A meeting

I drew attention to it immediately. Why? Beautiful? Yes, but that's not it. Beautiful I've seen before. And this girl was struck my fancy at once. Above-average growth, platinum hair color, not perezhzhnnaya blonde, namely platinum. And his eyes are black, dark brown or rather, why they appear black. Long slim legs. High breast, which emphasizes a red dress with an open back. And was there any magnetism, attraction. I usually pay attention only to the men, it is with me for the first time. No, I'm lying, it is not the first time. When I finished school, spring break came to her grandmother Sveta. Svetlana was my neighbor. She was six months older, but I do seem terribly grown-up. Past Svetka could not safely pass any man, it's crazy. Tall, thin, sandy hair, a figure with curves such that it is impossible to look away. I was bored on vacation. My best friend had gone somewhere and I missed alone. Light has come to ask for charging cell phone and we talked. It turned out my new friend sews perfectly, and I just had to sew a skirt. Fabric I was a black, shimmering, feels like a tight silk, it was for small, sew, but this talent I have, alas, did not possess. She asks kindly offered their services. She took measurements, the length I have chosen such that practically had only to lift his leg as it becomes visible panties.
- I'm sure? - I asked doubtfully Light - maybe a little longer.
But I stood my ground.
- While on your feet, she continued dreamily ..........
- And what are my legs? - I asked in surprise. While I was still unaware of its appeal, and the body to show love, as Emmanuel was read and tried to imitate her.
- Oh, with your feet, Evochka, with your full lips, with your breasts, the boys have to go on your mind.
- Hmm - I chuckled - that do not go.
- Wait a minute, all ahead.
- Eve, and you see "Bitter Moon"?
- Yes, of course, it's my favorite film.
- Do you remember the scene in the end where Mimi and Fiona kiss?
- Oh sure.
- You know, we are the one girl Zhanka, so too were kissing.
At these words, I felt a strange excitement, and I wanted to kiss madly Svetku, as well as in Bitter Moon. But I was embarrassed of his own thoughts. A few days later the skirt was ready. Satisfied, I turned to the mirror. Sveta offered to dance. She turned on the music, the one with Bitter Moon, we danced, looking at each other, and suddenly our lips joined. I felt Svetka tongue in his mouth. I was pleased, my hands touched her breasts under the thin T-shirt. The doorbell interrupted our dance. Came Svetkina grandmother. Holidays over, Sveta went to their city and never came. We met after 5 years. She married, expecting a child. We drank coffee and left. This was my first time with a girl. After Svetka no girl did not cause such feelings in me. In one case, at corporate parties, we went as a group for the city, an all-female staff. They drank a lot of martinis and climbed into the pool and swim naked. My boss Natalia A. admiringly stared at my chest, and then suddenly pressed her lips to the nipple, I felt the excitement and confusion at a time. Natalia A., not yet old, forty, plump, desire did not cause me, but I'm allowed to fondle her breasts. I was too much to drink, I took possession of relaxed bliss, but when the boss to kiss between my legs, I muttered that I need to take a shower, and hurried away. I should add that the rest of the team at that time amused vengeance, the women caressed each other, undeterred by anything, but seems like the game is not for me, all the same with a man better, which is the power, security, and here too all gently, gently. No, not for me. So I thought then. Well, I was distracted. My husband and I were at a private party in a private club. There was almost impossible to get, but my husband still found channels. Played sensual music, French. The party was called "Mysteries of Paris". Dance, I sat down to drink, "Sex on the Beach," is my favorite drink, and here she is. It is the same stranger mentioned in the beginning of the story. The stranger danced with a girl like I once Svetka. They looked into each other's eyes and that's kissed. How, spellbound, I did not take her eyes from them, a cocktail was forgotten, my breathing was interrupted, the excitation wave up the body. I felt like getting wet panties, going to the toilet cubicle, her fingers brought themselves to orgasm, she stood in front of his eyes. Returning to her husband, I noticed that she rather they continue to dance, their bodies so close ......
- Look, - I called her husband - the truth is something?
But he did not share my enthusiasm. Well, dancing girls, so beautiful. My reaction struck him.
- Girl is, you that girls pulled? - Jokingly he asked.
I was confused.
- No, just her. I pointed to the dark-eyed beauty in a red dress. Who is she?
- Now find out if you're so interested, said her husband and moved away.
Soon he returned. My name is Lika, she was the wife of the owner of the club.
- Clear.
- By the way, here the top jacuzzi.
- Oh, come on.
- Eg, I can not. I met a friend, it's something about the work promised, cool place. You go ahead, I'll join.
- OK.
I went into a room with a jacuzzi, shed clothes. I had to think, to understand what is happening to me.
I thought that did not notice that someone had entered.
- Oh, I did not know that there is someone, he heard a melodious voice.
I saw the Face. My heart pounded with excitement.
- I have come out, I mumbled.
- What are you, we had a great estate. But how about a couple of cocktails?
- I'm not against. "Sex on the Beach." - you are welcome.
- Oh, "Sex in your shorts" Perhaps I, too. Now I am gathering a waiter. By the way, we have not met. I Lika.
- Very nice, Eva.
- First time here?
- Yes. And I really like.
- Well, I hope, will now be regular visitors.
- With pleasure.
Meanwhile, Lika undressed, folded it was divine and got me in the hot tub, the waiter brought cocktails. We drank and chatted about this and that. I relaxed. Several times in the water touched my leg Leakey, I do not know, either accidentally or intentionally. I felt a growing excitement. Meanwhile, time passed, and my husband did not come.
- I got up with a sigh. Something my husband zapropastilsya, I'll find him, and then he can get excited about the negotiations and to forget about everything.
- Do not worry, there, smiling Face. My same.
- Still going. I started to wear a bra.
- Let me help you. Lika also rose from the hot tub. And here it is near me. Her hands are discarded and not buttoned bra. Discharge. Her lips were so close, they are enticing. Our tongues entwined. Kiss deeper. Faces Hands stroked my chest, my her.
- Girl is the way you look at it, to move to the bed, whispering Lika.
- Do not mind, but here?
- Offended. Press gently and becomes a huge sofa bed. We fall on it. Our lips are opened, the hand Leakey already between my legs, she caresses the clitoris, I groaned. And now, not your fingers, already head Leakey between my legs, her tongue there, inside. I covered the whole excitement and desire. And cramp and juices poured into the open mouth likin. It's my turn to bring her pleasure. I have it for the first time, but trying very hard, and that's Face groaned, pressed his feet my head to his bosom and her sweetish juices running down my lips. Lika tireless. Again she works tongue over my clit. Suddenly my lip rests against something hard. I'm so ecstatic that obediently open my mouth and absorb hard cock mouth. I do not know someone, and I do not care. I lick the barrel, spend lips on the head. And the stranger shakes in convulsions, pouring jet of sperm on my face, chest, while petting Leakey and culminate in the throes of passion I bet I am. Meanwhile, a stranger enters the Face, Face sitting on top of him and our lips merge in a kiss. My hand caressed the bosom, are the most sensitive places. And at the same time his hand caressing my chest. And the finish. All three of us breathe heavily.
- Look, smiling says Lika, this is my husband Ian. And this is Eve.
- Very nice. Yang gallantly kissed my hand.
- Me too.
- Well, that will continue.
- Okay, but first in the shower.
After showering Yang goes, Lika strikes a pose 69, Jan caresses her, and I am working on a member.
- There you are, - is heard a familiar voice. Yes, dear, you do not lose time in vain.
- Look, I smile.
- Yes, we are familiar with Dan, smiling Face.
- How? - I'm impressed.
- Yes, it happened, your husband, Evochka tselut delicious.
- But when you have time?
- Eva, I invited Face to dance well, and said that you are mad about her.
- But kiss?
- And we kissed.
Well, to restore equality, Yang passionately suck my lips passionately. Den fondles breasts Leakey. Ian gets into me, Den in Lika. Then we change partners. Den with me, Ian with Lika. Then Dan caresses member Ian and Lika my clit, and I was. Yang Dan takes in her mouth, I play with her tongue clitoris ............
- You guys are great, so cool, sexy, chirps Lika. - In order not to wait for a new party, invite you to the next week-end for us, to our country house. Leave your number, call each other. We exchange numbers.
- Unfortunately, it's time to speak with Ian Lika. You stay. Jacuzzi at your disposal. Want to drink, call the waiter. Nice to meet you.
- And to us.
- We do not say goodbye. At the week-end you have.
- Sure, see you soon. Guys go.
We Dan a little tired, but happy immersed in the jacuzzi.
- Can you? - His voice is heard. We were already stripped suitable low dark-haired slender girl and pretty sturdy child.
- Of course, join.
the end


I hear my friend's statement of its intention to take a great interest in hunting without much surprise, considering it's fascination for men funny, and even exciting, imagining pictures warmed animal magnetism, as I give myself on the skins who came from hunting Viking, smeared with the blood of wild Ever .. .

