Eugenia Rose

Natasha always wanted a girl. Men she hated with all his heart. All men bastards - that was her motto in life. And this she had a reason. Natasha, a 25-year-old pregnant girl was left alone. Her boyfriend after learning that he would be pope fled in an unknown direction. But the boy was born. At first, Natasha wanted to keep the baby in the hospital. However, in his one-bedroom apartment she came with her child. Called Eugene. From early childhood, Jack wore only clothes for girls. Still immature child's brain does not understand the essence of what is happening. And without question, Jack, dutifully swallowed the pills, which gave her mother.

Leaving the car in the parking lot, I slowly walked to his house. It was already half past nine in the evening. Climbing up to the second floor, I saw a neighbor girl, 15-year-old Jack, tries to open her door key, but it looks like the castle would not give in. I looked behind Genia from head to toe. Platform shoes, black nylon stockings, free red skirt just above the knees and tight white blouse ... The girl was the first breast size, but appetizing round ass more than compensated for it.

- Hello, Eugene. Let me help. - I said, going up to her.

- Good morning. - Frightened she said turning abruptly to me.

She moved away from the door giving me a place. But it is useless. I can not help. Castle wedged tightly.

- What do I do now? - Almost cried Eugene. - Mom today night shift work. And I have nowhere to go.

- Let's go to my place. Spend the night with me. And we shall understand the door tomorrow - I said.

Of course she resisted, but in the end we were in my apartment. Sipping tea, we moved to the living room, on the sofa. I have included divid, which was the gunman. But I could not stand, I realized that this girl dying to. So I went on a desperate step. Arm around her shoulders, I eagerly kissed her on the lips. The girl tried to resist but to no avail.

- Quiet! - I said, clenching his hand on her thin neck - if you want to live then do everything that I say. Nod your head if truncated.

Jack nodded, sniffling. I pulled off her jacket, then a white bra. And eagerly pounced on her small breasts with brown nipples ... sucking and biting his nipples ... ... Jack screamed and moaned ... I enjoyed about 15 minutes of her breasts. All the while, Jack moaning and writhing ... I put his hand in front of her skirt ... and froze. She was wearing white lace panties from under which protruded bump ... I slowly lowered her panties and let her white 12cm dick head with a pink shiny ... I looked at her and Genia in a few words told all about yourself ...

I never wanted men, even in thought. But now the situation was different and I was so much excited. I squeezed in the palm of her cock. She shivered and tensed ... After a couple of times with his hand up and down, I leaned over and licked the wet head, as here, all trembling she screamed and began to finish. It was a sperm liter ... And got on her skirt and belly, I barely had time to clean the face. I sharply unbuttoned jeans and freed himself his huge 20 cm cock. Gathering fingers her cum I rubbed his penis. Eugene has not moved away from the orgasm. I opened it to his back and put it on all fours, with his her skirt on her back. Firmly grasping her hips, I put his penis in her anus ... Jack realized what was going on fiercely resisted. Gritting her ass she would not let me. But I pressed with force ... And inch by inch of my cock entered her virgin ass ... Eugene painful moaning ... Polly was too tight. My dick just went halfway. I strongly grabbed her thigh and fiercely fell on her. The girl screamed in pain, my cock went until the end ... The walls of the anus did not survive. According to her thighs thin trickle of blood came out of the ass ... And I started to move it ... At first slowly, then faster and faster. All the while, Jack screamed and cried ... Slipping his right hand between her legs, I squeezed her penis and began to masturbate him ... And three minutes later Jack began screaming to finish my palm. The walls of her anus began to decline sharply, and I could not resist. Drove his cock in her entire length, I became filled with the roar of her ass ... cum orgasm was so strong that I had a moment in his eyes darkened ...

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Local Flavor, or New Year in Africa

One day we went with his wife on New Year's in Africa, because she loves adventure and wanted to NY to meet somewhere where it is very warm, not cold and damp, as usually happens in winter in our area. After a few thought the choice was made. Ghana - a beautiful small country, almost on the equator. Ocean Vodicka 28, just a fairy tale. We rested, went to the mountains, forested around was exotic. And of course, the black man, slim and almost all athletic. I saw how Natasha looked at them, especially below the waist, apparently imagining what monsters lurk there. Here in the evening and I asked if she would like as a gift for the approaching holiday experience local flavor in their insatiable pussy. Looking at her, I understood everything. In principle, one could not ask for, but now his wife was in anticipation and looking forward to when he can still feel it, because, even though it was before a lot of different members in her mouth and pussy, but the black she saw only porn.

On the morning after an amazing blowjob I went into town and arranged with a taxi driver that he organized five good guys who want to fuck a white girl, gave him a reasonable fee, and left. 31st than in the evening, the more I noticed her agitation. Still, for three days my cock fucked Natasha in her mouth only, so the pussy languished and wanted to caresses, but I deliberately starved her.

- It's time! - I said, looking at his watch.

Tied her eyes once got into a taxi and off we went. It should be noted that the taxi driver arranged all wonderful, we arrived at a deserted beach, where a small clearing for us, and 5-po boys were prepared were already naked. I summed up the wife to him, and took off the bandage, he said:

- Darling, it's your gift!

But my love did not even have time to look them in the face, because all the attention was focused on the challenges, like carved out of black marble States. Trembling with excitement Natasha hand reached out to one of them. Warm, pulsing, so pleasant to the touch, she began gently stroking this dick, and immediately took another pen next. And one has it already sucks, second, third, behind him ...

- What is it beautiful !!! Black dick in her mouth my wife, it's just an amazing sight! - I thought, but the guys want more, they just wanted to fuck her roughly. Finding condoms (because everything here can be), Natasha tried to wear them, but they just do not nalazit their huge batons.

- These guys are working in the "Red Cross" - the taxi driver suddenly broke - do not worry, they are regularly tested. And his wife decided to take a chance, without even asking me, just got cancer before them, and began an orgy. They fucked her for two in her mouth and pussy, constantly replacing each other. A couple of times someone has finished with her, pulled out a member and inserted in her mouth, so she licked his dick. Natasha looked like a sex addict, who received a dose once in two holes, she was moaning, writhing, sometimes it was painful, but the feeling of a huge member in the pussy all smoothed.

