Koktebel - 2

Koktebel - 2

After such an active night, I dryh to ten in the morning, but not bad enough sleep. Feel great, just a little whining stretched anus. Ivanovich was in the bathroom, brought himself up. Fifteen minutes later he came out, clean-shaven and refreshed.

- Good morning, Sanya. How did you sleep?
- Well, like a log. And you?
- Too cool, so long I dreamed of sleep. Come on, a shower available.

I liked that in spite of what had happened during the night, the old man has not changed me attitude and continued concerns respectfully and kindly. There was no poddevok and popliteus, normal and good neighborly relations.

I went into the bath, showered and shaved. Seeing on the shelf baby cream, I hesitated, but then took it and carefully rubbed his long-suffering point, hoping to alleviate the burning and itching. Thrusting a finger with cream your ass, I called this flow of memories that she had now stand at night, and even in the morning, these memories do not seem to me to the contrary, on the contrary, forced sphincter tightly clasp the finger and throbbed in expectation and anticipation. I still felt like a normal guy, and therefore wanted to distract from thoughts about sex with another man. Quoting myself up, I decided to go to the cafe, and then to the beach. Coming out of the bath, I dressed and invited Ivanovich join me for breakfast ...

- No, Sanya, thank you, until you want to. In this heat there is no appetite at all, maybe a little later I'll go.
- As you wish, it's up. The food here in a cafe is very good. I'll go have breakfast and then to the beach. Today you go to sunbathe?
- It is impossible to me, Sanya. My skin is very sensitive, can not be in the sun for a long time to happen.
- What, then, to the Crimea to rest here?
- Yes korefan we've got a brother lives. His house near the sea good, yes, I told you. That's going to have it every summer.
- And now what does not he live?
- He promised his brother to come along with him, but it turned out that broke a little earlier. That made this room, waiting for his brother. By the way, he told me today, dropped sms morning, that too could break out early and have maybe tonight will be here. So most likely I dump on you tomorrow. You'll be here one kayfovat, women will be able to drive droves, no one hurt.
- Clear, well, come on, I went.
- Come on, good luck!

I had breakfast and then went to the beach. It seems everything was as usual, but I could not shake the memory of what happened during the night. Only it costs me raznezhitsya on the beach and close your eyes as before my mind's eye immediately appeared neighbor, standing in front of me in the rays of moonlight to school by a dick in my face. Recalls the weight of the male when he rhythmically presses me to bed, I remember tight jet of sperm, filling my ass. I swam out to sea, trying to get rid of physical fatigue these thoughts, desire to lose but all to no avail. And more and more I struggled with this madness, the more pulsing my anus, so be tightening tangle of excitement in my stomach. I looked at the travelers beauties and still admired forms of their bodies, but my fucking point ached, demanding to fill it with a thick and juicy flesh.

Tormented in such a way to dinner, I packed up and went to the room, hoping the cold shower will wash away with me this obsession. The room I was met by a neighbor lying on the bed completely naked and reading a newspaper. His cock was now menacing-looking not lazily lying, leaning to one side. But even in this form, he made me experience a little dizzy with excitement and covered with sweat. I almost groaned and quickly pulled into the bath, but a cold shower, contrary to my expectations, did not bring the expected relief. I still longed for the dick, he filled all my thoughts. The forces of resistance in front of my lust is almost exhausted. The only thing that they have enough, so it's something that would be easy to get out of the bath and looking at the old man fall to his bed. Ivanovich did not pay any attention to me at all, enthusiastically reading a newspaper, and they do not know in what condition I am now. This continued for another five minutes, until the old man gave me a casual look. Probably still something outwardly manifested, as the grandfather, almost returning to the newspaper, looked back at me, now much more closely, and then said to me:

- Sanya, you do it ... If you want, you can use it - he nodded in the direction of his penis - do not be shy, it's nothing like that.
- A-ar ... well, okay, if that, then ... yeah, - I besvyazno murmured, realizing that he had lost. I realized that there is no way back and my future fate - to be bitch technoy by the men, pushing his thighs on the first request. And finally resigned to it, I again went to the bath, and more abundantly smeared his point baby cream.

Coming out of the bath, and dropping the last doubts, I went to the old man and sat on the edge of his bed. He lay me dissociate itself from the newspaper and not paying attention to me. I took her hand in his penis and began pushing it podrachivat. He immediately came to life and began to grow rapidly, swelling with blood, and after half. minute confidently put into the ceiling swollen dark pink head. I could not transcend themselves and take it in her mouth, but fortunately, it never took. Fat, hairy, juicy dick and men stood there confidently, sending through his hand on my ass wave excitation. I like the night, squatted down on this handsome and, taking his hand, sent his ass, slowly, slowly, nasazhivayas it to its very foundations. Healthy, swollen dickhead slowly moved apart the walls of my anus, making me squint pleasure and quietly poskulivat. Referring to his buttocks thighs old man, I'm a little shifted on his penis, trying to believe that it actually happened, and then began jumping on this dick with every minute, faster and faster. Soon juicy halves of clapping my grandfather thighs filled the room, drowning out all other sounds but my cries.

- Ivanovich, bitch, why all this? Why I can not live without this dick? Oh-Oh-Oh, hell, it gives me such a thrill! It you so hard! ... My point is ... aa-and no, my pussy ... it's so ... I'm ready to jump on you day and night!

The old man was still lying cut off from my newspaper, as if he did not immediately concerned. Only his breathing changed slightly, becoming more passionate and palpitations. I was touched that he does not pay attention to me, as if his penis every day jumping tanned, smart guys. Well, Grandpa, you're so vain, my ass will make you forget about everything ... I almost got off his phallus, and very slowly, clenching his point, causing it to prochustvovat every millimeter of his young, firm ass, planted on him again, then as slowly repeated all. I could have sworn that he his member is now tasted every cell of my juicy pussy that is so closely it is not compressed, no real female pussy. This method immediately jumps outstanding results - grandfather breathing became even more profound and hot, his fingers squeezed the paper, almost tearing it apart. Now we see it was not to read, but still he did not cleaned, still fenced off from me. Nothing will soon take away ... I decided to finish his words, especially since they are so torn out of me and I had no need to invent.

