Lustful Sister Part 1


It was summer, I was 16 and my sister 14. We were in the country, parents left for the weekend on business. My sister and I were talking as friends, and not about what sex the speech was not. My sister was a beauty, always went in and pulls her breast size was 2, and blue eyes.

Our parents left early in the morning. We had a large wooden house, I slept in the largest room, and my sister was asleep, but the entrance to the room it was through my room. In the morning I woke up and drank juice climbed to iPhone read the news, I was sleeping in his underwear. Sister I thought not yet risen. I finished reading the news went to the kitchen. Nachel impose breakfast and hear my sister was also in the kitchen. She comes into the kitchen in white panties and bra. I was still early morning risers. Sister took the flakes came and sat down to eat, I followed her, too, I sat down to eat. Sister accidentally knocked over cereal she was all wet and milk. Pants were thin and translucent. I said go pomoysya.


- (It is) - I can and so like all exactly no one but us there, you can do whatever you want.


- (I) - Yes (with these Slovan I got milk and doused himself)


- (I) - Is that better?


- (It) - Yes, the best brother!


She went into the hall, and I followed her, and lay down in a chair, lowered his head and looks at the ceiling eyes closed. I due to milk translucent panties like a sister and member of the standing still. She sat on the couch and watched TV. My sister came over and knelt down and leaned his hands to the feet. And I jumped up sharply.


- (I) - Little Sister what are you really ?!


- (It) - Sit down brother let you make nice.


I took the hand she pulled the underpants, took them off and threw away. Milk flowed to the penis as he stood. Sister licked my stomach and his hand took hold of the penis and masturbate sat down and licked with my milk. I sat in a chair and enjoy. Then sister excused myself and went to milk and milk poured member. He threw a glass and started to suck cock. I do not know her but I was very pleased I saddles and moaned. Then I stood up took his sister by the hair and planted her cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then I finished it on his chest, and she was completely relaxed. I put her on the sofa and took off her bra. Nachel suck her nipples and kissing his chest. She moaned. then I nachel over her panties stroking CIMS. At first she started but then she moaned. I went into the kitchen. My sister was lying obediently she was very relaxed. I took the cream in the kitchen and moved into the room. Sister just lying. I poured the cream on her breasts, I head and kissed her with the language, our kiss was not long but very passionate. Then I licked the cream off her chest she stood upright chest. Then I took her in his arms and carried her into the kitchen and put on the table, she kissed me for it. I took off her panties and turned over on his stomach. Before me was her gorgeous ass. I slapped her on the ass. (Our table was on a level with my cock and it was convenient) My sister said to me, Go already! I poured her ass milk and teased her leading member of the Website articles but abruptly entered in the ass, it was very narrow but I went completely and sister screamed and even shed a few tears Then I nachel have a sister, she was crying, but I was on this passage roofing to deeper and I was excited more and more. Then I pushed the sister and deeply entered and finished first she screamed then moaned, I turned it over and kissed very passionately. Then he carried her into my bedroom and lay down beside her hugging. We slept well and woke up the night.


That was the night I will tell in the second part.


The case of the country

Hello. This is my first story, do not judge strictly.


About me my name is Lena me now 30 years old, and when proizoshol case which will be discussed I was 22 years old. My external growth of the weight of 52 164 third the size of the chest and elastic ass, brown hair on lapatki and green eyes.


And so the story start with the fact that I had just got married. It took a couple of months and my husband and friends were invited to the country, summer is well on Friday after work came to friends in the evening. We were met, the company was already fun, were about fifteen of them have five devchenok with me, who was all the talk will not describe just about characters faces and husband. Sveta wife my friend Dima, blond with short hair slightly in the body but without the ugly fat you can eat what he wants to say but the waist on the spot. Denis mutual friend bachelor cheerful brunette with a body pumped up (and then I found a quite impressive economy), one of Dennis Sasha blond with a pump over a body, if the muscles were Disy moderately nakachany then Sasha was all just pumped. And the last participant neighbor cottages Andrew if we were all rovestnikami that Andrew was older than he was then 29 years old. And so all I have described well, then move on to the story.


