Now I'll tell you a story that to some may seem boring, others, on the contrary, is incredibly interesting. Just to warn, everything described here is true.

A distant fifth grade: 1 September, I moved to a new school, or rather in the school, all the girls with white ribbons, the boys in suits. I must confess that I have exams, unlike the others, did not hand over (dad made a call to a friend), also did not see any classmates or the classroom teacher. I have come with my grandmother, and she had a habit all at once to meet, and now we climbed the stairs at school to see the class teacher:

That class, but here there is no one, went into the corridor. And a minute later came Olga. She was a nice woman, thirty-five, with dark, slightly bestowal ryzhinkoy or redness, hair on the shoulders, of medium height, with big eyes, a kind of nose, which she rather went, and small, cherry lips. About the upper part of the figure it is that she can say, for sure, has attracted the attention of a male at that time. We greeted each other. Then began our first conversation:

- I am very pleased, however, you do not learn in my classroom - the teacher said.

- How?

- It Korolev Olga, - told me my grandmother.

- Sorry, I just have never seen - it is sincerely smiled and looked at me.

We were silent: then I could not stand on itself its unusual look and handed a bouquet, which is supposed to give the bottom.

And so it happened my acquaintance with the class teacher. Although I was new, I thought Olga to me well. On the first day of school she asked me to wear a magazine, then there were the performances, I dropped the most unusual roles. All her life she treated me tenderly, with an unusual love that can not understand anyone: fifth grade went unnoticed: the sixth and then: but the seventh had the uneasy share.

Seventh grade - during the very first love, pure and inviolable, unselfish and inquisitive. We with my girlfriend Masha was the most popular girls in the class. Around us there were always some kind of affair, scene. Already in the seventh grade, I had a decent sized breasts, ass, face began to take adult traits, though distant. Masha and I were unhappy that one fell in love with the same boy: we have experienced, jealous and angry. Olga are all perceived as necessary, with the understanding. She always helped me when I got into an awkward situation. In fact the seventh grade, I wanted to be like her, I wanted to and I had the same beautiful breasts, eyes. At that time, I loved her like a mother:

Eighth grade is not marked with something special:

Ninth class became fatal for me:

Now is the time to describe and my appearance. I'm fairly tall girl, natural blonde, but my hair is not as white as golden, large, almond-shaped blue eyes, neat sensual mouth. They say many of my friends, I kind of think it is fatal, the innocent: By the ninth grade I had a round ass, firm breasts impressive size, slender legs, like a young gazelle.

I went to a school conference in history, he lived in the same house with a ninth-graders and Olga Vladimirovna. Before disco I went into the shower to wash off all the dust training. In the bathroom I dropped the soap, leaned over and began to rise when scratched his back on tap, so much so that the blood went. I screamed. At my cry ran teachers, including Olga. Everyone began to ask what happened, what I said to them that okaryabalas. Olga said all teachers, is now one hundred will treat my wound, when everyone had gone, I opened the door and she was gone. My view was that the towel tied on the hips, hands hiding her breasts, and the scratch was on the lower back. It handles the wound, and when the rose looked into my eyes through the mirror, vesevshee before us. Woman gently removed my hands from her breasts (and I did not resist) and looked at them adoringly. I turned and looked into her eyes: Then we merged into one sweet kiss, he immediately flew down the towel: then her clothes, we eagerly kissing: went into the shower, turned on the water: kiss: and then she whispered in my ear: "Oleshenka: I love you".


Pussy-9 or Lariska

Lariska was the youngest daughter in the family. Besides her at her parents had two other children - sister Nura (10 years older than Lariska) and brother Vadim (5). For my son, it came at the age of 18 years, and only relatives were happy about this - at last "small" was attached! Six months later, my granddaughter was born, and all guessed that my son got married just like an honest man - which was nowhere!

I came to Moscow to help the young in the care of the child when the granddaughter celebrated nearly two months. The son and his wife lived in a rented apartment: bedroom, living room and kitchen. What else is needed? Of course, I slept on the couch in the living room, and all the rest - in the bedroom. Son early breakfast and went to work, and her daughter continued Lariska "sleep" - but what else do moloduhe immediately after birth? Urgent matters, like, no, svkor if want to eat, he will find something in the fridge, my daughter - marvelously quiet: her boob sunesh she nasostsya and the side again. So they sleep up to twelve - o'clock.

And me - even better! So I read a book, then the TV is switched on, the video - have fun than. A little uncomfortable that in the next room moloduha asleep. Since then - wife, son! And it means - taboo. God forbid you to touch - a sin! A Lariska, admittedly, a beautiful girl. And the face, and figure - all out! But ... like in the fable about the fox and the grapes.

Sitting in the living room, sipping seagulls with cookies. Suddenly I hear - the door, like, creaked. I turned around - Lariska. The lightweight robe unbuttoned. As it is all in the mind - panties, bra. Why be ashamed of - its people .. But I, of course, at the sight of her tight pussy covered with panties and a bra falls out of the full member of the nursing mother's breasts - end. Well, that sit - not by much ...

