Newcomers - 1 hour

Lying is not clear where it was scary, but open your eyes was a hundred times worse. Because under the back of the cold metal, and the arms and legs strangely swollen and obviously something fixed. The air smells strange hospital and sounds inspire even more fear ... But it was not necessary to reflect a long time, the decision came from the outside, in the form of biting slap. Her eyes opened immediately, and when seen awareness spread to the brain, the strangled cry immediately born in the throat and immediately calmed down when his mouth stuck something like a piece of adhesive tape.

A glance thrown on the surrounding premises forced to breathe convulsively, but the plaster reminded himself. I had noisy inhale nose and try to calm his heart, though it was not easy. The release of adrenaline made pulse jump to unprecedented heights. Considering the surroundings, I was covered with sticky sweat of fear, gradually realizing that the greatest fear of all earthlings there in the flesh. Aliens! They - this is the reality. And the reality of it, not the world of the rainbow pink pony. Because around the hangar it was full of tables with strange instruments, and along the walls were rows of cells, each of which is a living being has been fixed. And they went through the middle ... Strange creatures jumped out of the worst dreams. High colors of old rusty iron and obviously insektoidnogo species. Strange junction of two pairs of legs and hands nevertheless it is the human species. No clothes, just strange patterns on the shell. The head resembles the head of a grasshopper or a praying mantis - huge compound eyes is cast in green, something like mandibles instead of a mouth, and small horns, antennae on top.

Terrible wanted to close my eyes and wake up in my bed ... Dreams, dreams. The reality rudely brought me back when my capsule was set in motion. I tried to turn my head and saw them quite closely. Strange hand with long fingers tenaciously gripped his chin and turned her head the other hand tore the plaster. Breathe easier, but the relief was short-lived. Being broke snapping trill, and out of the box on his chest came a robotic voice:

- Being you from the earth?

The realization that I understand it was made me renew himself and I nodded:

- Yes.

But I'm happy early. Nodding to each other mantises touched hands of bolls on the chest and on their communication matter already in the form of clicks. Then one of them pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut clothing. Then followed an easy shot in the shoulder. And then consciousness began to float away, but still not completely turned off. Although it would be better to disable.