My Dima did not drink too much, but as it enumerates felled immediately, and it happened in the evening, we walked the streets, and it was carried into the house sleep it off. I like all the others talked fun and drank not much. Then Light said that he wanted to write and ask to go with her, but it was dark and scary. We went reeling into the darkness, neither she nor I particularly did not know where the toilet. Moving away Light said he could endure no more and pulls the pants, skirt on nai was Mike and my husband, I'm not thinking too decided to sit down. And as soon as we primastilis hear a voice from behind, and it's here you are doing said Andrei (we still did not know) Well, Sveta and burklula what to write, and I have the soul left heel. I fast motion natenyalu shorts and stood as the count afraid to turn around. On the shoulder, I felt hands and uspakaevayuschy voice, I do not your neighbor Andrew volnuitel you went to me, at this time she asks finished writing stands up and says, I light it up Lenka izveniti not find the toilet. Here Andrew rasmeyalsya says that there is also zovot into her gazebo, he says that a couple of your guys with him, we agreed and went to the gazebo, and there sat Denis and Sanya (apparently Sanya in finite gash wife and she piled it had still that bitch ). We got us a pologaetsya poured, and speak and where your Kovaler, I say that my disconnected and Svetkin could not come running. And then Dan says that means all svodobny and no one especially not on the waiting goes on here, we Svetka pereglenulis and agreed. Then about an hour we drank saying and just fooling around, but then all is well in his head hit iposhli vulgar talk, Dan raskazyval of his adventures, we Svetka only blushed and then Andrew suggested to remember his childhood and play a game of strip cards, but immediately said only to his underwear, I do uspakoilo I was wearing a swimsuit under shorts and top. And the game has started, but soon all were in underwear and playing sense was not, then Andrew offered again to drink and continue to play has different rules, the one who wins the make a wish loser, and all agreed, first, the desire to have simplified the pokukarekat run round jump on one leg, but gogda won Andrew and Sveta lost, he suddenly put forth her kiss me passionately at least 30 seconds, I was taken aback, but she asks has pissed me off so quickly clung to my mouth that I did not resist and I I liked it so much that even in the lower abdomen that is zashivililos. Topom was we drank again and break all ran in different places to write, that is, we Svetka, and the boys separated from us. Moving away from them she asks suddenly again me kisses and govoritchto she liked it so much that it can no longer tolerate and me too it was nice, we have five minutes kissing while we're not prirval Andrew, he pretended not to have noticed what we were doing and govit that all just waiting for you, we came and drank again. Here Dan says that even colder and invites everyone in the house (the house we Svetka were not yet), I started ogladyvatsya and then Dan offered to show me the house, and we went to the second floor there was only one room with a large bed, Dan walked behind and I just went to bed and nagnusal touch soft if it he had me wrapped prepodnyal sticking to his chest and prosheptamnauho that long ago I wanted and pocheloval in the ear, down my whole body went trembling, then he gave me razvarichivaet to and kisses, I do not resist, I am pleased he bistro removes bra me and bites me in the chest, I bury paltsemi in his hair and pressed his head to his chest his hand penetrates tusiki and fingers dipped in menyaon raises his head and again kisses me on the bed on my bed I burn his fingers skillfully move in me, we kiss, I put your hand to his cock, and I understand that it is just a huge but it scares me I do not stop and when I want his dick to pussy podtenut he prekrashaet kiss me and govoritne hurry. Dennis starts kissing my neck and down to his chest kissing below already navel, and now he was in my womb his tongue caress my clitoris gets back, I have also almost no peak of bliss and then it stops and govoritpoydem, 'and then all miss, not dressing us bare go down, ahead of Denis is leading me by the hand and we go down the stairs and then I picture appears Sveta stoitna fours behind Andrew fucks her gently, and before Svetka Xian and she makes him a blowjob. Denis says nothing podvoiti me to this triitsy and places them so that my head was between his legs Amy and I vyzhu how it penetrates Andrew himself Denis plenty in my own huge ogregat and I first feel the pain but after a couple tolchkovvseprohodit and I I start to have fun, which is a minute Andrew pulls a member of the light and pushes her ass so that her pussy is in front of my mouth and I nichinayu her caress, Andrew bkudato out and in its place stands Denis, but without raising his ass light from my mouth he spends on her pussy and directs his dick in the ass, Light not only resists vskriklula and continues moaning. And then I felt that I have someone enters, makes a couple of movements and then goes pripodnimaetmoy pelvis and effort gimlet my anus, over 20 seconds of my anus gives up and misses a member Andrew. I was sick for about a minute, well then even became pleasant. Here light stands and it lay on his back and Sasha took a seat on her and penetrated in the ass, I'm Andrew puts himself on the cock and presses my lips to his gubambi strastnotseluet at this moment Denis is part of my ass and I feel two terms in themselves as they are rub between the thin walls and get prostikalasalnoe pleasure, lasted about five minutes and then to my ear bends Denis and says that if he can finish in the ass I nod, he Kanchan and stands, Andrew perevarichivaet me on my back for a minute and cums on my stomach I I am lying out of my priests flowing sperm ass sore and aching pussy and I are disabled. In the morning, waking up and going to the toilet I met Sasha, something else because it was piennes, or by the fact that it was a shame that I was naked, I do not know for what, I told him not to resist when he hugged me and initial caress and deploying put in CIMS I'm all flowed on, but it did not last long and all in the same position, then he abruptly turned nadovil my shoulders, I turned out to be a person close to a member and he came to me straight face said thank you and kissed mokushku and left.