- How can I call you that? - Lariska smiled. - Daddy? It seems to be not so old. Maybe without ceremony - just the name?

- Yes, call it what you want! It is possible and by name! - But he did not take his eyes from the flung-open robe.

- Well, then - Igor. There is a .. - pussy and just sticks out of her panties. And my eye caught, infection such ...

She giggled and went to the toilet. And then he slipped into his room - to fill up.

Well, God bless her! Case young, let her sleep their ...

And we lived day by day. However, the night I was restless: well heard in the next room the son of "floats" its rightful beautiful wife. He did it with pleasure and every day. And my dick at this time covers almost dropped to the floor is not. Day Lariska behaved in such a way that I was absolutely unbearable: Went to me wide-open (heating worked wonderfully well - hot it was in the literal and figuratively), showed himself to me in these kinds of seductive poses and that was breathtaking! She especially liked to wear fashionable then "leggings" - something like the tights, but stouter and synthetic. They are so tightly snug body, it seemed that the person is not wearing anything at all. Putting the baby for a walk, put Lariska carriage not far from me and bent down low over her. And her ass this time comes just in front of my eyes. I eagerly looked spaced between her legs as if by chance and saw the panties under the elk and fitted by their seductive and (no doubt!) Hot pussy. Lariska straightened and looked at the reddened svkra, immediately understood everything. Goal achieved!

- Well, Igor, granddaughter is ready, you can go for a walk! - Robe and plowed.

And I get something from the chair could not. You understand why ...

At night, lying with a standing member in the living room and heard the creaking of the bed in the bedroom young, I mentally imagine the picture that I had the opportunity to observe the day: young, smooth, untouched by any flaw in the hips of my daughter, who stood bent over the pram, it is why -That fairly wide apart, and wonderful bulging bump her pussy, clearly defined stripes underpants. "But now in her pussy ..." Then my thoughts were broken.

A few days later the son told us (me and Lariska):

- I have to hit the road to Smolensk for a couple of days. Will manage here without me?

- And why not do? There were situations and abruptly! However, Igor? ..

I mumbled something in response.

And here the first night without a son. We went to sleep at the usual time. The bed in the next room did not creak, and I quickly fell asleep. Middle of the night I woke up because to me under the blanket someone climbed. Someone soft and warm. Lay side by side, and everything. I lay there in silence, neither alive nor dead. Finally, this "someone" felt my arm and pulled her to him. I did not resist. And "someone" slipped my hand under his shirt and pressed it to his fantastically soft, but firm breasts.

- Larisa, what are you doing? - I whispered. But my hand was not able to pull away, stroking, squeezing and caressing the royal part of her body. - Can not be so! - I continued. - You're ... married ... - to say "for my son," I did not turn me tongue. And Larissa, meanwhile silence dragged my hand into his crotch. I felt the silky hairs of her pussy and instinctively felt cherished mound clitoris. "She came in without panties, .." - suddenly for some reason, I thought. Larissa moaned and spread her legs wide. I continued to caress her, but something more hesitated.

And then she suddenly got up and playfully perched on me, sending sticking his dick pussy. He entered her like greased. To finish, it does not take long and she retired as silently as it had come. "What was it - I thought dumbfounded, unable to either react or finish -. And it was there at all .. Maybe a dream?"

In the morning Lariska behaved as usual, no reminding of what happened during the night. But during the day, after putting her daughter to bed, he went into the living room and silently sat down.

- Well? - After a while she said. - You're not even finished?

- Ne-e-ee-t ... - I mumbled uncertainly.

- And why? You do not like me? I thought that like me! A?

- Highly!..

- And I was, I thought, no. So what's the deal?

- You know, I'm not used to that. I finish, if I'm on top ...

- And what is not said? I was waiting for you to go to bed me, and you did not want. So I decided to myself! In vain do you come? I used it every day, I can not do without sleep. Or maybe you want during the day .. - she opened the robe and quickly pulled down her panties.

I was just dumbfounded, this beauty has opened my eyes. I wish it was, to say something, but the language I did not obey. Lariska yanked me by the arm and pulled her to the sofa, on which immediately and collapsed, spreading hips. I'm shaking hands, he took off his pants and underwear.

- Oh-oh-oh! .. - Lariska laughed. - Did you know that you have one and a half times greater than that of your son? And at night I did not even notice! ..

In short, I did not even have to send a member to the right place, everything Lariska took over in the literal and figurative sense. When I finished, the sperm were so many that it is a long time yet flowed from her pussy.

- That's sperm you twice! Wow - an old man ..!

- Are not you afraid "fly"? It should be with a condom ...

- What are you - from the moon fell? I breast-feed, pregnancy is excluded!

- A-ah .. I did not know ...

In general, what can I say, the next night was a real bliss, which I will remember for a lifetime. And in the morning came the son, and to restore everything that was before he left. Only now I began to sleep much better - nothing else can not imagine anything and did not envy.

But one thing I still remain unclear: who is who, at the end of it all, seduced?


