The incarnation of reality

I'll start with the fact that as a child I was often mistaken for a girl because of the great gray-green eyes, long eyelashes and full lips. Since the beginning of puberty, and went to the growth of hair under the arms, on the legs and in the groin, I did not like and irritated. Therefore, even in adolescence, I tried to constantly monitor the body and shaved hair. Of course, I was drawn to the girls, but most of all I liked "play" with myself. The fact that I have beautiful legs, and from looking at them in the mirror I'm very excited. House, when there were no parents, I smeared the whole body cream, my mother wore a swimsuit, socks, shoes, lipstick, eyelashes and long spun near the mirror. Then, aroused to the limit, and dancing to the music, I jerked off myself in the mirror. I loved it and I literally went crazy ....
As the years passed, there was a wealth of sexual experiences with women, but secret desires still excited the imagination. Being married, I went home to change clothes in a woman, when no one was there. With pleasure, anointing the whole body cream Baby Oil, I deliberately wore black LYCRA stockings on elastics, shoes wife's high heels, lace panties shorts so that my sexual rolls are peeping, wore a bra kakoy-nibud top and proceeded to make-up . Near the mirror, I was a long time since He studied apply makeup correctly. Fortunately, my wife a large selection of expensive cosmetics. Because eye color me more goes korichnevy¸ color of shadows and lipsticks. Imposing elaborate shadow, pointing arrow, I proceeded to the lashes. They and so thick and long, and when they make up, the volume is doubled. Then I dealt a little bit of foundation, blush tint and carefully powdered face. Approaching the mirror, he looked at me very sexy t¸lochka that I wanted to fuck. Pin emphasized the harmony of legs and figurines. Though I and 30, but the figure of more female than male. The sleek tummy, waist and sloping shoulders. From the body of the oil still shiny and very exciting. So, long before the mirror, I spun in different poses to the music and brought themselves to the limit. After pulling off a little shorts, he sat on a chair, lifted up legs in stockings and introduced alternately one, then two and then three fingers into the anus. The pace gradually quickened, looking in the mirror, as in pink wet hole goes completely three fingers. The culmination was the moment, as I stood in the back of the knees and prognuv, I imagined that I fucks mature man. At the same time I nadrachival currently rocking to the beat of a member. Conchal his hand and immediately drank all the sperm. I like to drink sperm. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and saw ottrahanuyu bitch with traces of semen on the tongue, lips and chin. I became uneasy because I have such inclinations with all my well-being and prosperity.
Thoughts about sex with one or two adult men over forty, I did not leave to one tucked case. I work as a top manager in a successful company. The building where our offices - administrative and on the floors there are still many different organizations. In one of these organizations work my friend. He was in his forties, but we often communicate together and drink on holidays and without. Every Friday we have a tradition to celebrate the end of the working week. So, once in a conversation, after another bottle of vodka, I began to hint to him that life is one, and want to try a lot and gently began to sum up the theme of transsexuals. The discussion dragged on, but I realized that he, drunk anyway, if the boy-girl is sweetly, then he can, and have sinned ... After that, I did not leave the idea that he took possession of me. As time went on. Life, work. As usual the Friday sittings. So, in February this year, after spending the whole night in the insomnia of his fantasies, I decided.
During the day, during the lunch break, I went home. Well, the house is 15 minutes away by car. Once home (his wife at work, the child is at school) I made myself an enema. It resulted in the order of the nails on the hands and feet by painting them with varnish. Shaved body and its well-rosettes, I began to collect the necessary accessories in the bag. Took all the same black fishnet shorts, LYCRA stockings flesh-colored, beautiful black bra, leather mini skirt MANGO with zippers on the sides and a short black sweater knitted rough (in my opinion, too, MANGO, the wife of a bunch of expensive belongings). Throw in a bag hidden black velvet stilettos that through familiar girlfriend crook bought an expensive product, because I 42nd size shoes wife with her 39th me, to put it mildly, presses. I chose the right lipstick, mascara, etc. and I was about to leave when he remembered that he forgot to take the wig. In the wardrobe of his wife's 4-D wig, but I'm talking more than just black "square". Because she wears them very rarely, the percentage to be exposed I was minimal. Arriving at work, I started to constantly look at the clock. 17:00 Time passed very slowly ...
But that's all. The working week is over. Passing through the corridor to the Vital (the name of my friend), we quickly began to discuss what will take. Citing poor health, I identified myself champagne and chocolates. Vitaly, as usual, a couple of bottles of vodka and zhrachku. Sent by courier, we collapsed on the couch in the conference room and smoked. Courier brought everything quickly and, realizing what he should have nothing else went home. We were drinking and chatting about this and that. Suddenly a knock at the door. Who else brought there? And it brought Andrey Pavlovich. Andrey Pavlovich worked with Vitali and was deputy marketing department. Damn, the situation is complicated because the Andrey Pavlovich because of his physique drank nemerenno. Having brought a couple of bottles and zakuson with him, he, as I understand it, is placed a long drink. After a couple of hours of drinking, drinking a little more than half a bottle of champagne, I realized that I will have to resolve a situation.
- Want a surprise? - I asked already fairly tipsy colleagues.
- In the sense of? What more surprise? You drove heifers? - With a twinkle in his eyes he asked Andrey Pavlovich.
- No. Just I argued with one on a good amount that can change into a calf, and I have no one finds out. But you, as my colleagues have to help. Dibs on three ...- I lied.
- And what to do? - I said Vitaly wondering.
- Yes, in principle, nothing. Take pictures a bit and continue to drink - I quipped and quickly went to the office for my gear and a digital camera.
Returning back, I saw that colleagues continue something his bet without paying any attention to me.
I went into another room, shut the door on the inside of the key and began to dress. Put on shorts, pulled them higher, to slices ass fell out, buckled member, put the chain on his ankles, pulled on stockings, skirt unzipped halfway to be seen and stockings and body. He put on a bra and realized that he had forgotten to take condoms with water, but it was too late. Shod shoes. Wow! Yes, there is a stud 10 cm. Several uncomfortable, but nothing, not cross because the run. Then I put on a sweater and began to paint. Brown lipstick gloss cast tonaki, blush. He imposes a brown shade, almost summed up the arrow and struck expensive mascara to the eyelashes. He wore a wig and walked away from the mirror. God, do I like this so much, whether it was really so, but the light bulbs at me looked appetizing slut with perfect legs in stockings of corporal and round ass. I was shaking with excitement and emotions from their reaction to it. Powdered face and a snub nose, I went into the conference room. The boys froze my slack-jawed. It seemed that all the hops went off at the same moment. I began to feel uncomfortable, her hands began to sweat, and I realized ... that it is necessary to take into their own hands. As if nothing had happened, I went to the table, silently drank a glass of champagne, he gave Vitaly camera and sat opposite on a leather sofa.
- Well, that stare? Take photos faster, and I somehow awkward feel. Faster would change - slukavil I pointedly laid his legs.
Andrey Pavlovich frantically lit and vpyalilsya in his glasses at me.
- How to photograph? - I said Vitaly ofigevshy.
I crossed her legs to the other side, slightly arched back. Then we go ... I tried different poluotkrovennye and candid poses, the skirt accidentally DELAY, then get up on the couch in the knee-elbow position with clearly protruding ass, then I turn around to his back. And Vitaly still filming and had already begun to suggest, as the leg to put as back bend. In the end, I hinted that it had enough and asked for my camera down to see how things turned out. It turned out, as it turned out, not bad. Getting up from the couch and making it clear that happy with the result and the win in the bag, I went to the table and sat down in his place. He poured himself a glass I drank in silence, saying that champagne was over, all thanks, bye. Vitaly somewhere just left, saying nothing over, and he asked me not to leave yet. Andrey Pavlovich has lit a cigarette which in a row and became close to me all considered.
- And you did ... Good t¸lochka ... It is a pity that it is not true ... - Lingering, he said.
- And what should be real? So, where now I get it? Previously, it was necessary. Okay, it is necessary to change .. - I drawled.
- Yes, stop! - Andrey Pavlovich grabbed my arm.
My body was still feverish. Legs trembling. He pulled me over and sat on his lap. My thighs were bare above the stockings, and he began to stroke uncertainly my feet. The hand slowly stroked and examined calves and knees crept under her skirt. I started breathing heavily and looking at him. He's my eyes did not look, but only higher and higher crawled under her skirt and has reached the panties, but then went Vitali with two bottles of champagne and even a bottle of vodka.
- ABOUT! Yes, you do not lose time here! - He blurted out, closing the door with a key.
I immediately got up and walked away.
- Yes, okay, sit down, - he said Vitaly came to the table.
