This happened with my old friend Dasha. She is smart, sensible and unexpected things quite capable. At least I thought so. One day, one of our next holidays, I do not remember what, we sat with her for a bottle of cognac. Drunk was not enough, and that unleashed the language Dasha. She told me a story that I was somewhat taken aback. Of course, it is then when sober, made me promise that I will not tell anyone about this. I kept it a secret until recently not received from her permission to publish his adventures. She even added a few details. Well, in general, and the story itself.

The first of May is not just a holiday for all gardeners and proletarians. This robust design and the ability to relax the students, most unleashed and fun part of the population. Dasha was in my third year of university and was already seasoned in the student's life. To go on holidays to their parents and did not want her to stay in a hostel. There remains a little and, of course, all decided to come together to celebrate the meeting.

purchases were made of food and alcohol. The campaign selected a fun and interesting. Little girls and boys were almost equally, with a small margin of the male part. There were mostly students of the second and third year. The celebration went on as usual usual, in which the male half had time to nalakatsya state is not standing. Female half drank moderately, but only slightly behind the men.

Without knowing why, Dasha got drunk. Before dizziness to flicker in his eyes, and so on. She, too, had no idea what it did, but it was fun and interesting. Her classmate Sergei entire festival showed her attentions. Dasha was nice and she flirted with him, occasionally allowing himself to kiss the cheek, the neck, the ear. Such behavior is even a little excited Sergei Dasha and she decided for myself that if he wants a closer follow-up, she would not refuse him.

Dasha came out a couple of times with Sergey on the stairs to smoke for the company. In one of these outputs, Sergei pulled her to him, hugged his waist, and they kissed for five minutes. They naturally prevented, and they went back, but Sergei stopped halfway. He winked at her, he drew Dasha in the other direction, and they were at the door of the room of Sergei. "Well done - thought Dasha - Now no one will notice our absence, and in the evening we just do not give privacy." the abdomen was hot and this wave has spread through the body, banging softly somewhere in the back of the head.

Opening the door, they had slipped into the room. Sergei immediately window curtain, making a pleasant twilight of the room. Dasha stood in the middle of the room and did not know what to do. Approached Sergei softly and gently put his arm around her, and his hands slid on the hot girl's body. Dasha literally floated in his hands. Excitation and drunk is not allowed to accurately assess the situation.

She did not even notice that was only in her bra and panties. Sergei pulled away from her and one movement pushed the mattress on the floor with the laundry. Get comfortable flat bed, completely devoid of drawbacks creaking bed. Dasha herself removed the remnants of clothes and lay down with pleasure on an improvised bed. Legs already badly kept, and his head was spinning a little.

She watched as he stripped Sergei and anthropometric data of its pleasantly surprised. Member Serega was medium length, but quite thick. Dasha she reached out, grabbed his hand and held it once enjoyed by his palm. He became a member of the trunk to swell more, and got out the head outside Manila. Dasha licked her tongue and sent into the depths of his mouth.

Member immediately cracked in all its glory, and swollen head occupied all the available space in the mouth. Yes Sergei gun was powerful and thick. Dasha licked the tip of the trunk and members, until Sergei did not stop her. Realizing all perfectly she lay down on the mattress, and Sergei himself between her legs. Language Man quickly moved in Dashi treasure, causing her moans of pleasure.

Bringing to the boil Dasha state, Sergei went to her and gently penetrated inside. Barrel size perfectly suited to the size of the vagina, occupying all available space. Movement inside Dasha forced to bend and groan even louder. She felt slipping between his lips, and in the hole, and this led her to an indescribable joy. Sergei is so skillfully and carefully moved it, that soon Dasha experienced a strong orgasm. She began to feel even more trunk movement until the overvoltage is not thrown her out of reality.

When she regained consciousness, a member continued to move in it, but the character and style changed. Dasha opened her eyes a little bit and it turned out to face Andrew, Sergei neighbor across the room. "So, I think using" - she thought. But the rebel forces and there was no fight. Andrew slowly and gently tossed it, Dasha closed her eyes and gave herself up to the will of men. She did not even have any question, and whether the boys use condoms. But they were gentlemen - then in the morning she found a whole pile of used gum.

In just a few moments before orgasm Dasha felt twitching member. Orgasm and Andrew spurred her orgasm. While she was recovering, he came out of it. She was not even surprised when she entered a busy trunk again. Naturally, in a third room was resident. Artem moved it sharper and faster. Its trunk was thinner, so it became to get to the depths of the body of Dashi.

To enhance the pleasure she raised her legs up, wrapped around the body of her lover. He several times changed the position of her body. The half-open eyes, Dasha saw other participants orgy, who sat nearby and watched. Intercourse was over in a pose on all fours, and when Artem was poured out, Dasha fell to the mattress. So she lay for a while, until her body began to stroke his hands.

She turned back and affection continued for four hands. It allowed them all. She again put on the knees and back someone came in pussy. Like it was Andrew, and she put her lips to the head of another member. In size it was Sergei. "Fall, fall so" - thought Dasha, grabbing mouth head. So they drove it for a while, and then reversed. Captured mouth member brought her the smell and taste of her pussy. It was tart and slightly acidic.

Then she remembered happening with difficulty. She constantly shifted from posture to posture. Penetrating the two together, then one by one. Her condition could be described as the highest degree of pleasure, just reduces the surge of boat orgasm. Dasha is very poorly aware of the reality that has allowed someone from the guys pave the way in her ass.

It is only a slight pain touched her consciousness. The trunk has penetrated into the gut, got there and quickly made himself at home. Dasha put it under the pillow, and her hip was a little easier. Then we fuck it up again in various combinations. It has caused some inconvenience, when the guys went immediately into the two holes between the legs. Her body clamped between two sweaty male bodies, and it became difficult to breathe. Guys can be seen, too, was uncomfortable, so it turned around the axis of the body.

Now it has become easier. She lay on her back with an inserted member in the ass, and went down into the vagina actively moved member. Such intercourse did not cause her great delight, and so guys soon stopped this experiment. However, as she knew, they each tried, and in different holes. The body is tired and Dasha looked like a rubber doll for fun.

Sensing a change in its state of the guys decided to finish. The apotheosis of their orgies intercourse was simultaneous in all three holes. But this style of Dasha suddenly liked, she experienced the strongest orgasm of the evening and completely disabled. The impression of an orgasm was so strong, that even now, when it is remembered Dasha triple intercourse, she has appeared in the language of the taste of strawberries. Taste, which condoms have been processed.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up. Her crimped on both sides of the two men's bodies. Two strong and tired of these coveted male body. They seem to protect it and covered its power. Embracing some of the guys, Dasha happy fell asleep ...

The next morning, the morning of the holiday, it woke kisses boys. Sergei Artem gently kiss her naked body with his lips, while their hands explored her sensitive areas. Needless to say that such an awakening ended gentle and unhurried alternate intercourse with the two lovers, who were later joined by a third.

Then in the room there was a huge basin of warm water, in which the men gently bathed the perfect female body. Then Dasha wiped with a towel, put in some dimensionless shirt and fed a delicious breakfast. No way guys are not expressed to her his disdain for what happened during the night. On the contrary, they did everything they could to please her desires. When Dasha decided to dress in her, the guys immediately found her clothes and politely left the room.

