poor, but called the salary forced me to immediately agree.
In the morning I was sitting in the waiting room and waited, and when my dearest friend, if you please take me and show their superiors. Suddenly a man entered the reception room, and looked at me invited to the study. "Damn, who's the boss here", I thought walking trail? For the large table sat my Mariska, gorgeous blue-eyed blonde with huge breasts that business suit, not only did not hide, but rather stressed, and in a deep leather chair by the wall sat a well-dressed man in his forties, and with interest looked at me. "Sorry for being late, sit down" - He told me entered me a man - "Marina Nikolaevna, have some tea and let's get started, and then we have little time" He turned to the marina and dropped to the second chair next to the wall. While Marina was associated with his secretary, I considered sitting opposite me employers. "Look, this is V. and AA"- You asked me to Marina, "and that Elena", She introduced me and launched into a colorful story about my merits. AA was a pretty handsome, forty, a man with a sports figure and dark brooding eyes, as opposed to him was VV .: pretty young, about thirty, with a start plump figure and wearing glasses. Eyes, eyes VV were icy, they absolutely do not express any emotion, and generally exuded from him some ice cold and calm. Having listened Marina VV He nodded and looked at the AA, who during the story about me all the time looking at the Marina, nodded, and gave the impression that it is absolutely not care, I will work here or not. "Thank you, you are free"He told me V.V.- "I agree" - He turned to Marina. So I got the job.
Work is gaining its momentum, VV, dealing with organizational issues instilled in all his icy calm and amazed that all the issues and problems we have, and we seemed unsolvable, solved with its participation as a third-grade math problems of high school. The relationship I have with Moscow bosses formed flat, and only sometimes, it seemed to me, in the cold eyes of the VV slipped sparks interest in me. AA, who controlled the finance and accounting department appeared rarely in the office, and as soon as arrived, so locked to the Marina and VV in her office. It was close to the day of departure our heads and we decided to make a small marina sabantui about it. I do not know how she knocked out money from AA, but we have removed the entire camp site on the river bank and the last days of the authorities rushed to the dispensation of the event. The closer the day of departure became VV the more clearly I understood that I was attracted to this man, to inspire fear and awe to all our staff. As we discussed in full the plans developed by me in my shaking knees and abdomen cramp from the sweet languor. On the evening of VV He delivered a speech in which he greeted all of us with the successful start of operations, and wished further prosperity and forbidden to speak today about the work, promising to be fined for it. What happened next defies logic, our VV "thawed"! He became man so radiates fun and friendliness that all first froze, and then, as usual pulled their leader. I was sitting at the next table, and could not take her eyes away from the table at which sat AA, VV and Marina. Tell me it is a word, but just beckoned to me and I followed him, and did all that he would have told me to, I would have been his slave, spit on her husband, family and the views of all the people around us. I think that any of our group would have done the same thing, and I hated Marina, who was sitting next to him, could touch him, look him straight in the eye. The party went on as usual, everyone drank and danced, then drank again. When the host announced "White dance" I spat on the chain of command, spat at all and just ran to him, clung to him. I looked into his smiling eyes, but could not hear what he said to me, it seemed to me that he understood everything and I will be his today.
Drunk champagne haunt and I decided it was time to blow away the cobwebs, especially since VV also I left the room. I was hoping to meet him on the street and say that I can not go on, and I want it, I want it all! Passing by the Office of the Director of the restaurant seemed to me that I heard a rustle, but did not attach any importance to this. Out on the street when he saw that one of the windows is a light, I looked into it. Oh, my favorite was leaning against the table, and kneeling before him was my friend Marina and unbuttoned his pants. I almost felt physical pain from what he saw and thought I would lose consciousness. Go down pants she began to lick his dick after cowards, taking off her blouse and bra, undressing herself she pulled his trunks down and gently pulled his dick, which was standing almost straight up. He ran his tongue along the entire length of the member Marina swallowed it almost to the ground and began to move his head back and forth, utykayas nose in his pubis. She then sucked his cock, then gently licked and then put between her breasts and pushes them incessantly licking the head when she was close to her face. She said something to him and he sat down in a chair at a table standing. Marina again dropped to her knees and took the dick in your mouth, then passed from a member of his scrotum, and playing with each yaychkom his tongue hung her head even lower, forcing him to raise his feet higher and put them on the table. Marina lick crotch progressively closer to the anus and, still stroking his cock, began to lick it. I saw a contorted face VV, seen as a more began to swell his cock and all this led me to such a state that lifted her skirt on yourself, put her hand into her panties and began to pull at her clitoris. Sensing that he would soon finish Marina jumped up and swallowed a member to the core pushes her head up and down. Arching his back VV I finished. I saw how swollen Marina's cheeks, she began to swallow, but still sperm began to seep through the corners of her mouth and dripping on his scrotum, abdomen and legs. At this point, I covered the orgasm is so strong that my legs gave way and I would have fallen, not grabbed me in the windowsill.
As in the fog I looked at Marina, who sucked every last drop gently licked a member and began to lick the drops of sperm from the scrotum and legs VV Rising from his chair, he said something to her and she was like a faithful slave began to pull on his pants, and then the trousers, patting her cheek on the Marina, buttoned belt, he left the room. When I returned to the room he was sitting at a table with AA and said something in his ear. At the end of the evening I poimayu his eyes - it was icy. I waited for him in his room till the morning, then stared at him for a common breakfast and cried when he was getting into the car that took him to the airport. In a few days Marina told me that when VV He leaned toward her and whispered, "will thank" it is a fool-grader nodded, and while she was sucking his cock ... I managed to finish a few times did not even touching himself with his hands, with stoned swallow his cum, denying it even to her husband. I did not say that was a witness to all of this and wanted to be in her place. I had no idea then that in a few months will bring us to the fate of VV again and change my life, but that's another story.

Virgin's time

It was long ago, I met a beautiful girl
Lena .... we met on the street. . I invited her to drink tea, but at home for some reason, she refused .... . but when chaeprikladstva, I learned that she is a virgin, that everything is still ahead (where else :-))), vot. .
Upon learning this, I skhavtiv his horse, ran to the other, to occupy his apartment on the day ... no problem ... A friend said not only what popachkay :-). . under the pretext of "drink tea alone" in a separate apartment, she agreed. . and here we are in the apartment. .
Standing next to each other, and even the tea was not a hint, then the unexpected happened, so Lena pounced on me, it seems the feelings she has played more than me. . I began to hug, kiss, caress each other. . but since she did it clumsily, I suggested to her, everything went smoothly, and here we are in bed ... and then I started to get to her cave. . Of course under such pressure she spread her legs, began to moan and clumsily pulled out my cock and began his podrachivat. . My hero stood up instantly. I pulled off her pants, began to gently introduce a finger in the pussy, but the gluyuzhe I entered, the more it is painful, then I got his fingers to the clitoris, and here it is as though alive, was instinctively podrachivat my cock faster and faster, I began to stroke, pull at her clitoris faster ... she began to help me hand. . and then it exploded moans ... it ends a short time, but ochchen much.
- Take it in your mouth - I said.
And she began to slowly make their way to my cock. He began his podrachivat and slowly poking head in his mouth. She sucked it so amazing. it looked amazing going down girl sucks dick to you, it's better than just masturbate with some magazine. and then I began to finish, but Lena, realizing this, immediately released a member of his little mouth. Splashed himself and her and the bed we're pretty brought myself up and went home, agreeing to meet tomorrow immediately, with elastic bands. . but more on that next time!