The capsule was set in motion and I saw the ceiling of the hangar. Then I realized that a shot was probably anesthesia. Thin fingers opened his mouth and a strange device fell along the dentition. Then a feeling of wild pain I beg your jaw and consciousness almost uplylo. When probed his chest was almost not scary, strange blue beam passed through the whole body, also did not have any pain. But the feeling that his feet are leaving the sides made a pulse back often. Remembering visits to the gynecologist, I tried to compress the foot, but where there ... tight fixation leaves no chances. Watching a like in a dream at first I felt that one of the creatures come closer and all the pubis and everything below filled with foam. A minute later all the foam washed away from the little soul, and with it, and all the hairs. Then one of the mantis again came closer, holding him there were some small flat round things like plastic confetti. Probably no more than five minutes gone, these gizmos were posted throughout the body, including on the heart, on the wrists and over the large vessels (in the neck, hips). The horror began again to break through the veil of oblivion drug, but even lift a finger failed. Suddenly, the capsule was set in motion again, his legs bent and even more widely parted to the side. Mantis drove closer table, similar to the one that stands at the dentist with a bunch of guns and other obscure pieces terrible kind. One moved closer to the head and some kind of monitor, and the second went off somewhere to the side legs. While I was tossing glances from one to the other, I almost missed an easy nod willing mustache and a synchronous-clicking mandibles. A strange touch of the genital lips made everything inside is compressed. Thin cold fingers fell on the edge, gently fold deployed and I felt like inside slipped something hard. After a few seconds of this thing poured some kind of liquid. And here, all neatly finished. The nozzle sharply pushed forward so that I felt the blow of the cervix. Just wanted to scream out in pain, but his throat was frozen. A few minutes later I was washed from the inside like a chicken before stuffing. When the impromptu shower capsule is removed suddenly capsized and I hung considering smooth metal floor with a hole to drain. A couple of minutes later I hung so listening to the strange feelings inside, the liquid was seen off-water and mucous slightly pinched. Then again poured on top of water and foam flow out on the fifth point. What nonsense ... I thought it was a hairless the last time I was ten years. And then from the wild pain in the anus, I realized why the capsule capsized. Water gushing under pressure inside. As in my anus poke shower, knowing that even a second, and all rush back to consciousness has passed by, even shame arose. Because, when I removed the shower did not even realized that I look back at the ceiling. When the hands of one of the mantis pressed on my stomach, I just immediately easier. I poured water and I'll lay both on reception at the gynecologist. And then I'm just happy that the drug is partially disabled consciousness otherwise I would have probably died. The first test was the thing like a steel eggplant, which pushed me into the vagina. At first it was just a cold metal object, but we realized that it expands in a couple of seconds. Within minutes, the pain was unbearable, increased suddenly over. How little man need to be happy - do bad, but then return as it was ... Then he started something that I would call a series of tests, if it were not lying on the table as The prepared frog. First, one of the mantis moved closer and gazed into my eyes, so close that I could see all fasetochki and terrible mandibles. Then a terrible mnogosustavchataya hand on his chest and squeezed the nipple. Heart sank ... But some of the second click of a praying mantis and the hand disappeared. I re-learned to breathe. Then there was a device that looked like a little suction, which held inside the vagina. The pain of braces has already become familiar ... When the soothsayer came back with some tubes I have not even tried to guess what it is. And then all was quiet, I felt that I was something inserted into the uterus, and there was a tower and it was taken out. I lay still and stared at the ceiling. Acute pain is gone and it was replaced by a next stage of stupor. One of the praying mantis broke away from the monitor and came closer. Again, I considered the terrible alien near. He came closer and somehow puzzled clicked mandibles. Then he paused for a few minutes as a statue. His eyes began to sparkle as if they added a fluorescent dye. And then I realized again that I can mentally screaming in terror. Standing in front of me mantis slowly ran his hand over her stomach. From this movement all over his body as if the split bright paint stripe. When the hand has reached to toe joint shell slightly opened and he dropped out of the crevasse. I do not know what it was - the penis, like people, ovipositor like insects or something else. But it was a strange and great. The body was like shape tapering to a narrow end of the proboscis, color is different from the color of the shell, the length of this piece was thirty centimeters, but the worst was a strange bright green luminous mucus, which drops dripping on the floor. As I watched the horror, the body swept mantis strange trembling, his eyes flashed brightly, and on the authority took any wave. Then his eyes went out, he abruptly walked to the capsule and right on my stomach gushed that same mucus, which still seems to be floating egg. Second mantis approached on the other hand, why should I then pushed the lid and peered intently into his eyes. Two minutes later and a few probing pulse. Antennae according swung again, and the second mantis dragged his body armor back into place. Then the egg and green mucus were collected into a large flask. And for me the world again turned in the literal sense, the capsule swayed and I watched the floor again, but this time I almost hung upside down. Then again, I felt like I stuck in the expander, though it was not at this time a wild pain. And a moment later, I realized why. First to easy clink of glass on metal, I do not attach importance. Then he felt inside runs something viscous. The feeling of cold fingers on labia, then something like a brush all inside smeared with mucus, the latter put in my egg. Then the expander was removed and the vagina something taped. Thereafter, the capsule returned to an upright position, I was drenched with water from the shower, and I safely passed out.



One day my wife - Kate went on a business trip for 10 days. She often goes so I'm used to it. Closer to the weekend I invited a neighbor to watch the game at home, drink beer shorter as usual.

I'll tell you about a neighbor. His name is Anatoly him in '52, we work with them for 2 years with team-mates at work. He weighs about 170 kg of 90 highly-bodied with glasses and a small beard. Single lives alone in a two-room apartment.

In the evening we watched football as usual drank beer and talked. Football was boring so we started to communicate more and eventually started talking about women. (I often saw him to his home and often leads women enough for a man of his age). The conversation turned to Kate, he said that she was sexy. I ask to see photos sex, at first I refused on after a few phrases I agreed. He took a laptop searched and found. Drunk neighbor said that would be good and fucked her, I looked at him indignantly. He said that the joke and closed the laptop.

Even after the end of the football we went further and began to drink beer. I said that I needed to use the toilet, he nodded and began flipping channels on the telly.