- What's your fat handsome, he stretches his girl! So, yes, well done ... a-ak-And what good! How tight .. oh oo YES! .. So kayfovo when it comes completely out of me, and then this huge dickhead breaks again .. my poor ass bursting at the seams .. oh-aa-ak as a deeply .. ah ... you deeply wrinkled my prostate u UU ... Yes, but what a cool dick you grandpa, he just created for this horny ass fucked! He gives his girl a pleasure ... Aa-ii-ii-AA what you are happening to me ... your granddaughter, all sweaty .., oo, yeah it makes me sweat well, yes, yes, more, more .. . OO-O-AA Shit you tell me a little stomach to not get !!!

The last phrase was decisive. Wildly growl neighbor tore the paper in two and a bit stooped toward me, holding out his hands, strongly grabbed my chest, looking straight into his eyes. His face was flushed, and was also a great sweat, but in the eyes clouded with lust was read only one thing - to fuck, to fuck, to fuck! Roaring like a wild beast and spluttering, old hurts me twisted her nipples and then punched in the face. Panting, whining incessantly and sit down on his dick, I told him the same, at first strongly squeezed his chest and then returned the slap. Neighbour noise gasped, held her tightly to him and not go out of my ass, turned me on my back.

- AA-PPP-RA pp ... ha ... ... a-bitch, come on, damn, Spreads thighs wider! Now I tear your fucking point! I will to fuck until he begged for mercy! Will I have to scream like a virgin, the entire resort will hear what my hot bitch!
- Yes, yes, make me scream! Fuck me as a girl! See how well I spread my legs for you! I'm ready to do it all the time! Come on! About GS-yes, in this position you fuck me so hard, I love it so much! Under you I feel like a real female. You're my boss! Come on, Ivanovich, fuck my goddamned granddaughter! O OO And yes, come on, planting more deeply into me, my point is lit under you ...

The old man widely spread my legs, keeping out of the leg and, keeping me from my burning eyes, violently thrust at me with his dick for the most eggs. It was evident that every one of my groaning, my yelp or scream sounded magical music for him. Any peasant will be pleased when under it meanders and vereschit from the buzz of his female, and even begs to fuck her even harder. And do not squeal here it was impossible. God, what a thrill it gave me a thick, hairy grandfather! Each push of the elastic dick taking me to heaven, making dream of only one thing - even if it never ended!

- Come on, Sasha, keep your own thighs. I want to take a closer look at your whorish eyes.
- And ... that ... oh, come on ... whatever you want, just fuck, do not stop, please, fuck, fuck your girl, your granddaughter!

I, how could wider, spread your legs, keeping them in the air, and the old man, slightly changing the pose, lay on top of me and, thrusting me beneath the head arm, I lifted my head closer to me his face in focus looked me in the eye . In his eyes I saw the satisfaction from the fact that he was able to completely subdue me confidence, pride of the male, female and gratify his insane, violent lust. I looked up at him and whispered hoarsely in his face:

- Fuck, fuck, please, just a little, how sweet ... a-aa, fuck my girl ... but .. I .. I .. I .. yes, more, more, do not stop. ..
- Oh, Alexander, how do you kayfuesh! These eyes are not deceiving you really enjoy my by a dick. It looks like your goddamned nature took the upper hand over you! You're no longer a man, a girl, my girl !!! MY BITCH !!!
- Yes, yes, my stud, I'm your bitch! I belong to this dick! Do with me whatever you want, just continue to fuck. Your thick piston so much massaging my prostate. I want to howl loudly!
- Come on, blyadina hold me with their feet and whine, whine! It tasted what it is to lie under a real man ?! Now it's your constant posture. You'll be there to meet me constantly. It seems I should take you with me. I would not be against brother, on the contrary!

I grabbed my grandfather's body ebuschego his legs and crossed them behind his back. So he came into me even tighter. Streams of sweat ran down from the old threads on my body, mingling with my own and soaking the sheets. Huge belly pressed the neighbor in my bed, making it difficult for my breath, but it was a male of my weight, and I liked to feel it for yourself. Now I do not perceive myself as a guy, but only as a bitch, fucked hole for this old man.

The creak of the door opening sounded like a bolt from the blue. I zybyl lock the door! Idiot, by his lust completely lost his head! The number, backwards, zataskivaya suitcase, a tall, thin, elderly man with a gray head. He coped with a suitcase, weary stranger sighed, stood up, locked the door, and only then turned to us. He opened his mouth, apparently about to say hello, and so it stood, amazed opened before him an erotic scene. Admittedly, the picture we Ivanovitch were quite amusing: a huge, white, hairy old man lying on top of a slender, tanned, young guy who, obvivaya his stud feet, took a solid, thick dick. Add to this our more flushed, sweaty body, and damp, rumpled bed, talking about that fucking going on for quite some time. No wonder, then any ostolbeneet surprise and embarrassment. Pinned weighing Ivanovich, I could not even move, but did not know where to hide from this fawn. And that, it seems, did not hesitate, not even came out of me, just for a moment ceased to move.

- Wow, Serge. I've only been waiting for the evening!
- Wow, bro. I've been in a hurry to you, I think you're sad there alone, think a minute until we go to Azamat, and then you do not seem to boredom!
- Yes, bored here with the hot guy, you just listen to him sing! - Ivanovich and sharp, deep movements again began to drive his dick to me in the ass, making like a woman scream and moan languidly. - By the way, I meet, this is my neighbor, Sasha!
- Sergey Ye, you can simply Egorych - the stranger introduced himself, but clearly sticks out tubercle on light trousers, it was not difficult to guess that such love to him now is not enough and it yearns to know me better. - Okay, I will not get in the way, I'm still in the shower of the way.
- Come on, go on, but it scared my girl!