He quickly opened the bottle and poured me a glass. Flood Statement and Andrey Pavlovich hundred vodka, offered a toast to the successful metamorphosis of life. We smile and drank. Then Vitali took me by the elbow and led to the couch. I was deliberately wiggling her hips to Andrey Pavlovich has seen better roundness of my forms. The peasants something already pretty drunk, I thought. Vitali sat me down on the sofa and sat down beside him. He hugged me by the shoulders, heavy breathing fumes into my face, whispered:
- Show me what you can ... More
And climbed tongue in my mouth. I did not resist. Yielding to forward to it, we began to kiss passionately. I could feel the heat coming from it, and knew that he liked me. Vitaly started to touch me all. His hand lifted my skirt and began to squeeze rolls. I turned over sideways to Andrey Pavlovich, so that he could watch the best of my thighs and ass. Then I slowly began to unbutton his pants and belt Vitali. Climbing into his intimate place, I discovered that a fighter breaks out of the heats. Pulling down the panties, I began to drive his hand on the trunk of Vitali member. Corner of my eye I saw that Andrey Pavlovich smokes nervously and rubbing his hump on the pants. Oh, you pervert! All you just pussy on the fall of morals, and as soon as an opportunity - to the same. Thrusting Vitaly hand, I dropped her face to his cock. God, I've never done it, but the desire was overwhelming. A member of his pulsing head covered in grease. Silently I take in your mouth and close my eyes in pleasure. God, what he's hot ... My saliva mixed with his grease do trunk slippery. I suck, smacking and sucking deeper and deeper member Vitaly. A member of his large and difficult to put into his mouth, but I'm not holding back. Massaging his testicles. Vitaly starts panting and moaning. Askew see that Andrey Pavlovich has unbuttoned his pants and did rides his horse. Hmm, an instrument he is smaller and thinner than Vitali. I close my eyes and accelerate. Vitaly starts to help, pressing his hand on my head. After a time I decide to change the posture. Not letting a member out of his mouth, I go down on my knees on the floor, sticking out his ass towards Andrei Pavlovich. Mouth of Vitaly penis size starts to hurt. I slow down the pace. Suddenly I hear back some commotion. I raise my eyes and see that the eyes of Vitali makes some signs in the direction of Andrei Pavlovich. Op, I feel that the zipper on her skirt unbuttoned to the end and my skirt Zadran, exposing ass in lacy shorts. I pretend that nothing is happening, and I continue to suck, not removing a member Vitaly. Andrei Pavlovich, prankster, a member begins to crawl on my thighs in stockings and grope my ass. I moaned softly and sticking out your ass, most having caved.
Andrey Pavlovich begins to pull shorts to my knees ... Oh, my dick is a stake and it prevents him to do ... Well, everything took off. What is he doing? Asshole, it is necessary, first moisten ... His cock was trying to break into my virgin hole, but nothing happens. I protrude member Vitaly mouth, spit on his fingers and toes start to otmanikyurennymi lubricate the hole itself. Vitaly started his cock in my mouth again, and I feel that I was a fucked in the mouth. Andrey Pavlovich realized what was happening, took my hand and started to penetrate me with his finger. I am uncomfortable, I can not place the legs - shorts in the way. And he did not let up, spits, and has already entered two fingers. At this point, Vitaly groaned ends up in my mouth. The devil, the sperm shoots very deeply, and I almost choked. Swallowing of the death of, I understand that the taste is different from mine - a cloying. Member protrudes from his mouth and lick it with his tongue. Cum flowing on my chin. I wipe it again a member and start to suck. Drooling with the remnants of sperm are drawn out of my mouth.
"It looks very sexy"- I said about myself.
I am learning an instrument closer to Vitaly. Impressive. Large, 15 cm ... to raise my eyes and watch Vitali from under the bangs. A fine stallion. He smiles at me and trying to get up. I pull away and offer to Andrei Pavlovich change posture. He nods to me, podrachivaya his penis. I sit down on the sofa for the next person who wants to. Andrey Pavlovich throws me to the back of the sofa, takes off shorts and lifts my legs up. Wow, how things are going! ... I look at Vitali. He catches my eye as he poured himself a glass of vodka and says Pavlovich:
- Pavlovich, and Come ask a slut this hot weather! Suction makes it exceptional. Let us now see how it is hollowed! ...
Andrey Pavlovich masturbate a little, he begins to penetrate a member in me. Oh my God! I feel within yourself is what all life dreamed of !!! Member penetrates slowly. My legs battened down to the shoulders. I was strong winds. All. Has entered. Andrey Pavlovich begins gently to do translational motion returnable. He asks me if I hurt. I turn my head and rolls her eyes. Covering his penis with one hand, I second hand leaning on the sofa, I start slowly podmahivat. Stone spontaneously breaks out of me. I'm cool. I fuck. Andrey Pavlovich begins to accelerate. Podmahivat stronger. I began to moan and a snack from the pain and the buzz her full lips. I look in his eyes Pavlovich. He, like a male puffs and throws in my direction obscenity ....
- Oh, you bitch! Oh, you little slut! Now fuck you uncle. Now you poimeyut as litter, as the last whore!
I see that it gets it, and start podmahivat stronger and stronger. Sofa Hodor walks. I am broken on cry. I looked distracted look at Vitali. He is sitting and fingering. I want to suck again. I want lots and lots of members ... I understand that the reason I now have to leave .... I looked at the clock. Pavlovich fucks me for 10 minutes. I'm hot .... very hot. Anus squelching ... Out of the mouth of Andrei Pavlovich pulled out a roar. I understand that it will not have time to pull out his dick, but his hands trying to pull away. Part of the sperm stays inside, part fills my razdolblennuyu hole outside. God, what a thrill. Andrey Pavlovich wipes member of my thighs and departs. I have some more time lying and no power to move. The legs were shaking from the strain. From holes I feel like coming out sperm. I close my eyes. Class! I was raped. I like it. I get up. I pull down her skirt. The men drank in silence vodyaru and not taking his eyes off me. I am leaving in the next room.
I look in the mirror. God, what am I damn. Thighs, slender legs on my sperm flows. Chin pulled together slightly dried up sperm Vitali. Navozhu makeup. Podpudrivayus. Corrects wig, stockings. I go out. I try to be calm and confident. I went over to the table and sat down, crossing his legs. My boys offer a toast to me. Flirty agree. Drinking. Vitaly sits closer and begins to climb again, kissing and groping. I gut-wrenching. Zhemannichayu. I smoke. I do a few deep whiffs. Good. Led a little.
- Want more? - I ask.
Vitaly, how savage continues to pester me. But I do not need this. I want to bring them both to the critical point. I finish with champagne throat. I get up and go to the couch. I lay down and I start with a "play"As it constantly do at home. All stroke itself. And only then I noticed that from the computer speakers sounds Arabic music. In my opinion, Didyulya. Exactly. I began to stroke himself. Legs, thighs, buttocks. All in languor squirm. Unzips the skirt. I begin to drive a finger on the anus. Gradually I begin to masturbate. I moan. I looked at the peasants. Those in shock. I lick the neck of the bottle and put to the hole. I am trying to enter. It is difficult, but gives in. Stoney. Sosa turns thumbs. I keep an eye on the boys. From time to time I close my eyes in the languor. The neck has become. All writhing ... lost in time ... I look at the clock ... Damn, already after ten ... I hear they both get up and go to me. We could not resist.
Vitaly removes my hand from the bottle and starts repeating this himself. Andrey Pavlovich down his penis to face me. In time with the music, shaking ass, I start sucking dick in Palycha. It lasted a long time. Bottle on a half neck did not want to go, as he tried Vitali. We see it bothered him, and he pulled it out of my hole. Putting me on the couch with cancer, Vitaly unceremoniously began to drive his big cock in my ass is well developed. There was no pain. There was only the heat inside. Andrey Pavlovich fucked me in the mouth. Time lost count.
Colleagues were pretty drunk and did not intend to finish. I would like, podmahivala, podmahivala so that member Vitaly flew out a few times, but then found himself without much trouble inside. My ass was covered in grease, and constantly heard the sniffles. Andrey Pavlovich dirty foul language from time to time putting out a member of my mouth, and I beat him in the face. For a member of drool stretched and grease. A member was covered in glitter and lipstick. I moaned and agree that "whore, litter, whore, dirty cheap whore". And Andrey Pavlovich still persisted and asked to repeat it ... In the end, Pavlovich finished on my face and bang. Sperm flowed me in the face, I moaned and beat her ass to the beat of the stomach Vitali when he drives the me his penis. Through time, Vitaly turned me to her, put her back on the sofa, put his feet to face and I began to have me in this position. I'm tired podmahivat and she could barely audible moan.
In the eyes swam circles. Very tired, I began to masturbate himself, to somehow speed up the process. We see this more excited Vitali, because we finished almost simultaneously. Vitali sat on the couch and passed out. Andrey Pavlovich also peacefully nozzles on the other side of the sofa. All semen on bent legs, I went into the room where my things are. Wiping his face, thighs and ass wipes, I started to change.
I looked at the clock. Wow! 2:40. And I came to them in about eight. Nice amused. And what to say of the house. After all, sober as glass. I have to say was a business trip for a fixed. Mobile I had already disabled. What happened next? Interest Ask. March I had fun.
Write. Respond.
[email protected]
domino may.

