Me and my pussy

Hello! I - sexual fantasy of every man. Already because I'm beautiful and constantly want. I am dependent on sex. But this does not mean that I give myself to anyone, I am just like any self-respecting girl love to a man sought me, I like to tease. And so often I caress herself. Very I love to caress her little girl. I'm excited easily, even by their appearance .. high, long, slender, tanned legs, neat pedicure, arms nogotochki long, long red hair, coffee eyes, full lips, dvoechka chest with small light - brown nipples, juicy, inflated, round ass, all at me and everything is perfect. So .. I'm alone at home ... I'm excited. Drink coffee and sweet treat I not think whether my girl caresses again. Recently my pussy polished neighbor .. As he licked my plump lips and mound, I lay there and thought about what he had because his wife and children, and he licks me through the day, it is this thirst and does it with such tenderness and pleasure. . In the evening, kisses his wife ... hmm. Men!

Undressing .. the room is dark, the only light from the fireplace. My wet cave of memories about the neighbor. I want her to caress. Mmmm, my girl, my sweetheart swollen pussy, I licked her she would if she could. I lay down and breed feet. I spend my fingers on the holes. Ass on fire. Only yesterday her neighbor and a member of the visiting feeling it is not over. it would be necessary to grease .. Take out the baby oil with the words Baby, I drip on your baby ... It flows through the jaws, dripping on the narrow hole of my ass ... I rub the oil slick, and more and more looking for some ... Mmmm, what is bliss !! !!! My sweetie jewel, my norochka such responsive flows and gives me a heavenly pleasure !!! I love my pussy! I love to pamper her, I want to do it often and long. Slowly caress hillock - the center of pleasure. Otvozhu hand to give a break ... I do not want to finish too quickly, I want to stop playing with her pussy ... Mmmmm .... Run my belly and breasts, lick your fingers, and gently squeeze Tereblya excited nipples, I want to breathe more often and louder moan. Indulge in the pleasure ... I started up so much that it is ready to finish without touching the pussy. I come back to it .. caressed her slowly. popochki stroked the hole, then my baby .. Ohhh .... Mmmm yes. !!! How is it nice !!! The mind is not here ... There's only pleasure .... I'm close to the peak ... I enter a finger inside .... With the other hand continued to caress my precious .. Oooodaaa ... reach for the ass, and I want to introduce her finger. Mmmm ... I'm about to finish !!!!! Tereblya a hillock stronger slap on it with fingertips, Cumming .. !!! Aaaaaa I finish !!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm !!!! Ooodaa !!! How good !!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm. ... Bliss .... Sweet Light shiver ... tired legs .... Tummy involuntarily reduced Concha .... .... .... How well I treat ..... I repeat tomorrow ...


Paternal farm

I have always, as far as I can remember had the interest to the members, despite the fact that I'm a guy. I liked to imagine sex with men, I take in my mouth hot big guns, suck them like a piece of candy and then give a fuck yourself in the ass. But try a member of the I unfortunately did not succeed.

One time my father took me with him to the village on the cattle ranch. And there I saw it.

Beautiful horse walking down the pasture, his glossy mane flying in the wind, and his black hair as if it is made of steel. But the most important thing I saw was his huge cock, which in the unexcited state is reached, it seems to me thirty centimeters. It hung like a huge pipe, swaying movements of its owner. In my head I just did not come good thoughts. Very much it was tempting. But I knew it was dangerous because the horse, the animal and its behavior can be unpredictable. And then if I burned my father doing this, he would have killed me, that's for sure. Not daring to, I went to sleep.

But at night I was awakened by a strong excitation. I realized that I was dying with desire and quiet, the father did not hear out of the room. I went into the shower and washed myself, and the priest before entering popped into the kitchen, take the sunflower oil for lubrication.

I had to walk about a kilometer to the stables with horses. The road ran between the houses, many of which still burning light, so you need to be very careful.

The stall was closed, but I had my father's key. After unlocking the door, I walked into the dim stables. There were about a dozen horses, but I was interested in was the stallion. After all the stalls I found it at the end of the stables. He was awake and looked at me as if he knew why I was here.