A tall old man fished out of the suitcase a towel and went to the bath, and Ivanovich returned to earlier fucked up the pace, making me forget everything except the juicy flesh, moving in my anus. His deep penetration it drove me crazy. I am even more crossed his legs behind him and hugging his arms, hugged her. The old man burned my chest and neck with his passionate breath, and looking straight into my eyes, whispering all sorts of vulgarity.

- Sanya, Sania, my sweet. How do you well to fuck. What is your sweet, elastic hole, so it compresses my dick. I have such a riser thirty years was not. No chick I do not anymore! O-O get, get the full, for the most eggs, - the old man particularly sharply drove me a piston, forcing the cry and cling to his shoulders with his fingers, leaving their traces from nails. - A-AA-A bitch technaya Scrabble! Will I fulfill my ochkom every scratch. Will the rest of your life vraskoryachku walk! For, with a bitch-on, an even that, damn, screamed ?!
- AA, grandfather, fuck, fuck her granddaughter, fuck me mercilessly! On D0-yes, yes, that's it, make me regret that I dared to scratch you. I have an hour to howl on your dick for each millimeter of scratches! O-O-00 God, God ... your dick, he's ... I can not live without it!

Ivanovich continued to fuck me like a convict who spent twenty years in solitary confinement, and finally seized upon women. Under him, I forgot everything! Inflamed by passion, I screamed like a girl and scratched, causing wheezing and grandfather rigidly dryuchit my butt. His huge belly rubbed against my old limp, slobbery cock, bringing me extra pleasure.

Ten minutes later the door slammed bath. It seems Egorych left. I did not see him. All review I closed the deep red from the tension and lust, glistening with sweat, with a twisted mouth in a silent moan, the face of my neighbor. Looking at his brother, Ivanovich went out of me, got out of my arms and pulled me onto his stomach turned over.

- Come on, blyadina, get up with cancer, let Serge whorish look in your eyes!

Now I could see that a meter away from me, sitting on the bed quietly elder brother of my elderly stud. He sat completely naked, legs spread wide, between which was sticking up a heavy, powerful dick, maybe even a little more than that Ivanovich. Approximately eighteen centimeters. Unlike his brother, Egorych was very thin, the skin tightly stretched across the bones and muscles, without a single gram of fat. He was wiry, it felt The incredible strength and endurance. And the male is like me!

At this point Ivanovich fell in behind me, leaned over, grabbed me by the hair, forced to raise his head and look at his brother and powerfully, with obscene squish rastrahannogo points, put me deeply. He immediately scored an incredible pace, fucking me with the speed of a jackhammer. And I howled !!! It was something ...!

- And-And-And-A-AA as a deep as tough! Ivanovich, infection, mercy, tear the fuck, let's slow down a bit ... A-AA-AAA, slow down just ask u UU-AAA! I now have a smoke point of going! O-OO features that you did to me ... and-AA-AAA !!!
- Yes, Bear, a bitch I've ever seen! He cries and his dead lift! Tin! He really kicks for you!
- And then! Once tasted dick, flowed like a real whore! Just suck so far refused!
- Yes?! Verify ...

Egorych stood up, walked over to me and sat on the bed in front of my face, legs spread wide. Ivanovich let my hair ... and that's a few inches from my face, swollen from the tide of blood, confidently sticking up healthy red head, with a drop of grease on the end. A thin old man did not say anything to me, giving me the initiative. Suck or not suck - it should only be my choice. But the problem is that when the arguments in this debate is a healthy dick, play my ass, on the one hand, and on the other only an innate modesty and morality, the chance to stay there was virtually no. And almost losing consciousness from overstimulation, I reached my lips to this magnificent dick and took it into his mouth! Excited overwhelmed me with her head and bravely the last remnants of my masculine nature. I suck PRICK! I suck PRICK completely unknown to me skinny grandfather !!! Yes, this is what I did not have enough! My fucking mouth just filled with saliva, mixed with a lubricant. I greedily sucked it elastic miracle lasciviously champing and just quietly whimpering from the waves rolled on my experiences from my poor points. I tried to swallow it as deep as possible in the throat, but I did not have the experience.

- Oh, shit, and you're saying does not suck! Yes, he chomps on the entire resort! O-OO-U features, super, do not know how to point and mouth in this kid just a fairy tale!
- Point is also no worse, believe me. But what can I believe, will soon try! This bitch I already wore out, I was soon going to explode! Hey, Sanya, wait semen in his razebannuyu hole. It is time to lubricate your guts! Ready ?!
- Agh-aA - I pulled the dick grandfather's mouth, trying to regain his breath. My chin was all smeared saliva. And in front of me trembling with impatience shining from my saliva, my well-polished izychkom my brother dick stud. How handsome he was! But growing pressure on my neighbor's ass made me digress for a moment from such delicacies.
- Yes, come on, inseminate his girl! Pump your sperm my granddaughter! I want to feel it in myself, I want it running down my thighs! Do it, come on, well !!!

A neighbor grabbed me by the hips and began to frantically pull on their red-hot dick, porykivaya like a wild beast, and his brother strongly grabbed me by the hair and literally planted my mouth on his phallus, by driving it to me on the tonsils! I almost choked, coughed, but mad with lust thin grandfather did not give me a second to catch his breath. Firmly holding me by the hair at the temples, he continued to stick my mouth on your dick, your body just nadrachivaya lukewarm my mouth. From me no longer depended anything! My body just used to satisfy his lust. I myself almost did not move, did everything for me. One pulled up my points on my dick, second hard jerk off my mouth a piston. Such a gesture I have not seen even in porn and never thought I would be involved in such a fucking, especially in the role of a weak-willed and fault-free doll! Still, I loved it! I liked that the two dominant males are my holes to meet their needs! I liked the feel promiscuous bitch, litter for these beauties. Despite their age, they were really handsome to me, because forced to feel like a girl! In this tough fucking it was not a drop of tenderness and solicitude, as in lovemaking. But the only way to fuck a female must present dominant male! It should not be interested in her opinion and the state, but only tough to take it, as he wants! A case of female - to humbly accept his dick slit his master or masters, pleasing them and enjoy their sperm! That's how fucked I now have two brutal old man! And these were some of the best moments of my life !!!