Ten years in a dream

I was born on 01.01.1944, the mother died, barely let me out into the light. How do I bring up, I do not know. Up to 6 years, I have not seen his father. He served as an agent in the company "Shikner" and was wound around the globe, rarely appeared at home, and more often at night when I was asleep. One day he woke up in the morning, I saw a man near the bed. He patted me on the cheek and left. From then on he was always at home. We moved to another apartment. Father found a new nanny; Frau Elkey, raised me from infancy, go somewhere. The new nanny was young, beautiful and cheerful. Going out for breakfast, the father slapped her lush ass and squeezed her breasts. The nurse laughed. After breakfast, my father went to work. The nurse, her name was Katherine, cleaned the rooms, and I went for a walk on the street. I grew up alone and was unable to make friends with the guys. Girlfriends I did not.
Catherine loved to swim in the bathroom. Every day, she bathed and each time dragging me with him. We undressed, lay in warm water for a long time were silent and motionless as corpses. Sometimes Catherine was taken to wash me, rubbing my belly with a sponge, if accidentally rubbed his hand between her legs. At first I did not pay attention to it, but gradually got used to, and is in this pleasure. Soon I began to ask myself Kathryn rubbed my pussy while widely spreads her legs to her hand could move freely.
Soon we are so used to each other that Katherine stopped me ashamed. At the next bathing she taught me to rub her clitoris with your finger.
I willingly served both a pleasant duty. Katherine had finished rapidly and in a row several times. I was her orgasm acted excitingly. The sight of her writhing body gave me great pleasure, more than rubbing pussy.
Katherine slept in his father's room. Sometimes at night I suddenly woke up and heard the moans and cries coming from his father's bedroom.
These sounds awakened in me some kind of lustful feeling. I lay for a long time with open eyes and tried to imagine what was going on, but she could not. Shouts of joy and groans were sweet. They sometimes lasted until the morning, and on such a night I did not sleep at all.
One day, after a sleepless night, I waited until the father leaves the service, asked Catherine:
- Why are you screaming all night? And you and the father?
Kathryn was confused for a moment, but her face immediately took a calm expression. She took me by the shoulders and led him to the couch.
- Sit down, I'll tell you - I'm prepared to listen, but Katherine stopped short, something to think about.
- Wait, - she said, and went to his room.
She returned with a sort of bundle. Sitting next to me, she put the bundle on his knees and asked:
- Do you know why some people are called by men, and others - women?
- No.
- Have you ever seen a naked boys?
- No.
- Look, - she said, unwrapping the parcel. There were photos. One of them showed me Catherine. In the picture a man and a woman have been represented. Completely naked, they stood close to each other sideways. One hand man hugging a woman's waist and the other slipped between her legs. Woman with his right hand holding a stick, sticking out under the belly of men.
- Woman - Catherine said, is the gap between the chest and legs, and a man - that's this thick piece. This
thing ... Catherine took a new photograph,
which he was depicted a man and a woman, also naked. Man lying on woman. She lifted her legs up and put them on the shoulders of the man. "Thing" man stuck in the gap of women.
- You see, the man put his thing in a woman and it moves it. The woman is nice. A man too.
- And I can insert such a thing? - I asked, trembling with emotion.
- You still too early to think about it. So small, you can only touch the pussy finger.
- So you scream because Dad puts you in your piece?
- Your dad, this thing is very large and thick. Not only did I cry, but he did.
- I can see these cards?
- Look, but without me, you do not understand, and I have to clean the apartment.
- Understand!
I have long considered these photographs in his room. I felt a pleasant itching at between the legs and put his hand to. I myself did not notice that began to rub her pussy, and only when my heart fluttered from acute, yet an unknown sweetness, I fearfully pulled her hand, wet with abundant mucus.
A few days later I begged Catherine to leave the bedroom door open at night and waiting when the door came a nervous whisper and creak of the bed, I slowly walked to the door. Opened it, I peeked into the room. Father completely naked lying on his back, and Katherine, sitting at his feet, sucking his piece that barely fits in her mouth. At the same time my father uttered a pleasant moaning and rolled his eyes. Catherine, still sucking on a piece of his father, looked in my direction. Then he stood up and spread his legs, sat on top of his father. She obviously did everything so that I was as good as possible can be seen, therefore, inserting a piece, she turned to me feeding. I perfectly see how the father thing, apart plump lips of her slit, went slowly into it until the end. Then both at once jerked, they cried out, began to wheeze and moan. And then Katherine whole body collapsed at his father and froze. After a while, she again began to suck a piece of his father. The first time I saw it from a small and wrinkled lips in Katherine becomes flat, smooth and huge.
My joy too, wanted to suck this wonderful thing, but I was afraid to enter the room. And then Catherine showed for me, how can a male thing to penetrate a woman from different positions. Each time they were moaning and screaming with pleasure. I have since become often watch the game sweet father and Katherine and increasingly rubbed with a slit, enjoying with them.
I was already 11 years old when Catherine suddenly fell ill. She was taken to the hospital, and she no longer returned to us. Father a few days went dark and silent, and once came home drunk. Without undressing, he fell on the bed and fell asleep. I had a hard time, clumsily and nervously, took off his jacket. The shirt was dirty, I stole her. Then he took off pants and socks and was about to go, how to pay attention, and that the linen had dirty. It also needs to be removed, but the thought that in this case the father will remain completely naked, my heart trembled and sweetly dizzy. Careful not to wake his father, I lifted his shirt and pulled. Then, just as carefully he removed his pants. I have long stood beside him, looking at his voluptuous naked powerful figure on the broad hairy chest on thick arms, sunken muscular stomach, legs, drooping limply on his huge cock. I was tormented by the desire to touch the hands of a member and, behold, the courage, I touched his hand to his cock. A member was cold and nice soft. His father grunted in his sleep and I was afraid, and ran to him.
Removing somehow the room, I found a package with photos that showed me Catherine. This time I looked at them more meaningful. My imagination has created the pictures of colorful moments of copulation. I could not resist, and for the first time after the death of Catherine gave myself plenty of fun rubbing the clitoris with your fingers. On this night, to me the first time come monthly. If Katherine did not tell me what it is, I would be very scared .... month passed after three days. A week later I was wearing a bra. Breasts were large, two pyramids stuck. Stroking the nipples of breasts, I felt pleasure and now, at the moment of lust, I worked with both hands.
The boys looked after me. I liked it, but my silence them frightening. After staying with me one or two nights, they no longer appear. It is, in fact, it was I do not care.
When I was already 13 years old, we moved into a new house in a posh area Kailbury. New apartment consisted of 10 rooms. Three father gave me one was his office, one bedroom, one standing shelving for books, but there were no books. In the back room settled housekeeper. The housekeeper, Frau Nilsson, was in the age of 40-45 years. It was a beautiful, stately woman with bushy brown hair and a huge bust. She had long slender legs, and she did not hide from the looks of curious men. In my case, it did not interfere with my antics and took for granted.
One day, three in the morning, I woke up from the heart-rending shriek. Then before I heard muffled screams and crumbled something heavy. Throwing robe, I went into the corridor. From the living room door a faint light penetrated. The glass doors were draped loosely and could see everything that was happening in the room. Directly on the carpet by the table lay a beautiful woman with a frightened face. She stood at the feet of his father. He was naked and his huge cock sticking out like a stick.
- Dear, dear, - a woman whispering voice breaking, - took pity ... I can not ... it's so huge ... you razorvesh me ...
Father grimly silent, staring at the woman angry drunken eyes.
- Oh, help! - Moaned piteously woman crawled from his father, funny her feet. Father, not paying attention to her lamentations, silently grabbed her legs and pulled her to him. Dropping her hands, with the power he opened her legs and began to stick his penis into a woman. She screamed hysterically and began scratching her father's face with long painted nails. His face started to bleed. I broke down and walked into the room. Not a word is, I lifted her chin her father's face and wiped the blood with her handkerchief, then gently pushed him away from the wheezing woman. Then he grabbed her by the collar dress, lifted her off the floor and backhand slapped his hand down her cheeks.
- Get out!
My appearance startled woman and slap deprived of speech. She frantically got dressed and without a word or words, out of the room. I went back to my father. He sat humiliated and depressed, trying not to look me in the eye. I smeared scratches on his face iodine, barely restraining himself not to look at the huge cock, which billowed up like an obelisk. I was so excited, I was afraid to do something silly. Therefore, wishing his father good night, I thought with horror that he saw a woman lying in front of my father, I wanted to be in her place. I remembered that when a woman gushing down my cheeks, my robe fell open and my father could see me naked. It is a pity that he did not see it. We had to open the robe wider and draw attention to themselves.
I am already 15 years old, I have a beautiful, slender legs, high breasts, taut belly. The next year I will be able to take part in a beauty contest.
Father left for work earlier than usual, and I breakfasted alone. Frau Nilsson did not express its attitude to the night scene, although I do know that she did not sleep. Before lunch, I lay on the couch, doing nothing and not thinking about anything. Boredom headache. Before lunch I decided to walk. Near our house was a bar and I went there. The bar was almost empty, only a few young men 17-18 years and two girls in trousers stood at the window. I ordered a bottle of beer, tossed a crown into the machine and sat down to watch the dancing.
As soon as the music started, youths and grabbed the girls began to dance. I finished her his bottle of beer and sat at the bar for a reason. One of the young men came up to me, pulled me by the arm, pulled silently into the middle, and we began to boogie. When I was about to leave, one guy followed me and the whole company moved after him. I gradually became acquainted with everyone. The one who followed me, called Taskmaster and he obeyed silently. Second thugs in black sweater called Bigman. Third was called Wicked. Tolstoy phlegmatic with whitish eyebrows called arrogant, and the fifth - the evil one. The girls also had nicknames. The most senior was named artist. Beautiful krivonozhku named Rogue, and the girl with high breasts - deathbed. Reeve has led us to some mansion. In the hall we were met by an old man with wrinkled lips, and led us into a room, the walls draped with crimson velvet, and went out. No furniture was not in the room. They all sat down on the floor, carpeted with fluffy carpet. On the walls hung lamps emitting a dim light. Everyone sat, expecting something. Suddenly the room became a beautiful blonde woman. She was dressed in luxurious ball gown. In her hands was a small white box.
- How many of you - she said, referring to the overseer.
- Nine people, one signed up, it is only one tablet.
The woman opened the box and began handing over the two tablets, then lay down on his back and closed
eyes. I swallowed a pill and went to bed,
how is she. Soon, I felt at ease, my heart was joyful, I wanted to sing, scream and spit. Someone pulled my thigh and began stroking his belly. From this touch I broke out in chills. His lips became wet in the crotch. I opened my eyes. The room was transformed beyond recognition. It all blossomed, shimmered with multicolored sequins. People seemed little insects in this fairy-tale palace. Suddenly I noticed that the artist is without pants and Sly pulls off her panties. Her long legs dazzling all the time in motion. Rogue, leaning over the arrogant, sucking his cock, and evil, completely naked, pulled up her dress and lay aside her thin nylon pants, put his penis in her slit. I had time to notice: Crafty Panties withdrew from the artist and they cry joined. lying naked woman, which brought us the pill next to me. Her eyes burned me lustful fire. She put her hand up my dress and forcefully yanked it. Dress shattered from the waist up. I liked it and I began to tear my dress and underwear, as long as it does not prevratilros to shreds. I stayed in a bra and panties. The woman slipped under her panties hand and began to rub my clit expertly. To help her, I tore the pants. The woman pulled me to him and stretched out my chest, kissed her, gently biting her nipples. I shivered in the throes of hysteria. I do not remember, I was under the woman. I remember her glowing face between my legs, and her lips and tongue in me. Then someone pushed me from the face of the woman. Turning around, I saw that it went to Reeve. She ran up to me arrogant. Not a word speaking, he grabbed me by the waist and threw on the floor. I felt his resilient member braced me in the stomach. He could not get to me, although I can not wait. Finally, the head of his cock at the entrance. He twitches, pokes in the thighs. I bezumstvuya not surviving this torture, catching member of the hand and guide precisely in the slot. Hit. Short sharp pain and I feel like something alive beats in my body. At last! Oh, a moment long wished for! Haughtily clutching hands and lifted my legs, powerful movements drives me his cock. I went to all the sweet sensation of intercourse. Enjoyment is growing rapidly, and he does not seem to be a limit. And suddenly I penetrated a keen sense of sweetness, this delightful excitement that I involuntarily screamed and began to thrash about wildly. For a few minutes, I fall into a pleasant slumber. I am someone kisses, squeezes the chest, and I can not move. Gradual return of strength to me. ... I open my eyes and see how the artist, sitting astride the Evil One, frantically moving his ass. Around me it is slammin '. He still can not do anything, his penis had just taken out of the robber, wilted. I take it in my mouth. I gradually adapt continually improving. His cock growing and hardening, moving smoothly between my lips. When a member is completely dissolved, I take out of his mouth, and lay down on his back. Bigman quickly finds its way into my body. And now we are dancing the dance of lust, moving in time with sweaty bodies. Bigman does not take out his penis out of me, as did the haughty. He thrust deeply into me, moving slowly inside, making me shudder with pleasure rising slowly. I manage to finish twice. The feeling becomes less sharp as the first time, but deeper and more prolonged.
