A friend of my mother

Catching snowflakes softly sinking cap with a gray-blue sky, and extruding snow boots, I was heading to my mother's friend. The sun hardly pierced its rays unevenly distributed across clusters of clouds and falls to the ground created a dull lighting in the street. I was depressed mood, so faint twilight me completely satisfied and did not interfere with the internal reflections. Crunch seconds counting steps away to the house rising above the corner. And standing in front of the door with paint peeling off, I took two fingers on the cold iron bolt pyrnuv picked it up and went into the courtyard gate.
Who would know how I did not like is now knocking on the door to answer the hostess on her idiotic inquiries and maintain a conversation with her about her family, as is usually the case in thirty women to meet the sons of her friends, but if the moon sleep yet started drumming his knuckles on tree. He heard quiet steps of bare feet on the floor. Clicking the lock and opened the creaking of bolts and fired warm air irruptive smoky fog from home. White translucent nightie and transmitting light in the places where the contours of the face began to plot a slender figure, opened the young full-blown round shape body.
I saw the owner of the house. She was uninhibited, and it is not confused by the fact that before it was a capable man, having been with the naked covered with only a veil. Moreover hidden under a thin cloth over his chest bumps strongly bulged, and just below the belly adhering nightie let a drop of the white leg, which rolled shining on the cold floor. Everything pointed to the fact that she was excited. Looking at me for about fifteen seconds, obviously coming to his senses, she put on her coat on the body flushed.
- You are the son of Nastasya Petrovna? - She looked at me a little bit at the sight of opuskavshimisyasya corners of his eyes.
- He's - I said, smiling widely.
- This package cords for video recorder?
- Yes.
- Well then let me please them, and yet.
"But how can that be - I thought to myself - always as what some blurred woman, she will torment you an hour and then got prepared pretty female and she did not even let into the threshold, so that I admired her a little nudity. However, there is another little idea.
- And you will be able to install them then?
For a moment she thought, but then obviously displeased the layouts Come muttered. Leaving me in the doorway, where the orderly was women's shoes and clothes hanging the different characters she moved into the house by removing the coat and showing little white legs turning into big rounded hips under the nightgown clinging to him. Quickly releasing the leg and took off the jacket, I pushed open the door and found the body in a mansion girlfriend. Five paces turning his head to the right to see the mistress, who looked at me wide-eyed and furious with her hands under the table, that there kept. Pretending to be dropped his keys, he lowered his head and sat down on a stool saw widely spaced legs between which nothing was seen naked black silk hair, and in the wet fingers are tends to excite the bosom purple falominator. She was very indignant at such borzost and issuing a first then a scream, she got up quickly and ran to the room where the TV and once again she was gone.
The TV was a new type of so I do not stood taking out the two cords to plug them in color shtekiry. After finishing his work netrudo¸mkoyu I called the hostess that only through thirty seconds appeared in the doorway. Walked, she decided to check the economy created things me and once I bent rear to push the power button. Between the two hemispheres of the priests clearly narisovyvaetsya two perpendicularly arranged swollen and reddened lips sex.
Taking flushed body, sharp and decisive movements of lifting Region nightgown and wrapped around soft and warm thighs hips ostervenevshy I introduced the term in the gap, which hlyupnuv easily missed foreign body. Feeling profusion lubricant released from the crotch without passing revolutions began rhythmically pounding pelvis by uttering a soft ass spanking and blowing on her wavelength. Mistress angry, but after failing to overcome a fierce desire to leave me alone moaning spread her legs wide and stopped enjoying sex. I grabbed sweaty fingers became like two cherries nipples began twisting them, and touched his lips to kiss her back through the wet cloth. At the same time connecting elastic abdomen with soft circular movements pubis member head massage the muscle wall of the vagina, which with each passing second everything with great pressure acting on the hard penis.
Unleashing thimbles burgundy with his hand on a hot, blood clitoris rubbed the skin and after resuming the tempo, pounding his hips with greater amplitude at the hostess, vtalkivaya the entire length of the sexual organ. Girl uttering loud bursts of groans, thin handle sticking out his palm tried to hold my revolting body works. But nerves are located on the head of the penis, impulsiruemye hot abundantly soaked vaginal wall, sent the blessed electric shock level that produced in me adrenaline and concentrated sperm in my testicles making me immune.
Feeling the flow is matched to the base member, I drove deeper hugging a wooden post with his hands crossed in belly hostess let the stream of viscous hot liquid into the fold. Holding tightly trepechuschuesya body stranger, he kept half-minute gap in napolennoy vyadshy member. Pulling out and disconnecting from the finished grip departed mistress. She depicting evil grimace slapped a hand over my face.
- And if I tell your mother? A? What then? Well, that's that - she said, calming down - since it began doved¸sh me through to orgasm. I got it?
- I got it.
Then she fell to her knees bent and plunging member of the target scarlet lips with one hand on the palm holding the testicles and the other clutched at the base of the penis and dipping it in your mouth start podrachivat. I sat down on the sofa, his hand gently took away the hair from her forehead. The warmth and comfort provoke the mouth organ, and he tryas head of the palate and cheek started to get up. From the vagina at this time white viscous droplets oozing nevpitavshayasya uterus sperm, falling to the floor, creating a small puddle. Looking at me from under his brows and smacking hostess freed penis and tongue rising in my stomach closed my my lips with his. Legs apart and picking up the penis, cleaned up and planted himself on it. I felt the swamp of mixed juices, which are creating space for the penis, I broke up. Crotch pohlyupyvaya and sometimes throwing himself from a liquid all the same start to narrow. Grabbing the owner's shoulders and lifted her, I made a long deep frictions party, after which and without giving me finish hostess narrowing and squeezing thigh muscles jumped.
-Well, that is - to reproach I said.
Stranger is down on the carpet and sat down on all fours with his legs wide apart Potro purred his ass and tap his right hand on the lips sex called me. I am a member of the pierced Having closed the gap, resumed the pace sotresaya body skin on the thighs and abdomen. The girl came to orgasm, because the vagina penetrated liquid that occurs in females during konchaniya. Without asking the landlady, pulling the wet dick I pressed his hands on the soft velvety white hemisphere, introduced into the anus penis. make a loud "Oh" mistress yet obeyed and panting chuvtvuya the pope ogno start to catch it and swallow became a wooden, sexual organ. Once again, piercing the dense muscle, I realized that he had come to the climax and exhaling heavily squeezed out of the penis in the ass sperm leftovers. When finished, we got up, a kiss passionately parted.

Ekaterina Pavlovna and boy

Ekaterina Pavlovna, slender and attractive brunette thirty-eight years (although it gave no more than thirty) was, as they say, a prosperous "Business lady". Great work, great income, a lot of subordinates. Divorced ten years ago, my husband hindered his career. For these were ten years and admirers and lovers and "dates" people. In general, Delhi went up the hill at full speed.
However, ... more than a year ago, it happened for the first time ... How would mildly? . . attack. Catherine herself called it obsession "female hysteria"Although exactly know and tricky title this disease and the reasons for its cause, but it is preferred that name.
Once a half or two months, on Friday night, she took an old friend a used "six", Called Bor about the apartment and go on "hunting".
The essence of this operation is as follows: "filling out" on the face causing a little makeup and dressed on sexuality, Katherine chose any supermarket (if only away from home), bought it cheap eatables. Load a bunch of packages and bags Katya started "shoot the eyes" around in search of young people, sometimes even two. Then I asked for help to bring it all to the car and then drive it home to again drag food to the apartment. She rarely refused. And then ... then everything was "business technology". They indulged in mad sex. Every time Catherine thought became more sophisticated and bawdy, until, finally, she did not understand what she wanted.
And today she was looking at the crowd not slender young boy, namely hlyupkogo snotty kid. Soon, this was found: a lean, lanky, seventeen years old, face acne. Kate even shuddered in disgust.
In its request for assistance from the first boy wonder hatched eyes devouring the stately figure of a strange woman, and then nervously began to gather packages.
To persuade him to ride "to hut" it was easy. That's flat. Catherine gently invites guests to enter the room. He embarrassed and twitching from the strain flops into a chair.
- Beer? -sprashivaet it is not waiting for an answer opens a bottle standing on the coffee table, click the remote control Vidic and excused flutters in the kitchen -razobrat packages.
He sits and smokes, listening to the quiet sobs and moans coming from the room. She knows that Vidic is fierce porn and smiling face is bewildered pimply boy. After waiting five minutes, Catherine returned briefly before he noticed the boy instantly throws his legs, trying to hide an erection. She clasps her hands in amazement and off the VCR. He mumbles an apology and, as if to make amends, offer a drink of brandy.
The guy is so stunned that had happened, that volley pours a full glass. Katerina pours more and, again apologizing, goes to the bathroom.
So! Down suit, get your bra and panties! Body only belt and stockings. All! Down Ekaterina Pavlovna! Now she Katya -Katerina: slut and whore frank ... Taking off the shelf gley Katerina grease lubricated good crack and its rear opening.
They respond to all its "exit" -chut little differently. This, for example, jumped from his chair, rolled his eyes and blushed so that ugly pimples on his face turned into a purple lanterns.
After a few steps, Catherine paused slightly and slowly began to sink to his knees, while undoing the button and zipper on his filthy jeans.
Jerk prispustila jeans with shorts, she smell it!
My God! This guy probably did not wash for a week! -shevelnulos in her soul pious "I".
"Excellent! I retorted she herself - the greater will be your humiliation ... "
The boy woke up and tried to pull away. Kate held him, and parted his lips began to approach his hard dick.
"Not very big and not very thick ... -melknulo slight disappointment. -But Clear virgin!"
Free hand, she tilted adhering to the stomach member. Quietly, as if afraid to frighten off, he licked the skin of a hidden head. Then slowly she ran her tongue along the barrel. At the same time her hand slid down pulling the skin. The smell of unwashed bodies became even stronger.
Ekaterina Pavlovna had many men: washed clean and not very good, frankly dirty and sweaty, but it seemed to all of their members were almost the same taste. But the boys! Boys smelled completely different ...
No longer able to contain himself, Kate swallowed bared head. The tongue promptly ran through the rim. Again and again.
Kate raised her head looked at his partner. She liked to watch how the expression of these boys. Confusion gives way to amazement, surprise gives way to the realization of what is happening, and the pleasure comes soon.
Katya tried with might and main: swallowing a member almost entirely retreated to the head, licked it and make a new entry. Her rhythm began to speed up. Another approach, again, finally in her mouth literally flooded with a warm liquid.
How she loved that moment! Opened his mouth, so as not to choke Katka swallowed and swallowed this wonderful nectar, her left hand and walked along the trunk squeezing every last drop.
Sensing that this last portion, slag did not swallow and, imitating the porn actresses, tongue forced a seed to your lips. Cum slowly ran down his chin.
Spacey from the incident guy flopped into a chair, and Katka continued performance. Leaning on his left hand, it is widely spread her knees and leaned back. The right hand began to wander around on a shiny pussy lubrication.
No, she was not going to excite yourself, it sufficed for this very situation, just the experience of Katka already knew that such boys missing only a few minutes to their weapon again gained momentum.
And so it happened. While punk looked chin poured semen on the open pussy and back again, his dick again took a fighting stance.
Miss this chance was a sin, and Katya, sliznuv remnants of sperm from his chin, tossed in turn their luxurious legs on the chair, planted with delight on the insurgent member.
Now to the brat came the fact that he's not just jerking my dick, huddled under a blanket, and fuck a real woman! He suddenly rudely and painfully grabbed her breasts and tried to "take the initiative in their own hands".
Katya did not resist. She stopped and only podmahivat clenched and unclenched muscle. A lad tried in all! His pimply face just did glowed with pride! To play along with him Katerina moaned and began to wheeze:
- Come on! More more! Yes-ah. . Well, well ... Fuck me well! Fuck ...
To her surprise, the boy suddenly arched, rolled his eyes, and with such force squeezed her breasts, she screamed in pain. But the jerk did not pay any attention and continued to carry it on, as if trying to drive it not only a member, but the eggs into the bargain! Unable to endure the pain she was about to punch on the face of the arrogant, when man himself pushed her and Catherine fell on her back, she hits her head. In the eyes darkened. The pain and surprise she did not realize that this morel says something to her. Finally she realized:
- Come here, bitch! Suck me Looks like he was proud of himself to the impossibility.
He wants her humiliation? Well! She herself wanted the same! Katya, crawled to him.
It has not yet begun to fall was a brilliant member of its secretions and semen. Ingratiating looking into the eyes of the boy, as if embarrassed by Katerina timidly licked sticky trunk once, twice, but then, no longer able to deal with the surging desire dug into the head, sucking the sperm.
Now she's really turned into a lustful bitch. Her tongue ... and greedy mouth full head and treated, and has not become soft shaft of the penis. Right hand itself plunged into a sticky semen on the crotch.
The boy squirmed and moaned, but she knew, still far from the next ejaculation. Even young body needs time to recover. But the flesh of the woman has demanded satisfaction. At Catherine, as they say, Nakata. She did not want to just fuck and hard and violent rape. Let this pimply Whipper, who are unlikely to pay attention to peers, will carry out all their dirty and low desire. And if you will not guess about anything, she tells herself.
"Today will be a real orgasm!" -one is felt.
Catherine resorted to the tried method. Looking up from the carefully sucked member, she turned to him "cancer", Laid her head on the edge of the sofa and spread her arms wide buttocks, so that both of her holes are opened in a silent request.
In his first adventure she still wondered which of them would choose her rapist, but now almost no doubt in the outcome. Ninety-nine percent of them are thrust into her ass. At first, she did not always given in the ass -beregla. But once she took of two youths and those so Otmolotili her ass that week to shit could not. Now her anus no longer resembled a circle, rather elongated slot surrounded by purple scars ...
"Yes! They are particularly fond of: first, in the ass, then in the mouth ... " -Think Katerina.
Adjusting itself to the first, though not such a powerful, yet an orgasm, it is still widely spread your ass. The boy jumped up from his chair. He closed his eyes in anticipation of a new portion of humiliation, Katya felt his fingers, timidly at first, then more insistently penetrate her pussy languish. Two, three, and then the whole brush plunged into expiring pussy juice. She jerked and moaned as reckless nails scratched the uterus.
Catherine, if introduced by an event; -ma it, which is called "iron lady", Is a cancer and allows some pimply youngster poking around in your pussy! If at least one of his colleagues saw this picture, it certainly would be enough heart attack!
Meanwhile, the young man, quite unceremoniously, continued study of her vagina. Katka, panting with desire rises almost shouted:
- Yes, fuck me well! I can not do it any longer...
Offended, as if taken away a favorite toy, the boy pulled his hand out of pussy, and, as she thought, was the push through his cock in her ass. As always, he did it crudely, relying only on their strength. Catherine, in spite of the pain, tried to relax.
"A not so small for his ass dick!"
Finally, his head broke the resistance of the sphincter and rushed into the rectum.
As if to show their worth and male power over this bitch, jerk pulled Katka hips and thrust it "the most eggs"!
Catherine moaned. O Lord! What a humiliation! But how nice!
As if hurrying to one he could see the finish line, the boy earned his buttocks on "all cylinders". Normal woman a sex would bring only suffering, but Catherine Pavlovna "dragged" quite another.
Her hand slipped between her thighs and felt the wet swollen bump clitoris. Katherine prided "wren"; in the excited state, it is not less than one and a half centimeters.
Soon after the first wave of sweet cramped her muscles. The boy froze for a second, but soon it "stone" piston came back in her ass, overcoming the resistance of the muscles.
It was already really hurt and Katka shrank even more, overcoming the natural desire of the body.
The youth, not understanding what is happening, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled the force.
- Do not wait ... -neproizvolno Katerina moaned.
But punk, already in the wild desire to finish in power at any cost, suddenly grabbed her by the hair and yelled:
- Come on ... come on ... a bitch ...
Startled, Catherine relaxed and member slid out. It was such a relief that she shivered with ecstasy. Under the pressure of her muscles to hell with the poor man squelch she jumped out of her anus.
Panting Katherine felt a shuddering reduced its point, trying to squeeze out of the gut is what was no longer there.
But the respite was short-lived. After a few seconds, growling with lust, kid again thrust his knob into her overworked insides.
However, this respite Katherine enough to relax. Two orgasm behind. Usually it is at this stop, but today! Today she wanted to super orgasm! And it was necessary to try to do so.
Katerina tried. And under pressure from a partner, she encouraged his breathy moans:
- Yes ... my lord! Yes! Tear my ass! So ... Oh, oh, oh!
The youngster tried another five minutes, then suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulling her to her twitching.
Tired and sweaty, he leaned back on the couch. Katherine waited a few seconds and gently leaned his crimson member.
She did something from which in normal times would have caused an attack of vomiting: sucking cock, just pulling out of her ass. Yes! Today she wanted to drink the bitter cup of humiliation to their bottoms!
Opening his eyes, the guy pushed her disgust and grunted:
- Bring a drink ...
- Yes my Lord!
Tightly clutching buttocks, Catherine brought him a full glass of cognac and a lemon wedge.
The guy drank, grimaced and bit.
She obediently stood in front of him on his knees.
- Sir ... Can ... can I lick your ass ... -zaikayas like fear, said Katya.
"Mr." osolovevshie opened his eyes and drunkenly laughed:
- His vylezhu, blyadische ...
- As you wish ...
Katherine took from him an empty wine glass, set him under his ass wide apart and knees relaxed. From her insides with crushed in a low squelch flowed. Another convulsion, more ... What a relief ...
Slowly, carefully studying his reaction "tormentor" she raised her wine glass to her face. Dull yellow jelly-like fluid filled it by almost a third. Also slow She raised a wine glass to his lips and his head thrown back a little sip by sip, drink has become bitter and viscous substance.
Finally it came to a milksop. He jumped to his feet and shouted, choking on saliva:
- Stinking bitch!
Katka was expecting a similar reaction and sprawled at the Palacio managed to seize with both hands the boy's right shin.
- Mr ... I'm sorry ... I'm howling slave ... I just sang your order ... -bormotala she kissed his foot.
"Mr." fastidiously shook his leg trying to get rid of the burden, and then dragged her toward his clothes.
Hard pile synthetic carpet like sandpaper burned her swollen nipples, belly.
Gasping in pain Catherine wailed:
- I'm sorry, sir ... do not go ... I've never ... been ... such a strong man ...
Flattery has done its job: man stopped. Realizing that the threat has passed, Katherine lifted her head and humiliated voice faltered:
- If I offended you, sir, can you punish me ...
- Fuck you ...
"All melted ... "-Think Katka and releasing the foot a little boy on his knees crawled to the chair next to which lay in advance stockpiled twisted leather whip. Genuine Leather. Five ribbons were tightly braided in pigtails and only near the end tied in a knot, diverged five separate ribbons.
It is like a dog, brought in his mouth and the whip, all also humbly looked at her future executioner from the bottom to the top.
His eyes burned with the desire and the milksop he took a whip.
Immediately Katherine lowered her head to the carpet and lifted her higher ... seductive ass.
The first blow only slightly burned her right buttock, but Katherine pretended to gasp, wider spread her legs and tried to bully ass even higher. But the second blow was not stronger. Katya moaned:
- Punish me, sir! Hurt me!
Lash fell exactly between the buttocks, and the assembly and led them to five "snake" burned her stomach.
- Yes! -stonala victim.
Blows rained down, one by one, penetrating her body acute pain. Katherine knew livid scars remain on the skin after such attacks and they will be held no earlier than one week.
"Spit... " -edva before she could think about how the brain burst bright flash of pain hit her knot exactly in the clitoris.
Catherine wailed and collapsed on the carpet rolled up, holding hands "causal" a place. As soon as the pain began to subside through a veil of tears she looked up at his tormentor.
He stood at the table, holding in his left hand a bottle of brandy, and the right -pletku.
- What whore, got her?
Stubbornly shook his head at Katherine shaking limbs again got cancer and a broken voice whispered:
- No, sir ... punish me more ...
Twice more she, like a wounded beast rolled on the floor, but rising again gritted his teeth in frustration. Member milksop stubbornly did not want to borrow "battle position".
From next blow fell Katerina dip right on the carpet. Swollen and wounded Mandu "lit" even more. Thoughts were confused, pain, lust, desire to go down to the bottom of her burning brain is not worse than the whip's body, but she has already felt the approach of orgasm itself -More ...
Her tormentor too felt something ... something great and inexplicably exciting! He felt the full power of this otebanoy, flogged and humiliated MI woman. The head quickly flashed onanist dreams, snatches of porn, resentment toward peers, neglecting them, such a great fucker!
- Ha-ha! -hriplo he wheezed, happy feeling warmed blood alcohol hot wave spreads throughout the body. -You All women are whores! Yes? Say, say it!
He pushed a foot in her face, still not daring to strike, but felt such a desire.
- Yes ... she whispered, listening to his new sensations.
- Volume up, bitch! -one has more kicked her in the face, once in the chin.
Ekaterina Pavlovna did not expect this and strongly held her tongue. Warm blood began to fill his mouth. More orgasms began to subside. It frightened her.
"No! No! -zavereschala her lustful nature. You're after so long waiting for this! Stoop to the end, let him do what he wants! Do not miss your chance!"
"Really! THIS SECTION Ekaterina Pavlovna began to retreat. -Sygraem To the end, it's worth it!"
She swallowed the blood and fell on his stomach hugged hit her leg.
- Yes! -toroplivo she faltered. We're whores, bitches! We want to have fucked! Always ... Everywhere ... in your mouth ... in the pussy ... ass ... Break me!
Excitation again engulfed her whole, murky haze obscured the mind. She really wanted to, he ripped her mortal flesh, made her excruciatingly painful. After all, it is this: through a lot of pain and comes more orgasms!
Drunk jerks neighing, shaking off this bitch with his limp legs. He was not even embarrassed bloody froth on her lips. He reveled in his power! Slightly swollen member was so that seemed about to burst, but ... Um. Pull out this bitch he always has time ... He is so much like another try ...
On his orders, Catherine lay on her back and covering himself with one hand under her knees lifted her legs, the other began to crawl along the swollen pussy.
- Now shove his hand in pussy. Deeper, deeper! -komandoval it.
Catherine already badly understood what he said, because a suppressed all human and reasonable, all that could prevent more orgasms. Now it is no longer a woman, but a lump of lust. She was indifferent to all human standards of morality and natural disgust. Make it now lick zassany and zasrany floor in a public toilet, she would do it no doubt a second.
In reality, Catherine furiously licked pissed her carpet swollen tongue and languishing from grace pain stretched beer bottle pussy. The neck of the bottle, led by the ruthless hand of a teenager pressed and stomps her uterus. He was trying to piss in her mouth, but prevented the riser.
What happened to her next half hour Ekaterina Pavlovna could not explain to anyone. Her words: "It must feel very, words will not help ... ".
One thing I knew for sure: she got her big orgasm!
Emerging from the depths only to her slave pleasure, she found herself sucking the purple, but flaccid cock boy. He drunkenly grinning and muttering something. The last wave of pleasure began to decline and Catherine spitting dick began to rise.
Punk began to be indignant, but Catherine Pavlovna did not even turn her head. He it was no longer interesting.
On shaky legs from the experience she staggered he went to the bathroom, listening to your body. Ached and ached every cell of her body, burned skin, stomach "attracted"But worst of all was in the groin. It seemed that both holes she stuck on the hot rod. Each step of the spoke of a new explosion of pain.
She instinctively glanced at the clock in the hallway. It took fifteen minutes longer than planned.
Close the bathroom she began to pull the tights. At the bottom of the abdomen something hlyupnulo and pants came out something hot, searing swollen flesh.
Catherine smiled wryly: "So you, damn, right! Will you go all in the shit!".
She did not even have thought to be washed away, but instead chose jeans skirt, to not spoil the car seat.
Catherine looked in the mirror. No person -morda! Mascara smeared on his cheeks and lips dry up mucus and something brown. Judging by the taste Shit ... And stank of it!
- True podzabornaya damn! -prohripela it his reflection. -Pridetsya Two days to rest up!
Quietly the front door slam. Catherine did not have to even guess who's here. It was Boris, a two-meter athlete, handsome, the dream of many women. He had only one drawback: the women did not interest him. Boris interested in boys. And now it has come to its "shares".
Ekaterina Pavlovna sat down on the edge of the tub. Hot mass broke "defense" cowards and rivulets ran down his thighs.
The room began to play music. Catherine smiled and walked toward the exit. She knew what was coming in the room.
No! Boris never raped nobody! God forbid! But I would like to see what the daredevil, who managed to abandon his proposals! So that kid would have to pay for the full enjoyment ...
[email protected]