Dreams Come True..

I fucked in the ass like the last bitch, entered abruptly, powerfully and immediately the entire length of an excited member. The rectum is not accustomed to such treatment, burning pain, but at the same time and with pleasure. How long I wanted it, and was afraid. And here I am I spin on that stake in the flesh, which are planted in me deeper and deeper. I feel like an egg knocking on my crotch, as a member fills all my insides. So, no wonder I was preparing for this my ass every day. The most beloved of my job was to take a shower, unscrew the watering can, to stand up in the bathroom on all fours, to insert the hose into the anus and let the warm water trickle. Gradually the water to win more and more space in my belly is rounded, and I slowly began to move the hose to the pope, making my pussy sweet compressed, swollen nipples and enjoying the waves rolled over me. However, there was a small hose, unless it is possible to compare it with that powerful member, who works in me in the rhythm of a jackhammer! Sometimes, I just drive somewhere fails, whine, scream, in a burst of pleasure itself move my ass to meet and sit down again and again on this sweet executioner. Hole my already stretched and ready to take it smoothly, to embrace all sides to feel its heat, pulsation, hardness and gladkost.Poka I focused on his sensations back, our third one watching from this picturesque scene. Apparently, it's great whetted it, and defer it not. I felt warm Horny dick poked me on the lips. I opened my mouth, and a strong push from the ass almost drove this new member of my throat! I took a hard and powerfully in the mouth and ass, in spite of the fact that it was difficult to breathe, tears smeared mascara down her cheeks, and I was just mumbling and writhing. But surely one held my hips, and the other by the head, and I repeatedly deeper and deeper swallowing cock, feeling the second, literally, ass. Sometimes you just do not have enough air, I felt that a little more, and I lost consciousness, but, if not strange, my pussy in such moments, shrank by just fun! Fuck me methodically, knowingly, and if these two terms were true, I would have been almost skewering as barashek.Dvizhenie behind stopped, and Sergei, without removing a member from the anus, became strong enough to compress and twist my nipples, and the rhythm of our trio is now asking blowjob. I moaned as female, shamelessly twisted his back, opened her mouth as wide as possible, swallowing dick down to the testicles. Each painful compression of my nipples, anus and began to vibrate all the more closely hugging Sergei member. Andrew was already in the final stages of the blowjob he tenaciously held me by the hair and fucked in a furious rhythm of my tonsils. The moment he groaned a powerful jet of sperm ejaculated into my gullet, I caught up with a crazy orgasm, rectum began frantically to shrink and Sergei had finished almost simultaneously with us ...

Is it possible to love a Man

It happened in the house otduha summer. I was athletic, well-played football, volleyball, and I took in the company of adults. One day after the game we went to the sauna. It was about ten, I came in last with one student. He was well-built and constantly revolved around the girls. As we soared, children gradually dispersed. The most enduring proved to me and this guy. When we except no one left, he came out of the steam room asked me to do him a back massage. I began to do as best he could, but he said that I was doing wrong, and he began to show me how to.
I did as he asked.
Then he rolled over on his back and asked to continue the front. I started with the legs crossed on his stomach, but he asked him to crumple his gun. I'm embarrassed, then he put me on his back and showed how it is done. At first I was embarrassed, then I got up.
Seeing this, he said, that I should do so, that would stand up in it. He lay on his back, and I started to massage him his junior. He was big and solid, I rubbed it, and the guy thrilled. Then he asked me to sit down on his stomach, and began to massage my hips, then my thighs. Then he asked me to move closer. The upshot was that he took my dick and my balls in her mouth and began to lick. In short, I came into his mouth. I thought he was mad, and he was glad the contrary.
Then again I began to massage him, and feared what he asks me to take it in his mouth, but he did not ask. So I jerked him until he had finished.
Then we went into the shower to rinse, and soared again as if nothing had happened. In the end, he just asked me to anyone about it to tell.
It was so strange - the guy on which hung the girls made me so. After this incident, I became bolder acquainted with the girls and to many I have had an intimate relationship from which I greatly enjoyed, but sometimes I remember that guy, and I catch myself that I would not refused to repeat this one more time, perhaps even in his role ..
The second case occurred recently. I relaxed with a friend in Miami. (He is my compatriot and fellow student, in his dry, many girls in our college. And it is the second year affair with a school friend who was admitted to another university). In Miami, we arrived just 5 days and tried to get the most pleasure. Swimming, sunbathing, horseback, clubs, bars, Strelbishte, etc. On the second day at the disco met with kl¸vymi friends our age who came from Seattle. I will not describe how good we spent the night in pairs in different hotels.
Unfortunately, the next day they flew home.
Here we have a friend last night in Miami. We recently returned from a crocodile farm in the morning, fish in the ocean on a boat, I caught almost meter barracuda. Ordering dinner staged booze in the room. Skipping the details, and continue from the time he lies on his back in his bed in his shorts. I sat down with him and discussing tomorrow's flight to New York at the same time began to make a gentle massage of his body sometimes quietly touching his hump. Suddenly he slyly looked me in the eye and says:
- What, can not you excite my younger? Lenka is better at, and with Mary I would have ended long ago!
Here I posmelel and with the words:
- Shit question - now I'll show you! - I began to take off his pants and massage his gun.
Whether he was drunk, or I'm not doing it, it does not react strongly to my caresses. Then he began to masturbate himself and he did it not because I currently do - slowly moving his fist wrapped around the trunk at the base. His weapon came quickly into the firing position, and he removed his hand. I started doing the same thing to him. A minute later, he violently ended .... That's how I "close" I met with her best friend.
His calm reaction the next day I was a little surprised, but we this is not particularly remembered though he still pinned a couple of times, though for good. Will I have to him that the more I do not know, maybe not. (I'm sure that I was the first man who touched his junior.) He really loves his girlfriend and a good feel to it and I'm not deprived of female attention and can not imagine myself without the fair sex, as we became more close to him, because we now have a shared secret from all ...

