As I promised here's the sequel.
Once I was with these guys went to their house, why he is one of them nezashel us and turned and walked away. I was left alone with her second rapist (Sasha). He took a bottle of wine, put the candle. And rapist absolutely ceased to be like. We were not speaking to each other anything. They drank wine, and he took me in his arms carried me to the bathroom. We take a shower together. He knelt down and licked me until I finish. After that we moved into the bedroom. He was both tough and gentle. I'm just having fun. So we went to sleep.
The next day he made me an offer. And we're still together.

Wicked game

My name is Alice, when I turned 14, my parents decided to move from the city to the suburbs, where we bought a two-story house and I went to a new school. Friends, I have found plenty. Very quickly flew month, as I have already found a boyfriend. His name was Tema and he was older than me for a year.
Once on my fifteenth Tema I decided to make me a surprise and make a party at home. So me and my friend Vic standing near the front door Temin home. After 2 seconds, the door opens Tema and behind him is his friend Dima. We went to the kitchen, there drank wine, champagne and beer. Then he offered to play Tema and all agreed. We thought and decided that the play in word or deed.
Tema first time Vick asked the question,
- Are you a virgin?
Vick said nothing and then blushing said that this question does not want to answer.
All the rules of the game in unison said Vick, what to say, and certainly the truth.
Then Wick said that she is a virgin.
Then Wick said Dima - word or deed?
On what Dima said - it
Then Vic laughed and said in 5 seconds - Tmu kiss passionately
The guys started to translate the theme, but then I reminded Vick rules and then, Dima got up from the couch and sat down next to Tyoma whispered something in his ear and then they merged lips. We laughed with Vika. And to our surprise the guys, too.
Then Dima decided to take revenge Vick and asked her the same question, word or deed?
- Case ... mumbled Wick
- Show us your pussy.
Vic turned pale, she first made a reservation for a long time, but then took off her skirt and panties. Dima ran to the crotch and inhaled the smell Vicki slits.
Vick wore shorts and a cracked knuckle Dima. Vick asked the question-word or deed Tyoma.
- Word said Tema.
You fucked with Alice?
- No
Vic smiled.
Alice word or deed? - A business
(In my mind, he now says Tipo-let's have sex, or why do not you do me a blowjob)
- Send to a garage, where Alice's case.
We went to the garage, there were all sorts of tools and a lot of junk. Tema went to the hose and gave it to me. I bugged my eyes and asked me what to do with it? Tema went to Dima and they began to laugh.
- Sui his ass and well, and we water included.
For me, it was a shame, I stuck the hose itself in the ass, then slammed the guys cock and my anus filled cold water. Then guys took out the hose and started fooling around - splashing. And I stood there and suffered because I knew what effect it will enema. Then I could not resist and perdanula valilos my ass shit with water. I fell pain in the ass right in the shit and the guys were laughing at me for a long time and even Vick passed out from alcohol.

First experience with a girl

Many of my readers are interested in: if I had sex with girls? My answer: yes, there was. Although I am not lesbian or bi. But when ordered to, I can have sex with a girl. On her first lesbian experience, I'll tell the story.
However, before moving on to the story, I want to appeal to those who wrote, wrote and wanted me to write: Guys! Do not write banal letters. Question "and so are you sleeping with my brother," asked me five hundred times already; "Why I do not want to change their lives," almost everyone is interested. I would also like to ask everyone to leave their recommendations on how to live and what to do with them. And if I do not answer, do not send five letters with a question: "Why are you silent?" Silent, then your letter is not interested in and have a more interesting conversationalist. Thank you for understanding! And now the story itself.
Outside it was a hot summer. There were summer vacation. My life has turned into a solid sex. I fucked all the time, I always feel the taste of semen on her lips. Guys were insatiable. When the evening came home parents, I was taken to the street, and in what - a secluded place given in his mouth. Since I have now been working both holes, it increased the number of guys I served.
When the parents left for the weekend with an overnight stay at the cottage, we spent the night at home someone from friends brother and me up to four hours in the morning fucked together.
One day, during a routine morning blowjob brother lapaya my ass and pussy, asked: if I had the experience of a woman? I said no.
- So will - and pushing my head with his hand said, - do not be distracted suck.
Next weekend dad flew a business trip, and my mother stayed at home. Brother begged permission from the mother to spend a weekend in the country with me and friends. She did not mind. I knew I except sperm and members in the mouth does not keep anything else happen. The brother said that I was in for a surprise in the country.
- How many guys?
- You'll see.
My brother took me to the cottage by car. Although the distance can be done in 30 minutes, we drove for about two hours during which time a member of his brother never left my mouth. Several times he stopped the car and swerved onto the shoulder to come.
When we arrived at the cottage, I walked into the house and saw only four boys. Next to them, I saw her and immediately remembered the question his brother about lesbian experience.
- That's a surprise. Guys, can present us a heifer?
- My name is Marina, 12 years old. Virgin. We are still waiting for you only Raziq stuck in her mouth.
I looked around the girl: on the face were traces of tears and sperm.
- Where did you get the idea - the brother asked.
- In the local brothel, she's new. Total last night led her there, like today, to the customer to carry it, but we bought out. With it, you can do whatever you want. Though in her pussy, at least in the ass.
I heard the sobs of Marina and then she got a slap in the face:
- Shut up, bitch.
The boys tore off her clothes. Despite its age, it was a good idea formed. Chest was a cup of tea. And there was pleasant to the taste and touch, as I was convinced. On the abdomen, just above the navel sported a tattoo whore. Below the navel were written price for its services: blowjob, classic, anal. Figures I can not remember. I felt sorry for the girl.
Guys, drawing attention to her tattoo, she said:
- Last night it branded. There they all prostitutes with such tattoos go.
I, meanwhile, was ordered to undress, I quickly fulfilled.
We are absolutely naked, laid on the floor in position 69. I was under the Marina. We were ordered to lick each other until we both did not finish. To me it was a novelty. Putting his hands on her ass, I spread her buttocks and licked her tongue labia. She shuddered. Whether by surprise, whether my touch caused in her a pleasant shiver. I licked her clit and stuck her tongue between sexual sponges. Suddenly, he ran into some obstacle, and I could not penetrate into the depths of her body. At first I was surprised, but then she remembered that she was virgin.
Not knowing how to lick the girl, I tried as best she could. My reed flitted over her clitoris, labia, and sometimes I licked ass. The clitoris is trying to hurt Earring, vdet in language. Assuming that cold metal will give more thrills. Lisa, I girlfriend for about 40 minutes. Finally she came. All this time I confidently led her to orgasm, felt her lips and tongue on her pussy. However, no trace of the orgasm I have not experienced.
And no wonder: just 4 blowjob of his life. It's been an hour since, as we were ordered to lick each other. But I did not think to stop. Guys showed anger and shouted at the girl, that she is a whore, a better work out the money that paid for it to the owner. The girl, crying, lick my pussy. Finally one guy broke down and grabbed the belt, began to beat on the ass girlfriend. The girl screamed hysterically and tried to stand up with me, but it gripped and held up as long as she was beaten. Having struck 15 times fellow calmed down and grabbed by the hair, poked his lips to my pussy with the words: Lick it, bitch. The girl through her tears and mourning, I began to lick. I felt sorry for her even more. After waiting five minutes, I simulated a rapid orgasm. Guys neighing.
One of them said:
- You see, it is necessary to flog this prostitute. Then the case would be.
Marina and looked blankly at me. I winked at her. The guys did not notice anything.
For the fact that Marina brought me to orgasm, she was supposed to encourage - to make a blow to my brother. He was one of the guys who did not take it into his mouth. Brother collapsed in a chair. Marina went to her brother, fell to her knees and began timidly to lick his penis. My brother did not like it. Striking a couple of times in the face, he shouted:
- Suck bitch, suck, not to lick! Lick my sister will.
The tighter second whistle in the air belt and dropped to the back of the poor girl. She was sobbing, she grabbed cock in her mouth almost the most eggs and began to try to suck my brother. He picked up her breasts and began kneading, pinching the nipples. After some time, the sperm covered the girl's face.
I was told Lisa her. What I immediately complied. As a result, sperm from her face turned to my face. We licked each other's cum.
In the meantime, while we are with Marina Lisa, I learned her story. As I thought, she did not voluntarily become a prostitute. It is sold to a brothel her boyfriend to cover what is their debts to the host institution. It absolutely did not care how the girl would do. What we were like her. Almost powerless sex slave.
We were ordered to go to position 69 again. Marina was on top.
- Well, that Dasha - slyly asked one of the guys - ready to drink blood?
- That is - I did not understand.
- Who will deny Marina hymen. lick my balls, that you will hang over the face.
I was ordered to lick pussy and Marina suck cock that will bring down her hymen. After he had appointed head of the penis to the entrance of her hole and abruptly pierced girlfriend. The house was filled with her crying and screaming. At the same moment it jumped one of the guys hit in the face and called out to her, bitch, shut up, drove it into his mouth member to the base. I felt her saliva began to drip on my pussy. Meanwhile, Marina lost her hymen and a torn hole of blood came to me. I was told to swallow it. I served as far as possible. The guy fucked Marina, unable to hold back a long time, and taking dick cumshot my face. The guy fucks her in the mouth, he pulled on Marinino face. We have put together and forcing Lisa began to take pictures. The photo display two bloody, covered with sperm girlish face.
We fucked the marina throughout the day. In different poses, finishing on a person's chest. On the same day her fucked in the ass. Oral it is so heart-rending that she is putting her on her back, tearing the ass, one of the guys beat her with a belt on the chest and abdomen, causing ... so shut up. I looked at this young girl zaebanuyu and knew of her to do the same obedient nipple and davalku like me.