It was then Dasha and noticed on one of the cabinets a whole pile of used condoms and imbued with sympathy for his unexpected night lovers. Outside the room, she ran into them in the hallway. Sergey offered together to spend this holiday weekend, which was accepted with gratitude Dasha.

Well after spending a day and work up enough, Dasha again invited into the room boys. This invitation was unobtrusive and very delicate. Dasha was well aware that she was invited not only to listen to stories and songs, but did not find the strength to refuse. Naturally pleasant evening ended no less enjoyable night sex. Guys were tireless and inventive. Of course it was again tested triple penetration, which gave a whole lot of fun all the lovers.

The next day it was over as suddenly as it began. Dasha was carried to her room, and this one has never learned. Sama Dasha still remembers this unusual case is very rare and always blushes for his behavior. But, my question is, not whether she wants to do it again, she replied in the affirmative embarrassed ..

Will there be a morning? erotica

I love lipstick fruit, such zhirnenky from which the lips are invitingly moist. What women have associations when they paint the lips? I immediately think of his beloved, like when he touches them with his fingers and said, "Shhh .." With loved ones does not need words, everything is clear from the gestures and the expression of the eyes, and other people, and we do not understand the words. I write him a sms: "I want to lick vanilla cream with your lips ...".

A: "I with thine."

"Since when?"

"Did your lips and those, and those are not twins?"

After a long day's work want to quickly get into the bathroom and not come out from there, and that the water was very hot, and then - a hot man and all, I will melt and drip. Lying in the bath, the soap fragrant foam, from which slightly vygladyvayut my nipples like little islands. Comes Dima, I leg protrudes from the water, he began to caress her, then all the breasts and nipples, I close my eyes, he kissed her neck, then her nipples tongue. I get up, obvernuvshis towel Dima picks me up and, holding aloft, pressed to the wall, licking drops of water on my skin.

- Honey, it is necessary to gather, we're late, today is the birthday of my friend, the restaurant "Cantina" - he said, not stopping to kiss my neck and shoulders.

- Let's do "it" in a hurry ...

- You're not wet, you want hard and fast?

- No, I want to first for a long time to caress you until you cum, I want to see your face in this moment, as you're shaking, so hot and sensual ...

- After the party, when you are so playful and flushed after drinking wine, you will start to tempt me right there, but only got dessert at home.

- And what will be the dessert in a restaurant?

- Can not I go, you go, and she will choose yourself ... any man or woman.

- And you're jealous that the most beautiful girl of the guests will get to me, not you. I wore a long black dress with a slit, when I sit down in it, you can see the top of stockings and bare thighs skin, hair curled and pinned at the nape hairpins with stones to open on a review of my beautiful neck.

I love cruising around the city at night, in the sweet anticipation that the whole night ahead, and we will spend as I want and who I want to. I bend down and kiss Dima in the neck, behind the ear, the hand rests on his bump on his trousers, pie them rid of his cock and begin to massage the entire length, touching all the most sensitive points. His eyes mist, appears on the cheeks blush, parted lips twitch.

- We never get well, you want me there appeared in stained trousers? - Choked voice he asked.

- You still like extreme driving.

I lean my lips greedily suck his cock, so warm and quivering, fluttering tongue on the head, not stopping, the tightness constrains movement, but want to make a blow very high quality.

- Honey, you should be on the road?

- No and you?

I myself have excitement begin mokret, nipples harden and rub against the thin fabric of her dress. His hard cock rests almost down my throat, I accelerate the pace Dima stops the car at the curb, his thighs tense, I was so turned on by the smell, rapid breathing, that begins to feel dizzy. So tight jet erupts into the mouth, I did not stop moving, to extend his orgasm.

In the restaurant, all guests were in Zborov, with some I had known, had to maintain a casual conversation, although his thoughts were on the other. I'm a little drunk, some guy asks me to slow dance, pressed me all over. Next to a couple dancing girl - brown-haired woman with blue eyes and plump lips, she has such a beautiful, tanned legs, I close my eyes and imagine that having sex with a girl and her boyfriend. I want to try the taste of her mouth, to see how he meets her in all possible ways. I go to the Dime and whisper in his ear:

- If we do not leave, I'll rape right here.

We're home, I lie on my stomach and makes me Dima full body massage, hands slide over her shoulders, her back, I feel the gentle touch of his entire skin, abdomen begins agonizing tingling. His hands squeeze your buttocks, foot massage, especially the feet, such a relaxing bliss, makes you forget about everything.

I roll over on my back, Dima on his knees between my legs spaced, it is a foretaste of the pleasures awaiting turns me on the most. Have sex with him, it is like swimming in a bath with champagne. Dima takes an ice cube, holding my cheek, neck, encircles around the nipples, lips alternating hot and cold, the ice melts and slowly drips on my inflamed body. I know that it will not lower below the ice, hand rests on my clit, finger presses on the most sensitive point, penetrates, kisses, muffling my moans. It's nice to feel the weight of his body, caressing muscular back, inhaling his scent when his soft, tender lips begin kissing me passionately, language penetrates into my mouth. Then he kisses my neck, his chest, his face between my legs spaced, I feel his hot breath on my hips. Dima kisses my feet from the bottom up, while his lips did not reach my clitoris, nimble tongue begins rhythmic movement, penetrates, licking every drop of my vulva. The heat causes the unbearable pleasure squirming, as if in convulsions. I pack in a knee-elbow position, so I'm excited that I do not care where he will go. Dima stroked my back, coming into me as deeply as possible, slips his hand under my belly, fingers insisted slide on the clitoris, I gasp and moan until they finish. He removed his hand, now start ruthless shocks in the vagina expiring moisture, this frantic pace makes the experience a magnificent orgasm.

After sex is a state of euphoria and bliss, like a renewed strength, in spite of a sleepless night. I bring to bed two glasses, one with wine, the other - with cognac and fruit. Paul three in the morning, but do not want to sleep, desires wave engulfing head again. Dima takes a slice of orange, it takes in my mouth, his fingers still on my lips, I start to suck his finger like a small penis, completely submerging it in his mouth. My wet lips kissed his wrists, the inside of the arms, shoulders biting.

- It seems to me, need another man to meet you, my strength is almost at the end, - said Dima.

- And you - the other girl, who had not so cruelly exploited you ...

- Do you want this merciless sex, after which you do not just ask for more?

- Do what you imagine in their wildest fantasies.

Dima sharply throws me on my stomach, taking my hair, gently sipping the hands greatly compress the buttocks. It lubricates my anus with petroleum jelly, without prelude enters my ass strong shocks. I was not ready for this, I have bites his lip to keep from crying out in pain, his eyes welling with tears. His term as a powerful piston like turns me inside out.

- Dima, please, it's too much - I pleaded.

His movements become slower and smoother, but it is still a morbid pleasure from which not everyone gets a thrill. He ends up at me and gently pulls out his penis, his hands very gently stroked my hair and back pain gradually subsides, but some unpleasant aftertaste remains in the soul. I do not mind to play in the rape, when both partners are ready for this and trust each other.

This incident did not spoil our relations, can somewhere deep in his fantasies I even wanted it, just is not so, as we represent in real life.

With Father

I lost my virginity when I was 11 years old. My first man was my father.