That's all

That's all. Here is the list goes on and dark days in my life. You know, sometimes I just do not want to live. Just no reason. I'm not holding anything here: Mom? Brother? ...

Do not know if I'll be gone .. Tell the truth, who are destined to die from a bullet, he did not die like a dog in the trash .. So maybe it's for the best. You just do not think I have something I beg you. No, just because I find it easier to talk .. Remember when I told you that I would never say certain words. I'm afraid to hurt. Yes, you're probably one of those girls that love, when uttered this phrase: I'm not going to say it's that simple.

Now you're somewhere far away from me. I do not know where, but for me it is on the edge of the earth: I hurt: It hurts to see your face: I look at the pictures, my God .. I can not tell you anything that would tell someone else in my place .. Maybe I can not say beautiful, but I hope you'll forgive me. You're the most beautiful girl in the world. Words do not cut down with an ax. Let these words will be there for you. I am aware of what I'm doing now. In fact, I'm going to say. It is a pity that I can not see your eyes, but you probably just do not want to see me.

I spoke those words just a few times in my life. I think that once you leave me, I will not say more of them than ever: I do not pay, just do not know how to do this: Maybe we should learn? Can I really become easier? From the fact that you're gone I could not tell you before. I'm not currently in a deadlock. And you can not pay to my words any attention, you can forget it if you want. You can simply do not answer me. Just become more painful to one person on the ground. I do not need to live. For whom? For whom all this? I met a wonderful girl. Her name sounds more beautiful than any music in my heart. Baby, maybe you do not know me. Maybe all this is just the game for you. I do not think you amused what's going on in my battered and wounded soul. I never told anyone about yourself more than you do. Even my ex-husband did not know all that is known about my life to you.

In fact, I do not want to say. My life is meaningless without you. Without your smile I can not start a new day. If I do not see you, then the day becomes dull and joyless. I do not know how I'll live without you. When you leave, I probably would not want to stay more than one: I've had enough of the darkness and the fear that I have in my soul. Let your choice and your decision does not depend on the words that I utter today.

Baby, I love you. I love you no matter what.


Baba Katya

Member itched the whole pair. I barely dosidel to the end, staring at the vast buffer young prepodshi that tempting swayed on the podium at my head. Why I sat down in front of her? Every second seemed to me that the member does not stand, and I finished right in my pants.

The bell rang, and I zapahnuv jacket walked quickly out of the audience. Member demanded immediate gratification, but otherwise was not responsible for his actions. The corridors were full of people, and a greeting nod going to meet a friend, I began to climb to the fifth floor, where there was a hatch leading to the attic.

It was dark, and finding a quiet corner, I pulled out a member and began to masturbate. From long-term abstinence, it was so nice that by closing my eyes, I even began to moan with pleasure. Imagination drew unimaginable poses and situations in which we prepodshey sex. But nice finishes quickly, and member, releasing sperm fountain, oblyapavshy old posters, went limp.

Pulling out a handkerchief, I wiped a member, and does not check whether blurted pants buttoned. Behind heard a delicate cough. Turning around, I was stunned to see our cleaning lady a woman Katya.

- Buttoned? Well, let's go to the dean. Not ashamed?

- It's a shame I will not - in my head loomed unpleasant picture possible as a result of communication with events dekanomm - Let me go, I do not anymore.

- What are you? How to deal with obscene, so can you, and how to respond, so the language in ...

- Let go of me, huh? I will pay.

- Release ... Um ... your money I do not need, but a request to perform, and release him.

- Anything - with soul stone fell, but just a cinder block.

- Fuck me, stallion, and then have two years to anyone - so you can do and the desire to lose.

- But women Katya, what are you talking about - it Teles does not inspire desire.

- Do not want? And to the dean? I give a moment for reflection - a woman Katya, squeezing her breasts with his hands and looked at me.

And it was was not, I undid his pants and pulled out a member. From fright he was wrinkled and did not want to wake up. Baba Katya took his hand and began to masturbate. Surprisingly quickly, he stood up and she became a cancer raised his robe. Bailiffs member to the door, I leaned forward and brought him up to the stop.

Baba Katya moaned, as judging by the dryness was not ready yet.

- Lick me there again - it slipped off and became a member of the legs wide apart.

Standing on all fours, I was surprised to see her pussy shaved and well-groomed. My Yazikov slid over her lips, sometimes penetrating inside, sometimes caressing the clitoris. She moaned, and has got me so unusual situation, I got up, and fun to put his dick in dobrosovesno prepared by the hole. It was even better than during the two-minute perepihona with odnogrupnitsa after the disco. I fucked a woman Katya powerful measured movement, a member of the fully entered into it, pushing the uterus into the hot depths of her hot vagina.

- More, more - a woman Katya selflessly sit down on my cock, moaning that would do honor to any sex-bomb.

We fucked for about fifteen minutes, and feel the muscles of her vagina contract, I threw it in a tight jet of sperm. So we stood for five minutes until my penis relax does not slip out of her vagina. On her feet were flowing streams of sperm and pussy reminded obscenely as revealed flower.

I gratefully helped her dry off, and embraced and kissed.