- Here, on ... more on, bitch ... oh oo-fuck, this is a hole, squelching like a real pizden! Ohuet, here is a thrill ... shit-aa, how cool! Sergei, how are you?
- Under-rain, uh, fucking breath catches as much! Here is the mouth! He still has time to polish the language! This bitch is one in a billion! Slurp the whole room, just drool flying in all directions! Shit, Michael, you're so tough fuck it, I'm right behind him terribly! Maybe more careful, he gave us more useful ...
- What do you mean, this blyadina only likes this sex. Any nurse and snot him not to taste. Do you hear the groans, despite your dick in your mouth. This bitch is now obkonchalsya of buzz, not touching your pisyun, but as a woman! However, Sanya is a woman, and extremely voluptuous and hot! This whore!
- I do not know Sasha and I'm sure it full throat nakonchal now! Sucks the pump! Shit-and, right now, really over!
- I, too, so it dyren pulses, so cool compresses me! A-AA yes! YES! SANJA, holding NATIVE! ON! ON! GET !!! EEEEBAAAAAT !!!!!!
- AGH! AAX! AG .. YES .. D .. A .. YES .. X ... X ... .. HUUH AAAA !!!!!!

Two of my stud finished me almost at the same time! Tight jet of sperm shot in my ass, filling it to the brim and began to pour into my mouth, threatening to drown me in it! I tried everything to swallow, but it was too much and she poured over the edge, smeared my chin and a stream flowing down on the sheet. Concha, Ivanovich continued to drive at my own dick and giant wave, a tsunami of pleasure from this, the jets of sperm in my ass razebannoy, sperm flow from the sensation in the mouth, and covered me like a candle extinguished consciousness !!! I had only a little moan ...

- Sanya, Sanya, what's the matter, hey, what are you doing, let's come to life ... - could be heard from afar to me, blending with the sounds of light popping down my cheeks.
- Oheret possible, he lost consciousness from the buzz! That's it finished! Look, the whole sheet obkonchal! I such has never seen!
- Yeah! Hey, Sanya, come on, wake up!

Consciousness clear. Near me were two frightened faces of my beautiful older stud, make me fly away to heaven! The body was like a quilt, full of languor and the sweet pain in the ass.

- All ... all right, thank you! I'm fine! Oh, guys, what you done to me ?! I really somewhere to fall from a high! That was something! I do not think that such a thing happens!
- Sometimes, Sanya, there is! I promised you a buzz, which no woman you can not give! Now you yourself convinced!
- Oheret, guys, I'm still shaking from the buzz! I even stand must be able to! This is me you're fucked! Now I'm probably a month to depart!
- What month, Sanya, sdurel ?! Do you think we will give at least a day idle so cool the hole with nothing to do ?! Yes, you have to to fuck for days on end without a break!
- So you do leave your friend!
- We, Sanya, we are leaving to our friend! Where are we now, without you and you without us! Believe me, against Azamat will not! You will like it! It's cool - large house, pool, garden, and all on the beach! The pay would not need to! Agree, Sanya, you will not regret!

I sat up in bed and looked at himself in the mirror. Because he looked at me young, tanned, smart guy, all flushed and shiny with sweat, with thickly smeared with sperm lips and chin, with streaks of dull white sperm on her feet. I opened my mouth, his tongue inside and poured a trickle of sperm on my chin, and then the chest. It was so exciting! I looked down and out like a slut after companies of soldiers! Stay here and lose it all? To live only memories when waiting three weeks ahead of crazy sex? No way!

- I agree, but I warn you, rest you will not! You will have to plow and plow me. I f you are visiting to death! So what did you think about whether I should invite along ?!
- Ohuet, it also threatens us! Prepare your point and get used to walk vraskoryachku! Dick you are now able to bring the legs together! In your hole will soon be thrust a fist! So go ahead, you're an hour to collect and forward to the new orgasms!


My older sister

This story is not long, but it is completely true. Then my older sister was 19-20. We always got along with her, she is very fond of me, did everything for me. We were inseparable. Up to 5 years, I can safely go to her room when she was naked. But at that moment I was certainly older, and go into her room while she was naked was forbidden. But I remember that almost 7 years, she tempted me ass, itself a member of the soap. And then suddenly he said that I should wash my own pussy.

Well, now to the very story. The parents left for a week to friends, instructing me Kate (sister's name). It was evening, I went to my room, and as always chatted on the phone with Eugene, my girlfriend. She always carried a nonsense, but I listened to it a real macho. Suddenly the door to my room opened and Katya entered. She was in a T-shirt and shorts. With a gesture, she showed me to chat and ended up in a minute I hung up the phone. Kate sat down on my bed and said, - You remember my boyfriend, whom I meet? - Yes, I answered. So he thinks that I have already had sex. - She replied. And ... what? -stesnitelno I asked. And ... I need to ... I had sex with you. )

I just ofigel. Nuuu, to me ... (honestly I do not remember how old I was then).