Alice blissfully stretched out on the couch. Finally, the move ended. Repair, and then placement of furniture and cleaning, day by day dirt and chalk: all that is left behind. Today she woke up early, had breakfast and mechanically washed, and then sat down with a work that certainly namusoryat and after their departure will again gather lumps of plaster and the rest of the dirt that certainly settles around. But the workers did not appear. Alice was waiting for them half asleep, sitting in the soft leather chair and then suddenly came to her that:
- They sewed, and no more will come - she happily exclaimed to herself and rather smiled.
All day she was arranging all kinds of vases and other souvenirs that navezla of a plurality of travel. Only twice she was detached from his work, the first time for lunch, the second on the doorbell.
- Liska - shouted from the doorway and ran to hug her neighbor, friend, and, once, the mistress Mila - well, what? Ordeal ended?
- Yes. Come, - Alice smiled, closing the door behind her friend.
They had not seen for more than two months, Mila went to the resort with her boyfriend glory. Frankly, even a little jealous of Alice Mielke, because they were the same age, both nineteen, and has already found a friend of a wealthy businessman. A young, muscular, but not pumped, but in addition more and excellent sense of humor. And while Alice herself was from a wealthy family, which could allow her daughter to live in a separate two-bedroom apartment, she still wanted to be confident in the future. And do not count with the parents.
Alice unbearably wanted to find her prince. Preferably on a white horse, the German-made, independent and successful, for example, such as Stanislav. Milk is still more a desire to inflame it, talking about the inflexible firmness of her boyfriend. Especially since all of the same friend Alice had heard stories of the most outspoken about the life of a young couple a bed and impressive dimensions Slavin dignity, songs of praise that flowed from Milcah, in abundance.
- Well, show me, - said the guest, rushing pripryzhku in the rooms - well, you still grow roots and grow roots - she commented on his research ALISIN apartments.
- Moscow was not built, - joked the girl.
- Listen, what are you going to do tonight?
- I do not know - Alice thought - probably make out some boxes and go to bed.
- So I do not wonder - frowned Milka, - come to me today .... Slavik away on business of the company, and I want human warmth and affection - she clearly winked.
- Well, you give - Alice was genuinely surprised - you just kind of insatiable, and he stopped to meet you?
- Not-e, satisfies, yet how, but it is one thing, but you is quite another, with each of you this in different ways, and both are very good, you come?
Alice thought. Not later than a few months ago, they decided to end their lesbian relationship. More precisely Mila suggested that in her life there was a guy. Alice is left alone. Of course during that time she had a couple of guys, and even the other girl, but it was all wrong. Milka was for her one and only. Perhaps because it was she who had her first sexual partner, perhaps for some other reason.
- Well, so - impatient guest poking around the door jamb finger that betrayed her excitement.
- Perhaps I shall come, - said Alice hesitantly, - let's see how the rest of the boxes with the analysis.
- No, - Milka felt that Alice doubts and decided to put the squeeze on her friend - say "yes."
- Mila ...
- Yes, Mila - prompted a response guest.
Alice nodded reluctantly. Milk was also active during the time that they were together, Alice realized that it is useless to argue with. Moreover, to argue that the girl did not want to.
- Yes, Mila, - he said Alice smiled and hunted.
- Well done, - said Milka and was carried away as quickly as it had appeared.
In the evening, Alice went to a neighbor in a dressing gown and slippers, the benefit they lived on the same staircase. Reasoning that time the meeting will not be complete without alcohol, she picked up a bottle of good red wine. Bell sang a funny trill and a few seconds later Milka has invited Alice sweeping gesture to him. Her dark red hair barely touching the bare shoulders, but pristine beauty of the body not covered with no clothes beckoning.
Alice trembled as the first time and entered.
They sat on the sofa, talking, drinking wine, and then, just be drunk, started kissing. Soft, not the lush, but they are not less desirable lips girlfriend Alice rocked in the brain memories of the time they once spent together and she began to be excited. Light touch of sweet lips forced the girl to tremble with excitement, and the first normal kiss broke all boundaries, as has happened more than once.
Their lips have merged in a long passionate kiss, and Alice's hands dropped to a small but very beautiful breasts girlfriend, Milka is not philosophizing especially immediately began to pull at the clitoris, and his Alice. Lips girls separated and both sighed simultaneously. They crossed glances, and Milka threw at her friend. It is easily poured a girl on his back and began to cover the face with kisses Alice, while moving her hips between her legs, as do the men. Her pubis decorated her short Trimmed rubbed on the clean-shaven pubis his mistress, and Alice began to flow.
Instinctively, she spread her legs as far as it allowed the stretching and arched, giving his whole body Mielke. A friend is more accelerated movement of his hips and rubbed furiously on the labia Alice, raising it to the peak of bliss.
Groan announced that she came, but did not want to stop, press down on the shoulders of a friend. Mila understood the silent desire and slid down, stuck to ALISIN crotch. Her skillful lips easily drawn into a portion of the flesh of a girl and a nimble tongue was raging inside the guest body like a flame. He then rushed into her bowels, then began to play with a small hump clitoris.
Alice made her friend off for a moment and touched his fingers wet with saliva and juice labia. She spread them apart and sank into himself. Her hand in the blink of an eye became wet and girl smearing this moisture your nipples began to pinch them. Milka smiled slyly and sank just three fingers into the vagina girlfriend, causing her to lift a basin above the sofa. And as soon as it has achieved the desired, her tongue ran to the hole anus. Lisa moaned again. Her body have not received such a skillful caresses and now she felt the approach of the second orgasm.
Meanwhile, Milka, pretty fool slaver entrance to the rectum, has launched to the middle finger and began to diligently move his hands, simulating friction. Alice in response breathed heavily. Her body shook from self intrusions into her, but it was not enough, and then stuck to the clitoris Milka girl, little bit of it. Alice huddled unconscious orgasm.
- What you are today is juicy - commented Milka - but it is necessary to have a conscience, and I also want!
Alice replied, a slight smile, trying to catch his breath.
But it did not take long, and so she got up on her friend, and she slowly, as if reluctantly parted legs. Alice got on all fours and, helping himself to her fingers began to play with a friend mokrenkaya sponges. She knew that the real pleasure Milka gets only from light and delicate touch. Her tongue skillfully collecting moisture, no longer understand someone.
- Decayed back ... - Milka asked and gasped from a sharp pleasant sensation. Alice bit her clit girlfriend and bent, when her hips lay two hands. They impacted her ass, and hot head of the penis pressed on the vaginal entrance.
Lisa ... wanted to scream, but Milka anticipating it, pressed her head to his crotch and filled her open mouth girlfriend. Member easily entered into the wet girl and began to scurry along the vagina, it is easy to fill. Long and thick, he bored a Woman, reaching most secret depths of her body. The most the girl seemed to be a couple of hits, and he will come out of her throat, and its length would be enough, that would be good fuck Milka. But pubis men clung to her buttocks, and she felt his scrotum touched the place where her clitoris was. She tried to get used to the feeling of the giant within you, and perhaps she would have got it, but the guy almost pulled out of it a member, and then drove back to its full length. Alice darkened eyes.
His hands were tightly clenched pelvis girl, not allowing it to move, and the term has continued its movement. He quickly slipped inside it is almost leaving her body, then re-filling it up to the uterus. He shakes the deep blows Alice felt Milka demanding presses her head to her labia. She began to lick her friend, periodically whether the moaning, or whining.
Wide palm Man with a distinctive slap landed on his right buttock and the girl almost immediately Alice felt frantically contracting vagina girlfriend start to expire juice into her mouth. Milkin legs tightly squeezed Alice's head, and his hands going into her face in the crotch, do not stop calling. However, Alice was not going to do that. He was happy to drink a drop of orgasm of his mistress.
Girl for the first time having sex because the three of us and tried to remember every moment of unusual sexual intercourse, every sensation that appears in her body. She felt the growing warmth in the place to which man recently slapped her. Amazing taste Milkin discharge reigned in his mouth. And this idyll lasted if ...
Member left her body, and now crawl on the crotch, spreading labia apart. Alice even more excited by his unexpected gentle touch and bent as she could, putting your body pleasant caresses. Her hole oozing juice and was now at the mercy of a Man. He easily gathered moisture on the penis and ...
Alice felt a huge cock ran into her ass hole. She clenched her muscles with all the force he could muster her sphincter, but wet and slippery ring muscles could not hold pressure. Member penetrated into it, overcoming resistance.
- What you need - the first time ever the voice sounded pleased Man - but you'd better relax, and that's going to hurt ...
She wanted to send him to escape from the monster, but in addition to her tenacious male fingers holding and Milka, with all his weight. After all, her legs continued to compress the head of a girl who just moaned. It was very painful, Alice thought that now her ass just burst. And then she decided that the pain should be reduced, if it is to relax and allow the member to get inside. So she did.
Milka same understanding suffering girlfriend, let her head and fell on top of her, hugged his arms around the waist. Her fingers slid between his mistress and began to caress the legs Alice, who has ceased to resist. More Minute girl suffered from torn her feelings, but the pain has merged with the unexpected pleasure which gave her fingers and her own friends. And then…
She did not even imagine that such things happen, what could happen to her, that all those orgasms that she had earlier had an orgasm. This new explosion had just insane strength. It lasted interminably long, and when it was over, Alice is so exhausted that almost could not move.
- Well, how - Milka asked, looking up from ALISIN ass that lick before.
On her lips flowed the sperm guy.
- Deep ... so deep - Alice whispered thickly - and so divine ..., - she added after a pause, and then felt a girlfriend clung to her.
Alice turned slightly and kissed him on the lips Mila, but the forces have not remained, and she fell into a sweet slumber.