I went up to the horse and stroked his face. It is quite snorted. "It is good that he is in the spirit of" I thought, and then the horse is known for its farmers obstinate character.

Seeing again his cock still hung a huge hose, I was almost choked with excitement. He was so close and so attracted me that strength to endure more was not.

I bent down and crawled under it. And his cock right in my face. I saw that the foreskin lacks a head and a flattened, not as a person. Member was almost entirely black except not really rose to the head area. I began to suck. Member has increased in size and became huge. I sucked vengeance smacking and groaning. His cock almost prolazil in my mouth, but I shoved him, choked him, I wanted to swallow it completely. I got sucked oil is brought and began to lubricate his barrel over the entire length. Horse uttered unintelligible sounds, but it was obvious that he was pleased. Then I began to lubricate my ass. Razdrochiv his little hole, I bent down to put the oil on the ground, and suddenly felt the touch of the large, hot tongue on her anus. The horse began to lick my ass. These were not transmitted sensations. My ass juices flowed abundantly, and it was clear that she was ready. I crawled under the horse, bent cancer and put your dick hole. Member did not want to go, he was too fat. I took another lubricant and again bent. And then the horse abruptly drove into me his penis by almost half.

I shouted loudly in my ass as if lit the fire. It was painful and pleasant at the same time. He began to move, slowly at first then faster and faster. I was moaning and yelling was quite without fear of being discovered. I could not believe that I am in the ass is a horse for its huge, hot cock. He fucked me all the way. Its trunk due to its length could not go to me completely. This went on for some time and I felt that it was the end. The hot stream of sperm hit my ass. I was surprised such a power, and jumped out of the penis. From my priests on the ground resulted jet horse semen.


I dressed quickly, took all their belongings and left the stables. I felt a great shame, and at the same time I was very pleased. Having come home and take a quick shower, I went to bed and fell asleep.



One day me and my friend Anya went on nature in the forest. It was a warm day in September. Since we took only a meal and a blanket, it is not assuming the purposes for which they need the business.

Did not get to our friend from childhood clearing, we turned inland. It has long been fed up with the usual situation, and there were rumors that in those places raped girls. That went away, just in case.

After finding a cozy place, we Anyuta spread a blanket and got food. Eating an apple, we removed the basket in the shadow, putting it under the bike.

We changed into swimsuits and began to sunbathe. Suddenly, the clearing out two guys. They attacked us. Anya dragged into the bushes, and one of the men engaged in it. He pulled off Anka swimsuit and started to touch her roughly. Then I did not see anything. The second came to me. He began to undress me, crushing to the ground. Then he bared his penis terrible size and fucked me in the mouth.

I choked, but sucked. The boy moaned, Durden my ears. In the bushes Anya moaned, her fucked in the ass.

A minute later the guy came, I poured over the face with sperm. it was new and scary for me.

Then both guys do our holes. They planted our members are on the needle.

Penis Man rested my hymen, I was Tselkov. Straining, the guy came at me. The pain so sharply surging at me, I moaned. Anna, too, deprived of virginity, panting in the bushes.

Man, fuck it went to me. By inserting a tool in my ass, and Ghastlier causing pain, they both finished at me and disappeared into the undergrowth.

We were Nyuta. I could not recover from the shock, I fucked like the last whore!

I was scared. Cum abundantly ranked in the hole, not leaking. It was clear that they could have children. I can not become a mother! This is too early.

Deciding not to escalate, we went home. Anya's all gone, she did not become pregnant, do not. She is so lucky!

A couple mpsyatsev I felt that there is no menstruation. At all!

And that makes me sick more often than rasch a week, I noticed, too. The next day the same, citing poor samochuvsvie and take time off from school, I rushed to the gynecologist.

The result was not long in coming. I was pregnant.

I told my mother everything. Poorat me, we decided to give birth. But as it was, it is another story!


Now I - slave

The day started badly. My foster family finally - still put me out of the house.

And here I am, at eight in the morning, I was on the street. Without things without money. Having nothing to do, I went to the old, vechnopustynnuyu embankment. There I was, looking at a flock of ducks pottering about on the rocks.

