Has come, drink tea

It was a warm, sunny day. I mayalas boredom, went back and forth and could not find a place. Suddenly I was disturbed by the doorbell. I opened it and saw Alenka.
- Hello, I came here, to drink tea. - A smile she went inside.
- Have, and I'll make the tea. - I said, leaving the kitchen.
When I came out of my hands I dropped a cup of tea. On the couch lay completely naked Alena and rubbed her swollen clit.
- Are you at the time ... - slyly she said, and called me. I was taken aback, but did not dare to disobey. Approaching her, I gently sat on the edge of the sofa. I was overcome with a wild desire to cuddle her swollen nipples. She and her obliznulas handle pulled to moee blouse. Tonenkmi fingers she rastegnula buttons on my shirt and kicked off her. She went below and unzipped pants They fell. Today I was not wearing panties, so her eyes opened my virgin pussy, yet no one touched. Ah, yes, my name is Jessica, I'm 17 years old. Alenka 18. We had a friend from childhood. She hungrily licked and undid her bra, leaving me completely naked. Fingers, she touched my clitoris. From my lips I broke moan. She took the vibrator. Apparently today it will give me pleasure. She licked my crotch a few times, and then began to greedily lick my wet crotch. I moaned, cried sometimes he delights. She podklyusila vibrator and he began to hum. Gently she touched them to my crotch. I began to moan, bent to toss and turn but lustful Alenka not let the vibrator on my pussy. It would peak ... I am very roughly finished. However Alyonka we kissed passionately. In her eyes, it was clear that she wanted to continue, and I poured her fury on the bed. caressing her shaved pussy ...


As I leshilas virginity with someone you love

In general, it was on 2 January 2014. I went to visit my grandfather. And saw a guy who looked 15 years old, he sat quite simply playing the game in the laptop varfeys. For me, he was not paying attention, well, I did it too. The next day I again went to visit my grandfather. The boy was gone. I went into the notebook in which he played the boy. I went to the social services. Network contacts. And suddenly I saw the page that boy, I remember Nick and last name when she came home, typed name and the name of the boy to find people, and found him. For fun, I decided to get acquainted with him. The response to my sms he was cold-blooded. A week passed, I realized that I love him, not just love, but for real. He just ofigel, and sent me an sms saying "There are no words * 0 *"

As a result, he told me that he loves another, well, I was not nice of course. The first 2 months, he spoke to me like a lohushka. It took another month 2. We started to talk like good friends. I invited him to meet, walk, he agreed. On Saturday we met, talked, were at first confused, well, then got used. Then say goodbye and go home. He lived far away in the Soviet area, and I in October. We spoke with him more good fun, it was interesting. Then there was the court of the end of April. Then he decided to make fun of me, it is necessary, first sent me a text message "I love you." My heart beat fast, I did not expect this from him smy! Well, then he told me pislal SMS "as a friend)" I was upset, began to send him the sad emoticons. He told me there and then asked the question "do you love me?" I blushed and sent a sms to him, "you're just now realized this?" he sent a smiley smile. Then he said to me "you're really really liked me, too," I said to him directly ask the question "do you really love me ??" he replied, "Yeah !!!" I was in seventh heaven, just did not believe, thank god, and later wrote a sms to him, "we meet?" he replied "yes, on Saturday"

We met in May, walking, hugging, and then went by taxi to his home, he was nobody. When we were at the Rego at home, we were tightly pressed, I was excited, and ran over the body trembling, he looked me in the eyes, I knew that I wanted it, my loved one, I really love it to, and I want !!!

Then he skhvail me for ass and we eagerly began to kiss. He took off my T-shirt and skirt. I'm with him t-shirt. In jeans, bare-chested, he looked damn sexy. He started to pull off my panties, I blushed, well, with the idea that I love him, it would be sex with my man, I no longer hesitate. Then he rastegnul livchik, then he stripped to his goal. We started laying hugging and kissing his cock was pressed against my thigh and I felt perfectly his erektsyyu. Then he adopted me to do Cooney. It was so nice, oooo ... Then he began masirovat my tits, I was almost the size of a second later, I began to make him a blowjob. He was piyatno. Then he slowly began to enter into me. it was terribly painful, but nevertheless pleasant. Then he abruptly entered into me, I strongly zakrechala. and later we started to fuck to the rhythm. after sex we were lying and gently hugged ....