- You see, but you do not like - a woman Katya clinging to me, pulled from his pocket a piece of paper and wrote her address - if you want, come to me now, and when you want to do, I live by herself.

Approaching the door, she pulled out a key and would open them. But I hugged her waist, put his hand in the pants. His fingers began to caress her there ...

Her passionate moans replaced words, and I fell in behind, again he began to fuck her. Her pussy still wet, cover member like a glove. Baba Katya lustfully moaning, screaming, when I reached the bottom. Her moans do not interfere with hearing the pleasant squish issued vagina from entering my penis, and I felt that finally became a real man again left off in his woman.

Once dressed, we opened the door, looked out, and if there is anyone, carefully climbed the ladder.

- Come to my house - it can all be done much nicer - Kate looked into my eyes and smiled.

- Go, go, I'm with you so good ..... - I turned around and went, with full confidence that our relationship will continue on ...


The nurse at our school

One day I was sitting in class literature. And from overwork me a headache. I decided to go to the doctor. I went down to the second floor and went into the office.

There sat our nurse. Eskazal her that I have a very sore head. She began to measure my blood pressure. Died she said that I had a lot of pressure and I should prelech on the couch.

She was 27 years old. I lay down on the couch and she stood over me. And then I opened view of her lovely breasts. She will see this and immediately blushed. She said that I'm fine and I Stith to go to class. And he sat down to his chair.

And then to me that is found. I kissed her passionately. She became saprotivlyatsya and yell at me. But I prodalzhay. After 3 minutes, it is no longer soprativlyalas. Yastal undress her. Undressed her before the goal I became tongue flexing her nipples. She began to moan with excitement. I sat her down on the table, spread his legs took a stick to explore the throat and began to slowly immerse it to her in her pussy. She began stongat even stronger. I tell her to be quiet bitch. She began to subside. Then I started to play with your fingers and then with the language of her clitoris. She had told me, fuck me more, but I have not played enough. Then I posodil her on a chair and shoved his mischievous in her mouth. She licked swallowing it drove them himself in the face. And then I was ready to fuck her. I lay down on the couch and she sat on top. She jumped on me like at Buffalo and eventually gained Tampa. Then I put her stomach on the table and began to tear it into her ass tselenkuyu. Then she began to moan so much that I had to stuff his shirt into her mouth. I tore it 2:00 3 this lesson.

And now I come to the doctor's office, it immediately closes and we start to fuck. That such story happened to me in grade 9.


I went to nine on a country road to Moscow was still a good 600 km, and I prepared for the long road. It was the end of June, the heat was 37 degrees Passing by which the village, I noticed that on the road there were three young girls, his short mini skirts, almost like a wide belt, they ostentatiously opened all the juicy parts of the body. I slowed down, first went to the window skinny girl with a vulgar person.

- Those wishing to relax a young man ??

I have long wanted to try group sex, and I invited the girl in the car to talk. The price was very low 200 rubles for a blowjob, but since I was a masochist by nature, I offered to pay each for thousands of humiliation, she accepted my suggestion as a joke, and laughed, but the proof of his innocence, I offered to curse me mat or spit me in the face, he was initially a short pause after which she casually asked.

- You really want fag?

- Yes very nice

She pulled her short skirt, sweat which had white lace panties.

- kiss

I leaned over and began gently kissing her crotch.

She jerked my head, juicy spit in my face, patting my face businesslike, she laughed, and added,

- But you're just a godsend, cockerel'll call girls.

She waved to her friends out of the car, and they ran ran to us. The door opened and the girl jumped into the car.

Meet girls this pizdaliz offers for each thing, wants, what would we omit all three. Now we go to the hut Valcke everything and created this Chmyr. Girls smiled, and most importantly, who was sitting in front of a casually grabbed my chin and turned to face them.

- See the girls, I spat in his face, and he also said thank you.

In the car, there was a wild laughter, one of the girls in the back seat asked how I was going to pay, I pulled quite tight purse, which was a pack thousandths of notes, took three bills and gave each one.

- You're Rich Pinocchio, we were lucky with the girls lohom,

Girls peremignulis and the main commanding voice commanded,

- Forward goof, Zayed store zatarish us, and then we'll go to Valcke.

The store was rural, and almost all stores of this type, there were extraordinary items of all kinds ranging from cheap Chinese clothes ending detergent, girls were recruited, who, as can mainly domestic canned meat in glass jars and Palen alcohol in exotic bottles when they gathered as much as each can only carry out the main girl cried saleswoman, will pay for all this, and the index finger pointed at me, I smiled and paid the sum of 3 thousand. rubles, taking with him a box of beer.

When I left, the girls sat in the car,

- You paid for everything?

- So cute I paid

- The girls so he just treasure, with such a promise you a night, which you will remember for the rest of his days. Girls printed beer loudly clinked, and I squeal started.

The road was not far away for about three minutes, we disembarked and went into the house, the girls set the table, and got down to the meal. I force the stove watching what happens next.

When half an hour had passed, their home went up, came up to me commanded me to take off her panties and lay on the floor.

