Gomobortsy. Part 1

The rays of the setting sun slanting hit the window, highlighting the dust content have not mytyh glasses, and - reeling from the aftershocks Kolka, turning his head to one side, looks like these rays meet with meaningless persistence beats on the glass fly alone ... "I will arise - kill"- Kolka thought, involuntarily shuddering rhythmically pecking shocks; He lies on the bed, holding up half-bent legs at the knees, and - looming over him, Goblin Nikandrovich homophobia activist "For moral revival", Boldly moves her hips, making Kolka lying on his back "bogomerzkih act"... "Kill"- Phlegmatic thinks Kolka, his eyes following a stupid fly, beating unsuccessfully in the dusty glass.
Fly, not knowing that the fate of it is already a foregone conclusion, with a buzzing dully beating on the glass - watch this boring, and Kolka, mechanically licking his lips, looks at the mirror, standing in the opposite corner of the room - in the mirror clearly seen as rhythmically swaying white ass Goblin Nikandrovich ... hanging over Kolka Goblin Nikandrovich voluptuously moves his hips, making him a member, abundantly lubricated with petroleum jelly, slides easily into Kolkinom ochke like a piston in the sleeve - Kolka, looking up from the mirror - from white, simultaneously moving the buttocks - involuntarily looks up at the face of his mentor.
- What? - Without ceasing up and down to move the hips, exhale Goblin Nikandrovich. On his forehead he made clearly visible sweat, and his face was flushed from the strain.
- Nothing - responds Kolka. - Soon?
- Wait ... how impatient! - Hums homophobia, without stopping to move the hips. Point Kolka although it is stretched, it is suited for such things, but at the same time it has not yet broken-down, not chewed countless times - the sphincter muscle tight crimped sliding member, and Goblin Nikandrovich, noisily sucking in the air nose - breathing out his mouth , sniffs from sweet voltage; the majority of citizens had not yet ended working day, and in one of the apartments on the third floor rhythmically creaking springs - committed a homosexual act ...
"That's because ... - once again thinks Kolka, with estranged curiously looking up on a pretty sweaty face Goblin Nikandrovich. - In words - one, and in fact - a very different ... and why?"
The question is - "what for?" - Arises spontaneously Kolka, and looking up at the pretty sweaty face hanging over him Goblin Nikandrovich Kolka involuntarily recalls Goblin Nikandrovich before the action aimed "against the dominance of blue", Called blue "perverts"... And I have recently said - the same ... "what for?" - Thinks Kolka, shuddering tremors; for himself Kolka in all of this is nothing special does not see and does not see it is nothing special at all, not because he is a committed gay or soul has for such sex any irresistible propensity, and quite the contrary - because he does not see anything special that he, that is, Kolka, he still does not know really what he actually orientation; performing a passive role, no fun Kolka does not feel, and even more than that: it is such a sex, Kolka, generally does not dragged ... yes, not dragged; and at the same time he, Kolka, completely absent any negative attitude towards gay sex - no Kolka, like the other boys, no rejection ... It turns out that neither the desire nor the rejection Kolka not - in their own orientation Kolka in seventeen years I have not defined, and because it perceives its passive participation in sexual acts with Goblin Nikandrovich as something insignificant ... he is such a man! Even the first time he did it - Framed back - without experiencing any special feelings ... well, that is, there was Kolka no desire or excitement, or fear, or lust, even for the first time: Lech, next door living man, one night became Kolka to this decline, and Kolka, not particularly surprised L¸hinomu will, without any tyagomotiny immediately Framed - ass Lyokha made ... well, that was a huddle - which was tyagomotitsya? Dahl did not give ... what the hell's the difference?
Fly, tired of beating the glass, for a while silent, and now in the silence only hear the rhythmic creaking old double bed but how hard, excitedly breathing Goblin Nikandrovich - fighter for moral rebirth ... Whack-Whack, vzhik- Whack - creaking spring beds, and Kolka, in time with the creaking of rippling legs up, do not even know who it was - of Lyokha or Goblin Nikandrovich - do it better - looking at the perspiring face Goblin Nikandrovich, Kolka had nothing to do recalls how it all he had of Lyokha ...
And it was - so. Lech, who lived next door to the Kolka, spring has returned from the army, and once at the beginning of the summer, went to Kolkinomu father - ask wrenches. Kolkinogo Father was not at home. And the mother - was not there. They - and Lech Kolka - smoked, and Lech Kolka offered to see what he is, Lech, bought a car. The car was old, domestic, and, in addition, require major repairs, but Lech said Kolka, this machine - for the first time, and Kolka of Lekha agreed: any machine, even the old, even domestic, in any case better than being completely "without wheels". Lech car repaired itself - it Lyokha needed some keys, which he did not have and that he wanted to ask Kolkinogo father, but as a key misfired, Lech - nothing else to do - Kolka offered to drink a beer. Kolka was fifteen years old, he had just passed the exams - finished ninth grade and has carried the documents to the school where no examination is not required, - it was summer, dusk, in motionless frozen air intricately wound midge, Kolka and Lech went to the nearest store - Lech bought three liters of beer, beer bought two bags of dried squid, and they are back in the garage ... when the beer is already coming to an end, a little tipsy Lech put a hand on his shoulder a little tipsy Kolka, on the rights of older visually explaining "how to kid falovat Shmarov"- Kolka not flinched, not pulled back - he, obeying L¸hinoy hand, supple shoulder pressed against Lyokha, and Lech, staring into the eyes of Kolka, suddenly said: "And in the army, where there is no Shmarov, guys ... do you know how to do?" "How?" - Like an echo, Kolka said. "And so ... with each other kicks, if someone becomes unbearable ..." - Lech said dully, simultaneously with that, pressing harder pritiskivaya Kolka to her. "As the blue?" - Kolka said in response, and in a voice Kolkinom serenely quiet, there was no confusion, no excitement, no minor gygykanya how guys every now and respond to word "blue"Feeling his own uncertainty. "Well ... sort of, - Lech quietly laughed excitedly. - Sort of ... - and seeing that Kolka still makes no attempt to pull away, to free herself from his embrace, suddenly whispered, engulfing Kolkino ear hot breath: - Want to try?" "What?" - Kolka did not immediately realize what Lech said - that he he, Kolka offers. "Well, it's the most ... - Lech laughed again. - As in the army ... like soldiers in the army - want?" Before Kolka realized what he asks Lech - tipsy Kolka, still trying not to step back from Lehi, a curious look in his eyes Lyokha: "And you?" "What?" - Lech or did not understand the question, or pretended not to understand. "Well, like soldiers ... you yourself - you want?" - Explained the question Kolka. "So what? Once - not bugger ... come on?" - Lech, looking questioningly at Kolkiny eyes, muffled laugh wooden - unnatural - laugh .... the street was almost dark; electric light in the garage is not burned - the door was open, and the garage was lit by moon light inside. "Well? - Stopped laughing, Lech questioningly pushed Kolka shoulder. - Come on?" What felt Kolka heard from Lehi "let's"? And do not feel a thing ... well, that is, nothing at all. "Go ahead"- Kolka said stolidly, and again in Kolkinom voice ... there was no fear or embarrassment, or even wonder ... as, indeed, it was not his voice is not the slightest hint of any sexual excitement - Kolka, Lyokha answering, said to his "let's"Almost without thinking ... drunk beer just hit in the head, was the beginning of summer, the evening - the street was already dark - Lech heard Kolkino "let's", Even more strongly pressed, pritisnul Kolka to her while sliding his hand over her thigh Kolkinomu - to the buttocks. "What are you - are not you afraid? - Warmly, excitedly whispered Lech, not yet fully believe that so wonderfully, so everything turned out fantastically, and yet already anticipating the sweet intercourse. - Or maybe you already tried? A? With the guys - I try?" "No one I have not tried it - calmly said Kolka, allowing Lyokha impatiently pawing through his shorts between the spaced legs. - Why be afraid?" "I was just ... just asked - immediately said Lech. He opened his arms. - So, so ... you Kol¸k here a minute sit down and I'll take cream ... cream, and back - I quickly! Good? Sit here?" "Okay"- Still quietly said Kolka, Lech and immediately bullet popped out of the garage - for Vaseline ... out there in the garage, and it happened - the wall stood a narrow low couch, and on it, on this couch, Lech Kolka "did" - Fuck him in the ass ... they do not even undress completely, and only lowered his shorts - the door to the garage closed Lech, in the garage was dark, they did everything to the touch, and Kolka, when Lech settled down, began to thrust, to hurt, but Kolka, biting her lip, the pain, dull arching, piping hot, silently endured - L¸hin member going, entered the Kolkino point completely - point malleable unclench, stretched to the desired diameter, and Lech, moving her hips, wheezing, shuddering with pleasure, skillfully pulled obediently lying Kolka in the ass, fuck it "as a soldier soldier"And then they both pulled shorts, drank a beer, sat a little, not on fixing what happened any attention, and Kolka, said Lyokha: "Well, I'll go", - went home; as if nothing had happened ... Houses were already parents - Kolka, saying that he was a neighbor Lehi, happy supper, looked at "box" some action, and - without remorse, without any special thoughts calmly lay down to sleep ... that's how it was for the first time Kolka - the first, that is, the time; It was - if there was ...
Rhythmically tugging raised feet have Kolka looking up at his bald head hanging over him Goblin Nikandrovich; Whack ... Whack ... - squeaking bed springs ... "Tireless what ... - thinks Kolka, looking at an easy perspiration, speaking on his forehead Gomofobova. - Or maybe he can not finish?" - Thinks Kolka; wanting to help Goblin Nikandrovich Kolka begins to move from the bottom up gaping ass, letting points towards the member, but do not know how it Kolka - get it all out of sync, and this leaves Kolka venture - let Goblin is working very ...
Whack ... Whack ... - springs creak. Goblin Nikandrovich full sixty, but he looks much younger - to look at him the maximum fifty years, no more. It is low, strong body, and his face was round, unassumingly, without a wrinkle. Even extensive golden bald head framed on the sides and back of the hedgehog rare gray hair, not only does not age Goblin Nikandrovich, but on the contrary - a strange image of a young - a bald spot at the Goblin Nikandrovich tanned, shiny ... fun, it is a pretty bald. The regional organization "For moral revival" Goblin Nikandrovich listed in the activists - not in the sense of sexual role, and in the sense of active citizenship ... Kolka also a member of the organization, but Kolka - a member of a young, inexperienced, and Goblin Nikandrovich exercises over him, over the Kolka, something like patronage ... to know other members, what kind of patronage! Three or four times a month - certainly ... different at this age with their wives favorite fuck less than Kolka Goblin - almost every week, without experiencing any problems with erection, Goblin Nikandrovich homophobia activist in every sense, pulls Kolka coming to him in the ass ... but meanwhile, one of the areas in the organization "For moral revival" is an "most uncompromising fight against sodomites and other perverts" - motion "For moral revival" It is positioning itself in the sense of sexual orientation "organization actively struggling with our lives golubizatsiey"... Here's patronage is impossible - such a struggle! In words - one, but actually ... Whack, Whack ... - creaking bed springs, and the beat of the creaking raised up Kolkiny legs rhythmically twitching - Kolka, staring blankly up at the face puffing Goblin Nikandrovich again thinks about Lech, is not the first time trying to decide who's still two of them does - takes - it is better ...
For Lech no longer come to the keys - either the next day or the next, - keys to repair the car, he asked someone else, and for a week Kolka Lech have not seen; however, neither of the Lyokha, nor about what happened in the garage, almost Kolka thought - what happened on the couch in the garage, there was seemingly as an afterthought, does not affect either the Kolkinyh thoughts nor the Kolka .. . think! And when a week blithely smiling Lech saw Kolka on the street, said that the car he did and that if Kolka interesting, they can in the evening to drive around the city or go to the pond Kolka for the first time even the thought arose, h t o and m e n n o may actually mean it is quite innocent offer ... In the army two years Leha chauffeur - drove the commander of the regiment, and because his new car, he drove an old quite professionally - when, having driven through the city, they were rushed by road from the city away from Kolka speed sensation involuntarily brightened eyes ... "Where are we?" - Kolka shouted fun, happy person substituting elastic batter through the open window the air stream. "In the pond!" - So much fun Lech shouted back, while adding the speed ... The pond was about fifteen kilometers from the city - there was a relaxation area, was the beach, and all summer on weekends to walk from the bus station bus - drove "horseless" citizens enjoy nature. But, having missed the turn - by pointer "Rest zone"Machine, without reducing the speed, raced on. "Passed!" - Kolka shouted, thinking that Lech, perhaps, did not notice the turn. "We continue a little further ...!" - Lech said, winking merrily Kolka. They at the same speed along a deserted highway drove more kilometers three or four, and only then, slowed down, Lech began to slow down, looking for a slave one him a place to exit the highway. Finally, the car turned sharply to the right, leave the highway and did not stop, slowly rolled down the barely visible glade in the forest depths. "Two kilometers will pass, and will Pond"- Said Lech.
And indeed, after kakoe-to time machine went ashore mirror shining in the rays of the setting sun of the pond, but did not stop Lech, and turning to the right, he drove slowly along the coast further, clearly looking kakoe-to a convenient place to stop ... and - soon found a place: turning from the coast a little to the side - having driven between the two branches of the trees back into the thicket, Lech killed the car. "Here ... - Lech, not out of the car, looked at Kolka. - Came ..." "Well ... silence such that ringing in the ears"- Kolka said, still about anything this without thinking and therefore completely unaware what purpose Lech brought him here; and because he could not help surprised when Lech, swaying slightly in his direction, his hand slid down his leg. "What Kol¸k ... there, in the garage ... like it?" - In a whisper, as if someone could hear them, to eavesdrop, Lech said, looking questioningly Kolka in the eye; the question was asked, what is called, in the forehead - and the question is posed in the forehead, at a moment Kolka involuntarily puzzled: what happened "there, in the garage"It happened to Kolka quite spontaneously ... or, to be more precise, as if promezhdu way, and because Kolka, easily substituting your ass Lyokha "there, in the garage"As something without any doubt himself I decided that this, in fact, all over - nothing will be no more ... and now suddenly it turned out that Lech ... what he asks? Kolka, without removing L¸hinu hand with his feet, shrugged his shoulders, not to mention with no "Yes"or "no" - Of a distinct, conscious soul to do with what happened in the garage, Kolka was not; Kolka could not say that he liked it, and at the same time, he could not say that he did not like - it,
Kolka, it was nothing, and shrug in response to the question, suddenly given Lyokha, quite exhaustively expressed Kolkino relation to what happened "there, in the garage"; shrug, Kolka said as he felt. Lech, seeing such Kolkinu response to your question, was not slow to interpret it in their own way - and, leaning to the Kolka even more, it's hot, energetic whisper while typing in his hand in the crotch Kolkinu: "Well, so, Kolek ... again - come on? No one here is not - we are alone ... yes? Would you? As in the garage ... no we will not interfere ... once ... what a silence ... come on, Kol¸k ... come on!" - Lech, whispering it, at the same time through the thin fabric short impatiently paw Kolkino economy - fingered eggs fingers, squeezed, squeezed voluptuously soft lax member Kolka ... and again, allowing himself Lyokha paw, he felt no desire or reluctance - Lech clearly wanted and will of their own, a young energetic, impatient, hot, does not hide, trying to persuade Kolka repeat what was in the garage ... Lech wanted frankly, even passionately, and Kolka ... seeing genuine desire L¸hino Kolka suddenly unexpectedly together so somehow calmly, without excitement thought that if he, Kolka, Lyokha already given and that if Lech wants it again, then - why not give Lyokha again? There are no obvious reasons for refusal Kolka was not ... they got out of the car - shorts bristled at Lehi, what Kolka involuntarily noticed with surprise thinking to himself that he is already Lehi - Lech, not paying attention to his premature riser, frankly movest stake shorts, pulled out of the luggage compartment cover, shaking, spread it next to the car and leaned back to the trunk, drew out a tube of Vaseline - all at Lehi was cooked, everything was provided.