However, enthusiasm for the time required not only for routine clearance papers, but also spending on equipment and clothing ...

I agreed to keep the company in the hunting store with the romantic name LeBaron, where there is a large variety of special shoes for walking through forests and swamps.

Bored look studying numerous shelves filled with all kinds of hunting utensils, komuflyazhnyh from costumes to sets of different knives, to please even the most experienced killer.

Coming to the shoe department, I'm surprised such a quantity and variety. The friendly saleswoman, emerged from nowhere as always, brings the 10 pairs of shoes and boots for my dear, and I feel like we're stuck here for an hour and a half ...

To twist some time around the store, I feel confident that beer asks out drunk at lunch today, "Yes, you ask the shop assistant, surely they have a toilet" -ponimayusche tells me my friend. I'm starting to look for her eyes and we meet vzlyad that in this whole atmosphere of the hunting can be called "At catcher and the beast ..." glaring at me with his gray eyes like a cat, she explains that the toilet only for the staff, but she had me there holds .... something difficult I notice in her gestures and words, but driven by only one desire, I do not pay attention to the details ... We go out the door "staff only (for the staff)" and she leads me through an endless corridor warehouse with high shelves packed hunting household items. Moving forward, a slender, gratsioznaya, with thick black hair covering half of the back, it reminds me of a panther in the sort of exotic woods ...

Literally flying into the long-awaited toilet, I did not even shut the door, I enjoy ringing stream and feeling of relief, seeing as "Panterka" comes to me with ease, explaining that just wants to wash his hands. We look into each other's eyes .... feeling mutual bisexuality glance hunter and predator, and she suddenly jumping cat sits on my lap, his fingers slipping on wet clitoris and deeper .... I'm throwing in a fever of excitement and knowing that "the continuation of should ... "I start to whisper that my darling will look for me and someone can come here ... but an explanation that my friend should remeasure 10 pairs of shoes, and she closed the door from the inside, anxiously obey. This "wild cat" is very agile. Bring me out of the toilet, she just throws me on the shelf with some stuff, tying my hands behind hunting belt.

Stripping me only from below, exposed herself whole, showing me tanned thin body and bringing the breast to my lips ... the game begins between your legs. Kissing this amazing breast with brown chocolate nipples and gently pulling them deeper and deeper into his mouth, intoxicated by her moans, I was very ready ... And all is happening to me so quickly and surprisingly with the help of her cat's tongue gently sliding my chuvstvitelnoiu place under the supervision of camouflage ducks, owls and squirrels ...

Stunned by his adventure, I return to the room where my "newly-born Hunter" is still in the process of fitting ... "What are you so flushed?" - Carelessly throws it. "Yes ... they have there in the warehouse so stuffy ..." - I'm making excuses.

Silent on the way back from a hunting store, reveling in memories of kisses "Panterka" I remember nipped anecdote about hunting. "This is when it hunt and hunt me ... That's .... HUNTING.

New work

Hello dear readers, my name is Irina I am 37 years old and I want to share a story that happened to me and it is true to my great regret ... I write briefly and without poetic digressions, since it is so fast rough and uncontested evolved described below events ... From My husband and I lived in a happy marriage of 16 years raised 2 children, I was engaged exclusively in housekeeping, good husband earned, we almost did not sorilis, Gleb and Marina grew umnichka, studied at otlichnoi and thought it would be forever. Family idyll thoroughly disrupted with the coming crisis of 2008 ... my husband was fired, and although he soon found another job but they pay three times less ... after much thought and family councils, we decided I employ ... the education I accounts department, but since has not worked in the specialty a day, the choice fell on our supermarket known retail chain, which was across the road, where the seller is required cashier. After a short interview, I was enrolled vendor-trainee on probation ... at first it was very hard but one gets used to everything, and soon I was doing well and firmly joined the team, which I like everything except the big arrogant and nasty guard Valery Sergeyevich ... with the first days of this unshaven and unkempt style gypsy appearance would not let me pass ... first sitting behind the counter, I began to notice him staring sebaceous views, then he began to wink and brazen smile ... I did not pay attention until gradually it is not turned into a real problem ... whenever opportunities he tried to grab me, and pressed Fingered, rubbing only near my offices and showered primitive jokes and vulgar jokes scary ... well won the hearts of the lady as I could and was able .. I do no longer go into the storage room, as there had disconnected all sorts brakes, and frenzied brilliance of his eyes I was clear that here no one and nothing will deter from achieving its objectives ... in three words Ouzel, toist me, I lean natural blonde with a very proportionate figure and big green eyes on it in other all dignity and an end ... why his choice fell, I I do not understand, the store operated as for me a lot of a lot of cute and younger girls, although I beauty is not deprived, on the street often try to meet all the friends of her husband from me crazy, escorted look at apartment and controversial look at each other, that is terrible annoying Kohl, and even peers son distracted from their computer games and furtively zyrkaet over his shoulder ... he has not passed all limits ... once in the night shift, I was arranging products on the shelves, which is also the responsibility of the Seller if few people ... substituting the ladder, I put in neat rows zguschenki banks and reached to fix the price list and to my horror suddenly felt that my buttocks tightened like a vise. I screamed in surprise and whirled, throwing off huge paws with his body. At the bottom of the monster stood and smiled brazenly ... in a wild fit of anger, I slapped him a resounding slap and pushed at his massive chest rushed to escape along the shelves ... to my utter dismay in the audience viewing the mirror, I saw that the animal doganyaet me !! Horrified, I shrank into herself and huddled in a corner ... from imminent violence then I saved a senior dealer Galina Ivanovna, he ran to the cries and loud otmateril and threatened that he would tell all the headmistress, barely pulled dwells in the wild fury of the guard from me ... In desperation wanted to howl ... I did not know what to do and who to contact ... the headmistress to complain it was useless, she treasured big and strict guard who porozgonyal all local punks who drank beer at the entrance and lifts up buyers to find a replacement for the money it would be difficult, it is easier to fire me ... She asked her husband to meet a couple of times after work, but that made it worse, my unsightly and lean Kohl in his intellectual glasses caused a new wave podkolok anecdotes from Valery Sergeyevich. My husband said something, and behind him is a primitive animal stared into my eyes and stroked his groin ... when my husband and I together came out of the store, he insolently stood in the doorway, forcing Kohl Shoal, and when it took place, I it I shrank back against the wall and took a few quick movements pushing hips .... through the thin fabric light summer sundress I felt it excited indignation ... I cramped cheekbones, eyes Nakata tears and I stormed out into the street! My husband even nothing, and did not see, and what he would do with this big man ... - tomorrow Irina A. flashed me dogonku ... buketno candy period ended abruptly and tragically forever ... after working shift I went to change clothes in the storeroom, as soon as I took off her blouse and remained in a bra and jeans, opened the door swiftly from the impact in the small room burst Valery ... his condition is difficult to describe in simple words, eyes burning fire of madness and lust .... I can only say that this beast instantly gripped my throat with his hand that could not do and hissed with a terrible and distorted face, bitch, one word, and you f .... u !! ... for some reason I did not doubt the sincerity and truthfulness of his words ... my jeans were out with plaintive crash, a narrow strip of panties he just pushed aside ... pushed me on the table, he hastily pulled down pants ... something that fell out of them instantly brought me from the stupor I issued a faint squeak but tutzhe two terrible slap vybpili remnants of my dazed consciousness of my head ... once we smuzhem watched a porn movie and there I saw something like that, is more like a ... like two white straws my tightly clenched legs scattered in different directions and he with all the fluff brought me this ... and then I yelled !! Wild pain shot through the whole body, and I was sure that he had me pierced ... recently my husband and I rarely had sex, my already narrow and small vagina has become a girl's view ... and meanwhile, this animal drives the and drives the a huge dick to me where -That until the middle of the abdomen, completely ignoring my crying ... it seemed to never end but then to my dismay and utter self-disgust, I began to feel weak but sure signs of arousal ... clenching his teeth so as not to give yourself and do not moan I silently Stukalo head against the wall, together with a table in time with his movements ... but the body can not be fooled ... I quickly moistened !!! And it did not escape his attention ... He guffawed and turned me on my stomach and instantly went back ... because he could not see my face, I could relax and all the forces began to fight with nakatyyuvaschimi waves of orgasm ... I have no sound ... but my rapidly shrinking vagina and the hot liquid flows speak for themselves .... widely regarded as one movement of put me on my knees and I was in front of his huge purple head ... I've done a few times my husband a blowjob but then my head wrapped around two huge sweaty palms and a furious pace and with terrible force began to stick my mouth on this count ... As if sensing that I throw up on pulled out his penis and threw me back on the table ... the one hand he was holding my feet up high in the ankle area, while the other drove his billet on my wet and red lips ... - Bitch flowed and flowed !! - I told you what you like, with these words, he and all the fluff again entered me and began to stick on the entire length of his penis ... head like a giant piston went in me, the most enveloping walls of my vagina ... through my tears I saw the heaving wave my stomach when he walked back and forth ... and then his cock stiffened and became more solid ... drove him on the very foundation of it, howling and closed eyes began to finish straight into me, splashed a stream of jet ... - so long did not finish, he croaked, and you're like twice came neighing he slowly pulled his limp but it does not become smaller member. Vagina spent his squelching zvkuom interlocking jaws ... - Well, bitch ... I fucked you. be at any time of the day, firing can not find surf and you and your husband a dunce with precious dotsey do the same thing as you, truncated ?! - I'll give the first request, and stop going to the robot in jeans, skirts only! All clean and pi. Dui home, waiting for tomorrow. Pinching goodbye for the ass, he walked out, leaving me on the table with widely outstretched legs and ensuing vaginal discharge mixed with his cum ... I do not remember how dressed as ran out of the store, I was almost hit by a car when I was in prostration and wailing ran across. road .... getting up in the elevator to the 11th floor, I saw in the mirror a large wet spot on the jeans ... Blago was almost morning, everyone was asleep, he ran to the bathroom, I stripped off all my clothes, turned stiralku and got into the shower, where stayed for nearly an hour, as if trying to wash away all the dirt of the night ... throwing nightie, like a robot went into the bedroom and lay down beside her husband ... he sleepily mumbled something and put his hand on my leg ... I shivered, I again began to sob quietly ...

