Our Pervan night

We met by chance, but maybe not. Probably because it has pleased fate. That evening I decided to cut off her hair. Become a brunette with a penalty, and were you want to go to the bar and see me. We had known before, but have not seen each other. And here, it's like an explosion. She was born a new universe, we saw each other. You're 37 years old, you are married and have two wonderful children. And I'm 25 years old, married the son grows. But neither you nor I are happily married. And here it is. You saw not only a friend, but the woman in me. Maybe then everything began to turn between us.
The end of April was rather warm and I went in the same costume, the benefit could afford it. You're sitting with friends about something said when I came in. It is a pity that you did not see myself in that moment. You fell out of reality like, and I'm with you. I saw not only a friend, but also a man. Apparently when I realized one hundred and we all will be. There is a passion to be sex. It will be something that will burn us down. And here again we meet people and talk again about something. But none of us could not remember what we talked about.
We looked at each other do not understand why we have been so long blind. But here is the evening and it's time to go home, but that is .... I see that you do not want to let me go, and I myself do not want to leave you. What to do? Quite simply we are going to walk around Moscow. Night. Boulevard Ring. Quiet. But I'm tired and you're tired. We know what the outcome of this night. But who of us decide to offer to leave. Dropped me.
-We can go to I. If you want it.
-I yes. And you?
- And I want ... then you go ....
And here we are in one room. One of. I was shaking with passion and excitement. I do not know you, but I want to. And I can not help it, you playfully slapped me on the ass is sent to the shower, and I am ready to bed. As I washed you pour me a martini, cognac and myself. Do you take me out of the shower with a towel gently wipe the droplets of water discharged into the bed, and promised to return soon. I drink martinis and listening to the rustling of water. And I understand that all mokrenkaya you have not done anything, and I CURRENT.
But here you go. Tanned, slender despite his age you are beautiful. You come to me and tenderly kiss. Oh yeah. It's fine. Your lips are soft and gentle, they are hot and passionate. Gradually, you go down with his lips to his chest. You play with my nipples, then tickle their language, then gently bite. Your hands glide over the body falling through the crack. Palchikov you caress the clitoris and I'm going crazy with passion. I pray you, "please ... do not make me wait," but you go on this sweet torture. Now to your language Palchikov added. Oh, how sweet ....
Tongue you have me, and your fingers go down lower and lower, and here they are already at the entrance to the ass. But I'm scared, I've never tried it. But you comfort me and say that you'll be gentle and careful. Your body is already swollen and just asks me. And my girl wants to take a finger dipped in the juice of my ass and gently kneads slips inside. Oh, yes, and at this point you enter into me .... But it is so sweet it's so nice. And unusual. But then you start to move all the energetic and vigorous. It swells. You stop to rest.
And I turn you down and gets on top. Now I control the strength and depth of penetration. You like it and you're entering the second finger. I was a tidal wave. I'm screaming and squirming, I struggle in the throes of orgasm. But you're still not finished, and I will offer you what you wanted. His ass. She's a virgin and without blemish. You turn me on the belly and you put a pillow. Your penis, it's so big for me, but you're not afraid to persuade and relax. That you put his head to the door, and she suddenly slipped easily into me.
Oh yeah. I'm beginning to like this, you are gentle and careful, but I feel that you can not hold back any longer ... you end. I think this is an eternity. But you went limp. Whisper sweet words in your ear ... .. without leaving me you turn me on drums. And sweet to fall asleep, and I'm behind you.
In the dream, he fell out of me. But in the morning he is again ready for feats. I accept him, gently at first tongue on the head. Then on the bridle, and finally I swallow it whole. It is hot and sweet. You whisper something in his sleep. Your hands glide over my body, gently kneaded his chest, caressing her nipples. And you wake up, you put your hands on my head and set the rhythm, it turns me on even more. It swells, it begins to pulsate and this jet pierces through me. I drink your nectar to the bottom and it is sweet as chocolate and exhilarating, like a cup of coffee. Are you awake. And what will happen next no one has yet znae


On a hot July morning, escorting his wife to work, he took to wash the dishes, and mechanically turned on the TV. To my surprise, he showed the snow in the middle of summer. Without thinking, he decided that all the fault of the neighbor boys, often "suggestive procedure" on the roof of the house. Capture tool, and went to the site. The door to the attic was open, strange, because keys are only neighbors on the floor, probably climbed yesterday and forgotten for-cover. On the roof of the summer it was raging full force, black finish and red-hot heat exuded. I went straight to the antenna, wanting to hurry off "hot skillet-ku". "Uncle Vasya, hello!" - I did not realize where it came the cry, but the voice was familiar to me. He certainly belonged to a seventeen year old neighbor Helen. He looked around and stood with his mouth open. Lenka lying on an old cot and shamelessly smiling, substituting the sun delightful zadik and fragile shoulders. I could not tell if she's really in the buff, or it is me imagining the heat. On the back I ran a cold sweat. "Oh, Lena, hello, you accept that air baths" - I tried to look impossible, hurled, but I guess it turned out bad. "Yes" - He speaks, "I want to tan in the log-le was even". Only then could see that delicious, elastic ass slams Tonen-kai rope heats. Lenka lifted and rolled onto his back. My eyes began to pre-charming breast, topped with dark cherries, their firmness and shape to make the heart beat faster and trousers began wiggling, my friend became a hearth-vat signs of life. Sport Pants treacherously swollen and to avoid smirks a little beast, he turned away and pretended to do the antenna. In a head at breakneck speed flying thoughts: she is younger than I am nineteen years old, I'm with her father last night drinking beer and we were almost friends, her mother, I like, and I secretly want her. But my daughter, it does not fit does not in any frame, it is necessary to leave until done anything stupid. Choosing words to continue the conversation, he asked over his shoulder, not afraid if burnt. Lenka Zaya Vila, that she has a special oil and pointedly start to rub his neck, then chest, gradually going down to the triangle panties. Her movements are more like a gentle stroking, hands fluttered like butterfly wings, covered with eyes said that she gets pleasure from it. Fascinated by the scene he could not take his eyes, flowing lines, rounded hips and bending his legs chained to her like a magnet. Satisfied produced effect, Lenka shamelessly asked to rub her back w-scrap. There was nowhere to retreat, bristled pants, so to hide my condition would be impossible lo, resolutely toward her, comforting themselves with the thought that it is always able to show ska "Stop". He sat down on the edge of the cot and gently touched the fragile shoulders. Bar Khatna skin like melted away beneath my hands. Movement of chained and uncertain in gradually turned into teasing and playing. Deciding to play along in her performance, not so much engaged in rubbing oils are trying to get the thrilling pleasure of touching the young, elastic body and has openly fondled him. Lena slowly began to purr, and I lowered my hands on the delicious ass and concentrated all his affection on the fingertips. Slide a piece of string, carefully massaging cleavage by ship-finger deeper and deeper. When touched a small dark hole, Lena moaned and arched her back arch filing zadik to meet my hand. Wanting to give her even more pleasure, gently pressed the bud, and tried to stick his finger. For Lena it acted, exciting, turning his head toward me, she grabbed me by the fief-reared nature right through the pants. Her eyes burned and his body emitted a wave of desire. "Fuck me" - Lena croaked, "Only I have a girl, so do me in the ass". Forgetting all remorse, frantically began to pull his pants. My fiery flesh wrapped around the little fingers, and play a little, heavily oiled tanning. Le at knelt, raised her ass and spread her legs. I threw one arm bleu-Do not use cleaning buttocks and led a rope heats, and the other sent his drill into a tight hole. To my surprise, much effort I did not have to make. Overcoming the resistance of the insignificant-ing, I broke into the world of pleasure. Judging by how easily I got there, Lena often resorted to this method of internal massage. Not wanting to over-sder alive myself, I hit her harder and harder. Lenka moaning began to grow into a scream, and I had to close her mouth. Tufts of our racing inexorably under-approximated us to the final. Loud zahripev, I sent a powerful jet of deep Lenkina non-core. She understood the reason for my wheeze filed ass back and planted on erupting rod to the limit.