P. S. With Sasha we no longer have sex, but Andrew and Dennis still had a couple of interesting times, but more on that in the next story.


Holidays in the countryside

Hello everybody. My name is Lena and it is my second story.

I want to tell you about a case that happened to me when I was 19 years old. I studied at the Institute and I had a girlfriend who offered Vick on summer vacation to visit her in the village. After finishing studies, we packed up and got on the train, it was necessary to go four hours. When we arrived it was late we were met by her father, Sergey, and drove home where we were met by her mother Nadine. Sergey was then 45 years old, he looked good strong arms, toned body in general, a strong man. Nadine is also a beautiful woman 40 years toned body without extra padding. In the first week or anything interesting happened we Vika slept until lunch all day lying on the beach having a good time in general. By the middle of the second week there was a case, nochyu I got up to go to the bathroom, he was with them on the street next to the fence, and the fence was a gazebo. When he reached the toilet and writing for I heard the sounds of the fence, and I was curious. Finding a gap more I began to observe what is happening in the arbor, and turned to me the following picture. On the table, legs spread sitting Nadine and Sergey caressed her tongue, her hands were on his head, and she tightly clutched his head to her pussy and moaning, and he caressed her tongue and hand podrachival his penis, he was in length is not very big, but very thick. So even it happened five minutes later Nadine stood up and turned her back and Sergey entered her from behind, only I could not see in a hole, so it went on for some time and then Sergey finished Nadezhda Vasilyevna on the ass and I ran back to sleep to me did not notice. I could not sleep for a long time I was burning in the abdomen but fondle myself could not because we Vika slept in the same room and the same bed so I slept in the throes of the morning. Another week passed and Vicki with her mother had to leave for 3 days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I was left virtually alone since Sergey is constantly working somewhere on the field, and carried out in two weeks, I rarely saw him. During the day on Friday, Vick went with my mother and I was left alone all day, I sat back and sunbathed in the backyard in the summer evening pomylas soul went to bed after supper was already 12 o'clock at night. Sergei Vladimirovich was not. At night I was awakened by a touch to my chest opened my eyes I saw the face of Sergey Vladimirovich over mine, he sat on me with one hand holding my hand the second was on my chest on a T-shirt (this night I slept in this t-shirt and shorts), he caressed her, I just wanted to say what you do and his mouth open, he began to kiss me, he smelled of alcohol but he was not drunk, I finished kissing he said. Do not worry you'll like. Resist me and did not want to, he was appealing to me, man, and besides, no one of the local guys I did not like, and want sex. Sergey let my hands when I realized that I will not resist and took off my shirt exposing my breasts and greedily clung to it with his lips, my nipples hardened and pussy already flowed and his hand slid into my panties, his thumb paused on the clitoris, and the index and middle slid into the hole. Lazcano because he did not for a long time, then took off my panties and started to caress my pussy tongue, focusing on the clitoris and fingers wielded in the slits, at this time I began to fondle her breasts, but after a minute I felt like one of his Platz trying to enter in my rear hole (when I was still a virgin there) as the finger he was abundantly lubricated my grease he succeeded, and I felt a new sensation for me, but not yet realized to like me or not. A minute later I had finished, and he felt it stopping caresses he turned me on my stomach on the planted me a pillow under the stomach so that my butt sticking out, then I felt his cock enters my pussy, I was a little hurt because such thick in me has not yet it was, he began a rhythmic movement and discomfort started to disappear, his one arm podlezla to my chest, and he became her crush periodically twisting the nipple, the other hand on the priest and his thumb went into the anus without difficulty by developing a hole, and then I felt it it dragged introduced already two fingers high index I did not was not pleasant, but quite the contrary, and then he pulled his dick out of my hole and I knew where he is now head and tried to relax, but it turned out not just my anus tried to resist but under pressure gave up and his penis was in my ass for the whole