Coming after 5 minutes I found a neighbor who masturbate to pictures from my laptop. Seeing that I went, he slowly closed his notebook and began to excuse, the excuse that he had a long time there was no woman wants a fuck. He wore a robe over his naked body, and only one semeyniki. Is he. He covered his hairy, but the protruding member is still clearly visible. I said that everything is fine and continued to stare at his penis. He noticed it and casually threw the hem of the robe. He asked if I wanted to taste it, I sheepishly said yes. I knelt down in front of him. His penis was average sized but very thick. I licked his head was already standing member, and a member of the swallowed completely and began to move her head spitted her mouth at this beautiful unit. Tolia took me by the hair and began to stick my head so much that I started vomiting reflex. But he loosened his grip and gave me suck on in his own style. My cock stood like a stake, and I started it nadrachivat, but he stopped me and said sternly Anatoliy that I am not allowed to masturbate yet. I was shocked by this attitude to me, but to argue with an older friend did not. And he said that I continued to suck on, I started to earlier suspend classes. Tolia began to ask me if I like to be his pacifier and a whore, I'm not sure that answered yes. Then his cock began to throb and the jet of sperm hit my throat, I did not expect this and put a member of the mouth, but Anatoly continued cum on my face, feeling that his semen liter. He graduated and moved his member of my lips and smeared with semen remnants member. I was on my knees all in the semen as a last whore.

He said that I went and washed, and I can masturbate in the bathroom. I went into the bath and began to masturbate fiercely and quickly finished. After washing, I returned to the room where my neighbor turned on the football. He asked me if I liked it and after hearing a positive response that said, I'll be his pacifier in his spare time ... I awkwardly sat and watched football.

It took probably a couple of weeks and I forgot all about this evening. Kate returned from a business trip, and life went on as usual. One day after work, my companion and I arrived late to the object in the database. In the locker room there was no one, undressed, I went into the shower. I started to turn on the shower to wash and do not even heard in the shower went Anatoly. I was standing with his back to the entrance and walked slap my ass good hand Tolley. I did not expect and whirled just wanted to say something, Anatoly interrupted and ordered to suck him. I ofigel, he calmed me phrase it that everything is already gone. I got down and took the hanging member Anatoly's hand and began to massage. Anatoly said that I hesitated, and that would have proceeded to work mouth. I obediently began licking the swellable member. Tolia again took me by the hair and began to vehemently stick my head on the penis. Then he lifted me up and said that he wanted me in the ass, I was wildly excited and offered no resistance (often the wife threesome fucked me in the ass). He turned his back forced into the hands of a little shower gel and plentifully greased his hole. Tolia said that I'm a good bitch and I know what to do. He started to drive member around the holes, stroking the ass. He began to slowly enter your thick cock in the ass, I felt the pain and began to fight back, but Toll pressed me against the wall and led to the end member. Tears started welling in his eyes. Anatoly began to move and I felt such a thrill that is not received by the strap. Tolia began nadrachivat me and I began to moan like a bitch. As soon as I felt that I finish it spun me, put it on his lap, and finished on my face. Neither of which is not saying gone to a neighboring booth, I knelt under a stream of shower dodrochil himself and for all is washed away. we went home having washed and dressed. Anatoly always drove me to and from work. We went again as if nothing had happened talked about all garbage. Then he blurted out that he wanted me to blow right now and unbuttoned his pants. I understood and began to suck in the car while driving. He immediately warned that I will need to swallow all and leave no drops in the pants I managed about 15 minutes we went to the floor, he slapped me on the ass and said that I was a great pacifier went home.

To be continued...


Erotic etude 43


The apartment, which is a nest, but resembles the lair. Doorbell.

- Hi. You look good, - he said, opening - I missed.

And I thought: ". There is no Charging Stepanych both trucks will not become Povorovyvat, son of a bitch ...."

- Thank you, - She said, taking off his coat, - And you look tired. Something happened?

And she thought: "Do not forget then to drop the duty pharmacy Aspirin validol and these ... like them ...."

- It happened. My pussy was late for five minutes - and the world has to tilt to one side, - he said, pulling out a bottle of wine - Seven more minutes, and would become a "Titanic" more ...

"And who, except Stepanych .. Alien - scary, it is among its best ..."

- I'm sorry, Kitty ... - she said, climbing into the chair like a child, with legs - I did you a business woman ...