- Wow, what a chick! - I heard behind.

- Yes, the teen's it! - I said to someone else, and my face fell a rag soaked with a muck. From the smell of it, I hung up.

I woke up not known where. My hands were handcuffed, they were fastened to the battery.

We came into the room the two men talked on the waterfront. One of them silently unbuckled and pulled me into the bathroom. There he stripped me, and, while the other held me, undressed myself.

While 2 also undressed, first, let's call it Dima, bent me in half, substituting in my mouth hard cock. I recoiled. Then force Dima put to me by the throat, and I almost felt bad. With grief in half I sucked his penis, and he groaned.

Then both of them put me on the floor. Second, let Misha pulled from - the mug Essmarha. Inserting me up, guys let water. I screamed.

A few minutes later it was all over. I'm hoarse, it went through a major, and the game continued.

I inserted in the ass penis, pain, I lost consciousness.

Then Dima came into my pussy, breaking the hymen. She gushed blood.

Put me in the bath, Misha and Dima washed out of me the blood, and, dazed, continued to fuck. Misha was fucking my ass, Oleg engaged in a hole.

Soon they finished. Dragged me into the room, they are gone and they locked the door. Approaching the mirror, I saw a dirty slut, all the blood and semen.

This "fucking" continued for a week. Gradually, I came to the track, when all the pain was on the drum. I became a slave, limp doll in the hands of talented marionetochnikov.


Kate Girl

My name is Max! I'm in grade 9, last year we came a girl from another school, her name is Kate. At first I did not pay attention to it, but once we went for a walk now. There was and Katia. Previously, we communicated with Katya, but somehow variable, it's good, it does not communicate. So after walking all dispersed and it turned out that we were left alone with Kate and I decided to make her home. When we got to her house, she kissed me goodbye. She wanted to kiss him on the cheek, but I turned around at this point and she kissed him on the lips. A strange feeling I felt as if we slipped between some spark. And I'm not saying not a word began passionately kissing his companion. We stood in the doorway and did not stop kissing my hand landed on her ass. God, what is her pretty ass, I would never have thought that such upragaya ass Katya. She stopped and whispered: "Do you want me?".

I was just amazed, because I did not like Kate, but she was very excited me. Of course, the answer was positive. Circumstances have developed so well that her parents left for the weekend to the country, and the house was empty.

Only burst into the apartment, we immediately began to kiss stratno, I sank a little lower, began to kiss her neck. Gradually, we have removed the clothes. And I went down lower and lower. It took only a moment, and I caressed her nipples Katie. In his age Katya had 2 breast size, elastic ass and a gorgeous figure. I began to gently caress the nipples of my classmates. Then I pulled off her panties and saw her pubis. He was perfectly shaved.
Sexual lips were soft pink and already swollen with excitement. My cock stood like a stone, I could not resist such beauty and began to lick her pussy. But then Kate stopped me and offered to have fun in 69 position. I took the rest of the clothes and lay down on the couch, and Kate lyagla me exposing my hole to my face. As soon as I touched the tip of his tongue to her clitoris, I felt she started licking my cock. Her tongue was moving quickly on my penis, then gently licking the head, caressing the eggs. In turn, I licked her pussy lips, slightly biting clitoris, then I started poking into the language. Then I heard a slight groan.

We got up from the couch and looked at each other, then I was like an electric shock, I abruptly grabbed Kate and put the cancer. At these moments, it really surprised me, she shouted: "Come fuck me, pozhostche". I asked: "Are you still a girl?", To which he heard the firm "YES". I moved his head a little member of her lips and abruptly put a member into Katya cried, after I started to fuck her passionately. She screamed and screamed. After 10 minutes, we found that all of the sheets in the blood, we went into the shower. And after I offered anal sex. I do not know why, I'm not a supporter of anal sex, but somehow I felt that Katina ass crave cock. Of course, I was not mistaken. Katya lyagla on her back and spread her legs wide, I'm a little pressed a finger to her anus, Kate began to moan. She asked to do everything, and I was a little zhostche pomasirovav her ass with your fingers, put it in the penis. Katya squealed like mad. Realizing that she was in pain, I slowed down a bit and began to do all the more tender, but she insisted on a hard bed. I very much accelerated, her breasts quickly moved to the side, and she moaned at all. And then out of her vagina flew bryzki. A moment later, I finished it in the ass.