Hello everybody! This yours! I'll tell you this just your thoughts! If you like what I write then you want to read! I am a normal guy who loves sex .... I am director of the company and is engaged in construction, and I give a lot of sex ... I think that all the girls in the shower whores and created only in order that they would be fucked, while some hide it!
Fuck everyone and everything, and I like it! I have a few girls who are ready for sex at all ... and I think that it's okay ... should be given sex completely. I love it when I hear about sex ... but not the one she did not regret! I do the girls lascivious whores ... but for myself, but in real life they Impatiens! I've got two young boys who sometimes fuck whores ... they are my obedient!
I write stories realnye of their lives, of course a little embellished, but it would not be interesting to read to you! Fuck whores ... and all of them more ... the young and beautiful, and I love the zoo! Powered friend in the stables, we sometimes duck there is arrange ... zaebyvayutsya horses to finish ... so they drochat just ... orgy sluts fuck in the ass and they drochat horses ... very exciting! Well, I love dogs! There are pictures, it is interesting!
And your stories to read ... this bullshit, the feeling that just to write what that crap ... and while you write fantasize and masturbate! Dreamers, enough dreaming sitting at computers masturbate their cocks and clits ... Fuck in the real world, and to give full sex! Sex for sex! Man has no better pleasure than orgasm! Ebites everything with each other and get pleasure! I love you all! Write if you have questions, kisses to everyone!