Yes, please! - She prayed and continued to Take-pants and shorts and I will do well. I calmly took off his pants. She took off her panties and I totally saw her slightly unshaven, but very beautiful pubis. I am a beautiful, she said. Kate smiled shyly and hand began to massage her clit. (Then I thought, that she rubs her pussy) Then she said softly, so I touched her pussy. I dutifully touched the pubic area. Yes, no, here-smile she said. I lowered my little hand lower and touched the soft, gentle, mokrenkaya, moist and fragrant roses. She moaned a little bit. Like it? She asked. I nodded my head. Then Kate gently touched my little pisyun and began massaging it. It's nice, honestly I do.

She lay back on the bed, legs extended, and I saw a hole slightly pinkish color. Insert your pisyun here in this hole, and do not be afraid. - Kate commanded. I looked at her a moment and then a little pussy pisyun introduced in its hole. She moaned. I entered deeper. From her vagina bled. I was frightened. Do not be afraid and go on-she commanded. I introduced again and again and feel the joy, happiness, delivered ebley. I did, and did so until that is not white came out of the pussy (of course you knew that it was a sperm). I'm scared, and Kate leaned over and licked my pisyun. What I felt then, just no words to describe !!! Then Katyunya got cancer and asked that I put in the ass. I obeyed. At first a member of the hard entered in her small anus. But then everything went quickly and I even moaned unashamedly. She first started, but then, too, moaning very loudly.

That's it. Now I'm 21:)))


My first boyfriend Dima

My name is Kate. I'm pretty skinny tall brunette with breasts the size of 2m. Man I have ever had. Lisa, my girlfriend had a single guy and wanted to, and I have it appear.

One day I went with Lisa at sea. Lisa said that Maxim (her boyfriend) arrives with his friend in an hour. As we arrived the boys swam. We chatted for a while and the guys started to prepare barbecue. And we went swimming until I went on shore to me the incident seagull. Dima (Maxim each). He ran up to me and took me in his arms and carried to our site. Seagull has wounded my leg. We stayed here for the night and already getting dark. I still was Dima on his knees. He hugged me tightly and would not let me. I turned to him and asked:

- Are you tired?

- No darling

- Mila .... ???

And then he kissed me. And I do not soprativlyalas. And I loved it. Lisa watched us with pride.

- You do not hotelaby well .... try to meet - he asked.

- I love you Dime, I agree.

It was late, and I carried the Dima in our tent. There we were kissing for a long time. We then he reached under my skirt.

- Dim ... can not what?

- Are you a girl?

- Yes

- Do you want to change it?

- I love you, and for you ready for anything.

We started to take off their clothes without stopping to kiss. He said.

- Native, today will not be much, it hurts. Be patient.

And suddenly he came into me with his huge cock. Going half he felt stubble and immediately tore it.

- Well, that's still my favorite

- I want you - I whispered, barely audible to him.

He was part of me faster and suddenly finished right at me! He immediately began to apologize.

- When I possibly pregnant, you leave me?

- Katyunchik, my sun, you do not have that? I'll be with you always there.

We slept in an embrace. A month later, I realized that she was pregnant. We Dima now living together. Parents do not mind. I'm in seventh heaven.




She was spinning ...

Lace in an empty cold room, taking off in a whirlwind hem skirt, hair in the cloud, in the white light of the moon. Bare feet, obeying inaudible music, ticking off the rhythm of the universal longing. Crazy dance to the crystal ringing shattered hopes.

She swam, outstretched arms and wings. It seemed to brush these beautiful hand live an independent life and dance your own dance. They then gently beckoned, then flew proudly over his head, then wove passionately trembling fingers, then hugged his shoulders dancing, shyly hiding their nakedness from the lustful looks shameless stars.

Night was dissolved in a glass of wine and a piece of the moon is that swam, I saw this magical drink alone.

Lonely night ... dumbstruck and frightened phone time clock ...

The scattered fragments shed tears for a long time are lost scraps of memories. It flashes back and forth in the glass, like falling stars in the velvet sky in August. Tears, they are not about someone and not for someone, they are currently. They invariably the result of the day, passing into eternity. They are not relieved or remorse they salted witnesses whirling in the empty room.

She was spinning ..


We started with Julia communicate well in all four years ago, when I was 17. Before that I knew Julia like a nice sexy brunette with small breasts, tall beauty is 4 years older than me. Previously, it was the best friend of my older sister (which by the way already is mentioned in one my story), and she often came to visit us, a long time chatting with my sister or my older sister asked Julia to look after her younger sister, who was then just been 7-8 years. But then, my sister became too much work and they like that Julia has fewer friends. Now Julia has become my best friend (please note that it is a friend, not a girlfriend). We had had a chance to talk about anything, even discussing sex. Now I often went shopping with Julia, we are together nazhiratsya to loss of strength and with a friendly watched my little sister.

And now to the very story. I was only 19, and we are already very well communicated with my Julia. Just a week Yulenka was about to turn 23. I thought a long time what to give. By the way, at that time, Julia year as it was not a Man. So I settled on a book about cooking. Although no-, I thought. It's too boring. Maybe a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers? Yes nuuuu! It is really quite dry and boring again. And then it hit me. Exactly !!! I'll give her that one of shopa- sex, I decided. After all, she has long had a boyfriend, and she had no one to feel the joy of sex, so she let the self enjoy yourself.

I went to the nearest sex shop, which was not so far from home. To be honest, I always thought that sex shops are working super mega sexy half naked whores, that and strive to attack the tough guys. But there is, oddly enough, I found behind the counter of the usual slender skromnyashku, all of whose body was covered jeans and a nice svitorochkom. In the store I stopped at the strapon and vibrator. Here !!! I thought I was a great gift. (His other celebrated Julia alone with me at home, because my sister could not come). I also bought a bunch of flowers, which put a note "You're a long time no one had a good time, I found for you, who will do it," Of course, I was referring to the vibrator.

So I tumble in her lovely apartment. Upon entering she hugs me, and I congratulate her. She takes the gifts, without looking at the package, puts it all on the sofa. Then he pulls out a note from the bouquet, read it smiling. And suddenly ... Jumping on my neck and kisses him passionately. I'm in shock. Close to her gently smells of perfume Chanel No. 5 and a mixture of a gentle scent of the female body. And I can not get out of her hugs and kisses. My already up and became hard as stone.