When stiffly got home, and under the air conditioner hum contemplate pro came forth, feeling that I had seen on the roof of a mirage, never left me. Too Fanta-particle-everything looked. Much later I learned that love anal sex with Lenka-Vil her friend, and she wants to stay "virgin" before marriage. And the antenna that morning, she turned to me, says that I've always wanted to try the case.

Passions on the pot

Rugrats. parents would know what their children are in kindergarten, probably would have knocked their heart attack. So I decided to finally tell the little-known facts from my childhood. No one ever told me I did not, and now wanted. That was a long time ago. but these memories can not be erased and chastenkok protagonists of these events come to life before my eyes.
I was five years old. I was cute and naive little girl, and is no different from other babies. I sat at the table and draw a big red pencil dress in the chrysalis. Then I wanted to pee, and I ran to the bathroom. Before the door was Marinka and she missed me. The door opened inwards, and on the inside there was no handle, so someone on the outside helped to get out to those who were in the closet, and at the same time watching who comes: the girls would not let the boys, and the boys would not let the girls. At least, it should have been, and in my little head tmnenkuyu never entered the thought that in fact it was not so. I went into the toilet half black. Looking closer, I could see in the shadows of two girls. They were all red and sweaty. Tanyushka's eyes were closed. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out languidly. I panties were lowered, and between the legs girlfriend nestled Aygulka actively working tongue and tightly clutching Tanya to her for her buttocks. For a moment the girls broke away from his work and looked at me and then continued again.
I walked over to the hole in the toilet, lifted the skirt of her dress (I was at my favorite with a piglet) and pulled kolgotochki with panties. Here Tanya offered me:
- Do you want us to lick you?
I stopped everything inside, I am very much afraid. All of a sudden they do something with my pisey: stuck the tongue or finger. Of course, I refused. And they said:
- You also worse.
Here I was scared even more. All of a sudden, and I was forced to lick, and I did not want to.
I sat down and began to write. They were very close to me. At first I looked, it was very interesting. aygulki tongue slid back and forth, from the recording to the navel Tanyushka. Suddenly I saw that and they look at me. Aygulka same glances, and then he is taken back to lick. I felt terribly ashamed and became nauseated. I got up, got dressed and went to the door in a state of near shock.
Then, when you start to nap time, and the teacher left us, I saw Tanya and Aigul climb into a bed and through a thin bed sheet it was evident that they are in position 69. Once I innocently asked them:
- And what are you doing there so strange?
- The same as in the toilet ...
A lot of what I saw in kindergarten and many had not yet understood. I got everything I much later and generally learned what it was. But one of my most vivid memories is the following.
Once sunny days, I and my friend went swimming World. We are very interested in a big brown door.
- Light, what do you think, what is it?
- Let's take a look back, when there will be educators nearby.
At this point we decided to do.
The next day, during a walk, when to swing between an educator, we crept to the door. We were literally shaking with fear. Because they do not know that for her. Suddenly there is a man-maniac who zatiskaet us to death.
We opened the door and saw something that certainly did not expect.
From the room smelled stuffy air and some very strange, unfamiliar smell. Daughter Uncle Volodya (who worked in the d / s) standing, legs wide apart and moaning loud enough. Posmotrv below, I expected to see again, as it licks some nibu girl. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was a boy. Olya moaned and writhed all, it seems she was very nice. She wrapped her arms around his sisechki and caressed them very active.
I am very surprised at what he saw and looked at the light response. Perhaps not surprisingly little has been written on my face. Open your mouth wide open eyes ... ...
Then the boy stood up, unzipped his fly and pulled out a pod (as I then called it). It was quite large and dark.
And she eagerly pounced on him and started to lick, suck. He put his hands on her head and ran her movements. I looked and all wondered, and where did it disappear pod. We heard his groans and heavy breathing. We got scared that we're caught, we decided - enough. We closed the door and went to the site.
- And it had been that thing between your legs?
- It pisya it, 'I said knowingly.
- And the other boys did not like this with us?
- Yes, the other ...
That's what I sometimes remember kindergarten viewing photos. Interesting young days it was, and now some colorful memories and just another dark page of my past.

I Vovk and first sexual experience

I want to tell about his first and unforgettable night with a guy that I spent in his bed. How - that walking in a children's park, I met a classmate Vovka he was a year older than me, because it remained in the second year we played with them in the machines ride on the carousel and suddenly he proposed.
- And let's go to the bath's go?
He offered it to me.
At first I was confused not knowing what to say because I did not have towels and linen change. What I told him.
He replied that I had not experienced since the sheets and towels there will give us and I agreed.
We went there during the day and the people there almost was not. As he had promised sheet towel gave us there really surcharge. Quickly undressed and went into the steam room the first time I was in the steam room one in the sense of without a father. Vovk was sitting next to us talking about -That. I liked to look at him. Vovk pay tribute was bigger than me, his skin was dark.
And that's when we warmed up, then jumped out of the steam room, immediately dived into the pool. The water was not very cold, we swam a little fooling around and then we began to catch up with each other. Vovk was nimble me and I had a hard time catching up with him. We had a chance to indulge in, since at the time no one in the bath was not here when once again he caught up with me then strongly pressed my belly to the side. And I felt that the firm depended on my ass.
I tried to pull away, but Vova hugged me stronger when I tried to remove something that depended on me, and a hand took hold of the subject and realized with horror that hold in the hands of its members, I begged Vovka to it he let me say that let if I gave him his little poglazhu, I do not know why but he agreed. He pulled away from me a little bit so that I could turn to face him. I gently took his cock in hand and began to stroke him, but rather masturbate. But I'm scared that I like it.
His eyes were closed he liked how I gave him pleasure. But we were interrupted by voices coming from the locker room. Vova pulled away from me notice that we will continue a little later, I honestly was not even opposed. We got out of the pool and went to the shower, showered and began to dress. I saw Vova eagerly looking at me. We quietly got dressed and went out into the street.
- Come to my house. I now his mother on the night work and at home or who do not.
- Let's go to
I replied.
When we went to his house, he said that I was going into the room, and went to put the kettle on. Five minutes later, he called me into the kitchen to drink tea. While drinking tea, he asked, as if I could take time off for the night at my parents, I said that I would try and he gave me the phone.
- Call.
I called my mother and, under the pretext that there Vova game console, I persuaded her to let me go at night, in the morning I will promise as a bayonet home.