Implementation of dreams

Ira came to me in the morning, at about 10:00. On the meeting, we agreed on the eve - decided to drink beer, chat. Today, Saturday, Pasha was at work and nothing was to hinder my plans.
I have long wanted it. She acted in porn, and when I watch her movies, especially lizbiyskie scene, my pussy starts to throb, richly moisturized, and the desire to become unbearable.
I opened the door for her, dressed Irishka was in a light dress and sandals with high heels. At first glance, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra. Her high breasts swaying freely under light cloth summer dress. About panties, or rather on their availability, I could only guess. I was wearing only a light silk robe and thong panties, more like three thin rope.
As Ira greeting, as usual, he kissed me on the lips, but it seemed to me that she hugged me around the waist longer than usual.
We entered the room, on a coffee table was already a couple of bottles of beer, steamed after the refrigerator, in the vases were nuts and chips.
- My joy! You have everything ready ?! - Dreamily stretched Irishka. - The street is so hot.
- And it's not like home. - I said, slightly hoarse with emotion - she never called me so.
After opening the bottle, we enjoyed otpili directly from the necks, and only then sat down on the couch.
- You're so tense, like, I'll give you a massage?
And without waiting for my answer, she sat down next to me almost right up and put her hands on my shoulders. She asked:
- Sit back to me.
I obeyed. Irina start gently in a circular motion, gently pressing, massaging my shoulders. My nipples began to harden and clearly stood out under the robe, my pussy moistened and that burned with fire. With my lips broke a light moan - poluvzdohe, instinctively, I succumbed to back back - close to Ira. I felt her hand stroking my, from the elbows - up, hitting the sleeves of his robe, delicate hands lingered on the swells of my breasts, side - just below the armpits and gently squeezed them. My nipples became, almost, in the stone. Its pleasant light breath tickled his neck.
- Do you like? - I heard a gentle whisper.
- Yes! - I also responded in a whisper. - More ...
Ira turned me to him and clung to my lips, her tongue penetrated into my mouth and began his exciting research. I answered her with all the passion and tenderness, for what was capable. Our first love kiss lasted five minutes, we broke apart, panting.
- Tanya, my girl! How long I wanted it! - Ira difficulty pronouncing words, her breathing was ragged and heavy.
- I dreamed about it, too.
Choppy movement I swung from her shoulders top dress, lowered it down to the waist. My eyes were opened two delightful hill which I had so often seen on the TV screen, finally, my dream will come true - I can squeeze them in his palms. But I'm not in a hurry - held her fingers from the top towards the nipples, but without touching them. Irisha leaned on his hands, arching his back, slicing my caresses her lovely breasts.
Her nipples tightened, and just asks me in her mouth. I kissed one nipple and can not hold back any longer pulled him entirely in the mouth, on the sweet moan, I realized that my sweet little girl like that. She, too, began to fondle my breasts, twisting the nipples, squeezing their fingers, causing me to almost lose consciousness from the bliss.
Continuing to caress breasts tongue, hands, I began to stroke her thigh, gradually approaching the coveted bosom. Irisha spread her legs, urging me not to stop, her moans told clearly that it is very good.
My fingers groped smoothly shaved pubis, and swollen lips with excitement - she was not wearing panties, my girl already being flowed, I spread her lips apart with two fingers and the third made a circular motion at the entrance to the vagina. Irisha made a move his hips, trying planted her pussy on my finger. Rinse your little finger my pussy delightful girlfriend, I put her on a thick, fluffy carpet, spread her shapely legs to the side and pressed her lips to her excited pussy. Ira writhing and moaning, demanding more and more caresses.
I licked the juices of love with my girl sponges, tongue tickle the clitoris. My tongue penetrated into the bosom Irishki and I literally fucked her with his tongue. Fingers meanwhile groped supple hole of the anus. Moisten fingers with saliva, I introduced one in the tight ring and began to knead it. Soon ass relaxed and let the whole finger, me that was not enough, and I have introduced a second, Ira vengeance podmahivala ass to meet my fingers.
- Do you want me to fuck you? - Choking, I asked.
- Of course, I really want to!
I got a big vibrator, 25 cm long and 4 cm in diameter, and a lubricant for anal sex.
- You can in the ass?
- With pleasure. But I also want to caress you.
With these words, she forced me to lie down on his back, and she stood in the knee-elbow position, so that her pussy and ass were on my face. She leaned over and began to lick my pussy flowing and glowing with excitement. Just a few movements was enough to get me started to shake in a powerful orgasm. My cry hung in the air, saturated with the smell of girls' bodies.
- Quietly, quietly. This is only my lover cooed nachalo.-, licked all the juice that just did poured out of me.
And she continued to torture my pussy his skillful caresses, she sucked my clit, biting his teeth, two of her fingers for a long time settled in my pussy that craved to these weasels never ends. Palchikov the other hand, she fucked me in the ass and I feel that in my pope walked three fingers.
I raised my head, caressing the anus Ira, introduced the tongue into the sweet hole, licked it from the inside. My every movement makes my little girl to flinch and clench ring anus, not wanting to let my tongue. I greased vibrator pressed it to her ass and gently pressed. As Polly was excited and well-moistened with saliva, it is easy to miss a head shaker. Ira moaned and made a movement toward faloimitator wanting planted on him completely.
-Oh yeah! Fuck me, please. - She pleaded.
I do not long to wait, and immediately stabbed the vibrator in the ass of my girl completely. She screamed with delight and began podmahivat ass, wanting him even deeper. I took out the vibrator almost completely, leaving only her head, and then pounded his back, forcing Irishku hog. Movement became fast and furious, fingers I fucked Irina pussy, causing her to leak all plentiful and abundant. What a pleasure it was - in the ass fuck his girlfriend. She moaned and violently podmahivala me. I saw her breasts with pointed nipples swaying to the beat of her movements. Vibrator completely disappeared into her hole, and it was a delightful sight. Her fingers relentlessly fucked me in the ass and pussy.
Suddenly I saw the guy - he came up to us and watched. Apparently, he had long been engaged in this - an impressive mound in his pants clearly betrayed his excitement. He took off his shirt, literally ripped her off. He went to Irina, knelt in front of her and unbuttoned his pants, his big cock almost rested in her mouth. Pasha took Ira hair and planted his mouth on her boyfriend. He went to her very deeply, she even snapped back, but he held her head, not letting her pull away. Ira did blow, closing his eyes, it was clear - she likes that it has roughly in the mouth. View my boyfriend, fucking my girlfriend in her mouth so I filed that only willpower I had not allowed myself to finish, prolonging the pleasure.
Suddenly, her pussy began to decline, signaling that my sweet girl ends, I fell down to her crotch ... and began to drink juices that Ira generously gave me. Lick the whole tart and slightly bitter liquid to the last drop, I freed the girl from his captivity vibrator and licked it, do not close the hole from the inside. Pasha pulled his dick out of her mouth and her someone said:
- Come on.
I turned my head and saw Sanya - a close friend Pasha - he jerked off, staring at the scene unfolding on the carpet. Excited sled member cheekily peeking out of his pants unbuttoned pants.
- I want to Tanya took in his mouth. - Sanya said.
- You are welcome. - Allow Pasha.
Sanya took a step toward me, but seeing that I myself crawling into his lap, wiggling her ass shamelessly stopped.
- Crawl, crawl, baby.
Kneeling before Sanya, I undid the belt and pants prispustila, releasing a powerful member of friend. Looking into the eyes of Sana'a, he held a tongue on the head, licking a drop of grease. Slap on the pope made me push the legs - Irisha began to caress my pussy, her fingers have penetrated deeply, why I ran down, and my lips swelled. Her tongue caressed my anus, penetrating inside, I'm sticking ass, so she was comfortable.
Mouth, I did not forget to fondle a member of the sled, I took him deep, down to the eggs, let go, caressed teeth of his head, slightly biting, tongue made a circular motion around the head, and again the mighty trunk disappeared in my throat, I hand a little squeezed testicles. Sanya moaned and I sit down on the penis as deep as possible.
At the rear shock, I realized that Pasha made it to one of the holes and Ira fucks her.
Sanya, uttering a prolonged roar, poured out into my mouth, it was a lot of sperm, I had great difficulty to swallow all without losing a single drop. Pasha had so abundantly did not finish. I liked its taste - slightly bitter with a musky odor. Irisha again finished and hurt fingers squeezed my buttocks, but it was a sweet pain.
Sanya lay on the carpet and pulled me along, I sat on top of him and felt his penis and did not think to fall. I rubbed her pussy on his boyfriend, Sanya with one hand lifted me up by the waist, the other sent his impressive body in the mine, is craving for a rough fucking, pussy. He sharply planted me on his fighter, that I was, I thought, he will break me. But the pain soon gave way to heavenly bliss, I feel every centimeter of his cock. Sanya toyed with my chest while I energetically jumped on it, twisting the nipples, causing the sweet pain, squeezed breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers.
Pasha, not satisfied Irishka, decided to join us and Sanya. He rubbed my ass grease and began to develop her fingers. First, there walked one finger, soon to add to it a second and then a third. Sanya moaned loudly, feeling through my fingers Pasha thin partition. Making sure that the hole is ready to take my cock Pasha tipped me forward, almost put on Sanju so that my ass as much as possible up and sticking up. Sanya stopped for a time, leaving space for Pasha's action.
He entered cautiously, giving me time to get used to the two members of the powerful in my hole. When the discomfort passed, I began to sing podmahivat. This was the signal for the boys, and they are just like broken loose. They fucked me violently, quickly went into the rhythm and be accustomed to each other. It was a blissful sense of power over the two males, my clitoris rubbed against pubis Sani, forcing me to balance on the edge between reality and nirvana.
Ten minutes - fifteen such breakneck jumps ended my stormy orgasm, it was the most powerful and bright orgasm in my life, from my pussy flood of love juice. Under wet horny pussy squelch my stallions had finished at the same time unable to hold back any longer, and the apartment echoed the roar of two males pours his seed in one female.
Exhausted Pasha literally rolled off me and Sanya gently took me to himself and put a number on the rug. Irisha immediately crawled over to me and began to lick my ass is not yet closed and pussy licking seed left in me two men. She launched fingers alternately in the pussy and ass and a tray to my mouth, sharing with me a delightful nectar of love.

My Women. Part one. Olga.

