Hooray! Auntie Asya arrived! part I

"In the Red Army regiment arrived checks.
- Why do you have the banner in white?
- Yes, Aunt Asya came with his bleach".
- Hooray! Asya arrived!
Masha and Sasha, high school students, has long called the sister of his mother by his first name, without adding a word "aunt". Asya was a pretty, young woman yet. True to its name associated with television commercials, as well as for fun, it usually brings with him a bleach "Ace". And today it is picturesquely set her bag on the table and took out her new, improved "Ace". All laughed at the joke and duty rushed to kiss a wonderful sister and aunt. Marina said:
- Thank you responded to my request. Thank a business trip, the children's holiday, and I need two days to go on training courses in Suzdal.
- ABOUT! Suzdal! How nice! I envy you, sister! Do not worry, we'll manage without you preotlichno.
When they were alone, Asya asked:
- What kind of courses in Suzdal?
- paddling section. Rowing will be my boss, then I will be with high qualifications and salary.
- Clear. Then the oars, as it should, or rather paddled.
Asya was often a guest of the Marina and the Glory, and the children she had a real friendship. At first, when they were young, she read them books and painted them. Later he worked with them Russian language, literature and English. Life Asi did not work (however, the absence of her husband and children for the modern woman - not a cause for concern), but with questions on this subject to it for a long time are no longer harassed, knowing it was useless.
Marina left. In the evening, Sasha went to take a bath. Asya knocked on the door.
- Who is it?
- It's me. Come back Potro.
- Asya, I'm embarrassed.
- Well, do not be shy, I washed you with child, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Sasha opened the door, entered Asya, soaped washcloth, asked his nephew to stand in the bath and washed his back. Suddenly she grabbed his fingers and his penis has made several sliding movements. Member immediately swollen.
- Asya!
- Shut up. Do you have a great turns. Wait, have fun and let me enjoy.
She made him sit down and slowly began stroking his rod, kissing the boy on the lips. He was breathing heavily, his eyes closed. At her request, he stood up, she bathed his body shower, sat down and took his penis in her mouth. The young man was nervous, but now he was waiting for what will happen next, and did not mind. Asin language pleasantly tickled penis and her mouth sucking it. Sasha pulled her mouth.
- Asya, is it possible?
- So you need to, Sasha. Better all the tricks I teach you, and not some dirty chick. When you wash Masha, come, we will wash it with you together.
- How, and Masha? Are not you afraid that all will know my mother?
- Well, Mom, we calmed down. I have your Mom for a long time. And she did. Mutually.
- Like this? You - lesbians?
- Sometimes. There are many devices in order to meet each other woman without men. Some of them I'll show you the same today.
- And Dad?
- Your father knows everything, sometimes it Faka me, sometimes we fuck threesome. Once, when he was drunk and did not own his instrument, I fucked him with anger in the ass.
- Fu! That you could not tell me.
- Well, why not. He is subsequently liked me too. It turns out that he was only pretending nothing to think, when I first took it. Later he asked again. I have armed wonderful herbal infusion to the man relaxed and obeyed. It is not known yet what you will have preference in sex. Maybe you ask me to do to you the same thing with your dad.
- Never!
- Well, time will tell. You see, each person has a masculine and feminine, yin and yang. I have several years of serious Aikido, and our teacher argued that only in harmony yin and yang can fight off any attack and inflict smashing blow. The same can be said about sex. Sex - it's the same struggle. Just listening to the yin and yang and yin and yang to the partner, it is possible to achieve harmony, orgasm. Higher degree of knowledge of yin and yang is the simultaneous orgasm, regardless of gender of sexual partners - opponents.
- Asya, and you have not gone astray on the bed and on the philosophy of?
- No, boy. I sometimes imagine like a man, when men and women take, and your father, perhaps, is a woman in her imagination, when I get a hold of them. This is not bad, the main thing in sex, from my point of view, so that people do not injure each other body and soul. I have always given voluntarily, I do not accept forced sex. Some have tried to take me by force, it hurts to remember it.
On a philosophical note it ended the first date matured and experienced nephew aunt. Finally Asya nephew shaved armpits, ran a hand through his pubic hair and said:
- There will not shave, you're not a girl, but Mashunya podbreem.
When Masha washed Asya also washed her back, introduced a finger into her cunt and masturbate girl.
- Asya, what are you doing ?!
- I am preparing you for the sacrament of conversion girl into a woman. Sasha, come on.
- Asya, why you are calling him? It is forbidden!
- Never mind, I'll just give him a touch of your charms.
- Asya!
- This conversation is over, baby. Sasha, come back!
Sasha, embarrassed, walked. Asya, gradually overcoming the embarrassment of Masha and her lingering resistance, showed nephew in sign language (and, in fact, fingers), in which sweet holes may include male member. Aunt and nephew felt his chest and ass girl Asya forced the boy to enter one by one finger in the pussy and ass Masha.
- What do you probe me and squeezed like a goat?
- And you and have our little white little goat. We would be very sweet to master your body.
- I do not want!
- Even as you like, just give time.
Machinery armpits and pubic Asya Throw in front of Sasha, gently tugging and stroking from time to time the girls nipples or pussy.
The latest on the day washed Asya. Shaving was made in the presence of his nephew and niece. Aunt forced them to explore her breasts, and back of the front.
- Now I'm your goat, Tiscali, caress, pat. See what I Trained rear hole. If you do not mind, I'll do the same. Today evening entertainment, gathering in a large room in the 24 -00.
Masha and Sasha eagerly awaited laid hours. Easy supper and washing their dishes, the trio walked into the room, where most of the parental bed was spread out - a real seksodrom. Asya offered first to undress Masha .... Aunt and nephew helped remove her robe and panties, leaving the girl naked. Asya Masha laid on her back, she sat on the bed and began to kiss her niece on the lips, not forgetting to caress her breasts. Sometimes Asi hand stroking the girl's crotch and dived between her legs, but not immersed in her treasure. Aunt Sasha then forced to repeat all that she has done. The young man was excited, his bulging trousers. Asya forced his nephew to go, and asked him to help Masha's brother undress. My aunt took a member of her nephew in her mouth and caressed it. Masha liked this game, it took away Aunt candy bar Sasha and began to suck. Aunt tore her dessert, knocked on his back and buried her head between her thighs, working tongue and lips. Sasha took the rules of the game, he gently but firmly pushed Asya and fell down at his sister's cunt. Asya asked them to break away from each other, play music, and began to undress. It turned out to be a belt with stockings, her shaved crotch children attracted. The bra was special, erotic, nipple opening. Asya lay on her back and asked the children to kiss her in the sweetest place. First Masha's head was between her legs aunt Sasha and frantically kissed the hot lips Asi, then a boy and girl are reversed. Asya sat astride his nephew and began to go round his young colt. The young man quickly finished in a hot embrace their experimental aunt.
- Nothing, not tushuysya, baby. Now we will use my toys.
Asya pulled from a sports bag and a set of dildos teach boys and girls how to use these fantastic devices.
- You, Mary, do not rush to break the play the virgin. It is always plenty of time. We develop your most tender ass. That's it, we deprive of virginity.
With these words, Aunt lubricated dildo special plug-and anus lubricated Masha and told her to lie down. She gently put into the priest's niece member of similarity and ordered occasionally to turn over on his side, on his back, on his stomach, and squeeze-relax the buttocks. First Masha was unpleasant, but Asya stroking her tender body, breasts, thighs, abdomen, ass, kissing all this wealth, and Masha got into the taste. She even pressed her palm between the halves are assigned to the top of the cork and moaning. Asya adapted dildo on her nephew's body.
- As long as your boyfriend will rise, Poimena me this.
She got cancer on the bed and held up his tender ass. Sasha and disperse almost got her anal sex, but she initially sent his hand into the other hole. After a while Asya Masha laid back and fell to the lips of her cunt, and nephew allowed to attack his second hole. Masha came, apparently, from one only of this kind of debauchery. My aunt then forced his nephew to do the gentle caress of the girl and his sister's nipples with just the fingers and lips. When Maria finished again, Asya was wearing shorts with a thin dildo, forced to kneel niece, learned from its breech plug and gently captured her. Niece only passionately podmahivala when "member" aunt went inside her, like a piston. Sasha's boyfriend already rested, and he planted Ace. After the bout, ending collective descent, made Aunt Masha and Sasha pause and relax. They ate properly, washed and rubbed what follows. Children went into the taste and would love to continue to play, but my aunt knew that they needed to rest. She announced a retreat, do not forget to say before going to bed, tomorrow to continue their sexual education.
Continued: Hooray! Auntie Asya arrived! part II