First time with Caucasians

Hello my name is Natasha, I'm pretty blonde height 175 cm weight 60 chest 3 me 30 years to look at 25 years married a daughter.
Not to say that I had often cheated on her husband but happened because you know ten years of marriage, kill the passion in bed so nedoeb felt often was Friday night my husband went on a fishing trip the daughter from their parents, I went to her friend to drink wine and talk about about these things because I lived not far from a friend, I decided to go on foot, and to be honest my soul like adventure two bottles of wine seems to have affected two, dressed, I was in a skirt and t-shirt shoes with heels went on the road and then stopped Ford (which is SUV) open the window and I hear "hey girl you ride" behind the wheel sat a huge Caucasian 40-45 years I do not know what came over me but in my head that scrolled touted Caucasian girlfriend lovers, and then I thought why not, he does not know me I am his too, and I got into the car.
- What's your name beauty
- Natasha
- Zaur, love Natasha (he smiled and looked around me)
I smiled, too, he said, once I'm not in a hurry, let's ride, and so 15 minutes of idle talk is not what I was trying to make him understand that I am at his service, and then he stopped and began to stroke my legs, and a minute later his hand was already in my panties I just approvingly sighed and spread her legs, he unbuttoned his pants where everything was in the "ready" I have not seen such a beautiful and large member is automatically lowered to the bottom and began to greedily lick and suck it paw my pussy and ass sucked me for about ten minutes and then he ordered undress which I did and climb on his dick oh god he entered as a piston, I immediately had finished, he laughed and said that I was a whore Russian and began to peck me after fifteen minutes he came in me gave me a towel and he wiped his dick on my hair. I leaned back in the chair of this I did not have, and licked her lips.
- If you want even a whore (turns me on such an attitude)
I nodded, and then he called someone and said something to her, we came to what that the apartment where we waited for five of his friends, they came to meet us eagerly looked me over and said to take place in the room and undressed in three minutes I stood naked on his knees in the hall licking sweet members of my stallions from all this, I took down the roof, I was already all mokrenkaya and carefully licking cock lined up around me spanked on the ass and discussed my charms in this position, I was still hours of the floor and that's one of the guys could not stand set me cancer and immediately came into my ass where I would not let even her husband and started me furiously peck I began to moan loudly feeling his entire term in itself but my mouth quickly plugged a member of the guy finished in five minutes and was replaced by another but in pussy to by the time I was roughly finished I put the belly on the coffee table pushed foot guys began to change finishing in the mouth in the pussy semen was flowing in the legs because I had a couple of hours, I completely lost my head one of the guys started to fuck me with your fingers and then gave me a lick they were all in the semen of my lovers tired sat down on the sofa and said that I would lead the members back to a working state that I meekly and began to do as I sucked them slapped my ass and say what I'm a slut and how our Russian girls here every week carry and so I sucked all of the guys went ordered to sit on top of the dick and I did the other inserted in the ass, I just finished so I had another hour's all over me wiping members of my hair and then put me on his feet the whole, I could not even in the semen reduce leg I went carousing on the balcony while it was almost five in the morning one the youngest of the boys followed me without a word bent me and leaned against the frame of the balcony tits dangled from the outside, he began furiously fuck my pussy, I started yelling at the whole court, he quickly finished me this excited and then left me to smoke when I smoked I was told to get dressed Zaur take you home, I got dressed without washing sperm on thighs and on the clothing gave three hundred bucks said earned on a petition I each kiss a member of the home Zaur I drove in silence and did not have the strength to say a mistimed challenge the house unceremoniously Fingered I took my number and said they expect over three days in the sauna I smiled said, think about it and went home going home, I realized that the house is sleeping husband, I slipped into the bathroom brought myself up and realized that this I did not have sex ever and I'm sure I'll go to the sauna out of the bathroom putting veshi in the washing machine lay beside her husband.
- Hello, sweety))

Me and my friend's wife (grieving) Treason

I want you to tell the story from a still shudder ... I had Koljan friend with whom we studied together at the university. However, we know the girls otebal many classmates. And a little later after finishing university, both married about the same time and very early. I decided to stop with the habit to fuck everybody and be a faithful husband and a friend of mine, this habit has remained More ... Sex with my wife Lenka was only in one position and we did not want to experiment, we have the satisfaction of, at least she thought so and I was bored with it, and I even began to get used to. Once Kolya decided to invite us to visit his wife at the house on the beach. He stood next to the cliff, the house has got him by inheritance. Well, we're taking good wine went to visit. At the entrance we were greeted by his wife, a smart woman, she wore a skin-tight dress that her buttocks, breasts, exactly expressing its funky shape, it is not just beautiful but also sexy, smooth posture, straight nose, lush lips ... My wife is also nothing but it seemed to me that it is better. I'm with her before did not know and always joked with a friend that if I was familiar with it already would fuck her. The friend did not mind keeping it on the contrary say: Kept to himself.