Well, now September 26 2014. we all seriously, we love each other.

(My appearance: height 167, blue-eyed, thin stroynekaya hair long to the chest, light brown in color.

He height is 169, blue eyes, slim build. )



Beautiful first time

Hello, I want to tell you about my first time. But first, I will describe myself. High 170cm slim black hair brown eyes slim waist slim hips and long slender legs 4 breast size all combined in a 15 year old girl. At that time I met with Nikita is.

There was a 16-year-old man 180 cm well-built, muscular with a beautiful face. We met VKONTAKTE. They began dating. A year after meeting left alone at my home (parents left for 2 weeks abroad for a vacation), we decided to have sex. He no longer devstvenik, and I was inexperienced. We sat on my bed and kissed. He threw me on the bed and sat down on my stomach became rastegivat my blouse sitting up together, we have removed it. Dropping below it rastegnul skirt and removed her. He undressed to his shorts, he drew the curtains plunging the room into semi-darkness. He lay down on me.

He began to kiss her lips neck reaching chest, he stuck his hands behind me and rastegnul bra, pulled it off. Kissing left nipple he squeezed his finger right. By the time I have all flowed. Slowly he kissed the stomach down to her panties, he pulled them parted my legs and lay on top of me slowly approaching his cock to my hole, he kissed me and now the time has come. In one motion he put me on the tonsils. There was no pain, blood, too. After waiting a bit, he began to move rhythmically inside me kissing his chest. After a while we both finished. It was safe days so I was not afraid to fly. He got picked me up and carried her into the bathroom having washed, we have replaced the sheet and lay down. We were talking. He said, 'my dear, my I love you' 'turned to face him, I said,' 'and I love you' 'a kiss, we fell asleep.