Nicky described in the office (part 2)

(The story is already underway)
Comments on the story in the forum on the Internet: Girl: "gee, and I have often this happens ... just too lazy to the toilet patamuchta doyti..nu's laziness and all znachet there. Well, at the expense of nravitsa .... I have it beats the feeling of orgasm percent on 60. TK attention and concentration of all the forces of the body and the brain is the fact that not opisatsa ... and finally ... I want to know whether there get an orgasm in their prehensile paws and then if another nekozistost vish there. Although you can create a separate science: getting an orgasm from sex and from sobsno long desire of the toilet, as a result of the double orgasm)) ... Well, to start to develop a specific method of breathing and relaxation)
Guy: I personally ninravitsya when she pees her kagda you pripihnul So this story Phil lucky with Nicky and Nicky luck with Phil, given piquancy method. At night, she could not describe at this, but in the morning Nicky was in a hurry to work in the office, and while still a full bladder, it is skipped away, hitting a crowded night of the bladder from the doorway on the first hour morning meeting and then .. well, you read on:
All were sitting, but a meeting has not yet started. Andy, her boss, looked sternly at her. - I'm sorry for your tardiness. - We were only waiting for you.
While the boss is saying, Nicky glanced at the door to the hall and then to the toilet, where she did not have time. "I'm booked"... - Let's start - spoke Andy otharkalsya and began leisurely speech, feeling at ease.
And Nicky could no longer bear the pain in the bladder, - she imagined it would be if now here she opisaetstsa to top it off in the middle of an office in the sight of all the staff and employees. Then Nicky resettled in elegant chair beside which was softer. She was unable to keep ¸rzane.
Andy first noticed her strange behavior, and immediately realized what was happening. He's very greasy hair hanging from his head, he was badly shaven, stale, like a Sunday hangover. Niki has reviewed each defect on his face, and probably the only thing that's definitely time to make her boss, so it's going to the toilet before the meeting.
- We are concerned about the future prospects of promotion in the service sector ... ... our efforts .... (He was only about thirty, but already such a bore, - thought Nicky). When a break was announced, Andy asked her the cause of her late today. - I had a loaded output, slept longer than usual. My apologies. - For the first time excusable.
Would you like coffee to cheer up? - No, spasibochki. - Excitedly said Nicky, being careful not to move. Andy shrugged and did not ask any more. After "intermission" Nicky decided and showed even greater freedom in their gestures. It instilled confidence, not her proterpit as if nothing had happened until the end of the meeting, and will do nothing "unexpected". Still twitching vengeance. Andy began to involuntarily detain longer look at her.
Her short skirt was also close, so strongly delineated swollen area in the abdomen, which he is now and then examined. She was ready to cry, she lowered her eyes and eyelashes and looked at my skirt yet dry.
Everyone looked at the speaker, and the speaker only looked into the hall. Nicky felt uneasy because of the attention that the chef stared at her, and started to play with his curls, hair twitching and trying to escape from the stresses at the bottom of the bladder, which tried to keep to myself all its contents.
- So - interrupted his speech prevalence Andy that no one watched, he's talking about,
- What awaits us after that?
- E .. - Nicky at that moment felt that the bladder is swollen shape of the ball as he could, trying to urine seeps down it, and soon it will not hold back any effort.
- Well, we'll be damn careful about their work, make every skill does not walk on his hands. She laughed at his mistake, and then fell silent. All around, too, laughed. Then he rattled too quickly another boss. Andy turned his head to the side, but motioned to stop. And he continued:
- I can assure you that soon everything will go like clockwork. So, you have worked in recent years? At the head of the Nicky I spun one thought: I'm in the last one and a half days drank tea and coffee and everything is kept in itself. All he wanted from me, Phil.
- I see your results, - said Andy. Andy picked up the pen and twirled it in his hands, watching Nicky wriggled in his chair.
- No Does anyone have concerns that our efforts could result in a devastating crash for us? But we are ready for this, our bank account help us in the difficult moments.
"Whatever could this help me now? Oh, would I have diapers on herself. And he said aloud: - So what's next? - Do not interrupt me. - I instructed her Andy.
He continued his monologue, fell into the jungle and more. He talked about everything and nothing. While Andy all talked and talked, Nicky watched the movements of the second hand on her wrist watch, thinking about every 5 seconds that have passed since the movement of the arrows.
Nicky suddenly bent so much that Andy looked back at her. Nicky counted the number of minutes past five, ten, fifteen, seems to have everything in the fifteenth minute reference bladder has not the strength to endure. Finally Andy finished his report and sat up, looking around contentedly around her and putting his hands on the armrests. Nicky did not expect such a sudden stop, and then became ready to dart off. Nicky horror stated that the time was close to ten in the morning - the performance of Andy took almost an hour, less a ten-minute delay. Usually it lasted no more than half an hour.
- Everything was in order? You do something wrong? - Andy asked, seeing her plight.
- What do you have in mind?
- Do not you listen to what I'm saying? I suggested to calculate that if the take .... I repeat again for inattentive and neprosnuvshihsya.
And Andy again and ruffled ruffled in the same boring manner as before, Nicky drilling and leaving her no choice but to think of the bladder and the fear of wet oneself. Nicky to use the toilet in the office a couple of times, following his habit as much as possible to avoid visiting foreign toilets and use mostly only their home. But now it is replayed in his mind a vision of painting porcelain installations, and losing sequence. "There is no doubt that I'm ..." she thought "I definitely ..". Nicky stopped to think about something different, and focused only on the nerves of the muscles within her panties. There's a feeling of phlegm. "Oh my God!" Nicky all tears holding my breath, feeling that seems to be the beginning of the urine to drain the legs between her tightly clenched thighs, completely moistened strip of panties.
"That rate" - She returned to thoughts - "all will be visible bruises on my legs, when they have to get out of this office, and still have to go through the whole office." To her Fortunately, Andy finished summarizing considerations puzzled thinking to himself: "Why did not she take time off?"In anticipation of separation "Later all came - before all gone". Nicky looked around from side to side, trying to wring his feet from one another. Finally Andy stopped and wiped sweat from his forehead. His tongue slurred, he was tired.
He spotted ¸rzane Nicky, and therefore purposely dragged his lecture, to see what it will be next. But he was already very tired of waiting. He did not suspect that she was suffering for a long time, and decided to make fun tolerate it now. He was already excited that he saw a wet mark on the skirt when Nicky went out of the room. He moved to the door and observe how Nicky walked down the hallway. Nicky spread views with colleagues, meet her ... on the way to the toilet. Nicky guessing how much she released from the volume, how safe could be released to relieve himself. And in fact, she did not feel any relief from it.
Fortunately for her, no one but Andy did not see her from behind and did not see her wet spot on her skirt, which she waved while walking from side to side. Nicky pushed the door to the ladies' room, and inadvertently swore. The interior space has been occupied by smokers girls from other offices and two doors to the booths were closed. She walked over, pushed one door, then another, none of them succumbed. Or inside each one that is, or may be, they all closed. "Poor my business" - She thought - "and the villain even offered me coffee half an hour ago!"
She looked at herself from behind and the wet spot on her skirt, wondering how much of it is dry. Fortunately, the skirt was made of dark material, and the contrast was not very large. She let out a cry of agonistic, when she felt something again splashed through the panties, and arranged the legs wider. Something fell to the floor, but the skirt is not wet longer than it was. Nicky all waited for finally open any door, the first or the second. "Phil would have liked to see me like this". Finally she decided to sit on the floor and make some puddle directly under him. The urine ran on a flat floor. Smoking girls absurd eyes stared at the pear-increasing pool, smoking a cigarette dropped out of hands.
Locked doors also opened almost simultaneously, and the two of them fluttered brunette.
- Are you sovchem ofigela? In the corridor with a carpet-track until everything was normal. Just then the bathroom from the corridor began to enter her employee after the meeting. Horror for Nicky had stunned that she introduced the seriousness of the consequences of the present situation. She tore off the door, hidden from view, while the bladder has not yet managed to free time and wet trail continued along the corridor. But it did not feel anything. People were more than ever, well, just all here, and everyone can see it right now.
- Leave me alone !!! Leave me alone !!! Nicky caught the stunned look of Andy. "We had to take a leak from the bladder to him under the table."
- You see what happened to me on your meetings and after your proposed coffee! Verbose Andy this time have not found that to utter. Nicky ran into komnat¸nku where she was sitting with two other collaborators. - Nicky, are you that something is wrong? - I decided to ask Joanne, did not understand why she ran in a hurry, but still wet behind. The bladder has emptied all toilet to the floor and the whole corridor.
- I have described, can not you see? Give me a towel! I barely proterpela all this damn meeting Andy, and when I went to the toilet, these bastards have arranged it all.
She fell silent, feeling with her soaked skirts have already started to drip on the floor, in full view of friends. Suddenly the murmur suddenly resumed again, Nicky she could not understand how. It turned out she was just overturned vessel with water for watering flowers.
- So, here done, look! - At the door already accumulated all peeping.
- Do not look at me! - Nicky flushed all over, covering his face hem skirt. And he rushed directly to the curious crowd, back to the bathroom, which was empty, and the white toilet bowl.
But there resulted from it, so it only tears. Previously emptied her bladder, she thought of a few liters, Nicky is now continued to sit and do nothing naked and wet on the toilet seat, pondering the sad state of himself, his underwear and skirts. She tried to remember in my childhood was anything like that is not with her, but with someone else around. Mom is strictly brought her, and then she walks avoided beer, not late at parties, and not used to do it, even among the trees shrubs. "If he knew that I would be afraid to use other people's toilets". "On the one hand great still happen", Most importantly here, soon !.
Now she did not know how to stand in front of his colleagues to explain the situation. "Wee is a delicate matter"- And who came up with such a punishment for women. And it was the absolute truth, because men do so much more convenient and safer. She obt¸rla how can your skirt a piece of paper, paper stuffed in the pants, so it was not cold, came out of the booth, tried and done stepped over a puddle before, and measured steps down the hall. Before it all swam in a blur. As she played as a child in the sand as knitting wreaths and ribbons, recalled spying minutes for boys.
Even as a child she skated but not the board, skating and rollerblading, which was so hard to take off our shoes, and had to endure to the end. She did not remember how it was in kindergarten, but school was very different. But in the age of eight, she recalled, she was strong in their abilities and despite the pain that she suffered every time it is with a firm confidence could doterpet. Then, when she went for a drive on rollers with his friend, he did not Razuvious breezing off into the bushes, and she was waiting for him on the pavement. It would be a lot of things could remember ...
There was no hope that it will ignore the trick and soon forget about it. When Nicky came back down the hall to the office to pick up her purse with wallet and mobile, among peers at this time silence reigned. She also ignored them.
- I need to go home, feel bad - she announced to colleagues tried to say it as if nothing had happened in the usual flat voice, and proshmygnuv as quietly as possible to the door. She has not found the courage to turn around and say, goodbye, though it gnawed at the thought. And she also felt by dozens of views aimed at her ass wet skirt.
It was only her first month, and there's such a shame. In the bus on the way back, but her almost no one it was, but she was standing in. On returning home and sitting on a chair with his elbows on the table up¸rshis, Nicky could hardly believe that everything is so absurd and logical end. And she was not thinking about the fact that I could proterpet so long, and thinking about how it so she went to his bladder on the concession. Since it has never yet was not such that it described. - And I'll tell her friends Joanna and others? It's a shame I can no longer appear in their way!
If I hide my toiletries case from best friends to eight years, but now I'm even more mature. Nicky is now allowed two things of great importance, scrolling through them in his brain. First, it never seems to the eyes of people from his office. The second thing she will live, she could live on reserves, but continue to work in the same place more it will not be able.
And she sat down to write a petition for dismissal, her pen firmly ch¸rkala on paper, and in addition to the statements it has come to the following statement: "I never described". Phil can continue their quirks, forced to endure it, she already likes to be filled, but next time it will keep. She punished her bladder: I'll make you wait as long as necessary, until I tell you, "Wet your". - She added with a solid tone of voice.
Having written a paper in his hand, Nicky resolutely stood up, but then relaxed a little, looking at the street through the window. The world was busy outside, on the street, leaving her time alone with her thoughts. When she tried again to focus his thoughts, she realized that her thoughtless decision was the result of carelessness and full of adventure. Since you can not because you can not, there was nothing to be thrust.
Her work is not considered prestigious, it was generally better to change jobs. But the anticipation of the ease and anticipation that it will be free to flutter a few weeks until it is arranged at a suitable location, pleasing her. The chief would not see her. "And assign a short break with the dissolution of the meeting ... if anyone again show signs ¸rzanya"- She smiled at the thought. She held after 19 hours in total, after four or five cups of coffee drunk. Andy must have decided to pin over it, but Phil, she was sure, this idea would have liked even more.
Approaching lunch time, so that Nicky was engaged in preparing the meal. Her wet clothes were rinsed and dried up in the bathroom, and it is currently replacing their sweat pants and a T-shirt. Did not start a career Nicky was doomed, it will go a saleswoman of newspapers or cigarettes (hell, a kiosk especially nowhere to pee, but at least out of sight).
Then other household chores, including a walk to the post office to send an application for dismissal, loaded it up to the expected return of Phil from London. When she called him on the phone, Phil immediately picked up the phone. - Hey, Phil !!! Can I come to you?
(End of Part 3)