"How do these pills called? .. I must call my mother to ask again ..."

- Ask for forgiveness on my knees to you, a slave, destined ... - he murmured, pouring full glasses - But first ... Here's your wine ... ...

"And with Stepanitch talk over a bottle of vodka, fill its head in a friendly, not much can and will be corrected ... Resolved. Tomorrow ... To goods stood ..."

- Oh, sir, - she wrung her hands comically - And without wine remorse soul is full of ...

"My mother is something absolutely to pieces. I must return earlier today ... and tomorrow povozhu her normal doctors, enough already in the clinic mutilated ..."

- And yet - have a drink to start with. And then proceed to repentance procedures - He gave a personal example of her two sips of draining his glass.

"Rubbish wine ... A good girl ... And Stepanovich - son of a bitch, tomorrow will deal with it"

- For you, Kitty ... Grow Big ... - She also drank in one gulp, and lit a cigarette, waiting for drunk like a train in the subway that dozed on a bench before the final.

"Sweet wine, ugh ... How many times told him that I do not like this!"

- Yet? - He reached for the bottle.

"Quietly sitting. It is necessary to put the music ..."

- Certainly cute. You know how much I love sweets! - She took the glass in his hand free from cigarettes and useless alternated with an unpleasant smile.

"And Kotick seems to be really tired ... in vain ... And came to the pharmacy is not hopped ..."


All entrance, on guard on the first floor to the cleaners in the attic, listening to Harry Moore. Our heroes drank a second bottle of wine and just tired to dance.

- Well, well, - he said, sitting down in a chair, - The time has come repentance ...

And I thought: "I hope it will not biting today ..."

- I'm ready, my lord, - She knelt in a pose of penitent. And even clasped his hands quite decent way. Only a piece of living test, which she began to roll, was another story.

"In the forest I was born herringbone ... ... in the woods ... it grew ... grew ... so ... so ..."

- Eat me, - he smiled. - So, it seems, said pie?

"We need to make the music so loud ... prevents ..."

- Yes. If we could only figure out which side - the diminutive, and which - magnifying ... - She licked his "pie", more like a mushroom, first one, then the other side of the cap ...

"It's time to cut your hair. I'm tired of spat from natural hair ..."

- From whatever side you lick - increase ... What no bite - reduced ... - He muttered shrunken voice ...

"Lord, what vulgarity ... crap ... crap ... My favorite tale daughter ..."


Fuss on the floor in utter silence.

- My dear, my dear ... - He whispered, squinting against the light at the end of the tunnel through which impulses led her mole ...

And I thought: "My dear, my dear ..."

- Honey, my dear ... - echoed it, oozing sweet birch bark around the trunk of his ...

And she thought: "My dear, my dear ..."


A glass of wine "for the road", just like a cigarette, silence. You can hear the security guard on the first floor with a cleaner fucked by Harry Moore.

Brownie, which is nestling looking out from under the sofa yellow wolf eyes.

- I'm fine with you ... - He whispered. - Will you come tomorrow?

And I thought: "Although what the hell tomorrow ... With Stepanitch necessary to understand ..."

- I'll try. - she said. - I'll call you back in the afternoon. I'm with you, too, are very, very good ...

And she thought: "On the subway in time to the pharmacy the race tomorrow morning, before work ... Do not forget to call the day here and say that I can not ...."

- Hrummm - said Couch.

And I do not think anything.

"When they settle down, finally ..?" - Thought Brownie.

And I do not say anything.

© Mr. Kiss, one hundred fragments of feelings, 1998-1999.

Like in the movies

(Invented names)

Anastasia, a beautiful 19 year old girl. At just 19 she was a virgin, but in spite of it all it wanted. Nastya was opposed to her deflowered not clear who.

How is her friend offered to go to a club, but said that after all her friends and girlfriends will spend the night at the cottage, and she must take a lot of clothes. Nastia agreed, she came to the club. Everyone started dancing in the moment as Nastya something embarrassing.

Soon the man approached her, to look for 25 years.

- Hey, we can get to know you.

- Can. Nastia not much embarrassed.

- My name is Tom, and you?

- I Nastya, nice to meet you. she said with a smile.