And my wife lying on the blanket, tired and well fucked, I would even say, professional. All face bathed in sperm, but all the same taxi driver again did not lose after all quickly took off his pants and put his penis in wet vagina a couple of movements and the volcano poured out sperm into my wife, just 2 minutes before the New Year. I got a bottle of champagne from the bag, the refrigerator and poured 8 groceries, first presented his beloved, and the rest distributed to children, and we all drank a toast to a wonderful meeting NG, after which they immediately went, and we were alone on a deserted beach, lit only by the moon, which at this time of year it is unusually beautiful. Natasha beckoned me with a finger and kissed, told me to lay down, she sat pussy on my face and said:

- Cute, is not vylizhesh my pussy clean, bathe no one will!

... and soon we were swimming in the ocean waters of the night.

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Real story

In general, do not imagine a tall brunette with hazel eyes, not much, but cut short, so that hair is placed a cap, in a plaid skirt, just above mid-thigh, similar to the English form for schoolgirls, only shorter ;-) in black stockings fishnet, lace gum which can be seen with a light breeze, or mood, and even her white transparent blouse and red shoes on a hairpin. I tell her that she was late for a meeting for 20 minutes, and we have for every minute 5 slaps, she knows it. Her cheeks blush, she hesitates for the first time, but now I know that it is a clever actress, but then it was just like in the real world. We go to a quiet park.

I sit down on a stump. She comes up to me with his head down and lowered his gaze to the grass. I slap his palm on his knee, and it quietly, without a word, runs his hands under her skirt and pulls black lacy thong panties that were not used hindrance, but the tradition must be respected, and that they had pulled down to her knees.

She looks around cautiously knowing that we can see by chance ran into passers-by, on working time, in a quiet park on a warm July day. Then, slowly pulls her skirt up lying down on the stone knees, feet slightly apart at the same time. I straighten the hem of her on the above and nanoshu first blow. She barely audible shudders but is silent, no sound, only a quiet "time", she knows what else on moan have time, ahead of 99, and can be and penalty, for example, because when I did slap and hit it in a secluded place it is too languidly moaning or groaning as if in pain, or in a small break when I want it between spanking pet, it will move at least a melimetor or will yield my hand to meet ...


Lyric 2005

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A little history

So, my little story ...

I finished Grade 9, at the beginning of the year in our class came new. I'm not fond of them, I feared that the girl would come better than me and whacks my guy. As I remember, we were sitting in history class, the door opens, is the director of studies and IT ... The girl entered the class, but I have long doubted that she was feminine - short hair, shirt, jeans, shoes ... whatever completely it looked like a guy. I immediately calmed down ...

At the beginning of her no one particular talked, it turned out that we live next to her, began to walk home together, to school, after school, often sat it in her house, I have, in general, friends! It was a very interesting person, cheerful, sociable. So went the last year, exams, a small party at school ... Hurray !!! They finished 9 classes.

The next day, we received certificates and decided to continue the celebration of the holiday. We bought 3 bottles of wine "Sangria" (1.5 liters), I went behind his girlfriend, that was fun, and we went to Sasha (the name of it).

We came to her home, and then the table already laid, Mama tried. We stayed three. Music played, we ate and drank, smoked and drank again. Since I'm a fan of dance, I asked Sasha to put something cheerful. She put Elton John, what that old album, but as it turned out, there were many among the slow-tempo songs. My girlfriend drank the most and was already drunk, we put her to bed, while they themselves continued to bash.

I had already noticed that Sasha boys were not interested, but thought it was wrong ... but I was right at 100%.

When played slow music, I started to dance the rumba - dance of love (that of modern ballroom dancing) and I feel that I'm not the only one dancing. Sasha is attached from the back and starts me podmahivat the music. Then she took the position of partner, and we began to dance in pairs. For me it was unusual and strange. But interest picked up. She clung to me closer and closer. I could feel her nipples stiffen and mine too. I realized that I was starting to get excited. Kitty began to get wet, but something would not let me relax completely. The song ended, I smiled at her, and we went to smoke on the balcony. Sasha asked me if I heard about lesbians. "Still" - I replied. I understood what she was driving at, but pretended that she did not catch up ...

While I was smoking, Sasha got a new appetizer and a bottle of ... we continued our party, girlfriend peacefully snoring in the room, and we sat in the hall.

Sasha again delivered ballad and invited me to dance. I stood up, and she jerked my hand and hugged, as an experienced partner in the dance. In this dance, she began to caress my head, stroking his shoulders, waist, then lower and lower. I realized that was going to happen something very interesting and pleasant ... She came to my lips and kissed it. As I ran through a wave of extraordinary pleasure. I gave her a kiss and said, I realized that I like it.

Her tongue penetrated deeper and deeper, we began to kiss passionately, the body passed a huge wave of excitement, I realized that I wanted to continue ...

I first started to touch her breasts. As she was good ... Nipples have increased in size, and the aura around them became even darker. I wanted to kiss her breasts, but look, I read that I should give way to Sasha. She wants to do with me all ONE.

In dance, we are getting closer and closer to the bed, which seemed to me just huge.

Coming to our loving box, I found myself standing without the blouse and my skirt is slowly but surely approaching the floor ... I'm a little shy. It was not clever, but very interesting. Sasha gently laid me on the bed on his back and slowly began to undress. I began to moan. It was very good ...

I lay naked and waiting for the return of my mistress ... and then there is a huge (as it seemed to me) member, I gasped in surprise ... Sasha postponed until "his" gun and took me. She went to the side and began to massage my erect nipples, tongue licking them, he sank into his mouth, sucking, then began to move towards my already soaked pussy. The legs themselves parted, I wanted it ...

She knelt beside my pussy and began to blow on it, gently pushing the sponge. Then he asked her to wet her finger, I did it, even more excited. Wetted finger, she began to drive on swellable tubercle. She examined my finger all the chinks and crannies ... Then she clung to her pussy lips and started sucking me ..... It was so unexpected, I could not control myself, I thought that once I finish, but Sasha was more experienced than me, realizing that I'll finish, she took her lips and began again to blow on my pussy. Then again she returned to her breast, kissing her, rubbing her hands .. it was just super!

I closed my eyes and enjoyed. As suddenly felt another wave, she opened her eyes and saw Sasha leads a member of the clitoris.

Then she turned away for a second and asked to close their eyes. I did everything that she asked.