Family Orgy 2

We have not had sex in the family of Oksana in the presence of her parents, and the mother I have had several times until Oksanin dad daughter pussy licked and finger fucked her ass, which gave a lot of amenities to my girl. A couple of times we fucked with dad mom and turns in both holes at once, and in her mouth and pussy at the same time, it gave us a lot of pleasure, because my mother Oksana was damn sexy and wildly concerned about a woman with a good shape and a great experience and inexhaustible imagination . We had sex quite often, and these activities bring all positive emotions. We often staged role-playing games, during which dressed and masterfully played by experienced actors like the physicians, patients and nurses, the teachers and students. But sex in our games was a major, and everything always ended by rapid ejaculation on the face and breasts of our women. Mama Oksana always tried to dress in sexy lingerie. She also wore shoes with high heels, very short skirts and hats. Oksana also due to its youthful appeal and beauty more often content to just make-up, but sometimes it also dressed very privlekatelno.I here once we have gathered all the family in the evening and discussed how sex happens today. Mom and Oksana sat on the couch in front of a coffee table dressed only in stockings and sandals. I Oksaninym father stood on the other side of the coffee table, up¸rshis priests in desk. We were completely naked and in front of our ladies hung two large member. I kuril.I then my mother suggested to do today same-sex love, to which we are all mysteriously exchanged glances, soglasilis.- Well, that boys start - mama.Otets said, squatting close to the face of my penis, which has already started rising twitch . He took his hand and began to move the skin on it, kissed the head and looking me in the eye bottom. I let out another puff of smoke, looked her father in the trusting eyes and enjoyed the caress, he delivered my phallus. He licked the trunk, kissed him, kissed the eggs, gently biting them. Hand it got to hole my priests and stroked her. When a member has firmly stood my father completely swallowed it and began to greedily suck, bringing me a fantastic pleasure of which I closed my eyes sopel.Nashi girl sitting on the couch looking at zavorazh¸nno action unfolds before nimi.Tem time, how to put my dick, father, standing on the table and op¸rshis become cancer and nodded at his ass. I knelt down and parted the buttocks and began to lick his hole priests. I did it very carefully, sometimes sinking, and then under my tongue fell member and dads eggs. Good licked ass I inserted her finger, then a second and began to fuck his father, while the other hand masturbate his penis. I wanted to suck it, and I crawled between his legs and took in his mouth, handsome, began to suck and masturbate at the same time, without ceasing to fuck his ass paltsami.Vdovol sucked, I stood behind him and began to introduce his ass razdrochennuyu his club. It is easy to penetrate because I am well prepared her fingers. I began by moving the hips, to drive his cock in his father's ass deeper and deeper, and now my balls hurt beating on his thighs wide apart. He moaned with pleasure, to see the thing pleased him. With one hand I gripped him by the buttocks, and the second I fucked his finger in popu.Ya looked at the sofa and saw that Oksana has already processed the mother tongue nipples and his hand caressing her crotch. Mom, throwing his head back in pleasure and his eyes closed, stroking the back of the ear and docheri.Vdovol fuck dad in the ass, I lay down on the desk in the back, and raised high and legs spread, offered the Pope his hole. But he did not just fuck me and sat down and began to lick my balls, sucking and stroking my dick, finger enter my ass and pulling him out to lick and suck. Then he tried to enter the language in the ass, and I liked how my hole wielded warm and rough tongue. I stroked her thighs and masturbate himself chlen.Vot Finally, Dad got up and throwing my legs over his shoulders, put it to my hole his mischievous. A little pushing, he got into me. I experienced the sweet pain and pleasure from being entered gently into me such a warm and strong club. This pleasure was not comparable to having sex with a woman, and can be many times better. I even started to move towards the booty his movements so it was nice. Father holding my hips wildly fucked getting from my virgin priests affectionate closeness, and I jerked myself a member. And howl of orgasm, Dad began to fill my ass with warm cum and this heat has sparked my orgasm and I, splashing into the air jet of sperm began to finish on his chest and Gulf litso.Chut breath, the father pulled out a member of my priests and I began to lick my body, covered with white drops of semen. Especially carefully it is sucking cock and licking nipples. But I wanted to relax a little and got up from the table. The father also stood to his full height, and, pulling me to him, kissed on the lips. I responded to his kiss and our tongues began to explore each other's mouths. A little kiss and caressed each other priests, we decided to have a rest, sitting on a couch that by the time osvobodilsya.Mama Oksana has already sat on the coffee table in position 69 and passionately licking pussy each other. My mother was at the bottom and the top of her daughter. Oksana while licking clit mom, put her two fingers in the pussy and one in the ass, fucking their mother. Mum's the tongue just walked deep in pussy daughter, bringing her heavenly naslazhdenie.Ya sat smoking, watching the scene. Oksana's father did not waste time, jerked his and my members are already putting them into firing position. He bent down to my penis and began to suck it. I told him that our little girls clearly need our help, invited him to join them. And now, we standing, and sitting on the opposite side of the table, introduced their guns standing in her pussy ladies - mum dad and I went into the girls Oksanu.Nashi clearly waiting for us by the fact that easily accepted in its current, soaked saliva and pussy licked. Dad started to fuck hard his mother, Oksana and licking her clit. I fucked Oksana members in pussy and a finger in the ass. Mom saw hanging in front of her face my balls began to lick them. Our intercourse was excellent, but it wanted that a change and now Oksana took out my mother's father's recording member, took it into his mouth and began to suck at the same time masturbate. Second hand she caressed my mother's clitoris. The father took his daughter fun novelty and began to drive in her mouth their druga.A, pulled out Oksaninoy pussy her boyfriend, tried to drive it to her in the ass, but it is a gesture, because her mouth was busy, showed that is not ready yet. Then I stood up and pulled out from under their mother. Putting cancer, I began to fuck her in her huge ass. Father sat booty on the coffee table already planted themselves, to face her daughter and fun play it while inserting it in the ass on a finger from each hand. When he felt well razdrochil daughter's ass, he turned his back to her and planted her fabulous little ass to your count. 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He came, holding his head and girls for Bay my whole face so many sperm, my mouth filled to the brim and it emerging, dripping on my shoulders and chest, flows into the ears and nostrils. His eyes could not open, there was so much sperm on litse.Potom he took up the base of the phallus and began to peel them from my face, splashing the precious liquid in all directions. Mother and daughter, admired this painting, licked the remnants of sperm with me and kissed passionately. Our universal delight and satisfaction knew no bounds, and we tumbled together on the floor tired.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]


The last attack of the enemy was a hell of a fine .. almost all the guys from my unit were killed in an ambush. During the retreat, I was seriously wounded and only the dedication of my friend saved my life - he pulled me out of this hell, risking his own head. And now I'm lying in a hospital; counterattack of our division is literally swept the enemy; there was a lull, and the patient becomes less and less. I, too, was on the mend. Every day, my friend came, Stas and the remaining guys from my squad, to brighten up my loneliness. But at night I began a nightmare .. can dream of a man in the prime of life? Of course a woman! At night I chased pornofantazii and erection was the result of an overabundance of hormones. In the morning she was very embarrassed sisters, who behaved tactfully with their seriously ill .... funny whispering to each other in the eye of even more excited my desire sore .. but the most difficult was the everyday presence of our nurse Nura .. exactly 12 opened the door and on the threshold appeared she- woman with a bucket and a mop ... her body was given to the male gaze .. eyes bulging breasts, ready to jump out of the cutout white coat .. plump brown legs and begged in the strong, masculine hands ... and when she took mop in hand .. Ohhh !!! I closed my eyes !!! Nura started such movements of fingers on the stick, it was hard to look away .. it was a pole dance - just imagine myself in her capable hands .. these movements in his hungry cock .. and then the hardest .... washing floors !!!
Nura bent down. As can be cleaned in this position? !!! But she turned it as if she was waiting for someone .. .. who possess it or she did it consciously? ... Eyes the charm of the body, which seem covered gown .. and always tortured question- whether her wearing panties, seeing her savory buttocks, playfully peeking out from under the edges of the gown .. desire to run his hand drove me crazy !!! .. And then came the day when the doctor allowed me to get out of bed. All morning I motylyalsya joyful at the hospital, but 12 returned to the empty chamber .. my neighbors have recovered much faster than me ... I went to bed, and as a devour grandmother wolf waited his "Little red Riding Hood"... Nura did not disappoint my expectations .. 12 she was on "line of duty" - Dip the mop in a bucket, she began to diligently namyvat ward .. her seductive ass and flashed before my eyes .. and when she was so close .. experiencing close to me .. my hand rushed into the cleft between two hills.
.. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ... fingers touched the warm and delicate skin .. as it was nice to feel the woman again .. in my temples pounding tide of rabid blood .. and all this avalanche flowed swiftly down ... breathe life , filling my friend ... for a moment she froze ... but I think it was not a surprise for her ... Well, finally !!! - Whispered her plump lips ...
.. his eyes sparkled playfully ... embers of lust began to swell wind lust .. clutching tighter mop Nura began slowly twisting hips sag .. my hand began moving up at a meeting night fantasies ... in the palm plunged fluffy and curly female bosom of the whole body .. vibrated and breathed heat .. and here it is the answer !!! - Any tissue was not taken into consideration .. underwear forgotten how not to thing in her life ... this beast a little moving the hips and tickled my hand, struck the edge of the bed ... her hand was clamped lush ass and his fingers began to to enter into possession of her lust .. my penis, and so already rather got stronger, now just leapt up, pulling a blanket ... a smile on the lips .. eyes lust awe watching the changes on the bed ... her hips continued to hold me, gentle fingers slowly began to stroke the surface of the blanket .. touch sensing member became even more wince and break up .. the body ran a huge wave of languor .. she fell on me- the desire to possess it now .. but the attempt to climb led to the failure, she grabbed my long-suffering member of the women's bosom .. to my dear? !!! ... Nyurochka pulled the blanket, his eyes flaming devouring me whole .. I have already turned into Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf .. getting ready for dinner ... exposing me, she took penis and began to dance ... her warm, gentle fingers twisted around him like streams .. its motion gradually turned into fast flow mountain river with bated breath, I plunged into this maelstrom, the slope of the head, slightly parted lips, and my friend plunged into an elegant mouth , pleasant sounds and pochmokivaniya postanyvaniya filled the room, her tongue was dancing on my rod ... member periodically disappeared, then appeared from her rotika: moist, plump lips ... they would not let him escape from the captivity of sweet embrace, and what was going on in my hand !!!! .. fingers fiddling with her intimate charms, and with every touch more and more immersed in the possession of her lust, they were irrigated juices desire .. now all seemed to disappear in my hand lascivious mouth of the wolf finally irresistible urge to surrender here and now took up over torture, she released my tense penis out of his prison rotika .. gracefully stood up and leaned on a nearby bed, her tanned legs painted a beautiful letter "A"... Bare ass invites you to taste the sweet dish .. a second on her thighs lay my sweaty palms .. I admired these forms, as well as a member of a member .. violently attacked her womb ... she screamed with delight, and I was afraid of the arrival of all personnel in the chamber, covering her mouth with his hand, continued to surf the expanses of passion, but even my hand could not hold back the sweet moans from her mouth .. and then jumped on the bed, my cock was again at her lovely mouth ... she clung to him with a look as if I did not try this tidbit for many years, I .. I wanted to continue the game but .. but my friend decided inache- he poured out a stream of sperm on the lips awaited this beauty, I expected Nyurinogo righteous anger ... but I was wrong, she was silent, and only with great pleasure licking drops of semen from several drooping trunk, and soon realized - my body is still full of energy and a burning desire ... slow movements of the pink tongue and look passionate fiery eyes gives him a new life, and fingers oh, these celestial fingers !!! .. some have walked on it, while others tugged my balls in the hope of the return of the Steadfast tin soldier ... and he did not disappoint expectations ... hot blood of the soldier began to play it with renewed vigor, startled, he proudly looked at the world ... strong and handsome, he was eager to fight again ... got stronger member dived into the voracious mouth, where it began ohazhivat lustful female tongue, calling for a new attack bastions orgasm ... buttons buttons .. .. slowly, one after another, opened the buttons of white coat fluttered out big and waved hills, a woman's breast - one look at it excites desire, his hands involuntarily reached out to her, I plunge, disappear, get lost in the hollow and travel .. .. . travel through these hills, warm and trembling, she bathed in my hands, has softened her body and lay in front of me waiting for a long-awaited affection, soon to hands, caressing her body, joined and lips .. my tongue touched both solid protruding towers nipple-spent around ghosting down on a soft tummy, languor waves echoed through her body, breathing quickened, it was clear she winces with each touch carried away to oblivion .. here language serpent reached his goal ... he captured prisoner already swollen and sensitive clitoris buton- ...
Nura further spread her tanned legs, surrendering to the mercy of the conqueror ... caresses brought her the unbearable pain, the indescribable bliss .. screaming with pleasure, her tenacious fingers dug into my hair, pleasant spasm rocked her body, but it was .. .esche not to win - my tongue was in a hurry then - to the damp cave, waiting for it ... wet and demanding language held by gentle lips and penetrated into the wet pussy ... it was very hot ... tongue walked in circles, collecting tart love juice ... when I finally looked up from her pussy - we both were ready to tear each other from raging in our passion - I turned her on her stomach and deeply into her body ... it was nice to feel pinned down every male .. cell of the body tyazhest- how great it .. it even more relaxed body .. inside is extracting new outbursts of emotion .. gimlet moved farther and farther away .. it was looking as though ... looking for pristine places .. untouched caresses caresses .. someone else .. but no ... everything is acquainted with and to know .. but this idea did not mar ... sitting up, she arched her back ... and rumbling postanyvanie mellifluous .. I felt that she enjoys going on and it brings joy. .. and then her body trembled, it was necessary to apply a force to restrain her, she was rushed beneath me .. and all .. body relaxed .. she was in the world of bliss .. it gradually came back to reality .. silence she brought herself up. . it was another Nura .. what happened?