"Why are you? Undress ..." - Lech said impatiently, seeing that Kolka is without any movement, stolidly watching these simple preparations, and immediately, without waiting for Kolkinogo response jerk pulled Kolka to him, held him, blankly compliant to his body with the force pushing hard Kolka riser in the groin ... L¸hiny hands slid under the gum Kolkinyh shorts and trunks, and - sniffing excitedly, continuing to press dutifully Posted Kolka to himself with pleasure Lech squeezed, squeezed his hands elastically soft Kolkiny buttocks ... buttocks were warm, round like muffins - for some time, not lying down, clinging to each other, they stood side by side with a veil, and Lech, panting with excitement, voluptuously paw, caressed Kolkinu ass while her crawl on the riser Kolkinomu groin ... it L¸hino excitement unconsciously affected at Kolka - Kolka felt a vague, subtle sense of pleasantness, why a member of his, pouring hot severity, began slowly, as if unsure, climb - harden. "Undress"- Briefly breathed Leha, hugs clenched; He first pulled off his shorts down, and Kolka live for the first time saw a stranger Horny dick ... of course, Lech Kolka was over: member in Lehi was a big, long and thick, slightly curved to the right, with a fully open, wet flaming head - a member at Lehi, a little twitching in the air, predatory dybilsya angled upward, indicating overfill Lech excited - remain in short T-shirt, barely covered the navel, Lech foot dropped his shorts to the side. "Well, what are you doing? - Lech said, eagerly clasping, clenching his fist Horny dick. - Come on ..."And Kolka obediently pulled off his shorts just down ... a member of the Kolka, too, stood, and he was also quite decent, though not as large as that of standing in front of Lehi; In addition, a member of the Kolka, unlike L¸hinogo was perfectly straight - not bent neither to the right nor to the left ... "Are you in the army ... you are in the army he did so?" - Unashamedly considering stressful L¸hin member Kolka suddenly asked, suddenly remembering what he said Lech in the garage; "Well! - Vaguely chuckled Lech. - There was one patsanchik ..." They fell to the blanket, and Lech, pulled off with a Kolka, already lying on his back, a beige shirt, with delight leaned on a completely naked Kolka top - bend it, meekly compliant, by itself, with the power going into the bare Kolkino with his body, strong and hot - and again, tickling Kolkinu neck, hot breath, Lech some time voluptuously crushed Kolka lying on his back, crawl on it, frantically pushing hard, wet sliding member in the groin, in the abdomen, the member ... then Lech kneeling between divorced in different directions Kolkinymi feet smeared crimson juicy head of his darkened Vaseline member and Kolka, curiously watching L¸hinym finger sliding on the head, thinking that this hard, predatory prick member will now be his inside - in the ass ... looking at Lech on predatory sticking L¸hin member, no particular excitement Kolka never experienced but only thought that again is probably going to hurt - Lech, attach to Kolkinomu ass, pressed tightly clenched member on vhodik , clenched sphincter muscles, and again as in a garage, Kolka became sick - he lay back, his teeth, clutching her shoulders knees bent, raised legs until Leha, hot breath parted lips with delight moved her hips, sliding hard term in depth Kolkinogo body ... when it was over, and Lech, panting, looking at Kolka bleary-eyed, with a jerk pulled out a member of the points, Kolka again felt nothing but relief ... turning away from Kolka, Lech carefully wiped his edge member bedspreads - they silently pulled on shorts, Lech briskly, without looking at Kolka, folded blanket, curled on a tube of Vaseline cap ... and even after a few minutes they again raced on the highway, going back to the city; crimson sun sinking below the horizon, and again Kolka did not think anything about what was just, happened between him and Lyokha, - the wind rushing through the open window, pleasantly cool on the face, the band turning pink asphalt rapidly disappearing under the wheels - they again rushed to decent speed, and this speed is fascinated again, singing in the shower unknown song ... and only when entered into the city, Lech, looking at Kolka, suddenly said softly: "Cool, Kol¸k, you're a guy ... like something's go to the pond More ... huh?" "Can"- Without hesitation, said Kolka, without feeling joy or sorrow ... So all this happened Kolka second time.
"Somehow" It occurred three days later - again in the evening and again in the garage ... And then they have to do it regularly, once or twice a week, and did it in the garage, then leaving for the city ... but you never know where it can be to do if you want to! In Lehi had such a desire, and Lech, fucking Kolka, do not fuss and was in no hurry and enjoyed "with the feeling, really, with the arrangement": Before you enter into Kolka, Lech long squeezed it and squeezed, caressed her hands, trembling, hot breath on the neck, crawl along the Kolka, lasciviously rubbed on his body Kolkino ... and although a member of the Kolka, too strained, hardened, all this tiskane not cause any special feelings Kolka - Kolka did not resist L¸hinym caressed, he obediently raised, spreading apart, their feet when it came to the main ... in short, wholly given to Kolka Lyokha, Lyokha substituted a butt, and all that he did only because all liked it ... neighbor Lyokha, - allowing Lyokha manipulate with his body, he did not feel Kolka with no excitement, no passion mate or any other bright feelings or sensual feeling ... well, as there was Kolka no desire for this, just as he did not have and the desire to avoid all this - it was all Kolka "do not care"And why it was so, he did not think. He did not think about it. Masturbate - masturbate - Kolka started, unlike most of his peers, only a year ago, that is late enough, and at fifteen years old, he did it out of necessity rather than in the pursuit of pleasure - in their Kolka fifteen years he masturbated one- twice a month, dropping such simple and at the same time occur naturally voltage; while Kolka almost never indulging in riot fantasy, so typical of the impulsive teenagers ... maybe that it was in the whole thing? A couple of times Lech Kolka asked to suck, and Kolka obediently sucked, but he did not like sucking - Kolka said quietly Lyokha that suck it no longer, and is more Lech do not offer quite satisfied Kolkinoy ass ...
It is clear that all this was happening in secret: no one knew anything about it - nor friends Lehi, and they have had a lot of Lehi, nor pals Kolka ... So they protrahalis - squander - all summer. And then came the autumn, and come autumn brought about changes: Kolka went to study in the electric welder, the school was in the center of the city, and Kolka lived on the outskirts of the town and on the road from home to school took no less than forty minutes - free time Kolka was very little; two or three times - on Sundays - Lech Kolka drove to the pond, but the leaves have overflew through denude the trees could be seen far away, and because of the former comfort was gone; when to go to the pond it was not with his hands, several times drove Lech Kolka on kakuyu-to apartment - took from kogo-to from friends key and Kolka phlegmatic given to Lehi there: undressing naked Kolka Lehi substituted a butt, never without inquiring whose is flat and where at that time staying her home ... in a word, several times with success Lech Kolka pulled on someone else's apartment, but the winter with this apartment something from Lehi went wrong - did not zapoluchat key opportunities and fuck it, so was simply nowhere; Kolka met on the street, Lech each time said "I need somewhere to dock"That it is necessary to Kolka "do ukolchik" - Kolka answered calmly smiled, nodded his head, but beyond that it is not passed, - for the whole winter Lech Kolka not never fucked ...
Kolka went on electric welder - in the group were some guys, and maybe, if desired, already having some experience, could be with someone of the boys converge closer to quietly do the same thing as with Lyokha, but Kolka this desire did not arise - Kolka, without experiencing a same-sex attraction is no, absolutely not thinking about such; however, express interest in the opposite sex Kolka was not there - all that was associated with sex, Kolka still touched a little, or as they say in such cases, it was all him "do not care"... And at the same time - all of it absolutely did not matter: if someone from the guys Kolkinyh new friends, a tete-a-tete would suggest Kolka "gay sex"Then does not the fact that such a proposal Kolka immediately be rejected; more than likely that Kolka, if someone would start his falovat, without any doubt would have easily agreed, and again he would agree, not because of a sudden be kindled reciprocal passion, and easily agreed to because ... given he Lyokha, and absolutely nothing has happened to him - why, then, he could not do the same with someone else? What would change because, if he gave to someone else? That's it, nothing ... the main thing that no one knew anything - that's the main thing ... but none of the guys, either directly or indirectly Kolka did not offer, and he was not thinking about it; however, one time friend to the Kolka became engraved Serega - fidgety kid lipnuschy it to one, then to another classmate; so here goes: this Seryoga, suddenly turned his attention to Kolka, Kolka offered a couple of times to bring the disc with porn, saying that "there shit ... there is a taco-oh-e, which immediately obkonchalsya"And several times spoke in detail Kolka, he "up in the morning in all holes tore familiar Bix"- Kolka, listening to Sergei, smiled silently, without specifying anything, about anything not peresprashivaya ... "in all holes!" - Eagerly recounting their case, whether real, or invented adventures, pointedly said Sergei, and Kolka answered calmly nodded without expressing any surprise or disbelief ... in short, no special interest in stories Seryoga Kolka did not show, and soon Serega from Kolka behind - say for sure that this Serega from Kolka would have been quite impossible ... maybe he did not want anything. Soon the school appeared Goblin Nikandrovich homophobia ...
Whack ... Whack ... - rhythmically creaking bed springs, and the beat of this characteristic creaking Kolka, lying under Nikandrovich Goblin, also rhythmically pulls raised with his feet, looking from the bottom up to the sweaty, bald head pretty porozovevshuyu hanging over him Gomofobova, - panting, Goblin Nikandrovich voluptuously moves his hips, making him a member, abundantly lubricated with petroleum jelly, it slides easily into Kolkinom ochke like a piston in the sleeve ... "I will arise - ask"- Kolka thought, shaking with tremors ...
Fly for a while silently crawl on glass, re-starts buzzing beat out the window, and Kolka, just turning the head to one side, looking stolidly, like a fly borer glass, trying in vain to break free ... "As Lech that Goblin Nikandrovich ... what's the difference? - Thinks Kolka, shuddering tremors. - They seem to like this kind of sex ... I mean, like ... and I definitely?" Kolka closes his eyes ... and there: if your eyes closed and focus all attention exclusively on the feeling ochke member, you can easily imagine that it is not fucking goblin, and makes it ... Lech or not, the difference vsyo still there: the member was in Lehi more - and longer and thicker, and therefore a member of the pressure inside when Lech drove him back and forth, it was felt more strongly ... and a member of the Goblin is the same size as Kolka, with the only difference is that the skin on the penis Kolka light, while the Goblin Nikandrovich it dark, heavily pigmented skin ... their members as the bark on the trunks of trees: young trees have bark is thin and delicate, while the older trees it is quite different .. . although, if you think about it, the word "old" Goblin to Nikandrovich totally inappropriate: old - it is weak, and the Goblin Nikandrovich not only looks youthful in appearance, but also, more importantly, energetic and tireless, even ebullient in their social activities, not to mention sexual activity; with his sexual activity, more accurately, hidden from all directions of the activity is not that a little activity is consistent with the public, and is diametrically opposed to the views which Nikandrovich Goblin, an activist of the regional movement "For moral objection"Publicly promoted at every opportunity ... in fact, it - and only it! - Kolka causes some confusion because ... what happens? If Goblin Nikandrovich it does so - he likes it ... definitely like! - Won a snorting, tirelessly moving the hips ... even bald fogged! And with all that he is, that is Goblin Nikandrovich, argues that gay sex is nothing more than as a perversion, and that "distortion it is necessary a hot iron to burn out of our lives!"
Of course, only some foolish or just too naive person might think that the words spoken aloud, always sincere - in life have something to hide, something to invent, to mislead others ... take, for example , the same Lech: fucking Kolka, Lech ... it's not advertised, nobody told me about it - just hid as it hides the Goblin Nikandrovich ... but Lech secretly fucking Kolka, while not argued that gay sex - this "vile perversion"; In any case, this never Kolka from Lehi heard. A Goblin Nikandrovich ... he says one thing and does - quite different: in words he - an implacable fighter against "sodomy, and all sorts of other sexual perversions", But in fact ... look how sweaty bald head! "What for?" - Kolka thought, rippling down.
Bed springs creaking rhythmically, and Kolka, in time with the rippling creaking legs again looks at the mirror, standing in the opposite corner of the room ... who would have thought! Goblin Nikandrovich homophobia appeared at the school in early spring - and immediately, hardly appeared to have developed a storm of activity: he got to the post office manager, but just a week later began to appear in the classroom - with information about the activities of the regional movement "For moral revival"; it turned out that Goblin Nikandrovich not only the steward, but also a member of the organization and the member does not anyhow how, as a member of the most that neither is active ... activist, that is ... Whack, Whack - characteristic creaking bed springs. .. When Goblin Nikandrovich little like a caretaker, appeared in Kolkinoy group, the boys initially accepted his call to join the ranks "youth wing" movement rather skeptical, and Sanya, sitting at the last desk, or do not hear whether ¸rnichaya even shouted: "What I personally give your degeneration?" - And boys, without much enthusiasm looking at the Goblin Nikandrovich, supported Sanya with laughter. Goblin Nikandrovich, adjusting Sanya, responded to the effect that "morality is endangered" So what "every young person should feel personal responsibility - should not remain on the sidelines"... And another Goblin Nikandrovich she said "members of the movement will be able to actively express their civic position, taking a direct part in various presentations authorized" So what "those who care about the state of morality will not only have a moral satisfaction from their participation in its revival and approval, and will be encouraged and supported financially". Actually, from what has been said Goblin Nikandrovich only the latter - about the financial incentives - has caused some interest in boys. "And what is the sum of the promotion?" - Once again gave voice Sanya. "You have not done anything yet, and already bargain!" - Sanya unusual besieged caretaker, which, however, did not bother Sanya: "And how? - He retorted. - For free who cares? No one! That's why I ask ... I can, in the first rows will fight for your rebirth, when the amount of know!" And the boys, obviously supporting Sanju in his desire to know the amount, again laughed, shouting: "Grandmas want!"; all this was funny and not serious ... it was all a sham.

Group sex with wife

After our meeting with Sasha (As we began to swing the pair) my wife has changed beyond recognition. She became uninhibited and sexy, constantly wanted sex.
She fucked all my friends and neighbors about this-but tell you another time.
And now our holiday. Rest we went to her babushke- town is not big but there nemeryannom travelers.
It all started with the river. Gone away we found a suitable place near the river, around the bushes -delay what you want.
Razdelis- Irina topless - lying sunbathe.
Suddenly il turns to me and says that there is someone in the bushes.
I offered her a tease observers.
Ira lay on her back, her arms behind her head and we both pretended to fall asleep. Minutes passed twenty to hear the sand crunching opened his eyes, looking past us carefully tested three teenagers 13-14 years. And so eager eyes looking at my wife, I felt sorry for them. When they were out in the bush, I Ira said he saw it speaks- also saw and recognized one of them. It turned out the neighbor's grandson.
Well, that - said - continue, still they will not rest until we uyd¸m?
- Come on.
Ira got up and went to the bushes.
- Go here- guerrillas.
The boys came up confused can not. At Il try not see- she's in shorts in front of them.
-What Wife laughs out of the bushes to spy daring, and so troubled? Smotrite- I do not mind.
Short boys stayed with us until we did not go home. When we began to leave our neighbor - he was the bravest -T¸tya asked Ira, and we still see you?
- Of course.
- Here in this form?
- In which? Speak boldly.
- Well bare tits?
- And the more you do not want to see anything?
- Can i?
- Watching how to behave will.