When put up the phone, I looked at Vovk. In his view, it reads something indescribable. Her eyes sparkled, he smiled as if he was given a gift. About which he had long dreamed of. You understand that from the kitchen, we moved into the room. Vova pulled from -That video cassette and inserted into the video recorder. At first I saw a porno, I was excited by what he saw immediately. On the screen, she took in her mouth huge dick.
- Maybe continue
I turned to Vovka, he was lying on the couch with his pants down, his penis was like a tin soldier, he beckoned me. And again, I do not know why he obeyed and sat down beside him and began to masturbate his penis.
- Maybe you try it?
I did not have to persuade.
I leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. He was hot and hard at the same time gentle. I'm looking at the screen, where the girl is manipulated by a member of the same man, I tried to repeat everything for her. I heard how Vova began to breathe faster and my mouth spurted hot, thick sperm surprise I swallowed it, not all, on the part of the member resulted in the pubis. I did not take out a member of his mouth I liked to suck. Many people write that they have this fact caused a gag reflex, I have the same desire to turnover was longer suck dick.
But Vova pushed me saying not to hurry.
He got up and went out somewhere, and I went into the bath to wash and rinse your mouth. When I returned to the room that I was in for a surprise on the couch lay nylon stockings, panties, bra, skirt and white blouse. Nearby stood Vovk.
- Put on all of this, please.
I took the clothes and went into the bath to change. I undressed completely and began to wear the outfit made Vovka. When stockings panties and skirt were dressed I have a problem with a bra, I do not how he could not fasten it. I had to call for help Vova, when he entered. I heard.
- Class, here's a girl!
From embarrassment my cheeks burned and beaten inside the pleasant shiver. I gave him a bra, it is perfectly understood me without words and with pleasure I helped him to dress. When the hooks are fastened, his hands began to stroke my body, I have experienced for themselves the unknown, but it is so pleasant that began to moan his hands stroked the belly, arms, buttocks and this excited me greatly, greatly. He stopped, kissed her neck and told me to put on, and passed into the room of his mother. And while I get dressed, he will come up to me a name that is more suited to me as a girl.
When I entered the room, he put me to the mirror, gave a lipstick. I saw my mother paints her lips and began imitating her gently nakrashivat his lips. Vova has held for me a wig of long blond hair.
- On, and I put my little girl.
I blushed again and excited, I liked how he called me.
- You promised to give me a name?
He says how - that is unnatural for a girl's self.
Yes, I wanted to be his girl, but did not even know what will happen to me in half an hour.
- Now your name is Luba. And I'll be your man.
I (was ready) from the mirror looked at me unknown to this day Luba.
Vovk again embraced me with Zade.
- Let's go to the gym, my beauty, he missed me forward, slapping lightly on the ass.
The TV screen was a different couple, man fucked a girl with Zade. It is only now I know how to pose called sex, and then it was a new, unknown to me.
I again felt Vovinam hands on his ass
- I'll also want to Lyuba.
- But I also do not have female recording.
Vova laughed in response.
- Do you have a better than pisya
And on the screen, I saw a man puts his penis in the ass girl, and then it dawned on me why Vova laughed.
- I'm afraid Vovochka
- Do not be afraid, I tenderly pussycat.
He again began to stroke my body his hands were everywhere. I moaned with pleasure, his protruding member rubbed against my ass, and I'm from this, even more baldel. He squatted down and began to take off my panties, his lips kissing my ass.
- Get on your knees and leaning on the sofa, my cat.
I immediately obeyed him
He pulled up her skirt. His hot kisses, moved in gentle biting. Occasionally slapping me on the ass as naughty girl.
I felt something cold touched my ass, it was a tube with some sort of cream.
Vova richly oiled my hole plunging there first one finger then two. And then I felt something solid and warm boils down to me in the hole, it was a member of which I have recently sucked. I pierced a sharp pain, I cried, I wanted to pull away but there was nowhere to run.
- Well, I broke your hymen Lyubasha.
He said triumphantly, and at the same time gently Vova. He again began to stroke my body, he took off his shirt to me, stroking my back, belly.
When the pain subsided I became a member of the move appointment. My man did not wait and began to fuck me. I am more and more inflamed, soft moans, moved into a loud and Vova shut my mouth with his palm that would not hear the neighbors.
I felt like a pleasant wave rolls up to the lower abdomen and I did not immediately realize what had happened when a member of my start splashing sperm and floor ... while Vova poured into my ass. What I experienced then pleasure.
During that night, he fucked me five more times, much as I had sucked not even remember.
After everything that had happened in school and at home we felt best friends, and alone, he was my man, and I was for him, his Ljubuski.

Summer Adventures

Prologue. Part 1.
A couple of years ago, I rented a house in the village. House with bathhouse not far from deaf forest lake, and the village was a deaf-five old women, that's all its population. The village is far from the main roads, then-mistress garden itself lost, while was taking mene show their mansions, I was going to shoot in the summer. My conditions were calm, not far from the presence of the reservoir or river, all of these conditions in the spinner, so called village were. They shook hands, and now I'm the owner of the forest lair.
Not clever furniture in the house, and the most important Russian stove was in good condition. Room is not big, with a set of gangs and all the bath inventory, following instructions hostess, lit the stove. Melt and the furnace in the house to dry it after the winter. I decided to settle in tomorrow, but tonight decided to take a steam bath and go to bed. After nine pm bathhouse was ready napar enough, went to sleep in the loft, the oven giving a cozy and good heat.
Screaming speakers woke me, wow quiet village! Slide the shelf to look at the source of the noise, so blatantly and rudely violated my rural idyll. Near the front of the house stood a few cars, one cried all this cacophony of sounds. Near machines scurried company of boys and girls, unloading, they tried to drown the music, until one of them is not turned off the radio, once reigned. Of medium height, brown-eyed boy with no hasty movements, self-confident man who was undoubtedly the leader of the noisy company, after his actions, no objection. Unloading has continued in silence, seemingly all source of irritation disappeared and you can still lie on the stove, but I am like a magnet attracted to the window, giving off the brown-eyed contemplation of grace.
Inspired, touched the curtain, and this gave himself, eyed glanced at my window, we shared a narrow street, so the front garden before the house, recoiling from the window, I stepped back into the room. Only for a moment, our eyes met and it was enough to make my heart began to beat faster in his chest, the body crawl and become itchy ass. My temper is known to me, and how to cope with the sudden tide of passion, too, so it is not without effort, but I pulled myself together.
Washing and Breakfast took a long time, soon have opened the gates for the exit to the street, the fact that the wood is almost gone, you need to go after them to the nearest forestry. Prudent garden hostess told us how to get there, even a plan drawn on a sheet, and the Food, too, must go. Closing the gate, I heard behind the greeting:
- Good morning, neighbour! He turned and saw him, he was smiling at me, and a pleasant, open smile. My heart sank, began to redden the ears, as manifested my anxiety and embarrassment, I almost lost myself.
- Good morning: I answered.
- Do not tell me how to get to the store?
- Theoretically I know where he is, but in practice it has never been.
- Not local, or what?
- Yeah, the first day.
- And so do we.
- Tim: he introduced himself.
- Kim: I said, we shook hands.
- Look, old man grasp, someone or whether from ours?