- Spread your legs creature!

I spread wide as he could, it is almost a running hit me in the balls.



In my youth I read a story A.Kuprin "Pit" on Kiev's brothel. It said that a very great popularity among customers of this house was one-legged prostitute who does not suffer because of their misery - on the contrary, everyone wanted to get it just to see how it would look like with a woman.

Later, as an adult, I thought about how, apparently, it is difficult nowadays women who have "not all right" - ie there are any defects that repel men:.. Lame, oblique, ugly. After all, women's needs are exactly the same as in normal women. How do they do without men? I read somewhere that the Roman women whose husbands were not very righteous life, that is, changed them with prostitutes, boys (this also occurred), or simply a dissolute life, was way out: they ordered shoemakers (it was in the order of things) artificial phalluses to your liking. Some people prefer a long and not very thick, someone - on the contrary, thicker and shorter. In short, what was fun in the absence of her husband.

Nowadays, there are sex shops. But many women are shy and do not dare to go to each. Especially a woman with pronounced disabilities. And with one of these women, I once met. Moreover, it did not need to look far to go - she lived on one with me landing. Sometime in the early childhood she had happened, as she later told me, serious injury - was damaged spine. And even before her parents were told that their daughter pronounced spondylitis. I'm not sure what it is, but I assume that this disease is fraught with unfavorable outcome, humpback (if time does not take action). The parents drove her on some special exercises and tried to rectify the situation. But fate decided otherwise: while most of these workouts she fell and badly injured. The life of a little girl was warped forever - she "grew up" a real hump.

It must be admitted that our neighbor does not show any discontent with their lot. She was friendly and hard-working woman who succeeded in working career, a doctorate in organic chemistry and worked as a senior researcher in one of the research institutes. Sister, with whom she and lived, was very like her - tall, handsome blond, is not able (unlike our heroine) or to cook or sew, or even erase - all this makes her older sister, who carried his cross for both. But the junior was not hump to her many fans came, locked in her room sometimes all night. And sometimes she did not spend the night at home, it was considered a matter of course.

We were friends with her sisters, sometimes left with one of them or both of his little son, after it turned out that if they have any urgent matters .. And rarely were refused?. Sisters (especially older - Tanya) were good neighbors. However, the younger (Sima) rarely visited the house alone, so that our requests come as a rule, the share of beautiful and always sad Tanya. Looking at Tanya, I always felt sorry for her, though (quite possibly) it it superficially and did not need.

One evening my wife and I met in a movie at some Franco-Italian film. Especially because in our neighborhood we were put into operation a new cinema (long ago it was! Now in cinemas not move). I rang the door neighbor. They opened at once. Finally, the door opened, and appeared on the verge of some kind, as I at first glance seemed disheveled Tanya.

- Hi - greeted me. - A Sims ... no?

- No. It will not be today. Come in, please! You want something to tell her? ..

I went into the living room and saw on the table a glossy magazine, next to which lay a strange thing - something full of long gauze bag about the size of my penis in an upright position. Tanya was embarrassed and quickly threw it all on an old newspaper. I suddenly remembered what I told my friend, who had served in the forced labor (as it was then called) Establishment: imprisoned women for lack of a better sew yourself from ordinary gauze bags, stuffed with them, as a rule, semolina and thus tame his young flesh.

- No, Tanya! Sime I have nothing to transmit. I've wanted you to our Valka and a half an hour to throw, we are in a movie together with Jana ...

- Of course, of course, Igor! You are welcome! You will excuse me for the mess, I'm tidy ...

In the film I film all the time instead of remembering his neighbor and ruffled gauze strange object on the table. "Poor - I thought - of course, it is quite natural THIS lacks She's young and beautiful woman Hump Hump THIS is not an obstacle ....!.?" Taking after the session Valya, I looked searchingly at Tanya. On the table lay nothing more, but my neighbor looked a little embarrassed - as if she knew that her secret to me alone no longer.

Val went to kindergarten, we Jana - to work. "How would seize an hour or two to provide" technical assistance "Tanya?" - I thought. And I came up with. I accidentally found out that some of the days of the week Tanya night duty in the laboratory. Sim day always in his textile factory. That's fine: I take a day off on that day!

For the conspiracy went in the morning, as always, supposedly to work. But following the trolleybus returned. Jan did not notice anything. House just in case I found in the box with vaseline medications and put it in his pocket. There also put a couple of packs of condoms. And hesitantly toward the door neighbor.

Tanya opened this time quickly.

- Sim's home? - Quickly, I asked, fearing the answer. - Where's she?

- At work, where else ..?