My family is dysfunctional. I have three brothers. They last but not played a role in my life. My father was an alcoholic. My mother died - giving birth to me. Father loved her, if ever, been able to experience this feeling. To this day I can not understand how he treated me. He loved me and mortally hated. Maybe he loved me and his mother hated me, or yourself.

Then, when I was 11, he worked in the store as a loader. Home he came rarely, mostly backfilled, and sticking with buddies in this stinking store, I drank podvorot-not or hanging around in some women. In general, the women he was unlucky. He was rude to them. Even amateurs could not withstand his sharp little steep temper. Although he was not ugly, despite the fact that his way of life began to affect his appearance. He was tall, broad-shouldered and strong as an ox. Dark red hair as thick as it was 20 years ago. Later I learned that they had thick and hard throughout the body, but it poses the same. My mother he knew from school. In 8th grade, she became pregnant, and the father, showing the wonders of nobility, married her, although he himself barely knocked 18. Thus was born my old-shy brother Artem. He is older than me by 7 years. I remember him badly - he ran away from home when I was 5. After 4 years, the mother gave birth to Anton, and a year later - Pasha. Three children and a porter for the hairdresser - it's hard. But you have to give them credit - they did their best. At least, judging by the stories of neighbors and acquaintances. My father sometimes drank, but no more than is necessary. Drunk he could beat his mother if it seemed to him suddenly that she was someone smile. But it does not cross the border of what was an epidemic in all families.

They had then just a period of strained relations when I was conceived. Father found a good job at the factory, some money, breathe easier. They helped cut-curled precisely teenagers. Father insisted on an abortion, but her mother put her. She said that it is a blessing. In addition, she really wanted a girl.

She died on the third day after birth.

Probably a good thing I did not know it. She was good. And if at the beginning of my life, I learned what a kindness, I would not be able to survive it all. And: When you do not know what you lose - lose easily.

My father did not stand on ceremony with me. I was always afraid of him. But until he lost consciousness, he did not beat me. Sometimes, in his view it seemed to me that he barely restrained, but feels that if goes wrong, it will beat. I knew it, she was afraid and tried to keep out of his eyes.

At age 11, I began to change dramatically, round, suffused. Yes, in my trouble I have matured early. I gave all 15. And I began to feel like an adult, I wanted to look like dye-howling, dress for an adult. One day, in search of clothes, I found my mother's things - the dress, shoes, a little jewelry. I say all this just got on and began to pose as a woman dressing in front of a mirror.

I did not even once said. And then he caught his reflection in the mirror. He stood in the doorway, and a very strange looked at me as if I saw a ghost. Then once he said quietly and scrap:

- This thing Alla.

I am very much afraid. stammered:

- Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry, Dad. I'll get changed.

I thought it will not go away, but it is a little more looked at me and went into the kitchen. I began to frantically all to shoot himself and pulling the usual T-shirt and jeans.

Since then something has changed. I felt. Father often began to visit homes and long-rel smot at me as I cook, clean, wash. One day he said to me:

- Get dressed as a mom. I did not dare to disobey, and the whole day went to her things.

Now I'm trying to spend more time on the street or from friends, not to meet him, smiling.

That day I came home at 9. I knew that the brothers in the campaign and at home father, wanted by-play for time. The father was sitting in the kitchen, standing next to a half-empty bottle. But judging by his co-Stoyanov, this was not the first. He looked up at me and I started - this was the hatred in them.

- Where have you been?

- I am at: .. By Lina. - Quote I do not own, in a broken voice. The Sixth Sense, co-Thoroe then never let me down, I screamed, "This is the end of the Run, escape This co-Heff..." But that was only the beginning.

My father stood up and heavy tread came to me:

- Where have you been, trash ?!

- Pauline - barely moving his tongue faltered me.

- Pauline ... - thoughtfully father. And there is nothing to explain, he hit me in the face backhand so that I flew across the kitchen doorway, fell only in the hallway. In the first-fishing dimmed, swam and it changes its color. I have not seen him, but I heard a voice, while the near-me:

- It was Pauline, shit, bitch, Pauline ..

He walked right up. I squeezed his head in his hands, but it did not save me. Grad strikes spoke throughout the body. He beat so fast that it seemed to me to hit a crowd. I was having trouble breathing, nose and mouth were filled with blood. In order to breathe, I unclasped his hands on his head, and with the blood from his mouth escaped a groan. I do not know why, but it's his remaining-novilo.

I lay on the floor, covered in blood and was waiting for the continuation. He stood over me. I have not seen, but felt it and heard his wheezing somewhere above. Then he turned and walked to the bathroom. I began to crawl, not knowing where, most importantly away.

He got out of the bath with a towel, sat down in front of me on my knees and began to wash off with me-nya blood. Slowly, cautiously. I waited for the impact and therefore almost did not feel the pain of his touch. Then he got up and took a dirty towel in the bathroom. He came back, picked me up and carried her into the room, laid me down and left.

I lay in the dark. Shock began to pass, but in its place came the pain. It hurt the entire body. Pain attracted waves, preventing breathing. I do not know how long I lay. Scrape-Nool door and he appeared on the threshold. Apparently he still drank because swayed him very much. He walked over and sat down on the bed next to me. Old bed on springs creaked and bent a piercing in his direction. I felt began to crawl towards him. Overpowering pain, I frantically clung to the sheets, trying to hold out on the spot. In vain. He held out his hand and pulled me to him. Strong, not thinking that I hurt all over. He became something rattle in the hair:

- I'm sorry, I love you can not ...: love

Then he calmed down and I realized that he had fallen asleep.

I almost did not sleep that night, being between dream and reality, afraid to move, smiling, feeling unbearable pain, where I press down his arm. He woke up at 8. tensed all over, raised his head and looked at me with bleary eyes. Then he sat down on the bed, covered his face with his hands and sat for about 5 minutes so got up and then went out.

I moved. To my surprise, like nothing was broken. Probably saved jacket quilted jacket, which I have not had time to take off then. Swaying due golovokru-tion I some how got up and left the room. Judging by the sounds he was in the kitchen. I ext ralas-up bath and looked in the mirror - the view was awesome. Puffy eyes, blood in my hair, cut on the lip, swollen cheek. I'm something like a washed, dressed and went out into the corridor.

- Where are you going?

He came close, and I had not noticed. It was right behind me. I slowly turn-las. He looked calmly, without hatred. I was able to squeeze out:

- To school.

The father said quietly and efficiently:

- In a school with such a person you do not go. Get dressed, go to the country. I must say that from my mother's mother's house we stayed in the woods, not far from the city. We have been there very-ed to: a terrible place - dark, no facilities and one kilometer of the old man and the neighbor pya-ence. But I do not even think to object. Automatically something gathered in a backpack. He was waiting for me in the hallway. He took my hand and walked out of the apartment ...

To be continued.

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Misha and I

We were returning home after a good beer, and I strongly wanted to use the toilet. Empty bottles were left in place to show off our drinking, all the contents have migrated to us to play our minds and bodies, and then we went home. Our company dispersed, leaving only me but Michael, who accompanied me, as always. We walked and talked for some extraneous topics, while they did not care about me at the moment, I am currently worried about the other - where would rather piss. What me and customized. Misha already barely able to keep up with me. I was without heels, and go easy.

- I want to-pee - I admitted.

- I want, - he said. - I understand why we're going so fast.