I Magikov I translator. Mobile games translate from English into Russian. I also love rap. And among the rappers call me RaraDon.
Rara is why I once united all the warring clans rappers, and by the word of Don Don Giovanni. And despite the fact that I'm only 27 years old, female, I had a lot.
But first things first:
I work in a large department store. I wholesale prices so customers have very much, as the queue. In one of these queues, there was a blue-eyed girl with short hair. Cute on the attractive face and a beautiful figure. When I like someone, I start immediately "company seduction". This reflex has become my automatic.
And now, looking at her, I began to show her that I liked it, but only with the eyes. When she noticed my gaze, I, in turn, evaluated the eyes of her figure. It was enough, the fact that she knew that I liked. The queue somehow quickly fled and I was left alone with her and her mother.
While I was packing the goods, which they took, among other things, I asked:
- This is your daughter or sister?
- This is my daughter - she replied with a smile.
- Daughter of you beautiful - I said - just like her mother.
- Thank you - the woman said - for your compliment.
The girl herself was silent and gloomy.
- And it's in your beauty not in the mood?
- Her birthday today and her boyfriend will not be able to come.
- Mom - finally spoke up girl - Shut up why you need to tell him that.
- Come Olga - the woman said - What is this.
- Birthday is a good thing - I said, choosing the most expensive box of chocolates, I handed them to Ole - Happy birthday.
After that, I only saw her a week later. She was standing near the door and waited until the eternal place in my shop does not scatter.
And here we are alone. She came in with the words:
- Hi, how are you?
- Thank you like yourself? - I said - As last birthday, your boyfriend come?
- No, I do not come, and to hell with it, how many you have to work?
- Well, somewhere to eight, but what?
- Come in Black Park, I'll wait for you.
Reply I could not, the room filled new line wave.
Black Park was an ordinary park, just in some of its corners was a little light. From this park and nicknamed black. I was looking for Olga did not last long. She sat in front of the stage, with his girlfriend. Olya introduced us to each other. About thirty minutes later we were sitting together, chatting about various nonsense.
Finally, we were alone.
- Come on, find a secluded place where no one would notice - I said.
- What for?
- Well, that did not prevent us to communicate
- I'm here and no one bothers to - she said.
I stood up and held out his hand:
- Come kitten - I said - do not be afraid, do not bite.
I said it kindly, I know from experience, it works best.
We found a very dark place, where we could see everything, but we could not see. He sat down on a bench and sat her on his lap, hugging her waist. The conversation was commonplace and on different topics. During the dialogue, my right hand was suddenly on her abdomen.
She looked at me sternly. I went on to tell her different stuff, but at the same time stroking her tummy on a special technique. She did not understand, from what will be excited. She laid her head on my shoulder, closing his eyes at the same time.
"The process has started" - I thought.
For none of us spoke. Only her strained sighs were heard.
The time has come for the next step. I raised my hand up and put under the bra. Breast she was average, which is quite acceptable in my hands. I massaged her breast, too, by a special technique, not hurting her nipple. So, I did the same with the second breast.
- Undo button in his pants - I told her.
She obediently did what I told her.
Now my left hand to take her breast and right arm went down under the pants under the pants.
I have not yet said that her lips were puffy and attractive. And since I knew her a little, my first thought was of her mouth debit.
I do not like to take risks with strangers and try to be extremely careful. Plus, I have a condom was not. So, what if I want a blow job this evening, I have to bring it to such a state that she was ready to do whatever I want.
The left hand was massaging her right breast, without hurting himself nipple. With your right hand, I tugged by a special technique the base of her clitoris. I myself have not touched the clitoris, as this I'd ruined everything.
She writhed on me and with a loud moan.
- I finish now - she whispered
"Still would" - Thought - "Any finish of this massage".
- Do you want an unforgettable orgasm? - I asked
- Yes - she whispered - I want to.
I pulled his hand out of her pants and left her alone in the chest and said:
- Bring yourself in order.
She looked at me puzzled.
- Come on kitty - I said gently - if you want an orgasm.
She buttoned pants, straightened bra and looked at me, eyes full of fire. Well, so I brought it to the desired state, and while she did not finish, will do everything that I say.
- Let's go find another dark place - I said to her,
They searched for a long time, almost all the dark places were occupied.
In principle, the bench I did not need at the moment. Therefore, I started her behind the bushes. Trees in the park were long-term and large trunks. Man with my complexion, for this tree is difficult to see. It is for this tree, I stood up, unzipped his fly and pulled out his solid by the time a member.
- Suck - I told her.
She looked at me with those eyes, as if she had not said it.
- Do you want an unforgettable orgasm? - I asked
She shook her head, according to.
- Then suck and unbutton a button on his trousers.
It seems that the idea that it's all done for her orgasm, she added to her courage. She undid the button on his pants and awkwardly picked up my cock.
- Stick with one hand under his pants and start to caress her clitoris - I ordered it.
She did as I said, with his eyes closed. It was evident that she was not the first time to masturbate.
- Now, take into your mouth my dick.
She is obedient, I took my rod in her mouth and began to suck clumsy.
So really it is a novelty for her. Damn, with the lips and not be able to suck. I took her head and began to just fuck her in the mouth. She slightly resisted, but eventually gave up.
- Squeeze the sponge tightly - I told her.
She began to like it, it is itself moved towards my cock, from what I got into her mouth deep enough.
Hand masturbating clitoris, began to move faster, it indicates that it will soon be over. I stopped his movements, she looked at me questioningly.
- Continue to caress the clitoris - I told her - and just suck the member base. She nodded and pounced on my cock. Member was a member of her mouth just before the bridle and back.
- Kitten, I'll finish it - I said.
She pushes his head quickly, his hand caressing the clitoris in time with the head speed. Just a couple of movements and flow of semen poured into her mouth.
- Swallow - I ordered it.
She swallowed all smacking, hand caressing the clitoris stopped abruptly. She trembled and clung to me, at the same time have a soft dick went deep into her mouth. When the ecstasy she passed, she got up and began to give himself up.
- I'll kill you - she said
I smiled, all my women had said this after orgasm ...
At home, when I recorded all the adventures in her diary (blog in my computer) I'm already sweating at the thought. At fifty paces from the tree of which I was, I was a special police department, who keeps order in the park.
But thank God everything worked out ... and we have never seen ...

Julia - 2 House in the village

Although there was April, the street was still cold, and in the woods, and even more so. Father to heat the hut, but the old, rotten logs do not retain heat.
All the days that we spent in the village, I did not sleep well. Aching body, I could not get warm. But the main reason is that I was afraid. He did not touch him and almost did not talk anymore. He even almost did not drink - slept a lot, walked through the forest, engaged in some petty cases. But I knew it was only a reprieve, felt that the sentence has already been passed. He just waited. I do not know why: the right moment, mood, or when the drag on my wounds. A healed me like a dog. I do not know whether to good ...
That day he did not go long. Lying in the dark, I could not sleep, and listened to all the sounds in the house. My intuition climbed again and whispered: "Today! Today!". Strange, but I almost did not feel fear. On the contrary, I wanted to make it quickly ended. I finished off the unknown darkness. I could not more so.
He entered the room with a candle. I think it would be superfluous to say what he seemed exhausted, broken girl, expecting violence. He approached slowly, steadily, savoring every step. Right before bed, she stopped, lit a candle on the dresser, and he sat down and began to stroke my head:
- You became very beautiful, Yulia. Just like mom. You're not listening to me, really strayed from the hands. You must be educated in severity, so that you did not become some ....
His hand moved lower, first on the neck, then to his collarbone, then the chest. The old calico shirt bad hid my small breasts. He went on to say:
- You must respect your father. To love and honor. In all obey him, do whatever he tells you. You understood? - He asked, while strongly pressing my chest. The pain and surprise, I just gasped. And he immediately slapped me close up:
- Answer me when I ask!
- Yes - I was finally able to answer. And he continued to stroke, slowly, carefully. He was on his stomach, but did not take off the shirt and stroked through it. Moved on the thigh, then just below the bottom of the shirt and felt pulled up just as slowly. I closed my eyes, not to see his expression. It seemed to me terrible. heard:
- Raise your hands. I raised. He took off his shirt and threw it somewhere in the darkness. He rummaged around in me:
- You're already quite large. No matter how many years. It is necessary to look at the body.
Chest hair. You're already quite large. You can have .... I can already. I listened to him as if spellbound, until he felt that his legs somewhat confused. Lowered his eyes - he was pulling off my panties, and another moment they in the same place and shirt - in the darkness beyond my existence. And his hands were all over her body - chest, abdomen, tighten the buttocks, climb between her legs. I knew it was bad. Better beat. There all is clear, and here is bad, it is terrible. I got sick. He climbed on me, pinned to the bed. I am no longer anything to see or feel but him. Everywhere he his hands. He breathed into my neck. He began to make movements back and forth, something depended somewhere near the hip. Breathing became deeper, hands down below between the legs, began to breed them. I felt something between our bodies. And then the pressure - something to get into me. I'm mad, began to break out, I wanted to cry - she could not make a sound. Finally, at least a wheeze. Hand Put-las, covered half of his face:
- Shut up. Whisper directly to the ear. Pressure stronger. He began to enter. And then the pain, pain, pain. He moved back and forth, back and forth, but no longer on me and in me. Long, long, it's been so long, I could not, I closed my eyes ...
It came to the fact that cold. I opened my eyes - it was already morning.
The whole day passed as usual, although there is - better than usual. He did not touch me, do not scold. And if they looked at me, eyes appeared very very unusual caress. Dinner, he warmed himself, and when I finished washing the dishes, my father came up and stroked my head and said:
- Go lie down, I will soon.
Like this. I'm certainly not flattered themselves with the hope that that night will not be repeated, but the heart is still pounding, and coming right back nausea.
He came very soon. Immediately towards me. He began to kiss, to feel the body. He pushed me to the bed. I lay down and watched as it removes the clothes. First shirt - powerful bared breasts all covered with curly hair. They were stiff and prickly to the touch - I knew it. Hair tapered towards the bottom. Father undid his pants and the first time I saw a naked man in full readiness. My eyes widened in alarm - he was great, it is not surprising that yesterday I was so hurt. Father chuckled:
- What do you like me?
- Yes. - I said, even though she was not sure of this. But I've realized it is necessary to be a good executive and maybe then it will not hurt so much.
Meanwhile, he approached me, climbed. Hand pulled my panties and touched his crotch.
- What are you dry? - Displeasure, he said. I still cringed, expecting a blow. But he just spat on his hand and rubbed between my legs. - Like this. - He kept repeating.
Once this was done, he went and put me in one motion. I waited for the pain, and they came, but not like yesterday. I'm wildly happy, and probably smiled, because she heard:
- Oh, you little bitch, but you train like when you tear up. He would know, he planted before. My smile faded. He apparently waited for a response. I wanted to tell the truth, it hurt me, disgusting, terrible. And I smile because on the verge of hysteria. Instead, I said: - Yes, Daddy.
He began to move. Soon I felt his throbbing arm of me and then something poured a stream there, right inside - he finished. He kissed me passionately, scooped up in his arms and turned to one side fell asleep ...
We spent with him in the village for almost 2 weeks. He said that it is to heal bruises. But I felt like it here - I'm always there, no one can do anything you want. Of course, fucking his own daughter in the eleven-year semi-abandoned house in the woods handier than in the city. Although I already knew, that the change of place of residence will not save me.
I have these two weeks, I discovered sex. Although it is, of course, an exaggeration. It always happened almost the same, monotonous and certainly without any caresses from him. I experienced pain almost constantly, as has never been done. But he did not care, he did not try to please me, it had a value of only his own lust for him. I was his maid and a sex toy in one. Do not say anything - well settled.
Someone may be interested in, I resisted. If interested, you imagine yourself a small, fragile girl and eleven burglar with his hands like a shovel, which is at the same time her only parent, breadwinner and protector, in short, everything in her little world. What could I? I felt that this is bad and shameful, but to fight - I even thought this did not occur. He was my father, my master. And if he Hoth elk do it with me, except I had a right to argue with?
To be continued.
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Rendezvous with Body Builder