Hey. My name is Veronica, I am luxurious brown-haired, twenty-three years. I have everything that you could wish for - parents-actors, loved and loving me a man, machine, training in prestigious high school ... But once the chain of accidents abruptly changed many lives, including mine.
That evening I sat at home and idly wondered what would keep him occupied. My father was on tour, my mother on vacation, Vadik, my boyfriend on a business trip. We could have a party or go to a nightclub ... My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. Called Aigul, sister of my classmate. She said that her sister has gone somewhere, taking the keys to the dorm room, and now she does not know what to do ...
- Come to me, have a drink, chat, - lazily stretching I muttered.
- Oh, really? Well, thank you, come today - happy Aygulka.
She had come for some reason asked to come if Vadim today, and then we sat in the living room, we opened a bottle of martini and the conversation rolled on the established path - Institute-guys-rags. But here Aigul pale clutching her heart and said quietly:
- Nick ... You have valokordin?
- Yes, of course, I'll get - I jumped up and ran to the kitchen.
My father regularly prihvatyvaet heart, so I know well, where the drugs are. I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a brown vial, quickly dripped 20 drops in a glass of water and returned to the dining room gave a glass Aygulke.
- Thanks, I already have all gone, - she muttered.
- Still drink just in case - I advised.
She drank, we have a little chat, she tried again to call his sister, but the phone did not answer. I noticed that his cheeks were flushed Aigul, and look a bit "floated", but attribute it to the effects of alcohol.
- Stay for the night, in the morning we will go to college together - I suggested. - Only we sleep in the same bed is necessary.
- Why? - She asked.
- And because we are changing the bed, and these doldonit of furniture company instead of three mattresses brought one - I told the truth. - So what's left?
- I remain.
I gave her a towel and went to the shower. Left alone, I took the glasses from the table and carried them into the kitchen. By putting them in the sink, I was about to leave, but paying attention to the left on the table valokordin stopped. The label was somehow a different color.
"Oh my God, what am I Aygulke given?" - Flashed through my head.
"XXX" - was written on the label. The following text was fine, "drops for women, enhance libido. Take no more than 5-6 drops at a time. " It was enough ofiget. Firstly, if the droplets are not mine, they maminy. Ah yes, Mom! And secondly ... Holy smoke, now with Aygulkoy something going on ?! I do it not five or six, and twenty drops poured! Do not worry, now she is in the shower, apply, perhaps, the old tried and tested manual method, and everything goes.
In the meantime, she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her face still flushed, and there was no movement in that relaxed, lazy, who are in just finished man.
"So it's not masturbating" - I thought.
Aigul I left in my room while she went to bathe. Lain in the bathroom for about an hour, desperately cursing himself for carelessness, I decided that Aigul must have already completed the process of self-satisfaction, and fell asleep. The room was dark, I lay on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up from that mattress twitched beneath me. Aygulka intermittent breathing and fidgeted ass on the bed.
- Hey, what are you doing? - I asked in a whisper.
- Nothing! - She replied, startled. - It's just ... I just had a dream ...
- If you had a dream, go to the bathroom and vzdrochni, but I actually want to sleep, and you're in my way, - I muttered angrily.
- What to do?! - Somehow amazed Aigul.
- Well, like you never did, - I smiled.
- You what ?! Of course not, - she said.
Even in the dark, it was clear that she was blushing. Sleep is gone. I sat on the bed, looked at her in disbelief and asked:
- What, never, never?
Aigul silent. I was on the one hand funny, that, behold, she was twenty years old, and she was not just a virgin, but also not masturbating never, on the other hand, I was scared. She is the heart sick, I valokordin she never gave, and she is now the entire underbelly of the fire is burning. It would not have happened then - I thought. In addition, alcohol is drunk I set up a certain way. The head quickly had a plan.
- Let's have a drink of champagne, still do not sleep ... I'm ...
I went into the living room, got two glasses of champagne poured into them until about the middle, and then one glass dolila water, and in the other vodka. Having done this, I went back to the bedroom.
- Here, Aygulka - I said, handing her a glass, in which there was champagne and vodka. - Here's to us, beautiful.
We drank and began to talk about that, about this. Champagne and vodka, and even combined with the martini, not long in coming. Very soon I Aigul start to laugh, trying to say something thickly, at the same time no matter how vznachay clinging to me. Here and X the hour.
- Aigul, and you, it turns out, it never ends? - I asked.
- No - she blushed.
- You want - I smiled. - I'll show you how it is .. Well, how to do it?
From the embarrassment she had probably lost his voice. It only further blushed and nodded. I quickly put out the overhead light, lit a small nightlight, and laid her on her back. She was without a nightgown, she was wearing only black panties hebeshnye. I touched it and felt that the poor girl a real flood. I just pushed a little finger in the place where there should be a clitoris as Aygulka screamed and quickly covered the place with his hands.
- No, my dear, so it will not work ... - I muttered, placing her hands behind her head, and reached for the headboard.
Vadim loves me to connect, so the battery behind the bed I always hang handcuffs. So now two seconds Aigul was chained to a radiator.
- Nick, what are you doing ?! - She whispered, looking at me with frightened eyes. - Let me go!
- Tsssss ... everything will be fine, you'll like ... - I said, fixing her legs.
I was annoyed that she was watching my every move, and I tied her eyes black belt made of soft leather. Then I took a pair of scissors and cut off her panties.
I straightened up and looked at his handiwork. What was the picture! Miniature plump naked yellow-skinned aziatochka with long heavy hair, lay associated with wide spread legs with a small appetizing second breast size. Between chubby legs, among the little black curly hair gleamed brightly red excited clitoris. ... I had no idea what kind of a naked girl can make me so. I literally shook with excitement. I lay on the bed between her legs, and took two fingers of her left nipple. I just squeezed it gently to drive between your fingers, and then bent down and began to caress his tongue. Meanwhile, my left hand crumpling her right breast. She writhed, she bends toward me and panting. After playing with her breasts, I began to kiss her belly, descending lower. I have from the vagina in all flowed, and I was anxious to get to her clitoris. I lowered my head down, and found her tongue sexual sponges. Aygulka jerked and moaned. I spent the tongue from the bottom up, spreading and penetrating her vagina. Wow, its allocation were unlike my taste. My tongue struggled in her vagina, she moaned louder and louder ...
- Do you want me to continue? - I asked, suddenly interrupted.
She nodded silently.
- I can not hear, - I said.
The idea that it is now entirely mine, I wound up stronger and stronger.
- Yes ... more ... please - she whispered, blushing heavily.
Again, I bowed my head and my tongue fluttered around her clitoris. It was already close to orgasm, but I do not want her to cum so fast. I decided to stick his index finger into her vagina, and then ..
- Nick, no! Do not! I do not want to lose your virginity! I'm saving myself for a loved one ... - silly almost cried.
- Quietly, I do you will not tear. Quiet ... - I reassured her, without ceasing to play the tongue with her crotch.
My playful finger continued to slide deeper. And then her vagina tightened first. I almost bit her clit, to delay orgasm, and again started stroking it easily, then gently press down on her unprotected towns. From her throat burst something between a grunt and a groan, the body twitched convulsively, and I did not let her finish. Soon, my neck is stiff, but I have not played enough with this doll. I had already reached out a hand to her crotch, but ...
"No, - said the reason the inner voice. - This method you always have time to train her. What then? "- I thought.
Idea! On electrodepilator have attachment with tiny vibrating rubber antennae to alleviate pain. I quickly pulled out of the appliance and tables included it. In the room resounded loud buzz.
- What is it? - A trembling voice asked Aigul, shaking his head in the hope that the belt will slip from his eyes.
- Do not worry, you'll like ...
I again put into her vagina a finger, and a crotch bailiffs epilator attachment. It was a sight almost made me cum: Rubber mustache rubbing her clit until recently untouched, and a plastic stand, to which they were attached, and kneading kneads the red pea. vaginal muscles tightened for the second time. I removed the appliance and press down firmly on the clitoris, and then start all over again. I toyed with it indefinitely, as soon as she came to orgasm, I instantly squeezed her clitoris or painful pinching of nipples. Her body glistened with sweat, she moaned loudly, in the end she begged me to stop torture her. Only then did I pressed tightly to her body attachment and put the epilator at maximum speed. Less than two minutes later, the body of the pupa twitched in her very first orgasm. She screamed so that if it were not one hundred percent sound insulation, which took care of my father, to escape the house in an apartment, and a few neighbors. vaginal muscles contracted and all declined, massaging my finger. Her orgasm lasted about three minutes, I'm looking at it, she had finished.
I reached out to the bedside table, removed the appliance, and when looked at Aygul, she saw that she was sound asleep. I carefully untied her and found in his dresser hebeshnye black panties, gently pulled on it.
In the morning I woke up before her, made coffee, and began to prepare breakfast. She went into the kitchen, and just looking at it made me want to immediately repeat what I did with it at night. But then she said something that I'm stuck with a plate in his hands.
- Well, we typed yesterday ... All night long dreamed of all sorts of nonsense ... - she said, stretching ...
"Wow! She thinks it all a dream! "- I thought.
Then she left and the institution alone, because I decided to be absent from the first two pairs.
To be continued...