I kissed her on the cheek, she said the same, we greeted each other and went. There sat Kohl and already getting opened his arms and we hugged each other as if the had not seen a hundred years ... After sitting down at the table, I could not take my eyes off of Ani (another wife) incision in her dress elicited her lovely breasts, she was sitting on the foot and spreads foot and every time I tried to see her underwear as a short dress. My friend got drunk and went outside, he walked unsteadily to Peron, and suddenly all of a sudden collapse.! I went down and he was already dead ... ... I dragged him upstairs ... I looked at her wife worried look, she immediately understood and began to cry ..... (then skip, all was bad) It's been three days were buried, came home, his wife is in mourning ... I went to her she stood at the window. I decided to keep quiet ...

- I did not like she said. I made a couple of steps, she also.

- Do not say that ... that's all I could say. Then she kissed me on the lips, I have decided not to give in but I was seized by a wave and I became her very passionately kiss her very greedy like a beast I tore her dress and lowered her bra began to kiss and suck on her breasts, she put her arms around my neck, her breath participation. I threw her on the bed, dropped his pants, took off his shirt and turned on ... I kissed her on the neck to the abdomen and focusing on the panties removed their teeth she moaned, there she was already wet, I pulled out the tool and when I wanted to enter it I saw the tears ... and he understood what I was doing felt lousy, and decided to leave ... but she put her arms around my back and I drove into her own body. She gasped, and it excited me the minute the humanity disappeared and I began to fuck her slowly at first then rapidly accelerating pace of everything. I took her by the hips and began to move them to a meeting. We finished it off ...: mmmm, was heard this languor. I got dressed and looked at her lying and staring at me silently turning left with a sense of guilt towards the other ...

After she committed suicide, I shall find his wife with a lover, divorce. Now I'm a lonely sex with many more women, seduced girls but did not feel any guilt, the pain after the wife of my friend ...

My first time in the ass in car

Hello, my name is Mike.

The story of how I lost my virginity to a guy in the car.

At that time I was a teenager, everyone knows that at this time want sex, I too would like, but not such a lot of guys, but I wanted to me entered the guy deeply, then to me it sucked for a long time, oh, how it's cool.

Well I will not torment, then I climbed on many dating sites for sex, and came across a site for "fagot" went, he met a man, the same day he came to me, met and went out of the city, in the woods stopped, he sat back and began to touch me, kiss, lay down on me and started to undress, I have to have sex was ready, a substitution, did an enema, when he undressed me, he ordered me to take off his pants, I took off, and he poked me face his groin as it smelled, ohh I was standing, I began to suck ineptly as it's nice to please a man, while I sucked, he hit me on the ass, touch it, then he lay down on his back, and I was on top of that the Tipo postures 69 and started making me anilingus, it's something, well, that he finally decided to insert me, put me cancer, greased hole and abruptly entered, it hurt a little, but then just a buzz, he fucked me for about 10 minutes, then put me on his back, and went again into, I like this Fucking, when his testicles beating on my ass, he fucked up and kissed me, and then pulled out a penis and put it to the face, and again prodded me and I sucked, taste just indescribable, when you suck a guy who just fuck you in the ass when he was already at the limit, leaned my head on the seat, and finished right on the face, finished it for a long time, I had to drink the sperm, sperm seemed sooo delicious, then he moved his still wet a member of my face, and went on to my dick, but he told me masturbate and I came into his hands, he put his hand to my face and ordered to lick, I'm licked. We sat in a little way, then he slapped me on the ass and said, "Good for you, girl." we still meet, but a lot of these stories.

Do you want to communicate:

Write, boys, I will be glad.