Hey. My name is Madeleine. Many so call me, I ask them about it, I like that name. In fact, I'm actually a regular guy, but when the working day is over, and comes late in the evening or night, I like Cinderella turning into a beautiful princess named Madeleine. I take off all my clothes, rest up in the bathroom, and then open your secret closet and try on everything that is there, namely, women's clothing. There are little things that I have for a long time, and I am sorry to part with them, because they are dear to me, so there are obnovochki. I do all this trying on one by one, like to dress as a woman (I have many types of stockings, a huge selection of women's shoes, but all in high heels or platform; there outerwear for cool seasons, different blouses, skirts, pants, but not very modest - in short, I look around this stunning and sexy), as well as love to pose for the camera in all of this, often rented itself. Then something stop and sit down in front of the mirror doing a manicure, pedicure, make-up nanoshu and, of course, wearing a wig. I opened a bottle of wine or vermouth, and relax.
After midnight, I can go out and walk the streets of the city ... Turns idea that kakoy-nibud pretty lonely man on the street wants to come and meet with me, and heard on the masculine voice that I only half a woman, will not run away and not start yelling at you dirty words, but on the contrary, looking back that the street is empty, and no one will notice and does not know, he will stare and admire my feminine beautiful face, and take a walk with me a little longer and then maybe invite to yourself or I him on coffee and there. ... But this has not happened, as soon as the excitement of thought, and a couple of breaths like "Wow! Look what went Kral, tall, leggy! ". It's simple to be afraid even to approach such a splendid woman, fearing that she some steep. Probably few brave men left.
So, because of all that I said, I'm on the Internet on your favorite dating site, where a lot of people like me. And once I wrote the guy that wants to spend the night with me. His photo I liked immediately. He was a slim, handsome and pumped. He was an athlete. He introduced himself as Sasha, and that he is engaged in bildengom body and that he had a week of competition in my town. He invited me to a meeting, a date for the night. He wrote that he would have to stay in a hotel, and he would like to spend after the event with the night with me. I was excited. Such a beautiful and inflated guy, I like these. I immediately agreed. We agreed that I would come to him in the female form.
Then came the long-awaited evening. I finished work, went home, took a bath, dressed in the most beautiful lingerie that I've had, wore a blonde wig, turned the passionate make-up and went to the hotel. My biggest fears about the recognition of the essence of my men departed immediately on arrival at the hotel. My eccentric appearance, my cheeks a tidy, slim figure, beautiful and sexy women's clothing, my charming feminine gait did not give reason to doubt my femininity. When I came to the hotel, I was a little worried that the man did not recognize me, but when I walked in, I threw all doubts and confident gait walked to the service desk. They all looked at me, someone with strangeness, who with admiration. In fact, the girl 1 m 90 cm heels can cause conflicting conjectures. But I was in the evening is good ... I went to the counter and said that I was waiting in the room 417. I was led. I knocked on the door, and I opened the guy 30 years old, athletically built and charmingly handsome.
I passed my fears about recognition, but remained relatively fear my fate for the night, I was afraid that I had not been raped by a gang of men, and how I had not been captured in the photo or video. I came in
The guy introduced himself: "Hi, my name is Roman." He was very handsome, inflated and dressed in an elegant suit. he asked - "? Madeleine, if you do not want the wine." We drank wine, get to know better, and I did not wait a long time, I was already at ease, because we were the only ones in his room and wine already affected me. I suggested "Roman, too late, maybe it's time to go to bed?". Roman said that would not be bad, but he wants to offer me the last dance. I agreed. He put some plate with a slow rhythm, but I remember very well, and the theme, which sounded to me very much. Roman asked me to dance, we danced. Our bodies began to touch each other. I felt his already standing member on his hip, he pulled me to him, and our faces are facing ... I'm looking into his eyes, stretched her lips to his. We froze in a long kiss. Our lips and our tongues merged. Roman hugged my waist and I gently pressed his neck.
For two minutes we were kissing him passionately. And when I was ready to do everything that I and he wants to, I gently pulled away from him, and without ceasing to look into his eyes, sank to his knees in front of him, he unzipped his pants, prispustila his pants and ... seeing his huge protruding member slightly taken aback , looked into his eyes and then forgetting his doubts dipped it gently his mouth ... My gentle palm lightly stroked his hips, and my mouth slid over his hot and humid member ... Roman tried to breathe, but when you make a qualitative and very nice blowjob, it is hardly possible. I heard him nozzles. I started to drive with one hand on his groin, pat it gently squeezing the root of his penis. At the same time my lips slid from the head of the penis to its base: I have slightly opened her mouth to his cock expanded it himself, when already the whole head was in my mouth, I opened it to the wider to just slid over the penis, and only reaching the end, when the term was already all in my mouth, I clenched jaws tighter and made the reverse movement, tightly hugging her mouth member.
I then looked at with interest Romance, plant matter how he baldeet from my blowjob, then translated his view of his phallus, with all the passion and tenderness caressing his lips and tongue. In between ingestion member: I spent the tongue on the lower part, from the head to the testicles, swallowing whole egg into his mouth. All this time I periodically raised his languid and tender look at the Roman eyes. And he was not seen fake fire in his eyes, he did not expect such a nice blowjob supernatural. Roman then gently put his hand on my head, lightly stroking the ears, then spread them apart, unable to think like him to behave, or stick my head on the penis, or give me control of the member. Yes, I myself felt that such a first-class blow job I'm doing for the first time.
The current situation: a pleasant evening, wine, nice and handsome guy, and a very beautiful and delicious dick - I just moved. My passion and desire to be a girl to multiply the attractiveness and charm of Roman, his courtesy, good manners and courtesy to me. I felt that the novel is about to finish.
I began to change the tempo, then accelerating, then slowing the movement of his mouth on the boy. He suddenly grabbed my head frantically, probably so I would not have pulled out (as if I had not wanted him to cum in my mouth). I head jerky movements back and forth, gently gripping jaws member, wherein when his cock was in my mouth, I will gently spent on it tongue began to stimulate its eruption. Roman groaned loudly. I moved slightly, but was still sitting on his knees, put his hands on his hips, mouth moving over his cock. I moved the mouth intense, stimulating the rapid eruption. And Roman began to shiver, I realized that he was about to finish. I pushed her mouth at the same time handle nadrachivaya his penis. And a powerful flow of sperm ... threw me in the face. The main part of the sperm hit me in the mouth, as well as on the cheeks, eyes, and hair. But what got me on the lips, I do not spit, but instead became smoktat, the taste of his sperm I liked, I began to relish even lick members of the Roma. My lips were all in the semen, but it was so delicious, I became even more sought to suck cock. I did not miss a single drop of his spermochki. I began to lick his penis, with almost everything he had finished, it was in my mouth. I really liked the taste of his sperm. I was like obsessed, how I was doing blowjob, it gave me great pleasure, I did not want to keep up with his penis. I wanted to suck it more and more.
Then Romka weariness lay on the bed with his body entirely. I'm a little recoiling from its members, I lay down beside him, put her head on his chest, and his right hand on his hip, gently massaging his groin and testicles. I kissed him on the neck, sucking his nipples. His cock was instantly excited. I was the shrimp on the edge of the bed and took a member Romka entirely in the mouth, and then, realizing that he wants me in the ass, but I and most have really wanted to experience this beautiful and beloved by my dick in his ass. Romka got up on my knees, and stood behind me, he put his hands on my hips, and they seemed to flinch before his strength. I felt his hips as a strong man seizes me. His hands gripped my hips. I'm the one hand helped send his cock into my ass. I brought it to my hole.
It remains only to let his cock. I am most relaxed. Arched back, raised his head, and ... I felt like a member of the Roman comes into my already wet ass ... I began to moan. I was very pleased, I sagged very sexy, not only to please the Roman, I was very pleased and bend under this man. I am a very impressive and sexy curved. He wags his ass on his penis, rubbing rolls of groin Romka. Change of pace, then accelerating, then slowing down, turning his head and looking at how it works Romka. I wanted to make it to the limit. And I did it! (Imagine the front of a classroom, "girl", which is very erotic writhing back, hips, pelvis everyone on your penis, which is wholly owned by the rhythm and your member).
Roman so excited by this that broke down and clutched his arms around my waist. He began intensively to stick his cock my ass. I started to moan loudly ... He started to fuck me. That is what I wanted. I led him, he could not resist my sexual caresses. It is foolhardy to compress my waist with his strong hands, quick movements began to fuck my ass. I began to moan even louder: "ah-ah-ah-ah ... how I feel good ..." The novel of this already snorted. Member so quickly moved into my hole, it was very hot, I was losing my mind, I did not even notice that finished in front of him. I did not want to stop. I put her hands on the back of the bed and moaned Romka was moving very fast, my hole pinned ... "Oh, yes! Madeleine as I feel good, I love you! "- And with these words he immediately pulled out a member of my ass and powerful flow of his spermochki hit me right between the buttocks. She ran down my crotch. When sperm touched the hole, she even felt a slight coolness. Still, after such intense sex! My holes had to be a little chill. I ran a finger along the perineum, and to collect all spermochku caressed her with a minute hole. I felt like Roman tongue touched my ass. He kissed my cheeks, and even licked my hole a couple of times - I felt so good, his tongue was so cool and gentle.
I rolled over, got up on his knees, Roman was in the same position, he hugged me tenderly hugging my back, waist and neck. I gently kissed him on the mouth, as if thanking him for such a lovely evening. I leaned my head on his shoulder. Roman hands caressed my back and neck. I hugged him. We went without breaking the embrace. And ... I think I fell asleep when Roman woke up, he smiled slightly and roll all night in memory, this magnificent night, the table was a note:
"Honey, you're already awake. Thank you for this unforgettable evening, and for this great night. You were very gallant a man, and very charming as a lover in bed. I'll be you. You gave me a lot last night. I was with you very well, easily and naturally. I was pleased to be a woman for you. I found in your room some food, I made you a sandwich, they are in the kitchen. And you can lie in bed a little bit. After last night, you proved that you are a champion!
Kiss tenderly, Madeleine. "