In the evening, my wife says they say - the boys sitting in the yard of his neighbor, let pozov¸m?
- Do you want to fuck them?
- Why not?
- Come on.
Ira took off her panties and left in a short robe. Well, I think, right now, my slut arrange concert. I must say that we were alone at home -babushka gone to some relative.
We came into dvor- it practically closed the entire vineyard.
I called the boys in the game of cards will spread. Came he sat at stolik- low type coffee but quite large so it all fit. As I handed Irina cards placed on the table homemade beer and spilled everything. As she did this had to be seen!
Beer stand in a refrigerator at the summer kitchen door which is straight on against the table.
Il opened the refrigerator and bent down to the lower shelf, as well as the gown she wore a very short her naked ass appeared in public. She went to the table leaned over to pour and everyone saw her bare chest which was perfectly visible. I can imagine what happened to the guys if I already have a member of the steaming.
The boys were red like crabs. Ira says.
- Have you never seen naked women?
- Only on TV.
- Do you want to see me?
The boys choir.
- Of course we want!
- On one condition-you are showing that you have there in my pants, and I show myself.
Everyone looked at me, I say that it is properly why Il should show himself, and she did not see anything? All agreed.
Ira demanded to strip our neighbor. One quick shot itself with everything. His wife opened a chest.
- Following.
Section Two and Ira pulled the gown to the waist.
Third, without any requirements undressed himself. Ira smiled and removing bathrobe polnostyu- approached the kid and sat down in front of them on the table, legs apart.
Their ends were almost above the table.
I'm asking.
- You want to feel it?
- Of course!!!
- Well, let's go!
Ira laughs.
- Courage.
Guys, first gently and then more boldly began to examine my wife.
Ira lay on the table and lifted her legs spread so that it was more convenient.
I have long could not stand and put it in his mouth. Guys poraskryvali mouths. Not only does adult woman lying in front of them in a position so fucking escht and dick sucking.
I asked our neighbor.
- You want to give her mouth.
- I want, he says.
- Go.
Here Ira says.
- Who wants me to let him suck my pussy first kiss.
So it began - in turn the boys kissed pussy of my wife, and then approached her and inserted the ends of her mouth. And so the circle. Ira went mad!
Then she told me to go, and two of them took two dick at the same time, and the third was ordered to paste it in the pussy and again in a circle. How long this lasted Fucking can not say exactly. They fought it in all positions which could come up with, and cancer, and on his side and standing especially all loved when guys went to all the back and Ira sat them on the cocks in turn, in the end it was all covered with their sperm, and how many ate - it was too kid I liked her mouth to finish.
When they left - we agreed to meet the next day near the river.

Early morning. He's sleeping

Here it is, Blue Angel 22 years old, swept his golden curls on my pillow and lying like a child in a sweet dream, carefree and trustingly open in a warm bed! Yesterday, finally breaking the barriers of conventionality he first called me to congratulate St. Valentine and warned that he wanted to meet, and that this should happen precisely this evening.
I admit, a lot of work and energy has been spent by me, to somehow to attract his attention, his favor and finally reciprocity. Reciprocity of feelings, it overflowed last night and inexorably pushed the longing in my arms.
Yes, now he does not have to pretend, do not hide behind a wall of meaningless giggles and smiles.
Tonight he as a trusting kitten caressed me and bathed in my response weasel! Oh, the charm of its gentle and flexible mill obvivshegosya around me like a young shoot vines on a branch of an old tree! His wonderful golden curls fell on my chest when he curled up next to me, put me his marvelous head on my shoulder.
Oh, those bottomless blue eyes! Delicate pink petals of his mouth, his face ruddy skin, covered with more youthful fluff, like a ripe peach in the sun! I have every cell feel the touch of his youthful and slender body down on his long, tanned legs since summer, sweet intimacy "ripe bunches"Concerning my thigh.
Today we did not have to hide their feelings and again I was as young as OH - my gentle angel descended from heaven as a gift to me over the years of loneliness. Yes - it was a feast of emotions, joy of reciprocity, reciprocal caresses and long-awaited meeting.
Sleep, my young angel!
In spite of everything, I will not "impale you" its pin, like a moth, and will not you decorate a dusty collection time of their victories. No, my blue butterfly - you wake up and flying in the infinite expanse of blue-blue sky in bright spring sunshine! - Because you have yet to spring feeling and passion in front of the hot summer!
And I am far off from thee the wall of time, stay in their anticipation of the fall in the humidity and poor pogody.No I have no right to change anything in your life - you have a long flight ahead. And I only hope that your love is the first to leave a trace in your youthful childish yet pure soul!
He's asleep ... I will not disturb him, because soon he will wake up and uporhnet, forgetting our fleeting encounter.

The prison probation. Part 3

Through the efforts of Zack, I was sent from our urban clinics in prison medotdel for further passage to exchange my medical internship. In the city the third week was languishing heat and once granted a free moment, I ran into the shower to rinse for personala.Tak's standing in the relaxing jets of cool water, I began to slowly stroking his dick and got so carried away process, which is not noticed in the shower included two - Deputy. chief of security of our Negro unit with his partner Tim haired Italian Antonio. They are not thinking too began to masturbate. I beckoned the younger ones - a handsome Italian, but they approached the two and I had no choice but to suck in turn their beautiful oak limbs. The boys are exhausted almost simultaneously. First, he groaned and began to finish Tim vystrelivaya viscous stream of his long black hose. A small interval another thick stream of hot cum filled my mouth wide open and immediately followed her ... I barely had time to swallow everything - it's nimble fat cock hairy Italian Antonio erupted servings of flavored seed, overflowing my rot.Rebyata offered to continue to move in locker room and we settled down between the rows of metal cabinets for clothes, moving for a couple of benches and convenience to lay their polotentsami.Polozhiv me on the back, a black man stuck in my mouth a black dick, caressing her hot mouth my standing count, and hairy Italian Antonio wasted no time perched behind Tim and I just ohuel from the spectacular sight of a thick planting of 18 cm x dick in stretched to the breaking point pink hairless ass Negro. Heavy hairy eggs Italian rhythmically banging down my face. With all this exciting craziness I was not slow to finish in the hot mouth smacked Tim, and a second later he received a powerful portion of its sweetish thick sperm that gladly swallowed. Hairy Italian continued to flourish swing his mighty thick piston in a loud sucking ass nigger. My whole face was covered with sweat dripping from the two pairs of loud shl¸payuschih each of the other eggs, huge hairy Antonio and the second slightly smaller and almost hairless belonging to Tim. A few minutes later, growl, the Italian drove all the way to the mangled black ass and his unit for a long time, strongly quivering filled her with his hot thick seed. When his cock with a loud "FER" Tim left the long-suffering ass, out of it poured a thick stream of hot cum in my mouth wide open. At the climax of the locker room we went two cleaners - haired tall mulatto Andy blond and skinny Irishman George, both of the number of prisoners. The Italian told them to shut the door on the latch and join us, the guys Quick did, throwing off his orange robe. The mulatto was gorgeous, glistening with sweat, muscular, almost hairless, a member of medium-sized and rather pendulous balls. The Irishman had a very thin long legs, but had much raskachennyh arms, chest and abdominal muscles with cubic relief. But just fucking sizes between his legs swayed poluvozbuzhdennaya bit - I even thought, what she will be in a state of combat readiness. Ebony tears with me and began to rummage in the cupboard, took out a bottle of clear smazki.Mulat Andy sat down and offered her mouth for an Irish member who grew with each nipple before our eyes, and has only half placed in the substituted wet mouth. Italian Antonio of the seen spectacle too excited. Heavy scrotum with two big hairy eggs dropped down, causing the rocking member, which in turn is bared and over 18-cm column of gleaming head of the penis. Negro at the time liberally smeared his anus stretched and began to play with my ass, thrusting and pulling her long fingers, dipping them in a jar of grease. Wasting no time, he fell in behind me and introduced his long thin piston began to pump my stumpage. The Irishman, who was watching us, went to Tim back, slightly bent his neck and, slowly, he planted his monster. Negro just slightly groaned and just tightened my thighs with his hands. It was a real show idea! Irishman Tim boldly sit down on his unit followed and I received a strong slap on the thigh of his ass, literally felt pierced through ... At this time, an Italian lay on his back, lifted higher long beautiful hairy legs and parted them framed throbbing anus outlet energetic hot tongue mulatto Andy, who has been actively ream rough tongue tightly compressed bud. Anus Antonio began to shrink involuntarily uttering sounds like smacking that Andy was the signal, and he introduced two fingers began to knead and stretch Loni groaning Italian in different directions. Stretching his anus, he thought well enough mulatto strongly pressed his knees to his chest and plunged into the damp, prepared by Antonio ass poor man best eggplant ... but he only moaned in satisfaction in return. Powerful shaking several times, Andy realized that the Italian ends, by how tightly he gripped his cock his hairy anus. When the iron grip of the anus slightly weakened Latinos pulled his dick wet and slippery, and immediately plunged it into my time the substituted at him with wide-open mouth. I managed to nap him only a couple of times as he filled my mouth with the eyeballs powerful jets of his thick young sperm, which he swallowed. At the same time I felt inside convulsive movement furiously scurrying member Negro in me, injecting their juices deep into me. With a groan, he took out his fallen member, violating the synchronicity of movements in his ass healthy Irish member. Irishman George with the sour face learned his instrument from mangled, shiny purple-ass nigger, and sat down on the bench, motioned me to her. I decided not to miss the chance to try out such a cool dick and adding lubricant, fell down on his cock. When a member of the Irish appeared at the very root put into my ass, George could not resist, and with primitive fury began to move in him, hugging me from behind and put his hand on my chest, pulling her nipples. His face pressed against my back. So, growl, he finished powerfully in my raskurochennye ass. Conchal George for a long time, a few minutes, and then just hold me, do not give to get off the penis. After that, my dick excitement was like a wood, and I lay back on the floor, and the Irish seem determined to give me and probably a pair of happy moments, sat down on my cock her tight hot ass and started like a crazy ride on it. A few minutes later, George, which is again pretty excited, finished on my chest. During the eruption, the muscles in his anus began to shrink, to enhance sperm output, and this stimulated my cock, which zafantaniroval in Irish ass. George got off my penis and said: - I liked this poebka if I'm at your service rebyata.Vse laughed and ran into the shower to quickly return to work.
To be continued...
Continued: The prison probation. Part 2

Most black magic

- I came all the same? Not afraid?
- Came.
- Everything is done as taught? Everything you remember that earlier did?
- Yes. Only I still itches and smells. But I still did as he was told. She slept only during the day. All night in the dark, sitting, looking.
- Did you see?
- Yes.
- Washing underwear is not changed? All wore twenty days without taking off?
- Yes. And I do not touch myself once.
- Well, it will help us.
- It's about time. Let's start!
- Already? Right now?
- Can you still so like mesyatsok if in joy. Xe heh.
- What is there to do?
- Undress.
- Completely?
- Yes, even skin-shoot! Cornstalk! Why did you come here?
- Okay ... How can you hot. Fu smell. I'll put here. But where to go?
- Here you will be convenient. They are there now, too hot. Xe heh. Taak. Eyes closed. Who is going to sleep, but do not fall asleep. You'll see two dreams at once. First as there are lying and telling me about the second. I'm on a special'll talk to you. You're unusual, but just came here means the ability in you there. I can not move! Sleep tight, but I listen. Glazonki closed, but you can see well. Everything you see. Open can not. You sleep ... You see ... I hear ... slyshish ... Answer ... The door you see? Answer.
-...I see ...
- He is there, behind the door of that. Go look for.
-...I'm going ...
- The door was opened? What do you see?
- Long corridor ... a lot of doors ...
- Left alone ajar. Go there. Look, what is it?
- Someone moaning people ... naked ...
- What is it? What are they doing?
- Poor seen ... Like fuck ...
- Yes there is not nobody fucking. You'd better see if there's anything strange. What is it?
- Normal office room. Tables, chairs. Mess around. Papers scattered, folders, pens lying around everywhere. Wow! What is this for?...
- Do not pull tupen you slobbery! Tell me what you see strange, do not delay.
- In the middle of the table of the room, there middle of the room a table, on it a woman ... her clothes ... no really. Near the desk guy.
Around this circle of crumpled paper balls paved. They are there in a circle ... and of something do ...
- How do they look?
- Women usually, hair disheveled. She lies on the table belly. On the table in the mess of paper. Under the table, too, all the paper. Between the legs she had something shiny. Moans ... She's on my ass ... kakaya- the book open. He is a seasoned. But he's with her doing nothing. He ... as if reading a book. This very book. His hands on her buttocks and holds the book. Stroking them squeezed. The page has turned. As if he was reading the whole head is covered with a cloth?
- Nothing he does not read. That that stole- his altar ... Yeah ...
Mutters, snorting. He is completely naked, only her head rag wound. Those invisible eyes too are wrapped. Legs wide apart. Swinging from side to side. There's still someone.
- Against the wall a row of chairs. All chairs are deployed to the wall. The men sit. Bare all. All eyes to tie a tie. Two in buttoned shirts, but without pants. His hands were all over her back. Can relate ... Legs apart, stomach in the back rested. Quietly sitting, do not move ... Near a pile of clothes lying ... Oh, there's something else to do ...
- Speak.
- I'm afraid to look. It is terrible to me.
- Go to sleep! Just listen to me! Listen and sleep! All that I say do it. Understood?
- Understood.
- They do not see you. You are not there. Just look and tell me what was going on. Understood?
- Understood.
- Go on. Tell me what is it?
- There are two more women. A tall, pretty. A young. The second in a white blouse. Both are quiet. Carefully look at the guy with a rag on his head. Just stand relaxed and overcame.
- Take a look out there, who may still have not noticed? How many are there?
- Guys these. Eight. Three women, one of them on the table with this cloth. Who are they? What are they doing?
- No questions asked! Do not make me angry! Never ask anyone you see there. Do not you know. And I know enough. More you ask, you will writhe. You'll find out who they are and not sleep quietly you have never been. You're here to listen to me and do what it says. Understood? Realized ask ?!
- And if not?
- Death afraid?
- No.
- Correctly. But be afraid of me. Suffering great fear without getting rid of death. Be afraid of the one who has power over death. Fear and obey. Now I understand?
- Understood.
- Ah, would rip the cloth with him ... you will not be able to step through the circle oberezhny ... Quickly go into the room and immediately rise up behind them. Quickly do what I say!
- I stand behind them. Similarly, between them ... Ai! ... He stopped to read the book. Glowe turned and paused, sniffing.
- That he sensed you. Turn away from him! Do not look at him! Do not look! See better on these women. Describe them to me. I listen! Listen to what I say and do!
- Good. I'm very close to them. I can touch ...
- Nooo !!! Do not dare!!! Do not you dare touch them! Not now. Just look and say what you see. Understood?
- Yes.
- Describes one that is left of you. What is it?
- Mordashka smazlivenkaya, plump lips, snub-nosed and slightly freckled, his eyes big and black. Guys such want.
Dark hair, weave. Jeans, shirt green on the issue, checkered. Chest sticking out, protruding. She arched her back a little. Posture proud, confident. She had no emotion on his face. Just looking at him, and the one that is on the table.
- Enough. Do not look over at her. The second describes.
- The second lower me. Hair long, peregidrolnye straight. Blouse she had not stretched in size. Through the white blouse black bra visible. Strachey black on it. It is small and plump. Bum too wide, but the kind of sport. And it carries such tits? Hollow quartet, not less.
- Her face what?
- Nothing. A person as a person. Bitchiness and contempt.
- So. What's a man with a rag on your head doing?