Typical secretary

I am a typical secretary, typical because the legs, as expected from the ears, face puppet, manicured handles and charming voice. As the chef came to the office and he was in good spirits and began to chat with me! After two hours of talks, we have already talked with ease and he could not deny myself the pleasure to enjoy the view of the cut on my blouse and slim legs, and then shows a cross-sectional length of the skirt. Suddenly I reached for his pants and deftly unbuttoned her taken into the palm for a long time already risen a member. Slightly masturbate him, I got up and sat on his haunches in front of him began to suck the head, while smacking always looking at the same face. At this point I did not care, that all of this will come out, and he also wanted only one thing: fuck bitch, that he is remembered for a long time. I would diligently swallowing, almost completely absorbing member in the mouth than delivered indescribable pleasure. Then I would have sat down in another chair and gently tucked her skirt, put her delicious feet on the armrests. Charming picture, divorced in hand legs, white lace panties and full of desire to look. The chief would not be hurrying back of his hand held over my soaked panties. I, too, had helped to take them off and took his hand, put it on the vagina. To what it was hot and mokrenkaya! Slowly, he would introduce one finger between the lips, and then began to masturbate me already the index and middle fingers, and is now a large clitoris. Yes, fuck me well! - I would have cried, - Fuck! I want you, I want you to fuck my cunt! Procedure for he would have had a couple of times head on the lips of the vagina, and then a sharp movement put a member of the most eggs. The first orgasm I would come almost immediately. In the mouth, all over my mouth. - I would ask. And the chief, feeling the familiar tension and removing the member stood over me and immediately put his dick in my mouth. I would began to suck vigorously, diligently working tongue and, thus, one hand could not stop rubbing the clitoris itself. And literally flowed out of the penis, and the chef has inserted more deeply member, continuing to move them in my mouth. But the sperm was clearly too much for me, and I do not have time to swallow it. He'd pulled his dick out of his mouth, and I would immediately become his jerk, sending the white jet. Then I would neatly licked the entire term ridding it from seed residue, and when I stepped aside, wiped his face panties. So in my opinion it looks like the work of a secretary and I would in the future would not have refused to work well, because you're at the mercy of the boss and he can do whatever he wants with you! Can pull out right in the window as long as I water the flowers, and can put to him under the table and get to suck your dick during important negotiations !!! That's the buzz! You can even go to this kind of work in a short skirt and no panties, what else were all osetiteli to the boss with standing huyami, watching my lips sex !!!!

Wife `s friend

This happened at Easter. Since my wife and I were married Oklo three years, I have a little bored with the monotonous sex, or rather sex with the same woman. I used to look at her friends, the blessing was something to see. But the case was to provide for the celebration of Easter.
To us home two of her girlfriends came, we, as usual, sat at the table, drinking the necessary amount of strong drinks, and then decided to walk. Let's go to the disco, which was quite far from our house, but there are fun not work, because one of the bridesmaids, Wick, drank a lot, and it was bad. The four of us got out of the building into the street, and Vic decided to go home, but she lived far enough, and my wife told me to carry it out to the taxi, and they decided to stay for another dance. Vic at the time oklemalas bit and went to the taxi stop. I caught up with her and took her hand. We stood for a long time, but not a single car was not there. And then I decided that it is better to go to our house and spend the night there, and the wife of my friend already had to return home. I talked to Vick, it's not worth waiting on, and it is easy to agree, alcohol can act again. We got to the house, and, when they came, Vicky pressed sideways to me, can be cold, and I'm very excited. When I got home, I saw that the house still was empty. I told Vick that she lay down on the sofa in the other room, and he decided to go to the hall. When I went to Vick, carrying her blanket, I saw that she was asleep. I hid it, but here in my head twitched crazy thoughts, what if now a little caress her, the benefit of that dream she was obviously strong. I put his hand under the blanket and and put his hand on her ass. I must say that Vic has always attracted me, and especially its elastic plump ass. And then it turns out such a thrill. I gently stroked her and utterly aroused, my cock stood stake. And then suddenly for himself, I unzipped her trousers and began pulling off them. When I took off her pants and opened the blanket, I opened the kick-ass curvy ass that I could no longer restrain his instincts. Vick was lying with his back to the wall, and I lay down behind her.
Lowered her panties, I admired already being revealed to me her pussy and ass in a hole. Thrusting his finger into her n ... from there I started to masturbate, and the other hand in his. After a while already being broke up, I stuck to it, and his penis and began to fuck her in the most shameless way, I just wound up the situation when Vick was lying helpless, and I was going to finish it. And suddenly I heard voices in the stairwell, I heard his wife and her friend, and I realized that I broke a buzz. I quickly pulled out his penis from pussy Vika, somehow pulled her panties and quickly moved to his own bed. When my wife went with a friend, I have what is called, allegedly saw the tenth dream. They still pobodtali about something in the kitchen, and then went to bed, girlfriend went to the room to Vick and his wife moved to me. I felt her naked body next to him, and woke up my cock again. Turning to her, I entered with force in her anus, making her moan and long poe.av, finished it in the ass.
The next morning my wife wondered what it Wick lies in shorts, but a hint of my betrayal was not.