Of course, I knew that my wife wants to try sex with a black partner, but when one day she came schastlvaya from work and said that she had found himself a partner I am a bit confused.
- And most importantly - happy chattering of Light - that go nowhere is not necessary to any Turkey is not in the United States, it is local, well, that is, until he learns in our Polytechnic - for the fourth year exchange.
- As though you have learned about him something - I wondered.
- You know I have a girlfriend, Marina teaches there, by the way, it has already agreed to it.
- But you have not seen him in the eye, and suddenly you do not like it? - I did not let up.
- Well, to be honest ... - hesitated wife - had seen a couple of times already. The day before yesterday and last week. I'm sorry that you did not say, afraid to jinx it.
I slowly sat down on a chair without taking his wife with surprised eyes.
- How is he?
- Very nice a sporty, taut ... helpful.
- And when you meet? - I have already resigned I asked.
- After tomorrow, but you know - wife suddenly blushed, (like this, yes, but I thought that Sveta shame is not guided!)
- What?
- He has one condition ...
- What? - I tensed
- He wants to shoot the whole process on video - Sveta sigh of relief and smiled - you do not mind?
- And without this in any way? - Not that it bothered me especially, I just ... very afraid of information leakage - if the video gets into the network, we Svetka have obviously not fun.
- No. Kohl? Well Kohl? - Pleadingly looked at me light - please, well, this is only once in my life I can be.
- Okay, just let the network do not spread - I gave up.
- Good - glad Light - and another ... well ... you have to stay by the operator ... please, please, please!
- But where shall I go - I sighed, thinking that if she had said that the day after tomorrow it will be the whole tribe fuck Mbagi, then I would have had to agree. Too often I began to indulge her.
On the appointed day, my wife and I were at a specified Gerard (the name of the black trahal) at a safe place. That is what I thought it was a rented apartment, but it turned out to be a real studio with professionally exposed to light, microphones and video equipment. And surrounded by all these lamps and cameras on tripods stood in the middle of the room a huge white leather sofa. Op-pa! So it's not just amateur home video will be, but a real porn with my wife in the title role. I do not argue, even before the Svetkin adventures of one of the most cherished dreams was to find somewhere on the internet porn with my better half. But one thing is fantasy, and the other very real movie that can (and I'm sure will be) watching other people, and that the worst of our Sveta friends! I shared my fears with his wife, but she just shrugged and said feebly, I too think about it, at that time, as the need to relax and get ready for an unforgettable sight. After that, it led to the next room (there was a need to understand the dressing room) some blond guy. And I stayed with Vadim - as I understand the director of this action and other Gerard. Vadim reassured me, saying that the video is not under any circumstances get in the network can not say that the movie is elitist, it is removed for two or three families of some of the elite of the French swinger club. I told him, to be honest, not really believed it. Vadim gave me into the hands of the camera and showed how it should be used. And then with a malicious smile I said that I also have a little star in the role of himself, that is, her husband. Just in time for the end of my instruction came Gerard. I would not say that the man was heavily inflated. Could be seen even begin to exude the stomach. He was bald and tall almost two meters. On the Russian I say quite passable, but with a terrible accent. He told me that he liked my wife and I like her luck and said that for this shoot she even get a small premium in hard currency.
When she asks out of the dressing room, my jaw dropped to his chest. This I did not expect. She was dressed in stylized Russian folk sundress long mid-thigh and a deep neckline, long blond hair was braided in a tight braid on his feet wore very long studs.
Seeing me Light smiled and waved:
- How do I look?
- There are no words ... - I squeezed out of myself. The wife laughed.
- Look, Martha, as now, beauty, long braid will fight African warrior with a smile she said.
- Getting Started - ordered Vadim, we'd turn on the camera and the action began.
Light came to the couch very cheeky gait, which is only able to walk on these kabluchischah, turned his back to us, leaned forward, thereby lifting up and opening sarafanchik views of his astounding ass. She bent once mgola, put her hands on his buttocks and spread them, showing us both her holes. In this position, she wiggled her ass a bit like following Namin her hands. Turning face, she lifted her skirt playfully - showing shaved pussy. In this light, smile, smile the most fucking smile. So moving the body and showing us the different parts of their sexual body of Light lit for about five minutes, until the frame is not entered Gerard. He was naked except for a loincloth of some strange yellow straw. Gerard came to light, and that he began to tell her (the French have a very bad). Light smiled, said something in French and pointed at me. Vadim turned his camera in my face and zhetami showed that I had to smile and nod. That's exactly what I did. Meanwhile, light pulled the rope on a loincloth of the Frenchman, and the rustle of straw with black fell from the hips to the floor. My view appeared a huge, 20 cm black dick already ready to climb. Wife playfully surprised, then sat back on his heels took the machine in hand and began to masturbate. When Black moved des embattled Light gently licked the head several times and then plunged this "monster" in the mouth. I have never seen the light so to kayfovat in a blowjob, she sucked a member of the African as she could, almost completely stuffing it in his throat, smacked his lips. Drool dripped on the floor and she was not appeased, was read in front of a huge greed. After graduating with a member she switched to eggs, licking them she almost purred. Vadim raised his hand and Gerard Lego picked my husband and laid her on the sofa, in a businesslike parted legs and began to lick pussy glistening moisture. My wife was moaning and writhing starting painted Khokhloma nails in a white leather couch screaming "Yes! "And in Russian and French. My cock was already hard bulged out jeans, I was shaking with excitement, sweat stood out on his forehead. When finished Ebony licking and they both got up from the sofa at the sight of his wife was drunk and quite happy. Vadim raised his hand again, and Gerard started to shake his bolt and say anything to my wife. She knelt down and I realized begged nigger fuck her (and where she could text to learn, and even in French!) Negro without thinking picked it up, unfolded cancer, lifted the hem of her and began to insert his penis in the pussy of my wife . He was, he is very tight, but after about three minutes he was rhythmically potrahival my pious, and she moaned as the last whore. Valim has shown that I was shooting a close-up I went to his wife and sent the lens on the piston Dolby my sweetheart. Light to improve my view, still moaning, put your right foot on the sofa. A member of almost completely entered into her vagina. Gerard swung and how to Svetku slapped on the ass, she screamed, but rather of pleasure rather than pain. I shot, got wet from the lubricant pussy of his wife, which mercilessly pecked healthy black dick. I leaned just a little lower to remove grow larger and caught a gorgeous smell that came from my Svetka.
Pose replaced. Negro Svetku planted astride his cock expanding its face to us pre-exposing Sveta tits. He toasted her heartily grabbed tight braid, Sveta screamed so I was not myself black dick now easily entered into it fully and all glowed from moisture. They had several times changed the posture, and I was running in a circle with their camera and ready to explode member not noticing anything around. Finally Gerard took out his shiny black cock from hole razebanoy my whore and put her on her knees forced to suck. Nasasyvayut Sveta long, two minutes later in her parted lips, to expertly made-up face and bare chest squirted a stream of sperm. She was on her knees like a real slut flooded with hot cum and orders Vadim licking his sticky chest.
- Let the camera, go to her - whispered to me, Vadim, I obeyed.
- How do I look? - Wife smiled - He's just awesome, no wonder we have come here. She smiled and waved at the camera, I did the same. The wife looked great bathed sperm has a cooling face, eyelashes stuck together, seductive lips in the white frame of the African seed. I could not resist and kissed her. Our kiss lasted probably for a long time, because I was tapped on the shoulder and Vadim said with a grin: "You have to go, we're done." My wife carefully wiped my face and lips the remains of Gerard sperm.
Light actually paid two hundred bucks, and we went home. We arrived after midnight and collapsed to sleep. Light passed out at once, and I had a long lay still and recalled her to sit down a black dick. Yes, life changes, only here in what direction?