- Again reading. Rocking from side to side. As if praying. The girl on the table is groaning and twisting ass. Paper ... beneath it wet. She crumpled the paper in his hands. Mouth lump of paper sticking out and drooling on the table is dropped. Arms, legs spread wide apart.
She moans and writhes. What should I do?
- They're a doll. They will do whatever he tells them. He will not be able to see right now, but it can order them to see you. we close our eyes to them, and now they have not see you, even if it would require.
- And now they can see me?
- Do not psycho. That we are now quickly arrange. Nobody will notice. Ready?
- Yes.
- Come to that, that blouse. In my eyes it is not yet see. With it will be easier. Came?
- Yes. What's next?
- Quickly look into her eyes and did not let go. You would not let go.
- Oh how hard it is. She eyes the dead and empty. Fearfully.
- Look straight in her nose, as if through. Let's face it flow away in a daze, but jerking his eyes, do not let her. You look?
- Look. She approached me and raised her hands. Oh ... Ah ah ...
- Keep! It is weaker than you. Davie her eyes! Well ... More Davie!
- In her eyes closed ... She sort of fell asleep standing up.
- Aha! Soplyavka Swain, consulted. Now the second Davie. That stronger, but I'll help you. Come on ...
- Look. She has big eyes and look terrible ... Glazischschi then what ... Oh, I can not. I feel bad.
- Do not let go, Davie her eyes.
- She looks at me! I can not anymore!
- Blow into her eyes! Shipi! Grin, grimace! Approached her and look straight into it.
- Ffff Shshshhhaaaa ... ... ... Fshshshsh Pshshshhaaa ...
- Dui her eyes More ... come on! Davy tell you !!!
- She eyelids twitch ...
- Ha-ha !!! He blew away the whore! Blow into it is not fall asleep.
- Ffffshshshshshshsh Shshshshshffffuuuh ... ...
- Well ... What is it?
- All. I fell asleep.
- Thus, ta-ak. These we are now is not a hindrance.
- Aaaaaaaaa !!! Noooo! She's on me-enya-smo otrit!
- Who!
- The one hour-that lay on the table. T-now she is on all fours on the floor. He, with a rag on his head, holding her by the hair. How-dog on a leash.
- Book him where?
- The second hand holds.
- Look at the book. In the book, see. They do not dare.
- On-watch.
- What is he doing there?
- He holds her by the hair and tells her something. Sniffs. I was trying to smell. As he did through the cloth breathes?
She sees me and nods in my direction. Oh. He has such a big dick, wet and shiny, and her breast all red and scratched. She nods at me and shakes her chest and with them dripping sweat. She was wet and scratched and bleeding.
- Look askance, if he had scratches.
- Nope. Only a member of his so ...
- Turn away. Do not look at him. Not something he'll stick his into his mouth and you can not tell me what was going on. Only in the book I allow you to watch.
- Do not I look at it, but the book in his hand and his hand lowered beside the thigh, and that I see ...
- And you try to move in the direction of caution. Stand on the side where the book and so that it interfered with his bitch you see.
- I stood on the side. On this side of his penis more visible. He had smeared kakoy- the mucus and it drips on the floor. Zdorovuschy hose, pulsating and swaying. Rag on his head, too, in the mucus. Dirty, wet all over his face wrapped to the neck. With her flowing to his shoulders and chest, and the breast on the penis ... I can not go there not to watch ... I have from this move begins inside.
- I forbid you to look at him. Come on rise up behind them so as not to see. She got up?
- Yes ... this side is not better. I now see her ass and crotch, and I can not tear myself away. She is on all fours, ass lifted up. She flows there all dripping on the floor. Sticking on to something. I do not understand that. All iskhlestannaya, shiver. I was shaking at the sight and was wet. From where they have much mucus in the body?
- Yes to you. Stop staring at you where you should not, and questions to ask. Mucus from? This is not slime. Do you think the eight that wall sit, simply because there is a rest? I understood now what and from where? And do not even think to ask why this is so he did. In the book look and say that he is now doing.
- Whispers her of something. For hair pulls. And it batters trembling. Whines like a dog and a paper ball in his mouth chewing. Phew, how disgusting. In her mouth and chin, too, this slurry drips. He seems to understand what I'm looking at a book. He abruptly put her on the floor. Now I put the book on her head. One hand on the neck, the back holds, and the other holds a book on her head. She began her back and holds his feet. Horse riding on it sits. His chin presses the book to her crown. They are looking in the same direction. He turns her head and looks the same direction. As a locator, scans the room.
- Yeah ... That he sensed that you are caught on to his book and pull from it. He wants you to looked at them and his book attracts you. He wants to bitch you could see it. He himself will not see you. He is important to you with his eyes grappled creature. Then he will be able to cover its cloth. Do something here you are now raise his hand to his eyes and pressed his forehead to the brim, as the sun. Do it so that the hand covered them and you could see only their legs. Understood? Quickly do it!
- I have my hand I can not see. it spreads. All around I see, but I like and do not have here.
- And you there, and no, idiot! How are you looking at yourself if you met there no? And do not even think to look at themselves.
If you yourself will be able to see them you will immediately see. Here looms before your vagueness glazami- is your hand. She and closes them.
- Understood. Happened.
- All right, sit down now stretch your other arm in front of him as a defense and go to them for a spin. How Will you come try to quickly destroy the paper circle. Masha's hand and throwing pieces of paper. Looking at these papers do not you dare! Understood?
- Yeah ... Here ... Now ...
- Well?
- Oh! I have these papers and looks like they are smeared on the arm, and stick to dissolve in my illusory.
- Good. Already mastered the means. You'd stick to these papers is now naleplyay on hand and wound. That's your protection now from him.
- He saw! Had seen! I unfolded the bitch in my direction. It jerked, her head off almost tore. Now we are nose to nose. Between us only a paper barrier. Ah ah! My hand stuck to a piece of paper ... but this creature grabbed her and holding. He holds her by the hair and to me podpihivaet. He holds her by the hair, and the other hand is trying to tear off the cover of the book nails. Ahhh !!! Che's going on! These girls that I drugged, strip steel. He scratches the book, and they dress each groomsman scraped. His eyes did not open.
- Do not pay attention to them. They do not hindrance. You now only sees his bitch. She focused, rest will not touch you. Try to escape from her hand and knock the book. If vyshibesh book, he end. If he comes out, you be the same as that bitch that barks at you now. Writhe will not escape. Try now, it will be my top and you will have a lot more than you can wish for. Rasstaralas everything inside his strained and kicked book! Tugging, tear their teeth, but for the book to hit.
- I can not snatch her hand. It is in this piece of paper clutched tightly. The floor rolls, wheezing, splatters, but keeps. These two tore all to itself. He is currently the place where the person should be closed book, and they are your pants on the eye itself put on a bandage.
Although never woke up. He waved them toward a book sitting against the wall. We went to the men that sit on the chairs ...
- Hurry! Hurry! If the hand does not free up, then at least do not let yourself to hit book. Understood?
- Oh, they're doing this ... I never ... And his mouth and hands ... And then it is on the head smear ... How many ... These convulsions, rattle and roar ... One shouts, twitches. .. down ... They go ... all wet and slippery ... Wilt from eight much as possible ... probably half a bucket ... I want the Auger's soooo ...
- I think even forbid !!! I myself you now ...
- I'm all wet, your mother! I have everything inside is burning! How much more?
- While the book does not get it or until you ...
- He waves his book over his head, and the two rush across the room, arms outstretched, still knocks on the way. All pricked on the walls and tables. Fall, get up and run again.
- Poor thing ... It would seem as many as eight bodies there, but their own, and for us there and even more so there. That's what we do. He does not know who to contact ... You're zatihni without jerking, and then abruptly break away and jump first got back. Clutching and cleave firmly. Grab it from the head of all this shit, and close your eyes, your hands. Understood?
- Yeah, I broke ... jumped on the taller ...
- Lead her gaze on him.
- Yes, now I'm inside the circle on the back of slender, busty. How from it radiates heat and slippery all. She obeys!
- Quickly turn it back to him and inclined.
-... Yes, did ... Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuu !!! It's you, me-e-Enja NWA-and-adiiii ...
- I do it because it is necessary .... Fused with it. Make it so that your whole feel, and you her feelings.
- Awww ... Awww ... Awww ... Yeah ... All-yo-yo red-ee ... hot-e-ee ... I want-at !!!
- Ltd!!! I'll have him take away all the yo-yo-yo !!!
-More-yo-yo-yo !!! Gluuuubzhe !!! Strong-e-ee !!! All kruuuzhitsya ... I can not ... ... Tightens Raaazryvaeeet menyaaaaaaaaa !!!
- Quickly turn around! Grab a rag in one hand and another book!
- Yeah! Managed!!! Oh!! I found it! Same...
- Do not say his name! Shut up!
- His face is floating and changing ... It's your face!
- The book you have?
- Yes!
- Wake up! Immediately!!! It is for you!
- Ouch! On the face, it hurt ...
- Open your eyes.
- Pull it out of me! ... No, wait ... not once ... Hands only release.
- See soplyavka! You see I hold your hand? Now let go, and you see what you have there.
- These are my panties, but they are all in your semen.
- And maybe not yours and not mine. Now see what you have in the other hand.
- This rag that was lying in the doorway. All sticky and smells like sperm. What is it wrapped?
- Unfold.
- This is a collection of anecdotes which lay on the windowsill this! Would you say that this is the book, and is the same cloth?
- Understood?
- Not really. All this is like a nightmare with a sequel. What happened to him?
- We have taken away from it all!
- What will become of him?
- These devoured it, most likely.
- And with them, what will happen?
- And you do not care? Do not make me angry! Do not try to find out what was actually. I do not think about it. These briefs are not erased. Save your time being, will fit for our business.
- And with a book tryapichka now my steel!
- Why do you need this?
- Do not rag I need, and what it concealed. Do not I need a little book, but what he did and how it did. Understood?
- Understood.


I told him the words of another.
Today was a special day, my birthday, and my wife and I decided to celebrate it in our club. The club was a little unusual, to put it simply bi-swing club. My wife and I got there on the recommendation of a couple with whom a long time met.
But first things first: I am a pretty big man under two meters tall and nehily member why my wife is also not a small 190 increase with enormous breasts, with her perfect figure, such as it is what I call - women grenadiers, in short it I just large. Immediately after the wedding, we had agreed that change each other will not, and I jokingly said that I allow her to change me, but only to a woman, and in my eyes, something I would have if I wanted to could join, she said that then and I should only be changed with the men, and on the same terms. Laughing said - I'm pink around so many beautiful men, and I somehow pulls on women, in general, a good laugh and good. My wife got a wonderful, most importantly, it has never refused to experiment in bed, and she thought out a lot so we went pretty fast and anal sex, and change roles with the strap, and light domination, in general, all that we could together.
One day she brought home a friend from work the same major as it only had a small chest, we sat chatted, drank and of course my wife said: I remember the conditions under which I allowed her to change me.
Tipsy, said with a laugh that the recall and if she wants a bedroom at her disposal, and then I ofanarel finally, the wife with the words: I told you, took her friend's hand and they went into the bedroom, at first I thought it was just a joke and they will come from there a couple of minutes, when passed fifteen peered into the bedroom and saw a picture of Repin: sailed, my friend's wife on the bed in the classic pose of 69, my girlfriend at the bottom half of the top enthusiastically lick each other pussy. After standing pillar left, poured a glass of brandy, slammed a volley virtually spat and went to look, which surprised me because it is the size of the labia with a friend, they were huge, my wife just dived into them over the face, and after a time kakoe-to emerges, her face everything was covered with juice, wet hair. Head of inputs and outputs with the smacking sound.
Here I am like a normal man could not restrain himself, took off quickly all clothing and was attached to this beautiful butt directly overhead wife, and all the fluff drove his cock in her pussy, it seemed to me that he had failed to get along with the eggs, the wife there also was attached to the my balls and started to suck them, I made the motion, did not feel anything, it seemed to me that my penis moves in the air and I just tears a couple of minutes with the words: It is not my razmerchik. My wife took my hand and put it into the vagina girlfriend, hand held freely almost to the elbow, then I squeezed his hand into a fist and only then felt the resistance of the walls. A friend at the same time began to moan and to ask for something I went, in fact I just pecked her fist like a pear, it just flowed with the moisture that gladly licked my little wife. Such orgasms like it, I have not seen her shaken from the heels to the crown, and she cried so I wonder why the neighbors called the police and while she fell to the side depart from the orgasm, surprised asked his wife what it was.
She told her friend that can satisfy either his hands or huge artificial member or a lesbian act and it is for her hulk of a problem, because men do not want to have sex with her, and the women just scared her size of the labia and the clitoris. After these words, I looked at the girlfriend's pussy blessing that she lay outstretched legs and saw that the labia just stuck to her feet, they really were just huge and almost black in color, almost at the very top of their parted the clitoris. Here I ottoropel finally he was not just big, it was huge, if the wife I could suck the clitoris as a pacifier, this can probably been like sucking dick ....... probably about three centimeters in diameter and seven in length and it fails to erection. Because it is the head of the clitoris hidden under the skin and he himself was a little wrinkled. His wife added that her friend offered her a long time to have sex and when it warns what her problem in this regard, on that my wife told her honestly about our contract and offered to have sex with three of knowing that it was my dream.
After these words, she, along with her friend flunked me on my back and they together tongues began to lick my body, my wife straddled the end of the rearing and girlfriend hanging over me my vagina. Hands she spread it lips and held your clitoris or penis to my mouth, waving his hand, I gently took his lips and sucking became the language processing each millimeter, generally feeling was at first not very good, all the time, it seemed that this cock is too big was clit, he began to swell increasing in size, the girlfriend moaned incessantly in unison with my wife. And then it became just fuck me clitoris in his mouth, like a man a woman, I put her fist into the vagina, and it is making a motion simply sit down on him, with her richly flowing grease my face and chest were covered with her juices, although the bulk of flowed on the clitoris and I never stopped swallowing. The taste was not bad, but too much, and then she came almost sat on my face, pipets kitten, I thought there was no air at all, her labia just shut down my face, and it is shaken in orgasm rubbed on it, it lasted not long and she came down with me. Here and limp little woman cried out to me.
Tax means fucked me and all shish you my beauty and I the most innocently asked and where this big cock which it is possible to fuck, girlfriend went to the room and brought the package, when it pulled out this thing, I just do not believe my eyes, it was but a strap, 30 in length and at least 7-8 in diameter, black, copy the male member that's just probably measurement was taken from a Cyclops. Putting on and tightening the belts, I came across an inferiority complex that my dick stuck just below this giant looked a pipette.
Throwing his legs girlfriend on his shoulders, I stuck this eldu her vagina, far from the truth does not matter about a third is no longer my own cock ran into her, my wife took and sent his girlfriend in the ass, that's where I was part of a stretch perhaps pop in she was still a virgin. A friend tried to jump out at me, but there it was, I had already been wound up to the limit and just planted it on the black elden and its own member. After waiting a bit to her pain subsided, he began to move slowly increasing with every movement of the vibration amplitude, after some time, she grabbed me by the hips and hands become just grind me into itself. I am very surprised watched the black garbage, going in and out of it, and above it is jumping her clit, I was curious, and whether it can masturbate as a member, taking his hand became fingers move through it top down, the girlfriend began to moan incessantly and then I felt that something was wrong back.