- Progress.
A few minutes later, the car sat a long-legged girl.
- Face: it had the low velvety voice.
- Kim.
- The Communist Youth International: she immediately deciphered my name, my name is generally accepted as foreign, and only the older generation remembers that this is actually an acronym.
- I have not offended you with his erudition?
- No, I am pleased that the young lady does not think my name is Korean.
It is certainly good-looking, brown hair, a high forehead, sensual lips, ox-eyed, beautiful hands, long legs modestly overweight, not big, but firm breasts. In general, if not queen, so at least the princess escaped from the king daddy. Although with all of this it behaves simply and without affectation. While we were traveling with Lika, talking about that, about this, approaching the timber enterprise for almost all knew about each other and about her company. Upon learning that the first'll pick firewood, Lika jokingly said:
- Lumberjack, they are people with great .... axes!
- Rather, with blue noses!
We all laughed. Woodman was precisely with blue noses of them carried the fumes, I could not come together to take off the price, it was sky-high, if bought mahogany, not ordinary wood. Proving them wrong, at some point I realized that they were open-mouthed look behind me, then I felt the touch of roundness elastic breast, and then Lika took my arm and pressed her body already. I was attacked by tetanus, and she said in mock exasperation:
- Honey, let's go, look for other woodcutters, maybe they will be more amenable!
Itself did not move. Blue Noses, after a pause, began vying with each other to offer their services, generally reducing the price, and a liter of vodka even agreed to unload and lay the wood in the woodpile. I told them where to go, and gave a deposit, and learned from them how to get to the store. Already in the car Lika looked at me, they say, well, how?
- Beauty terrible force !: said in her opinion I am.
- Charm, Smoothie: Face retorted.
- Finite course, I thought, charm, growing from the beautiful neck, slim and terribly sexy, charm, swaying slightly and not slightly protruding from under a translucent topic two sharp peaks of rounded hills.
Shop, rather rustic storage shed only with glass, immediately found, surprisingly there was what to choose cottagers, resting from the busy city. Shopping is easy to fit in the trunk of the car, there was no sense to gain a whole lot, do not travel far from their dens and periodically need to be selected to not run wild with the country. What there was napryazhenka so it is with condoms, local people do not need them, remembering my neighbors on the spinner. While Face turned away, I bought a pack of those that were, at the Face and acted relaxed, at her particular behavior does not seem like, like here I am, look, see, and do not touch.
Faint hope was, and she is not going to die. I behaved with Lika exactly trying than not to give his growing interest in it, any views or involuntary touches, with a clever woman is not passed, the pupa hungry adoration, and no matter from whom, even peck, but clever ever! Clever Girl know their value and if they want to close, then make it clear that, of course with all the rules of decency. Coming out of the store, we went to the improvised market, there was all that rich district, the milk in plastic bottles from under mineral water, poultry, egg, fish and other Misc necessary and not very ubiquitous inhabitants of tropical countries with their fruit and vegetables .
I bought meat on skewers, eggs and a couple of chickens, the packaging of fresh strawberries, which treated the Face, she gladly accepted a feast, and all the way back, we ate it. Already before the house of Lika said:
- Join us as our friend successfully defended, and we will wash his master's degree.
Loudly said, in a tone that brooked no objection, so that would be thrown out of the house heard all the company. I muttered:
- Is it convenient to both at once, and in a foreign company?
- Are you with me and that's enough!
- Of course: Tim answered for all.
- Who will deal only with wood and ready to make a strong contribution: I answered. forestry workers already being unloaded and stacked in the woodpile firewood, they worked the dispute and half an hour later, having received the money, and a liter of good vodka, left. The car has not disappeared, and Lika have come to call me, she introduced me to the whole company. We decided that we will celebrate in the evening when it gets dark, we expand the fire. Dima offered is marinated meat to swim in the lake, was the second half of the day, the sun was at its zenith and thoroughly beat down, several voices have agreed with him, I said I also want to marinate the kebabs on your prescription ... for a change, and wandered until evening directions.
Almost finished marinate skewers came when Tim:
- How is it going?
- Almost finished.
- Let's go swimming?
I did not answer immediately, I wanted to Leakey, although Tim attracted me, too, did not want to offend his refusal.
- Come on, let alone melting wear.
What to wear, I knew immediately, tight ass pants that do not cause but also emphasizing the roundness of my. I have a good figure, slender legs straight, to girly they certainly far, although some do not, and such. Wasp waist, small hips, round ass, all this does not create a bad effect. I was not just confused with the girl sunbathing in a bikini, it is annoying, since I do not sunbathe and swim on the same beaches. Do not hesitate, Tim dressed pants, I took a towel, and we went to the lake. Go not away, I thought feverishly as Tim divert from the general company.
From a distance, we heard the splash and cheerful cries of bathers.
- Namutili probably went away from them.
- Hugo: I mumbled.
Everything went as well as possible, swimming alone with Tim, and in the evening will Lika, that will be at least peting, I was sure about one hundred. Stepping out of the toe, we went into the water. Water has warmed and pleasantly refreshes the body. Tim showed different styles of swimming, diving was at the hands of the shallow water, then completely went out at the hands of the water. Jets of water running down his roast swarthy body, all spoke of strength and agility, the hill on his swimming trunks showing a far mediocre content size. Tim was sexy and relaxed, he caught courage, take it right now for almost any business, all waiting for him luck. I do not swim like a sausage in a pan, diving, I saw cancer.
- Tim, there is a shrine, let's catch!
- Yeah, but I can not.
- This is a piece of cake, you are not the main water turbidity, while I'll run behind a mask.
- Let's I run, and you sexually, so where is it?
- In the hall there is an old table, in it.
Tim as he was, and ran in batches. Mask I found by accident, briefly examining the house, stumbled on the bedside table, there with all sorts of rubbish, lay a mask and a pair of his short fins, it is useful, I said. Tim came back very quickly, gave me the gear and watched what happens. Rinse the mask, drove it for themselves, too, made with fins, I told Tim that he had collected in the pack with algae crabs discarded me.
He dived, the water was unclear, but you can see crabs. They were then darkness, a place untouched cancers are not frightening. Diving is not tired, is the breath knocked completely.
- Class !: Tim said admiringly.
- Where so I learned?
- Childhood in the south of the grandmother, we boys all day and only hunted the river.
Rakov nalovleno much, they have not put in a bag, and Timka apparently fearing them, so funny trying to collect cancers in one pile.
- So, I for algae, and you fasten shirts node.
Cancers barely got into our spacious t-shirts, load, moved towards the house. Before reaching the outskirts of the village, met Lika, not anxious not surprised look she looked around us.
- Where have you been?
- Cancers caught: happily snapped Tim.
We showed her the bag and T-shirts.
- Oh, how little!
- Yesterday, five large well, and now three, but small !: unanimously pronounced that we are old as the world pun.
Cancer was not large, so-so average, but it was a lot. not knowing himself, not guessing, I became the hero of the day, and if anyone had any doubts on my account, they instantly vanished, the company has adopted me. Rest of the day until dark was held in preparation for the feast, the girls are not planed artful salads, and we chopped wood and preparing to cook crayfish, roast barbecue. Face and Tim were always somewhere near me. The situation was interesting, I've never enjoyed much success either with girls or guys, if only he did not aggressively sought proximity. And two-thirds of my attempts ended in nothing, and of the remaining, the unit brought what they wanted at the moment.