The black

That was a long time ago. I was young and sexually active. And who is not active at 24 years? I managed to try sex with girls and boys, and with a very respectable men. But I was heterosexual. Guys are not inspired. But more to the point ...
That summer we rented a dacha in the suburbs. At our disposal was a considerable portion of the house, barns, etc. The mistress lived at the other end of the village -.. Daughter. In the yard dog lived. A huge, cute mongrel, which had a pretty good-natured, despite the chain content, nature. We quickly became friends with him. Black (that was his name) always very happy when I came to talk with him and smoke. A month passed.
One day I noticed that the hostess once or twice a week, in the twelfth hour of the night comes and takes the Black himself. After an hour - half results and puts back on the circuit. At first I did not understand what was happening, but he was intrigued. Later "I reached". She is a widow. A daughter these days go to the city to watch. Do not perform the role of a dog man? How to check it, I do not know, but the idea firmly lodged in his head. Probably next week it dawned on me. But what if you try to look at yourself and the dog's reaction. Ten days, I pondered - as it is better to crank. And the thought of the end of the dog in my ass, I'm so much excited that my then girlfriend was just in awe of me. In order to place the dog's absence no one caught my eye, I became the mistress permission to take it with him into the woods.
Then one day, when my were in Moscow, I took off from the Black chains, but did not go into the forest and into the house. No complex about zoophilia I did not. Dogs I love since childhood. Therefore, closing the door, I quickly undressed. Some concerns about the size of the dog members, and especially the onslaught with which dogs are bitches remained. Taking lard, I profusely smeared points outside and inside. While I was preparing, the excitement reached an incredible value. The end was a telegraph pole. Black carefully watching me. The tip of the carrot red peeking out of the bag, refer to five. I walked over and began lightly podrachivat him. As a satisfied face it was obvious that he takes it very favorably and familiar. The tip has been growing rapidly. Soon it was more of my tool, and is not inferior to those which I could learn. In hardness it surpasses all previously had seen. From this short streams splashed precum. He began to make pusher movement of the pelvis.
I quickly turned around and got on his knees and elbows backwards to his nose. But he is rather than to jump on me, began to lick the grease from my anus. It was certainly nice, but I did not expect this from him. And also take a cudgel without lubrication was scary. Then I thought, if he will not guess what was required of him, drag him over will be very not easy. While he was licking me, it became a member of the decrease. I reached for something like and again began podrachivat him. Suddenly he stopped licking and instantly jumped on me from behind. I was not afraid, because in extreme cases can always just lie on your stomach and become inaccessible for its growth. again I splashed precum of its members, and in such numbers that my butt instantly became wet and slippery. He poked his instrument in my buttocks. I have wanted to help him, but he came to the right place from the seventh or eighth punch. It was enough lubrication, which would end member easily entered by a few centimeters. We both froze for a short time. Then he became a short jerk go deeper and deeper. I listened to the new, unknown sensations. End Black was unusually hot and strange pulsating. Compare this to me just not with anything. Oddly Black onslaught was not rude, but simply a strong and confident.
Finally he came on the very site. Despite all his efforts assembly not included, which I was glad. He paused again. Pain almost was not. But there was such a feeling of fullness that I literally flew. Then he began to peck me strong, with measured strokes. The end member with a force pushing the bottom of the rectum. The thickness of the member, strangely continued to increase. He took a pace some are not able to support any one man. His tool works like a jackhammer. I started to whine and whine like a bitch what. Yes, in principle I am and it was in those moments. He tore me briskly and slowly. He did not take out his penis a millimeter. Just reduce pressure, and then drives the sharp push it again. Each strike reverberates around the body. That was something. Such fuck lasted ten or fifteen minutes. I was in such ecstasy that time ceased to exist. Suddenly tremors became less frequent and stronger. I felt inside of me hit the jet of hot liquid. Then another. And further. He finished.
I thought that now he slips off me. But apparently the mistress of his well trained. He stayed on me and did not take out a member has not less than fifteen minutes, bringing me untold pleasure. Then it began to decrease, and the end came out of me without "FER characteristic". Point closed immediately and from virtually nothing emerged. Just then, I felt that the sphincter is lit, as if he flogged sandpaper. Black stepped aside and quietly began to lick. And I'm exhausted buried his head against the floor. Until I came to himself, he finished "personal hygiene" and coming up to me completely licked my ass. I wake up. The pain is almost completely gone. In the body it has an extraordinary lightness and relaxation. Only the end was a stake. What would make it easier, I began to masturbate. Black was interested came and licked the head. Then another. The sensation was unusual. Rough tongue caressed my flesh, delivering an incredible pleasure. I do not hold out for long. End of sperm jet exploded on his tongue and face. It is quite lick. This powerful orgasm I have not experienced. The legs buckled and I literally fell to the floor.
Some time later, I moved into an armchair and lit a cigarette. Black whirled around, slipping his head under my hand, that I scratched him behind the ear. My cock was still standing. I was thinking - what else to do to calm him. Frig no longer wanted. Suddenly the thought flashed. And if we do not change roles? I have seen a young dog jumps on other dogs and had them in the ass. And those at the bottom, took it quite calmly.
Deciding to try, I turned back to the Black to him and tried to introduce a finger into the hole. Black stood quietly, as if listening to the sensations. Finger did not go dry running. Then I took the fat and thickly smeared input. Finger easily slipped inside. It was crowded and hot. Black looked as though looked at me. Few massaged, I introduced a second finger, and then the third. The dog is obviously loved. At least no protests, he did not express. I quickly rubbed his end and kneeling down, slowly began to enter it instead of fingers. First, the case moved tight. But when the head has passed the sphincter, the rest has become relatively easy. He even leaned back a little, as if nasazhivayas on my instrument. I started to make a reciprocating motion. It was cool. The anus is tightly covered my cock along the entire length (not just at the base - as humans) creating mouthwatering kef. So I drove it for about twenty minutes, changing the pace and range of motion. The dog whines just quietly without making any attempt to escape. Finally, the voltage has reached the limit. I yelled and poured out a stream of sperm into it. Once realizing that this is the final, Black stepped forward and tired cock was free.
Then we had a long rest lying side by side on the floor. He carefully licked my ass and my dick. Yes ... My assumptions were confirmed. Black was an experienced, well-trained lover. Then I took him to the place. This adventure took more than three and a half hours.
After that, we began with the Black often go to such "walking in the forest" in home. By the way. I once gave him a dignity when higher voltage ... (to orgasm). It turned out that the length from the node to the end about 25 cm; a node thickness greater than 4 cm 5; node - okolo8 see If I knew these parameters in advance -. I would not dare try that - for the first time. But practice has shown - nothing is quite acceptable. Later I wanted to try and take a node, but to push it inside failed. After all, it is not inflated and then, when a member is already inserted, and with a member. I wonder how it was possible other authors?
And then summer as imperceptibly come to an end. The holiday season is over. I had to return to Moscow. Black I did not see more. It was a shame that I did not think our meetings start much earlier.
Many years later. I got married. I have almost grown-up children. But I still remember with pleasure that summer, and very interested glances at the big dogs.

My boy

I paint eyelashes carefully, looking in the mirror that keeps me my boy. Mirror in a heavy frame and it sometimes almost imperceptibly shakes hand. I do not hurry. You should not have come to him before the appointed time. He gently changing position slightly tired, my
Lapushka. What a beautiful, there are no forces.
I save the mascara, my fingers down his cheek:
- Kindly bring me shoes. I bought a new satin. You like red?
He nods, smiles and jumps. Flexible and slender as a willow twig.
- There, in the cabinet, the black box - I add.
Exit. Gait had an easy, fast. My Well you're lovely.
I hear in the hallway closet door is removed, something rustles. Look, look, my kitten, you will not find in fact, they do not try. No, I'm not lying, shoes really there, but that's a black box wrapped in the yellow-blue package, and stands on the top shelf under the scarf and scarves.
In the hallway something falls softly, softly cursing my boy and continues to tinker. I quietly sneak up and look out of the room. He is on his knees and frantically guts cabinet shelves around disclosed boxes of shoes, caps carelessly scattered.
- So-o! - I say a special voice.
He raises his eyes to me, already knowing how to set up. Hastily replied:
- Yes nonsense now take away.
I silently stepped over shoes, take the bag from the table. Deliberately slowly unfasten karabinchiki long handles. He follows my gaze hopelessly asks:
- Maybe we should not?..
I do not answer, down a narrow strap twice.
My boy bites his lip. All the same on his knees, unzips his pants and lower a little. He rides up on the shoulders of a thin T-shirt. Slightly tilted, resting his hands on the shelf. Waiting.
My lower abdomen throbbing hot lump. Swings and omit strap beautiful young body. And again ... and again ...
From light first strikes almost did not hurt, tested on himself. My little boy is relaxing and that's when I hit with full force. One, two, three. I hear how he quietly hissed through clenched teeth. If I could just cried my patient.
I make a break for fifteen seconds, giving him breath. Then again resorting to the strap. My boy flexes pain. I am giving up the strap on the bag, bend, and stroked it, the whole swollen lips. He runs up to me, pressed. His hands were already plowing robe under which to me only stockings with lace elastic, gently caress the skin. I feel like the stomach slides elastic tongue, and ... push him away.
My boy quickened breathing. His excitement noticeable to the naked eye, but he takes himself in hand, and asked almost calmly:
- Are you finished?
I nod. He rises, managing to even with his pants down to look young demigod, and informs:
- I'm gonna take a shower.
Constantly, the bastard, ahead of my orders. so, you see, is not so humiliating. Little did I pour him. I was lying on the bed in a relaxed, seductive pose. At the door, there's my boy. Completely naked, wet hair after a shower. The skin is light, only the face, neck and hands touched tan.
He once admitted sheepishly that his parents wonder why it all summer, even in the country walks in long pants and a T-shirt. I purposely left him a bright hickey just below the ear. Angry. Rude, left, slamming the door, he did not come back for two weeks. Finally arrived, breathed with the threshold prepared in advance: "Forgive me, please. I was wrong". Metering, his head bowed, his cheeks flushed and burns. I certainly did not show it, that everything inside is singing with joy, discreetly forgiven, and then just looked up, the boy became ill. Even the next day, could not go to school, I have lain. I was frightened, clucking over him like a mother hen, almost fed with a spoon. Reconciled.
My boy pours a glass of wine, bring to me. He sits down next to cheekily sticks to my chest. Oh, my naive thinking, escaped today Bashing in the hallway? Cant glass of wine is poured, leaving dark red stains on the cream-colored sheet. Indignantly breaks out of his arms:
- Let's see that's it!
He looks accusingly throws:
- You purposely ..!
- What's the difference, on purpose or not? - I grin. - The result is the same for you.
I got it. He says dully, staring at the floor:
- Well ... just ... Listen, do not like the last time, well ..?
I put my hand on his most intimate place, lightly clench your fingers:
- What did not like?
He closes his eyes.
- You know, I do not like it.
I'm stronger squeezing fingers, move the hand. Carefully watch, trembling eyelashes frozen on his handsome face.
- Then why you put up with? I do not hold you, go away, if you want.
One day, when we once again quarreled, I already asked this question, treating bruises on his body. He then turned sharply, roughly pulled me by the hair and furiously said, "Yes, because I only have on you is, understand ?! If I could! .. "Pushed me again fell face in the pillow, his shoulders shaking. It was the only time I saw him cry.
I take my little boy by the hand and am bringing to the table. Shifts toward a bottle of wine, fruit platter, vase with flowers. I order:
- Facing the table. Hands pull. Feet wider.
I obey without question, and it seems even willingly. And what is it you smile, my darling? I decided that to be banal flogging, and even it you are able to endure without a squeak? Oh well. Hope on. Kapron ribbons, remaining still on school days, tightly bound his ankles to the table legs. Scharf pull together the wrist and secured. I put a mirror in front of him.
I stood so that he could see me. I extract from the pocket of his robe, and ostentatiously begin to pull on the right hand of a surgical glove.
And now my boy jerked. Himself to blame, there was nothing to remind about the "last time." I reset the robe to the floor and come up behind him. Silly me, why you're all tensed up, pulled off? I still do what I want, the only way you will be much more painful.
Begin. I see in the mirror of his eyes. he bitterly hates me now.
Behind the window the wind rustles in the trees, and the room only our heavy breathing, ringing slaps on the body, the creaking of the table. I wonder what will happen when I get to the limit of his patience? His dad, former fighters, and now silent alcoholic, has a gun. Partly deadly toy nice lying in his hand. We shot in the woods on plastic bottles. I shamefully smeared, he also did not miss once. There, in the forest, I flunked it on fallen leaves and did what my boy loves the most and least likely to receive. He often carries a gun with him.
I wildly afraid that one day it will stop the police.
My boy that has the strength to resist, compresses the muscles. I continue to squeeze into it. I looked at the smooth skin swollen crimson stripes. With his free hand stroking himself. Breathing hard, his mouth was dry, I was on the verge. To pile on top of him, the whole body be afraid. He writhes beneath me, moaning, and look to be discharged now. Another effort - and I'm inside. Fire someone inside me explodes and the body runs a wave of heat. Letting some poluvskrik-poluvskhlip, I dig into the body under my fingernails. Slowly I relax.
My boy finally stopped struggling, limp as a ball blown away. Luckily for him I'm too lazy to carry out long-planned experiment with a candle and rubber rings. How many times have you looked in the mirror, I tried to understand what he had found in me, worth all this pain. The most common, reasonably nice, reasonably far from stupid. Maybe we're both crazy. Taking off his gloves, I throw on the floor. I untie the shackles. He slowly straightens up, pours a glass of wine and drink in one gulp. He asks without looking at me ...
- Now it will be every time?
Shrugs. How do I know what I want the next time?
He puts the glass on the table with such force that the fragile leg broken. Grins wryly:
- Out of luck today. What now - to the wall, on the floor ..?
I push him down on the bed, next fall, the whole. I let him do with all that he wants his body, even helping, turn, bends. Earned honest. Poor guy.
When I come to his house for family holidays, his parents look at me adoringly. There I was nice, modest and polite. Allows him a command. He knows that retribution followed cruel, but can not deny myself this pleasure. His mom calls me "daughter", trying to get comfortable, to feed more tasty. I sometimes happens ashamed when I see how her son sitting winces in pain.
My boy is hugging me, tired and relaxed. For him, this half-hour "after" the most peaceful time. Gently stir his hair and kiss on the top of his head. Rest, my good. Do not think about anything. Forget what you have to pay for these quiet moments of tenderness. Now he does not forget to switch off your mobile. Once in such a comfortable time there was a jingle - came to him text messages. He stretched lazily, casually stroking my stomach. I read the message. Embarrassed, he looked at me furtively. I took away his phone. Letter was from a young lady. Hello, tra-la-la, I'll see you tomorrow.
- And how to understand this? - I asked. - You have a girlfriend besides me yet started up?
He not answered, frowning.
- No, too late to play in a silence - I have not appeased. - Tell me, what kind of girl, where it came from, whether you've been Think.
He remained silent.
- Oh, I do not zli me - I said gently. - The worst is in fact.
He got up, walked across the room to a chair thrown on clothes.
I waited.
He abruptly pulled out of the belt loops of jeans with a heavy buckle and went back.
I waited.
My boy threw a belt on my knees, lay down flat on the bed, put his forehead in his hands clasped.
I ofigela. He first did everything voluntarily and correctly. And yet ... His body humbly say: "Do with me what you want," and stubborn person says: "I still do not achieve anything." From the neck to the knees to buckle it left fingerprints. But he won - I repeat the question did not. Not ready to bungle it to death. He did not wear jeans, just loose pants. I do not read longer messages on his phone.
Navozhu order until my boy sleeps: picking up the pieces, shrink-wrap and hide shoes. I throw a glove with traces of blood. Finally I put on red satin slippers. I turned around. He stands in the doorway, watching me. Under eye shadows lay, bitten lips swollen stomach stood out on the blue bar on the edge of the table. What I creature.
- Give me a cigarette - he asks.
- Do you smoke? - I asked in surprise.
- Little.
He stands at the window and smoke, until I change the sheets stained with wine, blood, and others. He says without turning around:
- I want you again. What do I get for this?
- As always - I say. - A little bit of pain.
He turns, hands me a half-smoked cigarette. He already has two higher scar left nipple. I take a cigarette. He lays his hands behind his back. He is looking somewhere over my head.
- Why did you let me do this to you? - Sadly I ask. - Why am I doing this?
Again he grins wryly:
- Probably because you do not know how to love in a different way.
Delayed. I press the tip of the cigarette to his chest. He did not even move, only to suddenly pale and face are the drops of sweat.
I thought or had a gun in the bag today again?
Kneel, I caress his hands, lips, tongue. He is not ashamed to moan now.
Then he falls to the floor and said with a guilty smile:
- Something I suck.
I try to drag it on the bed. He hangs on to me, we are both almost fall.
- I'm sorry - he said, when I finally put him and lodge a blanket. - I did not mean to scare you. Then punish me for it.
- Fool, - I say, sniffling and wiping her eyes. - I'm no longer going to torture you.
He holds my face with his hand:
- Do not promise what you can not fulfill.
- I will try - I say uncertainly. - Listen, can cause a doctor?
- Yes garbage. I'm just tired lately.
I bring a first aid kit. I bandage on the burn. Forced to drink a couple of pain pills. Helping to turn over onto his stomach. I was treated scars from the belt. I notice how it stiffens.
- Then I am.
I continue not paying attention to his words. He shudders all over, but resigns himself. If it goes further, it will soon become very obedient. And boring.
At first he resisted even a simple spanking, angry, cursing. I liked it a little bend, allow yourself more, each time for fear that he will not stand and will take forever. I do not want him to give up too quickly. He seemed to read my mind. Suddenly it turns sharply, roughly knocks me on the bed, pressed his whole body. His hand on my throat.
It becomes scary, but I smile at him straight in the face.
- So-o! - I say. - Not very much, and you're tired, I see.
He let me go. Lays down, staring at the ceiling.
- Someday - says he is very quiet - or you'll break me completely, or I'll kill you.
- It will not soon - I console. - You have me strong.
I'm going to the kitchen to make us something to eat. In passing touch his bag.
Gun here.
Hopefully, if he's really going to kill me, it will be quick.
I can not stand the pain.