He fell asleep, but woke up when the bus suddenly went on a bumpy mountain road. He laid his cheek on something soft and warm, and breast - on something warm and solid. On the back of a van site where they lay side by side, rocked and shook. Until he heard the voices of those who sat in front and talked with the driver, so that he fell asleep.
They were heading for the pass to ski, left late, and so I had to spend half the night in the bus. The three sat in front, and six were back here, on mattresses and blankets: he himself, three boys and two girls.
When he awoke, it was dark, at arm's length nothing at all to be seen, and around him he could hear the wheeze sleeping and someone restlessly tossing and turning in his sleep. Suddenly he realized that he lay his cheek on someone's thigh. From it, then came the heat. By moving his feet, he ran into someone's head, and realized that in a dream, he turned one hundred eighty degrees. Carefully lifting his head, he felt a slight odor of the human body and breathed deeply delicate scent of sweat of others. He felt hot, he was frantically wondering who it could be. He knew all except Henry. He saw how he entered the bus, but in a way he hardly dared to look at him - so he was handsome.
After the bus drove on a flat road, he turned to face the utmost care to ensure, on than before resting his head slowly, centimeter by centimeter, began to slide his lips up to the thigh with a soft bulge in the groin. When the body under him suddenly began to stir restlessly, he froze for a moment, hiding like a mouse, not breathing. Then just gently moved on, he felt his chin soft bulge in the crotch, feeling his nose characteristic smell of sweat, hear the beating of his own heart, when the soft under his chin, was suddenly transformed into a solid. Here is the number!
He decided that it was probably Henry. Two other guys were undoubted heterosexual - one was with his girlfriend. About him, no one knew anything. When he saw Henry, just stunned. In view of nineteen or twenty, as well as himself, long, dark, curly hair, big brown eyes, hard male gaze, which seems drills right through you, slightly mocking smile, from which you feel almost naked.
He strained all the will, restrained smiled. "It seemed - he reassured himself. - Do not relax". He was instantly excited. Muscled and shaking in the bus did the trick. Now he was burning with desire. One person of Henry, who was standing in front of his inner eye, it was enough to him was thrilled, and here he was lying face down in the ...
Heart pounding, he could not dare to go further and, although burning with desire. maybe take a chance? About him, no one knew anything. He could receive scandal. "Relax, - he said to himself. - Try to sleep" - He closed his eyes.
The body beneath him began to stir again, at his feet someone muttered in his sleep, suddenly the legs on which he lay, parted to the side, and he felt his pelvis slightly raised, pressing his crotch to his face. The solid, which almost burst cloth trousers, Bound to him on the lips. He lay quiet as a mouse, moving only in time with the movements of the bus, and when the car shakes his head went back and forth, and crawl on his lips firmly.
Finally he opened his mouth, noticing that trembles and the heart is ready to break out of his chest, and as gently as possible grabbed his lips that was bursting inside his pants. It was quite thick and wide. Slowly and very carefully he began to slide his mouth open up, barely touching the teeth solid. Thicker all, he was at the bottom, at the root, and ... no, he was as thick along the entire length - and this was a decent length. Open mouth, sliding, got to the belt, but did not stop there, squeezed under your belt, pants inside. Full kicks! Cautiously, gently squeezed his teeth very top, felt such lust, that was frightened that now float and soak all the pants. Knowing that close, separated from it by only two layers of clothing, intense pulses and beats "this", It was unbearable.
He gulped for breath, his lips against the rough cloth trousers, gently touched her tongue, his tongue under the lapel of his pants, but found nothing there except the cold metal zipper. And suddenly he madly wanted to, he went deep in his throat, this is not flexible, hot, hard and thick. In his mind frantically struggled different feelings. Try? And what will happen if he wakes up?
Wet the tip of his tongue, he gently walked under the lapel on the zipper all the way up until his nose does not hit the sharp smell of leather belt. So what's next? Language slid above the belt. At the bottom, higher own belly, he felt his cock, which strained throbbing, can reach the edges. Reason told him to stop. But he just closed his eyes and began to lick the belt, voluptuously inhaling seeping out from under him warm, deliciously sweet smell of sweat.
The end of the belt has not been filled, but the metal tab was threaded into the hole. He resolved. Gently squeezing the tip of the belt teeth, slowly began to unwrap his head to the side ... Just at that moment his legs beneath him began to move restlessly, turning to one side, and worked some more teeth, it is still disengaged from the belt buckle.
For a moment he lay still, trying to pull himself together, to restore breathing and calm the small tremors. Then he continued. Tip of the tongue felt the top button, cupped her lips, wet with saliva, and freed from the loop.
At this point, sleeping at his feet rolled over in his sleep, as the body and shoving it under him. He held his breath, my heart was pounding so loudly that he was afraid that it may hear other. When the body under it was quiet again, he felt the tip of the lock at the top zipper language. Gently squeezing the teeth metal platelets, it is slightly jammed, he tossing it back and forth, and he was able to free her. Clenched teeth, he slowly began to move down the lock. When he reached the middle, lightning suddenly fully revealed itself under the pressure bursting pants and bursting from beneath her outward power.
Now from the unbuttoned trousers bulged rearing pants. At first he just sniffed their noses, then opened his mouth and, barely touching, wrapped head with his lips, tongue and felt the taste of leaked through panties small drop. It dipped his lips, he licked them. His whole body trembled sweetly when he touched his lips thick, massive head, the beat heartbeat shudders under the cloth pants. He knew that if he even just to move its own basin, and he immediately would end in such a way as never finished. But he wanted more!
Under the young, unspent force pressure briefs reared along the belly, like an oblong tent. Until now, he never resorted to using their hands, it seemed to him that this is his even more exciting. But he did not dare move them, afraid, as if man did not wake up.
He ran for cowards language. They had the cut! Wet tongue instantly got into the hole, he circled a little inside and found the smooth, hot, elastic flesh. Dense, thick and long phallus huddled on the sky, pouring out streams of hot thick juice, which filled his mouth, he began to run down her lips.
At this point, the bus stopped!
"Here we are!" - Resounded from the driver's cab. Completely stunned, he barely had time to lick his lips and swallow cum like sliding bus door opened and came on the overhead light.
...Choking with emotion, he looked down and saw Henry's face. Lightning was fastened, tightened the belt, pants in order. Only the eyes were slightly confused. When they came to the camp and began to be distributed on a two-seater numbers, he suddenly heard the voice of Henry: "I hope no one will mind if I sleep with Timothy?" And looking at him, I saw that he winked conspiratorially. They entered the room and closed the door behind him. Henry knelt down, lifted her lips to his belt buckle and said: "Now it's my turn!"


Ural winter, as always, frost everything I could. Sasha stood at the window, staring into the distance. The telephone rang. called "friends"As usual, reported that his favorite Igor again "I walk up" on the party. With a sigh, Sasha hung up the phone, swore to himself, slowly got dressed, went outside. The wind howled and he walked to the bus stop and on his mind, he had one ... "How does all this I'm tired !!!".
On reaching the place, where his beloved "naotmechalsya" something there, Sasha found her lover, standing at the entrance. Worth if this position can be called a state.
- Alex, hello, I was waiting for you ... - Igor interrupted for decoration in the style of "khaki" walls of the house.
- Are not you tired? - Upset voice asked Sasha.
- What now "khaki".
- No, all I'm tired ... - Sasha turned and walked confidently to a stop. He did not even cry, though he knew only that he left his beloved. But this does not mean that Sasha did not suffer. He turned ...
- Well, go away, you're too smart and calm for me. Yes, I do not love you ...
Sasha silently turned away and continued on his way, a tear slowly rolled down his cheek. "Stop whining!" - Sasha said to myself, sat down on the bus arrived. He was driving and thought only one thing ... "Shall not I really love no one, and I - he remembered his first love - because nobody else".
Arriving home, Sasha, as usual sat down to watch that he had the day after tomorrow at the institute, mind not tomorrow, because all he has done for the day, and it was a lot ... two seminars, consultation on the abstract subject and control on linear algebra. "Again in Gorkovka shove ..." - Sadly said to myself, Sasha ... "Again one ..." - He added ruefully. Not knowing than himself, he called a friend to take, so took an hour and a half, Sasha loved to talk. Sleeping was early and Sasha sat down at the computer, to dig, what is new in a distributed network. Going on a well-known page of the gay movement, Sasha suddenly something knocked on the head ... "Maybe put your offer in Me, will not be worse ... better too - Sasha said his pessimism, but it still left a message of sadness and loneliness.
On the morning of the Institute for Sasha to watch was a pity, he was so depressed. Everyone wanted to feel sorry for him, every first asked ... "Alex, that you can, you want to tell?". "No," - Smiling sweetly through force, although this could not be seen, said Sasha and insert a joke, everyone laughed, etc. Having come, the devil has brought, to the department Sasha met his teacher, who said he was very good news ... "Sasha, your essay is very like us, we want you, if you are interested in the topic, written course work later, and then - the diploma " - It is worth mentioning that Sasha was at 1 year and studied only 3 months on the force, even more, there was no session. Sasha smiled again and said that he, of course, agree on the exact topics he thinks. I am thinking to myself ... "Now I live in Gorkovka !!!".
On sudoriparous box Sasha came pile of letters on the subject ... "Let's get acquainted, etc.". Pieces 3, he threw his tale. One interested him, this man he poperepisyvatsya (three letters), but then somehow disappeared. But one day, when Sasha was gone with feet in the work on the essay, a letter came to the box, well, somewhat, by the same person. Sasha is now checking the mail rarely, days and evenings in the affected library. Boy with soap and love-boy, persistently tried to reach out to Sasha.
After several letters to him, Sasha, suddenly, as it will automatically remove the ads from the board. Sitting, then, and thinking that prompted him to do so. They phoned and scheduled an appointment. Sasha never late, but it was too late. Then the first time he saw him. Slavik was higher than Sasha, consider that he Sasha growth of 182 cm. Taking a walk through the winter town with Slavik Sasha thought about one ... "With him good to go, and, even, hell, I want it !!!".
Arriving home, Sasha sat down on the carpet, stretched out on it, it was so good, warm, so with him there has never been. Such feelings he had never experienced. He wanted to see him every second of time.
The problem with the meeting place, which, before that Sasha was not, by his ex-beloved had their apartments, and so on, so decided - and entrances why?
First kiss. I will not describe the road, if there were students, you know what it means to kiss in the stairwell. Sasha had never experienced such a feeling with a kiss, it turned over and was shaking inside.
At a second meeting in the stairwell of Sasha and Slavik Unknown, if not crazy staircase that ...
The third time, Sasha dressed so that it is easier to undo. When they kissed, Slavik started his gentle hands Sasha pants and began to fondle her ass. Sasha wanted to do, too, but could not get under the jeans, he knew, if they will undo, it will not be locked to worry.
The fourth time was getting closer, so to speak, to the body. Entrance is purged as it could. They stood on a hidden site, this time jeans were undone on Sasha was leotards. Sasha suddenly felt hands Slavik switched to taking pictures with ass tights and panties with Sasha. Sasha had not understood what had happened, he felt that his cock gently caresses the tongue and mouth Slavik. I repeat, in the stairwell was cold, Sasha squatted down, kissing her on the way down his chest favorite. Taking the big dick mouth Slavik, he felt his taste, and he liked it. In Slavik had such nice balls. But ... they maliciously interrupted some grandmother in a green coat, a good thing that she did not see them, and that on one occasion a heart attack in our city would be more. Harassment of members of both simple !!! Sasha and Slavik, frozen as devils, clinging to each other, they become strong and warm soft hands Slavik again embraced the ass Sasha and Sasha pressed himself tighter in Slavik. Prior to this, by mail or telephone, they are often told that loved, but Sasha wanted to say it out loud. He raised his eyes to Slavik eyes, his pure, beautiful eyes, and said ... "Slavik, how I love you !!!" He again pressed to his chest Slavik. "I love you too" - Said Slava. "I never had no one so loved"... Thought to myself, Sasha.
The next time they met at the home Slavik. Sex with Slavik was simply magnificent. Sasha was so pleased with his sweet sperm, then he does blowjob and kisses him. Sasha long tongue kissed and drove over the body Slavik, for him it was smeared with honey - honey love, which she had with Sasha never had.
In the morning, Slavik had to leave for work at 23.00 Sasha had to call a loved one, but could not, he had terrible headache, sugar fell in the blood, Sasha did not want to be the other half heard him in such a state that he left as calmly as possible. Sasha sent a letter to the sun, where he wrote that has never drained a man and want to experience a Slavik, yet many times he apologized for what can not call. Response to the letter was not. Slavik morning Sasha called home, but he had already left.
Began two days of flour. Sasha was waiting for a call a loved one, but he did not call. Calls to cell failed. Sasha sent a message to a pager. But still. Throughout the day Sasha distract himself up on household chores, or travel to the institute, he was session, although initial tests he passed the gun. He lived on the phone, including music, recently copied nice to him on the screw, Sasha opened a file photo Slavik and stupidly sat at a computer ..., nervously stroking his lover's image, at this time, this has never happened with Sasha, his eyes stream tears rolled. He fell on the keyboard, and burst into tears ... "Not really, he no longer loves me, I did not ... I did and have never been so loved. For what?". Not understanding or anything, he just looked at the screen and wept. He was very bad. It's time to visit Slavik, who has not called for two days, Sasha did not know what to think and what to do ...
23 hours and stood in front of the eyes of Sasha. Well, when when they come. Sasha seemed that the longer he looked at the clock, the slower they go. But, the long-awaited minute hand reached twelve. Sasha waited a few seconds, not knowing why, but waited. He picked up the phone and dialed the number of a loved one. And then all the sadness, the pain washed away by a huge wave, a wave of feeling and love, which is like a tsunami has arisen due to the small words from the other end of the wire ... "Hello!". Sasha seemed turned, twirled and again lowered to the ground. Sasha phoned in the moment when Slavik only went into the apartment. They are very cute and lovingly talked Sasha mood in exponentially improved. "He loves me!" - Sasha repeated to himself. This idea, sweeping his mind suddenly and deeply captured Sasha. He did not think about anything, except ... love her and love Slavik. He has never been a good and light, as if the huge storm clouds in his mind parted and the sun shone bright, illuminating rainbows of love .....