I do not know, visible to others was shown by interest in me two different people on the floor, mene is flattered and amused. Anxious not comfortable it was when died down congratulatory toasts when the hero of the occasion after the third glass could not clearly pronounce the name of the work, when the riotous revelry and fun. Face and Tim began to show signs of his persistent attention, alcohol stirred up dormant desires under wraps. People are intelligent and banalities like grabbing, hugging, patting not allowed, but through the flames I caught myself on their quick questioning look, what are you? When played a slow melody, I invited Lika dance.
All and all melted in my gas, only now Lika and I were real, everything outside became a dance of shadows. Spinning in a slow dance, we are pressed tightly against each other bodies. Cool of the evening forced us to wear jackets, but now it has become hot from the embrace and love the heat. Slowly circling, we began to unbutton our deterrent gusts jackets. Our hands glide smoothly over the body, stopping its motion when it encounters something interesting on TV partner for long delayed, gentle touches examined every centimeter of flesh liberated.
Here and below, so long as our hands touched the secret places of each other, more reverent and softer steel of our movement, we froze, substituting hungry weasel their secrets. First, in passing, as if catching his hands comes from us warmly amorous languor, then all passionate feeling and stroking each other. Through the soft and thin fabric stretch bryuchek Leakey, my hand caressed the quivering flesh of the pubis, palm felt growing and throbbing bump clitoris. Trembling all over, her hips swaying, Lika moved forward in time with my hand, trying to grasp the very same time all my scrotum, drove up it in the bottom. Her thin delicate fingers fluttered over the swollen member, gently stroking it, frantically clutching.
Slightly aloof from Leakey, I turned her back to him. Placing his hand on the pubis, tightly pressed her to look pours phallus. Lika and pushes her ass, her head thrown back, his neck held up under my kisses. My hand is raised gum Licinius topic and felt the cool breast firmness. In my hand rested erogirovanny hard nipple. By passing it between the fingers, I began to gently squeeze her breasts. Lika trembled even more, the fabric on hand to wet pubic hair, her movements became rapid and jerky.
She trembled in loving ecstasy, wriggled his whole body. And I kissed her lips Licinius. My hand tightened her grip on her chest, the other hand, I quickly began to drive on the clitoris. A couple of quick movements and Lika huddled in the throes of ecstasy. After that, she went limp. Turning Face to face him, put his arm around her, she clung to me all over and gently trembling.
Junket was in full swing, the company relaxed the full program! One girl shows striptease, two guys she applauded. Trinity - a boy and two girls were engaged in full swing petingom, I found a guy in Tim. Even someone squeezed someone, music, noise, scream, dark, illuminates fading fire, that was the background against which occurred with our Lika love game. Without saying a word, we went to me. A couple of times stayed, hugging and kissing. So far, reached the house, the excitement enveloped us. Before bed we just tore off his is not a lot that did not manage to take off, went into the house.
Lika attacked me furiously hungry tigress. Before I touch on the bed, she immediately straddled me. Quickly introduced my cock into itself and began moving at a furious pace. I felt her clit rubbing against me. Lika sit down on my cock with the frenzy that I was afraid she might break it in a fit of passion. Groaning, uterine and hacking, Lika huddled in ecstasy, increasing the already fast-paced movement of the body. Soon it ... convulsive movements stopped, and Lika fell on me, almost smashing my face with his head.
A few minutes later she was comfortably settled on me, stretched out his legs along my legs and clasping my neck, my phallus deeper introduced himself. I stroked her back and buttocks, straining member, and every time she shuddered from my caresses. I liked it, and I've done it more than once, feeling Likino body shook for a moment after my actions, strained, then relaxed.
The next day, the Face behaved like, not what had happened, exactly as a good friend and nothing more. Rest of the day the company was going to sluggish Track-track, the evening finally came, they set out. In parting, they promised only more likely to wrap in this backwater, and did not want to miss me.
So come my privacy. Evening coolness pleasant refreshes the body, I brought a chair in the garden and enjoy the sunset and night Memories Gone. That one I do not get bored here, it was clear, that's just the first one, he or she will find an excuse to come to visit. And it did, in four hours after their departure, the bell rang, called Tim. The connection here is useless, broken, all I could make out, it's to see in the house and around the clock and that he would come. While we were talking to "broken telephone" in our conversation trying to wedge another interlocutor is Lika.
She told me about the makeup, supposedly forgotten in my house. Everything was as I expected, the main thing that did not come in one day. My imagination took me away from the real world, and when I got back, the street has been pretty cool. At night I dreamed of Licinius breast and something in batches Tim.


After the medicine all the girls rushed to the next lesson. In the study there were only Mary and Diana. Mink wanted to do the story and waited for the office free. But Marischenko in no hurry to leave. She sat on the desk, so that her legs were crossed almost next to face a friend.
- So, you're going out with Anton? - She asked sadly.
Although Diana and wanted to keep their relationship a secret classmate, still has a week later the whole school knew about it. Especially Mink insisted that news of this had passed ears best friend. Masha earlier he met with Anton. But the most offensive is that he still loved her.
- Let.
Lie and twist did not make sense.
- So what? You're not happy for me?
- Vice versa. Very happy. You're my best friend, and Anton is very good, you are perfectly suited to each other, why can not I be happy for you? But ... sometimes I'd love to stay a little bit in your place.
- It was already like.
- Was ... - dreamily he repeated Masha, tilting her head to one side. Blonde curls tumbleweed from the right shoulder of back. - What we just did together ... And you kissed yet?
- Yes ... it was.
Diana blushed and looked away. Of course, kissing, more like. Yes, even today, Anton went to class in the morning and all kissed Diana. The poor girl almost died of shame.
- You yourself saw today.
- I Saw ...
Mary knelt down on the desk right in front of Diana. In this case, the cut of her white blouse was visible appetizing seagull tops of her breasts. Mary took off her glasses and friends close to her face.
- He kissed you this morning. And a kiss is not yet evaporated.
And Diana clung to his lips.
A friend had recoiled back but Masha hugged her. Tearing himself away from his lips spacey mink, she whispered in her ear:
- I'm sorry, forgive me. For me, this is the only chance again to feel close to Anton. I can not help it, I love it. But I can not kiss him. He's your man, and you're my best friend. We are the first-class friends.
- You, as always, surprising me with his logic ... - murmured Diana. And she stroked her friend's hair. - So you want to feel again with Anton?
- Yes
Diana dropped it on the desk and went to the top, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. She caressed his chest through Masha's blouse, pulling out of her shiny pink rotika sweet moans.
- Diana, we did not have to do ... - Mary whispered.
- You like. Imagine that you Anton caressed and relax. That's all I can do for you.
Diana unbuttoned her blouse. Then she lifted her white lace bra up to the collarbone and sided with chest girlfriend. Masha moaned even louder. Her nipples were filled and hardened. Diana pressed her wet crotch to the leg of Masha and began to slowly rub. Then down below and began to caress the tongue swollen pussy expiring friend directly through the thin white panties. Masha was screaming and writhing in ecstasy, holding her friend's head and if nasazhivayas on her tongue.