At the ceremony, there was no time. I grabbed Tanya both hands and stared with a kiss on her beautiful lips. Hickey was long and passionate. Without looking, I slammed the door behind her. Then he picked up sosedushku in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. To my surprise, she was silent. I carefully packed it in after a night more unmade bed and pulled off Tanya cowards. While put on a condom and a member of his greased with Vaseline, Tanya spread apart her beautiful legs. Her pussy was shaved - and here she was akkuratistka. When I bring to her hole member, she spread her pussy with both hands, and our genitals joined without any problems and the entire depth. I tried not to force things, and to prolong the pleasure as long as possible, so that Tanya had finished at least three or four times. I did it. I felt, when it ends (experience, thank God, there) and not taking, give her a little breather. After some time, I was taken to kiss her, she caressed his chest, ears, whispering sweet words, and my "girl" (I called it and so) excited again. Member again set to work. Tanya's pussy embraced him passionately and fervently, I could hardly contain. Finally, when I felt that Tanya was about to finish the third time, I gave vent to his feelings, and we finished at the same time.

I took the dick out of her pussy and fell off to the side. For a while we were silent.

Then Tanya half-whisper said:

- Oh .. How I dreamed about it ..!

I said nothing. I do not know what to say.

- Most never do. Good?..

- But why?!.

- I'll remember it for a lifetime. Not necessary. I do not want to hurt Jan, I love you both very much. And you, too, Valka. I used to do myself, and I will continue to do the same. Only now I have something to remember. I in fact have a "husband" - you've seen it. He - my faithful companion, never fails, I can use it if and as long as I want. Do you mind if we now will I think of you?


What for? Romance

Why? Why you, I met ..

Confusion .. Void ... It makes no sense ... Was Gone ... .. Why?

What happened to me? Why? No!!! I love my girlfriend! I Love! I love? I love ...

Yes ... It's hard. Fear. Doubts. It crept into my soul. I'm scared ... to meet with you. ... It hurts to see your enormous, slightly moist eyes. Scary ... immerse yourself in them and drown. The gap in the infinity and no way out.

When you say, I catch every movement of your lips. They seem to me the most sensual in the world. Pause. Slightly open mouth. Gentle sharp pink tongue. Pearly white teeth smile. The velvety voice only adds a great sense of purity surrounding you.

Next to me .. And as far away from me. We value our relationships too. Friends ... We're just friends. No one knows what will happen, we need only cross the line ... dash ... .. thin gossamer thread. No one. Neither you nor I .... It's almost already there ... Close ... The fragile line between moments and eternity. Between the open love and doubt ... You and I ... We're here ... and so unapproachable .. Me and you.

Met Met ... never to be close to you. To enjoy fellowship with one another, live and do not even dream about you. Let all be so. I can not. I am very. I love ... Fidelity ?? Yes, no, love ..

Confusion ... The void ... There is no point ... There was ... disappeared ... Why? Why you, I met ..


Somehow by itself turned out that my short stories into a series of autobiographical. I have quite a serious site where I tells the story of his life and work, but those moments of which we are talking here, there, of course, omitted. And yet, they were, and readers' interest in this subject convinced me that telling still is.

Today is my story about the history, happened to me for a long time. It was to me at that time exactly 50 that the majority of readers would be regarded as an advanced age: what can talk or dream of a man who has lived in the world for half a century? The coffin is time! But, as it may seem strange, in this regard, I have now all about Kay, and 50 years of age - can imagine! And just as I have with my wife suddenly have problems: I was constantly need, and she - no. So, they say, it happens. And the fact that in the 45 woman "berry again," not at all confirmed. In short, tormented since a couple of years, I was ready to climb, as they say, on the wall, and did not know what to do (by the way, and now do not know very well - keep formally live with his lawful wife, but it has long been not my wife).

In general, however, after the 50-year anniversary of me turned up voucher in Kislovodsk, in the cardiological sanatorium (my heart for a long time "junk"). I decided this opportunity is not missed. And the thought stir crazy in the head: and in the resorts it is possible and babshku some no "seal" .. With this in mind, and I went for treatment and rest!.

On the first day he met his neighbor, a very pretty on the table, arrived in Kislovodsk of those places where previously there was nothing except the Gulag. Word for word, it turned out that she was younger than me by 10 years living in the Far North for a long time, he is an accountant, and five years ago lost her husband, who died tragically collapsed in the winter in the door of the heating system, flooded due to an accident with boiling water. In general - a nightmare some!

Having nothing to do, she invited Marina (as it was called that) in the video area - there just walked some erotic film I recently enjoyed watching (guess why). Marina flatly refused. He said that such films never looks out of a shattered nervous system. In general, it became clear what had caused her reaction - and so live without a man, and here more exciting topics. So we did not go to the movies then, but instead went to the dance, I can not stand organically - I as a child and as a youth never danced more sitting at the piano. I almost did not care for the way: piano, accordion, harmonica and even-trhryadka - played everything that was popular, and everyone enjoyed dancing. But with Marina for some reason I danced - like, apparently!

So went day by day. In the morning (she got up as early as I am) walked the path, then we went to the pump room - a mineral drink some water and dressed each in his room, met at breakfast. Well, after breakfast (everyone who had once been in the sanatorium knows) - procedure, each - his own. We meet again after lunch and went instead of "quiet time" for a walk. I still could not bring himself to talk to the marina on the theme, though, as it turned out, she also wondered: "What does he bear long time something goes ..?!"