After a hot night I stayed the night with Katie. We do not meet, but still fuck, when you want.



The story happened in high school, I was in the 9th grade in the class, we had a girl named Lisa. Very sexy and simpotichnaya The girl, she had krsivoe face, she herself was a tiny girl with big breasts and firm ass. We talked not so much. One day in class we sat with her at the last desk, the lesson was boring. Lisa was in a tight-fitting T-shirt and her breasts gently peeping, sight is very exciting and I can not help from time to time fixed his gaze on the neckline classmates. In my head I climbed vulgar thoughts. It should be noted that Lisa is quite an open person and she could communicate without problems on any topic. And here I was a little lost control, my hand began to gently stroke her leg. My neighbor just looked at me with a playful smile, a couple of minutes my hand pshla further. I unbuttoned her pants and made his way to her hole, a neighbor looked at me and bit her sexy lips. Here I began to caress his classmate, but then she removed my hand and whispered in his ear: "Wait, is the last lesson ...". And we sat back and pretended to listen to the teacher. After the long-awaited call rang and we went home to Lisa. We walked quickly began to undress, we are still in the stairwell. Burst into the apartment, I pushed my classmate on the sofa and began to pull off her jeans. And then I saw perfectly shaved pubis and her pink lips. Without thinking, I started licking his girlfriend, I actively moved his tongue over her clit and massaged her fingers hole. I put a finger a little deeper and felt the stubble, then I took off his pants and Lisa began to suck my cock, I must say that it turned out great. After foreplay I prlozhil his classmate on his back and said open your legs. At first I was slightly moved his head on her lips, and then slowly went to a couple of centimeters, and then abruptly put a member of the most eggs. Lisa began to moan loudly, I began to fuck her faster and faster. There was one problem, after two or three minutes everything was covered in blood. After a shower we continued to fuck in a pose of "Doggy-style" I was moving very quickly and I felt that from minute to minute finish. I sped up to a limit, Lisa's chest jerked from side to side, her hair was disheveled, and she cried for the rest. A moment later, we finished one sekndu, it was priceless. I pulled the penis and began to masturbate his girlfriend quickly and out of her pussy flooded several creeks. This sex was unforgettable. After that we just fucked.


The story of my girl

This story will be completely printed my girlfriend Lika. She will tell you my true story.

So, hello to everyone !!!! I Lika, a girl Andrew and I will tell you a story.

Then we have met with Andrew. I was popular among the guys, I'm tall, slim with brown hair blue eyes. A lot of guys like me and of course without many views did not do my breast size 3 and a half and my firm buttocks. In general, already 10 years, I looked at the 13 and 13 and do all 20. 2 Breast size I was already 12, but I was always stroynyashkoy. Despite the fact that I was in demand by the guys, I never thought that I would become popular among girls. Menstruation I started early, at 9 years old, and I lost my virginity in the 12.

Let us turn to the story. This happened a year ago, I was 21. I have a year as the two went to school. I do not know what to call them, but there we did all sorts of exercises, we were put on the string. Our teacher was about three years older than me. Her body was taut and elastic. Beautiful figure, slender legs. She was tall as five centimeters shorter than me. (My height is 179 cm). Our room was always the machine, but we used it is not always, but just when to do the splits, sit tight against the wall and the machine to hold hands. I'm not very well sit on the cross.

Once I came to class, and then, when it was over, I decided to ask Lena (name of teacher) to teach me to sit on the splits. I went to Lena.

I: Linen, and you can put me on the string?

Lena now?

Me: yeah

Lena: Well, stay away from the machine and do the splits, as best you can and do come to you.

Me: Um, okay.

I went to the machine and tried to do as best I can. Lena came. She sat back and hugged my waist predvigat start to the wall.

Lena: Well! It's almost happened!

She seemed strangely put his hand on my Lyashko and began to press. And now I'm sitting on the splits.