Diana pulled off her panties and pressed her to smell sweet sources of pleasure. Machine pussy reminded her bud rare plants. Pale pink inside, smooth, plump lips and mouth-watering sweet tubercle on top. Diana licked it and press down lightly. Thumb launched inside. "Perhaps now she wants more ...." - Diana thought. She took off her panties, gently laid out next to the machine. Then transplanted girlfriend on a teacher's desk and got to itself.
She crossed their legs and pressed her wet pussy slit to a friend so that their clitoris rubbed against each other. And she began to move her hips. Logged into a taste Masha moaned and podmahivala her. The swollen pussy squished, full of juice. While both girls are not a prolonged groan and fell to the table.
Its glass surface flowed viscous puddle. Diana wiped her own panties and put them back. Masha also dressed. Girlfriend kissed for the last time, left the office and headed in different directions.


All my life I wanted to hitchhike. It seemed to me terribly romantic and interesting. Many of my friends looked at me like I was crazy, asserted that it is very dangerous, especially for young and also an attractive girl.
When I was twenty years old, I decided that the time has come to my dream come true, and not listening to any arguments or my friends I went on a journey.
The first week went just fine, I was able from his town to get to Moscow, then drove to Tula, I have a lot of friends at the institute. Everything went just fine.
Of course, I knew all the danger of my adventures, but she could not stop, I called for my new experiences and I received them in full.
By the time I was no longer an innocent girl, many truckers obviously wanted me, I felt myself to their lustful looks, and I knew that because I already took one skirmish. I loved it, I found it terribly exciting and I will not hide, I would not mind to have fun with a cute man.
My desire grew stronger every day, every night I imagined how I would take a man, and maybe more than one. In the second week, I made a firm decision, I desperately wanted to fuck me, another word I can not find.
I stopped in a suburban motel, favorite place of truckers. The weather was terribly hot, and decided to give up favorite jeans and T-shirts, I needed something very sexy, and I found it.
I had an excellent short shorts and my round ass looked very appetizing to them, and to replace the dark T-shirt came white beacon.
I have a great figure, a high full breasts, which were jealous of all my odnogruppnitsy, thin waist and long slender legs, so dressed and looked in the mirror, I realized that I look impressive.
I deliberately did not wear a bra, and my chest was clearly visible through the white jersey. Out on the street, where the crowd a lot of men, I felt my nipples harden and were ready to break through the thin material of the shirt. As my body was a wave of pleasure, all the men devoured me with his eyes.
I chose Igor, he was very handsome, strong tanned torso and strong hands made him irresistible, besides, he had a partner, which made the trip much more attractive future.
Sitting in the car between men, I felt that my desire to have peaked, and judging by how fidgeting Igor and Sergei could judge what they told me, too, longed for.
- Very hot - I'm the first to break the silence, he unbuttoned the top two buttons on the shirt.
I knew that my chest was opened almost entirely, and were visible pink nipples.
- Can stop? - Sergey suggested. - And a little fun, you do not see the mind?
- With joy! - I said, unbuttoning a button one more, so that shirt opened, revealing a my full breasts.
Igor veered and rode on a forest path, from a sharp deceleration me pinned to Sergei, and my naked chest was pressed against his hairy chest. I felt his body tense.
- Minx! - He whispered in my ear.
We got out of the car, Igor was carrying a large blanket that was spread out in a small clearing.
Sergey spun me to him and stared at my lips from his kiss my knees buckled, and Sergei had to maintain my strong hand. Igor, meanwhile, stood behind and tried to pull off shorts me. I comfortably spread her legs, shorts fell to the ground, they were followed by my panties.
Sergei pulled and tore off my shirt completely freed me from the clothes.
- Good! - He whispered. - I love these. And you, Igor, it you?
Igor did not answer, he ordered me to lie down on a blanket belly and legs spread apart. I did as he ordered.
- Now bend your knees and lean on your hands.
After completing the order, I waited for what would happen next.
I felt a hand between her legs, it was Sergei, he managed to undress completely, his penis was in full combat readiness.
I began to stroke his chest with one hand, I wanted to forget about it not.
- Have we forgotten about these wonderful breasts! - Exclaimed Igor.
And it is the hour down on the blanket just under my breasts. Igor licked my nipple, I was like electric shock, it was just incredible, and then he sucked it into his mouth and began to suck. At the same time Sergey dramatically introduced his finger into me.
I cried, it was so unexpected. Sergei began to drive his finger back and forth, then sharply poked him and pinched my clit. I screamed and arched her back, it was just stunning, the two men gave me pleasure.
Igor, meanwhile, set to the other breast, he began to bite the nipple, after a bite, he just sucked it into his mouth. My body went through a spasm, I experienced my first real orgasm. After a fleeting respite guys swapped.
Sergei began to fondle my breasts hands, his calloused fingers gave me incredible pleasure. From these touch my breasts seemed increased in two and became much more sensitive. Nipples harden and shamelessly sticking demanding greater affection, Sergei noticed this and began to roll my nipple between his fingers from my pussy humidified this even more, I really wanted to take me, so that I went as deep as possible. Men knew this, and especially delayed the moment of complete fusion, they wanted to bring me to the extreme point, to drive me crazy.
Igor told me to lie down on his back and spread his legs wide, I anxiously obeyed. He sat down between my legs and started kissing my stomach, slowly sinking lower and lower. Igor began to bite the inner surface of my thighs, and Sergei licking my lips. I myself began to pull the nipples, which felt the moisture from the caresses of Sergei.
And then I felt that the language of Igor finally slipped on my pussy and settled on a small mound, which seemed to concentrate all my pleasure. He started to drive in a circular motion on the clitoris and from his rough tongue over my body crawl. My groans seemed to have been heard throughout the neighborhood. So I waited, Igor entered me one sharp movement, and began to move slowly, from his movements in my body passed a wave of pleasure, I felt like I hit in the stream of his sperm.
I briefly passed out, coming to himself, I felt that the place took Igor, Sergei, his cock was much thicker and longer. Looking at Igor, I saw that he was stroking his penis. Seeing that I was watching him, he asked:
- Do you want to try it, you'll like it.
I nodded, when finished, Sergei, put me cancer, Igor cock was just before my face. I licked his head, he was very pleasant to the taste, and I let him into her mouth. I began to lick it like an ice cream, Igor began to moan, it was very nice.
Sergei meanwhile started licking my clit, I'm sticking with pleasure her pussy, Sergei thought this invitation and entered my ass. I cried out in sharp pain, but the pain was replaced by pleasure immediately. Sergei kept moving, his hands caressing my clit. I then experienced an incredible orgasm. After the guys have changed places, I began to suck dick Sergei and Igor tear my ass.
I do not remember how many times orgasm that day, but it's completely changed my life. I became much more relaxed, and I prefer to have no inhibitions. I plan to have sex with a woman, but that's another story ...


She waltzed - divine, wonderful! Half-naked, because she has nothing to hesitate! Small breasts swaying to the beat of walking, sight slides on desired lines hips, rising higher. She sat on my lap, gently kissed him on the lips, and began to pull off my pants. She sat on the floor and gently grabbed my cock mouth, gently stroking the tongue, licking the eggs and do not forget about the crown. I grabbed her head and started to stick to my boy, she did not resist, on the contrary, tried to swallow as deeply as possible. I felt that the finish has become more and more to do reciprocating motion, and all exploded in stunning flame orgasm!