Evening fun

This happened in early childhood, when I was 15 years old, but that night I remember every detail. Our family consisted of three people: father, mother, and, in fact, me. We lived in a separate one-bedroom apartment, one room served me, the other parents. The relationship between my parents were quite normal, in short, we were normal average family. By that time I already was time of puberty, although many things of an intimate part of life remained a mystery to me. But my cock was already great to get up at the thought of women, I often imagined as having sex with a woman, and regularly masturbate. Although real experience I had not.
So, back to that memorable evening. It was in the month of May, was in the summer warm weather. It was Friday. That day, as usual, came home from school, I had lunch, took lessons and began some about their business, which usually takes the children at this age. The parents returned home somewhere around nine o'clock in the evening in the company of some man.
- Hello, son - the father clapped me on the shoulder. - Here, meet, this is Uncle Pasha, a friend of mine at work.
- Wow - I chuckled burly mustachioed uncle Pasha and offered me his hand. I shook it. "Those guys own silischa. These hands horseshoe bend "- I thought. And it was sheer truth: my father's friend was a tall, broad-shouldered, and gave the impression of a hero.
- Son, I'm sorry, we stayed a little - my mother kissed me on the cheek. - Now let's go to dinner. I looked at my mother: she was clearly in a good mood and smiling broadly. Her luxuriant blond hair spilled over her shoulders, her wore jeans snug it slightly stout hips and a sweater with a high collar. Mom patted my hair, my father at this moment just put his arm around his wife's waist and pushed to the kitchen:
- Good to eat, and now to die of hunger.
After some time we have dined at the table. Mom always cooked perfectly, and dinner is clearly a success. Adults drinking wine brought with him, I enjoyed the Pepsi-Cola. Uncle Pasha was a big joker, and the whole evening entertained parents and me. Outside the window, completely dark, my mother had already changed into a dressing gown, all relaxed, one bottle of wine was opened, when the father, looking at his watch, said:
- Wow, already the twelfth hour. I think someone go to sleep - and winked at me.
Wishing all a good night, I went to my room, undressed and went to bed. But the dream, for some reason did not go. I spun from one side to the other, but could not sleep. It is now probably at least an hour, when I got up and went to the balcony. It was a warm May night, somewhere around the burning windows, the city was filled with different sounds. I breathed the fresh, much as it may be possible in the city, the air hoping that it will help me to fall asleep soon.
I must say that in our apartment balcony was not only out of my room, and the room of the parents, and now there was a light. I suddenly became interested, and I decided to look: the parents are also busy at this late hour. Fear that I noticed, was not, as the street was very dark, and, as we know, from a lighted room in the dark can not see anything.
I approached cautiously, trying to emit less noise, and looked through the window. The curtains were not drawn, but through tulle everything was perfectly clear. What I saw at first put me in a state of shock.
Dad and Uncle Pasha sat in a large chair, standing around a round table and sipping from glasses of wine. They were almost back to me. Mom stood in the middle of the room right before the men, and back to me. Her outfit is me just struck. She was wearing a skirt on so short, I could not even hide until the end of white panties that are snug mother's ass. At what panties were clearly smaller than the desired size, they hugged so tightly that part of the body that I could see. Wide hips and my mother's ass with a few signs of cellulite, which can not be called fat, but a large and apparently soft, was very enticing. Also my mother was a beacon on thin shoulder straps, fitting and supporting large breasts, who tried to jump out, so much were they squeezed cloth. Hair my mother, were gathered in a bun and pinned up almost at the very top. Completes the picture of my mother's dress suede boots - boots with high heels, that reached to mid-thigh.
Mom was just sitting down to his knees and his hands on his knees. Her ass was jutting, and she moved her ass from side to side in front of his father and uncle Pasha. My mind refused to believe in the reality of the situation, so dissolute was the scene that opened my eyes. But at the same time it was like a sweet and attractive as any of the forbidden fruit. The thought that my mother is able to dress up as a model of dirty magazines that sometimes I have seen what it looks not only his father, but still a strange man, made the blood rush to my face. And not only. I felt my cock stiffen in his underpants. I put his hand in his pants and squeezed his friend. It was hot, and climbed higher and higher.
- Come here, lapulya - suddenly my father said, putting his dopit glass on the floor beside the chair and gestured invitingly mother hand. Mom slowly turned to him, smiled coquettishly, held palms on her breasts, stomach and swinging her hips toward the men. Uncle Pasha also drank wine in one gulp, too, put the glass on the floor and put his hand on his hip approached my mother. She just continued to move smoothly and shooting eyes at one, then the other, climbed onto the table, around which sat a man. Standing on all fours, my mother, again sexy ass sticking out towards Uncle Pasha, who was back from her, and kissed her passionately dad, sitting in front of her.
Dad's friend started to feel my mother's thighs, ass. His hands slipped on the legs, sinking to his knees, then, rising up, stroking the thigh, panties, climbed on her skirt. Then he began to not only iron, but also to knead my mother's charms, to which she replied povilivaniem backside. Dad went to kiss my mother, running his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues met, through the open window we could hear the sucking their lips.
I'm just speechless. My cock stiffened already to such an extent that does not fit in my palm. With me it was the first time in my life. I did not expect that my mother could be so lustful that my parents indulge in such pleasures. It was exciting steeper porn I saw something in his classmate. And all this is happening in some two or three meters away from me.
Mom start with one hand to unbutton my dad's shirt and caress his shoulders. The pope, in turn, began to knead his mother's breast, then he squeezed it, then stroked. In the end, he pulled the straps from her mother's arms, pushed his shirt on his stomach and freed boobs are swaying tumbled free. They were large, meaty, a bit saggy, but not out of shape, with large dark brown circles nipples. Dad took them in his hands, as if weighing, squeezed, as if wanted to press inward and let go, enjoying the way they swung again. Uncle Pasha is suddenly relish slapped my mother's ass, and began to lick my mother's half the priests. His tongue was walking in the ass back and forth, his hands continued to stroke and knead mother through the panties, sometimes he held between his legs. Mom is obviously enjoyed. She shivered and moved her ass. Uncle Pasha finally pulled up her skirt, pulled sharply with mom panties down, so that they slipped on the tops of the boots to the knees, and moved his tongue right between the halves of the priests. On my mother's ass tattoo appeared: both halves was beautifully painted bow with lace. Mom gasped, more arched, broke away from the Pope looked back:
- Yes, vylezhu me everything, spank me - I did not recognize my mother's voice, as it was corruption. Mom spread her legs wide and started back to ... why bow as if stirred. Uncle Pasha became the pinch and slap your ass and went on licking, picking up the mother's pussy, which was visible between the thighs. For a moment broke away from his mother and licked his index finger, Uncle Pasha ran it between her mother's labia.
- Classroom nipple, juicy and appetizing.
- And I have told you - Pope smiled, stood up, took off his shirt - and you, my dear, is now otsosesh - it has been said my mother.
Silently, she undid the belt on his father's trousers, then his pants and lowered them down with shorts. And then I saw my father's dick, which had not scored all of his strength, but he was already done. He was clean-shaven, as the pubis to the scrotum, there was not a single hair. Member staring straight into the face mother, his darkish trunk in front began to lengthen and strengthen, when my mother began to caress the impressive size of the eggs, hanging between Dad's legs. She slightly open mouth, took my father's hand on the base member, a slight movement of the head bared, tongue stuck out and moving on his dick, sent it into his mouth. Then reverse the movement came, my mother tongue went around the foreskin, covering her hand and again bared head, and then dive into the mouth. Each time my father's bolt was getting wetter and wetter from his mother's saliva and grow right before your eyes. Sometimes, when my mother pulled him out of his mouth, between her lips, and a member of the head hung gossamer slobbery. From time to time my mother began to lick the barrel and eggs, quickly walking tongue Dad's dick, and then again swallowed dick that is already sticking out like a stake by typing their entire length and width. Mum introduced it into itself almost to the base, then podrachivala, caressing tongue head, then licked, then again sucked in yourself, do not forget to move your ass trembling, that fiddling and licked Uncle Pasha.
I looked at this orgy, and has almost nothing surprised. My parents were opened to me with such a party, but it does not repelled me, but rather, on the contrary, drew. Excitation covered my head, I have little to think, even though he knew that after some time they will be to fuck my mother alone, and the thought soul at the same time and grew cold, and burned and left in the heel, and my body began to throb . I looked forward to this moment, and stood at the window with vyvalennym of cowards member podrachival it.
Mum suddenly released from my father's dick hands, so that a sucking sound popped out of her mouth, and freed a hand held between his legs. Then again, then closed her palm labia that finger caressed Uncle Pasha, as if pushing him from his puski. Uncle Pasha first pulled away from mother's cunt, smiled, and slapped both hands on the place where he was bow parted my mother's bread, and ran his tongue back in her ass. At this time, Dad with one hand took his dick from the base and sent it to my mother in the mouth, and the other put mom on the back of the head. She swallowed and adjust member to the most eggs, the length of it, must have reached the throat. Dad began to move her hips, and it turned out that he fucks mom in the mouth. Sometimes it could be seen as he rests on the cheek, ottopyrivaya it. It was not the blow, namely Fucking in the mouth. Mom fingered hand her clitoris with a grunt and ohami swallowing dick, Uncle Pasha is already rubbing through his pants on his mother's back member.
Finally, Dad pulled out a member of my mother's mouth, stroked her neck:
- Come lie down, since it is more convenient - dad, hugged her waist, pulled her mother toward the large double bed. - By the way, Pash, come on, take off your clothes, you - the next.
They came to the bed, and while Uncle Pasha pulled down his shirt and jeans, Dad pulled up to the end of my mother's panties, which remained her poluspuscheny, lifted her skirt and stroking ass, began to push for Uncle Pasha. He already took off all my clothes, and now stood in front of her mother with ottopyrinym member. It really looked like a warrior: strong shoulders, inflated arms with big biceps, strong, muscular body. Dick Uncle Pasha was a little longer than my father's, but much thicker. Mom smiled and hugged his neck and ran her hand over the eggs first, and then on to the member, murmured:
- Cool bolt. Oleg, where I found this horse? I want you - and looking at Pasha, held his tongue on the lip. - I promised that you have something to surprise her, but I did not expect.
Uncle Pasha lay on the bed, legs spread wide, dad again pushed my mother in the back, so that she, flopping down, took a knee - elbow position. Her head was near the groin Flank uncle, the priest was the head otklyachila above. My mother immediately grabbed a member of his father's friend, began to lick it, one hand caressing his scrotum. Pasha, just getting up, reached for her mother's boobs, and began to knead and squeeze. Mom with such pressure, podrachivaya, sucked a dick, that Uncle Pasha groaned and leaned back:
- Oh, no dick yourself, this is the suction.
- Yeah, man, this is the best blow job, which you can find in this life - Dad already have tagged onto my mother's backside. His cock glistened with moisture after my mother's caresses. Mom's head went up and down, his mouth was wide open to take such a thick dick Pashin. From time to time my mother took out of his mouth, he spat at a member, then rubbed the moisture on the trunk, and a little vzdochnuv again sit down on this monster. Sometimes she slapped herself a member of the protruding tongue or cheeks, or just grabbing dick, shaking her from side to side, obviously enjoying the feel of his weight in his hands. Uncle Pasha groaned, moved his hips, squeezed her mother's hair and shoulders.
Dad, Mom comfortably attach to almost spreading her legs, heels to boots did not prevent him, he began to drive the head of his cock on my mother's pussy, caressing her labia. Mom shook her ass, even more stuck out his bow slightly parted, revealing his mother's pusku through. Dad moved forward the body and the head plunged into, and smooth-shaven pussy. Mom cried for a little detached from the suction, and then swallowed dick. Then move back, forward again and put a member on the third length: moving so smoothly, gradually dad planted the entire length. And he began to fuck my mother, bringing his dick almost completely and vpihivaya it to the ground. His huge egg on inertia flew the back, then forward. Father began to accelerate, mum, catching his rhythm, he became podmahivat, each accompanied by frictions cotton Papa's pubes on my mother's ass. Dad squeezed her mother's hand back, squeezed it and continued to hammer away at the mother, who was a cancer not for a minute did not stop sucking Uncle Pasha. I'm already being jerked her bolt that excited to such an extent that I was at home and could not imagine it.
I watched as my mother in includes just two members, as she likes how her father cooks behind as she sucks. My mother was a whore, she was a promiscuous whore, it's incredibly exciting to. I furiously masturbate until my cock exploded, filling my palm warm and sticky seed. But no member of the opal, as has happened before, and continued to stand, and I myself could not break away from the fact that my parents get up.
- A-a-a-a-a +. Ohhh, yeah-ah-aaaaaaa - my mother was beginning to moan quite loud, apparently ebuschy her father's dick gave her great pleasure. She was even able to not suck at Uncle Pasha, just his face buried somewhere in his groin, and randomly stroking his reed. Buddy Pope hugged his powerful hand my mother's head to his pubes and he started stroking his dick.
- Come on, vzharil it, break it, - he said to his father, - planted it more deeply.
- Yes, damn, yeah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! Oh-oh-oh-oh, ah-ah-ah, shit-I-I-I-rd, more, more-ee-s, th-th-th-th, and-and-and-a- and, - my mother did not stop moaning, cursing, tears off her tongue, it seems men wound up even more.