They danced and talked. When he offered to go to him, she refused, but he insisted. After talking with his girlfriend, she went to him. They got into his car and drove to his house. When they entered, he showed the apartment. Surprisingly, he had 3-bedroom apartment. He asked her to wash, after which she wore a nightgown and went to bed. A little rested, Artem said that she went into the kitchen. There he poured the champagne and somewhere took the pizza. Nastia always look away from Artem.

- Something happened?

- Why did you bring me here? You want to rape me?

- No, you're just very beautiful. I think you'll be pleased.

- So why did you bring me here? I'm sure you want me to rape.

- I do not want. Okay, I'll go pomoyus.

While he showered, drank champagne Nastya. When he came Nastya looked out the window.

- All is well?

- You want me to rape? In tears, said Anastasia.

- I do not want.

Suddenly the towel fell and Nastia saw his cock, turned and started to cry. He picked up a towel, tied it around him and asked.

- Why are you so upset?

- I saw your penis, then you me iznasiluesh.

- If I wanted to rape you then you're a long time lying on the bed bound and I fucked you.

From these words Nastia even stronger start to cry. Suddenly Artem picked her up, she quickly grabbed his feet. In order not to fall.

- You're a girl?

- Yes.

- Did not you want to be a girl.

- Not yet.

Suddenly the towel fell and member touched her crotch. Nastia started yelling.

- No, please neet.

- Calm down, I'm not going to fuck you.

He took it and kissed it. After that carried her into the room, laying on the bed, he began to kiss again.

- What are you doing?

- I kiss you?

- What for?

- I love you.

- No, you just want to rape me.

- How do I prove my love?

- Call her and my parents and tell me that you love me.

And he did so.

- Well, now you believe me?

- Do you really love me?

- Yes, I do love.

After he kissed her. He soon took the nightgown. He started kissing her body, did Cooney. And when going to insert a penis, she broke away and began to run away. But I could not run away, he caught her and carried her to the bed.

- What?

- I'm afraid that you did iznasiluesh.

- I do not want to hurt you.

- But still.

Suddenly he took a rope and tied her hands to the bed.

- I told you. Pomogiteee.

- Do not yell.

He began to fondle her crotch, she was pleased. She was moaning, writhing, screaming. When he decided that it was time to insert a member, she began to cry in tears.

- No, please, aah, no, I love you.

At that moment he realized that she did not want to lose her virginity so that she was ready to give everything. He untied her hands and lay down beside her.

- But why did you let me go?

- I understand that it is not so much you want to lose your virginity, was ready to say anything.

- But I do love you.

At that moment, they started kissing passionately.

- I agree.

- For what?

- I agree that you robbed me of my virginity.

He began to insert a member at the same time wanted to cover her mouth, but she did not agree. He began to slowly insert, but Nastia slowly rose up, Artem pulled her to him so quickly that even went into it completely, Anastasia screamed.

- Aaaaaaa

- All right, no more pain.

After increasing the tempo began to move.

- It hurts, aa

- All will pass.

- Aaaaaaa please.

But it was too late. Artem began to finish.

- Aaaaaaa. It hurts.

- Sorry.

- It's okay I'm not even a lot of it was nice.

He lay down beside her. Nastya did not like it, she thought that it will take longer to fuck. Nastya, looked at his penis. He was still standing, Artyom was lying with his eyes closed, Nastya crossed her for Artem. Soon the village on his penis and began to jump on it. Artem was porozhon, he did not expect such a Nasty. When she bent down and kissed him. He started to move his cock in her crotch. Nastia was moaning, he soon finished. Nastya lay down and soon fell asleep. Nastya morning woke up kissing, but it is not what is not remembered.

- What happened yesterday?

Artem has told all. Nastya fell face in the pillow and began to cry a lot do not. She did not know how to react.

- Nastechka what? But I love you. Tell me you love me?

Nastya, not what not to say, he left the room. He brought the breakfast they ate, and he was gone again. Nastya, not what is not talked all day. At 6 o'clock, he came in and said she was going to. She quickly gathered, they went for a walk. They went without a lot of talking. Then he stopped and looked into her beautiful eyes and kissed her. Soon he said.

- Nastya I love you. Tell me you love me?