Dasha, my girl swallowed every drop and licked my instrument was last pulled me down on the bed. She lay down, seductively ottopyrivaya ass, my favorite, and I devoured the eyes of her panties. I sat down next to her, I took up the only piece of clothing that was still on it. Slipping his hand to her pussy, I felt what it mokrenkaya and hot. I pulled off her panties, and pressed his mouth to the divine flower. Licking her lips sex, I am engaged in a tight virgin hole Dasha, feeling the stubble. She moaned hot and my legs wrapped around his head tried to even more strung on my tongue.
Meanwhile, the hands I stroked her elastic ass, gently picking up the ring anus. I felt his fingers, so delicate, velvety, I began to push through a finger inside and felt the acquiescence of my girls began to push his whole hand. The narrow, hot hole trembling on my wrist when I put my hand all the way in, but Dasha stoically endured it. I turned her over on her stomach, put it on his knees, and spitting on his hand began to lubricate her hole. She lightly podrachivaya klitorok fingers clung to me and whispered: "Do not torture me, you can see how I want!"
I did not upset my angel, and slowly began to push through dick in her ass. The walls of the tightly hugged my druzhochka Dasha even more squeezed it, and I started sharp reciprocating motion. I drove a member of the full length of its rather big 22 centimeters, reaching to the farthest village, and my girl just sighed softly with every jerk. I had already finished, and therefore pecked her for about five minutes, and it has happened at least four orgasms as she told me later at this time. Finally, I finished! Scoring a member of the full depth, I released the accumulated passion, and felt the hot cum fills her whole inside.
Step back, I laid her down on the bed. After a few minutes, my baby was asleep, I get tired much. I noticed that my sperm derived from her anus, and pick up, became licking cum from her ass, slowly climbing deeper. Dasha laughed in her sleep, and I began to stroke her pussy ...
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- Yes, fuck off!
At that time I sew my classmate Nikita. I know he is in love with me, but I can not help it, because we need.
Nikita turned and darted out of the room. In the following lessons, he did not appear.
- Cach, you're doing that, he's a simpotny! And popular. .
- Mash Oh, leave me alone, not to you.
We learned in grade 9. We were 15 years old.
A week later, Dima Nikitin, a friend reminded me of the movie. I keep forgetting to take away from it. There was nothing, I took Masha met after school with Nikita and Dima and Dima went to the house. I was silent, because it was next to Nikita.
For 15 minutes to get to the house, Dima opened the key and let us in first. I noticed the corner of my eye, the door closed with a key. I something was not myself. And Masha though henna. Start with an open mouth study apartment. They carried out into the hall and sat on the sofa. And they went out of the room. I pushed Masha, show that there is something not right, because the disc with the film lay in a pile near the DVD.
Then they returned and called Dima Masha, she looked at me, surprised eyes, and smiled and left the room. Dima - That's stupid. Out and Dima. .
Nikita stood in front of me and said:
- Well now you repay for everything, for all the humiliations and failures !!
He threw me on the couch and began to undress sharply. I pushed him there are strength and hugged her knees. I was wearing black jeans and a white shirt, he just had time to unbutton the buttons 4.
- Nikita, you're out of your mind? What are you doing? !!
I tried to get up from the couch, but he quickly grabbed her hand and knocked again.
- Listen to me!
- Explain to me!!
My voice is passed into hysterics. I'm terribly afraid.
- I do not have to explain to you whore!
This I could not stand it, I strongly slapped him and pulled by hand, huddled in a corner of the room.
- You'll regret it. You'll be sorry, that humiliated me!
He became hysterical.
- I hate Kate, I love you! You know, but humiliated, insulted. I can not forgive you that !!!
And then I realized. .
- Nikita you know nothing !!
- I do not care!
He took me by the waist and pulled him onto the bed.
- Wait Nikita, it's Alina !!!!!!
He stood for a moment.
- What? !! What do you mean it? !! Do not bother me !! Say goodbye to their Tselkov!
- Stooy !! It is because she asked me to carry with you! We had an agreement with her! I'm not going to touch it and do not reciprocate your courtship, because she loves you. She said, if I will meet with you, it will do everything to do I attach to the word whore !!!
- I do not believe Kate !!!!! You're lying!
And then the phone rang, he took me to his pocket, called Alina.
- I'm off!
- No! Wait, you know everything!
He freed my right hand and gave the phone.
I frantically turned on the speakerphone.
- Hello Aline.
- Hi Hi. Where are you? I know that you are with Nikita and Dima went to his house!
- I'm at home.
- Are you so out of breath ?!
- Just ran.
- Well, look !! If I find out. .
And he smiled and hung up.
I looked up at Nikita. He looked at the phone and silent.
- Nikitochka, I love you, do you hear?
- Bullshit!
- Nikita sorry for everything! I could not otherwise ...
Then I poured a hail of tears, I really loved him, yet it did not recognize Alina. Before we were her best friends. But when I learned of my love, she said, so I forgot about it, because she knows my taynu.Eto was just talk, but she did everything so that this joke was the reason to abandon Nikita.
Nikita got up and began pacing the room. He started hysteria again.
- Kate !! I'm a bastard! I wanted this to do with you! I am a bastard! Go away, all you can tell, I was the last of a bitch !!
He gave way to tears, but he restrained her as best he could, he looked out the window across the street.
I cried silently on the couch and stared at him.
- Go away !! I tell you go!
He dragged me to the door. I pulled away from him and stood in front of him.
And suddenly, for myself, I dug his lips and hugged. I whispered in his ear that I love and forgive.
He could not believe it and only replied with a kiss. Okrylas door and walked Dima. He was very surprised to see us. After all, he knew what he wanted to do, Nikita. He quickly left.
Nikita looked into my eyes full of tears and said.
- Kate, I want to be with you, I do not care what think of Alina, how we get out of realties. We will prove that she can do nothing.
I still have tears flowed, he gently wiped them again and hugged me.
We sat on the couch, he put his arm behind me and sat there together.
Then I decided.
- Nikita and what you want to do with me.
Suddenly he released her hand and stood up.
- Cach, you'd better go.
- But
- You specifically? Yes, I never imagined that I will not forgive! I will never forget! Until the end of my life I will remember it and you ask more ?!
- I'm sorry, but I do not want to leave ... from you.
He looked at me even his menacing look and sat down in front of me on his heels, hands on my knees.
- Katya, I wanted to rape you. I wanted to hurt you.
Suddenly, I was scared, again shed tears, at the moment I stood up and began to call Masha.
- Masha, go home !!
She immediately went out, and departed for Dima.
Nikita got up and turn to him.
- Kate, I do not want to talk to you.
- When I think that you could do it. Could you? Could hurt me? Even if loved ?!
He shook me to come to the senses.
- Katya !!!!!!! I do not know what came over me, I wanted to take revenge on you know !!
I pulled away and stepped back, looking at him, felt his back and slid down on his haunches.
Everyone was silent, did not know what to say. Nikita left the room, followed by Dima, Masha tried to reassure me, I did not care.