Private sex achievement

It happened ten years ago, when I graduated from high school, went to college safely and went to the capital to study. In order not to live in a dorm, my father bought me a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the benefit funds allowed.
Nearby lived a family with two children, but it's not about them. The main character of my story was a neighbor who lived directly beneath me. It was Dzyadok, age seventy, who constantly smoked on-site between the two floors. I returned in the evening with a spree that my classmates staged in honor of the first month of study. They drank in a hostel, and much, very much for my growing body .... Going up the stairs, I tried to sleep on the road, and probably would have turned out not meet me Misha. Dialogue of our I do not remember, he helped me to open the door, held into the room and began to help revealing. Shoes, shirts, pants. I began to pull the pants - I can not stand to sleep in at least some clothes and fell on the bed, I felt like someone pulls socks, then stroked my leg, rising higher then on the ass ...
Then I fell asleep ... I woke up the next morning - it was a Friday, was sostoyanitse - dreary, went to the shower, the water barely flowed, the mood was completely spoiled, lectures did not want to go. Gently having washed, I went into the room, saw the scattered clothes and then remembered all. The fact that he could, and most importantly, pats on the ass. The chest ache, the feeling that a man as touching me, and that he was for so many years, made me reconsider plans for that day. I decided to come back to it! Thus, the first excuse - to call the headman about my absence, the phone I did not, and if Uncle Misha hear that I stay at home, and even though one may ponder? Then - look! My girls a week's birthday and I bought her a beautiful komplektik- nothing frilly white cotton top and white thong by "Triumph". So ... the topic - it's her bust, but the string is quite amiss. I looked in the mirror - it is beautiful, bike shorts and a white T-shirt, fishnet. Erotic! Let's go to!
I rang the doorbell, I opened Uncle Misha smiled, I just rattled about the call, he asked?
- Yes, call me, and what did not go to college?
- Yesterday went through, Uncle Misha.
- Yeah, I remember, I remember - he laughed.
I sat down at the phone and explained that I would not be today, I say, I will sit at home, move away.
- So what are you, going to suffer? - Uncle Misha looked at me.
- This should be treated like that! - He said, raising his finger to the top.
- And I do not have anything like that ...
- So I'm going!
- And the company will amount to?
- And how!
- Well then, I'll try to take a shower and I'll be home, go, - I said, and went upstairs. To my mind worked, he looked at me!
I had an experience of sex with a man, but they were my peers, and clumsy blow is hardly a worthy experience. And in such a situation, the desire was simply unbearable! Seduce the 70-year-old man! Although, someone who seduced ...
It is necessary to prepare a snack, but it is after a shower. I came out with a towel, and then Misha rang the doorbell. I opened...
- You're not ready yet?
- It depends on what - and I'm just in a fucking smile.
- Oh oh oh. Youth ... - I realized that the replay.
The heat has already started, Uncle Misha went into the room, poporobovat sit on the bed, on which lay a T-shirt, shorts and already my thong.
- Collect armor, and what kind of underwear you have, it is convenient to them?
- So after hot ...
- A natresh not think of anything? - He winked.
- Yes, as long as it was not - I pretended to go to these every day.
- And yesterday was the other - he smiled wider.
- I do not remember, I remember how you took me by the arm in the stairwell - I lied.
- So success holiday, well dressed and carry a snack.
I went on a risky step - taking a thong, turned his back and threw a towel, then began to dress them, shook his hips to wear poosnovatelnee and when he turned to take the shorts with a T-shirt, he saw a greasy look, directed to me from the waist down. The heart just jumped out of my chest, and when he looked up at me and I blushed to the roots of the hair.
- Do not be embarrassed you so. A beautiful young body, which can not see?
I mumbled something, frantically got dressed and ran to the kitchen. What is it with me? Well I like this? Probably just began to play. But imagine what would happen - and I became absolutely unbearable.
I sat down on the bed, we drank the first, walking with difficulty, I coughed, Misha tapped me on the back, helped. And as if accidentally left his hand on my waist, priobnimaya waist. Apparently, the vodka was launched, and I felt only lekgost, there was recently a stupor.
- Uncle Misha, let's, I'll show you a photo album?
- Bring, then really, I stood up, his hand slipped on the buttocks, as if stroking them - I do poravilos, and I smiled at him again. Taking the album, I sat down, he returned demonstranivno arm into place gently squeezing thigh. We had another one, then another, looking at our photos, and then come down to the frame, where my friends and I were fooling around in the bath. There was a shot where I "hello to friend" taking each other's members.
- And with me you do not want so say hello ?, - asked Uncle Misha, and he rose, pulled off his sweat pants with shorts. I looked at his penis, which was in front of me. He was relaxed and small, like mine, but the thickness! It seemed that it was just a short stump of a stick of salami, somehow topped with a large burgundy head. He took my hand and placed it on his penis, he was hot and delicious groin. Putting his hands on my shoulders, he pulled me to face him and pointed a penis in my mouth. I, his mouth wide open and took the whole thing began to suck, he pressed my head to the perineum, and I felt that the member raised. I risked suffocation, and Uncle Misha let me caress only head. After a few seconds he stood in all its glory - a long 17 centimeters, diameter Satow - all 7!
To be continued....