I felt that she puts into my penis, but it was so unusual. I opened my eyes and saw that Sasha clipped dick and starts to enter it. stronger and stronger ... hand it float button of my and began to moan ...... Again, she did not let me finish .....: (((

She asked to stand with cancer .. I understood everything - Now she wants me back .. but since I do not like anal sex, I just said to her about it, she understood everything ... and just in this position entered into me and now these were the last minutes. I could not tolerate more ..... i just start to choke ... moan podvilivat her and ask that she entered deeper ....

She abruptly pulled out a member, threw me on my back, spread her legs and began to suck my juice .. I was in seventh heaven ......

After this we had a long kiss, but all this I was not able to do with it - woke my girlfriend.

We quickly got dressed, we sat down and tried to pretend that nothing was ..... - Date: Tue May 29 09:29:26 MSD 2001 ip-address:

Repair Aura

I had a lover, a beautiful Greek goddess. Relationship sluggish evolved to marriage. acute love period has passed, we lived almost family. Wife Lida would be ideal. Accurate chistyulechka perfectly cooked and loved doing it. Fur coats she could not stand, decorations preferred silver with semiprecious stones, not like partying. Our bedding relations were excellent. There was a hint of a child, I would have married without thinking.

Lack she only had one. Lida regularly visited hereditary healer Ms. Tatiana. As you know, the name of a false mistress. That mending her aura and took for each session fix respectable money. Sessions Lida really helped, I thought that Ms. Tatiana just samostiynogo therapist. Once Lida said solemnly:

- Ms. Tatiana invites us together, it is necessary to look at two of the aura.

It was interesting to see the modern witch. The reception she was no different from any modern office, computer, printer, fax, phone. The secretary immediately invited us to his cell sorceress. There have been quite different. In the dark, glowing crystal ball. The air is saturated with the heavy smell of incense. Mantle witch lightly covered ball, the face was not visible.

- Hold on there and then hugging, - she ordered.

We stood. The crystal ball appeared beautiful eyes. He stared at the Lido, then at me. I immediately suggested that this animation laser projector. A few minutes we have eyes examined and healer said:

- You have a serious problem. Let Lida left alone.

Lida was not ten minutes, I drank coffee and admired the secretary witch. It was her twenty years. It was ugly, but terribly cute. Who faced with such girls, who immediately understand me. Lida got quite confused:

- We can not live with you together! Goodbye!

She kissed me and ran away.

I wanted to catch up to the Lido, but I felt dizzy, had not the strength to rise from his chair.

- What's wrong with you? - Anxiously asked the receptionist and called a witch.

- What did you give him, Lyusenka? - She asked angrily.

Lyusenka looked at the bottle and gasped in confusion. Witch grabbed my head in his hands and put her face close to mine. Her eyes were terribly nice but I have not seen anything.

- Call me Tanya, - whispered the Witch, - do you like me?

- I like Tanya - language barely tossed.

Witch pulled back, took off her robe and stayed in the pink pants just below the knee and a T-shirt. My hands she held in her.

- And do you like me?

I stared at her. Plump figure was very nice. I pulled Tanya to her, buried in soft chest and muttered:

- Like you a lot.

- Your happiness Lyusenka, you understand that arranged?

Women lifted me from the chair, was taken to a neighboring apartment, stripped and pushed into the shower. Then he threw a bathrobe and sat in a chair.

Tanya has measured pulse and blood pressure.

- Like oklemalsya, - she said sadly, - now begin to make excuses. It has done correctly with Lida. You're absolutely it does not fit, you would still have suffered a long time and inevitably split. The terrible problem arose with you. Lucy made a mistake, and if to explain very briefly, gave a love potion instead otvorotnogo. Moreover, the dose was incorrect and could not be coffee pouring. For error it will have to pay. About half an hour potion will work with you as a strong sexual stimulant. You feel terrible lust, and it is to Luce. Any woman you will not be able to meet. And to the poor Luce you pristanesh times ten or twelve. As long as you do it not ohladeesh can not finish. It is easy to imagine how the poor girl izotretsya vagina. Moreover, it is not particularly experienced, well at least not a virgin. If I could sometimes replace her, the girl would have been easier. We are a bit similar, Lucy, my niece, the only bad thing that it thin and I plump, even in the dark, we will not mix. Try me lust test.

The women looked at me warily. I looked with pleasure Tannins chest covered with a T-shirt, cute and not at all a little ass, panties Teles beautiful hugged. Her short downy hair was slightly reddish. It was her early thirties.

- I already feel - I looked at the beautiful eyes.

- Too early - rather Tanya smiled - Come on, I'll put you, you can rest, but we were a little prepared.

She took me into the bedroom with a large bed, turn down the light to the shadows, packed and sat down beside him.

- And you get today, this thing is too izotretsya - Tanya gently touched this thing - well, we have formed an evening. We are to blame for that though, and you're an innocent victim. Lie down a bit relaxed now come to you Lyusenka.

- Come on you first, - I said.

Tanya ruffled my hair and left. Soon the room hesitantly walked naked Lucy and carefully lay down beside him. She was very thin and somehow cool. Small breasts were very pleasant to the touch. I kissed her nipple and held his hand in the abdomen, it was very humid. It became clear that some kind of cream Lucy strongly smeared.

- Stick when ready - quietly she asked.

I barely getting into tight young vagina and began to move slowly. She gasped at first, then whispered that she was not hurt. Gradually, I was sold, Lucy lay motionless.

- Good, - she whispered, she felt that I had finished, she kissed and quickly ran away.

Almost immediately, I clung to the naked Tanya. I was not yet ready and ten minutes studying plump body. We caressed and kissed. Then everything happened by itself and ended Tanya's magnificent orgasm.

- I had forgotten how nice it is, I have long been a lover was not, - whispered Tanya satisfied, we hugged and just lie down quietly.

Lyusenka the second time not to worry about, and all ended even weak girl's orgasm.

With Tanya second time was better than the first.

- I really liked you. This potion is acting or just you? - I asked.

- I do not know - she laughed - I like you too much, but I did not take the potion. Lie down and rest, I'll pobayukayu.

I fell asleep in the arms of Tanya and when I woke up with excitement, next to me was Lucy. The third time, she had just suffered and laughed happily when I finished. Once in bed there was Tanya.

- Seven times? - Sadly, I asked, clinging to pleasant breasts ached already a member.