The excitement caused by the pills, subsided suddenly and unexpectedly. First, I woke up just at the moment when sucking dick. All at once diminished, faded, became mundane and boring. I am still moved lips and tongue, but of voluptuous feeling that gripped me recently, is now gone. I pushed a member of his mouth and fell on his back. I felt like Angry lay on me, thrust into me his penis and began to move them quickly. I do no pleasure, but I had no strength to resist. The evil will soon be over and lay down next to me. I first woke up after prostration caused by a strong overexcitation. A little headache and a little nauseated. All around lay pale and exhausted. The artist on her stomach was a large bruise from kissing. Haughty robber was lying between her legs, her head resting on her pubis. In two meters from me sprawled Taskmaster and beautiful woman furiously sucked his cock. I was not paying attention.
Home I came at 12 o'clock in the morning, in a strange dress, broken and hungry.
Since that time I have entirely belonged to a gang and meekly obeyed its laws. We are firmly linked boredom, which no one could fight alone. Every week, th went to the hunchback and fall wildly, in a drugged delirium.
As time went on. I - an adult! In 17 years, I have looked quite took shape woman with high breasts and wide hips. Sex has become a creature of my life, its meaning and foundation. Everything we do, what we think, ultimately comes down to it. We despise all that people have invented to constrain the freedom of sexual relations. We are happy to do what was considered obscene and generally harmful. We thrived lesbian, blowjob, homosexuality, intercourse in the anus, masturbation alone and in company. Some could not stand, they were sent to a mental hospital, but then they still come back to us.
One morning, as I lay in bed, came to me Taskmaster and arrogant. They spent the night at the club were fairly drunk and frustrated. Two girls, which they campaigned, fought off some guys. I got naked and started to open the bottom drawer where stocks of wine stored. With sleep, I could not get into the keyhole and a long time fussing over her, bending low. My kind of stirred up the kids and Taskmaster, dropping his pants, walked up to me. He put back his cock in me and bent down and took my key, opened the drawer, took out a bottle of whiskey, pulled out his teeth and gave a bottle stopper arrogant. He poured whiskey into the glasses and we drank. Arrogant, too, I was excited and looked forward to when Taskmaster finish to take his place. But Reeve was in no hurry, he gripped my hips and slowly warped body, pulling my back to him.
Arrogance broke down and gave me his cock in her mouth. Suck it was inconvenient, since Reeve shook me greatly. Member of all time fell out of his mouth and arrogant angry. This went on for about 10 minutes arrogance broke down and, grabbing my chest, made up herself. Member Reeve fell from me. The boys looked at each other, ready to fight.
- What are you -? Threateningly asked Reeve.
- Come together - resentfully said haughtily.
I knew perfectly well what it means "together". So they typically use the robber, yet I have spared. Reeve turned to me, gave me a curious look, and lay across the bed, his legs dangling to the floor.
- Come here - he called me.
Spesivykh quickly began to remove his pants. I went to the overseer and sat astride it. He inserted his penis into me and knocked over, parted her legs. Behind walked haughtily. He stuck his finger into the anus and moved them there for a long time, as if testing me. It was not new to me, I often put a finger into the anus, when mated. The evil one put me in the ass his dick, but somehow quickly pulled. Pulling out of my anus finger, I put a haughty to the rear port of your penis and a sharp stimulus introduced him to me. At first I was hurt and I moaned. I had a feeling that I was torn in half. Both members were moving in sync with me. When Reeve inserted, he pulled arrogant and vice versa. Pleasure from this mating I have not experienced, but the discomfort quickly passed, and I began to help both the movements of his body. In the midst of copulation she came into the room Frau Nilsson. First numb, but then quickly pulled herself together.
- I'll come later - with dignity, she said, and turned and started to leave.
- Wait a minute, I need you, - Frau Nilsson turned around for a moment, her eyes flashed lustful flames. - There, on the table, a cigarette. Lit it and let us.
At this time, Reeve began to finish. He snarled jerked and threw me in a hot jet of sperm. I also began to feel a tickle in my chest, but I could not finish interfere with pain in the anus of the arrogant cock. Frau Nilsson was still standing beside us. Reeve got out from under me and sat down in a chair and drew on his cigarette with pleasure, carefully examining Frau Nilsson. I tried to rub the clitoris, to in any way alleviate the situation. Immediately it became easier. Unpleasant sensations began to fade, and fun to grow. Carried away by his work, I forgot about Frau Nilsson, who meanwhile enjoyed watching our intercourse. After a few minutes I had finished, with the so-ass tossed vigorously that he almost broke the arrogant dick. He even cried out in pain. Cum and he could not, and still moved member between the buttocks. I do not feel any pain, sensation subsided so much that I do not thinking, what's going on with me. At that moment I heard a whisper Frau Nilsson:
- You allow yourself too much! - I turned and saw that Reeve pulled up her skirt dress and caresses her thighs bare higher stocking. She was indignant expression on his face pushed his hand, not trying to lower the dress. Reeve's fingers squeezed into the narrow gap between the thighs and started rubbing her crotch.
- This is unheard of insolence! I'll call the police! - With her legs themselves parted, letting his hand Reeve to the most secret places. Frau Nilsson became difficult and intermittent breathing, slightly moving his hips. She still pushed his hand, but weak and vain.
Member Spesivykh still moving and he could not finish in me. Spicy sight gradually became excite me. I was all eyes watched Frau Nilsson, getting pleasure from it. She was languid and limp, powerless leaned back in his chair, legs spread wide. When Reeve began to pull off her panties, she started:
- Do not, I beg you, do not do it!
Reeve, not paying attention, continued to pull pants cracked.
- Do not, I'll take off them. Turn around! And you turn away, - she said to me. - Do not ... can I take off panties at you.
- Nonsense - muttered Reeve - shoot! Frau Nilsson resigned. As soon as her body was opened, Taskmaster knelt between her legs maid and eagerly began to kiss lush white thighs, edging ever closer to the perineum. Frau Nilsson published a long, drawn cry of pleasure and twitched all over. This has given me the strength and energy. Arrogant, and watched the fuss Reeve, grabbed me by the hips and lifted slightly upward, became strong shocks to nail me with his penis. We finished at the same time. Frau Nilsson biting Reeve paroxysm of agony and ends a long, drawn-whining and wheezing.
An hour later, the boys were gone. I had lunch, got dressed and went for a walk. At 4 o'clock we are going to the bar to have a drink and dance. Up to 4 it had little time and I went on the tram. The bar was three of us: two boys and a robber. Guys I knew little about. They were brand new. With one I seem to have bliss, but do not remember exactly, but the second saw once, and then only briefly. It was this stranger and approached me.
- Gloomy - he introduced himself, without looking at menya.- Let's go dance.
We danced one dance and the other guys took me. Moody all the time watching me, and I felt that he was indifferent to me. I knew that today give myself to him, and to look closely to his figure, habits, mood.
At 8 o'clock we were kicked out of the bar. We went to the big man. He went first, and somewhere shoved parents.
- Can two hours - he said, when we come to his house.
At the entrance moody around my shoulder, his hand slid over my dress neckline and gently squeezed his chest.
- You will be with me - he asked quietly.
- I do not care...
We went into the apartment and sullen behind me.
- You be careful with it - she warned me Owl - this guy's huge cock. He almost tore me.
Owl in our company recently, she
16 years old. This is a high beautiful girl was quiet and looked like a gypsy. Owl nicknamed for its huge eyes, veiled voluptuous languishing. I liked this girl, we had often engaged in blow job. She licks easy, long and likes to lie at the bottom.
Apartment near Hoosier less than mine, but is furnished with beautiful modern furniture. Boys started a fight. Most got haughty: he was cut eyebrow swollen right ear. Rogue came up to him and wiped the blood with a handkerchief. It turns out that fighting over the Owls, it is not shared. Previously, the boys did not fight because of it. Angry sat down on the sofa and began to masturbate member grimly. We sat in a circle. Boys lowered to the knee pants, and girls raised to the waist and lowered his dress pants. Does anyone in such cases, would sit in the middle and had a spectacular finish possible. On this will depend the pleasure of others. Then he sat down in a circle next and so on. First in terms of Rogue villages. She chose among others the object of passion - it was Wicked. Turning to him, and legs wide apart, while she stroked her thighs and pubic hairs are rare. We all looked at her lazily, barely touching the clitoris with your fingers, excited himself. Boys fingered still limp, shriveled limbs. Evil Rogue liked, and she liked him. He looked with admiration on the pink lips of her slit and fast movements led his penis erect. This pleased the robber. She gently tucked her knees, leaned back and entering a finger, began furiously rubbing their clitoris. He rose and stuck out forward, like a little flame. Gradually lust gripped everyone. We enthusiastically masturbate, looking at each other's eyes burning. I casually looked away sullenly, and met with his greedy eyes. Then I saw his penis. It was quite a thick stick, sticking up, though surly and did not touch her hand. View the magnificent member made a huge impression on me, such a large I have not seen. There were at least 20 cm. At this time the finish was the robber. She growled and squirmed, tearing the vagina with your fingers. I also began to finish, having experienced the sweet giddiness, that happened to me is not very often. Following Razboynitsey circle artist village. She obviously was already at the limit, as it is not rubbing the clitoris, but only patted his hand, trembling with the whole body from the sharp, almost painful feeling.
We do not even have time to prepare properly, and the artist, crashing to the floor the whole body twitched in
convulsing orgasm. The artist changed the Owl.
The girl entered the circle and slowly, rhythmically writhing, hips tightly clenched his hand. She danced like a dance of lust and strasti.Ona quietly moaning drawl, pausing for a moment, and then continued its movement. Suddenly she sat down so that it became visible to her crotch, gleaming from the heavy dew. While Owl frig, we undressed. Lust raged in us with incredible force. Everyone wanted something unusual. Unnoticed Grim appeared beside me, I enthusiastically began to masturbate his penis, and he expertly rubbing my clit. Taskmaster crawled to the Owl and began to lick her hand, which she herself aroused. The artist, dropping beside him caught his mouth member. The artist went to the back of the lofty and lifted up her thigh, began to shove his penis into her anus. Deathbed and the Wicked, curled up, enthusiastically sucking each other. Everything is mixed up. I was riding on grimly and his cock deep inside me, causing me pain, which gave way to elation, and I could not help but scream with delight. I managed to finish several times and was on the verge of fainting when she felt a twitch member and blows hot sperm.
Home I came at 3 am. The father has not slept and met me in the hallway. He looked at me with a burning eyes and said:
- Girl, you really have become an adult. To be your age.
We sat down at the table and drank whiskey. I woke up feeling I remember his huge cock and I ached sweetly crotch. I went to his father and kissed him passionately, then sat on his lap and began to pull backwards, mimicking the motion of intercourse. The father said:
- What are you doing? After all, you are my daughter!
- So what? I want you for a long time - I said, and went into his bedroom. Quickly he undressed and went to bed. Father did not come for a long time, probably could not decide. Finally, he went into the bedroom, looked at me and began to undress. When he undressed, his huge cock sticking out like a stick. I threw back the covers and we are united. Finally I got it, dreamed about as a child. We indulged in lust with him in various ways, and in the morning he tipped me on the edge of the bed and stuck his dick in my anus. Now, between us all, we have family and friends forever.
Two months later, we went on a boat trip, but more about that some other time.