length in the eyes darkened and went to the tears I cried, and Sergey stopped me giving the muscles get used to, I squeezed her hand to her pussy and began to caress her. Sergey began to move slowly in me, I got used to new sensations and start having fun. Then he decided to change his position by putting me on the back and a pillow under the ass and re-entered into the anus, but no longer met my legs resistance were spread wide apart and bent at the knees and rhythmically moving in my rear hole, he gave me great pleasure because even hand caressed my clitoris, but then I heard the door opened a crack and some shadow into the room, Sergey said that I was not worried about this friend of his, he will just look, my mind was clouded with pleasure, and I calmed down, the door was left ajar and I saw a naked torso Sergey Vladimirovich it I was pleasantly surprised because I could see the cubes press. And then in my eyes darkened again, and the second wave of orgasm came at me. Then Sergey finished my ass and departed, I remained lying in a pose with legs bent at the knees, and I felt a trickle of semen flows out of me lifting my head I noticed that the bed is one of Sergei Vladimirovich completely naked protruding member (he was Sergey Vladimirovich coeval but the complexion another, long and thin member, a slight tum and a few extra kilos, but the appearance was pleasing), he lay down on the bed next to me and put his hand on his chest and her lips touched his ear and whispered (you do not mind) I shook my head and he began to kiss me and his hand went down to her pussy, his fingers easily glided over her, when lubricant was enough. Then he rolled onto his back and pulled me to him, I threw her leg and was on top of his hand sent his cock into her pussy, he easily got into me and I began to rhythmically move on it, my breasts immediately ended up in his hands and he I began to knead them especially not bringing me pleasure. A few minutes later Sergei Vladimirovich each rolled to the side and I was on his back, his cock even've got out of me at this moment, I grabbed his feet lifted the priest, and he was very quick to penetrate into me and all of a sudden growl pulled member finished my stomach. Sergey fighting went up handing me a towel and words meet this Petrovich, I started to wipe and Sergey handed a glass of wine and said to drink. After drinking wine, I went to a summer shower on the street throwing the towel, the water was cold but I was all in the heat of the incident, vymyvshis I wrapped a towel and went into the house, in my room sat Petrovich Sergey and that the drink when he saw me Petrovich said that they I have been waiting, and put on his knee wrapped around the waist, Sergey handed a glass of wine and I drank in my head and hit me drunk. We were talking about different laughed, I still drank, but I just continued to sit on his knee Petrovich in a towel, Petrovich is not noticeable to me freed towel and it slipped to the floor, Petrovich began to knead my breasts with one hand and the other climbed between my legs and I again became excited when they saw it Petrovich put me on the floor and offered to face his cock, I took hold of the barrel, and his lips touched the head slowly sucking the head in his mouth and caressing her tongue, Sergey came up from behind and put me on my knees, I continued to caress member Petrovich, and Sergey began to caress my anus his tongue, then in spite of my ozhivaniem came into my pussy and so it went on for about 5 minutes, and then Petrovich pressed my head and began to finish in the mouth choices I had, and I began to swallow. At the same time, Sergei Vladimirovich got cock and cumshot on my ass. After that, Petrovic left, Sergey smacking me on the cheek and went to my happy, I lay down to sleep.
P. S. This story is not over and there were a couple of interesting days and nights. If you want I can write. Thank you all so far.


New family friend

Hi, I tell us. I am 25 years old of medium build name is Sergey, his wife Katya is 2 years younger than low growth bodied with 3 breast size and the gym podkachennoy ass and legs that look very sexy. Sexually, we are fine and varied - and very mzhm zhmzh like BDSM (wife likes to dominate) the house a lot of different toys eats even strap she had me a couple of times. Once I watched a porn where the guy doing another guy a blowjob in the presence of the girl, I embarrassed, but I was curious. My wife said it would be interesting to try, I did not at once, but he agreed. We have submitted an ad on a dating site. The proposal was to enter the sea, but most of pacifiers. So wrote a man of about 40 good-we had poperepisyvatsya exchanged photos and decided to meet in a cafe.