Julia: Let us go to bed, my love !!!

Oh, shit, I knew that Julia thought about the note, that in it I mean myself. !!!

I am well, my dear!

Julia: take off your pants and show me your macho !!! - In the time it sits me on the sofa, and she stands beside her.

I take off my pants and Julia immediately begins to furiously suck. First she takes in her mouth just the head, but then to all member comes fully into her mouth, down to the testicles. Literally 5 minutes later I feel that I finish.

Julie: Come on, finish in my mouth !!!

I furiously and long finish straight into her mouth and every droplet quickly swallowed.

Julia: your cock awesome !!!!

I am as well ka let me try your Kisochka !!!

Julia: well, just surprise me and then I'll see your little presents))

I have matured the idea, I went into the bathroom and took there a dental electric toothbrush. Oh, yes, I've seen it in the movies and I liked it awfully. I hid behind the brush.

I: I do not think of anything ...; (((So just close your eyes.

Julia: Oh, well ladnooo ,,; (((Listen to Captain !!!!.

I crawled to her body. At first, I took off her dress. Then he bared his chest and began gently led by its papillae brush. Julia laughed. Then I started to play with her tongue sisechki. She laughed. Then I took off her thong.

Julia: Oh, cool !!! Come on Pull me !!!

I began to stroke her clitoris with a brush. She clutched the legs, but then spread them and moaned. She said, as she is well, and I, in turn, enjoyed the view of her naked shaved pussy. I sat down on my knees and entered her tongue, biting clitoris and kissed him.

Julia: How nice !!! I want ssaaaat!

But before she could say it, when suddenly a huge stream of urine zapolnela my mouth. Then I came up, rubbed it again and put Kisochka.

Julia: Oh, yeah !!!! You pulled me !!!! EAAA !!!

I was part of it again and again, feeling happy. She screamed and moaned. Then I finished right in it. Julia turned around and got cancer.

Julie: Come on, introduces me in the ass, tear my ass.

I spat on her ass and began to stroke her fingers small anus. So I put her in the ass. She screamed, but then began to moan again. We ended. Julia got up, walked to the gifts, looking smile (ignoring the vibrator) and pulls the strap firmly put it on her pussy.

Julia: turn an asshole!

I cautiously turned. She bent down and began licking tongue my anus. Bliss!!! Then Julia, as well as I spat on my ass and after a minute or two I began to enter into the strap. In the beginning it was painful and strap included only a little bit, but then Julia entered fully into me and I groaned with happiness.

And then we got dressed and quietly celebrated and drank.

That night I went home. Of course then Julia saw in the package and a vibrator and was very happy. Now, every night I go on Skype and watch the fucking sketches. Julia masturbating and screaming, and I can see the monitor near its kisonku and how it enters the vibrator back and forth.


My Fair Anya

Oh, my darling Anya !!! Why did you leave me?

Remember how we had fun and got drunk, so that you all night ran to the bathroom completely naked and climbed on my body? You passionately masturbate my dick, and you sucked it like no other. Remember, we bought a strap-on and you fucked me in the ass it? Do you remember in the morning, I was in the film brought a toothbrush and gently tickle your pizdyulku and you laughed like crazy ?;) You know, we went to a birthday Katie and at the end you with all kissed me in the ass? Oh, yes, you loved to kiss my zhopku, I kept a lot of pictures of my ass, which is covered in kisses?) I loved you and still love !!!

I love the smell of your worn panties smell of your vagina smell like this honey. But even better was to strip you, and bury the spout into your pussy and sniff, sniff and sniff. And your nipples, mmm, delicious and blissfully pleasant. I love them to nibble and lick. And best of all, it's your fucking ass and then lick your anus. ))

Oh, my darling Anya !!! Why did you leave me?


The story of my girl

This story is completely printed and told my girlfriend Lika.

I have long thought, if I go on a visit to Lena. Andrew advised to go, they say razvlecheshsya and so on.

Already it is approaching Sunday. I was afraid of this day, but I was waiting for him very much. I thought about what we will do Lena. And maybe we will not do anything, and she just introduce me to what some of her husband and children. But just in case I still decided to post gifts for Lena.

I went to the same sex shop where Andrew goes. There's a long time I considered sexy lingerie and presented as it takes me to Andrew. But Lena gift I stopped at the fluffy pink handcuffs, even though I myself am not very fond of fetish and BDSM. But the handcuffs cost cheap and I bought a bottle of champagne also.

I calmly rang the doorbell. I opened the Lena, who stood in a semi transparent lingerie, so that I could easily see her hairy crotch.

Lena: Come! Uiii !!! What have you brought me !!! (She saw and took the handcuffs) And now, lie down on my bed !!!

Lena put me on the bed, took my hand, put them on their handcuffs and tied to the headboard. Then she took off all my clothes, so that I can only bracelets and rings. Then she brought a great camera and started me to take a picture.

Lena: Aww, how beautiful, how sexy !!!

I smiled. She put the camera, sat down and began to massage my pussy.

Lena: Ooh, what a big hole right In the Hall of the Mountain King. But who is this King ?? He already is !!!

Lena laughed. Touching my pussy, she pulled out of the package champagne, then fished out of the box Strap. Lena showed it to me, firmly cemented in the pussy, then opened the champagne and poured a little on the strap and began to laugh at me to enter it. I groaned.

Lena: I see your kisonke enjoy shampansoe !!!!

Gradually I came. Then she nachila licking my clit, it tickles. Then her tongue was completely in my pussy. Then she licked her nipples and severely spanked my pussy.

Lena: Well ka, turn around the anus, dear !!!