Svetkin variety of h 1

When the car stopped, and the driver seat belt unbuckled, I thought for a moment that everything is not right, and you just need to pay money to take his wife and go. But when I was ready to turn to the driver, I accidentally caught sight Svetka. She looked at me and smiled, smiled only one eye, as she was able, she must have realized what I was thinking, because almost imperceptibly shook her head. - Well, you do not change your mind yet? - The driver asked, turning to me. - No - I said the wife for me, at this rate, I'm even a little taken aback. - Well, that's good - and he lowered his jeans and had begun his nadrachivat already started to rise a member. Light looked at me, blew a kiss out of the front passenger seat back turned to the driver, she leaned forward, and his whole body hung over a member of the driver, who had by then risen to the full. I sat behind the passenger seat of his wife, to see better. Light turned her head slightly and looked into the eyes of intense excitement taxi driver leaned closer and gently held the tongue on the head of the penis. My head hit the bell, I could not believe that I'm going to watch my wife will suck from a complete stranger. I blushed and stiffened, and my cock began to slowly fill. Meanwhile, light head down on the driver member, scarlet ring of her full lips girth purple head, and began to move further down the penis, then back up. Slowly at first then faster. I have seen because it overhangs bangs furtive glances at me then, that the driver and at the same time seems to be smiling. It then slowed down, then accelerated the pace, his right hand stroking the eggs taxi driver who had appeared on the seventh heaven, she sometimes pulled his penis out of his mouth to lick or completely tongue play with a bridle, while glancing at me. I did not understand who she would tease me or cage. A member of my was ready to break out of his pants. I put on my knees Svetkin jacket underneath unzipped his trousers and began lightly podrachivat. My wife understood it, she took out a member of his mouth "Nope" - sarcastically, as a child she told me and showed language - from what I wound up even more. The taxi driver shamelessly paw my wife's chest, half fell out of the blouse. I noticed Amy's hand crept under her skirt. "As there's probably wet Now I thought" - masturbate openly. The driver began to finish, he shrank back in his chair, grabbed his head with his hands and Amy pulled it all the way on his penis, to my surprise, his wife did not even make a sound, and humbly accept it. The taxi driver a couple just moved her hips, will drive his cock in my wife's throat and dropped her head. Light gently, slightly open mouth, has released a member of a taxi driver. From his head to his wife's lips stretched a long white thread of semen mixed with saliva. The index finger of his right hand, my missus took off this thread to the head, and sent it into his mouth. - Thank you - forced a driver is not who quit on such an adventure. - Thank you, - said the World - So in fact, Kohl? Say thank you! - Thank you very much - I muttered wiping his sperm jacket wife. - Not at all, please, if that - he held out his card Svetka - Always said his wife - buttoning her blouse and adjusting her skirt.