Mom already was shaking her ass every time twitched toward plunges into her phallus. Dad slowed down the pace of frictions, but it has become a member to drive a sharp movement, accompanying each entry with cotton on one of the halves of my mother's ass .... ass swayed and quivered, but she still had time to podmahivat father. Mom zaskrebla nails on the body of Uncle Pasha, and he let her go. She rose to arms, and looked back at the Pope does not stop:
- Mm-hmm, yeah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah - now a push from each mother's boobs bouncing up and swayed from side to side. Suddenly, Dad pulled out a member and finally, once again kissed his palm on her mother's loin. Mom straightened up, remaining on his knees to stand bed, grabbed her tits swollen with excitement, with large hardened nipples, and the start of their stroke.
Meanwhile, the Pope climbed into bed, and Uncle Pasha, on the other hand, moved to the floor. Dad sat down, tucked under her heel, and my mother lay on her back, her head resting on his knees. At the same time my mother's ass was on the edge of the bed, and the legs in high heels on the floor. Uncle Pasha stood between her mother's legs at the knees, my mother raised her legs and spread them apart so widely that almost turned the twine. Such flexibility from my mother, I just could not wait. Uncle Pasha first stroked her mother's legs, pubic area, then began to lick the crotch, squeeze the ass, hips. His tongue penetrated into the mother's vagina, then spreads to the hips and lower abdomen, in the area around puski, and again fondled by my father fucked swollen lips and clitoris.
He licked my mom pussy, plunging into the language, suck in her lips and clitoris, and then began to help his fingers, pushing it to the mother and twisting it into the vagina. This went on for a long time, my mother began to squirm, moan, began to reduce his feet, and then picked up Dad mom under her knees and pulled to the sides. Mom ass climbed a little higher, and now Uncle Pasha had the opportunity not only to lick her mother's pussy, but her anus. His tongue went through the anal hole. For all wet, my mother can not wait any longer, moaned:
- Fuck me, fuck right now - dad immediately let go of her mother's legs. Uncle Pasha stood up, his cock went all that time to stand, as if he were made of wood. The man smiled, then Uncle Pasha from some clothes lying on the floor, pulled out a condom and handed it to my mother. She opened the package with ease, and took out a condom skilled movements put it on Uncle Pashin bolt, then leaned back and rested his head on father's lap.
At this point, I squeezed his standing member, and passing his hand, smeared semen on it, causing it became slippery and slightly tacky. My dick remained tense, and it seemed that swells more and more. There was even a little hurt by the surge. Before that I never finished twice in a row. Touching the head, I gently squeezed it and began to masturbate again.
Uncle Pasha took a tube of lubricant, grease-lubricated condom over his penis, was attached to the mother's hole and began to push slowly entered his bolt in the mother. In contrast to the pope, he did not make the return movement, but simply with the force pressed, causing his dick sinking into the vagina. Mom gasped, jerked, tried to clasp the hands daddy, but he firmly grabbed her wrist, held her hands to her boobs and is fixed in this position. Mom arched, moved her hips, but Uncle Pasha, and then fix it. Finally, after a couple of minutes, dick went into her mother's pussy to the end, my mother's vagina stretched by taking a such a thick bolt, Uncle Pasha waited for a while until my mother puska not get used to his size, and then began to make her a member of circular motion as if wanted to further expand passage for his monster. Then began the usual movement, back and forth, but not so hastily. But as my mother's pussy got used to Pashin member, the movement became faster and faster. He grabbed my mother's ankles, spread them so, as far as the width of the hand, and pyalil my mother in that position.
- Shit-I-I-I-I - my mother tried to squirm, but she was hard pressed men's hands to the bed. A thick dick entered the slippery grease into his mother's pussy, twisting and turning in, gets out, and again plunged into a squelch. Eggs beaten by her mother sweaty ass, my mother hole has flowed natural lubricant mixed with artificial.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, AAAA, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah + -. Mom almost cried, delayed socks feet, crumpling his chest, beat her head on daddy's lap. Then Dad got up and spread her legs so that my mother's head was beneath him, and slowly lowered his scrotum mother's face. She swallowed my father's eggs and start to suck them, and for a time stopped screaming, only mumbling and moaning. Dad moved his pelvis, leading his mother's personal belongings on the lips and tongue, which she Carney swinging in front of her eggs. But when Uncle Pasha accelerated again he wailed.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, yes-ah-ah-ah, shit, fuck-and-and-and, fuck-and-and-and-and-and-and-and me - it was already very loud. Dad let her mother's hand and squeezed her mouth, mom, feeling freedom arched her back, her tits twitching to the beat of the occurrences of a member of it. For a while, my mother fucked with pinched mouth, but then Dad grabbed discarded immediately and my mother's panties, crumpled, stuffed them in his wife's mouth, and just getting up itself in one hand took his dick and began to clap their mother's face. The other hand began to squeeze bouncing boobs. With a gag Fucking continued: devoid of voices, my mother just quietly squealed and groaned, she tried to wag his hips, shaking her head. This lasted somewhere fifteen or twenty minutes, until Uncle Pasha pulled out his bolt ripped condom and zadrochil with him. Dad immediately released my mother and began to play too, his cock. Mom did not reduce his feet, stretched, pulled out of his mouth pants, she sat down and grabbed Uncle Pasha for dick and sent it on his face. He continued to masturbate at the base, the mother caressed the head, sometimes helping his tongue. With the other hand my mother squeezed my father's dick.
I also masturbate, feeling that is about to finish. Just now, after witnessing how my mother fucked a strange man, and my father also helped him in this, I have just a half an hour to rethink many things. Now sex is not struck me as something not available, I would also like to fuck and was almost certain that soon it will happen to me. Suddenly, my cock twitched, the body was a wave of pleasure, and a new portion of the seed shot out of me, hitting me in the arm and the wall, which I was standing.
Mom continued to handle just two male members, taking into his mouth one or the other. Here Uncle Pasha issued a groan, threw his head back, my mother opened her mouth, his tongue, and spat out a member of a powerful charge of sperm directly into my mother open her mouth and on the tongue. The white substance filled the mother's mouth, swallowed part of the mother, and the rest flowed on the chin. Opened his mouth again, Mom did not stop stroking dicks, and then Uncle Pasha gave a second crop of seed. "Shot" Mom came in the face, sperm flowed across the face, cheeks, something got into his mouth again. Mom licks and turned to the Pope. Uncle Pasha began to slap his mother a member of the boobs, scattering the remains of the body.
Here finished and dad, his "charge" Mom fell on the cheek and hair, sperm was so much that the person almost everything was covered with flowing "spuschenkoy". Mom plunged cock in her mouth, sucking and swallowing residues. Depraved MILF, which has turned my mother leaned back a little, coquettishly looked at the men and smiled. Legs Mom were still far apart, and it naebasheyasya pussy was clearly visible. After a tongue over his lips, stained sperm, she removed his hand from the hair of the seed and licked her fingers. Swallow cum her, obviously, very much.
Dad and Uncle Pasha four hands, as they could have cleared my mother's face from the effects of ejaculation, smearing cum on my mother's tits, stomach, thighs. Mom reached out, hands up, then he grabbed his chest, tossed them, so they're a little shook:
- Liked? - Her voice was felt playful tone.
- Oh, you're cool, Marinochka - Uncle Pasha grinned.
- Come on, run pomoysya, and we still have a cigarette - Dad patted his mother's tit. - But not for long....
The men went to the balcony, and I had to quickly hide in my room, however, the door to the end, I did not close, leaving it slightly ajar. My front pants were wet with semen, sticky hands, a cock, though slightly opal, but was swollen by masturbation. I froze and listened.
They heard the door open from the room of parents, then went out to the balcony Dad and Uncle Pasha. Flicked the lighter. For a while they smoked in silence, only occasionally throwing each other short phrases.
- Well, you're ready for another round? And then I have an insatiable Marinka, only entered into the taste - halfway to my father's voice.
- Yes, no question, - he chuckled Uncle Pasha.
There was a patter of bare feet, and went to the balcony mom. I carefully looked out from the darkness of his room, but still could not see, and put out more afraid. Translating look slightly to the side, I saw a man and a mother seen me through the reflection of the glass in the balcony door. Yurknuv behind the curtain, I started watching again.
Mom took off his boots, studs and was now completely naked. She was very sexy and I found myself thinking that excited her. Her breasts, which she had just washed in the bathroom slightly tightened up and looked swollen dark nipples.
- Malchi-and-and-ki - purred mother, hugging one arm Uncle Pasha's neck and the other dad's shoulders - let smoke. Pope pulled out a cigarette, flicked the lighter Pasha. Leaning on the parapet, my mother dragged, he released a stream of smoke and asked:
- Who is ready to have sex yet? - Mom again delayed. - Stud still have?
Uncle Pasha put his hand on his mother's ass, the reason the top-down, and apart rolls, edge of his hand rubbed his anus.
- I would like to bow to you in an ambush - dad's friend turned to her mother, two hands began to knead my mother's ass, then parted the buttocks. His mother's finger zaterebil pusku first, and then the anus. Mom stood on tiptoe, got his feet a little wider, and continued to smoke.
- Do you love when you are in the ass? - Uncle Pasha ran his finger deeper and deeper.
- Yes, our slut loves it, - said my mother for my father.
Mom finished smoking, threw a cigarette butt and kissed the Pope's lips.
- Come soon - and turned inside out from the flank hand disappeared into the room. The men went after him, and I immediately rushed to the balcony again, trying not to miss anything. When I looked into the room my mother was lying sideways on the couch facing the window. Uncle Pasha stood in the middle of the room and pulled on his erect dick condom. The Pope also went to his mother to face her, she put her arms around him, and they began to suck.
Uncle Pasha again copiously smeared with grease your cock and went to the back of the mother. She raised her left leg up, bent it, and Dad picked her up under the knee. Second hand dad pushed the mother's back, and Pasha began to squeeze and rub the grease in the ass. The skin becomes wet, there was so much grease that whole ass is already shining. Then he squeezed from a tube transparent cream directly into the anus, rubbed his finger and began to push through there. Mom moaned sweetly. When the finger has left the entire length, Uncle Pasha shook them inside, took it to my mother and put her ass oiled bolt.
Dad continued to hold the buttocks apart, and a member was a member of my mother between his fingers. Mom moaned again and pressed firmly to the Pope, clutching his shoulders. Members include lubrication is fairly easy, although its thickness was unusual for Mom. Finally, a member plunged into his mother's ass entirely and Uncle Pasha stopped after a few minutes, allowing the anus get used to it.
When the sphincter is stretched enough, my father's friend began to move my mother. She squeezed her buttocks, grasping a solid trunk, sinking into her, to Uncle Pasha said, clapping on the rump. Both seem to be very fond of such a game. He put his hand under her, and is now in parallel with the frictions and even squeezed my mother's breasts. With the other hand he stretched ass mother when she tried to stretch it, or relish slapped on it.
Mom again started to shout, and dad embracing her mother and whispered:
- Open your mouth, my dear - my mother readily complied, and the father again stuffed into her mouth panties. Uncle Pasha smiled:
- Vociferous bitch.
Now mom again could only mumble and groan. Member easily slipped into her mother's ass, apparently ass was already pretty razdolblen. Movements of the pelvis Uncle Pasha drove his dick almost the entire length, then slowly led him, and again sharply sit down mom. Bow, tattooed on the ass, if opened, taking a dick, which was champing dryuchil mother.
Dad went to his wife, lifted her leg, and, putting a screw to her pussy, pussy put into his penis. The vagina without apparent effort took a father's resilient dick. And Mom gagged fucked while two members. Both piston working in a fast pace, entered the mother sharply, but she liked it, she writhed, muffled shouts, rolled her eyes, twitching to the beat of the one, the other man, who also had time to squeeze her breasts, buttocks, abdomen. Dad began to lick her mother's face, then pulling the hair, threw back her head and began to caress her neck.
This orgy lasted for some time, I again took out his penis and began to masturbate. My risen member willing to lay down his hand in, and succumbing to the usual movements, pulsed.
Finally, the parents decided to change position. First, Dad pulled out his penis, he was completely covered with moisture, which is abundantly allocated mother's hole. Then Uncle Pasha took his giant phallus, last, patting him on the ass mom.
Uncle Pasha lay on the bed, only passes on his back, and his mother, having thrown one leg, I was on him. Taking Pashin member of the base, making it even more strained, she sent a dick between her legs, and began to sit down full weight on it. Great big dick sank into her mother gently, as if she slipped on it by a pussy to his balls. When a member has entered the entire length of my Mom arched forward and began to move her hips back and forth, dick walked into her like a piston, she jumped on it, shaking her boobs. Pasha's uncle held his mother's hips, trying to impose its deeper into your phallus.
The pope got to his feet on the sofa, slightly crouched, and began to introduce his penis into the anus mom. After a monster that has just pecked her ass, my father's dick slid easily into my mother's ass. Mom was lying on my father's friends who dryuchil her, tossing each sticking up, and my dad roasting ass, trying to stretch the buttocks a little wider apart. I was perfectly visible, as two healthy members fucked in both holes my mother, and how she likes it.
Fucking lasted another ten minutes, until the pope suddenly pulled out his dick and sperm spray does not hit directly in my mother's sphincter. Sperm flowed down, and my father began to rub it in my mother's ass, adding new portions of her ass fucked. Here I arrived and Uncle Pasha: he, too, pulled out his penis, pulled off his condom, and zadrochil mom tits. Polivshayasya sperm spattered large breasts, and my mother, too, began to rub it on your tits.
Judging by the parties of all three of them, they were very happy. Dad still squeezed my mother's ass, Uncle Pasha caressed her mother's breast while she licked his cock and sucked the remnants of sperm. Then they all went to the shower.
At the sexual escapades of my parents in the evening was over, and I went to bed, overflows with thoughts and fantasies, and before going to sleep, once more jerk.