The case of the aunt

This story happened to me recently in the village, where I went to my granny.
It so happened that at that time she was living her daughter - my aunt, whose name was Nadia. Of herself she was quite pretty woman of about 35 with dark short hair. Her large breasts makes me a 14-year old boy in a wild thrill and excitement. I must admit that I was before when he came to the village often peeping at her through the bath window, when she's washed, and then ran into the bushes for a bath, which, presenting her large breasts and pussy with dark hair, take his sperm out of a solid as the count , a member of the right on the ground.
So, this time it turned out that my grandma was admitted to hospital, what I did not even know, and as usual on the weekend came to the village. My aunt was there and already in the evening was going to go to the bath. I have previously imagined waiting for me half a day sight and walked with embarked member who through his pants pocket pressed against his stomach, so he aunt is not evident.
When she went into the bath, I hid under the window, and as usual quietly began to look. View, of course, was what. Aunt shampooed her large breasts, fell below the hand and drove his hand over her pussy. I stiffened member so much that I pulled it out of his pants and began to masturbate slowly. My aunt did not seem to notice me, and continued to spin in front of the window, and I quickly moved the flesh on the head and the trunk until he felt the pulsation. Suddenly aunt turned and looked at the window, I crouched down and crawled slowly from the bath to the side, hoping she did not notice me.
After my aunt came out of the bath, she went into the bedroom and lay down to rest in a light robe. I decided that she did not notice, and decided to continue observation. I sat in the other room so that her legs were visible and a little dark triangle between them, put his hand in his pants and began kneading member, which rose again after my escape from under the bath.
Suddenly my aunt called me and asked me to bring her a cup of tea, annoyed at the protruding member, I poured some tea in the kitchen, and he brought it into the room. Aunt is still lying in a robe out of which little was visible breasts, which immediately caught my attention.
Noticing my view, she said, do you still not considered, when in the bath spying on me. Shame I did not know what to say. Then she said that all the boys love to spy and that they like me gets up member. I'm confused and thought has to go, but she said, show me how it is you. I pulled off his pants and sticking my wet cock was in sight at arm's length from her face. Then she said, and you know that the boys have to lower the liquid from the bags that I have, and touched my testicles. I said in a hoarse voice, but then she took from the nightstand handkerchief wrapped it around my head and saying, let me help you, I began to drive his hand over my cock. From this, I spun in my head and I wanted to stand on tiptoe. Long he could not stand and let the discharge of his sperm in a handkerchief, which she tied me to a member. I have to go down almost a minute. At first she praised me and then looked at the sperm in a headscarf said she at you is too thick, and therefore yellow. You have often lower, and you risk becoming infertile from stagnation, and I'm somehow still help. Then he smiled slyly.
To be continued
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School debauchery