We fell silent, leveled step, and were soon at my home. House number one. By the time the bottle drunk beer I transformed from several (three?) Bulytkoobraznyh states in one spherical state of my bladder. Misha has brought me to the entrance, I was already shivering as the cold, and I realized that we should not let Misha.

- Look, if I were to let you go, you left without me, immediately nassysh anywhere near my house, you notice any of the neighbors, and then it will be added to the eternal themes of conversation among our neighbors. You notice any virago, then it turns out that you write, and we in the stairwell, and we in the elevator, and virago in the door mat. Do not make more enemies than you already have.

- Well, Kate, then went to your house.

He seemed to like it and most. We looked at our windows from the street and made sure that they do not burn. None of our not burn.

- Yes, let's go.

When it went up in the elevator, I wanted to use the toilet more.

- Listen, - I asked him - you have been in my life had such a situation that you want to "piss" (emphasizing the word voice in relation to Misha I aloud applied his term, although the physiology of it is just a better fit for me )? The entire company is not on the street, and say at school? As you all set?

- Yes there was no queue, we came to mate with the toilet bowl simultaneously, it is on the one hand, the other I.

I laughed at the thought. I like a girl in the head and it was not before.

- And if you were three of us, six of us?

- Yes, it happened after a workout. Then last no longer went to the toilet, and without him there was a close and Ssali in the sink.

I prysknula these words. At other times I would be shocked and outraged by these words, but now I wanted to laugh and laugh.

- So you're saying that I could piss in the sink? Where do I brush my teeth? You know what I'm after you do! You're going to buy a new one!

- No, you! You - only in your closet.

- So which one of us first? - I ask.

- Of course you.

- Then why are you so nervous standing there?

- Because I drank more beer.

Judging because the condition behaved my bladder, I found it hard to imagine this "more". It seems, at the maximum capacity of the ball by pulling the surface, he had absorbed as much as I could, and now trying to stretch. I felt sorry for her Misha.

In the meantime, we got on the elevator, got out of it and went into the apartment. As luck would have it, the door was locked all the locks. I become angry at first, but then realized it was a sign that really no one in the apartment. Dogs or cats I have either, but are interested in the whole staircase. And most importantly - no parrot, which would then be repeated even think about what we say to Misha.

- Listen, no one is here, and not to come.

We turned on the light in all the rooms and made sure that no one is hiding.

- Yes, somewhere umotala. Probably the cottage. Today is Friday.

- So to, but first popisyat.

It so happened that we both rushed to the toilet, Michael left, I was right. Because the door switch was right. Faced in the doorway, I began:

- Listen, right now we find ourselves like with your schoolmate. What? Come popisyat simultaneously.

Misha looked at me with round eyes:

- H-how?

- I like the most interesting. Listen, let me sit down as usual, but you are not to be subjected to torture at the time of the medieval Inquisition, I pee in the space between my legs seating.

Misha did not say anything, even more dumbfounded looked at, I noticed how his penis stood. But not so much because he was a little tipsy, and I do too.

I pulled down his pants, and he was in solidarity began to unbutton his pants. He is the reason it took longer than I have.

I until the last moment did not believe that everything will go as me now knocked in the head, which hit the urine together with beer. It so happened that I sat as usual jeans were on the level of slippers and tightly tied up the legs at the bottom. And there was very little space for getting jet Mishina. I imagined how it starts right now tickle my crotch. Actually my legs today were currently some diamond.

- Listen, this is what basketball? - he asked. - Basketball basket?

I laughed again. Yes, I forgot to say, Misha went to the basketball section, respectively, was tall, was a head taller than me. His legs are now proved to be quite long, and I can hardly imagine how he can now have exactly aim at a height half-meter distance.

- Come on, I saw that the boys always write accurately directed stream. Lead ;-).

I chattered, because then at the moment I myself was eager to immediately start up the jet. To me it was all done.

- Attention! Start! Go!

Member Misha weakened, and he could write. On my reflex jet spurted out of it (before my!) And splashed somewhere on my shirt.

- Stop.

Misha laughed for the first time during this period.

- Deftly I decorate you.

That's all he came to say. I grabbed a T-shirt at the shoulders with your fingertips, raised over his skin, and even found a state of t-shirts curious rather than nasty, strictly kept:

- Will dry! In the laundry! No, throw it away.

And she added with a laugh:

- Continue on in his spirit. Mike you too will have to buy a new one. I have looked after some.

I had to completely remove the shirt. I'm already mentally happy future new thing. After that I turned out to be only a bra. Well, pants, lowered the bottom, and make my legs in the shape of a rhombus associated bottom rolled up trouser legs and knees bent at the edges of the bowl.

- Once! Two! Go!

Again, I still held there, but because Misha shot stream. We define the terminology: squirted out of me, out of Mischa shot. As I thought about the terminology, it turned out that the two streams. The hole of the member gave a failure, and as is the case for example with the two images on the TV instead of one, then - instead of writing a jet, Mischa somehow watered by two small. It flies two jets at an angle of 30 degrees to each other. Multiplying the length of 50 centimeters by the tangent of fifteen degrees, you can imagine, where they got into me now on the left and the right.

- Stop the car.

Misha stopped, even before I could finish pronouncing the order.

I stood up, and only then start to think anything. Perhaps the main thing that we must do now is to understand the situation and make it more user-friendly, it is necessary to release one foot from the fetters of jeans, which I did. And then we stood on spread legs, bellies to each other. I can say all the bare white skin than black bra (jeans and panties hung on one leg, but it is not considered), and two slippers. Mike in the street wearing jeans and a shirt.

- So, do everything the way you're used to at school. I do not want you in me all the time has gone, and so she is now going to do it as a boy.

I stood over the toilet, sing to a tank, legs apart like an isosceles triangle, lacking only the height or the bisector in this triangle. Of course, I'm not Misha began to explain all these mathematical wisdom, but he understood the essence of the case already. Unfortunately, the jet of sprayed me down at all on the bisector. My poor floor toilet! Frustrated rules of geometry is now violated the geography of my closet, created the oceans.

I'm already mentally determined that my T-shirt, which is now no longer on me and on me is hardly appear again before being thrown out, even if it is now useful as a rag for the toilet floor. There is something to wipe properly, without spoiling the scent of our usual rags. Misha also started to drip down somewhere, not daring to approach me, and so they reach the jet so the toilet. Gets some Gulf Stream with the Labrador Current.

- What are you, the floor I came to water? Do it's better with me!

Then Misha head knocked something strange, and it acted as my cries. He stood in front of the toilet on his knees, so that his penis has become very close to the rim of the toilet bowl, five inches, and he could correctly send. I'm not going to sit down. While there, I tried to do so, but the booty was nearly turned cistern.

Raffle lasted me live the way once went so it was fun to see how much and how we fly the jet, and then I imagined that from the height of the legs arranged obfontanyu Misha more trenchant than it is me. (In fact, then what was going on, it rained and height, and the bisector, but not the median.)

- Undress, so you do not splashed, I continue! - I commanded.

Only he could do it, I could hardly contain from beer-filled bladder and laughter, the laughter, too, twitched the direction I went. Urine nizlivalas cascade, but mostly getting in the right bowl. Misha stood up and began to write standing up. My stream flowed uncontrolled, while their Misha for the fun of trying to send so as to connect with my.