New neighbor

Dinner with the new neighbors went better than expected. Oksana - our housekeeper had prepared a delicious Peking duck and baked potatoes in French. Olga and Victor were nice young people. Olga has an incredible figure - because clearly, the former model. She was wearing a designer dress and expensive jewelry. I have many times wished she was wearing only jeans and a T-shirt. Tom, my husband, was now on top. He shone with wit and erudition. Well, I just had to carry on a conversation at times, so how could I not quote Confucius and Homer, with difficulty, as always, understanding the meaning of the phrases of my Blessed. Victor and then took his wife's hand, as if reproaching us for the lack of affection for each other. We're accustomed to show their feelings to her husband only in the bedroom. Although I loved my husband until he lost consciousness, I had to admit that in appearance he was very inferior to Victor. Well, not like Artem sports.
After dinner the men retired to the billiard room, and Olga and I went to the balcony to smoke.
- You have a great building, - said Olga. - We have something to Vityusha yet to repair. But I could no longer stay in the city, that will have to endure a month in his home maintenance crews.
- This is not my doing - I smiled, looking with envy at the neighbor's hair and dress. - Here everything is left as it was the first wife of Artem. I just planted flowers in the garden.
- They're delicious - sang Olga. - Oh, probably I would have ended repair and clean all these people out of my house. Frankly, I have long dream to sunbathe naked.
Honestly, I have this idea first arose, so I did not hesitate to say:
- Well, come to me tomorrow, let us together to sunbathe. A housekeeper I'll give us a day off and no one is hurt.
- True? - Olga happily grabbed my arm. - Oh, I want to soak up the sun and to not spoil swimsuit tan.
- So you decided? - I asked. - Tomorrow morning, waiting for you ...
When Olga and Victor went to his home, Tom, watching the maid cleans the table, he said he liked the new neighbors.
- I'd even tried to fight off Olga Victor, if not love you so much - he joked.
I pretended to be hurt and pouted.
- The villain, you deserve punishment.
- True? - Artem laughed and picked me up in his arms and said - well, let's go, let's see what will be the punishment.
In the bedroom, I pushed her Blessed on the bed and pulled out handcuffs from a drawer. Having fastened handcuffs Artem to bed, I picked up a sharp knife and notched the first button on his shirt. The cold blade on her husband's body ran chill. Pushing his shirt, I dug into his neck and left a hard kiss her passionately.
- Careful, honey, I have a shooting tomorrow.
- Oh, you thought up to fight back - I took off her panties and stuffed into his mouth instead of the gag. His cock stiffened at the same time and took a fighting stance. On his face it was clear that what is happening gives him pleasure. But to meet his little friend I still was not going to. Cutting the remaining buttons on his shirt, I pulled out of the nightstand beside the bed vibrator. Artyom had sensitive nipples, which I often used. I turned the vibrator on full power and began to drive them around the nipples, and she sat down with Artem. Through the fabric of his pants and underpants, I felt like a member became hard as a number and no longer fit in captivity double layer of fabric. From vein tension on his face stood out clearly, he was breathing heavily. Hands in handcuffs were clenched into fists - he kept struggling. I moved away, so that he could be seen and licking vibrator, brought him into his crack. The vibrating toy gave me a lot of experience and I arched, Murch pleasure. Artyom's face is to be seen as it is not sweet, all his muscles were tense, his eyes narrowed. I felt sorry for him. Not deliver themselves from the vibrator, I unzipped his pants and pulled out the will of his languishing on hard dick. Slowly, stretching the pleasure I took it in her mouth, ran her lips over his head, then gently tickling his tongue, then rapidly swallowing almost to the base. All my body Blessed relaxed, I felt his trembling pleasure. The vibrator in my pussy was pouring through my body enjoying the waves. Now a member of my husband was for me the most important thing in my life, I was ready to do anything to Artem was happy. Very pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, I threw it in the corner and sat down on the inviting member Tema. We moved in time with each other and, as our prelude lasted very quickly finished together. I felt within me spread a wave of hot sperm. Rising from a member, I licked it clean and then undid his hands Artem from the bed and pulled her panties out of his mouth. Barely released, he grabbed my hand on the back of his head and kissed her. The kiss was so strong and long that I almost choked. Then we took a long shower, lathering each other tenderly shower gel and foam washing. We slept like the dead, and in the morning, even when I was asleep, Artem went to the shooting.
After washing and swallowed the coffee and banana cake, I called Olga.
- Oh, hello - she was delighted. - I'll have you in five minutes.
Olga came quickly in a silk robe, barely covered ass and with a bottle of wine in hand. She went to the pool, and I took in the kitchen and two glasses of fruit plate, went to her. Olga pulled the belt and the robe fell from her shoulders - it was nothing. Loboc it was clean-shaven, except for the hair neat triangles, which obviously vystregali in the cabin. But her breasts were too small, but on the background of a thin waist it did not seem a disadvantage. I quickly pulled off her clothes, a little embarrassed by his imperfect things. I had large breasts and a small waist, but to the pope were complaints - I've always wanted it to be higher, but the legs were not as stout. But no exercise did not give the desired result.
Olga and I lay down on a sun lounger.
- Listen, no sunscreen with you, - she said - but then I'm a girl city, the sun does not often see. Yet what good can not sit tomorrow from burns.
- I am too lazy to get up, take in the bathroom - I said calmly, almost falling asleep in the sun. I do not know how long I slept on soltse can a minute - maybe ten, but changed woke Olga.
- Hey, baby, you can not sleep in the sun, roasted through.
I opened my eyes and stretched.
- Sorry.
- It's okay - she laughed. - I also did not sleep half the night. Vityusha was in shock.
- Well, yeah, mine too, - I mumbled.
- Can you help? - She handed me a sunscreen.
I rubbed her back, embarrassed and undecided cream staring at the ass, not knowing how it will behave, if I start to smear her. But Olga impatiently tugged booty.
- Smear, do not be shy.
I sighed and started spreadability cream loin of her body, cursing himself for having invited the neighbor sunbathe naked. Now I feel damn uncomfortable when my hands touched the female ass and my breasts while swaying from side to side and the nipple sticking treacherous. Lord, behold this spectacle, perhaps ...
When I finished, Olga put me on the chaise longue.
- Let me now you'll see.
She began to rub me the cream, but doing it is not so, as I am. Her hands slowly and gently wandered through my body, as though she had received from the process fun. Especially long she worked my ass, stretching and massaging her, from what for me crawl.
- Turn over on your back - asked Olga.
- Thank you, then I myself - I tried to protest, but she cut me off in mid-sentence.
- Do not mischievous, do not hurt.
Grinning at her last statement, I lay on my back. Her hands slid down my neck, chest, waist. stopping at each part, as if studying her body. When she touched my pubic area, I was like an electric shock, and I abruptly rose.
- What are you doing?!
Instead of answering, she pressed me to her and kissed. I swear, I did not feel anything like it in my life. I've been with someone kissing before meeting with Artem, but they were men. Kiss Olga - it was something extraordinary, the most tender kiss of my life. Meanwhile one hand it tickled my nipple, and the second went down below and penetrated between my legs. Naughty fingers deftly hit upon the most sensitive spot, and do them. I felt the power of a Olga, was not able to stop this delicate torture.
- Honey, I want you to lay down on the ground, - she said.
I could not resist it, it will put down my and I obediently sat down on the towel spread Olga pool. She spread my legs and lay down between them. Two fingers penetrated my cunt and began to move there, yet gentle tongue tortured my sensitive bud. I just went crazy with so many sensations, unknown force made me groan, resulted in a frenzy. When I had finished, full of feelings can not be passed by any words. A few minutes later, I still was recovering. When my breathing was restored, I sat up on my elbows and looked gratefully at Olga.
- In mnya no words.
- Do not word - she laughed. - It does not say. It is better to pour us a drink.
- What about ... Should not I do the same for you? - I do not know what to say.
- Do not need - Olga smiled. - I got what I wanted ...
Rest of the day we spent talking about trifles, and substituting the sun is one side of the body, then the other. We did not say a word about what happened in the evening I already felt as though I dreamed it all during my nap ...




It was not a good summer for me. I worked as a foreman at a construction site, and for two months led a very complex object that is exhausting me to the limit. I became nervous and irritable. And it is not surprising that in the end left me a girl with whom I have met more than a year that also did not add me good mood. So in the end I, under threat of dismissal, to summon itself complete, a month's leave. I decided to go to the Crimea, to lie on the beach. The trip was not with anyone. Turning to the tour. agency, I found out that the single rooms they provide can not, but offered an option rooms with shared bedroom. It was already the second half of August, and I was convinced that vacationers are now quite a bit and I'm probably gonna be number one. In principle, it suited me and I went to gather in Koktebel.

Tour agency not deceived, for three days I lived in a single room. The resort was quite old, Soviet-built, but the room was quite good - spacious, with two normal beds, a refrigerator and a large closet with a large mirror on the door. Facilities were also in the room. Only disappointing lack of air conditioning, but on the fourth floor of the room is normal and blew a breeze.

End of August was unusually hot, and on the third day, I managed to make a beautiful dark bronze tan and not get burnt. The evenings I spent in bars and discotheques, but to remove someone and lose sexual tension has not yet received.

On the fourth day, at lunch, I decided to go to him, to wait out the inferno. But this time the room was not empty. It is busily laying out the things a man fifty years old. It was low, much lower than my meter and eighty five centimeters, and also very thick, with a loose, flabby body and a huge belly. On the beach it is this year obviously was not. The body was milky-white, thickly overgrown from head to foot half-gray hair.

We naturally met and exchanged general information about yourself. I said that my name is Alexander, I'm 29 years old and I'm not married. His name was Michael Ivanovich, but offered to call him Ivanovitch as he used to. He was 55 years old and he was also not married. He said that to me in the room, he will live for a week, then here comes his older brother, with whom together they have already booked a nice house on the beach. As a neighbor, I liked it. It was a normal man, without Ponte and senile craving for moralizing.

Doze a little heat and waited, I again went to the beach where protusovalsya until evening. Then I had dinner in the cafe and decided to go to the room, change clothes and freshen up before going to the night club. The door to the room was locked. Opened it with his key, I heard the sound of water in the bathroom. It seems Ivanovich washed. Hearing my footsteps, he muted the water and looked out of the door. Seeing it was me, he greeted me and came back. A few minutes later the sound of water fell silent again and the man got out of the bath completely naked, wiping himself with a towel head. Not paying any attention to me, he stopped in front of me, spread her legs and.
He continued to wipe. I saw his shriveled cock and large balls are also overgrown with white hair.

- All Sanya, bath free. You can borrow. What the women today?
- At the club, but already there is as lucky. With any Shmarov also reluctant to sleep, and normal that something is tight.
- I see. But there was a squeeze and Shmarov polezesh. As long there is no one, so the egg ring that already ready prisunut anyone.
- Yes, damn it, I agree. Just a couple of days and I'll definitely have to throw even the old women. Already tight brains to think.
- I sympathize. Come on, good luck hunting!