She told me once about a friend of his fantasies. From time to time in the dream of her torment erotic visions on school and violence. Dreams of those were vague and uskolzayuschi. Basically, it was forced (Nona much) nudity. We have long poobsuzhdali this topic, I told some stories that are known on the subject, and that would be all and ended, if neither surprising meeting.
After just a few months I met a married couple, originally from a very large Russian city. The wife in this pair was a sociable woman, and also a very loving frivolous topics. We drank hard, and in the end, I told my friend about fantasies, and I noticed that very often life surprises us more than the wildest fantasy. And the proof brought a story about a yard, where school-age boys dragged the girls in their basement labyrinths, where they were corrupted, and then laid on them a kind of sexual service.
My new friends have listened to me very interested. And in the eyes Darling (the name of a woman) lit devils in his eyes. Igor, her husband seems to have a lot of things could be noted in this regard, his eyes said: "I know, what you know is not given, but will not tell"! I was intrigued by the situation. Since after my story established a significant silence, as the couple looked at each other with smiles that touched me. Well, that at this point we have a good drink. I did not kompleksuya, I began to demand an explanation for such a meaningful smile. Mila finally gave up (I think that she herself sverbelo share), she just asked her husband: "Well, Che, tell"? The question at the time was simply to comply with visibility difficult delivery. Igorek nodded simply, it has already nailed to the couch konyachek. He, by the way, and soon fell asleep under the monotonous voices of his wife.
Mila also told me that's a story, try to pass it without ado, and in compliance with the narrator's style. And there's how it goes.
Well, it all started in the 6th grade. We had such Slavik, quirky kid, smart aleck, but terribly clever, and a born leader. He amassed around him a company of classmates, people 6-8. They indulged in all sorts of pranks, teachers build intrigues, others touched, and to us, the girls molested.
Once they stayed in the basement of the school after school, it is clear - smoke, and when they began to go through our floor, ran into Tomka A .. That class cleaned on duty, and just closed the office. The boys pinned her to the wall. Well, they indulged in before. Only this time Slavik wanted to have fun in an adult. He was the most advanced. And Vidic cassette watched pornographic cards brought to school. A more clear age arrived. In short, they said Tomochka that if she wants to return home safely, it must do all that he would say to her. And he gives the word for it that a gentleman would cost her.
Exit at Tomka something and did not. It is, in short, he nodded. Slavka in its class dragged behind him and jumped Bear Igorenya, big two, like his soldiers. And then Sasha and Tolia, pinwheels, where all there and they are. Tomka said Slavka, so everything below the waist and lifted him, then his hideaway demonstrated. But he assures that his hands to it, no one touches. Tomka crying, and undresses. She said then shame not become red, and purple.
In short, she was put on a chair, and she brought her feet on the desk on the sides. Banda this spectacle so spicy enough have a good laugh, and Tomka has had the most fingers sponge plant. They are "a gentleman" it has not been touched. Slavka then shoved all, and Tomka said, when she dressed her again will be called the next time. And so it does not show off, and then it will be worse. Fear, he was able to catch up, and even if it was a bluff. Only next time, he said Tomka, it will show them his "Thing" On the other hand, in the back.
The game is inspired by this band, and they began to no longer waiting for the case, but by the search for the victim. Girls, pretty, attractive in the class was on the strength of ten of the more than twenty. So only those interested in them. When on duty in the class were Mila M. and her neighbor's party, unsympathetic Tajik Gulya, Slavik, with three still his henchmen, began to watch for her. Tajik went first because cool her keys did not trust. And Mila caught when the key is in the lock became a paste.
Slavka clamped over her mouth, and Micah Igor feet and her hands clasped. So in class and dragged. Mila was umnichka. Everyone loved her, and she was one of the most beautiful girls in the class. Brown hair, curls to the middle of the back, face chiseled with breast skin. Eyes greenish blue. Her body was already well formed. Breasts of a bra, buttocks round, rounded legs. She's in the gym went up to the sixth, and then on athletics passed. Slavka her ear and breathes: "There is nothing you will not do, only listen, mouth and legs let go, and his hands will hold, yelling become - to give dyhlo"!
Mila them with the fear of looking, she later told me, so probably a sheep to a wolf looks. So Slavka her story with Tomko said, and she also offered to give up to them, and they it, they say, will let tselehonkim. At Milky nerves passed, she rushed out of the hands, ran to the door, shouting, but did not have time to open. We put her crucified guys on the desk and began pulling off her clothes. And at the same time and beat her fists in the stomach, hands on her cheeks, legs, ass. Milka cried bitterly, and she forbade Slavka said, will beat stronger, if not silent. Here she gave up. Resist stopped. And whimpered softly.
Kindled former gymnast on the desk. Forced to take the legs by the ankles, and 180 breed. Stroked her stomach and legs, boobs take, pussy paw. Then Slavka told her that he did not need to withdraw myself from them, so they would all peacefully the same and received, and Mila less troubles. And she nodded her head, but her face closed, afraid that will strike again. And in the end it Slavka said that it hurt will no longer, and will be protected, it should also be only occasionally, here are the services they provide. And while "Yes" He did not say, did not let her.
And they caught Tanyuha after the New Year.
The first day after the holidays. More and duty was not. Shreds keys from the staff took the pretext of something forgotten. A Slavik Mishka Igoreney and, as always, in an ambush hid around the corner of the corridor. They knew that Tanya will last into the locker room. She Micha after the last call stomping the entire portfolio, and textbooks on the floor wiped. In general, as it waited for the appearance, so just took a pen and dragged class. Tanyuha lass she was still. She herself up to the fourth grade with the boys playing "Show me". And about the fact that everything, everything showed us, the majority (of her girlfriends), told. By the middle of the sixth, it was the highest in the class, thin and flat. Copper-red hair, always in a ponytail gathered and green eyes and gray. On her older boy would not have looked, and our loved her face.
Tanya did not have long to explain what is expected of her wish. She even began to flirt. And where it was said to her show, she willingly turned, and touched prepend unquestioningly. Slavka this time Misha sent to collect the whole gang. And nine of them crammed into the office. So far, it has not peretrogali, Tanya was not released. So she spent in the classroom for two hours. By the way, she was the first girl and then blabbed about it all. Such a temper she had. Language does not know how to keep his mouth shut. They laughed over it all, but pretty girls were cautious, and many hold out for long.
Just before I got to them, the week before the holiday - 23 February. I loaded the class fool public instruction, to prepare gifts to men boys holiday. Yeah, the boys, they already members of the adult sizes, and stood, so much so that they would have ... any Maryvanna plant could not be worse than an adult man. In general, parents' committee has brought to us after school three boxes of souvenirs. And we have two Ludmila - M. and S., dragged them into the room, hiding in closets. Something was terribly restless Milka, I would think at least a little, and I'm on monthly written off, thought began.
I must say that I was at that time in the classroom was the most precocious. One Tanya was above me. The bra I wore a third dimension. Legs stroynenkie, okruglenkie, ass balls rolls. Hairstyle my mother made in adult barber shop, short, terribly fashionable. From the 8th to me boys even glued. At one point, the door to the plowing, Slavka bursts and with him another five. I got used to their antics and was not afraid. Only surprise she shuddered. And Mila all shook.
I fear it too soon to convey. Because they started to surround us, as in a fight do. And Slava still called Mila to her. She went to him, well, as penalty. Steel remaining tightly around me, so that the run has been nowhere. And I look at her friend, and really I became scared. I decided to rape. Slava Milo nodded his head and tells me that I can not be afraid of anything, if I, as the rest of the girls to behave prudently. A lovely, they say, has long been a good girl, and because she is nothing wrong do not. And he told me immediately that these girls do. And it has turned out that they seem to very much. I was immediately asked to verify the veracity of the bandit leader.
Mila, according to his sign, began to undress, naked on the desk and sat down. Legs divorce, as she ordered, paw prepend themselves anywhere, sponge fingers bred and showed the hole. I was the first time in his life felt so got, although the words did not know this. I suddenly wanted to also show all the boys themselves. And in the next moment I was terribly scared of this idea. And laugh or cry.
The whole crowd to Mielke, of course, gushing. Only the big man, Bear and Igor next to me were, and took the hand, like in the movies about the police. As soon as one cute enjoy oneself, to me the basement. I, therefore, give an ultimatum to Slavik. Either I voluntarily gave them, or are they all take, but it will be worse. And if you give up, it gives me a choice. (It had been such notions of fairness). I can only get undressed to the waist, but they will play with my tits. Or completely undress, and all show, even posture will take what is ordered, but to me nobody touches.