Home we walked in silence - World pleased, and I continued to digest what happened recently. My wife sucked unknown taxi driver in front of me, more than that allowed him to cum in her mouth, although she said that I did not love. Before the entrance of Light stopped.

- Liked?

- Yes - I admitted honestly. Light came to me and started stroking my penis through his pants - he immediately accepted the alert. My wife smiled and kissed me. I felt her lips and tongue taste the salty sperm.


- That's great, - said Sveta otho from me - I think now we're so often we will have fun.



I was in high school. Since I learned the girl Veronica. She had oherenny figure, pretty face, and I have always wanted it. She smoked a lot, and sometimes like a saw. Once I decided on a cunning plan.

I wrote to her and invited to take a walk. She immediately agreed. I bought booze and cigarettes. We reached zabroshki and I ultimately offer a cigarette. She was delighted, and together we smoked a pack. Then, she was already adequate Nev, we drank vodka. A few minutes later she began thumping in the trash to touch me. I took her breasts, and she began to moan. I gave her in the mouth, and finished on it. Then I fucked her in every hole. It was all in the semen, and vomit. Cool was the day.


As I finished in front of aunt

I was 17, I was still a virgin, I often masturbated and excited by something, I could not survive without masturbation, and one day. The history of my occurred in August, summer is coming to an end and our family decided again on a trip in the sea. I was going to go my mother, sister, aunt and I estevstvenno. Arriving at the sea as always we settled in our apartment, we always went to the same place because it was our apartment and we did not have to take an expensive housing. The first three days I forgot about masturbation, I swam, played billiards, come home tired and fell asleep almost immediately. But then the sperm I have accumulated too much riser began to haunt me literally everywhere in the shower, in a beach locker member stood up and stiffened so that it looked like he is now bursting, and on the beach as luck had so many girls, and I got up, even on a fairly mediocre girls and females, I even pee normally could not because I was starting to get up, I had to change the narrow melting on the availability shorts that would hide his excited body. So I finally decided to distort, it was pretty hard to do since I rarely left alone, all the time next to someone was a mother, aunt or sister, had options to do it in the toilet or the shower was the extreme version of a beach cabin, but for some reason I I decided that in whatever was to masturbate in the house. When we were on the beach, I told my mother that I was wrong and I'm going home to lie down, let me go, usually we got home from the beach about six, but today I left at four o'clock, I had two hours for it to pour out the sperm can be even repeatedly. I briskly walked to my goal, I was finally in the house, closed the door, I took off all my clothes and walked naked into the shower, I turned and sent a jet of cold water on his balls and penis I was very pleased, it seemed I finish by two three members of jerks, but I did not want to end so quickly, I took a towel and wiping out of the shower, then I saw that in the hallway near the door stood my aunt ... She looked at me completely naked with a standing member. Maybe if I was not so much overexcited my erection immediately disappeared, but there was a different situation, so my cock nalilsya blood that was even hurt, I was worked out so much grease that it even dripping on the floor. Describe your aunt. She was 37 years old, she is tall and has a slender figure, blonde hair, her breasts small, she had tanned skin, her was wearing a black T-shirt and, and under her red swimsuit, I was very excited this swimsuit, especially pants, my gaze slid down and the sight of her tanned legs and the fact that a little higher, I felt that I could cum no hands just from the excitement, all this pause lasted about 10 seconds, at first, my aunt was looking into my eyes, and then turned her gaze directly on my dick I first came out of his stupor and began to try to roll up a towel, I wish I did not do towel rubbed on my cock and I began to finish, I was so pleased how has never been, at that moment I thought whether it would be but I want to that she saw as I finish, I dropped the towel on the floor, my aunt just glared at my cock which began to twitch preparing izlitsya sperm with pleasure I have dark eyes, I leaned her hands against the wall and moaning finished, I've never had so much sperm, the first three shots of the sperm were so strong that the semen was thrown a meter forward, she almost - almost flew lo aunt's feet sperm is poured and poured, my cock was all in the semen, it dripped from my balls, feet on the floor, and my cock throbbed and cum all flowed and flowed, I finished about a minute, all the while aunt looked translating quite complete it on my face, then my dick, I finally realized that the orgasm is over, aunt also realized this and in haste went to another room, I went back to the shower who washed away all the sperm in my head confused thoughts, I did not know what would happen when I got out of the shower I saw that aunt took her all the sperm from the floor, but most of her home there, I went to watch telvizor, about an hour later returned to his mother and sister, an aunt, too, was with them, she behaved as if nothing had happened, we had dinner and as always lyagla sleep all remaining vryamya sea aunt behaved oddly vchem had happened, and I already when masturbate was more circumspect.