In Moscow

I will not tell all the details insidious situations, which happened to me once in Moscow, but the result was not just sad for me, but also terrible. I stood in the center of the capital - a strange and distant from my small country town - with twenty-two rubles in his pocket, chewing gum, cigarette lighter, a pack of cigarettes, as well as a sports bag, which was lying in a change of clothes. I have not had any food or species for the night, no ticket in his pocket. Yes, and go home was no way - had polutoranedelnoy waiting for resolution of the case, for which, in fact, I arrived in Moscow.
Although drops close friends I have in this city was not to sell personal items from nothing. I bought for four rubles guide "Job End Salary"And sat down on a bench in the Chamberlain lane. It is urgent to do something, and certainly can not give in to frustration and desolation, giving me at that moment. The only saving thought: "JOB!". With podnevnoy payment, a place for the night.
Muscovites passed by foreigners. Smiling, according karnegianskoy science, fresh. If one of them and had the feeling of hunger, then quench it instantly with the help of hot dogs, shawarma, confectionery. A more thorough - in a variety of power supplies. Dressed all as the selection is refined, tasteful, but warm and comfortable. My simple sweater plus seven centigrade clearly not kept. I sat and squinted hunted envied every passer-by. Carefree smoked and Twitter on the same bench girl of seventeen just sarcastically strolled about impotency. Seeing a pack in my hand blue "Dukat" one of the girls, as if to confirm his words, nodded in my direction girlfriend, built up on a pretty neat little face mocking grimace. Their cigarettes I saw for the first time, but because I know the names could not.
The second girl smiled, busily rummaged in her bag, fished out an opened pack "Winston" and handed it to me: "On! - She looked at me expectantly. It is white-toothed, smiling benevolently. - I still do not smoke these."
Take it from the pack is the revelation of humiliation, which she wanted to get on me. I probably blushed, but ... take a pack. I overcame my dignity. The ten millionth Moscow I see girls in the first and last time, and left without a cigarette I could in the evening. The second girl satisfaction blinked and looked away, and the first demonstratively threw his cigarette butt next to me. So close, that he fell to the pavement, bounced, and landed on my shoes. "It also grab"- Accompanied this event the word girl. Cigarette butt to boot, I blushed even more, removed, and the girl got up from the bench and left.
The biggest challenge for the provincial capital in search of work - Moscow, or at least outside Moscow registration. Scrolling through a thick reference book I have found only two real classes - work at a construction site and a traveling salesman. In the first case, free meals and accommodation. No money nalom I would, for the week and a half, of course, and did not see. Most likely - 12-hour day. Option somewhat appropriate. I even went one ad. Foreman-Caucasian, glancing scornfully at my non-working appearance, scornfully: "No vacancy, come next month". On my protests: "But what about the ads?"Reluctantly answered "have all gained", I turned around, and went off somewhere for trailers.
Salesman work I theoretically imagined. How many normal people had for her frank disgust. I did not know how to cheat, to intervene in the lives of others, did not like to intrude. However, other options were not.
I chose a job where, among other things stated about the provision of housing, registration, travel and (about super!) Free meals. Not even scared that in clarifying the scope of the cap "Foreign cosmetics company". In cosmetics, I did not understand, but terribly hungry.
In the interview I came to have a close, with seven rubles in his pocket, and corroded by hunger, cold and frozen fatigue trampled pride.
Completed questionnaire (fingers did not want to defrost), went to a small, cozy room. Reason has already started to lose soundness in my head furiously pounded one single thought: "Just to get that!". In this I was seen to get rid of all of life's misfortunes.
At the table sat a young woman of about thirty, in a business suit, clinging graceful forms. The interview turned into a frank account of my unfortunate share. The girl, who presented Veronica, nodding sympathetically. Apparently, I'm not the first individual who behaves in a similar way to an interview with her.
- I usually announce the results the next day - the beginning of an understanding tone Veronica - but you can reassure. Tomorrow, come to the training session at eight in the morning here at this location - she handed me a piece of paper with detailed circuit path to any office.
My eyes are probably happily shone: - Your ad states that you give your employees room and board ... - All right, but it is only for employees. Tomorrow we will try to resolve your issue. - You know, in my pocket seven rubles, I had nowhere to sleep, I'm starving! - I'm sorry. But today, unfortunately, I can not help you with anything. - Tomorrow I can catch a cold, get sick, their only soil all over clothes. I can not go to work. - From joy at the decision to work was gone. I looked at her imploringly, and she held a delicate pause. - Do not you have work that can be done right now? I agree on everything and at any price!
In the impenetrable face of Veronica, it seemed to me, show some interest. She was silent, looking straight at me. And then I made this, what with the right mind for what would not dare. I rounded the table, got up from the side of the girl, and ... fell to his knees! She looked down at me, and it seemed that something was thinking. Despite the inadequacy of my actions, I have not seen on Veronica's face fright, disgust or reflection of another similar feelings. It did not require me to climb. Just calmly he looked me in the eye.
- So it really all? - She asked, almost in a changed voice, with a hint of light playfulness. - Yes! - I was thinking. - There is one order that I can give you. - Veronica for five seconds stopped. - I do not know whether or not you can handle. But if you want so hard to earn, then it can try. The fact is - again a slight pause - that we in the toilet clogged toilet. The team, as you know, mostly women, to cope with the problem we can not do. We call a plumber the next day, but before the arrival of the specialist can not use the toilet. A requirement does not disappear. We are human beings too!
Well, work is also quite decent plumbing. It is quite human. Many experts of the profession on a daily basis clean other people's toilets. What have I done? More precisely, it is better?
When we got to the toilet, he was locked from the inside. - Fuck! Who! - Veronica's voice became imperious. Standing close to a few girls, they were about to go home, looked at each other cheerfully. - Yes Lenka stuck there. Belly grab her. - Does not she see that clogged the toilet? - Yes, she had seen it all. Just it was unbearable to her. And where there is still possible to take a shit?
From the bathroom came the girl with long legs encased in tight jeans. Veronica shook her fist joking. A girl ... gently patted her on the ass, and blissfully rolling his eyes with a Ukrainian accent sang: - Well, Veronica S.! But my ass now so good, so good! You're not going to beat her for it. - It does not exist, you indeed! - Veronica laughing namahnulas, Lenka girl screamed and ran away. Another gesture, I was invited to the Watery closet.
Closet was spacious enough, but the toilet was just one. The fill it three-quarters in the muddy brown water swam two large fresh shit. Veronica smiled, shook her head and turned to me: - Well, you have not changed your mind?
I was terribly ashamed. I imagined how I would pick someone else's shit today ... The toilet is firmly kept a thick smell of fresh dung. I looked in the toilet, Veronica, Lena and ... excited Visitor at the door. Probably, shook his body gave the wrong response. But the idea that I would clean shit Now this pretty girl excited me terribly.
- And it is the young man will do now? - Grimacing, Lena asked. - Clean your shit! - Cheerfully replied Veronica. - A young man plumber.
From the hallway there was a rapid burst of laughter.
- Oh, I feel so uncomfortable ... - Lena color playing a prank. - I knew I would be, then would not crap ... so much. But you, young man, do not be alarmed. I ate today, only high-quality, environmentally friendly products. - The new burst of laughter. Lena did not shy delicacy of the situation. The rest of it is just fun.
- Do you have any tools? - Only I could say.
Tools of the girls, of course, was not there. All together we thought, than they can be replaced, various suggestions. The most ingenious in the public eye look: "And you might not, young man, first to dive in there and see what all the same hammered pass?". During the discussion of all the girls who were in the office, ran to watch the spectacle. Veronica chase nobody even thought.
As a result, the means at hand a piece of cardboard was chosen rolled tube. I rolled up his sleeve sweaters, looked around. All the girls stood and looked at me breathless. Meanwhile, Veronica told the ladies' society surrounding my story. Like, our guest from distant lands. Cold and hunger forced him to take up any, even the most unpresentable work. On the part of Veronica it was, of course, a betrayal. But I did expect something else?
I plunged his hand into the bowl under the general applause. Cardboard quickly soak, and the toilet did not want to clean. One of the girls in an unbuttoned leather coat and amazingly short skirt stated that out of pity for the difficulties of the proletariat, it is now let the tears. And to somehow ease the bleak labor class days she wants to further his zastimulirovat. And thrown into the toilet five-ruble coin.
This was formless mockery. And maybe that's why many of the idea came to mind. Many girls reached into her pocket and began to throw coins in the water. I do not stay aside and Veronica, run back a handful.
- Do not waste time, Mr. Plumber! - she exclaimed. - When you clean the toilet coins can slip away.
I froze for a few seconds, desperately trying to decide what to do. I stopped at the thought that the worst will be gone. He went to the sink and washed his hands. Then he pulled over the head jumper, shirt, put on standing next to a sports bag. Then he climbed hand in the toilet and began to shovel out the coins. Kakashki Lena fought on my elbow. When I bent, the distance between the face and shit was reduced to ten centimeters.
One of the girls, brunette with short hair in black pants flared said: - Oh, I would know in advance about this show, would pokakala with Lenka. Lenka, you're lucky! I shit from the heart, and the guy your shit almost kisses. I do not know what to do with resentment ... think of!
With this cry the girl came up to me on the side. Turned around his back, he bent down so that her ass touched my face and farted appetizing. Yes. Now I have it without any hesitation seemed appetizing. All my shame was somewhere, I liked humiliation.
- Katia is not a shame - with Veronica Delaney rigor scolded the girl. - But ... Come on, plumber, turn around! - Veronica stood behind me as well as for half a minute before Kate. - Smell!
To comply with the order I need a little bit to go back. That is, take the initiative. And I did it under the general approval. He pressed his nose to the seductive ass my interviewer. Patiently waiting for five seconds, I got a new batch of flavor. Girl in a long coat, the first to throw a coin, this time kicked my ass. The kick would have turned out to be painless, if not for the sharp tip of his boot - And thank the owner ?! - Thank you, Veronica S.! - That's right! - Girl in cloak (on a conversation between a girl I knew her name - Oksana) gestured to the washbasin. - Washed hand, quick!
I immediately pulled his hand out of the toilet (and until recently it was right there) and ran to the sink and washed his hands. The second gesture Oksana pointed to the toilet space directly in front of the girl:
- On knees!
I carried out the order, being on his knees in front of the delightful legs Oksana. From this place I could look under her skirt and see that instead of stockings put on her stockings. But this is my review was not limited. Oksana lifted her skirt in front, pushed to one side white panties. And pointed a finger at her pussy.
- I understand what to do?
I pressed my lips to her vagina and began licking greedily. How could I see the corner of his eye, many girls began to stroke himself between her legs.
- Oksana, do not be selfish! - I heard somewhere from behind the voice. - We also want popolzovatsja.
Discussion has begun, which had decided that I should kiss her pussy all the girls that are here. Regardless, she wants to substitute its own charm me naked or through clothing. To this it was more like a game, count - fourteen girls (!). I was blindfolded some cloth and declared that I should lick or kiss every girl there. While I did not do it last, the game is over. Replays are not considered. With each new girl kissing number will be announced aloud. Last girl receives a prize - it can pee in my mouth. My opinion, of course, no one asked. But I refused.
Do not ever played this game? Try play. Impressions is the new weight. At least, on the part of Man. The eighth girl seemed to me that I have kissed and perelizal all for two laps. At the eleventh we started to run out of power. And not in the language, but at the knees. Catching another girl mouth I "smarm" to her crotch, that only give a break numb feet. Most of the girls bared their pussies, although there were those who did not part with the clothes. The latter became a Kazakh girl named Alia ...
Before Moscow Queen of the steppes had to make his unusual action, I fell exhausted to the floor. Veronica slapped his palm down her cheeks, and asked: - He's alive? - D..da ... - I breathed.
Veronica took a purse from two squadron of paper, tucked them ... in my pocket and asked those present:
- Lady! Who among you can shelter our friend for the night? With feeding?
Wanting to just a few. We decided that today I zanochuyu Katya. It takes a separate apartment on the same subway station.
Meanwhile, Alia had already removed her pantyhose and panties (during the competition she did not remove them). She got on top so that both her legs were on either side of my head, and the girl was sent back to my feet. She caught my eye from above and slowly squatted down. Her pussy fell right on my mouth: - Open. I obeyed. After a few seconds poured a golden stream. The taste was not Shocking, but urine Alia me intoxicated. Perhaps, as a first kiss. With great difficulty, I managed to swallow a liquid without residue. Do you ever drink ever lying? No matter what. If yes, then you will understand me. The main difficulty when ingested nectar Asian beauty was not what I drank urine, and that man is adapted to absorb a liquid while in the upright position.
Clogged toilet I cleared his hand, coins collected and washed (63 rubles), and the night I spent with Katie. Sleep, however, almost failed. But I fully quench the appetite. Including sex. In total, the disaster has passed. And the means of what I have been able to avoid it, I do not regret.