I somehow did not think, most of all afraid to be naked in front of them. "Boob choose"- I blurted out quickly, still make a fuss with me. Mila, a friend, and remained naked on the desk, she was not allowed to dress. She looked at me and sitting with her legs spread. And I was feeling the winner, school dress unbuttoned. Then he pulled out from the top of one arm with the shoulder, then the other, and dress my waist moved down. Bra unbuttoned, tits and jumped.
The roar of admiration flattered me, honestly. I even somehow strashnenko priyatnenko-warmed in the back and between the legs. My breasts touched all climbed excitedly, I nearly collapsed under their pressure. But Slavka order quickly brought. Listen to his amazing unquestioningly. They began to approach me one by one, and each Slavka given 5 minutes to play with my breasts. At the end of the most recent to me he went. I'm already on their touch was surprisingly pleasant warmth spread in the chest, then in the stomach, then some kind of languor came between her legs. And when I became Slavka squeeze nipples and breasts, I even regretted that he "a gentleman" honest, and why not in my hand puts panties.
In different combinations, we show the boys staged the whole end of the winter and spring. After me "casualties" Valya caught, excellent student and good girl, Larissa, beautiful shkodnitsa that cops and robbers preferred classics. Natasha J., fashionista and pioneer of cosmetics. Olga P., athlete, champion in his age in swimming, basketball and volleyball. Ended May and Slava decided "finish" standing, in his understanding, the girls, whom he had not yet accustomed to their dirty games. And there were two World B. (the only one in the class with divorced parents) and Kate L., recently from the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful woman. The whole week we Slavka scare and intimidated before the appointed Saturday "farewell ball". So we were all ready to go at least in a gas oven, but would have left alone. I can not speak, which we then showed obedience. A script from him, that's what has turned out.
After school and Saturday - a short day, we have eight pieces (sorry, so in the narrator), we went into a cool room, where someone on the list was on duty that day. Behind us there and then we went all Slavkina pals: Sasha, Shreds, Oleg red bear Stas, brand new Pasha, cruel boy Kostya, cornstalk Andrew and two other Vova. And Slava with his everlasting artists Mishka and Igoryok, hid in a closet with the light and Katya. In the closet all the cool stuff was stored, and the ceiling was a long, narrow window. They are there broken chairs framed, and the girls gave a look that will be. It was he who, under the pretext of their great mystery to lure them to their curiosity and caught. They thought they where secrets will open such that all be jealous, and they will turn up their noses. Secrets were really that necessary. Only here the continuation of what followed, they were not expecting.
While they were there five of dust swallowed, while we boys, as always naked. To each his own, as Slavik opened. Tomka dress and removed her cancer began, the face on the desk, legs spread and his hands placed on the buttocks, if ordered what else to push. Milka undressed and climbed on the desk, cords do. Tanyuha, cornstalk, as always, naked in the hands of the guys climbed. Well, I was there as usual, his chest out, and on a chair in the corner was attached, who will get necessary. Valya, the achievers, such pyshechka nice, I think, by the time the talk went. It's like doing your homework thoroughly and immediately undressed, she folded her little things, hung neatly, and then with a sugary smile to Andrey Vovk and to hand it to him was not indifferent. Larisa, snorting with displeasure ostentatious, all undressed slowly, wanted to show that she was alone here involuntarily. She was given to quickly understand who she is, Shreds and Stas, which is not removed, tore at her, elbows on the desk under the belly laid. Feet apart, and rushed ... Natasha Olya on a recent whim of Fame each other undressed, hands tangled, clothes unbuttoned prevented, and who was standing next to them laughed, as they undressed each other had to touch instead of boys. They strongly reddened, his eyes were hidden, but I already felt that it is very had to taste.
Tighten the carousel that what should have been called an orgy. It is much later I learned this word, and then I said to myself: group floss. Hour or two was enough heat in our boys, they then still at large were not ingenious, and Slavik no longer allowed. We have gathered belongings and go home. Then the ambush of the closet and crept to the place of the departed.
Slavik, girlfriends come round, shocked by the spectacle, not given. And once they gave as all the girls were intermingled to such cases, and that they, and Svetochka Katechka also to lead and shown all is not in vain, and to know what is required of them. And then they have everything, everything that they saw themselves portray.
Something that day Slavka was evil. He used his spare victims of such steep penalty is not imposed. Well, Svetik with Katusha in snot and tears, undressed, and were laid on the desks in all positions, in the arsenal of the rapists were. Then fingers are tried everywhere on the body. A Svetik - mama's daughter, always dressed, always neat, with Mama's pies for lunch. What is it! But she grew up, rather big breasts to outline feet - sight for sore eyes. The hair always combed waves of red light on the back, like a cat's eyes ...- green, looking defiantly. Katya, may not have to worry. Her family is poor. And until recently it at all in the class nobody noticed. The girls were not friends, the boys at her side did not look. Only changes have recently become apparent. Stretched, although thin, but the legs are round, plump breasts, despite the thinness, prettier face. Scythe stupid black, brushed, beautiful hair down to his shoulders made. True eyes remained timid and not expressive. Yes, they even then, as with Olenka Natochka forced together hugging and licking.
It must be said that the time for the end of the school year, guys tasted the taste of kisses, and then their full-snatching. So after their lesbian scene, the girls an hour they meet aspirated.
In fact, the idea, and had to result in the 6th grade. And those shameful scenes ever sink into the recesses of school history. But that's just a feature of our class that Slava and his thugs, and remained the unofficial ruler of the class, and, returning after the summer holidays, has built other plans, not like we were building.
Starting School in September, I remember how I was surprised by the changes that have taken place with all the guys. So we just called and they were then. Slavka all outgrown, even long Tanyuha was half a head taller. And his henchmen Igorenya with Meehan generally matured, adult men looked like. Well, the rest of the same song. I did not really thought about that, and the girls in their eyes had to undergo significant changes.
If shorter, straight from the 3rd of September, when the study, Slavka, with the his entourage, took me, Katka yes, yes Valka in the basement. And there all last year happened. As if there was no interruption, as if we do not change as if not all grown up by one class.
I'm with the girls, without saying a word, began to resist giving. We have in mind discos, dating, romance, kissing, clothes in magazines, flirting with high school students, as they are with their valve and inspections, as in kindergarten, I swear. Only Slavka from our furious resistance, and after him all his bandits. Beat they have soundly on Valcke expensive clothes broke, me at his sides form has gone. In Katka only intact all of the clothes left. In general, they have completely perelapali, admire, and all hold hands, do not let go.
In the basement of the benches stood along the walls. We whine, sit, walk away hunting. And they died down, and so we slowly stroke, but potselovyvayut. In short, after a while it became this thing like a date. We just sat naked. I was on my knees Stas, he became even healthier, a sort of bear. And next close Slavka himself sat and played with my tits. Katka is kept between Bear and Igor, and Val whimpered on the lap of Oleg.
Like all abated, I was pleased that the glory of me so tenderly stroking and polapyvaet, and I liked it even then, to be honest. It is he was a nice person. So when he began to kiss me, I answer him and start. Maybe with me an example taken, and they may also themselves well was only Katka and Valya, too, the guys began to hug and snuggle.
How much time has flown by, I do not remember. Stas hurried on business. He patted me on the cheek and said that he was taking me to his girl. I was so flattered. I even standing naked in front of everyone, blurred happiness. I have seen all sorts of pink elephants. Dressed we somehow, Slava made sure there was no sign of special tracks. Stas he sent to the teachers say that the girls got into a fight, it's to justify clothes torn. We then reprimanded for it endured. We asked him, promised not to say anything, but did not agree, he said, that we will be a lesson, and he himself without cover never leaves.
It was after this, and away we go. How is it with other cost - I do not know, but apparently easier than with us. Became a regular meeting after school or in the classroom, or in the basement, sometimes in the athletic locker room. Girls usually have from three to six people. The boys somehow hobbies all dismantled. I Stas always Milka Igor, Valya Mishka and so on. Very rarely it happens that the guys have changed, but it happens. We are very much accustomed to sit naked in the campaign. And how come so undressed immediately, knowing why we are here.
Then the meeting began to take place in our homes. We began to celebrate birthdays, and not with a cake and lemonade, but with wine and cigarettes. The girls did not smoke, did not like this Slavka, and the boys are all as one. Once so we do all gathered. Ten of the girls and boys of eleven or midnight. We walked in the country, can not even remember who was the birthday. Well, that was the first time and learned some of us, that is sex. Those Days have become cold, generally already in the cottages was empty. I am with Slava secluded in the annexe, on mattresses, blankets yes. Everything was as usual. Once we were alone for the first time.