He turned around, and absolutely do not hesitate to me useful to delve into the cabinet, probably in search of pants. I brought myself up and went to the club. Basically, I'm good rest, dance, thoroughly distribute cocktails with the girls but I still had no luck. In the third hour of the night, people slowly began to disperse, and I decided to go home. I was not drunk, was thinking okay, legs too easily where to go, but was light-headed and nice head.
Weakness. When they reached the room, I washed, stripped to his underpants and collapsed.

I woke up on what someone pressed against my back, and hot breath in my neck. It was Ivanovich! I do not know why, but I did not move and continued to lie quietly, not giving a mind that does not sleep. Ivanovich firmly pressed me all over and through the fabric of panties, I felt his hard dick pressed against my ass. From this feeling in my stomach settled lump incomprehensible to me excitement, from which swept over the body a wave of heat and slight dizziness. Ivanovich said nothing and practically did not move, apparently fearing to wake me, but all.
Stronger pressed his trunk in my swimming trunks and burned my back with its hot.
Breath. After a moment he gently placed it on my thigh and his hand began.
Gently stroking it gently descending to my penis. I could not understand why I did not react it. In my head there was some lightness and emptiness, but what impressed me most is the fact that my penis began to swell with excitement. I started to bring some old man! I was still lying motionless and Ivanovich, gradually emboldened, he puts his hand in my pants and started to stroke my cock. Realizing that I did not react, he went down a little below, starting to breathe in my lower back, and with his free hand began to gently knead my ass, trying to melt through.
Massaging my virgin ass. From all these actions I lost my head. My penis swollen and stood like a stone. The breath quickened and I realized that it makes no sense to pretend more.

- Ivanovich? What are you doing?
- Sanya, I'm sorry I woke you. Damn, Sanya, I can not. I want to fuck you, push you on the most eggs! You got me, bastard, mad're driving!
- Shit, Ivanovich, I'm not gay, I have never tried it.
- Sanya, believe me, you will not regret! None of this peasant woman can not give! You'll be screaming from the buzz, I guarantee you!

Listening Ivanovich, I turned around and sat down on the bed. I was thrown into a fever,
excitation wave completely swept away the remains of my mind. And I realized that I would agree!

- Okay, Ivanovich, persuaded. Only once warned, no kissing, syusyukany and similar garbage. Suck you I itself also will not. At your disposal is just my point. You, by the way, is healthy? Rubber I do not!
- Absolutely, Sasha! Healthy as a horse! Do not fear, not caught anything! I understand that you, too, does not support?
- Yes, I'm fine. Okay, come on now. What do I need to do?
- Do not worry, I'll do it myself. Can you just hold something in your hands, if you want. Suck I do not force.

The old man stood in front of me on the bed. It was almost a full moon and seen it was good enough. Before my face, a huge belly, confidently sticking up a normal, powerful dick. Not very big, not more than 17 centimeters. Beneath it hung from the concrete, swollen eggs. It was felt that the sperm they have accumulated a lot. I reached out, grabbed the old man's body several times vzdrochnul, revealing a large, slightly darker than the rest of the body, head. In the moonlight, milky white dick old man, like all his body against the dark furniture was perfectly visible in every detail. The feeling in his hand real, live, erect, someone else's dick in my stomach engendered a new wave of excitement and made my anus clench in anticipation.

Without further ado, I turned to the old man with his back and became a cancer, sticking out his ass. Ivanovich went to his bag, something rustled and returned with two tube. Opening one of them, he rubbed his index finger and gently introduced it in my anus. I can not say that I liked it, but the excitement is overrode. The old man slowly stretched my ass, preparing it, and a few minutes later he added another finger, and then a third. He spared no lubrication and soon three fingers.
Already freely flew me in the ass, starting to give me unusual, but quite pleasant. Good enough prepared me so that my sphincter was in no hurry to close before the end, the old man opened the second tube, squeezed out to me in the ass some gel and carefully rubbed it on the walls of my rectum.

And then I felt hot. lust wave hit me in the stomach, and from there flashed through my whole body. It can be seen that the gel has a warming and stimulating effect. The old man centimeter introduced me in the ass his three fingers and waited for my reaction. My point is burned with fire, and I myself eagerly planted on them his burning hole.

- Ivanovich, an infection, you smeared than me? My point today will smoke!
- Normally, Sanya. So it should be. Get ready, it will be even hotter. I promise you that you will scream? !! I'll make you postonat beneath me!
- Shit, Ivanovich, I can not. Ambush me already! I want to feel your dick!

I do not understand what's going on with me. I stood in front of an elderly cancer, fat, hairy guy and lasciviously fingering ass in front of him and begged me to fuck! And I was poheru all. I'd planted on the white hairy dick, would jump on it like a bitch lustful, I wanted this grandfather tightly pulled my very root!

- What I have hot! That you're still a dick felt! Come over here, closer to the mirror. That could see everything!

I became a cancer of the mirror and the old man slowly fell in to me. He had already realized that I'm not going anywhere until you ride it the piston. Type in the mirror fascinated me! Tall, slender, tanned man kneeling behind him and pressed milky white haired old man with a huge belly. Contrast tanned almost black and pale body was amazing.

I was looking forward to the invasion of his point, but my grandfather decided to play with me. He slapped his cock on my buttocks, my clenched his halves, head teased my hole, but not in a hurry to go. My body was like a hive of wild bees. I have quietly poskulivat impatience, and his hands spread wide buttocks, resting his head in the pillow, trying to catch his anus his thirsty juicy, juicy dick. But a healthy old prick, teasing movements entering millimeter, is constantly slipping, making me whimper of impatience and resentment. But.
Unexpectedly, also a slight movement entered a couple of millimeters, dick old man paused for a moment and then, with one powerful movement burst into my ass, once entered by more than half, snatching it out of my mouth a cry of surprise and happiness at last taken knots! Taking out his dick, my grandfather took me firmly by the hips and pulled powerfully on its piston slapping their white eggs on my ass tanned. Finally, the feeling of living in his dick ochke, I almost wept with relief! The old man is fully entered into me and stood, enjoying the warmth and tightness of my anus.

- Oheret! Here is the point! It pulled like a glove! Fuck, Sasha, you have got! I am now you will for days to fuck! This point should not be empty for a second!
- Come on, fuck me! Bugger the most eggs! Come on, Tom, do not ...

It was felt that Ivanovich was an experienced stud and knew how to delight his bitch. He hardly moved his hips, but only acted arms, lifting me with his phallus and again, slowly, pulling me to him, evenly stretching close my point in all directions. Every cell of your no longer a virgin, but yet such narrow anus, I felt not senile flexibility and power of this white hairy dick. The process is completely fucked consumed my mind. Waves previously unknown buzz is rolled down my body, making.
Some lump in my stomach in agony pulsate to the beat of pleasure that sweet jolts.

- Shit, Ivanovich as well-oh-oh! My head is spinning ... I never thought ... oh-oh-xx ... your dick ... and-ah - bl-i-aa, which he eto- elastic ... a-ah ... - Yes, my boy, this is only the beginning of the warm-up! All the buzz is still to come!
- Yeah, that's it, kneads my hole carefully, yes, well, fuck, how good it !!!
- You let see in the mirror! Then you will remember all my life. Well, he cast a spell on you part ...

In the mirror I was perfectly visible, as the grandfather completely pulled out his piston, said to me in the ass even grease and slowly immerse it in my depths. A mixture of feelings with what he saw gave me an incredible moral pleasure, and the more I could not take my eyes off this process. View powerful, hairy, white hands on my hips and dark-skinned juicy milky white dick, rammed my dark hole firmly slammed in my memory. Soon the old man again took his cock into my hole added more grease and aggressively, in one motion, drove me, causing me to yelp in surprise. He gave a hoarse growl, he began violently to fuck my point with the speed of a jackhammer, making me moan and swear ...