Nastya, she thought, and when they came to talk fainted. Artem took her home, section and put on the bed. In the morning Nastya asked what happened? Artem has told all. Soon he brought breakfast, she was very nice, she had wanted to say that she loved him, but he did not say he was released and she started to cry. When he came and saw it immediately said that she gathered her things. He took her to the cottage she looked at the house on it. He ran into the house and immediately showed her to her room, she began to lay out his things in the closet. She undressed. But she began to cry again, she lay naked on the bed. Artem undressed completely and when he heard that Nastya was crying then immediately went to her room. And I sat down.

- Nastya what happened? Why are you crying? - Ii love you. Ate she said.

In his eyes, there was a spark, and the smile on his face. He gently kissed her, Nastia strongly excited, he carefully removed her panties. And he began to insert in the crotch dick Nasty. This time, she was not hurt, and even very nice. She moaned. Soon he had finished, he carried her into the shower, and he went somewhere.

- Where are you going? I do not want to bathe without you. Zakapriznichal Nastya.

- I'll be right back.

A minute later he came with two towels. Nastya did not bathe without it.

- Why do not you wash?

- I'm waiting for you.

He smiled as he climbed into the shower, and very tightly pressed against her. He took the gel and began to lather her, he was very gentle and careful. Then I washed carefully. She asked that she washed it. He agreed. She began to lather his, the last she soaped it was his penis. Then she carefully washed and start blowjob. In the mouth it is not finished. Then she took a towel, quickly vytirlas and somewhere to start to run, he quickly ran after her. He caught up with her in her room, where he kissed her and asked if she do not mind living in his room, she kissed him and quickly ran into the room. After 2 minutes, it has already been collected from clothing.

They were good together, a week later, Nastia went home, then two weeks later, he proposed to live with him, she agreed. They lived and rejoiced. A week later, Nastia went home, even after 2 weeks Artem suggested to live with him, she agreed. There came Nastya's birthday. First, Artem did not know what to give, but then I realized. Nastya gathered and waited impatiently. Well, in general, he brought her home already there, everything was ready. They stood candles and lay of land. They talked and talked kissing. Then he knelt down, opened the box in which lay a ring and said.

- Nastya, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I can not imagine my life without you. You agree to marry me?

On Wall eyes filled with tears.

- I agree.

He put the ring on her finger and kissed her. Then they were talking and stuff. And after a night it was very passionate.

The next day, Nastya introduced Artem. And Artem said that made her an offer.

Now Nastya 22, Artem 28, they are happy. October 5, 2014, gave birth to a daughter, Nastya. When she was pregnant with Artem it is very good to Nastya. They have arranged a room for a child in the country and in the apartment. They are pleased that once Nastia did not want to lose her virginity. And they have all the like in the movies.


Sex with teacher of English

Hello everyone this is my first story. So, let's begin. It was an ordinary day, I went to school. The first lesson was geometry, and the latest version. There is a lesson in a head climb all sorts of sexual thoughts. Our teacher is not modest dresses in short dress. Here she stood next to me and says something and I look at her crotch and nod my head. She saw me looking at her vagina and she walked away and went to the village for his teacher's desk. I'm sitting in the third row, and it is in the second row, and I saw something that words indescribable. I saw her white panties and I am so excited as much as it hurt my cock. The lesson ended all out and asked me to wash the board. I agreed. All out, and she went and locked the door. I asked why you locked the door and she quietly began to undress. She says you do want to do it, I nodded. BR go and start licking my beauty he said. I began to lick so hard that she suddenly this.
Then I fucked her slowly walked crustaceans and began uskaryat pace dramatically. She loved how I fucked crustaceans. That was awesome. Then came the head teacher knocked on the door, I decided to open I knew that she had no husband, so there was no sex for a long time. She was about 45, it did not look very good, but sex with her was well, very good.
And I have fucked two.


New friend of the family part 3

- Run the flat knots-ordered our new boss.

We rushed into the apartment. We got up on the doorstep and waited for further orders. Alex went closed the door. He passed us slapped on the ass Katya.

- Well, bitch, I successfully went to smoke !!! On your knees and suck me a bit, and that is something my friend sagged.

Katya and I knelt down and began to fondle limp dick Boss. As I licked then stinking eggs, Katya tongue fluttered over the head member. I'm excited again.

- I see you like swirls. Katyusha Crawl out into the room and wait for us. You slut go into the other room will put you a bit.