- As you can see, the clothes here even prevent natural action.

Finally ended, we ended up at the same time somehow. I took off her bra, which for some reason has not withdrawn before. Probably to my chest his urine is not accidentally hit.

- Everything is now in the shower and in bed. Do not forget to remind me to close flat inside the castle.

Well, then I have embarrassed to describe


On Saturday night I went with my favorite shop. She wanted to choose a new swimsuit, very open and calling to her panties barely covered pussy and were thus practically clear when it would be coming out of the water, revealing men on the beach all its charms. The shop had a lot of people, all is vanity, shopped and hurried home. By selecting multiple instances, we went into the fitting room. So how are you always tempting undressed. "Ahh, what do you have a beautiful, simply a goddess!" - I said admiringly, could not resist and started to kiss you, tease her nipples excited. Here are my fingers reached the sweet pussy in hopes of her pet, but you stopped them and, slyly glancing at me, I started to try first swimsuit. "Hmm, my dear, do not you think that is too closed panties ?! Give me a minute more," - and I gave her an even more open alternative. They looked more intriguing, but the size was a bit too big, so I went to ask whether the same is not present, but smaller.

While I went with a salesman in search of a suitable size, you're waiting for me completely naked, like a curtain suddenly opened pretty stranger. "I ... I just wanted to try the melting", - he said, disbelief and not knowing what to do next. But my excited by the girl did not lose her and said: "Come here place for two is enough!" Still not believing what he heard, he walked gingerly, but undress became more boldly, and here it poluvozbuzhdenny cock was on the outside. Slightly embarrassed, he was going to wear swimming trunks, but there it was. Ah, you're mine slag, and you're just waiting for this! I know you can not resist, when before you stands someone's dick ready to fuck you in all your holes. You're like a spellbound sank to his knees and, without touching the handles, slowly swallowed his dick for the most eggs. Gradually he fully strengthened in your mouth, that still does not prevent you to immerse member to its full length. You sucked it gently, I told the guy how do you like it a weapon that you want to quickly feel it in my hot pussy.

Going back, I was a little surprised to hear a low moan, and through a small hole looked inside. "Honey, you can not leave for a minute!" - Smiling, I thought, and without disturbing you, watched on as he made thee crustaceans, had, rather, it was to say ... struggling fucked my beloved, my sweet izmenschitsa, which I adore.

And so he began to finish, fill your pussy with sperm, but its members did not fall !!! The guy continued to fuck you, smearing the sperm on the lips, part of it has flowed through your legs. Unable to withstand such pressure, and she started violently finish. When you subsided, he put you in the chair and put his wet cock in your mouth, that you brought it again to the finish. Licking balls, while caressing his pen, you caused the re-eruption of the restless volcano. You splashed his face with sperm, he got dressed and left without speaking.

You smiled when I came in, I said that very love me, pushing with the legs, and showing me her pussy fucked. As if hypnotized, I fell to the beauty and began passionately, but slowly you lick. You were so sweet and good. Your moaning turns me on even more, "Yeah, baby, lick me Lick your little completely insatiable slut .... mmmm!" - And even more hands pressed my head to her ... On this day, we did not choose a swimsuit . You said you wanted to come here again tomorrow and see everything in detail.

(Author's note) I would be very happy to meet with a girl with similar desires and fantasies. To contact my e-mail: felacio @ rambler. r.


If you suffer from claustrophobia, this story is not for you. If w is not welcome in the closed space defined by four walls, floor and ceiling. To enhance the pleasurable sensations, three walls of the room mirror and one sliding. Guessed? Of course, we will focus on the elevator.

So, you and your companion are in a mirrored cubicle, which rushes down. It seems that she made a trip to the center of the earth, and you have become unwitting hostage to the whims of moving this unique design.

When you enter the elevator, your hand resting on the waist of your companion. She it was warm and cozy, because the curved "curvature" of her body, as if designed for your hand. Now, in the phosphorescent light cabin with a rising sense of danger and the unknown, you are attracted lithe body closer to him, obeying a subconscious desire to protect. But the woman, sees this movement quite different. And now - it is the wax in your hands. Snuggling round ass in your crotch, it starts to shake her hips from side to side. At the same time her hand for a long time free your body from growing rigid framework that dictates the style business suit. You close your eyes, but not only pleasure, but also for those to be removed from the field of "indignant" neck of one more passenger rushing into the unknown ... The cabin lift starts, stops, "neck" disappeared. Instead, in the elevator appear artificial curls and curve grin molodyascheysya spinster. Your companion, with his free hand, as if nothing had happened, push the top floor button, cute smile new witness your sweet torment.

A couple more minutes and you are alone. The skirt flies up. Imitation silk underwear can not be an obstacle to sustained hand. In front of the mirror, you see a slightly flushed face, with parted lips and alluring green eyes. Her legs spread, back arched, and she had to bite her hand to muffle a groan tearing from his chest ...

Well, you will find the building in which at least 30 floors, to supplement my fancy new juicy details.

Teenage experiments

While we have bulling my horseradish already I took a fighting stance. We recently came out of the bathroom (with their bodies washed my spermak) and lay naked on my bed, before the arrival of his mother was a couple of hours and we do not hurry, it was Saturday, to go do not have school tomorrow, you can pobaldet longer. Katka drove her finger on her pussy, leaning on the small bump clitoris, her pussy dripping with moisture. Second hand she stroked his little sharp little sisechki. Katkiny eyes began to mist, breathing quickened. The show was exciting, I could no longer tolerate, and moved closer to Katya. I took his fingers over her nipples and steel twisting them. Katya moaned and began to rub both hands between her legs. When her breasts hardened, I located between katkinyh divorced feet, picked up his rock-hard cock and ready could move them on the wet pussy, as we usually do. My excitement grew, the blood pounding in his temples, not zayu why, but I suddenly bent down and, removing katkiny hands kissed her hot wet womb. Katka gasped and put her arms around my head, more pressing my lips to her pussy.

- Lick, please. Katka breathing was frequent and inconsistent.

My nose rested in the pubic hair Katka, they smelled strawberry soap, and more chemto, not unpleasant. I stuck out my tongue and gently touched the clitoris. Katya moaned, ie even wider spread her legs, pinning them to the stomach. Hair gave me the inconvenience (I generally can not stand it when the hair got in my mouth when food is found in hair, there could not continue, the gates), so I shrugged his shoulders wider outer folds of the labia Katka and began actively working language. Looking up, I saw that Katka squeezed their hands sisechki and bit her lip, her stomach twitching to the beat of the work of my tongue. Nothing to the contrary in the debts. Katkina pussy was slightly salty and smelled so exciting. I clung to her clit and began to suck him, clenching his lips. Katka loudly screamed and squeezed my head hips, chin I splashed some warm drops. Katka several times a sharp breath, her lips I felt something shrinking inside her body. Finally she relaxed and let go of my head. I sat down. In terms of hair felt, some stuck to his lips. By the throat rolled nausea. That fucking a buzz is not enough to break off. I typed in the mouth is more saliva and spat on the floor, then wiped his hand with hair lip. It seems to feel better. Katya did not notice - she relaxed lying with closed Graz, between her legs on an old rug, which I usually stele on the bed, it was getting dark a large, wet stain.

- Cach, now it's your turn. Without ceremonies reminded me.