Kate wore an elegant short dress, which emphasized her legs and ass. I am very worried. But the more I worried, the more his wife became more confident and supported me. We arrived at the appointed cafe. I will tell you quite a cozy little cafe quiet people. Vladimir was the name of our friend had booked a table for my name. The waitress we spent in the farthest corner of the room that is almost invisible. We ordered a drink and waited.

After 15 minutes we were approached by a man quite impressive appearance. Broad shoulders v-shaped figure sports shortly cropped in a black shirt and pants.

- Vladimir - holding out my hand and introduced the man sat down on the couch on against us.

Order yourself a drink, we began to talk, to meet friends. It turned out that he has his own small business, is not married and conversation realized that there are no limitations in sex with him. We are told about themselves by degrees of alcohol talked about their hobbies BDSMom and meetings. Some time later, Vladimir was away in the toilet. Katya and I agreed that we both liked it. On returning from the toilet, Vladimir sat imposingly between us, and we continued our conversation. After some time, Vladimir put his hand on his knee and Kate began to stroke it, looking at me in November was calm. Alcohol made itself felt Katya began stroking member Vladimir through his pants, and not have to wait long in the pants formed a mound. Vladimir took my hand and put it on the mound.

- Like? Want him?

- Ddda no-confidence I said,

- So take it-he said with a wink

- What!? Right here at once full of people !!! - I was indignant.

- Who does not see and does not know

- But ...

- Seryozha, do not worry, all is well said Katya.

I looked around and ducked under the table cloth which reached almost to the floor. Before my eyes was a bump impressive size, I unbuttoned his pants and OH MY GOD !!! enormous size appeared before me a member of my 16 cm compared to him simply insignificant about 25 centimeters.

- Wow, I heard a voice from above Katin

I licked his impressive size head and walked along the trunk down to the testicles. He began to caress them and heard a moan from above. This means doing the right thing !!! Then he remembered that his wife does in such cases and began to swallow the head helping hand to fondle testicles rhythmic movements caught the tempo and began to suck. I was so excited that a member rushed out, but I was busy with the device of our new friend.

- Swallow-ordered Vladimir

And in the mouth warm sperm hit, I did not expect this but was so excited, he did everything that was said. Swallowing all I got out from under the table, but it was not there ...

- And we take as a ??? !!! Unbuttoned and pulled back something I'll do it all? - Said Vladimir not rude but why argue with him I did not want to.

I climbed back. Seeing that he was still a member of poluobshisshy I licked all the sperm and gently placed in the pants buttoned his pants and belt. Creeping out from under the table he saw the hand of Vladimir-farming caresses Katina crotch. It is as if nothing had happened sitting rolling his eyes in pleasure.

- Good suck like a real slut, I liked it, she said Vladimir pulling his hand out of Katya's dress.

We began to communicate more through an hour we decided to go home. While riding home with Kate to share thoughts and feelings. She liked the way I was under the table and talked as Vladimir dreams. Overexcited arrived home and had sex for a long time.

After a couple of days, Vladimir wrote that he wanted to meet with us, rolling without doubt agreed to share ...



I do not know whether it is predetermined by fate, but all my life I aspire to have sexual intercourse with close relatives, what has told on this site in the stories of "pussy", "pussy-2", "pussy-3" and "pussy-4" . What is described in the story "pussy-2" was an unexpected continuation of what I want to tell today.

For his cousin, I have maintained a close relationship for a long time. I think that if all the sperm, which migrated out of my eggs into her pussy, can be collected in any capacity, would get at least a tea cup. Light (the name of it, if you remember) willingly rented me his underpants and with pleasure moved towards my cock in any position, I asked her. As I later learned, she is not shy, and other partners - the appetite she had enviable. But today I am not of it.

Sveta grew up a daughter named Alena. When I first put his cock in pussy of her mother, she was 16 years old. But she always knew about our relationship (as well as on the others), all heard and secretly rubbing the clitoris itself in the next room. At the age of 17 years, she has taken safely to his classmate bed and became an adult, as she later told me.

One day, when I came without warning to Svetka, hoping to feast on her generous pussy, she was not home - she went to sleep to someone of her friends as Alain explained to me. Later it turned out that this friend at the same time were two friends. But I had no concerns. The main thing - in the other.

- Why do you need my mom? - Alain asked playfully.

- Yes, as you say ..? .. - I hesitated. - Well, I miss! He came to talk! ..

- And you do not want to chat with me?

- And what, for example? On the lessons? So I'm no longer a student!

Alain suddenly moved towards me with a chair and threw his legs. So dashing, I suddenly became her panties visible.