The fate of a slave

When I were married, I really did not want to constantly cried and begged his father not to give me in marriage, but every time he just smacked my tears ... In the wedding night, when I painfully lost her virginity, her husband tied me to the bed and began to izdevatsya- Ssali it in my mouth, he hit me with his by a dick in the face, he mral my mouth, and humiliate me. He pulled my nipples and pussy lips, he fucked me so rudely, as a tyrant, and not as a loving husband. The next day, I, my father and my husband came in the room.
The father said he transmits his treasure - that is me - he was, and what he wants, so he would not let me get out of hand. He said that now I'm his thing, and that he could do with me what he wants. When I started to cry - because I dreamed about my prince - he showed techniques vosptaniya and my husband went to work right away - he raped me at my father, then tore me skipping rope, then a belt, and then gave his father, who naproschanie tore me belt as the goat cider - belt buckle was, and I was screaming after each time. The father said that my husband should teach me wits and patience.
Thus began my married life. My husband was a tall, handsome, thin young man of twenty-three years, and in the end I fell in love forgetful svokgo tormentor. Today, he came home from work an hour early and was angry at me because I did not cook dinner. I said I did not know that it would come so soon, but he snapped:
- Do not make excuses and do not talk in that tone with her husband !!! And it hits me in the face. After dinner, he smacked me for a long time.

Parenting Alesha

My name is Alesha, me in July last year was 18 years old. I want to tell a little about his childhood. We live together with my mother, she works in one of the firms in our city boss. Apparently, to try to replace the harsh masculine upbringing father, my mother always very rigorous approach to my education. She punishes me of 18 years. For mal¸yshuyuprovinnost necessarily occurred punishment - spanking belt, horns, sports skipping rope, standing in a corner of peas or buckwheat up to four hours.
Before the flogging, I definitely had to undress before the goal itself bring an instrument of punishment. In the corner stood I, of course, naked on her knees. Often I was punished in the presence of my friends (to thirteen years), if at the time of commission of the offense they were visiting me. When my mother was away on business, she entrusted me to look after my sister dvoyurnoy, which is older than me by 6 years. Sister But despite his young age, she dealt with all diligence my education and flogged me naked ass is not weaker than the mother, and almost every day, I am especially afraid of flogging rubber skipping rope.
When I was five years old my mother started a rule my every transgression and subsequent punishment for him to celebrate in a special notebook, and as I thrashed on average 2-3 times a week, then to 18 years' accumulated several thick notebooks scribbled.
Here are all of these notebooks are in front of me, in them the following boxes - date than the guilty, the punishment, who is punished, who was present note. Thanks to these records I just remember, for example, flogging for the first two in seven years, and the penalty for the first cigarette (that's when I got !!!). The manuscript is always kept on my desk, in the most prominent place to serve as a reminder to me. A soldier's leather belt, became istr¸panny by frequent application is still hanging on the door knob to my room (I did not dare take it off), though I did not poryat for several months. That's all I wanted to tell his story in the first. Continued necessarily follow, I want to expand on some of the entries in the notebook and describe in detail a few sentences. People interested in my story, please email me at the address [email protected] I very much hope among the readers from 15 years to meet the lady who took my education to at least by correspondence, I really want to be flogged.