Night adventure

Simba was walking slowly along the familiar path, he walked on her cub. He has always enjoyed a walk along this path, not paying attention to how long he left Pride. He walked this same path, when his father told him stories of great kings of the past. But those days are gone forever. Now Simba was the king, and the fault of his uncle Scar, his father was now one of the Great Kings. Scar same could not be there. Simba was sure that he went to hell. As he told his mother, angry lions get there when they die, and Simba did not doubt it.
With regard to this, the pride flourished. Life was so beautiful that Simba could go one night and do what he wanted. Everyone in the pride was completely satisfied. Things were going so well that the Simba decided to go alone to the next hunt. He surprised himself by catching and killing small gazelle without the support of Pride. He was lucky, and he knew it, but the other lioness allowed him to believe it. They attacked from the other side, killing nearly adult zebra that could probably feed the pride for a few days. Now a quiet hour. It's time to talk with each other, cubs, and nature.
A few days ago Zazu reported a problem on ivory cemetery among several packs of hyenas. Obviously, as a result, nearly one-third of them went even further away from the pride, perhaps never to return. Simba decided to throw this thought out of my head - it can wait. In the end, it was his night. He continued to go forward, kicking the stones with their feet until the road is not put her into the bushes, Simba did not notice anything.
He stopped on the track, sniffing the air. He immediately returned to reality. Basic instinct in him made itself felt. He opened his mouth slightly, baring his teeth. He again began to move forward, controlled by an invisible hand, to a place a little away from the path.
Tall grass here was broken and weighed down to the ground in many places. It looked as if the very big animal rolled here, but the flavor is said that it was a lioness in heat, not an elephant or a rhinoceros.
Although the smell was strange for Simba. It's not exactly like a lioness in heat, rather it is only ready to mate. After a few more seconds of study he realized that there were two flavors - two lionesses.
"What the... ?!?!?!". The smell was there for several days, but it was undoubtedly his mother Sarabi and Nala's mother Sarafina. What exactly are they doing together, Simba could not immediately identify. Upon further investigation, he had to wonder whether his initial assumption is true. Sarafina and Sarabi love doing here !? His mother and his mother lioness ?! He shook his head and laughed ... "Can not be!"
Departing from "seats"Simba lay down under an acacia tree near the tracks on which he was walking, not too far from "seats" Sarafina and Sarabi. He often slept there. Shade, privacy, and what this place was about pride (but not too close) made it convenient for relaxing during the day, but at night it was also the perfect place, because he could hear everything, and no one could disturb him. He rolled onto his back, staring at the leafy canopy over his head. After he pulled his hind legs, the tension left his muscles, revealing the most intimate part of his of his body. He sighed softly, enjoying the feeling of freedom. He enjoyed it so much that he fell asleep and totally relaxed.