Ottrahany teacher

After graduating from teacher's college, I began working with a village school teacher of mathematics and physics from the 5th to the 9th grade. And because the village school, the small classes in the same grade nine were 4 girls and no one guy. I immediately noticed that the girl is beautiful, a kind of blood and milk, young innocent. I may be a teacher, but also a man tozhe.Chastenko, driving lesson, I looked at their round ass in tight jeans, when they went to the board for the maiden bulging chest. Oh, to caress them right now, hold your hand in their pussies, shove dick in someone's mouth. And so I'm dreaming that my member stood up in trousers, the good I was, and no one zametil.- Sergey V., I have decided to correct the problem? - Lena asked, she just stood at doski.- Yes well done, sit perfectly, - I said, and put the top five in zhurnal.- Sergey V., and put the diary Lena came to me with the diary, and I felt pleased by! it smells. Lena was the most beautiful of them, besides the smartest. On her blouse was cut, and I saw her delicate skin. Where something deeper its lovely titki.Kogda it was in place, I looked at her ass, I wanted to fuck e¸.Potom I called Irina to solve the following problem. In general, it has not solved it as I would have it no prompting. We had to put dvoyku.- Sergey V., please do not, I will curse. Would you like me you pososu.Ya almost stunned. So-so. Those guys own proposal. When he came to, I realized, and why not, the lesson was the last school net.Ona nobody went inside and closed class. The rest of the girls did not smutilis.- What right here - Yes of course, but I pomogut.Sveta girls, Natasha and Lena unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her lovely tits, sticking them to me for a full review, and began stroking them voluptuously. Lena, meanwhile, unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my already standing member, and began to masturbate, touching lips, head of the penis. Then she began to immerse it in my mouth deeper and deeper. I looked at the girls, who stroked her tits looked at Irina, sucking dick and his teacher did not believe his own eyes. My cock was sticking like a stake. Her lips are already juices shine from my penis. And she still sucked and sucked ego.Devochki meanwhile ceased to crush their charms, and do each other. Light merged with Natasha kiss, running his hand under her skirt. Lena went to Irina and sucking, and they tongues to lick my dick. A tongue on one side and the other tongue on the other. I ran his hands through their hair long, experiencing untold naslazhdenie.Sveta Natasha moaned loudly with pleasure, because strongly razdrochili each other pussy. Unable to withstand the voltage, they pulled up their skirts to the waist, took off her panties and lay on the desk, spread wide nogi.Ya removed Irina and Lena went to the lesbian, running a hand through their tender pussy. Soft hairs. Superkartina.I here I fucked them to their enormous by a dick at every turn. Other girls touched my hand swinging eggs, admiring their resilience. Then they, too, became unbearable. They wanted my penis. Model Behavior. So it was several times. Needless to say, that it was time to finish, I delayed this moment, wanting to prolong the action. The end came when she began to finish under me, then I could not help it and just barely managed to took a member of her pussy cumshot on her lobok.Nekotoroe time we sat without moving or saying a slova.- Well, Sergey V., put Now the two, - Lena said and laughed her shrill girlish smehom.- I liked it, I did not put you to deuce, but you still uchis.Devochki brought himself up. So do I. Then the bell rang with a lesson. Walking down the hall, we met technicals that said sympathetically: - One fact in the school were poor things, go and zauchilis.Eta whose history has remained between us. On that day, I have sex four tender pussy her students.