The first experiments

In contrast, those who do not know why he wrote such stories, I know the answer to this question. From what I had read this time is short, that all seems to be true, rather it is a game of imagination. Why am I so sure, because when that happens, things look quite different. First of all, it is never forgotten, what have many reasons: first, because the first time, and secondly, because of the unreality. You can list a lot of things, but in order to clearly imagine that you need to read this story, divided into episodes. Its episodic due to the fact that enough time has passed and the memory returns only the brightest moments. For obvious reasons the names have changed, but it will not affect the course of events and perceptions of history.
Episode I. Contact.
Sister Olga called me Sasha, parents simply employees, an ordinary family at the time of the sunset of the USSR. When I first looked at his sister as an object of lust I was in '13, and it 11. Just make a reservation, we were brought up in severity and although puberty has already begun, were both absolute virgins. That is no masturbation and a hint of a relationship with the opposite sex.
I began to notice that my genitals become covered with down and something happens to the voice. At this time, my sister began to be rounded hips and swollen nipples. Somehow I came across guide about sex, wrote the author of a very thin domestic literally a school exercise book, but it was set out in an accessible form - I started to read it. And what surprised me the most - while reading my breathing becomes more frequent, and there are wild erection. Perhaps if I knew about masturbation, none of the following described did not happen, but I do not know. Perhaps it's because I was not a street kid, all my free time was devoted to studies and sports.
The first contact took place, as it should have been by chance. After school, we went to one shift, but in different schools, left alone at home, we had lunch and sat down to watch TV. I sat on the side of the sisters, she was wearing a white T-shirt with long straps and matching white panties. Since the concept of incest I was not yet familiar with, I decided that a nice maturing girl sitting in front of me. If you've ever seen labia teenager, I looked on them, sometimes looking at the cut shirts. Then I had no idea why it happened that way, but later I suggested that my sister also read seksposobie.
Approaching her, I sat down and asked her if she ever seen a penis, she replied that she did not see. I told her that, too, had never seen a woman's body. I do not know why, but then she met all my requests as if she just them and waited. Olga let's get undressed? I suggested it as a dream. If you want to undress me, then do it yourself, the sister said. Sitting across from her, I just dropped the straps and tank fell on her stomach, exposing his chest. It was a pair of pink nipple swelling. I started with the neck, kissing her, put one hand on his chest and finger fingered nipples, he began to shrink and harden. As she sat there, I began to lean toward her, making it clear that it should lie on your back. She lay down and immediately spread her legs. I got between her legs. Lowering his shirt almost to the hips, tongue stroking one nipple. To pinch between the thumb and forefinger of his other nipple fumbled. By this time I had a terrible riser, it seemed to me that his club I can slay the boar. No, it was really a club, 16 centimeters in length and 6.5 in diameter for 11-year-old girl just log. After some time, breath quickened sister, and she began to moan. I started pulling off her panties by the time they already had a small wet spot. At that time there was no panties with buttons in front and I had quite a long time to remove her underwear. Holding member, I held it head to the entrance of the vagina and the sisters began to push inside. With each push of the body bends sister, and she moaned drawl, but "fighter" I did not want to climb inside. Pushing a member of the side, I slipped into the vagina thumb sister suddenly jumped up, and will remove your knees. She did not say anything, but I knew that she was hurt, and that's not completely broken off, asked her to get out of bed. She stood up and looked at me, I sat on the edge of the bed and put a pillow in front of him.
"Get your knees on a cushion" - I said. She stood up and I'm sitting on the bed, put her head between her legs. It there is something to consider carefully, and then said: "It is an egg?". I said that if she would do it right, then I'll tell her everything, but later. Sister nodded. "Take the penis in her mouth and sucked", - I said. The first blow in his life, what a thrill, she took in her mouth penis and began to rotate the tongue in a circle. After a few minutes I was almost ready, but something was missing, and a miracle thanks to nature (instinct, and so on. D.) I began to shake my ass back and forth, I was shaking, and somewhere inside all start to shrink. Before the end I grabbed her sister's neck and pulled her to him so that a member of almost all went to her throat. I pulled her mouth all the sperm that has matured in me by that time. The unexpectedness and inexperience sister did not know what to do with it (note -. And I, too) and, choking, has given it all back, I managed it, and most importantly the sheets on the bed.
When it was over, she went to kneel down, I said to her: "You've got to lick it all"And he pointed to the sperm in his pubic hair. Sister licked every last drop, I took her by the hair and said: "open your mouth". "I'm tired of the language" - she said. I said that she did not have to do anything, just open your mouth. She opened it, I put into it all the member who had already softened and began to shake his ass. After the cock began to rise, I pulled it out of his mouth with her sister, stood up, picked up the pillow and took the sheet and went to soak her. "Come, wipe your mouth " - I said on the way to the bath.
Episode II. Her first orgasm.
When I got back, she was sitting on the bed, I took her by the feet, and laid on the bed. I went to her feet and began to lick, when he came to the hips, then spread them and continued to lick them on the inside. Sisters began to moan again, breathing heavily and fidgeting on the bed. Soon I was within inches of her pale pink labia. You ever seen labia of a teenage girl? There is nothing to do with the broken-down by a pussy woman with warped, discolored and wrinkled labia, vagina and bluish.
It was a miracle! A pair of plump, perfect in form folds of soft pink. I started stroking their tongue up and down and sideways. Soon they opened incredibly like a flower, I saw the entrance to the vagina sisters. This lye was very narrow, I put in her tongue, Olga began to cry, I could not close her mouth with his hand, and so he said: "hush". About clitoris I already knew, but its exact location has been a mystery to me, but I noticed that when I lick it up from the entrance to the vagina, it comes. From my saliva flowing and lubrication of the vagina sister was so wet that all the liquid has flowed down to the entrance of her ass. Recalling the case of penetration of the vagina, in the ass, I began to insert the little finger. After a couple of minutes of such manipulations Olga bent her legs and pulled them to his chest, grabbed my head and started to beat in orgasm. After she finished, I did not touch her and let her catch her breath. I stood up and said to her: "Be right back". I went to the side of the cabinet, where there was a cosmetic shelf, I took a tube of Vaseline.
Episode III. Failure to anal front.
Returning ... I saw that my sister is already covered with a blanket. I lay down beside her and began to stroke her, she said: "It's so nice". I started to explain to her that it was an orgasm and asked to roll over on his stomach, she rolled over. Spreading her legs to the side, I sat down on his knees between them opened a tube of Vaseline and captured a little fingers. Smearing Vaseline at the entrance to the ass sister, I began to push through the index finger there. Quietly humming, sister arched her ass, and I thought that the time has come. So, as a member by the time an incredibly bloated, I squeezed his fingers and began to head to push it inside. Sister began to moan and groan it gradually developed into a scream. She buried her face in the pillow and started to bite, head of the penis disappeared into it only half. After a moment, she turned her head and said: "Please do not, I really hurt". I began to remove a member, and she calmed down, my view on a delightful sight. Little neat ass, beautiful hips, I said to her: "Get on all fours, and will remove the thigh". She performed all I asked for. I greased the inner surface of her thighs with petroleum jelly, a little put on the penis and drove his hips between sisters. Such an interesting feeling when a member is not in your mouth, between her thighs. I pushed a member of the full length and because the eggs are fighting on the ass sister, I just screamed. Reaching into her ass, finger I was almost at the limit, and said to his sister: "Squeeze the thigh more". Feeling that I finish, took out a member of squeezes his thighs and pulled all her sister on her back, the first jet flew over it and fell to the floor. Olga turned her head and looked at me. "Sorry, but the bed I could not, and then later not ototresh" - I said. "Come on, swill" - I said. "Let's go to" - she said. I picked her up and carried her into the bath. He put her in the bath, turned on the water and climbed up himself. I washed her and she me. Since I only obkonchal her mouth and back she brushed her teeth, and I washed her back. I have the whole crotch was in the semen, and I said to my sister: "wash me". She took the soap lathered me and began to rub the egg, cock, then moved to the head, and he again began to rise. When she began to wash off the foam, I said to her: "rub more". She rubbed it so gentle and nice, I sat on the edge of the tub and closed his eyes. "You could not have a little bit faster" - I said. She began to caress it faster and soon I squirted into her hand. We again oblilis water and began to wipe, they got out of the bath and went to bed.
Episode IV. Good things come in small packages.
We continued to love each other as almost every day. She's prettier in her eyes, hips became even more beautiful, poured chest.
But soon she had her first period, and it has become a step back from me. Why I did not understand until now. Later I picked up on this theme enough (note -. Masturbation, incest and so on etc...). When the sister finally rejected me, I began to invent various tricks to access the body. I remember one case. For a holiday, we had a few drinks and went to bed, after a couple of hours, I woke up and saw his sister lying in the next bed. The blanket was put back in the side, she was lying in a vest and shorts with his head thrown back and his mouth open. I straddled her so that her head was between my legs, I pulled out a member and began to masturbate. All this I was so excited that soon I pulled her mouth. I was able to calm down a bit, but when did it several times.
Episode V. Intentions.
At the moment I understand that some "people" already plucked the hidden secrets with those beautiful pale pink labia. But it seems to me, her ass remained a virgin until now, and I do not leave hopes to complete what I started many years ago.

The house is quiet

The house is quiet, I shudder at every sound, sometimes imagining a call ... I listen, and realizing that there was no call there, continue to do their work ...
But at last the bell rings, I rush to open the door. You cross the threshold, I immediately embrace you tightly, as I waited for this for so long ... You go, I start Twitter for joy. We're talking about that, about this, the entire evening fooling around, laugh ... and then we have dinner, I have time to talk on the phone, do some business.
I'm sitting with a book, you come up behind me, kiss me, to attract, give me a long tender kiss, stroking my breasts, ass, kiss on the lips, I say to you in return ... You Spit hand my pussy ... By body runs an electric discharge ... I run you a hand between her legs, feel that you missed by me ... But then the phone rings, I have to pick up the phone
Then I see, it's too late to go to sleep ...
I make the bed, preparing things for the morning, satvlyu Service ...
I'm out of the bath, I go to bed ...
As you enter the room you turn off the light, throws off his clothes on the way to the bed, lie down with me under a blanket ...
I am burning with impatience attracts you to him, and kiss you elements by the micro ... Then I kiss your neck, simultaneously sucking earlobes, you it's crazy, but you are sovladev lozhish me on my back, kissing my Gourde, lick her nipples .. . My tummy he shudders at the touch of your lips ... you're kissing my hand hips slowly begin to take off my panties, I know what you're going to do, and time stretches too long for me. When you finally take off my panties, I Spreading feet, you kissed my shaved pubis, teasing me, I hand nedoterpev sending your head to her pussy. And I feel like your tongue slides over my lips sex. . goes deeper ... I applied to meet your body language, you're just driving me crazy ... But then again, you kiss me in the neck, I understand you, you also want to do this .... We change places. I put a hand on your crotch and feel your tense member, it closely, I release him on the head lubricant drops glisten, I lick them, how delicious! I take in my mouth the whole head, squeezing her jaws, suck ... You are lying closed eyes, you can not move ... I lick your tsvol, from top to bottom, polizyvat testicles are drawn one testicle into her mouth, it causes you shivers all over my body ...
You launch hands in my hair, but I do not love, I clean your hands, kiss you on the lips .... You come to himself, flips me onto my back, again begin to caress me .... In my body rests your excited member ... You ask in a whisper:"I climb over the rubber band?"I remember that month ran out two days ago, I do not like to do it with an elastic band and answer "No... " . You puts dick to my lips sex, apply pressure to the head ... Oh ... I can not help myself, and my mouth breaks down a long moan of pleasure .... First head barely extends into vlaglische, but then easily slips between the lips ... I feel a little hurt at the same time enjoyable. Hmmm ... I feel that you will soon be over, and therefore stops abruptly. You do not oppose, I kiss you on the lips. After a while you unfold me to come back, putting me on my knees and elbows, gently kissing the neck, ear, back ... Shepchesh all love nonsense ... I feel like my head is touching the anus. I think that you just caress me, but then you start to put pressure on the head, it hurts me, I beg you to stop. You immediately stop, I'm sure you, you will never hurt me ....
After my refusal puts you head to the lips sex, you push again, and you're in me .... Oh, how pleasant the experience! You pulls me to his penis, growl, creak bed by these rhythms. I feel it will soon be over, but it occurs much earlier. All the body gives in only one feeling, convulsive waves in the abdomen, your roar, my groans - all mixed up. I fall exhausted into bed. You are lying on top. After a while I get a ... You kissed me going to the bathroom. I roll over on my back, I see a huge wet spot on the sheets, a hand touch her pussy - it's all in the semen, and secretions in my ... So you ran out of slipped out of me. .
You're coming out of the bathroom, it's my turn to go in the shower ...
I come back, you're lying in bed, I'm exhausted I fall into your open arms ... Once again you whisper to me words of love. This happiness lie next to you, listen to you, stroke your cock ... You were always affectionate with me, I know you love me ... I got you devsvennitsey do not know why to give you ...
Happy I lodge my head on your chest, listen to the sound of your heart, and happy sleep ....
Early morning sharply beeping alarm clock, I turn it off, the window is not yet dawn. I cover and I'm going to halitik vanuyu. After water treatment, I go into the room, you're lying, I gently kiss you awake for a long time, about 5 minutes, no less. Finally you open your eyes and smile at me. Hug and kiss on the lips. And then I wake up the desire, I gently kiss vtoyu neck - is the key, which you can start. You sprashivesh:"Do you want?". I nod in response. You hand touch my crotch, smiling and whispering:"Why no panties?"- "they prevent .... "- I answered ... You lozhish me on the back, to open wide on my robe and penetrates lips to my pussy. You simultaneously lick her finger and fuck me ... I'm squirming in your hands, you're hovering over me kiss my lips, and with one hand pulls off his pants. unceremoniously puts member to kmoey pussy and forcefully vgonesh it in me. I cry out in pain and pleasure. You know that I love when you do that. At this time you fuck me, I will drive much cock in me, after some time, I vtsepivish nails into your back violently finish. You weaken the movement, gently kissing my face. But then again, keep sharp movements to enter into me. I'm exhausted and do not resist, and why? Because I like it ... I cut the muscles of the vagina, I know you're not from this) mind. You often breathe, his eyes half closed, they read only one goal at that time. . And you dostagaesh this purpose. you d¸rgaeshsya on me, I feel her pussy your throbbing cock, warm inside. Closing your eyes, you lie down on me without taking the penis. I stroked your hair, back, shoulders. You raise your head, smile, pulling my lips.
Again, like thousands of times before you gently whisper:"I love you baby". I was floating in the sky from these words. But my gaze falls on the clock. I am late. you ponmayu it on my eyes and climb with me. Your cock slips out of me. I'm going to vanuyu, take a shower. I go out, you drink coffee, tray me a cup, takes a sip and I'm going to dress up, because I'm late ... Before going out, I kiss you, because you can not do on the street, people will blame our relationship, they do not care that we love each other. .
On the street we differ in different directions, I throw to you with a smile "Till" and we differ in razyne hand, not knowing when to meet again ...