- It seems that all costs! - She laughed - you calm down. When excited, I'm substituting, even with pleasure. So nice I never had. Instead of punishment for me is night turned out great!

I embraced with delight Tanya. Women I have previously had very little, they were slender, now I learned the beauty of bed-plump woman. Of course, I'm excited again. It was very long, I was tired and did not feel much pleasure. Tanya I actively assisted movements ass and too tired. After all, from what I was spilled. We barely caught his breath and laughed a little.

- I never thought that six times in a row is capable of - I was surprised - a potion you have strong?

Tanya kissed me tenderly and took the shower, we were sweating heavily. I admired the great body of a woman. Lust was not, even when I was washing it. After showering Tania greased sagged member of some cream and took me to another room.

- Having lived here for a week, you need to look for, - she said she lay down beside me on the little bed, and I just stuck to it.

- Now, this is the punishment - sadly said Tanya, when I had finished the seventh time. For me, it also had no pleasure.

rest of the night we slept. The sun stood high, when I again felt the desire.

- Lyuska turn - unhappy sleepy Tanya whispered and ran away.

The room appeared naked Lucy. A thin figure in daylight was perfect, small breasts sticking out beautifully, incredibly sexy ass bulging. But terribly frightened girl looked at me, and the excitement was gone, human instincts took over the bestial. We just lay there side by side, then Lucy phoned on the bedside table and told Tanya that I calmed down. Joyful dressed Tanya leaned on the other hand:

- All clients Lucy warned that the day is bad for witchcraft. Lyusenka, do not relax, a couple of times you will have the delights of substitute.

- And you? - I asked, disappointed.

- For the sins of witches also have to pay! - Tanya laughed, - was almost pleasant for me to pay, for me not to worry, always ready! And you, as a victim of witchcraft, financial requirements articulate. A week on the job does not appear, on the street you now can not produce, easily iznasiluesh first got aunt, similar to Lucy. You're unpredictable!

- Show me the aura - a sudden I said.

Tanya laughed, threw me housecoat and led to witchcraft room. Bright light flooded her now. She put me on a flat metal disc, flip keys, some hairs fell from the ceiling and wrapped. Then we stood together with Tanya and Lucy.

- Do not think that meets charlatan, biological faculty diploma I received. A setup guys from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute built.

Here and minutes found me twenty Tanya and I retired to a room with a bed. We were terribly well, such moments are few times in your life! Some remote Tanya then pulled off the bedside table and turned on the computer:

- It Lida aura with you!

From Lidin aura multiple tabs dragged me, my aura remain indifferent and smooth. From me some tongue reached out to Luce, but the contour of girlish aura even moved in this place. When Tanya moved closer to me, a lot of my aura tongues rushed into many tongues of women, they are intertwined and almost kissed.

- We're made for each other - Tanya whispered sadly.

- Why are you so sad? - Happily I whispered, stroking his silky chest.

- I see the future, you were not there! - A tear rolled down his cheek.

- Computer exposed chiromantists chairman of Congress - I remembered the old anecdote - along the lines of his hand, he found that the rogue died ten years ago in a car accident!

A few days were amazing.

I wonder how I could be in our future if she threw me out a week later, on the grounds that I do not exist to predict the future.

Dear readers, never mess with witches and wizards.

Road adventure or fuck hitchhiking

She was on the broken sidewalk, slowly fingering strong shapely legs. A brief navy blue skirt tightly stretched across her thighs. Barely concealed from prying eyes firm, slightly rounded buttocks, it is at the same time clearly delineated the perfection of forms and all the intricacies passed alluring, screaming, crying out to the animal instincts of grace. Under the thin pink T-shirt, in time with certain rhythmic clatter of heels, trembling chest two small elastic mounds, each of which was topped with small pink nipples.

The girl walked along the old, long Lata road. There was not a single living soul. Only sometimes wiped out time and hundreds of thousands of rubber tires asphalt was rolled next rattletrap, laden tired vacationers and uncomplicated field equipment. A little noisy in the side under the hot breath of wind sprawling copse gradually eat up the remains of an abandoned park.

On the surface of lakes littered with waste management ripples, momentarily blurring the oblong gap-toothed reflection of the month that huge bitten apple hanging over the darkening horizon. Irina was the name of our heroine, slowly plodded on, dotted with cracks and potholes, once paved path, with his tanned shoulder on a small ladies' backpack. Slightly bowed her head, she, with a strange, almost childlike amazement at the faces viewed roadside landscape, to give a clear post-industrial flavor. I considered so keen not to notice how near her car stopped. It was not one of those rattletrap that darted here every half hour. Near Irene stopped not cheap inomarochka with obvious of being a sports car. The driver was a neat-looking young man. Clean-shaven face was smiling more hischnovato. Perhaps this expression gave him a little skrivlenny nose. From under the smooth dark eyebrows at Irina appraising glances couple playful gray eye. In addition, the smile still showed two rows of perfect white teeth and terribly cute little dimples in her cheeks thin. She simply could not keep himself from answering smile.

"Bored?" - The stranger's voice sounded in unison with the early twilight fills the silence, the rustle of leaves in the roadside copse.

"Imagine - no!" - Irishka again, cocked her head and smiled playfully guy.

"Well, what? You're all alone. It is not a living soul, only of local drunks, and so ... And I'm pretty sure ... and what's your name?"

"Iirina" - handed the girl still smiling.

"So, Irina, I am absolutely, one can say, I'm sure that we are with you along the way. Do you mind if I'll drop you?"

Ira paused in thought. Expensive car, an unknown man - the plot is standard to a disgrace. Half of all the newspaper tales about rape on the roads start with something like this. And each of them is not completely clear about what still thinks the victim, sitting in a random ride to. About what? Yes, about the same thing, think about what our heroine, approaching helpfully open the door and sat down on the expensive leather seats. Or not? Well, we'll see.

The machine gracefully lavrirovala between potholes, making his way to the highway. Nikita did not stop even for a second, entertaining companion funny stories from the life of his many friends, stories about funny incidents at work, or simply fresh anecdotes. Irina laughed heartily, the guy started to like her.

"By the way" - said Nikita, removing on highway - "Here, on the way there is a wonderful cafe Best barbecue in the area We can, as they say, noting our casual acquaintance -.. I'm buying."