This is my wife, seeing that I was in a stupor and I can not come wearing a strap and perched my ass, akuratno inserting it to me in the ass, she found a position where I myself leaving the girlfriend to sit down on the strap wife, and since it was a double, it turns out that at the same time I fuck three, ie, girlfriend, wife and himself. After a short time already sniffle could be heard without stopping, and it could be heard by all three of them, we finished almost simultaneously, I deliberately pulled out his penis and eldu girlfriend and finished on the vagina, I wanted to see how the sperm will look at this Huge clitoris. It is tempting looks but since I had already tried his sperm to his wife more than once, the taste of anything, I did not hesitate began to lick the cum from girlfriend's clitoris, she finished seeing this again, breaking away from him, I am pleased ... I kissed his wife, saying thank you for a wonderful evening.
Thus we began our meetings three when we have great pleasure in fucking each other and then one day the wife offered to invite the fourth member, a man for a friend, hardly she convinced me, saying that a friend with him periodically found something to fuck his threesome, and I can see in nature as they have the guy threesome, at the first meeting I Kripen'ka stepped on vodka, and we have four of them lay down in the bedroom and there at some point I realized that I suck no Huge clitoris friend and member of the men, who had just finished my mouth. Later in the morning the wife showed me the record, she managed to put the camera on record, as it turned out we had not just made a blowjob to each other.
Naturally, I said that it was not me and vodka, and in general it is mounting, though vaguely remembered that the way it all happened.
The next time he came with a friend to us, we were sitting like clams, but went into the bedroom, his wife and girlfriend wearing strap-ons, and said that now they have to have a will, and not we them and put us on on the side of the bed in position 69, alleged to have seen, we have a close-up of another. My wife settled down to my ass, and a friend to his and away, and I saw at every jolt bounces his flaccid penis, mine too was not, and here the wife took one arm member sidekick second tilted my head to him and help him well skazala- , then I felt that my dick sucked, it was the sidekick, spitting at all I took his penis in her mouth and began to suck it gently. Strap in the priest, a member of all of this I opened a mouth, a visible and sidekick of his cock began to grow in my mouth and I began to suck it the way I wanted to I sucked. Member, he had a long, but not quite thick curved towards the bottom, with each thrust of his girlfriend in the ass strap members include deeper into my mouth and then he came, I thought that there was so much sperm choke. As I mentioned his sperm to his wife, I tried several times, but the taste is a strange but coupled with a member of taste has not been repeated, I continued to suck out every last drop and when his cock began to fall I finished himself, he for some time ceased to suck my member, and then literally began to suck my balls through the penis, it seemed to me that makes a pro blow, but as it turned out all that he, too, for the first time, last time, we did not consider because they were drunk in the trash, and virtually nothing to remember.
After resting our friend offered us anything we fucked each other without much resisting, we agreed to rising cancer, I was looking forward to, and that's his cock slowly entered me, he was warm, even hot, he began to move all accelerating pace in me, with him inside of me began to grow hot ball that is becoming more and then in the balloon burst still something hotter, as I later realized he had finished, I was seized by such an orgasm what I had never experienced with every release of his semen, my orgasm only grew.
Moving away from the orgasm, I was surprised to find that my trembling legs and arms, and the most amazing thing was my orgasm without emission of semen that is dry. As stated by the wife - she thought that I was losing my mind so I groaned and suddenly fell silent, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. As a member of my stake, I stood planted sidekick and two minutes later he began to moan, I increased the pace and he finished the Gulf sperm sheets. Pulling dick I put it in his mouth and pounding his girlfriend in her mouth for the most eggs came. Fucking guy was just unusually, no new feelings I still have not received my wife's ass and already, but what kind of experience I got an orgasm when I have, once again, would like very much.
That's how I became a BI, then we had a few couples and I have had almost every time a dry orgasm, his wife called - female. I also really liked the taste of semen, particularly fond of her pussy with my wife, when she shall have finished in the pussy I just licked a member of that please her and then drank all the sperm of her.
Eventually we got to the bi-swing club, it was a closed club and get in it could only be on the recommendation in it there were a couple of 15 and all bi. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone was liberated, my wife and I quickly fit into this range and today we go to a club to celebrate my birthday, and all thought of celebrating my wife and I had hoped it would be for me an unforgettable day.
When he came, we undressed in a special locker room, inside the can is only naked, took place in the club, as it turned out we were waiting and began noisily congratulating drinking champagne I laid on the bench above me got cancer, my wife and lifted my legs up there also one of men entered into me, the other to his wife and began to have to fuck a woman is participating in this is not accepted, the form included in the little wife to squelch member, and even cock in my ass, but still wife gently suck my dick, quickly brought me my dry orgasm, almost at the same moment a man who fucked my wife had finished and walked away. I wanted to lick pussy wife, but one that was fucking me pulled out a member and going to pussy wife had finished it, on it flowed sperm, and I have fucked the other, so the same as his wife already had a second, sperm simply dripped on her clitoris to me in her mouth with her juices, so the men one after another fucked us, ending with the wife, then her pussy, and so it continued until all men have not been around. During this time, I came several times, and how many sperm I swallowed along with the death of his wife? I thought it was all but ........
After resting and drinking all dispersed in pairs at the corners, my wife and I did not call, probably gave the rest through some piece time from all sides could be heard moaning, claps, squelch. And then I noticed that my wife lay on the floor on his shoulders, and back rested on the sofa on which we sat and took out some piece put it himself in the vagina, pushing her pen she spread the entrance to the pussy so that I saw her neck uterus. Baffled, I watched as the suited man turns and podrachivaya finish her open vagina. Spellbound, I watched how slowly filled pussy wife of the dull white and transparent semen, but that's the last man poured semen into his wife and the woman presented me with a dessert spoon. His wife announced - cocktail for the birthday of our club, sitting on it, I became a spoon to scoop this delightful lively cocktail of my wife.
Bailed out every last drop and wife during that time managed to finish a couple of times, I got up and immediately announced a competition among women -Each woman once sucks my dick in turn, and so as long as I did not finish, the prize will be a kiss with sperm transfer me from mouth to mouth. I continue this marathon for a long time, and I could not finish and then offered me to put on the bench, and that men, too, would be involved, but they should have me fuck and here began.
Is replaced by the head and members, grew in me someone, even someone as an avalanche that suddenly burst seemed to me that I was separated from the body, I shook so orgasm, the whole body arched, sperm seemed to me just beat me out of a fountain. Once it has dried me someone has to drink my same sperm opened my eyes I saw that it was my wife, she won this competition and now kissing me and all stood around and applauded us.
Here I had a birthday and I now come up with a holiday in the club on the occasion of the anniversary of his wife.
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Games with his wife 3

Once his wife started a conversation about his girlfriend, with whom she works together. I saw her: Gorgeous blonde with nice breasts and a figure. So, it turns out, she moved to us from out of town, because there is one her friend found out about her secret and blabbed all. And the secret is this: it is the office party cool succumbed to my wife admitted that madly wants sex and can not, due to the fact that she, a woman Toli Toli muzhik.- As it is, - said ya.A like that, it turned out that she was a hermaphrodite, her good breast, but below the belt have the beginnings of the vagina, that is, the labia are, and the hole is not present, and above them a member of a small egg, and the worker, but since she considers herself a woman wants it man and normal not blue. And so slyly smiled and asked, saying, I do not want to help the poor girl, and, anticipating objections, he added quickly: - If you like, she will join us tretey.Mne wondered all the same it is not a man, though a member. I asked how she imagine it? She said that everything came up, and on Saturday she ustroit.Vot Saturday's wife prepared the table, I went for the alcohol bought three liters of whiskey, I still was scary, and I decided that I really let it all happen in a good drunk . Somewhere to the two it is a miracle in the miniskirt from under which looked through the top of stockings and a blouse with a cut that became evident that about any bra there is no question. They sat down at the table, took over familiarity, the bell rings, the wife spoke and said that the two of us will have to sit out a little bit, and she go and see a friend who was ill, she will buy drugs and come. I thought that my wife throws me under the tank, and she smyvaetsya.Ostalis the two of us, I was offered a drink Miracle (on I and I will call it a miracle), in general, quite a short time, we capitalized approximately half a liter, and I decided, and it's time to dance, including music and invited Miracle. Naturally, the dance almost immediately turned to kissing, I took off her blouse, her breasts were beautiful with big pink nipples. I stared at her lips, she began to moan, and I tried to remove her skirt, she did not give, babbling: - Now comes your zhena.Ya said have time, an ordinary man excited delirium. Eventually she gave up, but said that she would remove the rest. Turning back to me she took off her skirt, there really were stockings and lacy shorts, bending she took off and panties for the time I had to take everything, and stood with rearing member, seeing the naked delicious ass, I went up to her snuggled member , hands clasped chest and then she turned around! E-mine I forgot what kind of a miracle, I saw a woman with a member, and he was, like my own, and the size of my way, no less. Miracle grinned and asked: - What do not want to silence, one arm hugging, I kissed her, his other hand took a member and began to stroke it, it clearly began to shake, and she whispered: - I still never was nobody, you're the first, only toys from seksshopa.Ya took her in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, there, on the bed, slowly began to cover her body with kisses and then I got to the member. Miracle has constantly moaned, walking up to the trunk of his lips, I felt what it velvety and gentle, then I kissed testicles, slightly sucked on them, and lifting her legs, moved lower. God, there really was a vagina. Walking fingers on the lips, I tried to stick a finger inside, he went to a couple of centimeters, and everything on nothing but what is most surprising is the similarity of the vagina was wet. I put it in the language of the vagina and realized that the taste is the same as women, though something was missing. Language can reach the very bottom. Examining your tongue vagina, I returned to the member once again marveled at his size: he was nearly twenty centimeters long and six or seven wide, mine was a little longer, and about the same width, head of the penis was closed skin and I, clasping head lips mouth released her from prison and began to examine the language of every millimeter of its members. She moaned her hands and head randomly tossing on the bed, a member of the swollen so that he seemed to burst right now, taking the crown in the mouth, I began to suck her tongue licking at the same time, I sank lower and lower until the head rested in his throat. Having pressed a little harder head, I pushed a member of the deeper (do that after the strap was not too difficult) and rested his nose into her stomach and chin eggs. Lifting his head, so that there was only one head, I looked for a miracle, she was semi-conscious in his mouth. And I continued to do this blowjob beauty, moving his head, every time I pushed him in the throat and each time increased the tempo. Member suddenly began to shake, and my mouth hit the hot jet of sperm, every twitching member flew a new piece, I hardly had time to swallow. When it was over, I regret it, it was so nice to hold in the mouth member, when it ends, and then licked the remnants of sperm from him. Licking dick and sucked all remnants of sperm from it, I decided that her semen taste better than mine, which I nursed my wife. Turning her back, I walked back and tongue, firm buttocks apart, fixed his lips to ring her anus, pushing the tongue as far as possible it began to fuck her tongue. The miracle was again moaning. I put a finger in the ass, a little wiggled them there, pulled, added saliva and introduced two fingers, she began to lift up the ass, she nasazhivayas on my toes. Having developed a ring, I put his cock and slowly pushed it back. Miracle cried, and asked quietly, some quietly I had spilled the semen out of his ears, and I drove his weapon to its full length, her anus nice and tightly encircled my cock, I began to move, first slowly, then faster and faster. Miracle groaned and mumbled something unintelligible, I flipped her on her back, crossed his legs on his shoulders, and immediately drove his cock in her ass. Her own cock was standing like a stone, with my every thrust he jumped together with the breast, it was a fascinating spectacle. And then there was my wife's head, who was on his knees beside the bed, took a member of the Miracle in my mouth and began to suck him. Type wife sucking dick at Marvel, he initiated me to the limit, and I realized that will soon be over, accelerated the movement to the limit. Miraculously we finished with the same time: it is in the mouth my wife, I told her in the ass, we groan merged into one. I wonder only then realized who she is now doing a blowjob. His wife, licking the remnants of sperm, said that came at a time when I was carrying her into the bedroom and sitting room, watching us, not wanting to interfere, but broke down and joined us, we were not protiv.- Well well, then continue to the three - undressing, said zhena.Nemnogo pamper mutual caresses and kisses his wife asked Marvel if she does not want to fuck me, but then, they say, a lifetime dream to see how I will fuck the living member and not strap . And she, wearing a strap-on, at the same time will pass her in the ass. And now, putting me on my knees, two of them licked my ass and Miracle put his penis to me and my wife strapon her and rushed. Live member was better strap in a thousand times, the feeling was that I entered in the ass something hot, hard and at the same time very soft and gentle. Miracle fucks me mercilessly with a hammer, every time you hit me on the ass his pubis, the strikes were apparently double the wife follows her strap-on, in me grew hot com, which became more and more ... and that's a blast, it was a dream orgasm. As it turned out, we all finished almost simultaneously, a little rest, having washed and taking intoxicating we continued but that's another istoriya.Pishite reviews, I will be glad [email protected]

Vacations in California. Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Just nine black jaguar Larry drove to the fork in the road near the red bungalow. Lily had already headed for the car. He opened the door and she sat in the front seat beside him.
- You know, I even a little afraid of this meeting, after all that has happened, - he said.
- You would have thought better than to send us somewhere Jeannette on this night.
- I thought that it again will not be at home all day. She's probably a continuation of the picnic. She did not ask you any questions with regard to last night?
- It would have been useless. She'll never know what you brought me home. I did not have to explain to her.
- Well, - he said - by the way, and she accepted the fact that you do not come home in his car?
Lily had to quickly be turned out. - I said that I had to go into town to fill the car and arrange a meeting with Rodklifom. He offered to drive me back.
Larry nodded and stepped on the accelerator. 'Jaguar' lunged forward and was soon rolled along the northern road through the hills. An hour later, they left the wide road, and soon arrived at the manor house, surrounded by a massive iron grate. Among the pines, in the deep, burning neon sign - "Bamba- Club".
An elegant gentleman in a blue uniform, opened the gate and ran the car into the yard, a flashlight illuminating the driver.
- Oh, it's you, Mr. Richards! Wait a minute, now I miss you.
Asphalt road swirled between the pines. Over the last turn, because of the forest seemed sparkling with lights building, bearing down on them like a ship. The portal was brightly lit, and the light came through the window with blind curtains. When they got closer, she saw Lily special proschadku to stop the machine, all cluttered "Cadillacs". The night air was floating gently rhythmic dance music.
- Now you will see what there is crowd - Larry said as they walked up the wide steps. For a moment they stopped, hence the well could see the ocean. Lunar glare slid over the hills and the broad outlines of trees and branches, further emphasized the silence of the night. A light breeze was blowing in from the ocean, it was cool.
- What a delightful night. For love - Gently Larry said. When they entered, Mate Grieg spoke with some blonde in the black evening dress. He affably waved his hand and went to meet them.
- Glad to see you, Larry! And this charming lady, the one about which you have told me? Miss ... E ... Koldren! Is not it? - He took Lily's hand in his and shook it gently.
Meita Grieg was a tall, powerfully built man of fifty years. His close-cropped silver hair gray. He had a thin mustache and delicate pale blue eyes on his tanned face.
- As far as I know, you have to paint, Miss Koldren? I think you are not here by chance and spend the evening boring, with new friends Larry a good eye. Something he looks at you like a hungry wolf.
- He laughed and winked.
- That's right, - said Larry - I thought so. I'm afraid I'm not as calm as it - both downright devoured her with his eyes.
Lily had a strange feeling that Mate Grieg looked at her, and video cases through it mentally undressed her.
- Lately, a lot of the audience was on Crist-Steydzhe. Jan Cerny shows its new super-girlfriend. I talked a lot about it. They say he cheated on his wife, a few; for him, this is probably too much. He named a price for the film, shot them, and probably will break the jackpot of seven million. Explain to me how he manages to get out, and shoot, year after year?
Mate turned and looked around the room - it really is like a ball - he chuckled.