I watched her undress, and her every move causing bouts of wild rage in me. We have known for two years now and I still can not understand what keeps me beside her. It annoys me in it all ... her smooth skin, long legs, almost hysterical manner of speaking, firm breasts, a stupid expression eye narrowish thighs and firm butt. She is not beautiful, but it is quite nice a female of 24 years. Every day that I spend with her, for me unbearable flour, I smile, sorry its problems and relieves the tension thoughtful jokes, but the only thing I want - is to squeeze her soft neck with his hands and shake until no fade those stupid eyes . Oh, what a pleasure it would be!
What's needed again this damn bitch? Oh yeah, I've got to start to caress her - she is ready "bestow me with his body. Bitch, everything I want to do - this is to embed on your gorgeous ass metal buckle belt, but ... I gently squeeze her buttocks with his hand, gently but firmly - as it is most like. Now I've got to start kissing her, at first easily as the wind, and then deeper slide tongue into her mouth. Now you can do the breast, no, do not compress them, so that the cry of the creature "I stood on the ears" the whole house, and gently, starting with her dark pink nipples, and gradually encircle the entire breast, and then the two - yes, the one hand, nothing complicated - if a girl has breasts.
So what we have out there on the plan? Yeah, this shalavka on edge and her body pressed tightly to me, our legs intertwined, and it begins to rub against me. I'm biting the lobe of her ear, and hear the breathing quickens her (not at the lobes, of course), she begins to moan. If you decide that this bitch is ready and it's time planting her on the throat, then fuck you guessed it, between the legs, it is dry asphalt in the sun.
My hand slipped between her legs, and there, this infection is completely dry. Okay, this is easily remedied, my finger starts to move to the top of her vagina. O Lord! How I hate this procedure, perhaps, of all the caresses, worst of all I get is this. I can not stand her isolation, which makes my hand both sticky and slippery. Like? I know what you like, in my life I knew only one girl, who did not like it - it is believed that there should not be anything other than a member. So, the hand got wet, so to speak, through and through, it is time to move to the ass. That's what I really like. Once I tried to shove his cock in her ass and barely restrained himself when she squealed in pain, very much wanted to pounce all over, her spitted on his count. Now the memories of this is delivered to me with what incomparable pleasure. Anus her narrow, and even in the moments of maximum relaxation it difficult to push the index finger. Nn-yes, I was a little distracted, but in the meantime Mademoiselle provoke. What? No, I must not caress me (and what to do if it always tickles and never nice), here's my "worm" and have fun, this is the only thing that turns you passable (strange is I can still find merit in it).
Something is today in shock, my dick swallowed almost half (for reference - my "worm" 21 cm long), it's even funny.
Okay, I'm sick of your flutter, let's get down to business. And I say, cancer, and you can not tell me that you do not like it, I know about it. But today I had to mess around with you for too long, and I'm going to get compensation.
Member of joy bursts into her vagina for the most eggs, she moans with pleasure. What a slut, not the position of the favorite, but you always have sex for? Come on, creature, Spreads wider thighs, I long to fuck you. Member bursts deeper, so I already feel the cervix (or whatever they have there, "at the end of the tunnel"), And here is the culmination - the two sudden movement and it begins to squeal in pain. I'm sorry, darling, I was interested in (yes, of course ... thought damn ...). Ah, you're tired, poor thing ?! Yes, she does not even know what fatigue ... One day I "let himself go" and I fucked her for three hours and, then, half an hour I spent on something that would otpoit her - she was in extreme exhaustion (I wanted to). Princess and the Pea, damn it. Okay so, lie down on your stomach, I'm here it's her favorite position. As she pushes her ass at once. Like suchara ?! And here's to the heap and let's finish this Moroku hurry, my finger rushes between her legs and began to caress her clitoris, a member does their job. Her ass begins to twitch to the beat of my movements on the rise, it has virtually nothing does not think ... I feel that it is at its peak and, with his free hand, sharp slap on its stout ass she is so sedated that pain only intensifies orgasms. Fairly whore ?! Oh, she's, you know, like me ...
And now on his side and not jerking. Will you might think that I will stop here. And I?! I also want to get their portion of pleasure. Her body, now, malleable like clay, I unfold it, so to see how with every blow member twitch her tits. Her pussy, now mokruschaya and relaxed, I move slowly, his eyes closed. In my head rush most exciting for me, a picture. Excitation grows and has been close to the finale. Quick, get a member, grab the hand of her mane of hair and a member of the press to his mouth. The sperm starts to flow, it tries to embrace, and a member of the lips does not have time. Seed spreads her face - you can not yell, I know that you can not tolerate this!
Now do it!
Thanks to everybody, you're free...

Grandmother wife

When I was in the hospital with a fracture, became acquainted with a young nurse, her name was Lena, a few months later we were married. She was twenty years old, I - twenty-eight. But she did not like me, I decided to marry because of the thirst for a woman's affection, warmth and love. After all, I was a virgin. We decided to stay with his wife, it was free. My father died ten years ago in a car accident. Venter even earlier abandoned daughter, hiding in an unknown direction. And Galina, grandmother stayed with Lena. Then she was fifty-four, sixty-four today. She always watched them and even in such a young age does not look very attractive, retaining appetizing forms. In my character has a feature - a mature woman like me more than girls. They have been formed body, they do not hesitate manifestation of desire for sex. I especially liked to watch on their big behinds. I imagined how Spreading the thick buttocks and insert his penis in their priests:
On top of Lena was absolutely indifferent to sex. Afraid to get pregnant, she did not allow intimacy. Petting, oral sex and nothing else. I'm anal sex - she flatly refused. I suffered, agonized, but all in vain.
Once Galina came home in tears and said that her position in the office and how to reduce the pensioner are changed to leave or to work in the same organization, but on the street. And she did not want. But life was somehow necessary, pension miserable and she was forced to agree.
Cold winter day, we released a little earlier from work, I immediately went home, opened the door, took off his jacket and heard a voice from the bathroom: "Lena, is that you? Do all that is necessary bought?" It was his wife's grandmother. I froze everything inside, I quietly made his way to the bathroom, the door of which was open, and he saw her. She was lying naked in the water, large breasts, thighs stomach were both on hand. I felt a thrill, a member of petrified. We looked at each other goggles, uncomprehending eyes. Finally, she came to her senses and become fussy movements to cover the chest, the pussy, then apparently realized that she had only two hands: one covering the breast, or rather only the nipples, and the other - the triangle between her legs. She returned to her speech:
"I mean, it was cold all day in the cold, cold, came home and decided to warm up. Lena went to the store and now come". I stood and listened and looked at the older woman, and he could not stop looking at her. My cock continued to grow, and trousers became ottopyrivatsya. In me there was a desire to approach her and kiss her on the lips, but the doorbell rang, it was necessary to open. Galina Ivanovna got up and locked the door to the bathroom. The whole week we tried to be in the community of Lena. But there was one and the same picture before my eyes: naked, big woman in the water and my throbbing cock. At work, all dropped from the hands. However, this day was to come. I, Lena and her grandmother were sitting on the couch and watch telly. Lena got up, went to drink water in the kitchen, I came into the room and announced: "There is hot water". Grandmother somehow immediately zasobiralas: "How nice! I go pomoyus". In me everything has been turned, became a member of the swell and break free. Grandma was gone, and I began to kiss and caress legs Lena.
My hand found underpants, climbed over the gum, felt the hairs and pussy wife. She was too excited, crumpling my dick through his pants, when suddenly the bathroom door opened and Lena abruptly stood up, straightened her hair and gown. At that moment the doorbell rang: a girlfriend Lena came for advice on sewing. My wife got dressed and went with a friend, leaving me in great excitement alone with Galina. Grandma washed. My eyes flew to the bathroom and I saw an elderly woman bent, fingering something in the water. What I saw ?! Her robe crashed into a fat ass. "Was she without panties?" - I thought I could not resist, went to her and with trembling hands began to stroke her curvy buttocks. I was afraid that she would alienate me, but I was wrong. It is as if nothing had happened continued to swarm in the water, if he did not notice me. I then, emboldened, with one hand crawled under the hem of her robe and began to caress her ass, thighs, and then parted the buttocks, anus felt. Unlike "mouse eye" in the ass of my wife, it was a big, soft and supple. We see the grandmother in his long life is not adhered to the Puritan views. Galina frozen without changing posture. Only panting so deaf moans indicated her excitement. I felt like "breathing" its point is revealing, the contracting and "gone crazy". Jerk bared her who had never seen the sun a white ass and easily introduced cock in her anus. As it was great! Finally, given the work his unit. I clumsily drove them back and forth between the two swayed, dryablovatymi halves grandmother's ass, feeling great pleasure. Quickly came orgasm, she moaned even louder. And then I almost fell, giving their all. Galina straightened my fallen member slipped out of her wide anus, turned, hugged me, not letting fail, his lips touched my lips. I felt her hands dripping with water on my shirt, and too timidly embraced her, I still could not believe that a miracle happened and my fondest wishes come true!
"Go ahead - she whispered - because you have a great start". And then I frantically began to kiss her face. It's the second breath, our lips have merged, the kiss turned a long, passionate, searing. My cock stood up again. "What is it you have a strong, said Galina Ivanovna, - take me again in the ass, she yearned without a strong member". She took off her robe, turned back to me his prodigious ass, but this time she spread her hands his fat buttocks, inviting me to the sweetest anal depths. I was twice invited was not necessary. I sent my dick into her shiny from my anus and semen: drowned in the ocean of pleasure!
We suffered: We fell in love. Our love was based on the abundance of sex, mostly, of course, anal. What and where are we just did! Everything conceivable and inconceivable, sex beat over the edge! Lena did not suspect anything, because we made love when she was working the night shift. I specifically bought a camera "Polaroid"To take a picture of a check so I now call her, naked and in the classroom our favorite anal sex. She told me that her husband had almost from the first wedding night became accustom her to anal pleasures. In those days it seemed Puritan riding perversion, but a year later she could not imagine a full life without anal sex. It even seems that such a great ass she developed because of regular anal exercise (before the wedding, she was slim, slim girl). She also confessed to me that after her husband's death, he was drowned in the break-up she seduced her son-father of Lena and he visited Tiffany's bedroom each night when her daughter fell asleep. Oh, and after his death, she was already in advanced age and go marry a second time it was too late. So it was interrupted nightly masturbation but random one-time encounters with strangers. I do not want to hurt other people's granddaughter the men in the house, she loved her very much, and I loved Galina which fulfilled my fondest dreams, and that made me a man!