After 15 minutes, Dima called Masha, she left. I was scared and wanted to go out into the corridor and suddenly came Nikita with a bouquet of red roses. I looked at them .. do not know what to say, my tear-stained face barely squeezed out a smile.
- Katya, I still would not do, I'm sorry.
I looked at him and greatly hugged by taking bouquet.
I forgive him, I forgive, forgive. I love ... love and hate ..
We again sat down on the sofa, I put a bouquet on the table.
- And let's see the movie.
- What?
- Well, because of that you came here.
He smiled.
- Come on.
Now I smiled.
He made the film, and sat down, embraced me.
First, we looked carefully, and then I looked up at him. And he looked at me.
Our lips have merged in a great kiss. I began to be excited by the fact that the kiss with my dear and beloved man.
She gently laid me on the bed and continued to kiss.
Then we opened our eyes, and he gently stroked my cheek.
- Kitten, I love
I closed my finger over his mouth and started to kiss his neck, he put his arm around my waist, and then he started kissing me slowly down below. I hesitated, he looked at me and was about to sit down on the sofa, but I took his hand and smiled, saying.
- love
He alternately unfasten the buttons of my shirt, kissing me on the lips. As I took off his pants, he deftly unhooked her bra. He stood still the pervasive nature we kissed. I felt.
He started kissing my breasts and nipples. He squeezed her hands down to his stomach, from which I quietly moaning with pleasure.
He started to take off my jeans while I took off his shirt. Oh my God, what his torso. That's why I was excited even more.
I did not want anything special, just devstvennost..on understood lose.
Began slowly go, feeling stubble, I felt a little hurt. It is with regret, excitement looked at me and walked heavily, breaking.
I screamed in pain, the big drops of tears flowed and then blood. He quickly pulled out a member and wore shorts ....
- Katya calm down please.
He hugged me and gently leaning to him.
I sobbed, I did not want more.
- I do not want any more.
- I understand, I'm sorry, when you want to say ... ..
He took me by the hand, and our clothes and led to the bathroom.
When we got into the shower together, he stood up again, and felt that once again I want to .. Damn, I summed it ..
I looked into his eyes and said.
- I want..
I leaned against him, and began to casually rub my pussy. He has already stood up, I embraced him and kissed him passionately on the lips, he turned to me and put the cancer, I was ready. Slowly he entered me, each time increasing the pace. I groaned more from pain than pleasure, but gradually the pain subsided, he caressed my breasts, I began to like it.
He took me by the hips and began to stick. . . . .
Continued for about 15 minutes, a knock on the bathroom all finished.
We quickly wiped and dressed. Nikita opened the door, it was Dima, he said that he will soon come ancestors, so it's time to fold.
Since we are always together, Alina, we have driven so that she feared at first appear to us in the eye)
P. S. fictional story.

Lady and the farmer

- The lady rides! - Shouted the fortress, taking off his cap and bowing to the ground after the retreating carriage. Young lady 17 years old, returned to his family estate after studying abroad.
- Well, where do you stop, you fool! - Loudly shouted to the coachman lady - where to me to walk in the mud Lawless? Come on, Egor, get off a minute from his seat, and he lay down in the mud!
- Yes, lady! 50-year-old driver Egor dutifully fulfilled orders of his young mistress.
- Well, who's to meet me? - I inquired the young lady, carefully stepping on the back of his powerful serf coachman humbly lying on her orders in a puddle of mud.
- Oh, Nastya, do you? Well, hello, hello, bon jour, however, hee-hee, you're not in French Parle?
- Not at all, Madame, - humbly downcast eyes Nastyusha rumors, the same age as the young mistress and the daughter of serf coachman, with surprise and pity in spite of his papa, rasplastvashegosya in the mud under the feet of his young lady.
- Nothing, Nastya, I'll give you a few lessons of French, your mistress merciful, as we remember you as a child playing in all sorts of children's games, now time for adult games. I will teach all the rules and punish neuspeyanie and negligence. I decided to make my village European enclave, the envy of all the neighbors.
Nastyusha knelt and kissed the hand of his mistress through the white, thin glove.
- Go and Nastya were my clerk to flog your Daddy, you see, Mon Plaisir, where the mutt stopped the carriage, and the very same had to correct his mistake.
- Madame, have mercy! alarmed for Nastia's father - Daddy so all exhausted when the carriage to your sudden arrival ready, we train you to the Savior waited, and you, madam, before Welcome pleased it the night did not sleep, everything is clean, customized, falls to the ground, and you whip him more and register if you please.
- Do not whip, already menacing young lady said - not the rod, Nastya, and whip rods I were you, durha, will entertain, if you will so continue to thwart or tuition not have time. And now the two Go to the stables, you with the rod 10 in the first disobedience, and you Egor 25 lashes and that every blow he believed in the hearing and after each stroke thanked me for the lesson, go mon cher ami. Good because I want you, I can not hear ...
- Listen, lady - father and daughter knelt before the young mistress, bowed their heads in humble servility, their whole life and death from birth belonged to this young, blonde with lush hair, slender, blue-eyed mistress.
- Ivan! Take care of them, and tomorrow morning all my serfs Build males want to see them, 3 years there was not.
- Yes, lady.
The next afternoon already Nastya, standing on his knees, wore his white legs just awakened lady in white stockings.
- And what is there in the yard of a noise, Nastya, and like yesterday my first lesson went there for the benefit? - Yawning young lady inquired.
- Madam, you are asked to line up all the men of the village in the morning, they certainly stand as the fourth hour, Ivan forbade them to disperse and even sit down, waiting for you to wake up when you please, and your lesson I gratefully accepted, ma'am.
- That's nice, let wait, bring, posudinku, Mon Plaisir, very much I somehow not with his hands right now to go to the toilet.
- This minute, lady.
Nastia quickly ran and performed the orders of his young mistress.
- That, madam, is a small-il on a large defecate you going next?
- ABOUT! Mon Ami! How vulgar! Now you see, silly, water is brought undercut, durha?
- Oh, this second lady! - Afraid shouted a young slave.
- Late, stay close and wait, tongue done, you will be a lesson.
- But ... - Nastia was taken aback - ... ma'am ... sorry ... no ... I do not ...
- What!? There you go again, Nastya, the old !? - Angrily shouted a young lady - the last lesson for the benefit did not go to see, m ... yes, we are still not soon move on to the French. Young lady nervously twitching the bell to call the servants. Immediately the clerk Ivan nepriminul appear at the call of the young mistress.
- Ivan, I see my father here you are spoiled all the people on the street noise, ropschat to see the mistress, yard girls refuse to serve me, inattentive driver, and the sluggishness of ... well, so now it will serve me, and then Nastya in the stocks and in the market , sell it and it is advisable to Tatars, Turks and better in the harem, she was not worthy of his mistress. Papa will oppose her - it mercilessly flogged and well lower the overnight okoleet - hence its unhappy fate of this and the rest were shut now come out to see them.
Young beauty came as it was in her nightgown and stockings whitish look over their serfs men. Disheveled hair fell on her delicate white shoulders, pretty face was still sleepy, but young, fresh and charming. Pale blue eyes of a young lady prudently examined their property - adult, tall, healthy men ....
(to be continued)