Ira did not mind treats and reckoned a few kilometers on the highway, Nikita famously turned down podzarosshuyu betonku weeds. A few minutes later they entered the forest. The road came to an end. Nikita stopped the car and switched off the engine.

He furtively looked at Irina. Face Man Show all the same hischnovatuyu smile.

"In the words of one of my partner," - he said, answering the unspoken question, frozen at the girl's face - "I would like to receive more tangible guarantees". Nikita slowly and surely put his hand on his knee to Irina. Not finding explicit resistance, he ran his hand up the leg of a girl lifting up the fabric of the skirt. Seen somewhat surprised Nikita. As it turned out, the girl was not wearing underwear. Lifted her up to the hips, a dark blue cloth skirt opened his eyes naked crotch and neatly shaved pubis. Subsequent events surprised Nikita, as their awareness, more and more. The belief that it was he who controls the situation suddenly shaken by a strong blow to the jaw. Catching aggressor surprise, Irina struck again and again. The final blow after Knocked Man and he fell helplessly into the driver's seat.

When he awoke, Nikita felt in his neck buried something cold and sharp. Opening his eyes, he realized that it was a fine sharpened knitting needle. He himself was in the cabin of their own car. His hands were bound with something behind his back. Nikita lying along the front row seats, so that his head was resting on his knees, Irina, and his legs and lower torso are located on the driver's seat. Irina needle removed from the Man of the neck, but Nikita immediately felt with horror as it slowly comes into his left ear. When the point has reached the eardrum, his head pierced a sharp pain. He screamed.

. "Do not rock the boat Quiet, jerk" - Ira led spoke from the ear to the centimeter.

"Ssuka ..." - I breathed a guy and then crouched on the new "attack".

"Relax freak Today I'm buying." - With these words Ira threw her right foot on the dashboard, and lifting his head Nikita hair, he poked his face right between her legs - "Lick thing but do not dare to boil the pot, and then the spoke sit will. "

Nikita realized the hopelessness of his situation, he began to work diligently language Irkin caressing the clitoris. A few minutes later she richly finished him in the face. Wiping liquid residues of his hair, she pulled the needle out of the ear, and climbed into the driver's seat. Nikita started to move, but she sat down on his feet and ran his hands in his pants trousers. Moments later she, feeling his penis, squeezed head. Nikita howled in pain, but that did not stop Irene. She pulled off his pants and pulled out a member of the Man born. After working for a time by hand, until a member has not acquired the maximum size, she began poking needle into the opened urethra. Nikita noisily protested.

"Are you going to twitch, you bastard?"

The boy shook his head. His eyes filled with tears.

"That molodchinka" - Ira led spoke of the member and, turning a guy on his stomach, his bared almost nude pale pink ass. After releasing a couple of resounding slaps, she pulled out from the back seat and a backpack had broken a good five minutes, took out a medium-sized pink falloimmitator. Just a couple of minutes it took to enter it into the anus Nikita. The guy is not twitching, as promised, but the anus it seems for the first time subjected to such a serious attack. After entering in the end the way the phallus, Irina began rhythmically move them back and forth, while masturbating with his left hand. The cabin filled with the sound of her ragged breathing loud in half with a quiet grunt of Nikita. Ira finished right on the leather driver's seat, then she pulled out falloimmitator Nikitin anus and put him back in the driver's seat, she moved to her. I really wanted to smoke. She pulled out of the backpack pack of cigarettes, a lighter but gone. She decided to look in the glove compartment. Opened and ...


Among raznosortnyh detail in a large glove box compartment was black blued stalyukoy sung crime reports "teteshnik". Nearby lay a full clip to it. Charge it, Irina weighed in his hand "discovery" and then effortlessly placed the muzzle to the protruding member of Nikita. The boy cringed. Ira laughed and leaned back. Then she noticed that the glove box open, scattered among the junk out there, something flashed. Digging, Ira took out a gold wedding ring. Nikita, seeing the ring, silently looked away.

"About how! Yes, we are married! Congratulations!"

She zipped the backpack and jumped into the back seat. From there she cut the tape, is contracted by Nikita hands and allowed him to put on pants. This gun-il took off guard and is located behind the driver's seat, put her trunk in the back seat.

"Well, the hero-lover, and now have gone." - Irina said chuckling.

"Where?" - Darkly muttered Nikita.

"How much?!?! Home! To the wife!

Carrot and stick

I was 16 years old and like any man in this age I least thought about studying and more about the fact that the girls under her skirt. For admission to the institute at my profession required knowledge of the French language. Knowing my restlessness, my ancestors decided to hire me a tutor. All my objections about the fact that I smoyus countryside as soon as the final bell sounded, they had a ready answer to how to get out of this situation. And one of the outputs what would tutor went with me to the village. I thought that this is complete nonsense and did not even think about it for one reason or another may be possible, as any self-respecting person would ride 25 km to that used to hold a lesson, or even specifically will live there with me and endure rumbling grandmother with whom I usually rent a room in her house. I imagine my surprise when I learned that there was a man ready to get something that is not taught to ride, and even live as a native of this force.

Although it is more correct to say that you have found. It was a second-year student at the institute where I was going to do. And here I am standing at a bus stop with a backpack on his shoulders and wait for her. And then she comes up to me rather tall 80 meter against my then 70 meters, looked about 19, with straight blonde hair to her waist dlilnymi. Waist she was still the same as saying wasp. Elegant white summer dress comes to the middle of the slender thigh Cushioning Greatest breast size, with two sharp nipples that if printed characters through the thin fabric. The girl obviously was not a hint of bra. Her dress was tied up at the waist with a thin black belt ladies, so good skin-tight tight ass girl. She introduced herself, her name was Tanya. Conversation, I realized that she was not from the power of where I used to have a rest, and from the next is far from near.

So Tanya is going to shoot the next room in the same house as me. I suddenly wondered how much my ancestors she posted that she is ready to spend money on rent. Then the bus arrived and we packed it in a crowded salon. In time travel crowd pressed and embossed on all sides, and Tanya has repeatedly provided pressed my hand back to his mouth-watering. I felt it form thin strings and I'm excited. Tanya realized that if I tried to take a moment otslonitsya but that she did not. Finally we arrived. We quickly found the right address, and decided to settle quickly because the day was hot, but not podaleku flowing river in which you can refresh yourself. But what was our surprise when we learned that there was only one room available with two beds.