Some fair-haired gentleman waved Lily, like an old friend. Around a long table, standing in the hall, housed well-known producers, actors, stars and the stars; laughter, jokes and conversations. Some gentleman grabbed the table a bottle of champagne and made her a strong drink, and then splashed on the reddish maiden at the table. She screamed and jumped to the side, and her skirt rode up, revealing her charms. The girl muffled giggle.
- Come on, come here - Czerny cackled, sitting down at the table and holding her breasts - go here! Your dad wants you to say something.
The girl giggled again, threw her arms around him, brushed his hair, kissed him, his face painted with lipstick. He is obviously had in mind. Czerny maiden patted on the back and pinched his chest.
- Ugly, ugly ... - she giggled and shrieked again, he pinched her thigh. The next minute, he whispered something in her ear, and she had finished laughing, wrapped around him like an eel.
Bottle of champagne appeared before the producer, they drank a glass, and vanished into the crowd.
- So where we get better? - Larry asked.
- If you want to first eat, then go to a restaurant - Meit Grieg stopped - when I go, come on the show - he nodded to them.
- Tinker, when the mood?
- What did you tell Lily? !
- I laugh, - she smiled.
Mate Greer whistled through his teeth - I'm glad to hear it, but we shall meet again.
She climbed to the second floor. At the entrance to the waitress it. How many people in your company? - Only two. - Do you want a separate table, or would like to join us ..?
- I would like to Larry in a large company. There will be more fun.
Larry nodded - I agree. - Come with me, - she said, and turned and walked down the corridor.
Lily squeezed Larry's hand. The dress was not the waitress back. She was completely naked from behind, from shoulder to toe. Larry felt his cock shuddered when he saw before him the wide hips. At the end of the corridor, the girl handed him a silver key with the room number.
- When you get bored in the room, you can relax in your room, - she said, smiling, if you need a special service, you will find a button next to the bed - she threw a connoisseur appraising look at the width of the trouser Larry.
The door opened before them, and they appeared small, lighted by candles, is located to the intimacy of the hall, with a dozen tables in the foreground and a large stage, in the depths. The long curtains of green velvet hanging from the walls. When my eyes adjusted to the prevailing gloom in the room, they saw a group of men and women who sat a few chairs, a table and talking to each other in low voices. On the chairs were striped drapery, zebra.
Before them there was another girl who dressed very provocatively, perhaps even more than the one that met them in the hallway. At this time, Lily is no longer surprised, looking at her bare thighs and back. But she saw what appraising glance gave Larry the thigh and gently slapped his hand on him. They joined six, sitting near the stage .... One of the men sitting next to Lily, and she recognized him that hour. It was Rex Rhine, artist protagonist in the film 'too late fall', in which she starred for three weeks in the crowd. Of course, he did not remember, and Lily could not even hint to him to this fact. Rex Rhine, apparently headed the company, sat, surrounded by bottles of champagne. Around it are like a fairy maid, blonde, plump painted lips and big innocent eyes, perhaps, not a wife. To the left of the Rhine was sitting tight, dark-haired man, looking like an accountant. It was the impresario of the Rhine, named Sparre. His lady was tall, red-haired and busty. Seated next to them a couple dressed in bright leopard skirt and yellow jacket and red scarf, the ends of which were tied behind. Somewhere poured quiet music, soft and caressing. It floated around the room, creating a sense of a vague and pleasant languor. Maid in its original evening dress, arranging on the table SILVER devices. Larry leaned toward Lily - keep at ease - he whispered.
- With this...
- What do you mean?
- Mate spoke of his new film 'The party against doping. " About the film say that there will be a lot of strawberries. Of course, there are fears that he'll do anything, but still need to talk with him, depend on him a lot - and it showed a nod to the red-haired man, whose mouth stuck a cigarette. - It's Mate manager who completely in his hands. Lily felt hungry. She reached for a decanter filled with liquor, to which no one touched. All around stood on the tables with silver trays of glasses and filled with refreshments. Each poured himself what he wanted and how he wanted. snacks, which she had placed on their table, had never seen and never tried: indescribable, fish dishes, decorated with oriental fruits and vegetables, meat pieces that are unique to this season, and intended for the most refined taste ...
Long before they had finished dinner, Lily felt her body softened poured fire, if she sits near the blazing hearth. Lily felt the room suddenly filled with the smell of jasmine and took it as something apparent. However, the rest of the audience felt the same. Unbuttoning clothes, Lily collapsed in a chair. Hand Reina hugged the blonde with big eyes and lay down on her chest, stroking seductive projections. Sluggish, sickly manager looked at his neighbor, clearly expressed a similar desire. At the other end of the table, Mr. and Mrs. seemed detached themselves from everything, for contemplation of naked thighs, bent over at the next table, a waitress. Some leaned back, sipping wine, talking with a neighbor in a low voice, while others sat in thought, as if waiting for something ...
All this threw Lily a sweet, drowsy state, causing a feeling of intimacy of what is happening: a welcome change - she thought - No worries ...
She did not know exactly what has created such a pleasant mood. Everything seemed in order veschei and looked fine.
Suddenly, a blue light lit up the stage in the center of the room. Everyone else took their seats around her, placing her in a semicircle striped armchairs. On the stage, lit light bulb, illuminating the scenery, painted blue paint. Emerald curtains covering the stage from all sides, parted in the hall rushed a crowd of children. Lily laughed out loud: the children reminded her of Jeannette. At that moment, just announced that the children want to entertain guests with songs and something else. Lily leaned toward Larry and asked him about what happened to Mate. Larry laughed - they show something new.
The audience began to move the chairs, the kids climbed under the table. Lily more surprised Gee ...
Three little boys and a girl, which is not more than six or seven years old, came up to their table, smiling. Without saying a word, they crawled under the table, as if going to play hide and seek. If Lily had not seen it, she would have thought that under the table empty. They sat quietly under the table and not moving.
Suddenly, something changed in the room: the music stopped and the blue beam illuminated the white chair in the center of the stage. We had to wait for long. Because there was a curtain, like a statue, nude female figure, with black flowing hair. Transparent veil enveloped her naked body like a cloud. She swam in the clear light, slowly twisting and shifting their feet, and sank into a white chair. Through the transparent curtain, it was clearly visible, large roundness grudey- pink color, with dark nipples and hair spot, between his legs. She reached out, as if waking from a dream. As if in response to this signal, there were two other girls, who are not stressed to the materiality of unearthly creatures. They wore black stockings, aprons, and tiny little white caps. Slowly, cradling motion, they shook their body bronze brunette. She lay down, stretched out full length on the couch, her legs began to slowly bend her white palm, smooth movements, caressed the thighs and abdomen, pressing against his groin. Sharply distinguished between the legs of the slit was clearly visible. Long thin fingers slid along it, and it became noticeably tense, and lifted her up, dark nipples breasts. One of the girls, standing beside her on his knees, took a bottle of rubbing and poured the contents of his arms. Then, she began to rub the body of the brunette. Blue light dyed her body in silver, emphasized its shape, and it seemed as if she is excited by the movement of friction of her hands. When grinding was over, in the ghostly light appeared a male figure, resembling a lily, a statue of the Greek god. And he was really descended god who was supposed to bring happiness, lying in front of him the girl. His strong, muscular body, head, black, with short curly hair and chiseled features, evoked general admiration. He approached the girl ... Lily was convinced that never before have not seen, so filled with passion, man's face. Short throw, he fell down at her between the legs, and two girls digging into her chest. Lily saw a member of the men: the strained and sticking out, and a great shuddering, at least 25 cm.
Suddenly Lily felt like someone's a little warm knob relates to her feet. She pulled back and looked down in surprise when he saw one of the boys, climbed under the table. He tried to gently push her legs. Aghast, Lily looked at the neighbors, sitting at a table. The first thing that struck her - was tense face Larry. He seemed frozen, his eyes half closed. His chest was heaving and wheezing through his teeth pulled out. It is of interest to Lily. Lift the edge of the tablecloth, she saw that Larry pants unbuttoned, and his huge, the strained member walks in his hand a girl who leads on it up and down. It is clear that Larry was hard to hide the sensation of pleasure. Lily immediately noticed that Rex Raine pulled the cloth on his knees, and knees blonde sitting next to him. As if hypnotized, Lily did not realize the reality of what is happening. A little smile, Lily opened her legs, and a small, agile little hand deftly climbed under her skirt.
On the stage, one of the girls, rubbed on the couch polosatoi female body. Movements of her arms, continuous and measured, seemed to caress him. Another girl started to massage the man. His cock stood like a mast, flagpole, with a solid fluff at the bottom. In the spotlight, brunette played the final scene. It was close to the final act. The girl massaging her suddenly ceased massage and pounced on her body, began to lick, covering him with kisses ... without neglecting any one place. Having done all this, very much alive, she thrust her face between brunettes legs and clung to her slit. The body brunette arched, it responded to the gentle movement of every muscle. Her thin, flexible hands clenched and unclenched, the fingers stretched to the soft hills between the legs. One of her hips rose, and began to move among the girls thighs, continue to work the language.
Lily was able to quite extraordinary excitement. Under the table, nimble fingers tickled her clitoris. She leaned toward the hips to open myself more. Instinctively, she wanted to stir up her boy without hands and mouth. Next to it, Larry, bending down under the table, sucking on the breast of the girl, and then pulled up her apron, pulling her close, between his legs.
- Hell! Look here - he raised his apron and Lily saw quite thick lips and wide slit.
- If I was not - a lady, I would probably jealous of you for this little witch! You are, after all, you can insert it ...
- And that ... for her age, she probably will do it well. God ..! Look there ... - They turned to the stage.
The man standing over a girl that he rubbed his hands playing with her hair. All of a sudden, unexpected movement, he pulled her head to his, as if spitted on his protruding count. His mouth grinned as he began to move his head back and forth virgins. The muscles of his thighs, played, and he thrusts his tool deeper and deeper. Her white cap fell to the floor, apron rode up to the waist, revealing a black hair brush, between the legs. first, it did not show much enthusiasm for this act, but then, her arms wound around his feet and she became excited with him. And the kind of girls, vigorously sucking male member, Lily stepped excitement.
Fingers boy playing with her clitoris, aroused her spasms of pleasure. Because it's about had something to escape. Her skirt rode up to the waist, it is widely spread her legs, that nothing prevented the movements of a small hand. Glancing down, she could see how to slide his fingers. Her silk pants were pushed to one side, he stood out the moisture through the fabric and oozing on the seat. Lifting the tablecloth, she moved by the desire, looked under the table. A boy with an excited face, trying to hide what he was doing with his other hand he held between his legs. Lily reached out and caught a small, nervous wand. She began to play with her. The boy obviously wanted it, then both his hands dug into her body. Thin fingers, soaked in juice, penetrated ever deeper into it, while Lily excited his firm tiny protruding from the excitation wand.
brunette body swayed back and forth, his hands pressed against his head between the legs of the girls. Passionate sounds escaped from her breast. Long legs tensed in the ecstasy of pleasure. The boy, too, strained all his muscles. his powerful figure, seemed about to be shaken in a paroxysm of passion. The girl also was beside himself at his feet. Her hips moved each time, as a member of the youth was a member of her mouth. It seemed that she was trying to take possession of it completely and suffocate from this pleasure. Her head rocked back and forth more and more frequently. One of her hands grabbed the bag between his legs and played with him. You would have thought that she was trying to squeeze out as much sperm as possible. Suddenly, the young man's head snapped back, his eyes rolled back so that the proteins were visible. It was obvious that he felt an orgasm and wanted to strengthen it even more. He pulled out a member of his mouth and the girls rushed to the brunette, pushing aside girl who licked her slit. He, at full length, stabbed in her slit his huge, gleaming saliva member. brunette body arched in a paroxysm of passion, and her waist was doing vigorous movement toward youth: One ... Two ... Three ... Four. .. - The light faded slowly and the whole stage was plunged into darkness.
- Oh my gosh ... - Larry groaned. Lily took his hand from the boy's legs and squeezed. The boys quickly jumped out from under the table and ran into the same door from which came. She felt something sticky on his fingers and looked at them. They were covered with something sticky mucus like whitish. Wiping his hands on a napkin, she mentally wondered: Is it possible to have a seven-year boy had an orgasm?
All that has happened here has excited her, but not be satisfied until the end. Her slit burned and longed for, but she had to wait at least the agony of waiting - it's not the worst thing in life. To do this, they still have the whole night ahead.
Jeannette Unem returned home earlier than she had expected, but not too early. Lily called her to the school and said that Larry would not want to make any false steps along the way to the scene. At the time when it was said, they were still in the restaurant. After all that has happened, Jeannette, some regret about the agreement between her and Lily, and the more she thought, the lower the interest felt for the novel, which is read in the school library, where she went in the afternoon. She yawned and put the book down. It was a warm evening. At heart she was calm. However, her thoughts returned to last night, something exciting was born in it. She decided to go on shore to scatter.
- Maybe it would be better if not for Lily, and it took Larry to the club? And when this thought occurred to her, she was seized, some violent resentment. Throwing a warm jacket, she left and went to the beach. A light breeze was playing in waves, throwing them on the wet sand. Rustling waves, and kind of quiet, vast distances, awakened in Nei memories of how she went ashore malenkoi girl.
Her parents usually went every year, removing a house on the shore for the summer. She remained there for two or three months. Jeannette spent her childhood with Sheiloy that served as her parents. Jeannette often thought about the good times, when she was with Sheila, running barefoot on the beach, something sculpted from sand, or just yelling from sheer pleasure. Jeannette was then about ten, and Sheila, which seemed to her very old, something around twenty. It was a short, plump girl with dark hair curls and bright white teeth, sparkling like diamonds, when she throws her head and laughed. Jeannette madly in love Sheila. She remembered well the three days that preceded this beautiful night with Lily.
Sheila came with a large Turkish towel and decided to wash it. Jeanette grabbed one end and began to interfere with her. She did not know how it happened, but Sheila caught her and kissed on the lips. Jeannette escaped, but she liked it because left a pleasant feeling. Kiss Sheily differed on how to kiss her mother and father, and she began again to tease the girl until she blushed, not rushed at her. Jeannette continued to tease the maiden, and something happened that she will never forget: Sheila touched her hand between her legs, and kissing her, began to play it with your fingers, tickling her, and it was so pleasant tickling that Jeanette screamed with pleasure. At some point she had a feeling she had never experienced.
Later, in bed, she often thought about it, and waited for this feeling, trying to understand how it is achieved. When, for the first time, she got it fun, she was ten years old.
As always, the following year she came back to the country. She hoped and dreamed the whole year, that their pleasure with Sheila again, and she wanted it more than anything. But then she noticed that Sheila changed. Continuing nice to Janet, she would have apologized and avoided her. One day, Jeannette learned the cause of the Sheila met the man. He was a little older Sheily ... and lived in the village kruglyi year. Upon learning this, Jeannette decided to be hindered to Sheila walked alone with her, she learned how they had met on the beach, they walked together, hand in hand, chatting and smiling and whispering to each other pleasant phrases, and Jeannette gripping jealousy. She hated him jealous child, unaccountable hatred. Burns with jealousy, she watched as he hugs her and Sheila gives him kisses. For Jeanette, it was torture. She felt sorry for Sheila.
One day, after lunch, Jeanette watched as they came to his home, a small white mansion, located in the side of the road and surrounded by tall shrubs. She crept to the door and the house began to listen to what they say. All she heard - were random words, but the excitement did not leave her, and clear the fun in the house, only spurred. Trembling with fear, she made her way through the bushes to the window and settled down on the corner of the basement. She looked out the window.