Sleeping and waking

Kate barely doterpela before the bell. The bladder was torn from his overflowing fluid, responding pain in the abdomen. A quick step, and here and there, and she got a run to the toilet and inside the cabin, she dropped her panties. Sitting on a toilet bowl and let the jet, she closed her eyes blissfully. A minute later, he emptied himself, Catherine rubbed her fingers at the bottom. Feeling itchy pleasant, she began to remember their dreams, in which she was on her knees in the midst of a room filled with people, completely naked and offered to touch himself. Then she woke up, wet with sweat and excitement. And quietly so as not to wake the twelve brothers, rubbed between your legs until cramp did not take her body. Bell rang, and the girl pulling panties, regretfully ran into the classroom.
Katherine came home, a quick lunch and sat at a table doing homework. Glancing out the window, she saw that the house next door finally enter the tenants. Their former neighbors for several months could not sell the house, because of the fact that their city represented a rare backwoods. She watched as a girl, the same age as her, together with her brother and parents carried boxes from a large van. Looking for a few minutes, she returned to her lessons.
In the morning, the class teacher has presented to all new students. Olga slim blond girl with curiosity looked around the class. And sat at the desk next to Katya.
- Olga!
- Kate!
Already at the next change they were inseparable, something loud and arguing over something laughed. After high school, Olga invited Kate to his home. Houses met them plump mother Olga.
- Mum is my girlfriend Kate, she will dine with us.
- Well girls, I'm glad that Olga had such nice podruzhka-, my mother said, and winked at his daughter.
- you can call me Aunt Lisa.
After a quick dinner, Olga took Kate to his room. The room was packed with boxes had not yet unpacked things here and there lay piles of tattered dirty magazines, which immediately attracted the attention of Katia. She picked up one of them, shining with sweat black woman was depicted on the cover, pecking themselves dildo.
- This is my favorite magazine. I brought his mother.
- Is it not forbid you to look at it?
- What are you, she even gave me one of her dildos.
Olga reached into the box and took out a small blue rubber phallus.
- You're not a virgin?
- It's a secret, but oh well, Mom and Dad have long been deprived of virginity me and my brother. We are engaged in their love games. Sex - it's the most enjoyable thing on Earth. See?
With these words, Olga lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to her tanned legs. Then she stood on all fours in front of Katie and dildos moistened with saliva, without any constraint imposed himself in the ass. - Look how I have it designed, you can not imagine Kate as nice:
Kate stared wide-eyed at her friend, and the hand itself stretched to where languishing nice little button.
She put her hand himself in panties and slowly began to stroke himself. Olga took out a member of his popochki on knees came up to Kate masturbates. She helped her get rid of her panties, and leaned his mouth to her pussy. Katya lay on her back, spreading his legs, thus allowing Olga lick her crack. Olga, a moistened finger, poked him in the ass girlfriend, adding even a modicum of pleasure in it, and without a strong sense. Olga felt like the beginning of Catherine's body shudder, her free hand, she took a rubber dildo and began poddrachivat her pussy. Orgasm covered their bodies, Olga stopped kissing the clitoris and reached out to wet his lips girlfriend, they were woven in a long kiss.
- Now that you see how it's nice.
- Yes, and I want more and more.
- I know that you like it.
At that time the phone rang, someone - he entered into the house.
- Oh, that's my brother! - Said Olga. - He is somewhere lingered after school and mom would punish him.
- For what?
- Well, it's a game in our family! You want to watch?
They quietly left the room and made their way to the hall. Opened the door, they saw a naked boy of about thirteen, with an excited segment.
- Well! I ask, where were you two hours after school?
- I played in a neighboring yard, where he lives, Sasha and twelve years.
Kate realized he was talking about her brother.
- And what did you play?
- Well! He told how spying on his sister and mother, and he saw that his sister fucks herself by hand at night?
- Farther! - The woman began to unbutton his coat.
- And he Fingering in the toilet, and I told him that I can suck it.
- And he!?
- He allowed. Then I showed him how to fuck in the ass and he fucked me. And then I asked him to suck me and I taught him to take by mouth.
- Okay, get on your knees and beg me.
The boy knelt and asked plaintively
- Mom let me lick you!
- Come on, but first the back hole and carefully cleared out her tongue.
The woman leaned over and offered his big ass boyish language. Who quickly earned a spot around the dark wrinkled, sometimes climbing inside.
- Come on, fuck me with your tongue. Lick my big hole.
She began abusively berate themselves and their charms, her hands kneading his chest and twisting her nipples. Olga and Katya also touched himself for the nipples and clitoris rubbed fingers. Kate felt a weakness in my legs trembling and fell to his knees. From her breasts escaped a groan.
The woman stood up and pulled himself from his son's head. She went to the door and saw her friend's daughter lying on the floor with battened down the skirt and hand-wiggling belly underneath.
- Oh, I see Olga, too, is making progress.
She put her fingers under the chin, and Katie looked into her eyes.
- In your eyes I see a great whore, which will run for the herds of men, they will fuck you in every hole, you yourself otsosesh not members of one kilometer, and you will like it. Do you want to you want?
- Yes:
- And you want to be taught to use their holes? Well, then do not tell anyone what you teach and that will show in this house. Agree?
- Yes :
- Ask me!
- Please, Aunt Lisa!
- No! For Ms. Lisa.
- Ms. Lisa taught me everything, please.
- Well, whether you think, remember that you promised ... Olga undress her, and you - she turned to her son - come to us. Katia took off the remnants of clothes and knelt in front of a member of the boy, the first time she had seen a man's penis is so close, felt the musky smell coming from it, which intoxicate her head, she wanted to touch it with his lips, absorb and suck out all his juices.
- His name is Roman, you want to taste it?
- Yes:
- Well, dare only look no teeth.
The girl leaned forward and his mouth wide open plunged dick in his mouth, feeling sour taste, clumsily zashamkala lips. Roman took her by the hair and began to gently stick to your peg.
- Now take him with one hand and begin to move up and down, but not dramatically. Olga caressed her
Olga stood by Katya and her fingers began to caress her clitoris.
- One finger paste it into the anus.
Kate found the second arm hole Roma and slipped to her finger. Surprisingly, it is easily slipped and is located inside a straight boy's intestine. She began to move his finger and felt Roma compresses ass and sinking deeper into her mouth Katie.
- Add one more finger.
The girl complied with an order, and as soon as the second finger plunged into the Roman, he began to throw out a member of the hot trickle into his mouth Katie.
- Swallow, drink its juice.
Katya drank tart liquid and enjoyed her taste, she first tried something similar. Roman pushed her head on his cock and kissed the girl bent down, licked her lips with his own sperm.
- Well done, little sucker! Olga Bring cream and smazh her ass, I want to look at her hole.
a minute's daughter left the room and came back with some bags.
- Spread your buttocks.
Katya standing on his knees stuck out her ass, his hands apart buns. Something cold and wet poured on her ass. And at the same moment she felt like someone broke a finger in her anus and began to lubricate her rectum.
- You filled the enema umnichka daughter, let's wash out this zhopku.
Finger has given way to something hard and long, and almost at the same moment the stomach Katie began to fill with warm water. She was not hurt, she felt like her stomach stretched, like a warm wave spreads on its insides. After a minute, the flow started to decrease, then stopped altogether. Someone abruptly pulled out of her popochki enema tip and put in something much larger in diameter. Katya shuddered from a sharp pain, and his eyes filled with tears.
- This anal plug it hold the contents of your ass and help make holes, wide, always open to the members of a hole.
Olga and Roman helped the girl up. In the stomach, shimmered and rumbling water, she begged and out, but dense cork tightly clogged her ass. Lisa sat in a chair and opened her robe. Right on Katya looked red, brilliant from the secretions reveal their eagerly shed the vagina.
- Come lick my pussy.
Kate dropped to her knees before the woman and ran her tongue over her crotch.
- So, now faster. Ooooh! Even faster! Now Climb tongue into the hole. Lick my pussy.
Kate tried at all, she was licking the clitoris, thrust her tongue deep into the vagina, spreading the isolation and saliva on his face. Lisa took her head and pressed her mouth just in itself. Katya dizzy, stomach constantly reminds himself of excessive fullness, but she liked it, and the inside of her thighs flowed its lubrication. Brother and sister, who are used to such procedures and not just in the former role of Katya, quietly watching them, only Olga fingers fumbled in the abdomen.
Lisa began to publish moans more and more and finally shuddered several times, let go of the girl's head.
- You is not only the suckling but skillful Lizunov. Well, let's thank me!
- Thank you for giving to lick your pussy.
- Well, okay let's run to the bathroom.
Raskoryachishsya over the bath Katya, Olga pulled the cork out of your ass girls noisily began to pour out the water, along with the contents of the stomach and colon. With every drop of liquid coming out of her Kate felt itchy and rolled on her orgasm. Another trickle of water ran down her holes, and Katya have struggled in convulsions. Lisa waited when the convulsions cease and spread to the sides girl buttocks. Instead pink circles her ass, blackened little red around the edges of a hole, is not compressed until the end.