- A-ah .., Ivanovich, that's so ... well .. ah ... yes .. Dr .. yes .. about on-fuck, that's al-something .. on .. .. ohuet . yes, come on .. .. .. fuck fuck me ... oh-oh-oh ... more
- Ohhuet ... on a-bitch ... like that, Stony problyadushka ... Na, na, na, receive a whore ...

That's how the old man called me did not cause the slightest rejection in me, on the contrary, made to feel that I am ready to completely surrender to the power of this lustful grandfather.

- Fuck, fuck my bitch, grandpa! Yes, I'm your insatiable whore! What infection, happy, subdued me ?! I get your personal bitch ?! Now, come on, show me what a ...

The old man snorted like a horse furiously zakolachivaya your dick in my inflamed point. Across number echoed obscene spanking eggs sounds at my ass tanned and grease squelch that the hot piston in oil soon will knock!

- Huuh, wait, Sasha, let me just take breath. Well, you have me, and hot! I now will smoke dick! There have been a horny bitch is not fucked! Try what he is red hot!

Santa pulled out his penis and began to me. I grabbed his hand and felt the heat coming from him. My point is the empty immediately offended and sad ached, demanding to fill it with powerful, juicy flesh.

- Shit, really hot, and stands as a stone! Grandpa, my point has faint impatience. Shit, Ivanovich, I want to spread on you! Well ka lie!
- You say that I'm grandpa ?! Will is now my granddaughter! Will is now his beloved grandfather day and night to satisfy their pussy! I agree?!

Saying this, the old man comfortably on his back, holding up his confidence protruding, so alluring and coveted dick. My at this time hung limp, knowing that now all eyes are not to him but to twitch in anticipation of the anus. I squatted over a member, took his hand and planted on him all the weight, with all the ardor of lust mad for a long time netrahannoy whore!

- A-A-T-H, I agree, of course I agree !!! My point - this lustful pussy - now it's your grandpa! Now it's your dick the boss! A-ah ... how nice it makes your girl! How deeply he enters into it! She lustfully squish it! You're pleased to hear that, my cock ?! Do you like to look like a young, healthy, tanned, trim your whore rides a juicy dick? AA .. yes, yes ... as sweet-and-a-aa, how I like to jump on you, did you get a resilient and well-AA-A tv .. and .. tv-Verdi-s -A-A !!!

I jumped on it like crazy, where only so much energy in his legs came from! Ivanovich helped me, throwing his hands up and me with the force of its steel nasazhivaya nature. Decently razebannoe point squished like a real pussy potekshaya, causing the old man even stronger desire to plant in my own dick.

- Sanya, my granddaughter, you're so cool here, look! Simply super! Neither woman so I will not start their cries!

I looked down and saw that my grandfather really admires me. It was not hard to imagine what he sees in front of him: rolling his eyes and threw back his head with pleasure, on his senile dick jumping, squealing like a woman, a young smart guy. This pattern will lead anyone. Soon my legs were still tired and I was a little changed posture. Dropping to her knees and tightly squeezing them the old man's thigh, I firmly planted on his count, lasciviously rotated his ass, bringing himself and his grandfather into a frenzy.

- Come on, granddaughter, move your hips. Compress it well. Will not work well, I'll tear your ass on the dick. Yes, well ... now AA-G-X, how are you sweet moan, just a song ... What Ivanovich fulfills its promise ?! I made you squeal ?!
- Yves vanych, y-you simply super! I do not want slazit with this dick! It would have to sleep with him in his ochke! Shit, but you tell me a little to the stomach does not get it! A-A-C-SSA-KA as well ...

I sat back on his haunches and began to actively sit down on the old man's piston. Its juicy dick gave me such pleasure that I was ready to laugh and cry, softly moan and scream out loud. Out of the abundance of emotion, I pressed the old man with his hands chest and then, not realizing their actions, gave him a slap in the face! grandfather's mouth fell open in surprise, and then he threw me with his penis.

- Oh blyadina! All right, Sasha, you have got!

The old man abruptly turned me on my stomach, spread his legs and fell on top of me, crushing his weight rather big. Slipping his hands under my armpits, he grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me the most eggs in the ass. The room was stuffy, and we were both sweating from such violent fucked! Pinned a huge belly to the old man's bed, feeling himself on his hot breath, feeling his sweat streams flowing down on me, mixing with mine, I felt the full power of his grandfather. Sensing a weight of male ebuschego me, I felt like a female, whose task to satisfy the lust of her stud and take over his seed. This combination of sensations raised my level of excitement to an unattainable height above.

- Oh, og's, aa-ar-xx, come on, fuck my ass, damn, aa-s ... even if it never ended ... well-XXa-aa, come on, come-and-iI- and-and ... even my God, I'm going crazy ... ah, come on, fuck a bitch ... Oh, my grandfather, I'll always be your whore, aa ... AGH only Blink, I just push the his thighs and lie down under you ... oh, hell, how deep, how good is good-sho, yes, yes ... and grandpa-and-oh yes, Ivanovich, your bitch will soon be over for you. .. AA-a, just a little .., ah, fuck-and-and-IRS ...

Hearing my screams, Ivanovich went crazy! He wheezed like a hunted beast, fiercely vkolachivaya me a red-hot rod. Turning his face to the mirror, I saw the old man's face a mixture of all-consuming lust and bliss. His eyes clouded the oil film the mad buzz, his mouth twisted in a silent scream, and out of his corner at me flowed a trickle of saliva. In the rays of the moon, our sweaty bodies shone like buttered. View receiving such a pleasure from my old man's body filled me with joy and satisfaction.

- AA, damn, Sanya, I'm sorry, oh-oh, damn, I will soon be over ... I can not stand it anymore ... well .. ah, your point ... at .. at a fairy tale .. I ... I .. hell, how can you squeeze me .. I'll be in you to finish .. shit, do you hear, bitch, I'll be you will fill in the full of his sperm ... oh a-su-ka, hold on ...
- Yeah, yeah, come on, Ivanovich, and-I-II-and ends in me, in me, come on, Slay me all my spermopriemnik ready ... A-AA .. how did you get it swollen ... he ... a-aa, then I-oh-oh-oh-well - IRS-a-AAA !!!!!!!

The old man snarled wildly, arched, up to a limit drove me his dick, and convulsively trembling all over, began to pour into me his sperm flows. Wheezing and spluttering, he finished a very long time, completely emptying his overflowing eggs. My own mind at this point was far away, in heaven there, in hell - I do not know, but the feeling is poured out within me powerful sperm flows intolerable wave of pleasure spread through my whole body, my mind is extinguished like a candle! Contracting orgasm anus brought my stud has a few pleasant moments of milking his cum.

Finally, the grandfather completely poured out on me, pulled out his dick and fell off to the side, gasping mouth open. I lay still, coming to himself, and trying to regain his breath. For ten minutes we were silent, restoring forces. I ran a hand over his, until recently virgin anus. Now in its place was a huge crater, filled to the brim with sperm. I wanted to look at him. Rising from the bed, I almost fell, clutching his back. My legs were like cotton and much trembling. According to my hips from razebannoy ass flowed streams of muddy, viscous semen. It was unrealistic to many. All my thighs were covered with a thick layer of it, and on the floor already fast natekla rather big puddle. I tried to squeeze the sphincter to keep it to myself, but to no avail. Good point rastrahannoe did not want to close. Sitting in front of a mirror, I leaned back and spread her legs wide. In front of me opened view razebannoy huge hole, swollen, dark red edges, thickly smeared with semen, which is a small brook continued to run down my legs.

- Oheret, Ivanovich, you came like a horse! How do you put up ?! You're probably two liters leaked into me!
- And he is Sanya, look, the whole bed obkonchal, need to wash today.