- - - - --

"Heck! " Timon was visibly upset by the fact that he had missed one of the favorite larvae. He leaned his paws on the edge of a log, trying to see anything. Timon is not very fond of beetles, they were pretty fast, but today, it is intended to quickly satisfy their hunger. Unfortunately for him, today his food was faster than usual. Pumbaa was asleep, but Timon felt that he had enough time to be more assertive. But it's not luck, it was so slow that I could not catch any good beetle, he was ready to agree to something finer. He continued to look through the crack in the beam, making sure that the bug was not going to go out for dinner. Timon has decided to throw a log.
Slowly he groped in the hands of the grass in search of food, hoping for a random extraction under a rock or hole scorpion. Gradually moving on by Pumbaa sleeping, he finally found what he was looking for. Slowly, he picked up a stone, watching with pleasure as he tried to escape dinner. Happy Timon plopped to the ground and began to eat his dinner appetite.
A few minutes later, a well-fed and a bit sleepy, Timon went off in search of adventure. Boredom and laziness became characteristic for all members of the pride tonight, but he was not going to follow suit. Simba began to toss and turn in my sleep, and Timon noticed him. Until he heard snatches of words.
"Devil??" - Trying to understand the meaning of words, Timon Simba continued to watch, lying on his back under the acacia tree. Coming closer, he noticed that Simba is probably slept a dead sleep, which was not unusual in itself. Timon Simba walked around the body, to see if his friend was injured. Looking between his legs, Timon saw pink member Simba, ready for battle.
Timon Simba walked around the body several times, cursing at the same time ... " ... Those damn lioness, who never cared about my buddy ... " Simba told him that the king can mate with the lionesses are many times when they need it or just want to have fun. Although it continued to insist Timon, Simba to be more active in sexual affairs ... "... Because you - the king!"

Timon carefully climbed to the top of his chest and gently rolled to his crotch. He was returning to the days when Simba just appeared in the jungle. When Timon and Pumbaa Simba offered to eat in a new way, and they did not expect the effect might have bugs in the body of Simba. Some of them worked as a powerful aphrodisiac to the young lvnke, Timon and turned just in time to help him, when for the first time Simba came across this little "surprise". He took "the situation" in their hands, while continuing to caress his growing cock. Timon Simba brought to new heights, using his mouth, he made a small lion cum three times in a row without stopping. Simba could not resist making involuntary movements backwards and forcing his cock deeper into her mouth Timon. After Simba experienced for a long time could not recover. He continued to lie on the grass, enjoying the feeling of a triple orgasm swept through his body.
Now Simba was much older (and more), but they still occasionally indulged in their amusements. They played together away from the pride of lionesses; none of them wanted to know about their games other lionesses. Timon touched the already hard cock Simba their paw, showing Simba that he wanted to play their old game. Simba clearly did not mind. I moan escaped from his throat. But Timon did not want to wake him. Sucking Lion member - that's one thing, and another - to suck a member of a lion when he does not know about it. It's even more exciting to Timon. And he decided to try something new.
Timon gently circled around Simba's cock. Beating him several times, he stopped and grabbed his legs, setting the head just at the head of his penis. He hugged the warm flesh, inhaling the spicy musk fragrance, starts to come out from the Simba. Capturing sheathed cock Simba, Timon began to move his body on cock Simba, arousing the lion ... which is still happily sleeping. It was much harder to do it now, when Simba was more than ten times more than he did, but despite this, Timon continued his extraordinary kindness.
Hearing the groans from the other side of a lion, Timon turned, still continuing Simba massaging member. Lion head turned slightly and his mouth slightly open. His front paws gently twitching, while the lion's smile appeared on his face. Simba was still asleep, so Timon went back to the lion cock in his hand, smiling to himself.
The whole belly Timon gets wet from the lubricant seeping from the lion's cock. He went even lower on the penis Simba, his chin caught between massive balls of Simba, the rest of his body stretched out on the phallus excited Simba. He gently stroked her dignity Simba's body, savoring the feeling of a member of the Simba bone, caressed his own fur.
Timon quickly excited by what is happening. He loved to give pleasure to others, feeling very excited by the pleasure experienced by his partner. While Simba remained a teenager, he was one of the most sexually attractive partners Timon, which he had ever met in my life, and the long hours they spent together, cemented their friendship. Lions are able to reach orgasm several times in a short period of time (during this period Timon sucking cock Simba, without stopping). Timon spent a lot of time with his new friend before Simba is realized.
Hind feet Simba trembling, twitching sometimes sharply, removing tension. Timon did not notice it; He was too busy stroking his own cock against Simba's anus. Lion Rod gave a lot of grease, flooding his groin, and a small cave under the tail lion Simba. Liquid absorbed into fur Timon, allowing it to easily penetrate into the anus of Simba, with only slight resistance, which only adds to the acuteness of the moment. Small meerkat gasped as he thrust his cock deeper into the bosom of Simba. Sensing the approach of orgasm, he began to push harder and deeper. One powerful thrust he buried himself inside the lion. At the same time he continued to caress the legs unconsciously strongly excited cock Simba.
As the mist, Timon heard that Simba let out a long drawn growl. Timon cringed, expecting an attack Simba, Simba's cock hugging hands, continuing to move his phallus far into the depths of the lion's body. At the same moment Simba exploded, splashing his semen on fur Timon.
A few seconds later, Simba's sperm flow slowed. He shot almost everything I could at one time, but the sperm still continued to trickle from the head of his penis. Timon some time continued to caress the lion head of the phallus, watching weaker bursts lion semen. Finally, when Simba could not give him more than anything, he plopped down in a white puddle that had formed on his stomach Simba, exhausted from his own orgasm. Timon continued to caress his own cock. While Simba fought so hard in a paroxysm of passion, he did not even notice that he was still not finished. Tension inside his penis again began to increase.
Timon lowered his hand in a puddle in which he sat, and brought his sperm to his nose. He studied his fingers, watching them weak tremors. Familiar feeling seized him, and he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them immediately one after the other, savoring the tangy taste. Then he again put his hand down, scooping up this time a lot more sperm lion, Timon again licked it. Lapa meerkat again reached for the sticky body of water, but this time, the goal was his own cock. Timon had almost forgotten that he was still sitting on Simba's belly, he wrapped his fingers around his own throbbing rod. Began dawn light slid over Simba's cock like a pen, making him shudder with pleasure.
Simba slowly began to wake up. He felt a strange pressure on his stomach, and the wet sticky feeling in his crotch fluffy. His mind slowly returned to him, and he was able to note that the pressure of moving. In the beginning, he opened his eyes and raised his head, after he realized what was happening before his eyes, barely smiled. There, on his stomach, literally swimming in a pool of his sperm, Timon sat and masturbated quietly, without paying any attention to that.
Timon groaned loudly, his whole body shook with his movements. He had already felt an orgasm approaching again. Suddenly he lost his balance, perekuvyrknulsya over his head and fell to the ground. A cry of fright, he abruptly opened his eyes, just at the moment when it rolled belly Simba. Timon with a thud hit the ground. All that he could see was a huge paw, going down from the top and pressing him to the ground. He fought desperately, not knowing what was going on it the next moment his hands were fastened over his head. Flash caught him by surprise. Rough language Simba went through his body, causing a surge of pleasure. Rough, scratchy nose touched his burning member excited, urging Timon, the long-awaited orgasm finally come soon.
Simba felt that Timon had finished on his tongue and was surprised that he was able to do it so quickly. Licking his salty sperm Simba Timon continued to lick the body, forcing the poor meerkat helpless groan under Simba's paw, captivated him. After a minute or so, his orgasm finally began to subside. Small tremors continued to go through his little body, while Simba gently lifted his paw, looking down.
Timon slowly raised his head. He almost fainted from the explosion of unprecedented power, he was able only to look at Simba, standing side by side and struggling to cope with a laugh. Timon again dropped his head on the ground, trying to catch his breath.
"I know that it could be made easier when you were younger, " - He had to say between breaths, closing her eyes.
"True!? " Simba smiled. "I have not even been able to practice, because you almost lower than my tongue.
"Stop joking. I'm not so small! " Timon turned and stood unsteadily on legs. "In addition, it seems that you yourself wanted it badly enough!"
Simba looked into the distance, smiling. He could not remember something of what he wanted, but it was fine. He did not know
as Timon action touched his dream, though - when meerkats playing with him while he slept, his dreams changed direction sharply. Just thinking about it made Simba again excited. Simba, Timon looked at in order to see his reaction to the sudden "readiness".
Simba smiled his naive expression. While Timon and Simba knew for a long time, but he was still able to surprise him sometimes. "Well, I am ready to continue. And how are you ...))" - Simba said this, leaning down to exhaustion meerkats, a smile was on his face, and there was no attempt to hide his teeth.

- Now that I'm ready again, we can play a more "hard".