He took me by the leash and dragged to another room. It was a walk-in closet where a lot of women's clothing.

- Little woman I have a business trip right now, so that will put you on something.

He took the red stockings and black thong, and said, as I will wear that would crawl into their room. I pulled the stockings and panties, which were a bit small and I quickly crawled on all fours to the Boss.

- See what slut - she said Alexei saw me-I take a shower 2 days did not go so lazy so that swirls proceed to lick me half an hour to you at all about all.

He turned on the telly, and he lay down on the spacious bed. We started to lick his feet and then moved on to the ass he moaned but only began to lick the armpits as the time is over !!

- That bitch is so slow, but tried very hard I look. Well Kate get up crustaceans so quickly.

Kate instantly got cancer. The owner got out of bed and without delay into her rhythmic movements and fucked her like a whore last grabbed by the hair.

- See a whore as I fuck your little wife. Like??? Why are you keeping silent??

- Yes, sir

- Well done, well ka ka get up close crustaceans.

I was scared because the strap is a strap, and a true member of that other. But I did not argue with rose and stood beside Kate. The owner's wife caressed the tongue holes, and a hand was stroking my ass, then I got pushed back a thin strip of panties and started to drive a finger around the hole and began to slowly introduce it there. and then quite dramatically, I felt included in the head priest, I tried to relax.

- I still lick the ass while I'm the bitch to fuck.

Kate knelt behind the Master and began to lick it. 10 Minutes me fucked in the ass while Alexei raised the body does not shiver, and he came to me !!!

- Lick it all that would not have soiled the carpet and went out !!!

In the taxi we took what had been a taxi driver Alexis stunned, but took us. At the end of the trip we had nothing to pay, we have offered to make him a double blowjob, he agreed.

Coming home we began to kiss passionately and in a fit of passion finally have sex. we have never experienced such orgasms !!!

(All names have been changed, the story is real) to be continued.



Chapter I

I'll kiss you tenderly and gently, taste every centimeter of your body: face, neck, chest, stomach ... until they go down below .... Barely touching the lips, I'll kiss him, burning with his breath, gently tickle the tip of the tongue, teasing and funny smacking, they admire. I'll take his head in his mouth and sucking a bit, I will caress his tongue in a circular motion, not letting it out of his mouth. Centimeter by centimeter I will be very slow to fall lower and lower, like a king, while my lips touch your pubes ... with pleasure that he was all in me, in my eyes corners perform a tear ... but I will continue his caress aggressively and changing the depth and intensity movements. No more beautiful species: his excited and ready to rush into battle ... but we will not rush ... Now you towering over me, sitting on my stomach ... I want to look and feel like it will slip through my chest, where I will catch him his lips. But that's half way .... pridvineshsya you even closer ... and I will see ... this is it - a proud and handsome hot, reared in all its shameless glory in my face ... so close ... I can see how the blood pulsing through his veins. You spend it on my lips ... and a little forcefully, pushing them vtorgneshsya in my mouth ajar. I know that there is it sweeter and warmer ... and in spite of his firmness ... even hardness I with great pleasure that I will easily take it, and firmly suck, letting go ... and vice versa ... I wish that you had not thought of that can hurt me awkward or too sharp and deep movement ... I do not want oral sex))) I want you to relax and fuck me, holding her hair ... what was once the sailors had a port whore. My hands will be stroking your belly and chest, back and buttocks .... oh yeah ... it is their something I gently stroked, the bitchiness dig into their nails. And in that place ... where men do not accept caresses ... I will caress you, with light circular movements, and then circle the buttocks, another movement ... yet ... I'll stroke and apply pressure, scratch and crush your little forbidden world .... in the rhythm of your movements in me. And if I feel that you're willing to trust me ... I also allow myself to try something special ... I gently, very chut-chut, the tip of the finger you sneak in the back ... and if at this moment I feel that your dick in my mouth, and reared petrified ... I will continue these weasels ... very gently and tenderly ... I want you to moan ... what ever, and no woman is not allowed to do this with you ... and do not dare sO you caress ... the movement of the movement ... is yours the breath can not pass on the chest roar I'll cry and deliver it to you the pleasure ... until you are no longer able to hold back ... in the last movement you enter so deeply that I utknus nose into your stomach .......... I push down gently ... but you quickly and confidently ... creating a vacuum that literally drink all the juice out of you. And when from his abundance, he will drain out of the corners of my lips ... your a proud, handsome still be in my mouth ... to shake and tremble ...