- Yes, I put on razmerchik more.
- Thank you, Ms. Lisa!
- I see you quickly get used to.
With these words she took two fingers and cream until it stops plunged them into zhopku girls. After anal plugs, two fingers did not cause pain Katya. On the contrary it has become podmahivat softly, as if nasazhivayas again and again.
- See children as this slut wagging his booty. Olga give me the dildo.
Olga brought the black rubber member of medium size, slightly scooped the cream and lubricate the surface it, gave it to his mother.
- Now we'll fuck your zhopku the present. She will light a fire in you, and from your eyes with tears will pour in Sparks.
Kate said nothing in reply, only her lips and closed her eyes, imagining how this term is to stretch her hole. Lisa slowly twisting from side to side, insert a dick in her ass sphincter girl has not experienced such congestion, so desperately resisted, but when half the dildo went into it, Kate felt a little easier. At this time, Olga knelt before Roman and having absorbed his cock began to move his head rhythmically. Lisa continued to fuck ass girl sphincter had become accustomed to the size of the dildo and freely miss him a second hand to pleasure she rubbed her clit. Katya overwhelmed new feelings that filled her body, she gave herself to him with some enjoying an obsession. The pain has gone somewhere, she felt a pleasant burning sensation behind, and she wanted to stick his ass as far as possible on this count. After some time, Lisa was replaced by a daughter who podlezla for Katya, and held up his legs spread crack. Girlfriends represented the tangle in which intertwined goading each other and licking pussy ass two girls.
They were interrupted by a doorbell. high, middle-aged man entered the house with blond hair and athletic figure.
- Well, now our family complete. Dad is a meet Kate.
Olga pushed the girl to her father. Naked Kate, clumsily moving the legs, because inserted in her ass Dildo, I approached the man.
- My name is Vladimir
Glance swept the girl, as if appreciating her charms, smiled and patted her on the ass.
- Welcome to the family.
The man took off his jacket, shoes and pants, under which women were stockings and panties from under which protruded a pretty impressive mound. Katya had a desire to touch his tongue. Then Vladimir behaved like all fathers, kissed his wife on the cheek, patted on the head daughter, handled the affairs in school son. His son and daughter fell to her knees, raced panties and 25 centimeters fell out of the flesh, and was swaying in front of their muzzles. Roman opened his mouth wide and incorporates the entire process of the nose in a hairy belly. Shaking his little throat, he released his cock from itself. Brilliant from saliva head swaying Katya beckoned to him. She slowly sank to his knees and asked:
- Please use me lord. Fuck me
She turned back to his buttocks apart and arms demonstrated its hole. Vladimir approached her, slowly pulled out of her ass dildo and just slowly started to pull her ass over. After the solid rubber member living flesh was much easier, and the burning of a small rubbed sore holes will not bother the girl, she with obvious relish gave her ass at the mercy of a member, it has already broken-stretched sphincter. Gradually she felt the movement have become sharper and stronger, and his head turned back, she saw that Vladimir closed his eyes drives a member of it, and behind him, with the same pleasure Lisa threesome fucks his own ass. Suddenly Vladimir clenched buttocks girls. Long announced the room, and something hot poured into the rectum Katie. Movement of the sharp and long steel short and soon Kate felt a hard object in place, something relaxed, softer. A pleasant languor filled her body, she did not want to move, but I wanted to lie down and feel like out of her hole follows the white goo. Roman, who was standing on the sidelines and watching fucked trio, took his father's penis and licked the remnants of sperm, then the finger began to collect sperm removing it with red distributes Katina diameter holes. Glancing at his watch, worried Kate, already half of the day she was at the neighbors, and already it's time to go home.
With no explicit hunting she pulled her panties, in which the same hour stood out behind the spot, the rest wore clothes, her hair, and muttered something out the door.
Arriving home, she quickly slipped into his room lay on the bed and closed her eyes. From new experiences, her little potryasyvalo, she put her hand into her panties and currently there fingering the button of the clitoris, imagining the scene in which she is standing on all fours pushing his buttocks, between which the warp to -syuda member of her father's, her mouth wide open, and there is free though in some segment of the opening part of her brother and her mother podlezla under her and she licks her pussy sometimes grasping tongue dangling egg husband. Fantasy completely captured her body into his captivity. Wet with sweat, with rolling from side to side of his head, lifted above the bed of passion, she did not see and did not hear her brother quietly made his way to the children's room and sat on his bed, in front of the girls. It is with interest looked at the moaning sister, who tirelessly pawing fingers abdomen. This pattern is clearly amused by it, as the front of his shorts turned into a small hill.
Sasha held out his hand and touched the wet thighs girls, his touch Katherine shivered and opened her eyes. Nothing blankly around the room and she stood on her feet towards divorced, one of which, just above the knee lay a hand boy.
- Well, Katya, and you got! Now it really, you have to do at home all my work, or you may want me to tell my mother, my sister-slut fucks their hole hands, not hiding from anyone.
- Listen to me, you bastard, you like taking out the trash and going to drag bins, and we'd better not to quarrel, and then the mother learns how to fuck you in the ass neighbor's kid and then be happy to suck his cock.
- How do you know? - Sasha whispered fearfully.
- Your friend who you suck dick, but as I was - she smiled - told with what pleasure you swallow his cum, and you fucked his ass, and you spy on me at night and masturbate himself.
Sasha even more frightened and fell silent, leveled bump on the shorts, he looked as if he was about ready to cry.
- So, as you see me have to be friends. Let it be our little secret! Do you agree?
- Yes:
- So tomorrow after school we go to the neighbors and they will show you many more new stuff, because of which your worm will be a small peg.
They have long told each other about their exploits in the end could not stand his brother Katya laid on the bed, pulled down his pants below his knees and dug his lips in his penis, while Sasha kakomu-to obeying instinct stuck his head between his legs and sisters earned language. For the first time in his life he saw the structure of the female part so close and his tongue licked all up to what could only get hold of. He covered the vagina saliva sucked her lips ran his tongue over the clitoris, and by a strong overexcitation quickly pulled into the mouth Katherine.
Night has come. Katya again tormented by a dream in which she sits on the toilet completely naked, putting his feet on the not very clean floor, which used paper and lay glistening droplets of either water, or something else. In the dream, she was very thirsty, and she asked the men standing in the toilet, drink it. They poked her mouth crimson by members of voltage, and forced to suck, and then to swallow their sperm, but drinking it so no one has given.
Katya woke all the same thirst, she quietly slipped in a nightie, and ran into the hallway to the kitchen. Where and quench their thirst directly from the kettle. Passing the parents' bedroom, she caught some fuss. Quietly, she crept to the door and opened it. The room was bathed soft light of a night lamp, a big parental bed in a pose cancer was her father, a big, but absolutely lifeless dick dangling between his legs. Kate licked imagining how happy she would have licked his head. father's mouth was tightly sealed some cloth, he published only gently mooing. Next to him stood a mother, a thin woman with brown hair, average breast size
- Well, scumbag? Again you can not do anything. Have how to fuck your ass. To process your raised at least a centimeter. Yes, I know you only want to do this. Maybe someone up there confused, I had to become a man, and fuck these frail bastards like you. So you want your dick was again?
- Yes
- You certainly want to fuck me, and maybe try to stick it to me in the ass? Answer me!
- Yes
- Well then substitute the hole.
With these words, the woman pulled from some shelves medium-sized candle, and put it to brown spots on his father's ass.
- Have fun slut!
Woman rhythmically pushes his hand, pushing the spark deeper into the rectum. Second hand she began nadrachivat his cock moving along its entire length. This scene reminded Kate ... an episode from his childhood in which my grandmother same movements milked the cow.
- Well, dear, I see you're ready to insert me.
She let go of his cock and helped him to his feet without taking a candle out of his ass.
- Come well paste it to me:
With these words, my father planted a woman on his penis and began to drive the size of the cock in her pussy, from which the eggs with loud slaps knocked on her ass. She reached out and pulled to the tip of the candle. Father felt like something with a bang beginning to stretch his anus, massaging the prostate, then a wave of lightness came at him, and he began to throw out the semen in the belly of his wife.
After a while, the soft light in their room went out. The house was asleep. She fell asleep, and Katya. Before falling asleep she slyly smiled, thinking about how to introduce her parents with their neighbors. Then sleep completely mastered it.
To be continued.