Pleasure, a long weekend. Part 4

Part 4: The Fall of the two strongholds
Lasky in the bathroom close friends - what could be more beautiful? Sasha and I prepared Nick for the knowledge that she was not conducted until today.
I took a deep tub of hot water, adding a fragrant foam. Sasha helped Veronica undress and brought his hands and gently placed in the bath. We lathered with her maiden (yet) body. I paid a liquid, smelling of strawberries, the soap on your hands and gently stroking his back and chest Nicky, sometimes squeezing the nipples with your fingers, making her moaning, biting his plump lips. Sasha also took up her pubis and booty.
When Veronica napar, Sasha told her to get out. It was a beautiful picture - pink, excited and caressed the body of a virgin! I clung to her chest, and took in his mouth brown nipples, biting his teeth and began to caress the tongue, and Alexander did the same with the clitoris. She gracefully pushed our hands wrapped in a towel and went to the room where was already prepared for her an enema. And Sasha and quickly took a shower, washing their bodies with traces of petroleum jelly and sperm - traces of the pleasures of love, and, without losing time, went to Nick. On the way into the room Sasha whispered to me: "First, you take it, and then I. It will be better this way".
Alexander, as well as me, Veronica helped clean the intestines. So the time has come, which is waiting for all the girls. But for Nicky this time was special, because not every girl loses virginity with two favorite guys, and even in two places at once, and of their own accord. In her mind it was obvious that she was worried. She lay down on the sofa and covered her breasts with one hand, and the other placed in the crotch, hiding his bud.
Sasha lay down beside her on the right, and I placed on the left. Alexander began to gently kiss the eyes, cheeks, lips, Veronica, and his hand was stroking his shoulders, slowly lowering her chest. Then slowly removed his hand Nicky, she covered her beautiful hills, revealing brown nipples and continued slowly and gently kiss her, began to descend to these hills. Finally he reached the mouth of the flower bed, and walked on his tongue. Nicky's body immediately responded to his touch - hardened nipples, and she was beginning to breathe heavily.
I at this time stroking Veronica stomach. But when Sasha began to fondle her breasts, Nick took her hand away from the pubic area, opening its bud. Turning her face to the gate, I began to kiss the mound of Venus, sinking lower and lower, until it reached the clitoris. My touch caused Nicky light groan, and she spread her legs clasped together. My tongue spread apart the petals of her rose and walked through the gorge of pleasure, and then returned to the clitoris and play with him. In the belly of Veronica took a slight tremor. I sucked the pestle and pressed lips, continuing the circular motion of his tongue over it. Nick bent knees and place them wider. I had to change position. I settled comfortably between her thighs. View the wonderful. The swollen labia hanging over them, excited clitoris and if push halves Veronikinoy priests, brown ass, ready for my affection. For convenience, I picked up the pillow and put under the hip Nike. Again paced top down on her clit and lips, but did not stop at the bottom and went on until he reached the chocolate ring anus. My tongue vibrated in this hole, which is under my caresses became compressed and then relax. I took Veronikiny legs under the knees and lifted up.
Now anus was in full view. In temples pounding me from such a spectacle. I attached myself to this beauty lips and my tongue began to lick another Veronikino dignity, sometimes penetrating into the chocolate cave. Nick moaned with pleasure louder and louder.
Sasha stopped to fondle breasts Veronica and said: "Sweetheart, come in position 69". I let go of her legs, she got up and kissed me on the lips, and climbed on Alexander, his face to the penis. Sasha crawled arranged between her knees and sucked into his mouth clitoris. I also got exposed appetizing ass with no less appetizing hole. Nick also not idle. Picking up the floor excited Sasha's cock, she began podrachivat his tongue caressing the head. But for a long time she could not concentrate on their actions, as our affection to distract her, not allowing as it should "take" per unit of Alexander.
I decided it was time to actively take over behind Veronica. To get started, simply rinse the anus language. Then he took a jar of Vaseline and dipped his index finger. Without looking up from the holes tongue, I let her finger and inserted shallowly. Liberally lubricated my saliva, anus easily let him in herself. Sasha winked at me from below as a sign of approval of my actions. A groan is still Nick froze, getting used to new sensations. I began to drive his finger back and forth, getting them deeper and deeper. Finally, he was completely in it. "Do not you hurt?" - I asked Nick. "No, just unusual. And I want to use the toilet!" - She said languidly. "About the toilet, do not worry, all you have left. So relax and enjoy the buns!" - Sasha commented below.
Rinse your little Veronica inside the anus and extend it a bit, I decided to go with two fingers. Very slowly and carefully he began to promote them in her virgin pussy. Once the muscles are compressed Nicky, I had to stop and stroking ass, relaxing her. But now, two fingers and start to walk freely in the citadel. Probably worked that Nick is good steamed in the bathroom, her anus was soft and pliable, the pain was virtually no when stretching muscles. Sasha pulled away from the labia, held his index finger on them, collecting the isolation Nicky, and got into the back cave, adding to my two. Yes, zadets was developed, now it is necessary to penetrate it with my cock!
Sasha got out of Veronica, turned it on its right side and bent at the knees. I fell in behind, preparing his unit, that is, lubricating it with petroleum jelly. Alexander took his hands for half the priests and showed me access. An exciting moment! I took his cock head at the base and offered to the anus of Veronica. And so it began promotion. Slowly and carefully, I began to enter the head. Once passed the narrow part of it and began to enter the base, Nick immediately tensed. "Hush, my little girl, relax, be patient a little bit!" - Stroked by the pope and his back began to calm her Sasha. I pulled the head, heavily greased it with vaseline and again planted by entering it almost completely. Nick whined and clenched his hands into fists, but did not pull away.
And then, finally, came the head completely. I stopped giving Nick used to it. Sasha at this time greased with Vaseline my end. Veronica was silent, was tense. I made a couple of movements back and forth, expanding the narrow cave. Then, shallow thrusts became peg their eldon her ass. Nick moaning at first, but then he stopped moaning, and only breathed heavily. Butt has a narrow slot, the maximum friction. But, gradually, the anus muscles relaxed, cave widened and I drove his penis to its very foundations. Veronica calmed down, and after a while became even podmahivat me backwards. Sasha at this time leaned over and began to lick her swollen clit, causing Nicky moan of pleasure.
I pulled out his unit and began to admire the cave is not yet closed, which slowly began to link up. Quickly brushing it with Vaseline, and having put on his penis, again he plunged it into the chocolate hole. And so it began actively Gang bang! First, we have laid Nick on his stomach, so that the head was hanging off the couch edge. I leaned on the top and put Nick in the butt. Sasha knelt before Veronica and his cock was in her mouth. The movement began. Groaning, Nick sucked Alexander and I had time to podmahivat booty. Then Sasha, too, wanted to visit the already extended backside. We reversed, however, I had to rinse his penis from Vaseline. Nick took my eldon in the mouth, and smacking his lips, started to suck. Sasha is abundantly smeared his unit and began to enter the Veronica .... As soon as his cock was inside, he began to hammer it so fast that I thought, as if Veronica fell off the couch. And she spat out my cock from his mouth, was just a scream. I saw that it was the cries of pleasure. Nick was close to orgasm. She grabbed my cock and began to furiously masturbate him. Then he clutched in a death grip, her mouth open and out flew a drawn "Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Popa Nicky jumps towards Sasha's member, stringing him. Veronica roughly finished.
Sasha pulled the cock and turned back to Nick. "Give condoms in my pocket. In the meantime, sobem hymen and the front!" I took a couple of condoms and opened one, slipped on Sasha member. He threw his legs over his shoulders Veronica. She was in prostration from anal orgasm. Sasha Framed penis to her flower, parted labia. Then she kissed Nick and said, "I love you!" "And I love you. I love both of you, boys!" - Veronica said gently. I went back and put pressure on Sasha's ass. Member entered the virginal bud Nicky. "Aaaaaaa!" - Resounded through the room scream devoid of innocence of the girl. Sasha succumbed forward, driving his penis to the base of the bosom of Veronica. I leaned forward and kissed Nick on the lips. Sasha pulled out a member. He was bleeding. Alexander again put it into the vagina, and then began the movement pelvis. I kissed Nick's chest, caressing tongue nipples. Veronica groaned not so much pain as pleasure. Then she looked at me and said: "I want you inside me". Begged me it was not necessary. I quickly pulled on a condom. Sasha conceded a place for me. I asked Nick to roll over on his stomach and spread her legs. Then he went back and sent her to the trunk of her vagina, from which flowed the blood stream - the remnants of virginity. I slowly entered her. "Oh-oh-oh-oh!" - Nick groaned. I started promotion in her bosom. It was very narrow, the movement brought a lot of pleasant sensations. I put his hand under the pubis and Nicky, fingering clit, he began to caress him. Nick responded to these caresses welcoming groan.
And Sasha at this time engaged me! While we enjoyed each other Nika, he fell in behind me, and without removing the condom in the virgin blood of Veronica, slowly began to penetrate me. I stopped his movements, giving him the opportunity to firmly anchor in me. And then Sasha began + set the tone throughout the trachea! He hammered at me, I'm hammering Nike. Veronica podmahivala me backwards from what my butt strung on Sasha's count. Again he planted me, from what I have deeply entered into Nick.
After a few minutes of the race I felt the approach of orgasm in all three. Nick closed her legs, her whole body trembling, she cried "Yes, yes boys, yes, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Sasha was puffing like a steam engine, gaining speed, and finished with some sort of roar. Well, I, stimulated by the two sides, exploded sperm flow.
Sasha hugged us with Veronica and knocked on its side. So we went to sleep, not separated, as a single organism.

Alyona. Part 3: submissive bitch

In the kitchen, Alain easily found "Turk" and a jar of aromatic coffee. Feeling a little embarrassed she looked around the room and found a small apron hanging on the hook. Wearing it on the neck and tying the ribbon at the waist behind, Alain felt the nipples rub against the hard tissue. The upper part of the apron is only partially covered the woman's breasts, causing a thin tape, which had been treated with the edges of each movement touches the sensitive tips of her breasts. Nipples instantly petrified. Allen smiled. When the coffee was ready, she put on a tray and a cup just remove from heat Turk and moved into the room. On second thought, whether to remove the apron, she decided that since she is more like the Master.
Entering the room, she knelt beside the chair man set the tray on a small table, poured into a cup flavored drink and waited for orders. She was on her knees, wearing stockings and slippers, covered by an apron which peeped from behind the left breast, and looked like he was drinking hot strong coffee and treats her.
- Stop staring, bitch - she lowered her eyes down.
The owner leaned forward, pulled the apron and put his hand on the right breast Alena. Yeah - he smiled touching standing erect nipple. Strong fingers ran over the white skin of the breast. Slightly squeezed elastic flesh. Looking at the floor Alain breathed deeply. The owner put down the cup and began to knead and second breast of women. Sometimes he touched her nipples with your fingers, but did not specifically. He crumpled up the upper part of the apron after putting it in the valley between hills Alenina hills. Now, the matter did not prevent him to squeeze both her breasts. He almost lifted Doina bottom and put more fingers nipples as buttons, push them inwards. After she began to move, making a circular motion with fingertips. Alain flowed. Little else playing with her boobs, little man pushed her away from him.
Bowing to the pressure of hands Master she leaned back. When shoulders touched the soft pile of the carpet, she stretched out his legs, spreading them apart and slightly bent at the knees. Apron covered all that was between the thighs, but on the material adjacent to the leach already appeared treacherous spot of moisture. Slid out of the chair, the master knelt between her legs. Pulling off his sweatshirt, he reached out and put his hand on the abdomen Alena a top apron. She felt the weight of his hands on her, looking at the dark haired man covered the mighty chest. The hand moved down the pubis and through the apron wrapped around a sponge Alena, forcing her to bend his back with a groan. Master Fingers going tough fabric to where the clitoris was located. Alain felt a warm wave passed through it when the owner spent over the apron of the clitoris down to the hole of her vagina.
A satisfied grunt, owner, easily lifting her backside, put his hand under his back and untied the ribbon apron. Then he threw it up on the head of Alain. Now she was lying in front of him with the face covered, legs spread in black stockings and shoes with high heels, feeling the hot slippery moisture between the folds of the excited vagina. She heard the sound unzips, and the rustling of clothes, obviously landlord rented pants. Then, strong hands grabbed her buttocks from below, and lifted up. Almost immediately she felt the head of the penis penetrates it. The owner obviously kneeling Alain wore on. Member without prior "flirting" came to the end, the woman felt partner thigh between her legs. Strong hands continued to hold the lower part of woman's body in the air, allowing the Boss stick his dick in her. He was a sharp Alain precise movements, causing her to cry out every time when the head rested on something inside her. Not being able to see the partner, Alain presented as it rams her naked, is stuck between her legs his trunk again and again entering into it the entire length of his dick. At this point the owner came out of it. The woman introduced wet head of his penis coming out of the lips of her vagina and began to finish, rapidly and brightly, exuding from a transparent lubricant. She pressed her thighs between the thighs and the Master with a husky groan arched in front of him. When Alain relaxed man dropped it on the floor.
- On a shelf cream is in the bathroom, go, bring it
Allen took off her apron and cotton after orgasm legs hurried to fulfill orders. A few seconds later she returned with a tube of blue in her hands. The owner stood in the middle of the round carpet completely naked. Hard dick sticking out among the dark curly hair covering his groin.
- Put the tube side, and she suck me
Alain, the owner of the village before tucking his feet under him, took his hand and sent a dick in his mouth. Grasping head lips she began podrachivat gun men at the same time caressing his tongue into her mouth. The owner almost did not move, his hand on her neck, a little bit fed forward in time with her movements. A minute later, he removed his hand from his Alenina member. She grabbed his feet and deeper letting a dick men began to start to suck. "I make progress"- Alain thought, remembering how recently, awkwardly trying to make partner blowjob.
- Take the cream, and good smazh his ass - there was his master's voice.
Hot wave engulfed Alain. On the cheeks made flush. Between the legs again it became wet. Without ceasing to please man mouth she found the hand tube, lying side by side and squeeze a little cream on your fingers. Having got his hand behind his back, she held between her buttocks. Cool cream quickly warmed on a hot female skin. Alena was hard to move my head at the same time and carry out their ass. Realizing this, the host began to actively move itself, supporting Alain for his head. Tightly clutching a member of the lips, it is completely focused on his ass. She once again forced a cream on his fingers and began to gently lubricate his brown star. When all around her anus became slippery with cream, she squeezed out another batch, blur cream generously introduced a finger. The owner at the time did not stop easily poebyvat her mouth. Member SLOW and not very deeply moved between Alenina lips. Trying to lubricate better, Alain tried to stick her finger deeper. After removing it and re-add the cream she again pressed on tight ring of his sphincter. When the finger is again penetrated her, the body went warm wave excitation. Allen introduced himself, his anus for preparing the Master, who at that time fuck her in the mouth.
- Well done, good whore - man patted her on the cheek.
A moment later, he pulled out his trunk mouth woman and beating her, almost pushed her in the back. Alain leaned leaning on hand.
- No, do not, lie face down on the floor and spread your legs
- Yes, master, - Alain felt the nipples soft pile carpet of light. Turning her head she pressed her left cheek to the floor, slightly bent at the elbows pulled up. A moment later she felt between her legs outstretched body of the host. Wet head of the penis rested her anus and almost immediately entered into it. The owner moved quite deep and Alain nearly cried - more surprise. Pain almost no - a role played by the cream, and thick dick husband was not her ass for nothing. The owner went to Alain top. She felt the touch of a hot muscular physique. Clasping his strong fingers wrist woman holding her hands raised, the man started to move his dick in her ass Alena. Master dick vigorously entered into it. Alain felt like he was moving farther and farther away. After a while the ass Alena became pliable and the man began to move back and forth. The woman felt every bump, every unevenness of the penis host its hole. On it was rolled a wave of sweet lust. She felt helpless, strung on strong member. Nailed to the floor and buried under the strong body of the Master. He was a member of Allen to the very end, holding his groin to the delicate skin of her ass. The woman moaned softly, feeling gradually grows ... excitement, spreading all over from the pubis, rubbing on the carpet in time with members of the movement in the anus. Alain began to help the Master indicating movement toward ass dick plunges into it. It is the most relaxed and spread her buttocks allowing member men enter into it as far as possible. She felt that her gimlet head somewhere very deep inside. It has already flowed in full, moaned and wanted only one thing - more and more to get a this delightful, strong male trunk.
The master got up, and without removing the member's waist lifted her lower body, put Allen on all fours. Now, kneeling behind her, a man become stronger out of her ass, his movements became wider. He drives the his penis pressing against Alena push the thighs, then remove it almost entirely, and re-entered the rapid motion of his partner. Alain wriggled like a worm on a hook, strung on a sturdy hard ass dick men. This sweet torture lasted for several minutes, after which the owner growled Alenin pulled back to her close and began to finish firing the fireworks deep in her thick sperm. Allen felt he discharged her, cried in a loud voice, and also in convulsions shook the strongest orgasm. A moment later the owner came out of it. Alain felt like a hole behind closed incompletely. It was a new sensation. "I now razebanaya Ass"- Alain thought, why the body was another hot wave of pleasure.
The owner came up to her front and picked it up, put on his knees. In the face of Alena, he turned out to be a fat man is still a member. He was covered in cream residues, sperm ... and of course that was Alena in the ass. The owner leaving no doubt about their intentions pulled groin closer to the lips of women. She could smell.
- No ... - Alain tried to protest, but a resounding slap left a red trail on his cheek, took off all the questions. Helping his hand she took a master's cock in her mouth and began to suck
- So it is better whore. Remember, after the owner, fuck you you should be sure to clean up after themselves, completely licked their whorish balances with me. Do you understand?
Allen, released a member of his lips and downcast eyes said:
- Yes, boss, I'll always clean up after themselves.
After that, she began to carefully lick his master's eggs, in turn, taking them into his mouth and sucking, then spread to the trunk again, several times on each side of him passing on the language. From time to time it just pulls away to see where there are still not cleaned skin. At the end of "cleaning" Alain walked hair surrounded the Master's tools, removing them from the small droplets of moisture. When finished, she stepped back and remained standing on her knees with her hands down.
- Good for you, slut, make me sandwiches and then go vymoysya. You're sweating and you stink, - man contemptuously shoved the woman hand.
Having prepared the Master a few sandwiches with ham, Alain put them on the table next to the chair, where a glass of brandy sat naked Lord, and received an approving slap on the ass went into the bathroom.
Carefully soaped, washed off with Alain itself traces of multiple orgasms today. She carefully washed her vagina and directing a jet of water with your finger, as far as possible cleaned anus. Ass is not that sick, she just felt. Alain felt no shame for what happened to her today. She got used to the fact that she has a landlord who owns it, and she liked to be his plaything. "Dirty whore, more precisely expressed"- Alain thought, turning off the water. This idea did not cause her any negative emotions. She felt that she would like to celebrate small need. Dry with a towel wiping body, she threw the toilet seat was standing across the room and sat down on it. The moment when the legs feel cold smooth surface of toilet seat, the bathroom door opened, and appeared on the threshold owner. Allen kept ready already to break out of it moisture and tried to stand.
- Sitting - quietly but firmly ordered a man - what are you going to do
- I wanted to ... - Alain paused
- Well?
- I wanted to pee, owner - Alena cheeks crimson with embarrassment
- Spread your legs wider, - Alain noticed the host member starts to come to life, pouring strength - Well, what are you waiting whore?
Alain sitting on the toilet widely parted thighs and slightly moved back, his back against the cold surface of the tank. Now the woman's vagina was completely open to the public. The owner took a step and approached her. He took her hand and placed it on his trunk is not soft:
- Did I give you permission to pee here?
- No, Master, - Alain could hardly keep back a stream of urine
- Piss're on my team - he gestured to the woman, she began to move his arm - Clear?
- D-e-ah, owner, - Alain felt that it can not tolerate - P-p-please owner
Her eyes filled with tears, she began to masturbate a member of the Master, even though this movement is echoed in ready to pour out the bladder. As soon as Allen moved his hand, a man hardened weapon and poured forces. Alain felt that in spite of the pressure in the abdomen, the excitement also covers it. She sat outstretched legs on the toilet, and before the man could barely holding back his urine stream wanker dick. Meanwhile, the owner moved up even closer and hand sent a member of Alain in his mouth. "Oh my god, suck, sitting on the toilet"- Flashed through her head when the head parting her lips for the umpteenth time already invaded her mouth. The owner made a few thrusts, each of which responded in Alenina bladder and finally resolved:
- can you help
Alain in a low grunt to himself released from the jet yellow, sharp-smelling liquid, the feeling was akin to an orgasm. Member of mouth began to move actively. Alena his hands on his strong hairy thighs Master sucked him while spewing out yourself urine flows. "Where in me so much", - She thought, feeling as a member enters into it deeper. Finally she finished writing, felt a pleasant emptiness. In addition, she felt that her new silk wet and ready to accept a man's flesh. As if divining her wish, Master pulled away and ordered:
- Turn to me ass and rely on the tank, bitch
Alena, leaned over the toilet legs spread showing the damp folds potekshey pussy. The owner, as usual, without ceremony entered her and began to fuck jerky. Allen moved to the beat of his movements despite their yellow puddle of urine on the bottom of the shock. "I became a real whore"- She thought feeling like rams its owner - "with me you can do anything to fuck in all holes, to fuck in the hallway, in the hallway, in the toilet. I'm a dirty chick, bitch, which belongs to the owner. If tomorrow, he would tell me to suck him on the street I'm happy to do it". Presenting she sucks hard cock host in front of passers-by, Alain again finished.
Man a few more minutes to enjoy, wet crack with excitement, his whore, and then discharged her on the buttocks of another portion of the sperm.
Feeling that he had finished, Allen turned to him and squatted down, sucked their juices and sperm left on the penis. The owner shook his finger on the nipple of her breast:
- Good damn, I'm pleased with you. Get dressed and then you can be free. The next time you come within a week. On Thursday. At nine. Stay at me all night.
- Of course, the owner - said humbly woman
- And yet, now is not tempted. I want you to lay down and now my husband and I, with my sperm on the ass. Then tell him you vyebet. Understand?
- Yes, Master, - Alain whispered, blushing
- Do it, bitch, - The owner came out.
P.S. As usual, the ladies, the author wrote to [email protected] about their thoughts, fantasies and desires caused by this story, get ... a small addition to the story. You do wonder how Allen came home?