Katka opened her eyes looked at me slightly fallen member.

- Lie down. When you are finish - you say.

- Absolutely. I lied.

I lay down on his back. Katya went to the side and took his hand over my hose. She began to drive up and down, opening the head then burying it, became a member of the quickly hardening.

- Cach, do not masturbate, suck, you promised. I insisted.

Katka hesitantly leaned over and took his lips head.

- Take it all in your mouth. Only take your teeth. I taught her.

Katka opened her mouth, and Gia Lai Province almost all my my cock. Not znya what to do next, she just held him.

- Tongue Katya tongue. I groaned.

She left in the mouth one head and touched her tongue touched.

- Suck, suck like candy. I instruct.

He heard smacking. Katka is strongly pressed against the palate head of my penis, I could not stand it any longer. Warn Katka I have not even thought about it and threw it in the first charge mouth. She released a member of his mouth and poured the rest of the sperm on my stomach. Katya sat peredomnoy and lips hung a drop of whitish, apparently, she did not know, spit or not, that she had in her mouth.

- Swallow!

Katka swallowed. Drop glass with her lips to the chin, and she wiped her hand. In her eyes had tears.

- You Che said, asshole!

- Katya, I did not have time, everything happened so fast.

Katka got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later and began to dress.

- All I've got, be rodoki worry.

- Cach, you liked it?

- Liked. And you?

- Cool! Only hair in the mouth climb. Maybe shave.

- What is it like?

- Well, like the chicks in porn.

- Here's another.

- So you're not everything, but just between the legs, buyout interfere.

- I do not know how to shave, even cut myself.

- And you cream.

- How?

- Well, my mom has this, it is their armpits removes hair, French, Dad brought from Moscow.

- My mom shaves armpits, she has no cream no.

- And you still do not shave?

- No, do not grow more.

- So let my mother take the cream.

- So in fact notice.

- Nope, she had these different tubes in bulk, it is, in my opinion, once a month they enjoyed, will perhaps remember how many remained.

- Okay.

- Come on, take off your clothes.

- Once now, some other time.

"Another time," there was a couple of weeks. During this time I had time to study the instructions in the mamaninomu cream, besides the benefit of the French guide was written and even in Russian. Even conducted an experiment on himself. Long could not choose a place on your body for the test. Under the hair armpits I still nebylo, on his feet, too, had to "sacrifice" for this rare growth in the scrotum. The smell of the cream was sharp and unpleasant, however, high quality results. My Eggs became hairless like prvoklassnika, I even feared that the hair does not grow, they have started to grow only somewhere in a month, the skin on the scrotum became some sensitive and slippery.

When Katya appeared once again, I immediately asked her to do it "haircut".

- And he did not do anything to be?

- In terms of?

- Well, there are all sorts of pimples appear?

- On itself felt

- How?

- Look!

I pulled down his sweat pants with shorts, and dumped out its smooth egg.

- And Che, even so on the spot.

- Did you touch it the eggs.

Katka spent on the scrotum hand.

- And Th.

- Do not you remember, there were hair.

- It has been like.

- So there is now.

- How long did you do that?

- Last week.

- And that does not grow?

- Not yet.

- It may not grow then?

- Do Nurse hair under your arms grow back in a couple of months.

- So it can be adult.

- So after all, we are no longer young. I Gorda said.

Apparently, Katya was very interesting to try to imagine something new (with makeup then was serious strained). Use cream Katya did not know how and I like having the "experience" volunteered to help. Hair on the outer labia Katka has been in more than I have on the scrotum, but the case did I do when Katya came out of the bathroom - its lye clearly viewed between his legs, not covered with longer hair, only slightly above the pubic remained triangle quite thick in the middle and thinning towards the edges.

- Now lick agree? Smiling asked Katya.

- If you agree to suck. I put forward the counter conditions.

From Katkinoy crotch came the faint smell of the cream, and now he did not seem unpleasant. Hairless pussy Katkina Natashkiny reminded me - the same chubby bumps outer labia, tightly compressed, so do not view the contents. Katya was sitting in a chair, spreading legs invitingly. I squatted down and with both hands threw the folds of her pussy, open, pink petals of the labia minora, clitoris with tubercle at the top and at the bottom of a narrow slit. I bent down and tickled the language gap between the small labia. Katka stiffened, closed her eyes and leaned her head back in her chair, her hands were on my head. At this time, licking was much nicer hair in the mouth no longer climbed I passed his tongue along the entire length of Katkinoy pussy, sucking the increased clitoris, trying to climb up the language in the virgin hole. Katka only moaning, clutching my head to pussy. I grabbed his lips clitoris and began as if to absorb it, releasing the folds of pussy, I reached out and grabbed her enlarged and hardened nipples. Katka arched, her body began to shake cramps, she again pressed her thighs my head, I did not let up, continuing to suck Katkin clitoris. From her throat sounded short cuts to the beat of the body, ringing cries. And then I felt myself cumming, filling spermakom own stomach. That's shit, I have not even touched his penis. I finished class, a point already contracted, semen spilled so much that my whole abdomen, arm chair and floor between Katkinyh legs were spattered. Comedown caught a long time. Then Katya said:

- Sit in a chair.

- Damn, I had splashed.

- How so?

- I do not know, the first time is not never touched, and on you.

- Giving I'll raise.

We swapped. Now I was sitting in a chair and Katka is located between my legs. She took his hand in mine sagged member and tried to jerk his dick reacted sluggishly to get up and did not want.

- Take it in your mouth. I suggested.

Katya put my end between the tongue and palate (for some reason all TEENS do so), and began working language, rolling his palate. My pisyun began to respond to petting and quickly came to the alert. I have not been able to finish, in Katka, apparently ill tongue, she pulled out a member of his mouth began to play with his hand, stroking my hairless balls and squeezing them lightly. Finally my fucking monster another fountain. The first portion of landed on my chest, and the rest took Katya into the mouth, did not grimace, even when I had finished she went down to suck the remains spermaka of my penis.

That evening I had finished six or seven times, the last time has not spray anything, a member of a shrinking, highlighting a few drops of clear liquid. Over time, we have mastered Katka position 69, it was so much nicer. We indulged in this busy up to the summer holidays.

That's only with the cream came out incident - my hair on the eggs had grown a couple of months, while Katka between the legs there is so little grown above the slits and the outer labia and remained hairless, apparently mamanin cream kill the hair roots to Katkinoy pussy. Katka is, in my opinion, not at all saddened, oral sex, it is a great pleasure, and her hair was only a hindrance.

Our relationship continued until the end of the 8th grade, then Katya went to study in medical school. Here are just plant it, I have not had a chance in the end of what we did we both had enough. Katka has kept her virginity before the wedding, opened her hubby on their wedding night.

Apparently, ever since I began to like a girl's hairless pussy.


Alla locked "Ford", the alarm will sound and went to the entrance. After a visit to the fitness club and an hour in the sauna, she felt great. Now you can make yourself a martini glass with juice and relax in an armchair in front of a plasma TV.

- "Aunts and aunts!" - I called it a strange boy of 12 years.

- "Well, what are you?" - Alla responded irritably. "Strange, she thought -. On the beggar does not look like dressed decently."

- "Here, take this -. He handed her a bundle -. Uncle some asked me to said that you just watched.".