Timon looked at him like he was crazy. "Are you in truth from the mind descended? Heck!!!! Sexually-shifted lions ..."- Saying this, he approached Simba behind. Simba growled when Timon, grabbed him by the tail and pulled it back. "What is your whether the longest record? Three days in a row? " Timon said while making his way through his mane to his head. Having achieved this, he sat down between the ears ... Simba.
"Four. The last time, when Nala began estrus, I fucked her for four days ... day and night without a break !!!"

"It is a miracle of nature!" - Timon said this, lying down between the ears Simba. He looked at his own cock, which is now almost completely disappeared into his scabbard. "I'm sorry, I do not have such stamina and strength ... "
Simba just laughed as he started to go home. "It seems that Timon really stuck with me."

White night

13 years ... Child esche.Golova hammered unknown chem.Letom I went to the mother for a couple of days in Slavyanogorsk.Tam-all and proizoshlo.Dozhdavshis, while the mother was asleep, I got out of the housing recreation and went to diskoteku.Tam, in complete solitude, I drank the most swinish way and went tantsevat.Natantsevavshis the eyeballs, I went to the bar and took the bottle piva.Vot when I noticed ee.Ona sat alone at the bar and looked at menya.Ona was beautiful and, apparently over menya.Koroche saying it without saying a word just came up to me and kissed me guby.Ya simply stunned! dance, drink, come off, and tut- on you! All the same without saying a word, she took my hand and caused. We went on ulitsu.V my head was a horrible roar from vypitogo.Kuda we go? 'I asked ya.prosto go for it mnoy.-said, not letting go of my hand and somehow mysteriously smiling.
To tell you the honor, the thoughts in my head spinning are not the most intimnye.Manyaki, killing perverts vsyakie.No I could not think clearly because of intoxication, and just went for it. So it has got me pretty far, and suddenly ostanovilas.Dalshe that? -proneslos In my head. dalshe as she took off her sundress and appeared in front of me than my mother rodila.Opustivshis on the grass she beckoned me paltsem.Ya somehow instantly sobered up and realized all without a word, began to pull off his clothes. She was a very beautiful telo.Nebolshaya, firm breasts, the nipples dark, velvety skin ...... Before such a body would not hold any normal man orientatsii.Tem more than 13-year-old boy.
Although my sexual knowledge were limited to kissing in the entrance, watching porn and similar info, I knew what to do. More precisely, it all happened like something in itself. I went down on her and began to kiss her lips, neck, shoulders. My hands slid down her body, feeling every centimeter of her skin. I started licking her breasts, nipples, standing upright, then I went down below and began to caress his lips and his tongue her vulva and clitoris. She began to moan. I liked the feel of it in his hands writhing in pleasure body, listen to it ston.Ya licked droplets of moisture from her hips, my tongue got into it and it gets us more bolshe.Togda I am no longer able to contain himself, went into it, she responded to my movement almost bestial roar and began to move me navstrechu.Ona launched nails into my back, and although it sounds mahohistski, but I damn much! it's hard to describe what I was ispytyval.Skazhu only that we visited all conceivable poses and doing it to the rassveta.Potom when we lay side by side on the grass, I looked at my watch and loudly chertyhnulsya.Bylo 6.30 utra.My dressed and went obratno.Kogda we needed to go in different directions, she kissed me and asked how much I let.Poluchiv answer, she looked at me and told me his vozrast.E-my! she was 20 years.We again kissed and razoshlis.Ya was so impressed with everything that happened, that even forgot to ask her name. The next day we went with his mother all the way domoy.Ona suspiciously looked at me, trying to clearly understand the reason for my good mood and so serene and happy smiles, which flaunted in my face. So all this and sluchilos.A I did not even know her imenya.Na memory was only a shallow scar on her back, her nails left ........

Evening threesome. h 2. In the bathroom

Interestingly always see a woman on the second day after the close, especially when the two of us, and for her it's the first time ... when the champagne, flowers, we tumble into the next night ... and see that pleased ... when so much tenderness in his eyes, in words, manners, clothes, and even as we kissed at the door, clinging to both, as does the one who can and wants to love ... turns substituting us such beautiful lips ... so greedily so passionately, pressing her whole body and embracing both at once ... when four strong men and strong hands pressed so ... and the tongue penetrates from rotika in her mouth ... and the second at this time straightening her hair as gently caresses the neck .. .smutili, embarrassed ... and I have got it right ... and they themselves instantly stiffened bottom, hardened felt ... because when ducked and tried to command that the three of us waiting for a festive table.
Clever girl ... beautiful tableware, candles, dim, quiet music ... you can even allow us to command ... until ... until we tell how the whole day after a night with you, flying as if on wings and all ... thought about how lovely you are ... how you know how to caress, and given us so start, when he involuntarily raised again and again ... and not saying a word, both taken in hand by itself palm and lay down between her legs ...
Can you imagine, and so the whole day ... one has only to remember how you took it yesterday his mouth and he was part of the vagina, in the ass, caressed your nipples, and then between the thighs and the bottom edge of his lips ... you're so passionate stroked them over light trousers, down to the two of us to his knees ... you know it's nice to see such a beautiful woman as she falls to her knees in front of you? and so holds palm with us down there, checking and feeling like he wants ... and how nice to see iskrinki in such large and expressive eyes, which read all ...
No, we do now for another ... you want to wash in the bathroom men returning from work? each in turn, or go together? and you're really adorable ... love to take bath? without light in the dark? with two men at once? ah, I do not ever tried it? when you were four male hands stripped literally two seconds ... and hands in hot, fill halfway with water in the bathroom we have added foam to smell the roses ... when four strong men's hands begin in total darkness wash you, your only feeling body ... so close, luxurious and desirable ... when you want your hands to lather completely all without missing a centimeter.
As you can already understand where you whose hand washes, caresses ... and head and neck, and chest, slanting beneath our hands back, belly and between the thighs of these gentle kolenochki up, and two hard dick already abut with two side by side in you ... caress, caressed them both baby ... like they grabbed and squeezed, showing on each die ... because you like it when the two of them do you have? such powerful and want your affection?
And now the two of you pussy ... Have you ever felt the hands of just two men are there for themselves? when they put one of your foot on the edge of the tub, so gently lather on top kolenochki? first in the hips, rising higher and higher ... and now together, interfering with each other, your luxury girl? when the fingers of two hands pushing pussy lips wider ... and wash, lather all of you: and at the entrance to the vagina and perineum ... ... feeling the way you move to the beat faster, unable to hold back a moan ... when the fingers of men lather while the clitoris, vagina and anus ... a star when forced to bend, bend, bend, stretch your hands on the wall and to substitute, substitute their powerful little rough palms are inviting their holes for them.
And after that, you to your knees ... and in the dark to get washed at the same time two of them being so tightly targeted fashion at both the top ... you right in the mouth ... ... just two palms on two hot and solid trunks, in which has laid bare the head ... they solidified the testicles and perineum between the inflated legs ... when both trigger your hair in his hand and without saying a word tilt your face to its members, which are next to each other ... you did ever blowjob two of them at once ... in the dark ... not seeing, and just feeling both wild to you in the mouth ... when you turn on the mouth and palm ... so quickly and greedily, one after another ... and now bringing together both the head and in the mouth as they both can only take them ... so that both groaned, and become stronger ... harder you try to push them ...
Now get baby ... and lean your hands on the edge of the bath ... in one take in her mouth and the other will go to you from behind ... and again without saying a word to hold bare head on the lips at the bottom and the top ... and now at the same time enter ... feeling like cloudy in the eyes when you moaned and cried ... and grabbed their mouth and wet walls of the vagina and the small ... in which you to the very neck ... so dramatically and quickly ... like a piston on the eggs ... ... driving in and feeling like you to meet me are moving to the beat ... again and again ... such a nice girl ... two solid men start hammering ... ... again and again ... I am feeling that a member here now on the way ... and the muscles you have so compressed and so caressing my cock ... that I want to extend at least a moment ... when you gulp ... on both sides of the two crazed ... members have finished with you and together with you ... and flooded his hot cum two such holes ... and then raise, kiss, and proshepchut in your ear that you are matchless ...
And the night had only just begun ... amazing and beautiful for the three crazy and passionate hearts ...

(to be continued)

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