- And to interested schoolgirls have to be at school?

- Well no! Just might be the consequences!

- Right! If you know about it. And if you do not know? ..

It quickly spread to the side of the leg, and I became visible narrow rim pants tight tight her maiden pussy.

- What are you, Alain! .. - I was scared. - Mum learns kill us both!

- Do not kill, do not be afraid, Uncle Igor! She and so gets a lot more than me. Do you think it will feel sorry if I'm with you ... you-you-you? ..

- What do you mean, exactly already ?! You're a girl again! ..

- And here and there! I have 2 years if not a girl. We Lshkoy from school for a long time together. He's just I do not really - yet inexperienced. I want to try something more abruptly. Do you think you have on me will not rise? You want me to show you? ..

She quickly pulled off shorts. Pubic hair was as thick as that of Svetka. But the mere awareness that is in front of me without panties starsheklasnitsa, suddenly lifted her up my cock. Trousers ottoporschilis. Alenka laughed and put her palm on "the" place:

- I told you .. Come on, Uncle Igor!. Only, mind you - I'm on top! I love more! ..

The first time I went into her bedroom. The bed was unmade - probably more in the morning. Alenka quickly pulled off her clothes and began to mine. A few minutes later she stripped me naked.

- Lie down, Uncle Igor!

- How, so soon? A caress, to prepare you, lick? ..

- What kind of nonsense? What to cook for me? I still pioneer - always ready! I could only imagine that it was "there" stick! Sometimes a pen and enough to finish. Only, mind you - not to remove, yet I will not tell. I Lshkoy sometimes 4-5 times finish until he Chica! ..

My cock was sticking like wood. When I, like Humbert, obediently lay on his back, Alenka, apart slender girlish legs, he settled over me and directed my pussy his purple body.

- Wait, Alenka! - I suddenly shouted. - And do you have a condom?

- Do not want it. Who they are now enjoying? Here you my mummy with a condom is that it do? I - its talented pupil ..!

She slowly sank down. Members include tight pussy Alena tightly wrapped around him like a lollipop lips.

- Well something like .. - whispered my Lolita, and began rhythmically up and down on a member. At one point she suddenly accelerated, and with a groan fell on my chest. I realized that she had finished. I silently waiting for what will happen next. Alena rested a little, her pussy tightened again, and it all started again. After a while, she again finished. So four times. Then she looked at me:

- Uncle Igor, and why you did not finish? Maybe I will not like me?

- No, Alyonushka, really like you. But I got used to the fact that the main - I. Perevernmsya Come, and I will immediately "do"! Would you?

- Let's!

Now that Alain was beneath me, I really felt that I was dealing with a young girl: her pussy was very tight and hot, cock slid into her like a piston in a cylinder. It took me only a few strokes and jerks cum poured into her maiden pussy. It seemed to me that it is poured directly into the uterus ...

It remains to add that it was, of course, only the first time. Our meetings have become regular. After a while she threw Lshku and settled for just me. "With him I after you just not interested," - she said. And I did not break with her mother. And so it went on for several years: the Svetka, then with her daughter. Then Alain grew up and got married. "I'm sorry, - he said - maybe I want to remember the old times, but I can not - and close to a divorce .." So what I'm after her marriage never again tried. And like, let's be honest!



My name is Michael, somehow time at the age of 15 years old, I went to one city called Bolhrad to his grandmother. Well, decided to stay with my mother's friend's apartment, he said that he is now in razezdah and only stayed at the apartment of his daughter Tanya, and we can safely vselyatsa she is waiting for us. Well, we arrived at the Bolgrad climb into the apartment, knocking, opened the two-kopeck piece very beautiful, it was a friend's daughter (Tanya) and her friend neighbor (Lera). Well, we have with these girls good friends and they took me to a disco on the weekend, well, we were there a little vipili, danced, and of girls say that we went to you a house show. So I went. Come home mom was not at home. And here is nachilos happen. They nachili me oboe tselovt, undress, fondle my penis. We seamlessly moved to the couch, during this time they have already managed to undress. And here I first saw the vagina, they were beautiful and they both began to passionately lizt, lick. Then one wanted me to povstavlyat her, so I did so. Well, the second at this time continued to gently nibble on her clit. And they both passionately moaned. Well, after such a sex, we met again and again, again, again, again.


From the life of Pushkin

Argued time writers - one of them anymore.

- Pushkin, shouting, - Pushkin. Pushkin, show me!