I turned her ass. She poured more champagne on the strap, then lubricate it with grease and gently put into my anus stretched. Oh, cool !!! Just bliss !!! When she finished she began to push the strap in my mouth.

Lena: Come on, drink your juice, baby!

And then she sat down and started to ... to shit in my mouth !!! Oh my God!!!! Then she asked him to repeat it all, too. But I did everything except that shit in my mouth.

I think that to be continued ...)


Reserve Land

full sex was unsuccessful, Kid created weightlessness. Lizonka Swollen breasts fell off immediately, weightlessness meant that Little Hurricane caught in hyperspace. Lasky in weightlessness no one liked, I still cringe Lot and Annie turned into a flat image. The dangerous situation was not, so we had no time, and continued talking about the abduction of a wild earth girl to give birth a baby.

- We have only two months, a neutron star and a few other facilities soon will knock temporal barrier of the reserve, and the Kid wanted to fix it. Then it will be boring! - Virtual Annie suggested the Kid as an intermediary, for that, she lived in his mind, and then your - what do you think guys? I believe that the girl must be fourteen or sixteen, and the child will be able to give birth and to Lizka with Lotoy adapts!

- I agree - thoughtfully whispered Lisa - but these girls in the world, millions!

- We need to find a true believer girl! Mark will be in the form of an angel, the heavens will carry off, and already there made us baby! - Enthusiastically exclaimed Lot.

- Oh, you're our favorite little fool! - I kissed her, flat image for this has become a three-dimensional - Lizka similar to the imp, and you're on the scarecrow, believing the girl mind will begin to move.

Lizonka once portrayed himself horns and hooves, tail already had, and I appeared in the guise of an angel. Fly in zero gravity was not easy, wings unaccustomed confused. The girls laughed and legs jerk.

Earth customs, we are all well represented. In my school program was a mandatory course on the history of wild earthlings. My ancestors Empire pulled in the galaxy for ten thousand years ago tribes of hunters and fishermen. Virtual Woman Anita and fluffy Lizonka Earth were very interested, Lot earthly loves movies. For half a century, a network of repeaters tachyon surrounds the Earth. Copyright Galaxy blatantly violates, for good movies, books, music or computers immediately create remakes, for a variety of humanoid species they differ, the nervous system at all different. Technology films in the Galaxy has gone far ahead, I felt Romeo experience the deprivation of virginity Juliet. Even primitive sexual sentient reptilian robots and adaptation of Shakespeare's incredibly popular.

- Then we have to be on a flying saucer in the guise of aliens. We will show the girl the moon, Mars, Saturn's rings, she razomleet, and Mark offend her! - Lot offered a new idea.

- We are the real aliens, and the kid just need to draw the lights to look like a flying saucer! - Lizonka was angry - it is better to figure out how to find a virgin!

- Since we are flying to the Earth, it is ethical to search the Internet, - he chuckled Anyuta and created a screen of a plurality of squares - Kid has eight girls found suitable for our company! Psychologically, all suitable for contact with extraterrestrials.

- Inhabitants of megacities have to weed out! Our way of life is more like a village - it is reasonable spoke Lot.

Number of squares greatly diminished. It should be noted that intelligence scarecrow and a half times greater than mine and Lizonkin.

- Baby girls for all sorts of databases, check and keep track of contacts, many more will be eliminated. Loving ladies, we do not need! And there is no time to lose in Babe, the protection of the reserve through the network will miss us, since we are heading to Earth!

Earth portal we chose at random and looked around a bit before leaving. The local language, and other information, our computers are instantly downloaded. Girls slightly corrected each other's appearance: figurines, clothes and faces. I stayed in his own form, and the default clothing.

From the portal, we took to the trail in the pine forest, was a hot summer day. The girls immediately wanted the same path we have to make a planetoid. And on the banks, we frantically. The beach was littered with the bodies of both sexes wild humanoids, they mercilessly Screwtape lake. So many females, males and young, we have seen only in movies. In one side, we settled down, but soon approached local law enforcement and offered Lot pass for identification, causing too looks she created herself. Muzhchinka just melted with lust, and Lot he was disgusted. Read the thoughts I do not know, but emotions always feel across the Web. Any documents we are able to make any money, but the girls decided to make fun of the sergeant and the three of us went to identify the body, so it is likely to prevent a virtual rape of women. I also advised them to learn the experience of exploring the wild earth girls.

I bathed, the day was very hot and stretched out in the sun. Bathe image, cool water, the heady scent of flowering plants for computer synthesized inside me baby. A lot of stars we had a chance to see, but the yellow dwarf star called the sun very much! Apparently the memory of our ancestors say our planetoid illuminates green star. Multiple virtual dragonflies and ladybugs went to look for a suitable maid. my scouts messages are not needed, two lovely samochki lay down beside him and we started talking. I noticed a book: "The poetry of the Silver Age." My computer was not taken aback, and after I gave a few quotes I'm too little versed in earthly realities. Girls admiringly looked at me, chatted with them a computer, and I'm on the screen invisible to others watching pranks her friends. Nothing interesting happened, they presented documents with the names of top officials, law enforcement officers were scared almost to a heart attack, and did not know how to get out of the piquant situation.

Two virtual dragonfly I dropped her purse on her neighbors. They did not even have driven and happy beautiful insects. Information from cell phones strekozki considered and sent the kid for a detailed inspection of girls. It turned out that Marina was torn between three guys and did not know who she likes more. About Tatiana Kid said that it was romantic virgin and slightly unworldly.

- You are a stranger? - Tanya said, and it was intended, a slight accent in any case different from me, from the locals.

- I am an alien and came to Earth to search for the mother of his child, - I replied honestly, looking through goggles gray eyes Thani.

- Present evidence, Mark! Where's your flying saucer? - Sarcastically he asked Marina.

- Pull the front left hand, ladybugs sit on them, and then a miracle happens - I whispered, my girl obeyed, virtual insects savages connected to the network.