- Mama, cover me, please. I want to be beautiful today at the party. - The daughter came out of the bath, she came to her mother in bathroom.They already wore a black T-shirt and brought hair poryadok.Mama sat on his bed and prepared to sleep. It was also only a red combination and panties. The mother and daughter had short haircuts, creating the impression that they were both energetic. My mother sat next to the child, pulled out of the cosmetic pink lipstick with a very pleasant smell. She gently held lipstick on the lips of a girl by which she closed her eyes in pleasure. Mom gently painted the daughter, and she, in turn, razomlev and forgetting about everything, put her hand on the mother's hip. Despite his age, my mother was different folded awesome figure and looked fine. Many men turned around on the street, staring after her in the street, wanting to get a woman in postel.- Want anoint nipples? - Mother of a questioning look in his eyes docheri.- Why - And suddenly, someone will want to kiss? Imagine how surprised he and starts sucking them when feel the sweet taste of lipstick? Mom, not waiting for an answer daughter, she took his hand and his chest began to smear lipstick and pink nipple daughter kruzh¸k around him. She felt her nipples harden elastic breasts daughter, who closed his eyes in pleasure. From the half-open slightly rotika girls could hear rapid breathing and quiet stony.Mat noticed that her daughter was excited, and she herself wanted to kiss a girl's breast. While the daughter rolling her eyes, enjoying the way my mother squeezes her breast, the mother leaned over and licked the tip of his tongue her nipple. The girl shivered with pleasure, her body ran goose. Mom, meanwhile, continued to lick and suck berries girls. She stroked the little girl's chest, feeling like a little girl plunges into the depths of sensuality. Above her ear heard rapid breathing and quiet please prodolzhat.- Courage my daughter, do not be afraid. Enjoy. Take my affection. Tell me about your desires. I'm their Mom realizuyu.-. I want to kiss your grud.- I also want this, my girl. - With these words, the mother stood up and handed lipstick docheri.Malyshka without a moment's hesitation and knowing what to do, began to spread fragrant lipstick nipple mother, holding her to his chest. My mother looked at her daughter manipulation and told her what to do to excite e¸.- Here anoint, and here. Good daughter. How cool! A woman could not hold back, and sexy with his head and eyes closed, enjoying the caresses of his daughter, who has licked and kissed her nipples and grud.- What you're done. You just superb dochenka.S these words, the mother took her daughter's neck, lifted her head and looked into her eyes began to approach his lips to stick his tongue away girl. Here at last their mouths closed in a gentle kiss. women's tongues began to play other drugs deryas.Postepenno caressing and their kiss became passionate. They are very suck, their hands caressing the shoulders, neck, ears, face each other. The tips of the most delicate feminine fingers stroked the skin and every touch caused a new surge of excitement in the minds of each of the lovers. The nipples of the breasts has long rested nipples Lady and daughter pointed look mom they rubbed each other. Mother looked down lyubovavlas this picture. She blinked erotic daughter making it clear that all horosho.Lyubovnitsy threw off their combination. Mother crouching, began to kiss his chest and tummy daughter. She gently licked and caressed her body, leaving it to a single centimeter of Never Been Kissed. 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My wife Olga

It was her most strange desire. The desire was born, suddenly and intensified with each passing day, raising awareness, and the flesh. She wanted to be in the role of a prostitute surrounded by three - four men who have taken it as they wish throughout the night. Technically, it was just to do, the men on the Internet is always more than enough, the most important thing was not to pick up any infection from partners and value for partners to enjoy not turned into a rape. I resolutely did not want such a scenario, but a strange excitement every time covered me when I imagined her in the hands of strange men. And I agreed, on the condition that it will be the first and last time.
Of the many candidates that are so rich web were selected three high-grade male, married, Tightened physically with members of at least 20 centimeters. Preliminary contract on Friday night, I booked a deluxe room with a large French bed in a small hotel in northern Moscow.
Around seven in the evening we stumbled with Olga in the room and putting numerous bags of groceries, meticulously studied the bed, on which two hours were to happen the most important act of debauchery. The bed was great, room also did not disappoint.
Olga, throwing off his clothes, settled in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she flew out. As she changed, apparently in the head he has developed a script, from which the degree of excitement reached its climax, and it was enough to touch the small of her clitoris nalivshemusya to an explosion and discharging. But I'm not in a hurry to handle her crack, rightly decided not to run in front of the wagon. Judging by the way the time went forward to meeting you had less minutes, Olga changed for the second pad on the shorts.
Fifteen minutes before the hour X, she threw a striped men's shirt and looked at me.
- You still want to do this? - I asked her.
She shook her head affirmatively. Retreat on her part was not. I put her on the bed and put on her eye glasses (for sleeping while traveling), for a more sensual sex. Nothing should detract from the action.
They came at the same time, as agreed in the half of the ninth. As they threw off robe, I brought the hand with Olga corridor.
Against this background, she looked an angel.
First up she touched Pasha. He put his hand on her head, and softly pressed down. Olga immediately understood everything, and knelt down. Pasha unzipped his jeans and out sprang a huge, blue-veined dick, already on alert.
I began the process of dating.
Olga licked the head and literally planted his mouth on Pashin unit. A member is not completely got into a small and elegant mouth, and apparently delivered some inconvenience for its size. But Olga was diligent and persistent. When Pasha was close to running out, but the discharge is not in a hurry, he stopped the translational movement of Olga's head with his hand and turned to face Olga crotch Volodya.
Volodi member was not smaller, but much thicker in diameter and several t¸mnovaty from a large number of capillaries. After his visit to the Alex.
His graceful hol¸ny member went into Holguin mouth almost completely, and after a short stimulation of the tongue shot seed charge. Sperm was so much that Olechka handled it just in three steps. Licking the head clean, she licked carnivorous sponge.
Alex lifted his wife from his knees, and bit his lips to her lips, the guys at this time climbed under her shirt and probed from all sides naked body. Pasha paw chest and Volodya climbed into her panties. Inspection satisfied all three guys and they gave me a hand in the hand of the couple, huddled in the tub to take a shower.
We washed them pretty quickly, so that it is literally twenty minutes later the trio was in the room, dressed as Adam's.
Alex went to Olga and unbuttoned his shirt, Pasha took it, and Volodia pulled the thong. When the stripping process has been completed, the guys put his wife on the back and legs parted to the side. Olga's holes were great! Vagina flowed juice sphincter popochki waited, and her mouth was slightly open with passion.
Pasha held by slits in the hand and brought his hand to Holguin moknuvshuyu lips.
Olga was pleased to discover this cocktail.
- Nothing girl! - Volodya said, - Come on, show us a little better - and put his hands on his wife's lips sex.
Olga pulled his hands apart and before the trio opened a picture worthy of the master of the pen. Apparently voltage Olga was so great that the wife of the urethra, flew fountain.
- You see Volodya, - said Alex - here a lot of work !!! Who will be the pioneer?
- Let's Paschke, you were the first in the hallway, and you are open.
Pasha did not have to beg, and raising his legs Olga almost straight up, he swung and entered her womb. He worked as a steam hammer, the pace increased with each passing second, Olga had finished as a machine gun, and the Pasha seemed to be discharged is about, but to slow down, it is completely out of Olga and lay on his back. Capturing Olga hands, he planted it on top of itself and gestured Alexei log in Olga behind.
Alex parted buttocks wife, and entered the second member into the vagina. Olga stopped in surprise, not every day you are just two members, and not the smallest sizes. Poterevshis member of Pasha, Lesch pulled his brilliant grease stick and, apart ass even wider, introduced the term in the ass wife.
Olga turned planted by just two members, it seemed to her that now it will tear into two parts, but the pain went away quickly, and a wave of pleasure rolls sea surf more and more frequently, with each succeeding was more powerful than the previous one. She almost cried with delight when approached Volodya gagged her with his cock.
Her three holes fucked three males, we took a long time, with feeling and poured out almost simultaneously. The first finished Volodya came squish it Olga cope with the next portion of sperm, then stopped and the last Lesch groaned Pasha. Olga was completely filled with the sperm of these men. White viscous liquid is poured out of the two holes, and the wife herself lying on the bed in utter exhaustion.
She sat up and said.
- Let me go to the toilet?
- Honey - Paul said - on this night you are in full our submission, and you will do just what we'll solve. You understood?
Olga shook her head affirmatively.
- You want to be washed away or pee? - Again I asked Pasha.
- Pee - Olga said softly.
- Well, the guys spend a lady.
Two took Olga in her arms, and Pasha got a digital camera. Olga poised in the bath, they put it into the enamelled trough her legs spread wide apart and lips sex. Pasha aim the camera.
Olga was terribly embarrassing, but it was irresistible desire to write, and the first one shy ... and her and the other pouverennee stream poured from her womb. Pasha clicked continuously and as soon as Olga finished, he washed her crotch.
In the same manner it was moved back to the bed.
- These holes must not stagnate, - said Alexei, and with these words pulled out of the bag dildo.
Endowment stunned me, it was about 50 centimeters long and 10 centimeters in diameter.
- To begin, we will develop a pussy and then ass - the officer said.
Olga put the cancer and was ordered to dissolve the buttocks hands in different directions.
The vagina member went completely left outside no more than 10 centimeters. Leaving his wife in this position, the trio joined me.
We drank whiskey and looked at Olga, who received an unforgettable experience of humiliation, which worked with her at the moment.
After 10 minutes, Vladimir went to Olga and standing abruptly pulled the dildo cancer. The size of the hole struck me to the core. Such I have never seen.
Pulling out of the bag a lubricant for anal sex, Volodya liberally smeared penis and anus, and examples dramatically from once drove it into a neat latex monster Olga's hole. Olga moaned, but a sharp pain suddenly gave way to a feeling of bliss. First, not abruptly, slowly, Volodya began to make reciprocating motion vibrator in the ass Olga, will drive deeper and deeper into the member Olga. When he began to slide almost without hindrance, he abruptly pulled him back. The size of the anus was struck even more than the size of the vagina. The hole was just right.
Volodya lay on his back, and planted in the member Olga developed back to her anus, she approached Alex came to the same as a member. Olga took while two males in a small hole, which by the way, and I do not always allowed, and here. And, judging by the moans, it's definitely like it.
Pasha was busily engaged in mouth wife, Olga took his head and trying to drive his instrument as far as possible. When he finished, then probably so deeply he drove a member, Olga began to cough, and part of the seed fell on Volodya.
Alex and Volodya had finished almost simultaneously, Pasha brought his glass to the pope and collected semen drained. Then, Olga took his head, he brought his glass to her lips and saw to it that at the bottom there was not a drop.
After all this execution Olga gave some respite. The guys were foaming and tired, but Olga wanted more. One of them picked up the phone and went to the bathroom. After 5 minutes he returned with a conspiratorial view.
For an hour they were almost completely recovered, and everything continued with the same pace. Olga drove, empty bottle of champagne, taken at the same time in the ass and vagina, finishing in the mouth and always forced to suck cock.
A call to the number rang unexpectedly.
Volodya rushed to open. The room went a man of about forty. Seeing naked Olga, he went to the table and poured himself a drink and motioned to take Olga.
The boys took her by the hand and led to a stranger. He dropped her to her knees, just like Pasha and pulled out a member. That was something. I have never seen such a size. He was not less than sixty centimeters in diameter and a bank from under the sprats.
Olga herself did not understand what it is. When she saw and felt the fear ran down her face. IT does not fit in her mouth !!! She could only lick it from all sides. Stranger is soon bored, and he picked up on their feet Olga, overturned on the table and abruptly went into the girl. Judging because Olga began to growl and groan from the first seconds, I realized that he took immediately to the uterus.
If only he was not in the ass - but I thought, as my worst suspicions were confirmed. He turned over on his stomach, Olga, and entered into the anus directly to the full depth. Olga cried, but her cry was plugged member Alexei.
The stranger fucked Olga almost fifteen minutes, and izlivshis, pulled not reduced in size dick. It points to the fact that he drove it very deep, small pieces of feces. He again put Olga on her knees and forced to lick his gun.
During the night, Olga took four men, almost without interruption. She came, shook the body spasm, but she liked it. Inside was an ocean of sperm, sperm from her smell, it seemed that it was not the men, and semen production factory.
Only at eight o'clock in the morning, the men laid fuck wife on the bed, and when he had finished on time in her mouth, left the room, leaving full of sweet memories of the night and a bunch of pictures in the digital camera for me.
The more we do not do it, although it is possible that if you arrive an interesting proposal with no less interesting scenario, we are not likely to give up.
So it continued around the corner ...