Lament of the virgin

Clouds gathered from the trees hum
I sat on the shore of a virgin,
And with the strength of beating the wave, wave,
Maid of Sighs, and the night is black,
Wine clouded eyes.
Heart broken, and the world was empty,
It has long been and forever lost interest to the pleas.
Oh my God! Take it to the kingdom of eternal sleep,
I enjoyed earthly happiness full,
I lived, lived and loved!
In vain a tear ran down his cheek,
Your cries will wake the dead for ever;
In all that relieve pain in the chest,
When the pleasures of love behind,
You refuse, I can not.
Let the tears flow in vain on the cheek,
Let the crying does not wake the dead forever!
Sweetest happiness grieving breast,
When the pleasures of love behind - heart with tears and agony.
Translated from the German Dark Lord


I want to tell

I want to tell you how I checked his wife to commit adultery.

The youth did not notice, but to the 50 years began to think about my wife's honesty. To do this, I remembered some segments of our lives. When I started to analyze, I came to the conclusion that I have good reason to doubt her honesty. First of all, I remember that it is several times put me before the fact, that she identified one ticket to a sanatorium, although of course it had requested two, and it must necessarily go. You know, when a woman goes to a resort for 21 days, then it would be a fool if you do not poebtsya side. Then the memory of issued another clue. Quite often I had as a young man leaving home for the weekend in the summer. She has always objected to, but I have included their arguments, and she quickly agreed. Now, analyzing their memories, I think it was a good game. We had a lovely neighbors, a young couple, a little older than us, Gennady and Galina, we even struck up some friendships. However, it soon became my wife to be friends with the neighbors. This friendship lasted for several years, until I found out that Gene has the cable and women peretrahal set. I began to recall the attitude of my wife and our friends. The findings were not reassuring, Light and Gene maintain a sexual relationship. I was very hurt, I gave to my family, with my wife fucking neighbor. Long thought, and I decided to bring it to the "pure water".

Gene and Galina had already divorced. He has a new family, he moved to live in Kursk, but sometimes we meet. He has a small business. When we came to the city stayed in the apartment next door.