Then one day, I still decided to:

- Marina, you otnesshsya to ensure that after dinner to go to my room ..?

- Why is it ..?

- What is there to dissemble, you - alone, I can say - too. Why do not we brighten up our loneliness? ..

- Now it is so called?

- And this - who both. I, here, in other words as something not used to express ...

- Yes, and I'm probably too. - She paused. - Well, well, I ... Igor girls when riding here, even given a mandate: vdovnichat enough for you, the people behind the resort and it just go. Even with living husbands. And you - God ordered ..!

I quickly arranged with a roommate, he walked to a couple of hours anywhere, and at the appointed time Marina gently knocked on the door of my room. It was felt that it embarrassed as I was. And I tried to keep a stiff upper lip:

- Marina, you do not need a shower?

- No, I - just ...

- Then let's agree as follows: I have a quick - a shower, and you still get undressed. My bed - that's it.

- More ..?

- What?

- Very, very undress?

- Well, of course! Why hide the beauty? ..

And he walked away. In the shower I was suddenly gripped the chills: in this situation, I have never been. When I got out of the shower, Marina was lying on my bed, covered with a blanket up to his chin. it was quite warm in the room. I quickly pulled back the covers and began eagerly to consider which opened my eyes beautiful body of forty women. To my horror, I have nothing stirred. I decided to lie down beside him and began to caress Marina, hoping that everything will come by itself. She willingly answered the affection and quietly moaning with impatience. Nothing has changed !!! I moved to the oral route, since realized that this time I will not work - I suffer a complete fiasco. Marina from my caresses a couple of times over, and gratefully whispered:

- How well do something .. For a long time it was not so good to me ..!

I was silent. She picked up my huddled member.

- Do not be shy, my dear! And I can be naked. My husband did not like the gum, and I like the most, when the sperm enters me, it's a vitamin for women! I know what to do, do not worry! ..

- Marina ... - I do not know what to say. Hand crumpling Marina and plucking my lifeless body, then he took it into his mouth. Everything was in the same state.

- Marina, I do not know what happened to me. I with my wife had was not like this ...

- I understand Igoryok. This sometimes happens. It's you ... here! - She knocked on my forehead.

- Well, what do we do now ..?

- Nothing to do, all will be adjusted by itself. Tomorrow my partner Zina will be spent on the procedure, and you come to me in my case. Room 512. Remember? Tomorrow you everything, everything will turn out! You will see!..

Zina went not just to the procedure, and then went even play ping-pong. Apparently, he and Marina was such a bargain. In general, it was not a few hours.

Marina met me in a thin robe (in their room was very warm, too).

- Come on, Igoryok, tea popem! - She took off my coat and putting on the table the cup, poured into them a thick, pre-cooked fragrant tea. We sat down opposite each other, and Marina crossed her legs. The floors are a little robe parted, and I saw her put on a thin patterned panties. I suddenly wanted to see the place where they adhesive qualities of her pussy. Although yesterday I saw it all-all, moved apart her pussy, licking her ... Today everything was mysterious and exciting as if yesterday was nothing. I put my hand on her knee and Marina just pressed on it to leg stood on the floor. Marina obeyed. I just moved the leg to the side, and opened my eyes that I wanted to see: pussy covered with panties. I felt that my penis stiffens ...

A few seconds later Marina was lying under me on the bed and moaning from the sensations have not experienced sexual intercourse with a male member. And I was just on top of the world: a woman! We came together, and I did not want to take out a member of such a sweet and desirable pussy. But then I still took it as understood again this time does not work, we have to rest ...

Marina put her head on my chest. We lay in silence. Then she asked:

- Well? Can tea still popem? ..

We had almost the whole kettle. Then he ran through the queue to the toilet. Then, imagining how Marinka sitting on the toilet and out of her pussy flowing urine, I was excited again and dragged his girlfriend on the bed. She laughed loudly. As long as neither felt the crimson cock again entered her pussy. At this time it lasted longer than the first time, but the end was no less violent ...

What is there to tell? The whole time we sanatorium Marina engaged in this several times a day. Then the term "cure" came to an end. Marinka flew home for a few days before me. I'm sad. Zink, which, of course, was aware of the matter, I have been trying to "hook up":

- Igor, you're a fool or what? What do you care - she or I? In women at all all the same. Want me to show you? ..

I silently waved.

Once home, I called Marinka from work (she gave me the phone):

- Marinka, my dear, I can not live without you! You want me to come? At least for a week! ..

- Come and what ..?

I begged his superiors trip right in the town, where Marina lived. Affairs there, like, no it was not, but I invented something, and bosses argue with me no more. And I see from the window of an airplane dear little face!

At home, I met Marina, with its 16-year-old daughter. The girl looked at me with hatred and all my time never to me did not even exchanged a few words. But she had a separate bedroom, and she slept soundly. Marina in the evening in the living room was packed, and at night resorted to me. A day later, I (do not know why) suddenly had a heart attack. As it turned out, it was the first "bell", testified about serious heart disease.

- Marinka, let's get married! - I said your favorite tomorrow.