Sheila naked, lying on the floor. She moaned and rolled over him, holding his hands over his stomach that something happened to her ... Maybe she was sick? Maybe she was ill? .. What did it this man? ... To survive, she had to get away from it ..! - And then she saw him hunched in a corner of the room. He laughed at Sheyloi. Jeannette, was ready to rush to her rescue, when she saw that the man went to Sheila. Pants him in front, were undone - And what is this thing sticking out between his legs .. It looks like a thick white stick, he stroked her hand and says something, grinning, Sheila?. Here he kneels in front of her and smiling, stroking her body. She spreads her legs wide and Jeannette sees big red slot and bush of black hair. She sees herself Sheila, her hands pushing the edge of the gap, showing it to him. He kneels between her legs, and she lifts his legs so that his thick stick knob rests in its slot. - Does he want to kill her so that ?! But why, then, she was glad that, even smiling? ..
Jeannette has not been able to understand and analyze it. Now, remembering everything that happened, she felt strange and reckless, vengeful sense of justice offenses. She was shivering under a light sweater - oh, this torture men, certainly liked Sheila, anything else it seems, did not want to. If only this way, she was tortured and tormented. That is why it is so spread her knees and lifted her legs, opening the way for him to himself, in order to further inflame it ... She quickened her steps and went toward the top of the road home. The moon, which appeared from behind the clouds, shone brightly, casting a pale reflections on the trees. She was immersed in his thoughts. Suddenly, she stopped when he heard the noise of the car behind. She stepped back to let him, but poravnyav- shis with her car squeaked brakes and stopped. The powerful figure of a man leaned out of the car. He looked at her - please forgive me - He said, - I would be very grateful if you would tell me which way I can get in West Hollywood ...
- Five miles ahead and to the right, - she said curtly.
- Thank you. I'm a day behind the wheel, and rather tired. Can you share with me your company? In those five miles, if you are on the way ...
- Thanks, I immediately close. I'll make it perfectly on foot.
- Listen ... - Again, the man said wait one more minute. I did not look like a bandit, but quite the contrary ...
Surprised, Jeanette looked at him closely. Just then she saw it form a policeman and she was embarrassed.
- I'm sorry - try to justify it - I thought ...
- Clearly, - he said the policeman smiling And as a pleasant event happened, and you caught me on the road, let them take advantage of me. I'm afraid to sleep in the way and release the steering wheel, and only you, you probably will not let me sleep ...
- Well, - I smiled at Jeannette. She opened the car door and sat down to him. Looking at his corner of her eye, she saw a broad smile on his face.
- Ya Dick Solberg - he introduced himself, starting a conversation.
- You what, catch the mountain roads of girls? Mr. Solberg ...
- Only the pretty, - he said, laughing. He was a big, broad-shouldered man, somewhat a bit fat, which is fully consistent with the presentation of Jeannette police. By the light of a small bulb, illuminating his face, she could see a large, wide-set eyes. Perhaps they were the most notable in his face. Along the way, he now and then bowed his head, and his face was not visible, however, in his quick, oblique views Jeannette realized that he was watching her. Continuing the conversation, she always tried to remember where and when she saw the man.
- I live with my brother in Verbonike. He has a small gas installation. It is not too much, but enough to five times a year, to go to relax and catch a fish. He - zayadlyi fisherman. He fashioned himself a yacht and ready to spend the day and night on it. Sometimes, he even lives there. What is this life? .. I do not want to smoke?
- He handed her a pack of cigarettes.
Jeannette immediately guessed about his condition to see how it shakes hand with large, thick fingers. Yes ... He has the same hands, the same mouth, the same profile as that of the man with whom was Sheila ...
She quickly pulled out a cigarette, and was pleased to see himself as he deftly flicked the lighter and held her fire - you never lived in these places?
- I? You laugh? I'm from Northern California, and in Hollywood I could not find himself.
- Maybe you came here on vacation?
- Also no. When the light bulb Jeannette regarded his face. How strange ... It seemed familiar to her, as if she knew this man for a long time. In her mind she flashed a crazy idea that it could be only one. He has the same type of big man's face was cast blue, shaven cheeks, giving that person courage, that is exactly what the loved Sheila. Before she finished his cigarette, he had a plan in her head - to detain him under the pretext.
- Vaughn, red bungalow, where I have to go, she said.
- Damn it, already? - His words could guess regret.
The car stopped. He got out and opened her door. She paused, - you will rest at night in the city?
- If I do not fall asleep on the way, and not embedding into something ...
- Maybe a cup of coffee will help you out in this case?
- Lady, you're just saving me! - Well, all right then. Head over? - She smiled. In her doors, as if by accident, she dropped her purse, and made so that it is delayed. She turned on the light and turned to face him, to see him immediately. Before he could say anything to figure out she wrapped his neck and kissed him.
- I badly want you - she said through clenched teeth.
- Damn, girl ...
- Not a word! Kiss me - she reached out and pressed so that his legs were between her thighs. He immediately responded to the call, and his hands, steel pliers tightened her body, and her fingers tightened on his chest.
- No, no ... not so - she was trying to escape.
- But as? ... She grabbed his hand, watching as ottopyrivayutsya his pants, and then, in some strange voice, said, - I like it when he's a great man ...
He freed his hands and she allowed them to examine your body for a few minutes, then pulled away.
- Look, we'd better get undressed in the bedroom - she ran through the dining room, on the move throwing off her shoes and pulling the sweater over her head.
He pounced on her, but she shoved him as he sat on the bed.
- Wait, I want you to undress herself - she undid the gate of his shirt and tugged at the sleeves. The shirt was stuck, and she saw to remove it interfere handcuffs worn on the arm. Suddenly she quickly took his hands behind his back, and it snapped handcuffs. He was chained to a bedpost.
- Heck, this is for what? - He tried to free his hands. Without saying a word, Jeanette continued to undress him. When he had finished undressing, she got up and looked at his instrument.
- So, Mr. Solberg, - she said sarcastically - what's the deal? Do not you want to play with me in love? - She laughed when she saw his cock began to rise over the hairy legs. His face turned red as a tomato.
- You dirty ... Devil! Set me free!
- Do not hurry, dear, I want to show something special for you. I think that you do not want to leave after that. She bent down and, lifting her skirt began to take off her slowly detected alive with his slim hips. Dick Solberg stopped his attempts to free himself and stared at her. Eyes half closed, with faltering breath, she slowly unbuttoned the hook for the hook and pulling of lightning opened the dress and took it off. She stood facing him as a statue. His eyes bored into her body. She slowly bent, so that you could see all the details of her body. Her hands glided over her shoulders and chest, and then down the body to the hips, began to play with a black belt. She turns her body in front of him, revealing its charms. She began to unbutton his belt bulging crotch forward and folds between the legs, even the hidden Therefore ka silk panties. Solberg spun on the bed, his eyes flared.
- Hell! - He whispered admiringly. By Jeannette body shiver with excitement. The smile froze on her lips, she could not look away from the member. He had his large head, which caused her to tremble grown enough and visible. It is even closer to him, almost touching his face with his body. Then she tore off her belt and tossed it to the floor. Seconds later flew back and bra. Her fingers stroked and caressed the hard chest, his head thrown back. She touched her nipples strained, then held his hand over his hips and finished his round massage stroking thighs. Solberg swore and tried to pull his hands, but steel rings stuck into his body, causing severe pain. Jeannette folded her hands the letter 'Y', and pressed them between his legs, pushing the opening folds. The tip of her tongue popped out and drove, teasing, according to wet his lips. Putting on her slit the middle finger of his left hand, she began to enter it, and inserting a whole, they began to move, pushing aside the silk panties. When she pulled the finger, he was brilliant against moisture and its pungent, spicy scent mixed with the smell of perfume. Jeanette put her finger to his mouth - lick it! - She ordered imperiously. He obeyed. Long, shiny drops began to drain out of the holes on the head of his penis, and fall to whitish, curly hair, cover with a tight, compact pouch. Thrusting two thumbs under the elastic band of cowards, Jeannette slow motion pulled them down to his knees, opening the brush curly pubic hair. She dropped the pants legs, then spread her legs wide, started gently caressing fingers abdomen. Solberg spun on the bed, silently cursing. He begged her to release him, swore that he would do whatever she wants, as long as she freed his hands. Janet shook her head - I know you want the same as me. I know you know how to do it. You take his hand and start masturbating - Whew ... She turned thumbs tube and made some movement in the air.
- Damn! You dovedesh me mad! I would gladly smashed your head off!
- But, because you love it ... - She smiled and sat down side to it so that he could better see the circular profile of her hips. In front was visible hair brush.
Thrusting his arm bent at the hip, it introduced the index finger into their slot and began to make rotational movements there. He tried to close his eyes, however, to break away from this spectacle, was beyond him, and he sat mesmerized by the movements of the girl. Her body gleamed pink, and the skin was covered with sweat. Her movements became more rhythmic hand, the muscles in her thighs and backside tightened, as this incitement and trembling betrayed the pleasure it gave her affection. And the hot, excited machine trembled before her eyes dripping with juice. She stared at her, and eagerly watched the signs of growing excitement. And the difference between them that she could meet with itself, and he - no, gave everything that happens is something very exciting both of them. A wave of pleasure rise each time in her when she saw how he wriggled, trying to rub his cock, at least on the bed folds. But she again turned his body so that he was unable to do so. Jeannette went into ecstasy. Her finger is increasingly moving. She helped himself spinning backwards more and more, more and more often. She felt that she would soon be over. It was close to her. And now, a wave of pleasure ran through the entire body. At the last second, she turned her hips in front of him that he had seen the finale, and deployed lips of the vagina. Its exclusively-developed clitoris, appeared before his eyes. Jeannette quickly rubbed it, and leading up to orgasm, when the first spasm gripped her, she saw Solberg writhing in convulsions and trembling of its member hlyschet sperm. These convulsions, this agony of passion took possession of all his body. Belly and thighs, he was in a semiconscious state, and fell on the bed, next to him Jeannette, excitedly watched his shuddering member.
- Well ... - he gasped breathlessly - as never before in my life ...
Jeannette continued their antics. She got up and prepared for further torture. She was pleased that brought him to orgasm, she wanted to replay the game. But how to act on it again? She squeezed her thighs. Little bead clitoris jumped out of her mouth. She bent down and tickled the button with your finger, then moved towards him and took his penis in his hands. She pressed the head of the clitoris. She felt what it's hot and sticky. He again became tense and she has not been able to move away from him.
- That's better, - she said.
- Not so bad. .. But really, if got the pleasure, so that pestering me again?
- Lovely man, you would have raped me?
- No. Fair! You would not have had me anything to reproach. But then, you did to me ...
Jeannette again put her hand on the clitoris, and, as if by chance, it tickled.
- What I have not done? - She asked. - And I can ignite and satisfy you. We could do this every day. You would not want to spend the whole night?
- My God, these women ... They need only be that it was good.
- ...Are not you interested in this love premiere? - Jeannette asked, her eyes flashed, do not you indulge, to himself! Himself? .. I'm not used to such tricks. It you prefer?
- I would like to know your desire, - she said - as far as you can control yourself. We sometimes impersonate cry.
- And so you wanted to know? Jeannette looked at him, I know all I want to know about men. But I would like to know your thoughts about it. You understand?
- Oh well. I will try to enlighten you in this - he said, watching as it introduces a finger into the vagina, pushing it and opening your big clit.
- Do you think I'm satisfied? - She asked simply. He wanted to answer, he thinks that way, but, staring at her throbbing button, with which she played, said something quite different - I've never seen a girl as it turns out - he was referring to her self-stimulation - try yet? Just let me go. I will do everything so that you do not get tired.
She looked at him, he looked, in general, not so good. She wanted to experience it as a man, his manhood, it is a male, like an animal.
- Hand of man has never touched me, she said defiantly, and I have not experienced this desire.
- Then, to hell with it? - He frowned, because the guy has to give the girl to feel what real pleasure. Come to me, let me prove it to you.
- If I return to you freedom that you do?
- Of course I satisfy your passion, if you really want it.
She watched him closely, - But I do not want, and if you try to do it, I'll scream out loud: "raped!".
- Well, well, well, do not worry, take it easy, he said. Reassured, she said, - If you allow, I would like to think, and she looked at poluopustivshiysya member.
- Well - he grunted, stretched out on the bed, - You're free, and I do not make an attempt to rape.
- This is a firm commitment?
- Solid. The key in the left pocket of his pants. She found him, and, beating the bed, undid the handcuffs.
Continuation of: Vacations in California. Chapter 4


Until recently it was thought that anal sex I like and do not need. So, I want to, okay - perehochetsya. But recent experience has proved the opposite with his wife! Oh, how I want to now once again find yourself in a tight holes! Here I write and direct a spasm throughout the body ... It is a pity that my wife does not share these passions. So, and in captivity it and, especially rape, no meaning, no fun. Therefore I'd like to meet a girl or woman who likes anal seks.I that's how I see it. Slowly undress woman caressing her body. Neck, shoulders, soft large breasts, tummy, thighs, lobochek and finally wet crotch move towards my lips and tongue. Hands caress the body of willing women, down from the chest to the hips. Finally gets to the already wet with excitement, and from that wonderful smelling vagina. I spend language on pudendal lips, parting them and penetrating into the vagina. Clitoris Women tensed, peering out from under the "hood". With him special treatment. Softly lick it, gradually taking it into his mouth, I start to suck while licking tongue. Thumbs begin to caress the vagina, climbing inside. The vagina is so wet and open that I can easily insert three fingers at once. In response, the woman leaned toward penetration fingers nasazhivayas on them, while her breath quickened considerably. Gorgeous breasts heaving like bellows, sweet mouth is heard a moan, a groan of pleasure. As my fingers flowing moisture Women leaking from the vagina to the outside overheated. Lick this divine nectar from the labia, but the nectar can not be stopped, it flows further in the anal area. God !!! A small hole anus like breathing - it is discovered, then shut, swallowing the nectar out of the vagina. Pretty Woman asks to leave the vagina and urgently address its booty. Repeat twice is not necessary. I begin to lick a magnificent circular movements anus, gradually approaching the entrance to the delicate ass. That's the tip of the tongue penetrates into the hole. First quietly lick hole penetrating the language for a short distance. Inflame more and more, the woman begins to move her hips towards the language. Here she threw her beautiful feet to his head, opening on display shameless hole anus. Pushing hands soft half ass it substitutes me his chocolate hole in all its glory. Woman asks to lick her tight hole. Moisture from the vagina flows directly into the anus, as the water in the drain. I see off the tongue moisture and penetrate the language at all possible depth in the anus. From the lips of women is heard whether the half-sob whether half-sigh, but it definitely gives her pleasure. She asks her fuck hole language. I can not help myself and my tongue starts to frantically to penetrate the anus and rotate within its tight rings, causing a storm of emotions woman - she sobs that says, groans, gasps, moans. Here anus lubricated vagina is not worse, and he is ready to take something the size of a superior language. I put a finger in the ass and they start moving in Women. Holding hands hip, woman starts podmahivat their booty. But the rescue comes the second one finger. Tight ass hugged them tightly, but the anus is already moistened and fingers move so sensitive on the tunnel freely enough. And then three fingers fucking anus women. Woman asks to get your fingers and insert member. Ooooh, with great pleasure, but it is necessary to provide lubrication member. I insert the penis into the vagina, and detained at the tender grotto, but the woman asks to change the vagina to the anus faster. Wet Women from juices, perfectly oiled member to penetrate the tight Women's bosom. And centimeter by centimeter, my flesh gets into a wonderful opening. The head has completely disappeared in the ass. I stop and slowly pull member, Polly Women do not want to let a member - tight anal ring wrapped around the head member of the lips, and slowly slide off. My woman is breathing heavily, her face flushed from the vagina even greater stream flowed bliss, lubricating the anus and penis. Now go ahead, but slowly, enjoying every cell of this penetration. The woman took my buttocks and pulled with power to him. My penis is completely immersed in the anus. Now the rhythm woman asked, then, accelerating motion, slowing down them. My legs were numb from the long furies tilting, and we turned on its side. Woman legs at the knees tucked to his chest, and in this position, we have enjoyed each other. Then she knelt down, caved in the lower back and sticking out her wonderful ass. Standing over it, I put the term in the perfect hole and pushes them to the worker jackhammer. My woman is not moaning, she cried and requested more batter her lustful hole. I got a dick, and I looked flushed, bursting with heat and lust hole. This hole was great and was ready to accept a member of a much larger size. Woman puzzled asked why I stopped. To this I replied that I admire her hole. Having admired the sweet hole, I again put a member of the most eggs, and began to thrust his number in her ass like a sewing machine needle thrusts into the fabric. The woman did not scream, but only a moaning with pleasure. She said she had finished several times, and waiting for me to fill her mainsail enjoying his sperm. I walked around a woman so that my cock was in front of her sweet lips, she took my cock in her mouth and began to caress his lips and tongue. From these violent caresses, I was ready to finish immediately, but the request to fill the ass with sperm Women still outweighed in the balance of desire and I'm barely holding on, not to fill a wonderful mouth viscous semen, took a member of the sweet honey lips captivity. Women are reluctant to let go of my cock out of his mouth, and I stood up again on her ass, drove it with all his might and immediately terminated. I do not remember, but the woman then told me that I was screaming, howling, growling like a wild beast. Sperm was so much that, after finishing down in her anus, I had a feeling of emptiness in the testicles. As if they sucked out of them all and they are flattened. The woman smiled and said that it was great, especially noting my desire to caress the woman tongue. But that was not all. My bladder was about to burst from the strain, and I was about to run into the appropriate room when the woman asked him to help her in the ass. That is to say, a kind of enema. Quickly attach, I started to empty the contents of my bladder directly into the anus. When about half of the urination process was over, he asked the woman to stop and turned over on his back, put his feet up again to the head. That she managed with difficulty, because the fluid in her ass was already abound. Still, she got it, and I proceeded to urinate in her ass. Her breathing hitched, she closed her eyes, and ... of her urethra splashed urine stream, falling on my face and chest. It was so unexpected that I was recoiling, pulled his penis out of holes Women, and the flow of my urine poured on her breasts and belly. This "cross-fire" was soon over, and we were both wet, but very happy, able to relax a bit and relax. But it manifested itself urine and semen, which was located in the beautiful ass women. I quickly brought a bucket at the request of women, and set it on the floor. The woman stood on a bucket, legs wide apart, and sat down a little so that you can see her anus. And then it started !!! Powerful stream gushed from her ass, hitting the bottom of the bucket. At first, almost snesya bucket, the flow had begun to subside, and soon fell silent. From the emotions experienced woman lost power and began to slowly settle down, but I managed to catch her and bring them to bed, where we could rest, sharing their impressions of what happened with us.