Mechanically thanking guy perplexed Alla took the parcel. The apartment is not even off his shoes, opened the package. There was a thick packet of photographs. Alla beginning to view them, and immediately fell in standing in the lobby chair. She and David kissing on a bench in the garden Neskuchnii, sit in a restaurant, in the arms lie on the beach, with suitcases standing in line for registration at Sheremetyevo-2: On each photo - date: Her husband will not be difficult to compare with the dates of his travel and her trip to Egypt "with a friend." Their marriage contract - in the case of treason is not subject to property division. Yes there property: Her "papa" when angry really - dead to stay. With its security forces not to be trifled: Suddenly rang standing on the coffee table phone.

- Well, I am acquainted? "- Asked the cheeky male voice.

- Yes, - he said Alla killed. - How much do you need?

- Did you open the door, I'm waiting.

- Where? - I do not understand women

- Under door. Quickly open the door!

Alla obeyed. I came a lean man of about 35. Without removing the shoe, in a businesslike way into the room and collapsed on the couch. Alla left standing at the entrance to the room.

- So how much do you want? - She repeated the question.

- And I do not need money. Well, a piece of green podkinesh to justify the costs. I need three times.

- In terms of?

- Three times you meet with me and will act in complete my order. With your hand - complete obedience. I, in turn, promise you will not be beat. Bargaining is misplaced. You can refuse. Then I will send today a bag - she know, I still have a copy - your "Daddy" to the office. Yes, still: Date I'm going to appoint himself. Photos will remain my friend. If I come back from a meeting - he will forward them himself. First time will come now. Count, it is favorable - we have only a couple of hours, so the first time pass quickly.

- A guarantee? - She asked more in order to pass the time. She, however, did not know why, just instinctively put off the denouement.

- My word. Three times you have time to get bored with me.

- Need to think.

- Think. I Posse, then a substitution. I appreciate the way. If you agree, by the time I return you sit in this chair naked, but in shoes. Legs - on the arms. If not - you sit dressed, and I'm leaving. For your office.

He went out and the room. Alla heard flicked the switch, open and close the door to the toilet. Then the stranger went into the bathroom, the water rustled. Alla threw off the stupor and began to undress, getting tangled in clothes. His head spun: "There is no escape, no way out, pereterplyu!". At the time, the blackmailer appeared in the doorway, she sat as he ordered - stretched legs over the armrests. Her "pussy" (as she is fondly called his body) wide.

- Good for you, slut, took the only right decision. The man walked over to a chair close and began to pull her nipples with both hands.

- Now Deliver him and kiss.

With trembling fingers, Alla and unbuttoned his jeans prispustila first, then prispustila cowards. Gum on the shorts had to delay, so as not to interfere with standing member. A member was of average size and nice smelled her soap. She kissed the head, and realizing that this was not over, grabbed her lips and began to suck. Man hands kneading her breasts and pinched her nipples. He did it gently, and Alla found myself on the fact that she was not unpleasant. Five minutes later, when her lips began to ache, a member of the tense and often breathed blackmailer. "All swallow" - managed to prevent it, and began to run down her mouth. Allais was not the first time swallow sperm, and any special difficulties arose. After that, the blackmailer forced her to suck the last drop and lick the head.

- Molodets, and now you can meet. My name is Lech, and how you - I know myself, I know.

He pulled up his jeans and sat on the couch. He ordered him to make a gin martini, dress banned. In the kitchen, while making a cocktail, she drank gin polstakanchika and calmed down a bit. Blackmailer is not nasty, nothing special is required. A member is not huge, not scary and ass. Three Raziq somehow manage. Bad thoughts - and if it is not limited to three meetings, and tired - sell somebody pictures - from himself banished. He carried in a glass room.

- While I have a rest, go spoofing. Wash your ass good. And - get something like Vaseline and rub it from the inside. Finger work hard - it is in your best interest.

At these words of Lech vile grin. In the bathroom, Alla has done everything he ordered. Doomed ass greased with Vaseline, carefully developed the finger hole. It was obvious that anal sex can not be avoided. Well, not the first time.

When she returned to the room, the stranger had already drunk half a glass. Ordered to get cancer on the couch back to him and push the buttocks. It took ten minutes, which seemed like an eternity Allais - she stood in awkward, humiliating posture, apart buttocks with his hands and his face buried in the back of the sofa; blackmailer sipped cocktails while sitting in the chair. Finally, he got up and went; she heard as he unzips and pulls jeans. penis buried in her anus. With one hand (the second blackmailer holding the glass) took her thigh and pulled over. Allah is well lubricated anus and became a member of the more or less easily, and almost did not hurt. The man started to fuck her slowly, drawing out the pleasure. At the same time he continued to sup from the cup. Fuck it for a long time, twenty minutes. Ass Alla burned with fire, she bit back of the sofa, so as not to cry. Finally, the man groaned and discharged it into the anus. He pulled out a member, wiped on her buttocks.

- Okay, I went. You see, once behind us. Prepare a piece of dollars. I'll call.

I slammed the front door. Alla buried her face in the sofa and burst into tears.

To be continued

Dazed without pants

Today, I was shocked. My friend and I were at his house, I was stoned all the time and wanted to take off her pants. I have a personal nebylo pants and while I pulled together half jeans and excited by this. Okazyvaetsya my friend, too, removes pants secretly. I am in a fair madness under the influence of buzz rented his pants and staying in the same T-shirt and socks. I put the pants together and start to caress your chelen suddenly goes my friend from the other room, and also without pants with sticking chelen, sees me, and as if so be it massages your chelen, I get up from the table and show him that I was on half naked, to which he puts his pants immediately and said that he was joking because he knew what I was doing in secret. I felt embarrassed and went to him, I bent down to his knees and asked him to fuck me, he rastegnul his pants and pulled out his chelen, I immediately tried all his chelen sapihnut in the mouth but it had turned out to be thicker.

I sucked it chelen and moaned with pleasure, he jerked ottodvinulsya me and said that I got shrimp on his bed, he pulled himself off the gin and threw it into a corner. When I settled down on the bed crustaceans, he took out a video camera and said that he wanted to film it all as he installed it, I took off his shirt and pulled the socks off his feet. When he gave the camera to the right place quickly podskachila to my ass and began eagerly trying to shove, I zastanal pain but it has brought greater ion pierced through my hole and on and growled with pleasure. He began impulsively move and I felt something that he fucks me, he fucked me then jerks the oche quickly, I moaned and asked to fuck me harder and deeper, he began to say that I bitch satisfying and by these words, I asked me to turn over on his back, he I immediately rolled onto his back and began helping hand to shove his chelen again, he abruptly zatalkal him and said that soon Koncheto I sotrel on his torso and chelen and saw me fucking kid.

I said that he pulled out his penis and stuffed it in my mouth, but he only began to fuck me harder. It seemed to me that our moans could be heard over the wall from the neighbors, but I was more than excited and I moaned like a bitch in pain. And then we happened nepoprovimoe invisible in the house, someone came unexpectedly raspahivaetsya door and is presented mom of my friend, from what he saw she had lost the power of speech, she immediately ran out of the room and we don `t know what to think. She found her son off guard when he was lying on me and moaned with pleasure. We were confused and don `t know what to do when we got dressed, I felt like at the same time satisfied and a little confused. That was such a Dene.