She did not answer immediately.

- Igor, let's look at things realistically. You - a family man, you have a lawful wife and children ... My Oksanka (daughter) you hate at first sight. She'll never admit she adored her father. You are sick. The North does not fit all. Everything is against us, as you see. Apparently - no luck ..!

... It took two and a half years. From the Moscow hospital where I trained for heart surgery, I ( "goodbye" as it seemed to me) called for the coveted number. By phone he approached Marina (I was afraid that the phone could take Oksana)

- Hello, dear!

- Igor? Hello! I'm glad to hear you! How are you, how are you? ..

- Why, Tomorrow heart surgery. But I hope!

- Good luck to you! I got married ... The guy does not drink, and earn, and help with the housework ... In general, all the way through ...

- I am glad! Wish you happiness...

My operation was successful. Otherwise, you just have not read what I write. Yes, I tell you, life is - not an easy thing: do not always know where will find and where you lose ..


School toilet

Want to share your real episode from the life that I often remember. Some may understand me. It was in the high school years, I studied in the eighth grade, not so long ago. At school I was a nerd, very shy, a little thin, and wore glasses. In our school students he was toilet cubicles and without any partitions, represent - toilet for boys looked like this: there are almost 2 toilets nearby. I always hesitate to defecate there, even on the small not to mention more. Tried to go to the toilet during lessons to write when there is almost no one was, at the time of change is always there were the boys from my class and other classes. The toilet was also a place for high school students smoke. Smoked same place where the toilets were. And one autumn morning, sitting in the classroom, I felt something that I had a stomach ache and strongly wanted to defecate. At first I thought to take time off and go home from school, but I was afraid that will not have time to run and crap one's pants in the street. There was nothing like a tear double-leaf exercise book, raise your hand and ask to leave. Coming out of the class, I went to the toilet. Going to the toilet, there was no one there I went to the toilet, which was closer to the window. The rim was smeared drops of urine. I undid the belt on his pants, pulled the pants with shorts to the knees, lifted his shirt and sat down on the push. I relax your sphincter and began to push. From my hole I pulled stream of liquid shit. I tried to deal as quickly, making it easier and more likely to leave can be as long as no one came. Several times even school toilet was filled with the sounds of that was making my butt, it was good that no one hears. Suddenly in the corridor, I heard footsteps and went to the toilet boy from a parallel class, whose name was Eugene. Zhenya I especially did not communicate, know each other only visually, I knew only that he was repetition, it has been left for the second year in the eighth grade. His height is taller than me by 10 centimeters, a little bigger, a little wider at the shoulders, close-cropped brown hair, he was dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt Seeing me sitting on the toilet, he grinned and said, "- hello." I replied to him in return. He pulled out of his pants pocket a pack of cigarettes and lit up. I tried not to look at him, but the corner of his eye saw that he was staring at me. After a couple of puffs, he went to the toilet and a free turning me did not hesitate and pulled in front slightly lowered his sweats bared her pussy. It was interesting to see his body. I just turned my head for a long time but I tried not to stare at his penis. But I could see his sausage. It was much thicker and could see my black curly hairs. Penis Eugene was a little zaluplen when he wrote directly into the toilet. I somehow thought looking at his stream of urine, and he noticed that I was looking at his body. He finished writing, shook a little Potressov his cock and put it in his pants, still holding a smoking cigarette in his mouth. Jack asked me "- Th zyril on my dick like it?" I replied something unintelligible to jump off and do not show an interest, though could not see anything and I was not interested in it. He continued to smoke while there and then he asked me to make a couple of rods, drag cigarette said that it is better when seritsya smoke a cigarette and offered me his. I was delayed, I was struck by the cough, Eugene snickered. I kept waiting for when it will go to allow me to get up, wipe the ass, refuel and go to class to class. But Jack is something not in a hurry to leave. I took my exercise book and began to leaf to wipe his ass sitting on the toilet. A couple of times teranul and began to get up to more wear pants and tuck shirt into pants. When I stood up with a jolt, he came up to me and lifted me Zhenya front shirt revealing my pod, at that time I cringed pussy hard and looked very childish. Somehow, I did not resist and did not remove his hand. Jack grinned and told me that I have not yet pubescent dick that I like a child. (I have at that moment the hair was not there, but the sperm was, I sometimes play with pussy) I did not answer anything, washed over him and began to dress, to refuel, Eugene arm removed and put out a cigarette and called me 'boy with dirty ass "and he left after a few seconds behind him I went out and walked back to the classroom. I was looking forward to when the lesson is over, to go home and be alone with his thoughts and memories. That day I learned from all faded. Arriving home, just crossed the threshold I immediately pulled off his pants with shorts to his knees and lifted his shirt and looked at myself in the mirror in a way in which I saw Eugene. Pussy I was vengeance, I began to masturbate remembering what happened in the clean and jerk at school half an hour ago and remembered Zhenya word "dick like a child, a boy with dirty ass ..." I put myself in the ass finger, the finger was dirty .. My mail <script type="text/javascript"> write any feedback or questions.