So something like this, or I want to deliver a woman pleasure. I would be very happy if there is a ... A woman who is crazy about anal adventure.
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They captured one town after another. Our troops have long suffered a crushing defeat, and now every city tried to defend themselves, but the forces were too unequal. We generally peace-loving nation and the war were totally unprepared. The aggressors also were real aces aggressive war and our men could not do anything to stop them. Even in appearance men can imagine the difference in the character of our countries, men of our nation, as a rule, shriveled and small stature, the stronger sex invaders nation unlike the larger and look more intimidating. On the orders of inhuman invaders already rumors: each soldier was allowed to leave his own house, which he captures, if in a house broke into a group of soldiers, then he took the senior officer. In addition, his battered property and all the women of the house, the remaining survivors of men enslaved.
In that fateful night I and my cousin were at home: according to the latest reports the enemy was still far away, but we have already collected things, so just in case, to escape from the city and try to hide in the woods. We were with my sister was 19, I - the blonde, she - a brunette, both with long hair, medium height, slender build, but not skinny. In general, ordinary, quite cute girl with all the charms of entitlements. We have almost a year the two were married. She was married to the guys in one day, we have since lived together in a two-family house: my husband and I on the first floor, with his sister - in the second. Our children, who returned from the defeated army, tomorrow would have come to the city garrison, and we had planned that night how to say goodbye to them. But fate decreed otherwise.
Our house is located on the outskirts of the city, and that is why the enemy is first passed us.
When the door suddenly flew open, all four of us, we were in the lobby of the first floor, packaging bags. The house is literally a whirlwind flew several men in camouflage uniforms and with rifles at the ready. Startled, we were dumbfounded, unable to move, scum same time gift is not lost - to wring our boys took them on the strength of five seconds.
- Very well, - thriftily looking around, he said one who was a senior.
According to the chase, it was a colonel, and this title is relatively young - vskidku he could give 35-40 years. Even against the backdrop of its soldiers was not frail physique, he stood strong, and even any of our men he was more almost doubled. Looking around the room, he looked at us, his face broke into a satisfied grin.
- Perhaps I take this house, - he said, while our boys were dragged out of the house.
They tried something to shout desperately looked around at us, but to do something were powerless. One of the soldiers asked the colonel if he needs help, but he dismissed them all, he was alone with me and my cousin. As it turned out, the last few months he has spent in constant battles and forced marches. Hour stay in a state of combat readiness, hellish field conditions and the absence of sex. Not surprisingly, he now eagerly devouring us from the burning eyes of lust. Nevertheless, it was a strong-willed person, and he was not attacked us at once, apparently, decided to slightly delay the moment of sweet reward for the hardships.
- Do not even try to escape - he seemed to read our thoughts, - the city is still surrounded by, you get caught, and then you really will not find it. It is better to cook me something to eat, I was very tired.
We seem to cotton legs went into the kitchen and stood for a long time on it, reliving the incident. We have heard of cases where girls and women fled from the newly acquired masters: they are, sooner or later, all caught, and what to do with such a fugitive, not to talk better. Left, we were in their own home, and all belonged to one man, but far from the most terrible (because you never know who might get caught), besides the rank of colonel. We discussed with her sister alternatives and realize that we have no alternatives. The best thing for us - to stay in the house, and try not to annoy the new owner, so that, God forbid, did not abandon us in favor of the soldiery.
Cook food, we carried her to Colonel, he again looked at us with eyes full of passion, but again restrained himself, smiled, and asked him to leave him alone so that he could safely eat and somewhere to come back in half an hour. We climbed to the second floor, waited for half an hour, and having cried poperezhivat about our husbands (now with them will be?), And went down.
He was lying on the couch with her eyes closed and a wandering smile on his face. Colonel previously laid bare from the waist down and now lay only a T-shirt khaki, legs wide apart, and between his powerful thighs surged proudly erect penis. Apparently, the thought that he had just become the owner of a luxury home c two young beauties in addition, led to his sexual organ into a state of full combat readiness missed love. I must confess that my husband's manhood would be simply ridiculous next to this handsome, and judging from the stories of the sisters - and the dignity of her husband, too. Maybe this is also the national differences?
In this big dick and big eggs looked very organically between thick peasant feet of this giant. My sister and I some time fascinated looking at this natural wonder, and then I was very terrified of what I do as hypnotized approached the couch and quietly knelt down, so that my face turned out to be exactly next to his advantage. My sister followed me, but only slightly to the side and also knelt.
"All the same, we now have it all the time to please, what is the point to delay the start," - for some reason, I thought, and all drawn by the same obscure impulse, held out his hand hesitantly touched Colonel dignity.
A quiet moan of pleasure came from the opposite end of the sofa, and thighs parted even wider, as if offering to continue. The Colonel was drenched in sweat, probably, when they stormed the city, they had a long run, that the current hot summer is not so easy, furthermore, it seems, had not bathed. I lowered my head between his legs, and as if all was plunged into the thick smell of sweat. My hand gently stroked ossified cock and went lower, slowly skirting the roundness of his crowded eggs with sperm. While I held them palm, it's all become wet from his sweat. Sister also decided, took the hand of his trunk and began his podrachivat gently, slowly moving the skin up and down.
I opened my mouth and licked the eggs, immediately taste the sweat between my master's feet. Pot turned salty, and I began to carefully lick eggs, washing away, so that a long time ago not mylos. Sister also directed himself in the host Member mouth and began to suck rhythmically. Again, a low moan escaped from the breast of our patron, Oh, how he longed for a woman's affection! I caught myself on the fact that everything that happens has started to like me: dutifully putting pen to host hip, I increasingly lick his balls and kisses them, and my sister, it seems, it is also entered into the taste, sucking more and more intense. She probably still tongue tickled the head member - still married already was, what to do in general represented. I thought with horror:
"Lord, what do we do ??? After all ... it is the aggressor, usurper, a man who had just ordered to be enslaved our husbands belonging to the dregs of the race, made to kneel our homeland, to capture what belonged to others. "
But this thought came another that now still can not escape, the owner will still need to satisfy as best as possible, so that it does not hurt us, and it is better to try to enjoy this inevitable process. I continued to lick his balls are delicious, and even began to play with them, running one and then the other into his mouth, kissing them passionately and rubbing his hands. Looking up a little higher, I saw my sister for a moment broke away from the trunk, from her lips she stretched thin trickle of sperm, but she deftly caught her tongue, swallowed, and then gently touched his lips to the stick of life. The owner is now in non-human bliss moaning almost continuously, and in addition to these quiet postanyvaniya silence filled the room only sweet sounds of smacking our lips sister. Mash a little more hands so I liked containers with host sperm, I dived under their nose and gently licked between Mr buttocks. Buttocks were great and smelled even worse than the eggs, not to mention the taste. But in order not to disappoint the patron, I began to lick them now. Suddenly, our man lifted his legs and grabbed my head with them, scratch them behind me. My head was now firmly clamped between his thighs, on the nose, closing his eyes, lay its eggs, and tongue, I shoved him into the anus, trying almost all the snout stick between his two halves sweaty and dirty. Now I could not see anything except his priests and eggs, and do not hear anything (because hip tightly clamped ears). It was dark and smelly to stupor, but I was breathing this for a long time, showing their obedience, not daring to take out the head and offend the host. Soon he began to moan quite violently, his body began to tremble, and I realized that it ends, so I stuck the tongue as far as possible in his anus. As found out later, sis also did not disappoint, but at the last moment face planted deep in his penis, pressed her lips together, and began desperately to swallow, trying not to spill by a single drop of the precious seed. That's what real invasion!
Some time after the owner happily subsided, and we remained in this position - I, with the head between his thighs, and sister, dare not take out his penis out of his mouth - giving the opportunity to master a little to recover and catch his breath.
Finally I got out into the world (my luxurious blond hair was matted with sweat from his crotch) and to get closer to the member, the benefit of the owner of the newly carelessly flung his legs in different directions. Here I saw that as a little sister tried, part of the sperm in it still does not fit, and splashed on the colonel's belly. Fearing that he would blame us for it, I began to carefully lick off his sperm. Sperm was little between the pubic hairs on - had to lick here.
Seeing peaceful smile on the face of our new owner, we took advantage of the respite formed and began to undress - do not bother as this Colonel, it is already too tired, just from the battlefields. While we were stripped naked, the colonel stood up again. Until now, we thought of all the men of his age is too old and did not feel any attraction to him for us. But now we are looking at this big man in military khaki shirt, his incredible size advantage between the thighs spread wide, his relaxed, self-confident posture, and caught myself thinking that this does not give the male is simply impossible. King. A lion. Lord of the world. Such associations would come to my mind when I looked at the man who was supposed to hate.
We asked the owner, who of the two girls he wanted to be the first. He wanted to blonde. I smiled happily, moving gait walked and climbed on top of him, but he suddenly grabbed me and quickly turned, leaning on my girl's body across his enormous carcass. I was just indentations in the sofa, and as my head reached him just before the chest, I found myself once again in the dark. On the part of the body could be seen only men and two splayed little white girl's legs sticking out from under him on the sides. I felt my resignation telescoped to limit crotch touched the head of her new boyfriend in the next few months, and even years. He obviously wanted to get to know and resolutely entered. Colonel planted me on a member of a sharp jerk. Oh yes, it was not a member of her husband !!! He seemed to be pierced through me to the very ass, apart the vaginal walls to such an extent to which they had never parted. Just passing back, the owner came back to me, it seemed further away than the first time, though, much much more. He was part of me again and again, all speeding and speeding. Like a relentless machine for the rape of young girls. Knight without fear and without reproach. His prowess in the predatory war, he proved his right to the prize. He fucked me so that I began to tear his eyes. His cock powerfully beating out of me all the memories of her husband and of a past life, I could not any longer think of anything else except this monster piruyuschem my flesh. I felt infinitely helpless and defenseless, so I tried to say no - he did not hear, no matter how tried to move - I did not succeed. I could not do nothing, and understood clearly that he is to fuck me as much as he wants, and if I want to at some point be interrupted - even I can not report it. It seemed to me that the Colonel enjoyed my little body forever. He fucked and fucked, fucked and fucked, fucked and fucked. Oh God, how pathetic semblance of sex was what we did with her husband !!! Only now the winner member explained to me what a real sex.
Finally infinity over, Colonel most deeply planted me on a stake and began to finish. Bursting under incredible pressure from the hot jet of sperm flew triumphantly, seemingly all over my body, fertilizing everything you can, and what can not. Colonel finished long and abundant, and I meekly accepted all new and new portions of sperm ready to take as much as he sees fit for me. Master knows best how much semen is pumped into the girl.
After the final filling my young body's semen, he had long since I did not get down, even took out a member, and lying, and I'm really scared that this mighty beast received its on I just fell asleep. But, after a rest, he got up and helped me up. I could not move his feet and awkwardly took a few steps. My sister looked at my leg does not move with the deepest envy. Colonel caught her eye, smiled and asked:
- You want me out of you will do the same steak, both from your girlfriend? Fuck so
that life honey may seem.
Eyes lit sister, she happily ran to him, hugged, kissed, he immediately lay down on the sofa and legs wide apart. Apparently, she and her husband also have never had known what a real sex. Colonel little admired fully open young brunette with a resigned look, and suddenly said:
- In this war, the death of two of my closest friends. Worthy of people killed by the insignificance of your race, your husbands! Pathetic weakling dared to resist us - representatives of a superior race.
Expression for a second sister became serious, it fought two emotions, but she overcame herself and defiantly uttered:
- Avenge their wives for their insolence ... impermissible.
The colonel's eyes flashed with serious rage, he jumped on the girl like a mad animal and began to fuck her with such breakneck speed and furious passion that darkened in the eyes even I - just to watch it. Plaintive squeals sister completely drowned out by furious roar of its owner. I saw only a T-shirt soaked through the army, a large bare ass colonel, incredibly quickly move up and down, and a little white, slender legs of my sister helplessly dangling on either side of the usurper. He brutally fucked her for about ten minutes, and when with her tears, her sister was already a completely blank look - if he fucked out of her entire mind. Giant. I was in awe. But the colonel did not stop at this.
- Revenge because revenge, - he said, putting the poor fellow cancer.
Our husbands had never dared to ask us for anal sex - but we would not allow it. But now all of our preferences were not taken into account. The owner decides how and who to fuck him. The most amazing thing is that even after he raped my sister in the ass, he still remained enough strength on my ass. It was only then that I realized how painful can be charge for quality sex.
When nevyebanyh holes nor I, nor the sisters left, the Colonel finally calmed down and went to sleep. We perched on the edges of it, plaintively clinging to our host. Falling asleep, I had time to think that there is this kind of pattern: weak males conquered strong, and the females have a small role - continue to race those stronger.
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