I was already quite pleased because I thought that my suffering canceled and Tanya would go home, but it was not there. She said do not mind if I live with her in the same room. And then I realized that I could see her with her ability to pick up underwear almost in the buff! Of course I agreed. Once we were settled I realized that Tanya so I just will not let us stare at my ass and all the other delights, because every time I was asked to turn away dressing. Over time, we became friends, and not only the French but were engaged together, and walked to the river, where I could admire her gorgeous body in a rather frank bathing suit.

But then one day it so happened that I was the house and started flipping through masturbation porno magazine and did not notice how Tanya entered. I wish there was something to start talking but she interrupted me saying that everything is fine and nothing bad will happen. Then blushing told myself that this is not just engaged in, as well as about how it caught in the 16 years of this business, and my mother said that when robots will pass away with a serious conversation with her. Praed with the work his mother read her a lecture on moderation and her promiscuity and then said to bring out of the bathroom to brush hair. Tanya long objected that she is an adult and that she was not punished because five years. But for fear of being deprived of pocket money for a month she brought the subject of punishment and lay my mother's knee pre dangling jeans with panties.

I was amazed at this story, which was a prelude to the main conversation. She offered me the following. She wakes me masturbate and even suck but I have no right to do it myself, if I disobey her I will be whipped ladies strap on the ass, and as it will be applied to me for too lazy to learn French. I imagined her in the role of Executor with this belt and I was curled in earnest, so I agreed. Then she said that I would be punished now for what she jerked and then I jerk. She got up from his chair and began to unbutton his belt. Then told me to turn over on his stomach and remove the shorts and the fact that under them. I obeyed, and already lying on his stomach saw her fold belt in two. All this is a transparent dress with the belt in his hand, it was irresistible.

I decided to endure the flogging like a real man but after hitting 10 screaming like a child. In carrying me 30 strokes she stopped and I was like in a dream he heard her stern voice flips! I rolled over, my penis was sticking like a stake. I looked at her, she was fine. Her hair was disheveled, his cheeks flushed played, puffy lips were parted, she often breathed, with her breasts even more cut through the fabric of his nipples for a long time. She noticed my glance at his chest, threw two folded belt on the bed next to me and asked, playfully smiling like that? At the same time she squeezed her nipples with your fingers through the fabric of the dress, and began to pull at them, twisting it slightly easy pulling together with a cloth dress. And if so ... and she crossed her arms thrown off from their tender plechek straps dress and gently bared chest with a conical bright red nipples the size of a bean delivered.

Her chest was perfect and she knew it.

She continued to play with his nipples leaving his clothes hang freely opening the couple of centimeters below the navel.

- I Saw it be your mother! Oh, and you got b ...

- Work at least I'd suffered the flogging with dignity and not screaming because you used!

With these words, she sat on the edge of the bed and held her for a long time my petrified member in his little hands. She slowly beginning to masturbate me playing with his scarlet manicured nails with my testicles. However, she then looked at me playfully on the stake sticking my dick. Then she tilted her head slightly to bachek, so her lush hair drooping on one side of her face and closed ottyanuvshi foreskin start bending slightly suck the head of my penis. Then again he sits exactly like carnations continued stroking my dick. I noticed her excellent posture. As I found out later she had long engaged in ballroom dancing and was very plastic and flexible girl. Her every movement was graceful, but as she worked the tongue ... mmm ... For this standing to substitute his ass under her belt.

She then sucked the evening biting lower lip playfully and languidly staring at me from under hanging on remembering her hair cheek with hand work. I felt that will soon be over and wanted to grab her hand on the back of the head that used to help yourself by setting the right pace, she said, removing my hand if it persists it flog me, and leave for a week without an orgasm with strict flogged for masturbation. I dutifully took his hand and asked permission to play with her nipples as she does herself. What she said is good, but for that after orgasm still receive 15 strokes belt. I agreed and began eagerly to squeeze her nipple in my hand, I squeezed her breasts that are perfect for my hand, so I could squeeze it completely in his hand. Then I painfully twisted her nipple and began to pull over.

Tanya did not resist, it only accelerated the movement of his hand on my penis, these movements became nervous. I continued to torment her breasts while his other hand grabbed her other nipple and began to twist it too. Tanya breathed deeply, she abruptly had built with her knees apart and tightly curled them shook in silent convulsions, had time to say a languid voice at the same time that it is not a member of such a separation of the nipple is still 15! At these words, she rolled her eyes and glared at my cock first aspirated and then two sharp movements dovila deep swallow me to orgasm. I pulled her mouth every last drop. Swallow, she playfully licked from podlobya looking at me, her eyes shining with what is sweet and terribly pleasant that surely burned in her crotch.

She got up from the bed on which the track was wet from her juices, adjusted the straps of the dress natyanuvshie sticking it to the nipples and reached for his ladies' belt with the words flips cute ...

P. S: naughty girls need a good flogging to write on <script type="text/javascript"> This story was typed on a handheld computer, so do not judge strictly.

Lyric of 2006

Wild waitress

This story happened to me last year. My life is the same the same, like many people of the world: in the morning - at work, in the evening - to work at night - sex with a woman / wife. But this day was special. It is said that 2 weeks before the incident, I parted with the girl.

After work, I decided to come to eat. I had dinner in one of the Moscow restaurants on the outskirts of the city. It was a warm summer day, the mood was rising with every minute anticipating night. Entering the restaurant, immediately looked for all its inhabitants. I was acquainted with no one wanted all happened by itself. My table was in the corner of the room, and my eyes were opened all of its residents. Co. cute waitress approached the table to order. The girl looked to be 20 years old, slim, a third the size of the breast, a little sunburn on the skin, skinny shape and pleasant voice. Angel Face visor menu and delete. All this time, while preparing my dinner, I saw people trying to notice the lonely girl. After 30 minutes, the waitress brought dinner, smiled and somehow tempting wagged his ass. So I did not pay it much attention.

I felt sad, came to meet with a girl, I was in the room all broken in pairs. Doev your dinner, I decided to order a beer. To tell the truth, I was driving, and was limited to begin with a glass of beer. With one glass followed the second, for a second there was a third, and so got to vodka. Drained 3 glasses of beer and 4 to 50 grams, I realized: I will go home today on the subway. The waitress brought the bill, I turn left about 200 rubles for a tip, and headed for the exit. Going down the stairs felt that I derzhut hand. He turned around, it was the waitress.