Vic went

I wearily looked at the clock.

Damn it.

And where is it? He knows well that I have to * this * problem. What the hell time is late Vic? And if the buyer will come? What do I do then - because I'm not the seller. Seller - Vic, who went for coffee just when I should have a five-minute break.

I am a long time to train your body to work to use this break to maximum advantage * *. Toilet at all for me a sore subject, and before I was nearly fired from their jobs because of the eternal problems with the stomach and the toilet seat in the middle of the working day. But now, in a new place, everything seems just went smoothly - I learned to endure during the day, and defecate in a break for lunch - and then Vic has gone missing.

- Baby, wait a minute, I'll just coffee and a change of you, - he said.

Fool: Well, I can not tell him that my body is just a minute here, this is most needed! Now, if he realized to leave early, without taking my break time: It's a shame, damn it. Meanwhile, the bathroom desperately want. It just so I arranged. I'm all for the moment.

The bell on the door jingled, and I swear, I almost groaned. Well, now all the - minute stretch for an indefinite period of time. The fact that our work can not be "throw" the buyer with a seller on the other - it is necessary to make it work with one person. That is to say, to serve the customer from the beginning to the time of purchase. Vic, I'm still going to kill you.

- Good afternoon - I'm greeted with a polite smile, praying that damn consumer stationery products hit the road, finally, from our shop.

- Hello, hello, - a young man of habit, apparently, looked me an appraising look and smiled. Okay, asshole. Oh, that's a different situation, I would:

If Vic, for example, was behind the counter, and I assisted him, and if I did not now * * I laid a lunch break, and if I, dammit, so do not want to use the toilet: Grrr. I'll kill him, definitely.

- Hmm, - a young man again smiled at my grin and began to slowly learn racks of fountain pens.

- Oh.

- I'm sorry, what? - He turned, and I waved her hands, trying to divert his attention from his own humble person.

I just could not resist. I was in a cold sweat broke out in a minute. Well, all these arguments about the minute time: But now, I really felt the fact that the body is called habit. Just my own ass for no reason, no reason to imagine that I, her mistress, sitting here in this moment on the toilet, as it has always happened before. And since I do not particularly strain at such moments, my own ass, apparently realized that there is no problem to do a natural process right here and now.

Honestly, barely restrained. That would have gazed at the guy-buyer or even to speculate about this discomfort - and everything would happen irreparable. I miraculously at the last moment clenched ass so that nothing would happen * * pants, but, to tell you the truth, quite frightened.

Lord. Where is Vic?

Here already joking aside. I * really * just before almost fashioned an adult, to the buyer, I almost went under him right behind the counter that fucking store. There really is not up to the fun, you know.

And as time went on, Vick did not appear, and my problem only usugublivalas.

- Um, a girl, you: Do you show me:

Oh no. Just do not make me get off the chair. You are welcome.

I have felt the pressure of his own body in a sitting position, the only thing that kept me from being able to not crap his pants. Simple: Well: I already like. Honestly, I just * need * it was in the toilet. I can not do it another way. I endured day.

- You handle me here this does not give? - He turned to me with the most that either there is a disarming smile.

"No," - he wanted to snap me while I washed the sweat from his forehead with a cold, "get out".

But business is business. I'm at work: I Started: Vic, where are you, a fucking son of a bitch, I need you.

And most of all I want right now the toilet or, at worst, some pot outside the door. URGENTLY.

- Of course.

Whew. Bravo, you said it. And now we have to climb: * Warning *.

I just know how it is. And if it's diarrhea?

Oh my God. Even thinking about such scary.

Somehow, I climbed down from his chair sideways - in the stomach that possessed something, and I just was not folded in half. God: I can no longer control himself:

- Miss? - The young man looked at me with obvious bewilderment - with you all right?

- Everything is fine - I hissed through his teeth and reached for the key. A small step: So, well: One more.

Well, girl, you see, you have all turns out.

- Hey, I'm sorry that opazdy: - Vic burst into the room with cups of coffee and stopped when he saw the buyer, - oh, good morning, young man.

He flashed his smile and professional waste sat in my chair, clearly intending to watch the way I serve customers.

Oh no, the torturer. That I will not let you.

I get turned around, very awkward, not to shake. I tried to move smoothly, and it certainly looked so unnatural that both - and Vic, and a young man in a jacket - stared at me like I was some kind of exotic birds.

- Vic - I hissed, coming closer to him - Vic, ended with the young man, please. He needs to show off the handle.

He frowned:

- Hey, do not put. Come on really, just the beginning, and you show it.

Oh. And again - another spasm - not even in the abdomen, and: Well, you know. Already there*.

And muscles, those muscles that * there *, has barely survived.

I stand there, struggling with shame and desperate desire to bite the hand your ass.

- Vic, - I whispered again broken voice, trying to keep the buyer did not hear anything - I really * need to *. You are welcome.

My stomach jerked again and I almost groaned, bent over, burying the affected Vick's shoulder. I can imagine what the scene saw the buyer:

- Oh, God - I sobbed, unable to fight in silence, - shrugged: for: oh: my mother:

I danced on the spot, raising first one leg, then the other, desperately tugging at the hem of her skirt.

- Yes, it is - began uncertainly buyer, leaning over the counter and anxiously looking at my pereminaniya.

- What's wrong with you, REALLY ?! - Vic growled, shaking me, I could.

- Oh, - suddenly frightened young man gave - Depart better: In my opinion, there is now someone dam burst:

* Exactly * burst, in a perfect panic, I thought, * if he will not let me in the next twenty seconds *

- Let go of me - beside himself with shame and panic, I wailed, - Take your hands, let me go, let me go, let go:

However, in order to heed my entreaties and warnings perfectly reasonable young man, this moron, Vic, as I could shake my shoulders, thinking that I was just hysteria.

And that was all. Last straw.

I burst out immediately, I could just have the strength to keep your knees and squeeze your buttocks - but it did not help. The jet diarrhea gushing on the floor, in my underwear in my underwear, pouring all around. I tried to grab for themselves a skirt, holding back somehow weaken this pressure - but all to no avail.

- Ooooooo - I burst into tears when she saw that I was standing in a puddle, - Lord, turn away, turn away, please:

Vic looked as if he was given an ax to the head. I squatted grief, because the process is not stopped, tried to lift up her skirt - did not help, roofing felt on the hand to the elbow smeared. Behind all this, I did not even realized that shat on his pants and boots Vic - but, by God, * him right *:

Tights torn at once, unable to withstand such pressure - and poured on the floor at my feet, smearing all around. In the second minute, I was ready to give everything, to only it stopped. But I continued to do it for themselves, unable to stop, I could not even get up from the floor.

After the main stream has passed, it * was * going out in small, lumpy liquid, and all this was accompanied by a * such * a smell that could suffocate from one of the.

God, how could I do in over time accumulated so much:

Vic silently caught breath, like a fish out on the shore, and the young man seems to be in the first few minutes of trying to do something to help me to lift me off the floor, but it was useless, because I just cried and gadila, unable stay.

With the work I did not fire, they say he understands that, he says, it can happen with each:

But needless to say, that after this no normal person does not want to never in my life to stand behind the counter? I resigned myself, as soon as left the idea to commit suicide.

Never. No more shopping.

Never in my life