Marina is going on a date

For some time now, Nina noticed that her older sister, Marina has become a strange. She found out that Marina found Vasya from next door. At first, this was preceded by numerous of dating beauty treatments before a mirror, ordinary girls, but recently has become a Marina before a date to spend much more time in the bathroom than in front of a mirror. Nina noticed that before you go to the bathroom, Marina takes with him a sack of red rubber with a long hose ending in a white plastic tip. The same tip was on the rubber bulb, which my mother once did Nina enema itself. To the question "what is it?", Addressed to Marina, she answered "none of your business" or something like that. Nina decided that this subject is forbidden character, but she did not fit in my head that Marina makes herself an enema. Despite her young age, Nina knew what sex was, but had no idea what to sex may need an enema.
Somehow, looking at the bathroom door, Nina saw the gap between the boards, and decided that it can be adapted for spying for my sister. With the help of a nail found Nina to pick open a hole in which it was possible to observe a large part of the bathroom.
When Marina in preparation for the next meeting, went to the bathroom, with a mug Esmarch in hand, everything was ready. As soon as her sister slammed the door and the bolt clicked, Nina crept barefoot to her cunt and clung to her eye.
Marina has already filled the red rubber bag with water from the tap. When the bag side swollen, she hung it to the bar for shower curtains, and then lowered into the bath tube, and wait for the smooth trickle of water, closed a little tap. Taking out a jar of Vaseline, Marina lubricated tip and put the hose on the edge of the tub. Remembering how my mother prepared herself an enema formulation, Nina felt very excited, her heart pounding at high speeds. Meanwhile, Marina took off her robe, took off her panties and sat on the toilet, it is out of sight. By the sounds of Nina realized that Marina wrote. Empty the bladder, the girl got up and flushed the toilet. Reappeared in sight of Nina, Marina took off her bra, scored on a finger of the Vaseline jar and a little bent forward, began to lubricate the anus itself. However, she stood with her back to the door, and Nina saw almost entirely her crotch. Lubricate properly she took the hose with a tip, and bending more habitual movement, brought him into his anus. By opening the tap on the hose, she slowly sank to the knees almost touching the floor and began to breast-mouth breathing noisy, drowning out the rumbling of water coming into her gut.
From where Nina saw that side rubber clubs were gradually fall off. Marina sometimes turned his head to see how much water is left. When the bag is almost empty, she reached out, closed the tap and pulled out the tip of the ass. Getting up from the floor, Marina put on the tip edge of the sink and looked at his belly, which is slightly increased. It's a bit like near a bathtub, then she sat down on a box and began to massage the lower abdomen, periodically reducing and pushing the hips. According to her breathing and moans Nina realized that Marina is experiencing a strong pleasure, such as that obtained by masturbation. Marina, meanwhile, uttered a faint cry, no longer move his legs and sat on the toilet.
Nina looked up from the slot and hurried to his room, thinking that will not see anything more interesting. A few minutes later, he heard the noise of flushing water in the toilet, then Nina heard her sister takes a shower. Marina soon slipped out of the bathroom and slipped into his room. From there, she went dressed as always in a short skirt and orange topic. Her stomach seemed to be perfectly flat. Throwing a quick reference about the behavior of her sister in her absence Marina slammed the door.
Listen to subside and the steps, trying to stop shaking hands, Nina went into his sister's room and began to methodically search for red bag enema. Judging by the usual length of visits, Nina had enough time to experience the sensations delivered by enema. Enema device to find a chest of drawers, wrapped in newspaper. Inside the circle was a bit damp, the tip was washed thoroughly. Nina carefully bundle and laid all on the floor. Move the tap, she decided that she will cope. Taking the cup, Nina went into the bathroom. Vaseline was in the locker, where it just took Marina. Imitating his sister, Nina mug filled with water and hung to the bar. Fearing for his intestines, she poured a little water, and the circle did not look so great. Opening the tap, Nina swung a little water and smear Vaseline tip. She put it on the edge of the tub, the girl lifted her skirt, removed her panties and began to gently lubricate your anus. Wiped off the fingers of Vaseline, Nina took the tip, and, stooping, he began to push it into your anus. Sensations from the introduction of the tip did not seem to her some special, she knew slightly rotate the tip, and soon he came into her ass up to the end. Nina opened the tap and felt the cold coming from the water. It seemed to her that her abdomen spilled a cool river, nice a cooling abdomen. Given the hot weather it was extremely nice. After looking at the mug, Nina discovered with surprise that the water was over. Closing the tap, she decided that for the first time, perhaps, will suffice. Pulling the tip and wiped his napkin, Nina poured the remains of the water and it was decided to wipe the inside of the cup, but suddenly her stomach started cramping. Realizing that she did not suffer long, the girl sat on the toilet, and released a jet of water. Empty the bowel, she remembered that Marina, holding an enema, massaging his stomach.
Having decided to try it, she refilled the cup and inserting the tip into the ass, opened the tap. Pouring the contents of a mug, Nina pulled the tip, put it in a bath of water to flow out and sat on the toilet, began to massage the abdomen itself, imitating Marina. Gradually, her hands sank lower and lower, until it got to the clitoris. After a few minutes of intense rubbing it experienced rapid orgasm. Having satisfied himself, Nina released into the toilet water jet together with a lot of feces. Squeeze the last trickles, she washed himself anus and began to destroy the traces of their fun: washed and wiped the inside of the cup, washed and wiped the tip of the napkin, turned the entire device, again he wrapped it in newspaper and put in its place. Soon after, Nina was able to buy the device for themselves enema and began regularly to make yourself an enema, which received a lot of fun; however, that's another story.
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