And Pushkin rested and shows. They sent a messenger to the king with a complaint: "Pushkin did not want to show."

The king immediately began to write the decree:

"We, by the grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, king of all the Great and white and Malyja Russia, the king of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland" ... in short - show bitch, but then it will be worse.

A Pushkin and says:

- I'm on your king and your orders - first, from this!

- What?

- But do not show!

Arina says: "Show them, sir, they do not fall behind," Farmers of Trigorskoe gathered around the estate, and chanting: "Show, Show master, master!" And Pushkin came out on the porch and said: "That you all!"

- Where ?!

- But I do not show - is responsible Pushkin.

Then pounced on the writers Pushkin - Lermontov hands holding and Turgenev removes his pants. Pushkin vereschit like a pig:

- Get out, the box! I - Pushkin!

- Although Pushkin, though Hryushkin - meets Gogol - and have to show. People demand.

Removed from the writers Pushkin's pants and began to laugh:

- With this, you - say - I remember a wonderful moment?

And Pushkin blushed and said:

- Yes, it is I now have this with fear, and in fact I have it hoo.

What writers Pushkin do, and he has a dog, does not arise. Finally Gogol guessed:

- It is necessary to catch a woman!

Caught woman. Pushkin like Babu saw attacked her and began to play, only he and flashes.

The writers gathered around them and began scribbling his memoirs: "They caught us somehow Pushkin a woman."

There is already evening, it's time writers home. And Pushkin all fucked, can not stop.

- Pushkin, we went!

- Wait, is now finish, - said Pushkin, and he does not finish.

- Let go, sir, I have a cow doena - woman pleaded.

- Nothing, man beneath - is responsible Pushkin and again for his.

All gone, one was Dostoevsky. I watched, watched as Pushkin Babu plow, and then he was tired, he had finished, he spat and went away. He just had to be a new chapter "Crime and Punishment" to take newspaper.

And Pushkin long laughed: "That's how I blew them Ah yes Pushkin Ah yes son of a bitch !!

Got Game

Hello. My name is Christina. I now 18. A year ago this happened to me, the tears begin to flow, when I remember. I will tell about myself. Blue-eyed blonde, height 180, weight 54, breast size 2 and a thin waist with a juicy ass. I have always been popular in school, and now I stripped views passers-by on the street and the guys at the institute, even some of the girls. I'll be back to the story. There was a hot summer night. Like all teenagers, I was playing cards at will. I have never lost. But the devil pulled me to go to the wrong card. I make come true to seduce a local pervert, and then abruptly break off his (the guys from our company would run out of the bushes and scared him ...) It is as always masturbate on a bench in the park, not far from us. Then I wore short shorts and topic clear, from underwear lace thong and bra strapless translucent. So pervert was about to leave. It was not there, I sat down next to him and passionately licked plump lips, knowing that I can fear nothing, he began to paw me and everything as it was conceived, ran up guys, I sighed with relief and began to laugh. Suddenly a van and drove him to the left 3 bull that cut down my friends and batons pervert and dragged me into the car. I had a stupor of surprise. But after a couple of minutes and I realized. I'm in someone else's car, around the dark, 4 - 5 men discussing how will I tear up. Heart pounding, I really wanted it to be a dream. The car stopped for me came one of the men. Seizing me, he stabbed me in the vein of a strange substance, I resisted and passed out. He woke up in a dark room. I was naked, tied to the ceiling and the floor of the hooks. In this position, I was 10 minutes and began to cry. Bursting 5 guys 25 years old, and two girls, as it turned out prostitutes. Turn on the light and I saw ... (to be continued)