- I saw you come by car, you can not be in such a condition behind the wheel.

- So you take me (I decided to make a joke, but it did not expect an answer)

- I left 15 minutes, I have rights and I am quite you can throw on your machine, and tomorrow morning you will take her here.

I agreed, it was was not. The prospect of cut in a stuffy metro tipsy seduced me, so I gave her mistress keys and documents. Something about her was magical, completely trust her.

After 15 minutes, she went downstairs, sat behind the wheel of my car and we went to my house.

- My name is Christina, and you?

- very nice. Anton.

- You often go on such institutions alone?

- I not recently parted with the girl and decided to meet someone. Christina, you have a boyfriend?

- No, I do not have time for him, I do not need right now a long relationship.

Then there was a pause and I began to be chopped off. Immersed in a long sleep, I woke up at his house. You ask how Christine would know where I live? - Navigator!

- I need to write to you the power of attorney, or want to, you'll pay for a taxi?

- Can I stay today at you, I will not disturb you. To tell the truth, I do not want to go home, because that brother today with friends, and his friends want to fuck me.

From this sentence I was a little ofigel.

- Okay, you can spend the night with me, just do not eat the whole cake in the refrigerator. I live in Moscow treshke good planning. Walking up to me and Christine appreciated my car, locked with security, the apartment and of myself. I must say I have always enjoyed popularity among women, but not because of its appearance, but rather a social status.

Christina settled in the living room, and I went to him. I woke up three hours later, it was night, I went to smoke on the balcony and looked into the living room along the way. She slept without blankets! It was nothing but panties tango. Literally 10 seconds my cock vyper of cowards. He does not, I thought, even then suddenly say, that wanted to rape. I got smoke in my room again, past the living room and decided to look again. Christina did not sleep and tossing and turning. Now my eyes her whole chest was opened and then I could not resist. He walked over to the bed, bent his head and kissed the nipple. She was asleep, I began to lick her nipple with his tongue, his hand stroking her belly, she woke up, but did not try to impersonate. For a moment her eyes met mine, and she closed her eyes and muttered something. My tongue is like a magnet pulled down, her body was burning, the smell drove me crazy. I licked every santimetor her body, she always gave me to understand that she wanted me. Each of her breath, every movement of the hand, all this required one - passionate love. Dropping below, pulled off her panties and clung to her magical bosom, it was covered with a sweet liquid, my Kristinka already oozing. Hands pulling her nipples, I slowly sank tongue into her vagina. Sometime it took out and caressed them clitoris, biting his lips. Kristinka grabbed his arms around my head, she cried and pressed his hands on me, pressing my face to her wet pussy. I tried as best I could, licking her corner, and decided to massage the finger her anus. She resisted at once, was not against it, I began to moan even more. Literally seconds after 15-ty, I put her finger into the anus, she came and doused me with his juice. It flowed down my face, and then she licked me. It was great, I licked her, and she licked my lips afterwards.

Rising from the bed, I put her on her knees and stuck his penis in my mouth. I must say with all member excellent - thick and long. The thickness did not measure, and length -. Almost 20 cm She swallowed it and began to greedily suck. Christina worked so skillfully mouth that a moment later I was already merged into her mouth and face. Rapid fountain sperm covered her face and I fell from a high on the bed. After that, there was a small cigarette break on the balcony, where she deftly arched and offered me his ass. Massaging finger her anus, I drove his cock in the bosom of the welcome. Class! It was narrow and slippery at the same time. We came together, Christina shook and moaned as I fucked and fucked her, scored his trunk deeper and deeper, hands covering her mouth so as not to hear the neighbors. ASIC her anus, I forced her to lick with all members and then we went back to the living room. It all where else, but my stranger was insatiable, and after 3 minutes was riding on top of me, she writhed like a snake, I pawing her breasts, dipping his penis in the vagina. With her lips flowed my sperm, we fucked like I've never fucked in this life. It was unforgettable, almost 10 minutes of sex, and only after that we finished!

After the last fuck we chopped off to sleep. In the morning I even gave her two sticks and drove to work. After that, we no longer see.

Until now I have to find the girl. If you liked my story - write me an email!

[email protected]

One hundred days before the order

The closer Dembel, the monotonous days and longer are. For those who have had to serve in the remote unit - on the "point", deprived of even the meager soldier leisure as a club, a library, and a simple human communication - these days become unbearable repeatedly.

In one of these days, or rather - evenings in the cozy forest cabin nestled among the cedars and pines, consisting of class and lounges, two army "grandfather" passed the time watching TV.

House at the Army's standards, in fact, was comfortable, although no frills lacked: recreation room was furnished with two beds in two tiers from one wall on which slept "grandfathers"; folding table and a bedside table with a TV - in the other. More was homemade carved hanger. But all the comfort came from the logs of which the house was built - a real, log-house.

Perhaps a significant role in further developments was the fact that from the second tier was not comfortable to watch TV, so the lower bunk and was something like a sofa.


Returning from a divorce where well chilled, I quickly took off his coat, boots, she told the apprentice put the kettle on and jumped into the bed on which lay Grisha - my same age. For two fighters single bed too small, so Grisha lay on the flank, threw her legs on my right hand and put it on my chest. I began to warm and relax involuntarily.

Gregory began to ask me about a divorce, but he did it, most of idleness than curiosity. I gave monosyllabic answers, more often - simply remained silent. Grishka did not like my laconic and he to talk, grabbed my neck pyaterny slightly squeezed, got up and deliberately looked at me angrily. It looked funny and I burst out laughing. Grisha, too, laughed and pointed at my chest shuddering with laughter. After lying for five minutes so he raised his head again, he looked very warm and pressed his back to me, but in the neck. His breath was hot and enjoyable.

Soon Grishka began to move, his lips touched my neck and I felt a subtle kiss. Immediately spread through the body and bliss languor. Grisha continued to kiss, but now bolder and more aggressive as a result of my neck covered hickey.

I served in the days when most people did not know such concepts as: blue or gay, but because our self-indulgence which witnesses were greenhorns, perceived only as good harmless thing. However, nearly a week I-

"Grandfather of the Red Army" - went buttoned all the buttons, so that the officers did not think. And to think that they can only one thing - I was self-feed and frolic with the village girls.


There has come the next evening. Apprentices were busy performing small tasks. Or create visibility. But constantly reminded of himself, slamming the front door.