How I helped my aunt

I rang the doorbell, my aunt did not open for a long time, busy with the housework. I did not really understand why she called and asked to come to her. She had me second cousin aunt and our family is rarely communicated in
mainly for a great family holiday, when all the relatives gathered. And to call our relationship close, it could be a great exaggeration, but refuse her request, I could not. And heard
steps, the sound of the lock being opened, stood on the threshold of my aunt Klava.
The woman she was middle-aged, slightly overweight, but her large forms only gave her charm. Calling pleasant fantasy. For it is
followed, although cosmetics are not used, apparently it affected her craving for
home comfort and love for the various parties and get-togethers. I could not help staring at her charming smile.
- Well, then I stood on the doorstep? Come, let's drink tea - she invited
me into the house.
After seeing me in the living room and sat on the sofa, she went to the kitchen to make tea. He sets the table like a tablecloth Samobranka and homemade cookies with jam and sweets. It took how expensive guest. I just admired her art, she enjoyed tea and wondered why calling.
- Aunts Klava, for some reason called, all are silent, and I am suffering?
- The matter is serious, I do not even know how to say it.
- Yes, you say, as is everything in my power to do.
- Well, so everything to start, Swear not surprised and not to talk
- I swear, I do not worry about the grave.
- Well then, listen. I have a friend really need him compromising
get. For what it is you do not need to know. Money paid
Serious and me now, they would be useful and I have promised. Only
Nothing came to me. Blue it proved painful loves boys. That you wanted to ask to become bait.
- It's like to meet him? - I was surprised by such a request.
- Remember the promise, all that power. In general, I thought over all along we'll whore, so he will bite you and invited him into the apartment, on the situation there, the main thing that he was naked, the camera installed there
specialists. N What do you say?
Aunt looked at me a searching look. I was silent, thinking over
situation. On the one hand silly, the other promised money and then
large, and that the masquerade ball. I think all of this would end.
- If you're weak, you just say so - podnachivat aunt.
- No, I promised help.
- Then take off your clothes - has a commanding voice said Aunt.
- What for? - I was surprised.
- So let's agree, I'm the commander here! You're just running, anything you say! Otherwise, just go away, it is a serious matter.
I got up and slowly began to undress, unbuttoning buttons, shot
shirt, pants. Slightly hesitated with shorts, hand covered his groin. Aunt
carefully examined me.
- And how much hair is not good, we go to the bathroom you'll shave.
I crawled to the bathroom and my aunt got foam and razor. Started
I spread my shave foam and down, and in some places quite dense vegetation. Carefully all vybrivaya why I took the required posture. When he reached his groin, she decided not to shave it all, and give the pubis triangle shape. Then shaven testicles.
- Now better rinse, - she came into the room.
I ended up towel, when I returned my aunt. In her hands was a special cream, which she rubbed me why my skin
acquired creaminess and softness. Going into the room, she sat me down in a chair and took my pedicure and manicure. Carefully applying red nail polish on my nails. I felt like the best cabin and aunt as it turned out, was a large skilled worker, as if a lifetime of the guys did the girls. I'm so used to having my shyness was gone and I was starting to like myself, in the sense of excited, gently holding his hand over his thigh.
- Do not get distracted, still have time to enjoy.
My aunt brought me a suitable size black lace thong, stockings with a belt and a black dress with a cut on the back. With her help, I dressed in all of this, more and more becoming like a girl, with a pretty nice ass.
- yes of course too small breasts, well, nothing, - commented on my
reflection in the mirror aunt. He sat me down to the dressing table, set about my hair, using the varnish she put her hair in a short haircut, slightly painted the strands of the red, the color of my nails. He summed up my shadow on the eyes and lipstick colored lips. From the mirror looked at me girl, which met on the street, I would have thought that she was a slut.
- Yes, you got a great bitch, confirmed aunt - slightly
smiling. And enjoying the result, which was spent a few
hours of hard work. Attire finished on the bottom red shoes
heel. According to the aunt it was not worth the risk, and to work quickly, I can not walk in high heels.
- Well, here we are, and all the weapons, it's time for the job. Bar "Harlequin" is waiting for us!
Going to a bar, I immediately noticed the victim. Man-looking middle-aged man dressed in a chic costume drink brandy at the end of the bar. closely
views I went and sat at the bar, ordered Milkshake.
- Good evening! You can join you? - He asked politely.
- Yes, Vicky, - introduction, feeling my voice gives me
- Andrew - he said, paying no attention to my baritone - and that
Beauty wish?
- Boring, that wanted to meet a real man, - I continued to play.
- You're lucky I'm there! Here for the first time?
- Yes, I do it for the first time.
- So you have a girl!
- Yeah, I play the virgin, and so it prevents today, in a world where there is a free and great love. I want it over with - I was fascinated by the game.
His hand was on my thigh, stroking it and climbing up under her skirt. His eyes looked straight into mine, slightly shone, and a smile played on his lips.
- Yes, and I know in this business can say the pros, and now free. Not afraid of the consequences, such a bold decision?
- I have already decided, and you do the pros - his hand reached my panties and I removed it.
- So we sit and eat, take off a room.
- No, eat me, there is a familiar and safe for me.
He helped me up, paid the bill and we went to his car. Entering the room, he asked for a drink. Razlegshis on the couch, he watched as I pour whiskey on the rocks. He raised the glasses, he sat me down on his
knees. He drank it in one gulp, while I drank slow sips. Him
hands caressed my body, breasts, thighs, buttocks. Butt I started
feel his excitement. I myself was surprised by his reaction, I
starting to like it, I like the image came into knots and longed to continue. That was reflected in a slight tremor.
- You're my play the virgin, do not be nervous. Take off your dress.
I stood up and took off his dress, standing under his gaze. is he
undid his belt, trousers and pants, removing his penis, giving him
space. His head had not yet opened, but it was visible. Member of the living and
filled with light swinging force, increasing in size.
- This is my handsome, like? Come to me sweet bitch!
He moved so that I could sit on his lap, facing him. His cock touched my buttocks and groin, causing anxious feeling. Hands caressed her back and squeezed my buttocks, lips sank into my nipples, then caressing them then nibbling. I started to take off in the clouds, closing his eyes with pleasure. He, too, was excited, becoming sharper and rougher, and the term literally crushed, and my gaze down talking about the fact that he grew up thoroughly.
- Yes, it's time to give it to you a little cool.
I knelt down, he stood up and undressed completely. peredomnoy was
just an athlete, biceps sparkled in the dim light of the room. A member of his was
huge, dotted with veins, the head was huge, resembling a ram. I kissed her, and then began ... tongue licking the head, swallowing it. Me controlled passion, forcing me to move on to the world of the unknown delights. My tongue was moving along the trunk, increasing the tempo. Testicles, I licked them, swallowing. Andrew took my head and sent to the head, pushing down unexpectedly. His cock literally burst into me, filling all and move on until he ran into his throat. And then he moved back so that only the head remained in the mouth, which is filled with saliva, lubricating member. He sent me a hand and give in to his hips, fucking me, quickening the pace.
- Come here.
He put me with cancer, lowered back below so that my buttocks
parted, opening my anus to him. He broke down my thong and I felt wet in my ass. This is his tongue, which first circles massaged my hole and then got inside, relaxing her. The hand he played with my member podrachivaya it, delayed my testicles, slightly pinched. Then he pulled out lubricant and began to lubricate my anus with a finger insistently and deeper penetrating inside. Then, joined by a second finger.
- Well, get ready for an exciting MIGU!
I was excited and thirsty continue. With joy I took the crown,
a sense of its size gave a special thrill. He slowly sank, the
taking lightly, then plunging deeper. He went the whole length and paused for a moment. I felt a huge, slightly vibrating member, the hair on his pubes gently touched my buttocks.
Yes, I was at the peak. And he began to move, increasing the tempo, I groaned
enjoyment. The hand he was hitting on my buttocks, squeezing them without giving member
slip, which gave piquancy, and saying "bitch".
Enjoyment was growing like an avalanche, and suddenly fireworks exploded on
billions of particles of happiness. We finished almost simultaneously, I felt,
his hot cum dripping on the buttocks and on the thighs, emerging
out of my hole, which is in no hurry to close. He brought the member to my face and I licked it, sucking the remnants of his seed. Cum it was thick, white and slightly salty, not causing disgust in me, but on the contrary a new taste. Unusual from what I greedily licked it with his feet and the floor.
- Sorry Andrey Nikolaevich, you did not have for a long time, I had to learn, the door was open - suddenly came the voice of the bodyguard and driver combination Andrew. How long he was in the room, it was hard to understand, in a fit of passion, we did not notice anything.
- Then take off your clothes and join us, you see, our bitch wants more.
At his command the guard, quickly undressed, it was limp dick, and I
he began to understand. First, fondling and licking tongue sucking. In my mouth from hardened and increased in size, making my movements were insistent and grubeya. Having reached the optimum size, he lay on
bed, so that his penis looked up, slightly rocking and pulsating. Inviting me to him strung. I greased it and began to sink, independently adjusting the depth and rhythm. Gradually ass stretched, and I just like a real rider galloping on a limb. Then he began to change the position, sitting back in front, side, slightly or strongly leaning, or vice versa arching, compressing and spreading buttocks. From what my whole ass fief stimulated and stretched even more.
Andrew, watching us excited again and decided to join. I put the knee-elbow position, so I could suck dick Andrew, and the guard to fuck me in the ass. The feeling at the same time a member of the spirit was not to forget a little disturbing, focusing on each of them separately.
- Now, just two members!
And the guard held it to my face his penis and began to push him too into my mouth, so that now the two heads it rammed. I just moaned from
pleasure. Then he lay down again on his back and straddled him sharp
movement began to gallop. Andrew sat down behind me, so that his dick
too, was my anus and began to push, trying to get into my
ass. Selections and lubrication helped him and my ass was well
developed and once the pressure of his head, causing infernal pain,
I was stuck in my ass. The pain gradually passed, leaving the pleasure
two members moving in my ass. They fucked me, increasing the tempo and sharper and grubeya. At the same time Andrei fondled my breasts, kissed her neck, her shoulders. Approaching orgasm.
Andrew pulled out a member leaving the guard to handle my ass got
in front of me and on guard, masturbate his penis. His cock literally
He shot me, and then the guard is already draining the sperm, causing our orgasms. His thick white hot cum shoots in us.
Suddenly he stopped and suddenly burst into a powerful jet of golden color which beat us watering. It was hot and salty, I began to think that he just peed on us with pleasure.
- Everything was great! It is time.
They took a shower, got dressed. Throwing on the table, a wad of money and a card, in Andrew
Accompanied by a security guard came out in English, without saying goodbye. I lay
I am thinking how much fun, a bundle of money and aunt helped. It should be increasingly
go to my aunt. With these sweet thoughts, I fell asleep.
I woke up from the noise of the door opening, on the threshold of the room was an aunt.
- Well done, girl, our poor thing, so they'll wear out!
Approaching me began stroking, caressing me. And I felt the caress became more demanding, she took a member and began to twirl, then dropped to her knees and began to make me a blowjob. Swallowing my penis, caressing his tongue. Then he turned me on my back and literally straddled me. Pussy it was hot and humid, she obviously liked what was happening. I was so tired, that power to object and did not resist. She jumped, increasing the tempo, opening and closing the vagina, and her juices flowed over me. For a long time this jump, I could not resist and ended violently. She swept by making a few frictions. And to my surprise her pussy appeared on my face, filling all the flavors of the female vaginal secretions and my own sperm. All this flowed abundantly at me.
- I'm not finished, let's help her aunt, active tongue!
In her request, I began to caress her lips, penetrating into them. grease
literally I filled my mouth and I was forced to swallow. Aunt,
helping me to crawl, her pussy all over my face. Feeling it
clit, I began to caress his hard the circles, then again penetrated
inside the pussy. My tongue tried as best he could. And fifteen minutes later I
aunt's felt the approach of orgasm. She ends violently whole
series, strongly squeezing the thighs and pussy banging down my face. Rising from me,
she recovered, added to the bundle of money another.
- Now, in the shower! It is time, my dear Vic.
Rinse off all traces of the night I wipe, when in the bath came with aunt
a tube of cream. And it helped me to grease all the places that hurt. Then
He helped put the dress and we went home.