Got Game

And I saw a dream that pervert out of the park. I was surrounded by a bunch of vibrators, sex machines, inflatable dolls, strap, and a bunch of dildos BDSM attributes. To say that I was shocked and dumbfounded - to say nothing. Without waiting for my answer to my shaved pussy insert the vibrator 25 cm, and the ass gagged steel dildo. I have dark eyes. In his eyes wearing a mask. In the mouth gag with rubber insert member, I almost threw up. After that I was again stuck something, but drugs and left. I started to cry out in pain through the crack. The drug began to act, and I saw a strange picture before my eyes. The vibrator worked, and I cut down a couple of times of orgasms. It lasted as I understand the night. In the morning the same bitches entered. We started taking pictures. Then I took off everything and unleashed. I could not move. Muscles ached as if filled with iron. Two prostitutes approached and began to caress me. I was injected with a drug again. I passed out. She remembered only parts that I fucked everything and everywhere, even their dog. And I isiytali everything that was in that room, from pltok up forever trahayuchey machine. I woke up in a hole in the woods. They probably thought I was dead. I quickly navigate and find the nearest village. When he reached the old house in the costume of Eve, I knocked, I discovered the girl and find out what happened over tea, she gave me her clothes and prepared the bed. Everything was quiet. I went to bed. I woke up from the wild screams. Can not be! The same bulls have flogged this girl! They did not know that I'm there. I called the police. They come in an hour. Mated these freaks. Their fate is not known to me. In these games I do not play anymore. And that girl is now my best friend. She said that they came to her every month and flogged in full. If I had not, she'd still been intimidated by them. All this is real. And while I think of it, parallel to caress themselves with a finger.


I changed and I do not regret) Treason, Exclusive, This bracer

About once a month I have seen a wild desire for sex, Choczewo, call it what you want. This state of the woman due to its physiology, perhaps even with some animal instincts (search for male - hormone release - out egg - desire - fertilization or fertilization - menstruation), and this cycle every month which is why this desire Wild. Unbridled uncontrollable. This desire is not simply well caressed herself and uspakoysya say, there is no desire here is hard male member entering into you, pecking with all the dope after all these days, all the pain and discomfort is dulled and remains only the desire of the animal impulse, WILD. And I think probably in this period women change often. This is what happened with me. At that time I had been married half a year, I was 19, and her husband for 34 years. My husband slept with me rarely and then only as they wish without paying attention to me. And it's not because I'm scared or defective do the opposite. Just his physiology did not fire on the debt it is very excited and could not finish for a long time, apparently he had a problem but I do about it or what was not known. And it was my biggest problem. Since I was completely his opposite, quickly excited, ready for any exploits and accomplishments and Science Experiment. And it seemed to me it is no coincidence our great injustice. I have so many tears at night for his whole life not shed much of this marriage. But now is not about that, in general, it was day by day X. I lay on the bed in a wild desire to impose my thoughts I just want one! I want to I can not, jeans have all thoroughly wet with excitement. The husband enters the room. By referring again not in the spirit of gloomy as ever again in what is his crisis. I was almost on my knees to him pleading with hints (and in my head, only one, well otderi I finally damn you!) So he turned me down, grinning like over stupid petty girl, what I felt sorry to lump in the throat, (who are you my husband or live-in boyfriend in the apartment ?? Yes, our relationship was Domostroi he was a despot and dreamed that I had admired him but his insensitivity and physical and spiritual to me, I could not stand, in general love to me he did not feel I was property and no more.) and referring to the fact that I need to go to my mother moved to another city. There I phoned his former young man by the way he was the first man in my life, and sex with him has always been at the highest level and it is always reliably satisfy me. But I marry him did not go the reasons did not agree parted but remained good friends and could talk frankly. We met with him and then I told him I want to, I can not already excited to the limit of my all pouring and jeans wet, he did not resist and we went to his rented apartment more precisely went wrong word, I just ran dragging his hand for a and muttering on the way of how I now just wear out. Yes, I was mad, I did not know what it was, as they say blows to the head. So I lay on the bed, he starts to kiss me all the lower abdomen below the pubis, unzips jeans and I'm all trembling and blushing with excitement and suddenly terrible husband finds out? He would kill me, and I know that will kill literally. He unbuttoned. I have jeans and began to lick strongly swollen clit, I moaned with pleasure ready were over 100 times (but damn it, this husband drat him) something in predorgazme I tore his head and made it clear that I am sick and CURRENT, he realized introduced in I have a super large hard cock, I fell into ecstasy my vagina enveloped his penis rubbing each brought an incredible thrill to the point of pain and pleasure, how long I have not experienced, so long ago .... I wanted the back and rolled over onto his stomach legs apart, he introduced and it was very sensual and deeply. As the lion as an animal he fucked me, I moaned breathlessly said Oh my God! Oh my God! Holding hands on the headboard. My cheeks burned choked .. you're a god! You're just a God of sex !! Each movement is almost an orgasm. I arched and she began to skewer himself on his cock pressing against his pubis booty deeper, deeper yet even MORE !! Oh yeah! Dada! It was an incredible orgasm I did not feel I rasteklast, disappeared, vanished. I was not. If I smoked, I used to smoke. Edit, and I do not regret. )) Droplets. )