The house was hot and we were watching television Greene sitting on the bed, leaning against the log wall, naked in a belt.

Actually, there was nothing to watch, but to occupy yourself with something - too. Out of boredom, I picked up a guitar and began lazily torment tool, not looking up from the screen. Grisha lit and constantly inhaling, let the ceiling became clumsy smoke rings. Cigarette rapidly decayed. Gregory reached out to me through the ashtray, put out the bull, and stayed to watch TV - lying on my stomach. Play I do not hurt and I did not argue. Soon from inaction Grisha began "naughty", twitching my hair on "Teschin" track, saying:

- "I'll make you you tell me everything!"

From the side looked like Grisha really pressed me to the bed and tries to ferret out military secrets. His joke was rated and apprentices, a child smiling and commenting on what is happening. In the end, Greene sent them.

"get down to business". To me, this "torture" was pleasant, like a light massage.

The men left and we continued to watch TV and play the fool. I'm used to "torture sweet 'and softly baldeya, he continued to play the guitar.

I did not notice, as one after another, all the buttons on my pants were unbuttoned and began to return to the real, when Grishin fingers have wandered gently along the gum of my pants. I tried to realize what is happening and find a way out. But I did not find it. Meanwhile, Grishka fingers farther and farther climbed under the pants and all were there longer. Touches were subtle and brought great pleasure. My number is already stuck in full and for some reason I was afraid that Grishka see it. I was pleased, but embarrassed and ashamed. As the penetration of his fingers, I was lower and lower crawled along the wall. But the pressure was relentless, and soon he touched my head. I shuddered and went limp - surrendered. Grisha, my feeling.

"Defeat", began to act more actively. Even with both hands he pulled the panties off my hips, freeing steaming cock and began slowly, but boldly to masturbate. I beat shiver. And I was good.

15 minutes later, I pulled into a string and with a long exhalation hoarse began to finish. Not slowing down the rate of Grisha continued stroking, squeezing out of me every drop. Unable to bear this torture for a moment I forgot myself.

I heard Grisha stood with me, saw him without turning around, went into another room. But all this was not like me.

LIVE gradually returning, I lay with spuschennyni pants and shorts, literally spread-eagled on the bed, and my stomach was filled a huge puddle of sperm.

Further events of this evening, I do not remember. Yes it does not matter.


The next evening. We Grishka again in the same bed, but under the covers. I do not remember why - rather from the fact that even a powerful tram stove could not cope with the Ural frost.

I was dozing. Almost asleep. From idleness, Greene fumbled hedgehog my hair. But this time I did not want any game - I just wanted to sleep. Trying to get rid of Grishkin caresses, I slid down and his head went under the blanket. However, his hands and there caught my head. I slid even lower, which had to bend the knees hanging them from the bed. And, oh - a miracle! Annoying stroking stopped, and now I could take a nap.

I do not know how much time passed, but again I felt the presence of Grishkin hands. However, now they do not ruffle my head, and was under the covers, somewhere very close. Trying to understand the importance of a dream of his manipulation, I suddenly felt his fingers on their lips, they shook and repeatedly outlined the following. Sometimes Grishkin finger slightly penetrate between his lips.

I did not understand, but when he realized - could not believe: Grisha buried in my mouth a tense penis and already it went in circles! What really is a dream! I thought feverishly, what to do in introducing ourselves from the outside, but did not see the exit. Meanwhile, Gregory made an effort, and his head started promoting in my mouth. I was amazed, but succumbed to the onslaught, let the intruder. Gregory began cautiously progressive movements. I realized that my mouth is used, but for some unknown reason, did not want to resist it!

In the morning I realized that night was irreparable. After the incident, I could lose credibility and become a victim of Soldiers comfort. Fortunately, Gregory remained in usual sociable and behaved with me as usual.


(And all subsequent):

The next evening did not bring any sensations and adventures. When I came back, Grisha was sleeping on the bottom bunk and I immediately stripped to pants, got to his top. I fell asleep quickly and deeply.

I do not know what the time was. I woke up with a feeling of sweet bliss, whose origin could not understand - the abdomen, I felt a pleasant warmth. Do not come round from sleep, he reached out and ran a short coarse hair hedgehog. Opening struck me - I sucked! This I could not imagine even in the most painful and bold dreams! I was sure that it was Grisha and finally understood why he had me sleeping, put his penis: to me, if you wish, I could not tell anybody anything.

Driven away their fabrications I leaned back on the pillow and began to enjoy the scene.

Starting this evening, Grisha every night climbed upstairs to me. In general, the initiative has always shown it: sucking; fingering herself and me; I interjected, sleeping in his penis mouth. Of course, I woke up, but pretended to be asleep. This went on every night, 100 days before the Order. This went on for the rest of the night before my demobilization.

After the army, I met only once: in a week Grisha drove me already civilian, in uniform. We sat and talked about anything. Yes, and we lost. Soon he married, he had a child. Perhaps his sudden marriage was the result of our Army of LOVE. Perhaps he actually met the girl of his dreams. I can not judge - I have never seen him darling. Even in the photo ...

I myself a long time was a staunch admirer of women, not yet had the chance, the consequences of which have already been described and will be described more in my stories.

Now, after a while, all I remember more and more often their first experience of the innocent, and I regret that we are on the hundredth of not using the available opportunities and progress in understanding of male love. And of course that I never saw my first Grishko, which to this day grateful.


On the deserted beach splashing wave
Moon above the ground standing,
Among the mounds of white, sleep arms
Knight resting tired.
Mermaids lovely from the depths
They showed up in transparent clothes,
And the young man quietly, they crept,
He's asleep, - whispered in hope.
With a passion Mladen caresses one
Pen to take the hero.
Other shoots, meek and gentle,
Armor, istrtye fight.
And the third in the eyes of a mischievous flame
From its sheath damask takes,
Hands hugging flashed the blade,
On the knight languid gazes.
The fourth dance around swam
And whispers with a deep melancholy:
Oh, if only I was thine,
My darling of the human race!
A fifth lnt to the knight, he
Tired members caressing;
Sixth, after a pause, kisses of all,
Lips Are barely touching.
Our knight cunning: in no hurry to get up,
Eyes open up as soon as possible;
In the moonlight remains lie,
Mermaid dearly cherished.
Translated from the German Dark Lord