Lena: Wow !!! Well done!!! But now you need to rest.

I slipped with twine and calmly sat down in a corner. Lena came to me again and said, what I done. Then she removed her hand gently my hair and kissed his neck. Her kiss was sweet, but she smelled my favorite perfume is not. I did not resist. Then she sweetly kissed my lips and I felt her tongue in his mouth. And I, too, slid his tongue down her throat. I felt her hand under my T-shirt. Lena took off my bra, T-shirt and then gently touched her nipples.

Lena: mmm, how swollen!

I stared at her hands. Then she put her little hand in my pants and smiled.

Lena: Okay, let's not here. The following week, on Sunday. At seven o'clock at my house.

Lena dictated the address. Then I went for a long time thinking about this situation.

To be continued...


The victory over a

One day I was with my classmate got into an interesting mess.

That day we were on duty in the athletic locker room. We started to get out when the classroom door shut. One of our boys left after the lesson, locked us, thrusting something into the lock. We are trapped!

We Liz - the orphanage, knew very well that we did not have enough teachers, thinking that we were to spend the night where - some friends, as did many of our group.

We had to spend the night in the locker room, the boy took the key with him, pulling him out of the castle. Certainly, he said that we have already gone.

The problem was that I (as Lisa) did not have time to go to the toilet. Now, however, we did not have toilets and there was not even a bucket!

Liz openly crossing the legs, oud suffering for a long time. I knew that she did not want to start a lot pisit.

- What do we do, Sogn? Pisit I want! - Lisa moaning in pain in the bladder.

- Me too ... - I felt good. - I drank two cola at recess ...

It took 3:00. We Lizonka with shaking, my bladder swelled painfully. Lisa clenched his sphincter so that her hands were white.

- I can not take it anymore! Dawit! - We screamed in unison and began to undress. Soon we were naked. And then I was the idea. I started kissing Lisa. She frantically looked at me, but his hands raised.

We rubbed bodies, kissing in ouby, I licked her cunt.

So relive the pain was easier, but not saved to a night already and it is.

We suffered Liz barely - barely, but am not in the locker room there were puddles, we have endured struggles.

And in the morning we opened and we rushed to the toilet, half naked and exhausted. We gave these jets that have heard, perhaps, the whole school ...

We did not on duty in the locker room, enough with us that day!


Winter river

This winter was not particularly cold. But this is for you, bipeds. And for me, so abnormally hot. So hot that I, exhausted from the internal heat, so strong that it seems my frozen two months ago, as if the blood boiled, had to leave his refuge under driftwood close. I shot out over the river and was swept up, forcing the heart to pump the mucus through my veins, turning it back into the blood. Eventually, I cooled down and now I was wildly cold, then I swam to the surface, some inquiries blunt snout in thin ice. Judging by the thickness of the end of November or beginning of December, thaw the damned! It's too hot to sleep and too cold in order to find even the most mediocre frog or small fish. After several hours of fruitless searching, I have resigned to his unenviable fate, my attention was caught by something never seen before. Two two-legged sent to his home, apparently stanuschego grave for him. They used to come to the river, but it was summer, and I must confess I thought they were asleep for the winter. At first I thought that they pass by, but, surprisingly, they stood on the thin ice near the shore and began about something to say. I hasten to destroy the myth, so widespread among two-legged, unlike you, I heard well what is happening on the surface, even through the water. But not through the ice. I decided that since I do not care to die, and then we can see what they are doing. Funny speech biped I still do not understand, but suddenly they want, despite the ice, throw in a little river of delicious leftovers, as they often do it in the summer. Properly Try the ice, I broke his nose and looked out onto the surface, leaving the gills underwater.

- ... Well, shake-a-aluysta!

- You really want it?

- You have no idea how.

She lay down on the ice, and shivered, began to pull off his jeans, while making conscription movement hand to his partner. Slightly hesitating he said:

- Okay, but just for us - and very quietly, so that only I heard - some izvraschenstvo, do it on the ice.

I did not realize that they were going to do. When he leaned forward and down, they hid it from me a little snow. I decided to swim under the ice and see what will happen next, I have nothing on hoping, and the words of two-legged and so I did not need, and I wanted just to see what would happen next.