Once we were on the moon in beachwear.

- The landing site of Apollo 11! - I said proudly.

Astronauts thoroughly trampled this place, and a lot of debris left.

- Why does not stay with us? - Marina offended, - and where the suits?

- This rascal hypnosis gave us - Tanya protested, - Go to the beach!

I returned. This problem no one foresaw how the girls to prove their extraterrestrial origin? Lizonka came to the rescue, she was tired of mock policemen. Terribly beautiful red-haired girl with emerald glazishchami lay down beside me, savage became sad.

- Do not bother with trifles to Mark! - Lisa showed the girls their true form.

- Oh, what a lovely pussy - truly admired Marina Lizonka fur, yellow sunshine added to her appeal.

- And Mark is also a monster appear? - Tanya disappointed.

I painted this nice monster that girls razomleli.

- Liar - laughed Lizonka - for you, he appeared in true form!

Then Lot's still there. Galactic girl Marina blabbed, I just stretched out on the sand and enjoying the warmth of the sun ancestors. Tanya moved closer to me.

- And you can show Mars? - She asked shyly.

Instantly we were on the red Martian desert.

- From I left footprints in the sand! - Tanya was surprised in a bathing suit - we breathe here?

- Fool, you're not the first Martian woman, you show the film synthesized specifically for you, - I laughed and kissed.

- And how are you kissing me? This alien tricks?

- Yes, - I smiled - on Earth we'll be tomorrow. If you want, I could kiss you in reality.

- Well, I was lucky! The first time in my life kissed alien and some sly way! - Tanya laughed and run in the Martian crater.

- How did you find me? - She realized.

- I call on the mobile phone, do not forget to charge! - I laughed.

- Aliens can call our phone?

- The company does not knit brooms! - I said proudly.

Then we returned to the beach. It was dark, earth girls carried to the bus. The galactic inhabitants dramatically melted in the air and were inside the Kid.

- Why do we need someone to look? Two nice little girls turned up at once. I am for Marina - Annie spoke.

- And I for Marina - agreed to Lot.

- And I for her, but Mark More like Tanya - sadly said Lizonka.

- For two months in the world will understand who he likes. Maybe the two little girls kidnapped two baby right people! - Angrily said Annie.

In the morning, I called Tanya, and had to apologize, a huge storm in the hyper kid had to get. On Earth, we can fly only in the evening. Once again, I had to make sure women of wisdom:

- And yesterday you can not come?

- The nearest galactic portal is only for your beach, far away I can not move! - I said sorry.

- So I'll come back on the bus! - Tanya was delighted.

Continue following

I'm dreaming

I always dream about it. I fall asleep with thoughts about it. During sex with my girlfriend I think about it at work, at the store, at home on the street.

Oh yeah! I'm talking about how I dream about sex with a man. I always think about how I can enjoy the beautiful muscular body. Big, sloppy hands. How long I will dream about this guy (let's call it P) took off his pants and I saw his dignity. First, somewhere in the car we'll kiss U and I feel his big man's tongue in his throat. Then R will suck my dick ... But suddenly he takes off his pants and I see him risen trunk. Great ... 24 cm long. Thick and elastic. And this little head, tender, tasty, like a ball of fresh strawberry ice cream, which is so desirable gradually dissolve in the mouth. And now I see that the penis. Slightly unshaven pubic hair which taste good frozen sperm and a bright brown color. I masturbate him King. And he gently moaning. I can see, touch and stroke his testicles. Delicate, soft defenseless testicles that and beg in the mouth. And head in my mouth, the whole penis and finally I get to his testicles. I softly and gently suck them, so as not to injure the delicate beautiful creatures on his body. It ends right in my mouth. Sweet, while the salty taste of semen gives me happiness and a smile. The sperm is mixed with a fine stream of urine, and I drink this delicious and elegant fruit juice. I see his ass. Buttocks resilient and tanned. I showered them with kisses. I breathe its gentle bunch, released by the joy of his ass. I spend my tongue in his anus and is completely immersed in his little hole crap one's pants. But I like it. I sit down on him and his penis Spit his penis and feel that now finished. P catches all the sperm in her hand, and then greedily drank it, leaving me a single drop.

But I'm just a dream ...


The story of my girl

This story will be printed in full and told my girlfriend Lika. All of her stories, and mine, too, is the full truth (probably why they are not as long).

Hello! I am a girl Andrew. He has an older sister (which he mentioned in the story) and younger. And I have only an older brother who is 6 years older than me. He was handsome, tall (it's in our genes). He always met with the same girl, but he had it never had sex. My brother's name is Maxim way.

My room was in the corner of the room next Maxima. Parents left for two weeks and instructed me Maxim. He certainly said it would be great to follow me. Days went well. One night I could not sleep and decided to visit Max. I went into his room, but he did not see me. What I saw amazed me. Max sat on a chair in front of computer. His cock stood up and he pulled it out of shorts and jerked off. And the monitor could see a naked girl, she masturbated. That brother of pussy flowed sperm, then I do not know. The next evening, I decided to also try, as my aunt in porn. I sat down, took off her panties and began awkwardly massaging pussy. And suddenly the room went ... Maxim, but I also have not noticed. He crept up from behind and put his hands on my shoulders. Then one of his hands down on my pussy (on May bastard !!!) and he himself became her masturbate.

Maxim: No, no. It should not, and that's it.

He again ironed my pussy. Then he called me on the bed. We have laid down. He did not release his hand from my recording. Puss became wet. I was very pleased. Then he took my hand and placed it on his risen member. It was nice and firm. I stroked and stroked. Until then he did not say, so I turned around. He got on top and began to stroke his cock my pussy. And so he began to gradually insert your dick into my pussy. That's how I lost my virginity. But the truth is, when the blood flowed from my recording, I thought it was a monthly and not scared.

All the while !!!