I developed a small plan as I unleash this couple. The plan was this. I should knock a month in '52, and I decided to invite to the event Gennady. Of course, without his wife. Then act according to circumstances. At the appointed time, my guests gathered at a restaurant in a small party. We had a great evening, well drunk, when they began to disperse, I invited Gennady come to us, for the road. I connect my wife and of course he could not refuse. House laid the table, drank well, I pretended to be very drunk and on autopilot and went into the bedroom. After some time, began to be heard from the bedroom light snoring, it I pre-recorded on the phone. Lying, I listen. They were alone in the kitchen. After a while came the Light, checked how I sleep, and shut the door to the bedroom. She takes care of her husband. I did not hear their conversation, then there's the phone provides the trills in the form of snoring. Turn off the phone I can not, I'm afraid to frighten off this couple. Caution crept up to the kitchen to listen to the conversation. Hear wife Gena offers to stay the night, it was late, why go home. Suddenly, her speech interrupted deaf sweet moan. Then I realized that I was waiting for an interesting night. His wife sent him to the shower, and she began to make the bed in the room on the couch. We have cabinet doors and bedrooms are located on the corridor, while the opposite wall is a closet with mirrored doors. When the open door of the room, well, you can see from the bed, the couch in his office. In the half-open door I saw a great Light is spreading bed. Gene washed, came into the office and they began to kiss. It lasted not for a long time, she told him whispered something in his ear and went to the bathroom. Gene lay on the sofa, turned on the desk lamp, and waited. After 10-15 minutes, it came to light. She walked over to the couch, he climbed under her robe, and began to masturbate. What would have been more convenient, she put one leg on the sofa. After a while start to moan with pleasure. Gene raskochegarit her pussy so that I could hear her sniffle. She always did so when she gets going with fucking, her pussy squelching loudly. Look, Gene shows her four fingers, she just nodded. He began to masturbate her with four fingers. Probably Light matured quite thrown off his blanket, he lay naked, and began to suck. A member of his so-so, 15 centimeters, but thick. I think 5-6 centimeters. She swallows it easily the most eggs. Even their lick. I sucked once, when one of Zheleznovodsk arrived. More than never, flatly refused, she did not like the smell of a member.

It sucked professionally trip to the resort were not in vain. As she did not try, Gene could not finish. Light once again decided to check how I sleep. Came, looked, the phone gave great friend of her snoring, she calmed down, only the door closed tightly. I was completely inaudible, what's going on in the next room. I decided to wait 10 minutes and go out as if in a toilet. Ear to put a door, heard the sofa creak rhythmically began, all I think it's time. I go out and immediately to the office. Picture stunned, Light is cancer, his head rested on the couch. Bathrobe moved down, and covered his face, she did not see that. Pussy hair, smeared in white grease. We regularly use it during sex. I had time to take it out of tables in the bedroom. Gene concentrating insert cock into her ass. On the third attempt he managed to shove it. Light quietly gasped and jerked ass. At this time, Gene saw me standing in the doorway. He sobered up instantly. Member of opal and jumped out of the pussy. At this time, the voice sounds annoyed Svetlana - "Ebi gene that arose." Pause delayed, displeasure and wife throws robe with head lifted from the couch. At this time, we meet eyes. She quickly gets up and runs past me into the bathroom. Then it makes no sense to tell. We continue to live together. For a change sometimes meet. Light now I have not sweet, when we're trying to her, shut her every hole, but endures, where it go.


How to organize MZHM

As we organized MZHM.

That was six years ago. We lay there with my wife and enjoyed the tranquility after a rough sex. It was an opportunity to finish, in her pussy, and we took advantage of this great event. Prior to this, just a couple of days, we came on dildos Strap-mail. We've been waiting for him, we went to the post office to get together unpacking with some trepidation, afraid to be disappointed. Appearance and size we liked. The wife has long wanted to try a member of the large size and, finally, we got 18 centimeters long and 5 thick. We decided to try this coming Friday MZHM. Of course, instead of the second M is our new silent "friend." Friday night was a success. At first I tried razebat her as a member, but since I only have 15/4 she just flowed. Here then I put on my strap. Successful say buy. My penis is very tightly fit in it. I even felt that we are one. They put him on condom and I started ... The first was a classic. 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