Turning, I saw that the old man did not exaggerate. The entire sheet was in my semen. I finished at a man without touching his penis! I finished like a woman! And despite the fact that the excitation subsided now, I have not felt for roizoshedshemu slightest aversion or regret. No, I'm still interested only in girls. I was sure that it is not paid attention to the cute guy on the street, but at the same time, I liked the feeling of dick in my ass, and I knew that for a long time without it can not stand. Swung his legs and sat normally, I looked at Ivanovitch. He watched with interest for me. It gives me such pleasure dick now lay peacefully, all smeared with semen.

- Well, how are you, Sanya, do not you regret?
- You know, Ivanovich, no! I never thought I'd say this, but I liked how you fucked me in the ass. You really made me povizzhat and maybe I'd like to repeat it even if you do not mind ?!
- Against?!! Yes you che, Sanya, I told you, as you, I still have no factory! I thought I fucking break from the buzz! So get ready, we still have a week ahead ...

A whole week ... From my point of these words again sweet ache and I realized that this would be a very active week. And now it makes no sense to me to climb this disco ...


Humiliation in Birthday

Hello, my name is Ivan, I'm sixteen years old, I was skinny, dark-haired boy with a bunch of complexes. I live in a studio apartment with my mother, she was 38 years old. Her slim figure, the second the size of the breast and beautiful ass that I am, in truth, much appreciated later, and even then only in passing.

I've never had many friends, if someone talked with me, it is only because of CDs with games, or due to the fact that my mom really liked them. And teens now know. So. June 14 I had a birthday. On this day, and it will be my story.

In the morning I woke up refreshed and cheerful, my mother cooked a delicious cake and a lot of different salads, appetizers, dishes. She said that even buy us a drink. I was invited to the birthday of the three "friends" - Max, Anton and Vlad. They should have come to me at four o'clock, the last time I met with them, they told me about kakom-to surprise they have in store for me and for my mom, so all the other days I was in a very happy and naive waiting this day.

All day I was running for some orders, the store, throw trash and mom also did not depart from the plate. At three o'clock, my mother had already covered our table, put two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka on the table to us, I said thank you to her and kissed her. She walked into the room and said that on this occasion she had to wear her new dress and went to change clothes. Then came my "friends." The first came to Max, he first said hello to my mom, how very strange look posmotrv at her, then Anton, who came gave me jokingly slap in front of my mother and said: "Happy Birthday drugan" Mom smiled at him and he went to Max, who was sitting at the table. Vlad came third in this team my "friends" he was the chief. Having my mother, "my" gift, as I later learned, he slapped her on the ass easily and told her that she looks great in this dress .. We sat down at the table. I sat in the center, on either side of the table sat Max and Anton on the one hand and my mom with Vlad with a friend. And a nice bottle to toast the first in my life began. We long to eat, they drank more than I would say, rather, saw my mother, it felt as if they were being fed her, but I did not know yet what it is, but only saw their cunning smile and pereglyady. As she ate, I noticed how Vlad pushes my mom is getting closer, and tried to put his hand on her leg, the resistance I have not seen, only a slight feminine look. Then Anton and Max offered to all dance, at first we were dancing together at a fun, upbeat music, and then switched to ballads. Max reasoned that there is only one woman, my mother, and four gentlemen, and they agreed that each of us will dance with my mother by turns. The first dance with her Max, he hugged her, and she was a little drunk, but still thinks hugged him. Then it danced Anton, grow bolder he became, at a dance put his hands on my mother's ass, mom tried to remove them, but again and again they put in, and she stopped trying. Third it was to dance I, but the guys kept me on a chair, saying that this is my mom and I, her son, and this is sex, so you can not type. I even could not rypnutsya. Mother agreed with them and went dancing with Vlad. Vlad hugged my mother and the song began, at first everything was fine, but then. What started then. Vlad moved his hand from under the dress Mamyn priests, started stroking it right on the bare ass, she wanted something to protest, but he kissed her, hard, passionately. Then he moved the hand of my mother with his arms on his pants, right on the spot where his dick, and he pulled her panties, and right in the dance, began her fingers touching her vagina, mom wanted to escape, but then these attempts ceased, and all guys just heard only moan from her lips. I wanted to rebel, but then Vlad told Max that he kept me on a chair, and found Anton said than tie the hands. I tied my hands with a rope. Meanwhile, my mother had already approached Max and Anton. I just could not believe my eyes, my mother has full touch through her panties, name-calling a whore, whore, and I was the son of bitch. I wanted to cry from the humiliation and insults, bitterness, but my cock stood stake, it's true - my native woman stripped and paw my own "friends" in my eyes, and she had a wound, only smiles at them, sometimes insidious laugh glances my hump and my pitiful face.

They took my mother's dress over the top, and the three of us have played with her breasts, anus, body, vagina, and she was trembling from the first wave of orgasm. Then they put my mother on her knees in front of me, next to the table, and took out their members. They said they suck slut in front of his son, or we will beat it on your eyes. My mother, as I understand it, this extension is not wanted, but pretended that she had no choice. And with a sad face dog said: "I'm sorry son, I have to," began to suck their members, they ordered her to lick them to swallow their eggs, jerk just two, and the third nasazhivatsya head. I was just screaming in anger and powerlessness, humiliation and arousal. And they laughed at me, letting in the mouth of my mother, she told me: "We're talking to you about a surprise for you and your mother, know this is just the beginning", and their ends are all also disappeared in her mouth. Then it began just awful. They forced her to half clear the table, put it on him, right in front of me and said to dissolve legs, each of the three of them spat on my mom vagina and moved away, Vlad began to develop her hole fingers and then stuffed into it his cock. And on the sides of the table approached Anton and Max, the first fucked her in her mouth, and she was a member of the Max nadrachivat in hand, they all smiled at me and fucked my mother how some blyadinku juvenile. And my mom moaned and groaned sometimes poddakivaya their insults, why I felt like a complete chode. As long as they changed places in this position, they have told me and her a lot of nasty things, they said that she was pregnant by the three of them, they will fuck her pregnant, that will visit us now with such here surprises often inviting more "friends." A mother had just moaned and smiled at me in the face. Vlad then asked Anton and Max to fuck my mother once in two holes three members. They pushed my chair, and literally a meter away from me implement its plans. Max lay the bottom, put my mother, and then lay down on top of Vlad, Anton perched on the side. My mother cried out in pain, but they told her to shut up and shoved into the mouth of her panties. Then they began to fuck her almost beside me. They fucked her for about fifteen minutes, my mother flew orgasm after orgasm, then Vlad said he would soon end and offered to put me on my knees next to my mother and we both nakonchal to face the three of us, so they did. I tried to escape, but my hands were all-too tightly bound. The first person my mom poured Anton, Max finished and that I and my mother as soon as Vlad felt that the finish - put his cock in her mouth to my mum and she dutifully swallowed his seed, leaving a little in my mouth. Vlad ordered both of us in front of them to lick their semen with each other, I licked them finish with my naked mother's face, she licked her with me. When she wanted to swallow it, Vlad stopped her and told her that she kissed me on the lips, or else he would call the guys and remove everything on video. Mom, without hesitation, kissed me on the lips, passionately, and I felt something in my mouth filled with their sperm. They said that with me and my mom enough said that I did not call them over without my mom. She hugged me and smiled and said: "Things could be much worse than my son." Most of these "friends" I have not talked, but my mother ... But however, is another story.


Sex with aunt

I went to my room on my bed lay my aunt naked and asleep. House besides us there was not. I began to examine her body. I approached her and pulled the trunks lay on it. He took a member of your hands and put into her pussy and my dick into her. I started moving my hips from what Aunt woke up and began to moan. I quickened my pace and began to brutally fuck her pussy. She moaned and said:

- Fuck me, even ahhh ..... ooooooo ..... but that's so and even further.

I knead her initial Cisco. She screamed moaned. And I began to finish it. I was in heaven. CLASS!!!!! Aunt looked at me and I kissed and we trahaalis long.