Sex with a girl and a friend

It was the case in the summer, I live at his childhood friend's apartment, it's pretty nice guy, always have something to talk about. One afternoon, after returning from studying at home I found Igor (my friend who lived), he sat in his room and he could hear the moans and cries. I quietly looked into the room. Igor fondled his penis on the bed, it lubricates the lubrication penis was swollen, Igor sat beside the girl, she caressed her pussy, the inputs and outputs in a big red vagina. I was very excited when Igor started fucking virgin, to caress her swollen clit, nipples that were burning with passion. Pop girls ate time to relax, Igor entered heavily into the red hole, the girl clenched buttocks, eagerly licking their fingers. I could not resist, went into the room, Igor began to undress me immediately and go with his big penis in my vagina, it was very nice, his penis touched my uterus. Then I made a blowjob to Igor, and the girl was sucking my clit. Igor was a member of me so fast that I did not have time to realize that with me. Its beautiful, large and humid member gave me nice. Sex remember the three of us.

I still live at Igor. We remember that story every day, and I do not mind repeating it again.


For the first time in the 7th grade))) Teens, Loss of virginity, Case

It was in the 7th grade. Well, of course in 7) the time when most raging hormones. It was after 6 lessons (last lesson (story)). During the lesson, my classmate came to the board, she was wearing a transparent blouse, I saw her belly and chest (in her bra of course). At this point I got))). After the lesson, my classmate went to the toilet and when she closed the door, I ran after her and locked the door. She did not understand the demand that I do and then I kissed her. I stood up again))). And I started it.

Slowly undress, she resisted a little bit, but it was nice. First we stripped each other to their underwear, she touched my penis (through the panties) and I touched her breasts. She said she did not want to rush anything much, but I did not listen. I climbed into her panties and began to masturbate her, she sometimes cried softly. I undressed her completely, she had small breasts (I love). She did not want to lose her virginity and resist, I had to clamp his hands on her. She screamed from the loss of virginity (I have it, too, was 1 times). We noticed our other classmate and knocked on the door. Masha (the name of that which I have) had to open the door Alena (the name of the one that was knocking). Masha Allen was surprised and told her that she heard screams. When Allen went to the toilet, I ran out and closed the door, I stood naked in front of Alyona (Masha had time to get dressed in a hurry). I started to undress Alain, she resisted more strongly, but I fucked her and. After that, the door of someone else knocked on the door, we decided to open without dressing, there was second-form girl. We stood in front of a 3-second-form girl naked. She was frightened and ran away. We had to quickly run across the men's room and change clothes there. The next day we started dating (Masha) and engaged in sex together)))))



I am 16 she 15. It happened at my house with my favorite. She came to me during the day, when the parents were not home. We drank tea not talking about what I looked at her she was wearing a dress and chic shorts. When I noticed her panties they were wet, she saw my eyes and said to me, I see everything. Then I asked her "what are you techesh"? She shyly said - yes. Then I did not think twice took her in his arms and carried her to the bed. I gently took off her dress and panties and taught leaning against her pussy lips. She asked - what are you doing, I said - do not be afraid you will be pleased, she smiled. I began to lick her clit and she is moaning finished, then I got into her fingers and felt a barrier. I asked her - are you a virgin? She said - yes, then I brought with kitchen towel and put it under her, she asked why I said that the blood can flow out of your pussy, she was scared, but I reassured her. She said she wanted to do, I am pleased and started to do a blowjob, I finished it in her mouth, she swallowed everything with pleasure and said, "I want you." I put it, and began to undress. Then I lay down beside her and began to kiss her, she reciprocated. And when it is completely relaxed, I abruptly entered her, she said that she was in pain. I began to move, and said to the account 3 times, two, three and abruptly entered her she yelled. I said - patience favorite. I waited three minutes, so she got used to my member (he was not small - 20 cm), and began to move. She moaned with pleasure. When everything was over, I removed the towel, there was no blood, and we went into the shower. After we drank tea and went for a walk.