Meanwhile, it is completely pulled off his jeans, revealing a causal place. He, too, he lowered his pants pulled something like a short tail out. I still also wondered what they would do. I watched as he rubbed his oud of her slit, but his process was so soft that only bend and I thought that he should have been harder if he wants to climb into her hole, resembling a spindle. Both are already trembling from the cold, but then she famously turned his head to the side, where before were her feet and picked up his end in the mouth. When she after a while pulled it out of his mouth, it all swelled process, swelling and become significantly harder. Now, he easily entered into the gap and even she arched against penetration.

Further, in my opinion, nothing interesting happened. He did reciprocates her hips, and she awkwardly twitching in response. But then he pulled out his beats and poured a small puddle of white liquid on the ice. But this is not the end of it became more sluggish. He again with the force pushed him in the heat of breathable hole previously wiped it on his pants and grabbed her breast. Suddenly she became his podmahivat the entire lower part of the body.

Waving its tail, I sailed away. I previously remarked that the ice beneath them began to melt, due to which it began to run on thin Treshchenko, but two-legged as if that is not noticed.

Here it was all arched, finely trembled and cried so much that I even heard.

Along with its cry was cut short and that thin partition that separated from the two-legged water. I stayed away from them until all movement in the water did not stop. I had noticed how certain body swarm on the surface, probably one of them managed to escape. In the water there was so much mud raised from the bottom, even for could not carry it. But under water before I could always count on her eyes. And I polzhilsya on teplooschuscheniya receptors. First of all, I felt flushed it beats about the length of my body from me. As long as everything else is the body cools down, devoid of oxygen, and it is thought to cool and everything just stuck in the middle of river silt clouds. I was too hungry to wait for it to cool down and finally grabbed the flesh near the end dvunovogo why his body swept dying convulsions. What a godsend! That meat was enough for me until the end of the thaw.



Dreams Come True

Julia woke up with a pleasant feeling of bursting in the pope. for several months, she decides to buy a butt plug and finally felt all her charm. the evening before going to bed she plunged it into his anus and registered on a dating site, giving ad for housewives. She imagined how many times kneeling at the feet of Madame. and the fantasy that she was ordered to go with cork in the ass, cum repeatedly, caressing her clitoris is lascivious. Julia wanted full control by her ladies. without removing the cork, Julia opened the laptop and immediately saw the incoming messages. answering a few, Julia drew attention to one person, wrote her an order that, that Julia is not dressed today underwear and went to work with vaginal balls. Julia just chuckled and said, well, not knowing what will turn zhto word for it, because the site is laid out their photos. gathered to work, Julia drank a cup of coffee. looking critically at herself in the mirror she was satisfied. lion's mane of hair fell over her shoulders, feet snug sophisticated trousers, high heels, breasts emphasized blouse with a plunging neckline. "Krasavishna" -The Statement Julia smiled and clicked his out of the apartment. day passed quickly. coming home, Julia opened her laptop and began to read inbox. and again the message from the one osoby- "you're all done, slut?" asked the top. "Yes," Julia lied and went to pour coffee, light a cigarette. I went to the computer and almost fainted. She wrote ... "I dare you tell a lie, shit. You will be punished. T." -from these lines Julia was shocked. how did she know? Thoughts swirled in his head and Julia finally realized. m. in. - The initials of her boss. can not be. got .... her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. Julia came to visit often, pozhtomu she opened the door at once. dumped sharp slap her down. Julia fell to the floor and was pinned down to the floor of shoes. above it was her boss is the same .. ie. in. from the letter. the door was closed and the headmistress Julia allowed to stand. "Always will be, when you deigned to disobey me, shit. And now on my knees and take off my shoes. So very tired" y Yulka flew butterflies in the stomach. she realized it was not a game and looking at the boss's face, began to take off her shoes. "From now on will be my bitch" -proiznesla m. In., Holding Julia's chin. Julia was silent, not knowing what to say. and I have decided to confirm the decision kiss the feet of his mistress is now already. 'Clever' 'said top and took Julia's hair in the room.